Tadashi was born an angel, being one of the higher angels’ sons. He was immediately disowned as he was found with red eyes, the eyes of a demon. From then on, his nickname was Daemon of the Angels. He was exiled to earth at the age of six, left on a Babtist Church doorstep and raised by a loving family. They were murdered by demons that were sent to bring him to hell at the age of ten. Naturally, he killed the demons and escaped with his life. But he could never live normal again. He tamed a wild Wyvern that was terrorizing a small village at the age of 19 and from there went into the woods, surviving on his own for fifty years. He has now resurfaced as the Risen Angel. He now is a vigilante, traveling as he wants to.


Sense ManipulationEdit

  • the ability to manipulate the senses of oneself or others

-Deteriorment (illusion/erosion)


Adoptive Muscle MemoryEdit

  • the ability to replicate movement after observation


  • the ability to resurrect the soul and body of oneself or others

Superior AdaptationEdit

  • the ability to adapt to most situations and over time evolve

Enhanced ConditionEdit

  • the ability to have enhanced strength, durability, etc.

Weapon CreationEdit

  • the ability to create weapons



Tadpole, one of the most ferocious Wyverns

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