Still your hand, blood begets blood.
Eta of Balance
Paragon of Reason
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Kanashimi | Nezumi
Status Active
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Hair Color Red
Height -
Blood type -
Age 38
Weight -
Health Well
AffiliatioAppearance and Personalityn Phoenix(Organization)
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons Swords
Current Occupation Eta Knight
Fighting Style -
Partner None
Team Eta Knights
Relatives Kanashimi | Nezumi
Marital Status Widow

Tanoshimi is one of the Eta Knights of Phoenix(Organization), and is implied to be Kanashimi's birth mother.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Tanoshimi is a tall woman with black armor and attire, with long red hair tied into a long ponytail, and reddish brown eyes. She has a large overcoat and bears two katanas, one black, and one white.

She is a kind woman who has a motherly air at times, and is generally hospitable, and generally is a good judge of character. Those who prove her wrong will regret it later.

History Edit

Tanoshimi was Kanashimi's birth mother prior to The Invasion of Phoenix, and like her daughter, was turned into a Chaos Engine, though much later on than her daughter. She operated a chain of energy manufacturing companies that made her family rather well off. While her husband was English, her parentage suggests an Asian background, though she was born a English citizen.

Relationships Edit

Kanashimi Edit

Her original birth daughter, Kanashimi and Tanoshimi were once very close, though if mother and daughter will reunite and rekindle their lost relationship is unknown. She may not end up taking well to the persona Kanashimi adopted.

Nezumi Edit

Tanoshimi is not currently aware of Nezumi's existence as the clone of her daughter, and it is not known how she will react to essentially having a second daughter.

Powers Edit

Liquid Fire Manipulation Edit

Demon Ice Manipulation Edit

Holy Earth Manipulation Edit

Demon Wind Manipulation Edit

Minor Balance Manipulation Edit

Tanoshimi has the ability to balance opposite forces, but cannot use it to give one side or the other an advantage, only level them.

Advanced Magic Edit

Advanced Science Edit

Opposite Effect Edit

An ability that allows her to reverse abilities and their intended effects, provided she actively targets the ability. Allows herself to heal when she would be damaged otherwise, etc.

Elemental Duality Edit

The ability to use two elements at a time, but they can only be elements directly opposing each other, such as fire and ice.

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