First Day Edit

Zane: Alright guys we don't want too much attention.

Demgel: Well ofcourse not. But I say we look normal enough.

Umbras:I think he meant our power

Demgel: I know. We don’t use them. Simple as that. Well simple for me anyway. Not sure about the rest of you guys.

Zane: Use them in emergencies and not all if them at that.

Demgel: Still don’t have to worry about me.

Zane: So i guess we should find some students to show us the ropes?

Demgel: *shrugs* I suppose. But who?

Zane: *puts his swords on his back*

Demgel: *carries Death’s Scythe across his shoulders*

Umbras: this should be fun

Demgel: Should be? It will be.

Zane: which one of us should be the leader?

Demgel: Hmmmmm...This question ain’t rhetorical is it?

Umbras: guess not

Zane they put us in teams right. We'll need one.

Demgel: If I can remember correctly, they give us our team by eye contact. Soooo *looks at everyone* I say we’re all good.

Zane: well we have to do the test first

Demgel: You know, I just now noticed that we have never been to actual school.

Umbras: i was stuck in Zane's head

Demgel: Actually. If you count us being trained by Jonas, that sort of counts, right? But wait, before we get started, how did we even end up here?

Zane: There are some of our friends based around here. And this being an academy training people to fight monsters I feel this is the best place to not only have a base but to find allies.

Demgel: *nods* Huh...I see. Well, I volunteer myself to be leader then, cause Prynce is already a leader of the Sedition. You Zane have the qualities of one but never use them. And you Umbras, despite all of us being immortal with the exception of Zane, I would never trust you with my life. And that should tell you something.

Zane: Actually i feel i should be the leader.

Demgel: You’re the one who freakin’ asked the question! Why ask us when you just go ahead and appoint yourself as leader? Makes no sense dude.

Zane: lets Vote on it.

Umbras: I feel Zane's Focus is a bit scary. Though when he's like this i trust him

Demgel: Well of course you say that. I haven’t even been given a chance.

Zane: The rumor was that alpha blaze is here. He's my problem i feel like i should lead the fight against him

Demgel: That sounds like a personal problem, seeing you’re the only one concerned.

Umbras: And you think a bunch of hybrid monsters…...actual monsters running around would be fun. Zane has a point.

Demgel: Dude, we are monsters! We run amok around the world everyday just minding our own business then helicopter and shit come out of nowhere and start packin’ the heat! What’s so different about these monster?

Zane: They aren't like us. Many have the lack of intelligence that makes control easy. He spent time perfecting it. I was a test. He took everything from me but now it's my turn for payback.

Demgel: Another reason why you can’t be leader. Your priorities are mixed up. First you say we come to make allies and now you want to lead them to take down monsters all because they are mind controlled?

Umbras: I feel we won't get anywhere by arguing

Demgel: Thank you!

Zane: Umbras is right. We are a team we need to act like one.

Demgel: But what now? We’re stuck on the Starting Place which is quite pitiful.

: Wakes up off the side

Demgel: Dude, get off the dang ship. We’re here. You and your dang hangovers.

Umbras: Lets Let prynce pick the leader

Demgel: Fine then. What do you think Prynce?

: Sorry, the leader has to be the most capable of us, usually me but I want a break this time. *Holds up his twin pistols*

Zane: Then who do you think it should be?

: *Grins devilishly* Let's see who can last the longest.

Demgel: Definitely not Umbras.

: That or flip a coin.

Zane: *smiles* any bets?

: Alright, but first, pick one of your powers, that's the one you can use while we're here by the looks of everyone.

Demgel: I don’t need’em. Got all I ever need right in my hands.

Zane: I got my two swords on me right now. but ay limit on the power?

: Something that people can believe you would possess. I'm going with stealth this time. Zane: Think anyone would believe dragon god forms? *smiles*

Umbras: Honestly Zane?

: Well, show some scales, looks like you can part animal here.

Zane: So I play a dragon? heh tho Dragon god doesn't need me to look the part

Demgel: I play the handsome, devil, bastard part.

: Alright then, now for the final and first matter of business, the leader.

Demgel: We might have to leave that up to the principal. He might judge on skill and performance.

: Alright. I'm gonna go by a different name while we're here if that's fine?

Umbras: Well what about demgel. his name stands out a bit

Demgel: But it sounds freakin’ cool. No one’s gonna care, they’ll just think they’re nicknames or that our parents wanted us to be as diverse as possible.

Zane: Thats not the big deal

: Just call me Caligo while we're here guys.

Zane: Got it. (who will be the leader? xD i vote Zane xD)

Ozpin: Welcome to the Academy new students. I hope you guys have already formed your team as we need more people ready at this point in the year.

Zane: We got a team….mostly

Ozpin: Are there four of you?

Zane: Theres me Umbras: And me

Caligo: I'm with them.

Demgel: i’m not the fourth wheel on this team.

Ozpin: Very well then. The leader will be chosen as the best fighter among you, meet in the colosseum in an hour *Walks off*

Zane: This will be fun *checks his swords*

Demgel: we know. It’s already been said.

: I'll use my worst weapon then. I guess.

Umbras: well shit…… (xD)

: Kinda old school, but I'll go with my staff, haven't used it in a while.

Demgel: Haven’t used my blades in a while. About time I upgrade my arsenal too. so where to, Mr. Principal Guy?

Ozpin: The big building near the center of school. I suggest warming up. *One Hour Later*

Ruby: I wonder who's fighting today?

Yang: I hear they're new students!

Weiss: More of them? (oh prynce kam said i should be weiss xD(Okay)

Blake: Why'd you guys bring me along again?

Weiss: Aren't you at least a little interested?

Blake: Not really

Ruby: Come on guys, we're a team and-

Yang: Shhh, it's starting.

Ozpin: Welcome to Beacon Academy. Today we test to find the leader of the new team. First up, Demgel and Umbras.

Umbras: Well Lets do this (what should umbras use as a weapon)(the wires) (i feel like he should combo them with something to attack to them l(flames) i was thinking a blade of some kind too xD (Oh,then shurikens? Ninja kunai?) ninja kunai :3

Demgel: Wait hold up. What are we doing again?

Ozpin: A battle to see who is the most capable, now then, no killing, and everything else is fair game.

Demgel: So it’s against each other, right?

Umbras: ……..can we fight now?

Ozpin: Three, two, one, Begin!

Umbras: *Doesn't move yet*

Demgel: Your move, bro.

Umbras: *rushes to punch him* If you insist

Demgel: *waits*

Umbras: *punches him then the kunai come out of his sleeves and he slashes Demgel with them*

Pyrrha: Wasn't expecting the kunai.

Demgel: *blocks with his two blades that come out from his coat sleeve* almost predictable. almost though. *pushes Umbras back*

Umbras: your turn *umbras stand there and waits* or are you scared?

Ozpin: This will be interesting.

Glynda: Please, they're not even really fighting, just taunting.

Demgel: *takes a step to to his left and disappears*

Umbras: *looks around for him*

Ozpin: You were saying?

One blade is speared through Umbras’ chest, then another in his back, and Demgel appears with his scythe drawn and grabs Umbras by the blade and begins to drag him around and smashes him into the ground a few time, the upperslices him into the air. He jumps up and attacks umbras at mach speed then he finally lands and Umbras’ limp body falls behind him

Umbras: *laughs* Is that all you got? *the body fades into wires and you see umbras standing just past it* i'm not just a pushover *Umbras uses his wires to make it rain fire on Demgel then uses more to bind him.* is this what you would expect *Umbras throws his kunai at him and pulls them in with the wires and then spin slashes him and then pulls in demgel and slashes him more and then kicks him away and lights him on fire and uses them to trigger an explosion and makes it rain fire and kunai on demgel* (done xD)

Ozpin: They must really know each other well to know how far they can take this.

Yang: Oh man I really liked that last explosion!

Ruby: These guys are really strong. To think that semblances like this could exist…

Demgel: *lands on his feet and his coat all molten up* Eh. I needed a new coat anyway. *takes off his leather coat* Good job, though. But I have faced worse, though

Ozpin: That was a good spectacle lads. Now I'd like to evaluate the other two. Next up is Zane vs Caligo.

Caligo:* Comes out clad in a gi with a katana and a gun. Wings folded in and hair pulled back.* You ready Zane?

Blake: *Looks up when she notices the wings* I didn't know one of them was a faunus.

Zane: Yes *pulls out a hilt and flicks it revealing a sword*

Ruby: That's a cool sword!

Caligo: Alright, he called your name first, so I guess you're up.

Zane: you said you didn't want to be leader. *waits to move*

Caligo: But this is a fight about skill, if you can best me here, I'll gladly call you the leader. (I'm going with teleportation)

Zane: i guess i better pick a power then *smiles* Well Lets Go *Zane disappears then appears in front of him to attack*

Caligo: *Blocks the attack with his katana* You're gonna need to do better than that.

Zane: Only starting now *Zane backflips then rushes again disappearing then parries the katana having the blade of the sword whip around it to cut him*

Caligo: *Teleports a few feet away at the last second.* Maybe this was a bad weapon choice. Oh well. *Begins shooting at Zane before teleporting behind him slashing at his back before teleporting infront of him and kicking him in the chest.*

Zane: * dodges the bullets and gets the end of the slash and is kicked* Not bad *Zane uses the chain sword to grab his arm  and pulls him in for a punch and then tosses him into the wall* I might need the other sword for this. though i'd hate to show it for this. What are you gunna do though

Caligo: *Gets pulled in and punched, but blocks the impact with his wings. He puts the gun into a holster before his hand goes to his side.* You leave me no choice. Time to show you why I have a katana sheath with two blade holsters. *Dashes forward and slashes with one sword before pulling out another one from his side and cutting with that one, before flip kicking Zane down and flipping away.*

Zane: *gets up* All right time to go all out *Zane pulls out his other sword and rushes at prynce cracking the floor and slashes him with the chain blade and then the Obsidian sword then he back flips away using the chain blade to grab one of his katanas and tosses it up and then spins towards him making a blade tornado with the chain sword extending to cut him then he lands using the other sword to knock the other katana up and tosses his swords up and jumps to grab the katanas throwing them down spinning and makes an energy tether on his swords and uses the arena walls to propel him forward to kick Caligo then backflips slashes him and lands ways away and uses the tethers to slash him from a ways away* I think i'll take a page from Umbras now *makes it rain energy kunai then he lands standing tall after the attack* (gtg for now o/)

Caligo: *blocks most of the attacks while he has his swords, getting hit by just about everything else, but remaining barely cut.* I think you won this round Zane. *Goes to pick up his katanas.*

Ozpin: Well that was exciting.

Caligo: *Sits next to Blake* He's gotten better.

Blake: You've been holding back.

Caligo: How would you know? (should i add Zane to this convo xD)(you can xD)

Blake: You could've moved out of the way of the last few attacks, and I saw your teleportation semblance.

Caligo: Well we agreed I wouldn't be the leader this time.

Zane: *Stands next to caligo* Going all out i would have never won

Blake: Moore importantly, I didn't know faunus could have wings like that.

Caligo: It runs in the family.

Zane: *rolls his eyes and laughs* I'll say

Ruby: *Walks over and pokes your sword* Oh man that is so cool!

Zane: I know! i love it. a lot more high tech than my other one

Ruby: Does it have any other functions? *She pulls out crescent rose* .

Zane: Actually i'm figuring that out. *he laughs* Yea i'm getting used to it *Zane pulls out his obsidian sword and admires it* This sword on the other had

Ozpin: That's enough socializing for now, there is one more battle to this leadership position. Demgel shall now fight Zane, Victor gets leadership of the team.

Zane: *smiles* Enjoy the show you two.

Med: Soooo. Who ya’ think is gonna win.

Demgel: We’re about to find out.

Med: I expected you to say you, but whatever.

Zane: No matter who wins. this will be a good show for the girls *motioning to blake and ruby* Any bets you two?

Blake: I don't bet.

Ruby: I don't know, he seems really durable.

Umbras: This should be good

Zane: *eyes flash red then blue again* I might have to pull out all the stops for this *Zane Hops down into the arena*  

Demgel: *sharpens his scythe by the floor of the area*

Zane: *pulls out his new sword and flicks his wrist revealing the blade* Make this good

Demgel: Please just stop with the cornyness.

Zane: Would you rather me use my other sword first or should i use both first.

Demgel: I bet that question is rhetorical too.

Zane: You ready?

Demgel: *has his scythe ready* Yep. You?

Zane: *holds his sword to the side* Yep

Demgel: Then it’s your move.

Zane: *flicks his wrist again and the chain sword moves to attack Demgel trying to grab his arm*

Demgel: *makes his arm back maneuvers behind Zane, has the end of his scythe pointing at his back and it extends and it pushes Zane into the other side of the arena*

Zane: *turns around* so you think you can win this? Cuz if so i'll have to try (med is the demgel umbras xD

Med: He dont think, He knows. Just watch. (lol)

Zane: My turn *Zane whips his chain sword to fake an attack and spins and slashes him with an energy whip and disappears and appears behind him and kicks him in the back then slashes him with the sword and grabs his arm and throws him against the wall and lands*

Demgel: *puts his feet on the wall and jumps over Zane and then stabs him with the scythe and begins to throw him around a few times the finally flings him off*

Zane: *kicks off a wall and stumbles a bit* whoa dizzy *Shakes his head and looks at Demgel* That all you got bro?

Demgel: *takes his emblem and a cross of light hits Zane, then the scythe extends and hits him again and he crashes against the arena walls and the scythe turns into a buzzsaw and shreds Zane’s insides*

Zane: *Zane stands a little ways away* My turn again?

Demgel: Hold up. *the scythe brings Zane close to Demgel but Demgel slams him into the ground and kicks him to where he’s flat on his face*

Zane Stands up* Okay then *Zane pulls out his second sword* Time to end this *Zane Disappears again then appears in front of him and slashes him multiple times then kicks his legs then kicks him into the air then disappears then appears above him and throws a bunch of energy kunai at him then he disappears again then stands him up and then slashes him more and then adds in a few fire slashes and then kicks him away then uses his chain sword to spin slash him then grab him and slam him on the roof then Zane throws him to the ground and lands a little ways away.* (you liek?)

Demgel: *was able to dodge the first barage of attacks but started to loose it after the enrgy kunai’s hit him and the second wave of attacks he could barely block. Demgel Still stands* No matter how many think you can hurt me..I have survived worse...far worse than you know…

Zane: So have I, but you sound tired. (demgel sounds hurt xD

Demgel: got one-shotted by a canon that could’ve put Caligo on the verge of death...i survived that...I can survive this…*takes his scythe in his hand*

Zane: *Zane puts his swords to the side* You still ready to fight?

Demgel: I will always fight...cause I know I’m the best bet for the worlds weren’t there on guys were never there…

Zane: What are you talking about?

Demgel: Our kind was dying and you guys weren’t there! I was! Everyone was packing the heat on them and I had the power to help them and I did! I took the heat! Me!

Caligo: *Sighs, then leaves.* the results don't matter to me anymore. I'm gonna go sleep. (Cue nightmares of space) (lol)

Demgel: *sees Prynce leave* Yea go ahead, Prynce! Walk away! Leave me behind! As If you gave a damn about me anyways!(i say it was still a tie

Zane: I'm sure he does. (so who won xD

Caligo: If you ask me, I'll help you with anything, but that was of my hands. You can be mad at me, or we can see who really deserves to be leader. *Looks at Blake, then Demgel*

Demgel: How can I call you my family if you never even came back for me? And why do I still fight for everyone else when none else fought for me? (Stupid lag)

Caligo: My offer stands. *Teleports away.*

Umbras: So who won?

Ozpin: As interesting as that was, it's clear that Demgel holds the most feeling for this team. Even if the obvious best fighter just left.

Zane: *looks surprised then down the to demgel* Well i guess you won it

Ozpin: The leader of this team is Demgel. The new team Name, is DUCZ

Umbras: I thought Zane would win it?

Ozpin: The leader of a team can't be decided solely on battle capability, otherwise the teams wouldn't be as functional. Take this as a lesson, feelings matter just as much as reason and skill in a lead role.

Zane: *Looks at Demgel* Can you handle it then?

Demgel: If I could handle the end of the World, i can definitely handle this.

Umbras: *Jumps down there* Don't screw this up

Demgel: I won’t, because I’m not you.

Med: Whoooooaaaa! You just got buuuurrnt! Like toast!

Umbras: *Punches Med* At least i do things. you know unlike some people who make comments and thats about it.

Zane: *Begins to walk off* Whatever you two

Demgel: *attempts to walk but instantly collapses*

Med: Oh shit! Look what you done did!

Blake: Do you know where your star fighter went?

Ruby: Duh, he's right here! *Hugs Zane*

Weiss:See Blake wasn't this fun?

Blake: Not really.

Yang: That must've been some good fighting!

Zane: *Looks at ruby and blushes slightly and hugs her back* Uhh thanks.

Med: Wow and everyone is just gonna leave you here again. For shame. I guess you were right to suggest you don't belong anywhere, but hey atleast you got me and the angel bitch, wherever she is. That should be good enough

Caligo: *Teleports back*  So, I got us a reservation at this New restaurant guys, sorry ladies, only for our team. *Looks at Demgel* We should probably get him some help.

Zane: I got him *stops hugging ruby and goes to help him up*

med: Oh now you wanna help him? It takes you 30 seconds of huggin’ Little Red Riding Hood over here that ya’ finally want to help the guy who had the carry the torch while you guys were off having you guys some inter-dimensional coffee? You guys are the worst, I tell you what.

Caligo: I was off stopping the end of time you dolt.

Med: And he was stopping the end of the Universe! A fucking God from the Sun was gonna destroy all shit in the damned Universe! Who gives a fuck about time! Time’s the enemy!

Weiss: Is he always this annoying?

Caligo: You do realize if time died, so would the universe, right?

Med: He’s a Nephalem! Omnilock motherfuckeeeeeer!

Caligo:Then why would I go through all the- You know what, that's way off topic.

Med: It’s because you didn’t want to loose your bitch to time. (wait who?(Shiner (time for Zane to flip shit xD, going to get a name change)

Caligo: You know she ended up dying anyways right? I have to keep her in Tartarus, and she gets bored there. (ooo time for Zane to be awesome xD

Med: Every bitch needs satisfaction dude. Only problem is, yours needs a lifetime supply of it.

Zane: *punches med and his eyes glow* Don't Talk about my sis like that!

Med: *is dizzy* What-ever, mane. *falls to the ground unconscious*

Weiss: Finally someone shuts him up

Caligo: So Blake, why do you care so much about me being faunus?

Blake: No reason. *blushes*

Caligo: Okay I'm gonna tend to Demgel.

Weiss: Am I being ignored!? *folds her arms*

Med: *mumbles in his sleep* We don’t give a damn, Snow White…(XXD)(Damn phone lag)(xD)

Weiss: Hey! Why do people call me that!?

Med: *still mumbles in his sleep* Bitch, don’t be fuckin’ with logic! You obviously got the looks..

Umbras: Now what?

Med: Orgy time…*raises the roof* Whoop, whoop…

Zane and Umbras: *look at him* ………….

Caligo: *Shoots Med* Now then,.Demgel just needs a little ice and he'll wake up good as new.

Umbras: *points to Weiss* We got her Weiss: Hey!

Med: *is still mumbling* Oooooohhhhh, he burned yoooouuuu…

Episode 2 Team DUCZ Edit

Zane: *Sits by the window and stares out of it*

Demgel is asleep

Zane: *Looks over to him* "So everything rests on his head now" *Zane looks out the window again*

Leg: *appears and yawns* guys finally came back. Demy was getting a bit...down about you guys leaving him, I told him you would come back for him. Where is he anyway?

Zane: *points* asleep over there

Leg: *looks behind her and sees Demgel asleep* What happened to him?

Zane: *looks out the window* "From what i can tell it's from our fight to be leader. I guess I kinda went overboard"

Leg: I don’t seems he’s hurting from a broken heart rather than his injuries.

Zane: *Looks surprised then normal* Never stopped me.

Leg: But he isn't you. You have something he has never had in his life as far he knows.

Zane: I feel like i needed to be the leader. To protect them. I don't want to fail myself and those i care for again. *Looks mad* But i fail at that too *calms down a bit*

Leg: He just wants to be useful. To prove himself something. Because there will be a day where you all might not return for a while and he’s the only one left. He’s gotta learn what to do in a situation like that.

Zane: *looks at Leg* I learned that the hard way. I had to lose everything but look at me now *fakes a smile* dang it i can't fake it. I have lost mostly everything.

Leg: So has he. And he’s been looking for it for so long. And even though he is nowhere close to finding what he’s looking for, he still looks onward. Just believing he’ll find it someday.

Zane: *looks out the window* But i can't get it back. I can't find it. I Lost my family my friends…… childhood. I was meant to be a weapon nothing more.

Leg:So has Demy, though he never knew his parents where as you spent sometime with yours until you lost your memory. He never knew what he did as a child. He never knew what was the first word he said, what his favorite sport was, what did like to do to pass the time. He never knew any of those things. Though he isn't a weapon, he was exploited like one. there is a lot of comparisons I can make between the both of you

Zane: i don't think you understand what i've been through. I watched my parents get killed. I watched. Thats all i could do. I was powerless. Helpless. While the sick and twisted monsters killed my parents *eyes glow bright red* you don't understand what i've been through.

Leg: Neither do you understand what Demgel has been through.

Zane: *Stands up and stands by the window putting his hands on the window seal* I Can't sit back and wait anymore. I need to do something but i have to wait for him to make a move. I may have a vengence mission planned but i would lead them. I would put them first. no matter what. *Zane looks sad* Just like i did with my sister.

Leg: Ask yourself. Who all is endanger? Why are they endanger?

Zane: Everyone is in danger! He's a monster that tried to ruin everything good in me for his own personal benefit

Leg: That sounds personal to me. Strange how you only brought up yourself being hurt and no one else.

Zane: *Looks at her eyes glowing* You think i'm thinking about myself. Most people contained in the M.C.C.P are his subject. Then those who didn't survive the tests.

Leg: That wasnt his doing. That was The Admin.s. If you aren’t about yourself, then why didn’t you mention them first? Why would open up the leadership position and just try to claim it yourself?

Zane: why not? i mean after everything thats happened it's not important weather i Die or not. Not to me at least. I put others first.

Leg: Not from what I’m hearing. But why is it you’re so bitter towards Demy being chosen over you? Certainly he is capable of leading, isn’t he?

Zane: Of course he is! *zane stops* Why are you arguing with me about this….

Leg: So you know why you weren’t chosen…*disappears*

Zane: I never claimed to be perfect. Things are out of my hands now. It's up to him now. Though she seemed to blame me for this….

Med: Duuuuude...she ain’t blamin’ you. Can’t believe I’m actually standing up for the holy bitch. She’s tryin’ to tell you you’re shits all over the place.

Zane: Whatever i think i need to think for now. *Zane Opens the door and walks out*

Med: You forgot to clean your shit up before you left the room!

Umbras: Give him a break he's been through a lot for a kid

Med: I expected you to say something like that. To always be watchin’ his ass, like an OCD mother making sure she can instantly wipe up her kid once he shits his diaper.

Umbras: Yet he can beat you easily in a fight

Med: He didn’t fight me. I would’ve busted him up if he did. Be all Kangaroo Jack on his scaly ass.

Umbras: *laughs* Really now

Med: Thing is, kids been hearing all types of shit about Zane ever since he found you guys. Yea, He get’s it Zane is great, but he feels like he’s being overlooked.

Umbras: He's not. But Zane is a great strategist  

Med: All I see him do is lash out at shit and calls it a plan. But see, there you go again praising him as if he’s the Dragonic Messiah. And that’s another reason he’s being overlooked. Shiz like that. Saying that he’s this or he’s that. Your making him feel inferior. And I bet you gonna say Zane beating my boy just proves it. go ahead. Say it if you want.

Umbras: Really i trust them both as leaders. I say they could work together with it. Demgel the main leader as he was appointed with Zane as co leader. (boom umbras with a good plan xD

Med: But I bet Zane is still gonna be praised after words.

Umbras: *rolls his eyes* Whatever. I say i trust demgel you don't see the praise there.

Med: It’s about time, cause I’m tired of him praising you guys. Satan knows, you’ve done nothin’ much for him. *disappears*

Umbras: Like i care what he thinks

Few hours late

Demgel: *wakes up*

Zane: *Looks over at him* About time you woke up

Demgel: I suppose…*rubs his neck*

Zane: You okay?

Demgel: I should be fine. I’m awake and everything.

*there is a knock at the door*

Demgel: Yea? Who is it?

Weiss: it's Weiss

Zane: wait have you even met their team?

Demgel: What team? You are talking about?

Zane: After our fight we were talking to another team. Team RWBY. She's in it.

Weiss: uhh is anyone here?

Demgel: Two dudes chillin’

Weiss: well can i come in?

Demgel: Ummm…*shrugs* Sure come on in.

Weiss: *walks in* Thank you. i figured i'd come and see if you were okay.

Demgel: *looks confused. Looks at Zane and back at Weiss* Me?

Weiss: No the other one in the room *rolls her eyes* Yes you. I saw you passed out when we first met your team.

Demgel: Yea. I pass out. Nothin’ really special about that.

Weiss: I figured i'd find out. And i figured i'd meet the new team.

Demgel: You already have.

Weiss: All of them except the leader

Demgel: Well you see me now. Is that it?

Zane: Where are the others in your team?

Weiss: In our dorm room.

Zane: Isn't it right next to ours? Weiss: Yea I think it is.

Demgel: You plan on talking to them?

Zane: Maybe. i mean it's nice to get to know people at a new school

Demgel:So weird how you only getting acquainted with one team and not everyone else.

Zane: We'll get to know the others.

Weiss: I guess go talk to them if you want. I guess they would want to meet ….I'm sorry what was your name? *looks at Demgel* and i don't know yours either *Looks at Zane*

Demgel: My name is Demgel. This other dude is Zane.

Zane: I can introduce myself but thanks. *looks at weiss* Who are you?

Weiss: I'm Weiss Schnee.

Demgel: That almost sounds like...nevermind. Fancy though.

Weiss: Why thank you *smiles slightly but stops quickly*

Zane: *sees but says nothing about it* I guess i'll go talk to the others then *begins walking out*

Demgel: So what do you do on your team?

Weiss: Oh you know team stuff. Fight monsters catch villains.

Demgel: Sounds like DC.

Weiss: *rolls her eyes* No…

Demgel: Sure sounds like it.

Weiss: No it's Different! i mean really.

Demgel: It sounds alot easier than our situation.

Weiss: Oh really?

Demgel: Oh yes.

Weiss: I Don't Know about that

Demgel: I am pretty sure.

Weiss: Whatever I'm sure our teams will be working together in the future

Demgel: Maybe…

Weiss *Smiles* I kinda look forward to it *closes her eyes and turns a bit*

Demgel: Hold up. How did you get that scar?

Weiss: *touches it* Oh this? I was fighting a giant knight thing.

Demgel: Bet you beat that things ass.

Weiss: Yes i did *crosses her arms and can't help but smile more*

Demgel: Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Weiss.

Weiss: You too Demgel

*in the hall*

Zane: *walks slowly still thinking*

Ruby: Oh hai New guy!

Zane: *Turns to look at her* hmm oh hi….i realize i don't know your name sorry

Ruby: Oh that's fine, I never told you you* Grabs a cookie*

Zane: Well what is it?

Ruby: Oh yeah, I'm Ruby Rose

Zane: Well I'm Zane

Ruby: No last name? Zane: Oh. I'm Zane Shade

Ruby: Oh Cool. Do you have your weapon with you?

Zane: Which one?

Ruby: Both I guess. They seem aweeeeeesome.

Zane: *Pulls out both his swords* They are! *Smiles.

Ruby: Do they have names?

Zane: Actually Yes they Do. *Holds up the obsidian sword* Dragon Eclipse *then the chain sword* and Dragon Dawn

Ruby: Awww cool. *Pulls out crescent rose* Her name is crescent rose. Made her myself

Zane: Really!? Thats awesome

Meanwhile  (you can continue and we can add it in at the same time

Demgel is walking through the city looking at all the sites

Demgel: Seriously don’t know how we ended up here. *looks at his clothes* Gotta change out some shit. *sees a clothes store and enters and looks around* As always as I expect from a clothes store. Epic silence, epic radio music, and epic store smell. *heads out to look for new clothes*

Back with Zane and Ruby

Ruby: Yeah. It's also a high caliber sniper rifle* Changes it*

Zane: Nice. I prefer swords myself tho i have gun and scythe experience

Ruby: Really? From who?

Zane:*Looks up* Oh Caligo gave me some gun that i have with me actually and he trained me on the scythe along with other scythe trainers

Ruby: Caligo knows how to use a scythe? Why doesn't he?

Zane: He wasn't going all out in that fight. To be honest  i can't beat him if we both go all out

Ruby: Really? Why'd he hold back then?

Zane: He wanted one of us to be leader. It's his break time i guess *smiles*

Meanwhile, Demgel is trying out all sorts of coats, jeans, shirts, t-shirts, with numerous designs and styles, until he finally decides on one. He wears a black leather jacket with 14-gold buttons on it, 7 in one column and another set of 7 paralleled to the first column. The coat also comes with a long, flowing tail at the back and has 3 strp-on buttons on each of his sleeves. He is wearing black leather pants and has black boots with 3 silver straps on both of them.
Demgel: This will do. *goes to the cash register and leaves money on the counter in front of a guy reading the newspaper and walks out* Where to next? *surveys the area and finds a weapons shop and slightly smirks and heads on over*

Back to Zane and Ruby

Ruby: That's nice. Hey want to give me another cookie? *Has an empty box*

Zane: *hands her a cookie* Sure

Ruby: Thanks! *Takes the cookie, shoves it her mouth, and starts shaking*

Zane: Why are you shaking?

Ruby: It's no big deal! Just very hyper for some reason. *Dashes around the hallway saying random things before passing out in her doorway*

Zane: *Goes over to her and pokes her*You okay?

Ruby: *Almost disappears she moves so fast* I feel great!

Yang: Sorry about my sister, she gets like this when she eats cookies. *Grabs Ruby and drags her back to the room, closing the door.*

Zane: *Standing outside the room* Okay then

Meanwhile, Demgel is scanning through weapons in a magazine.

Demgel: *flips through pages*, not what I need….*stops on a page* Awwwwww snap! They got gunblades? Duuuuuuude! I always wanted gunblades! I’ve been wanting some since last month! *goes up to the counter and slams the magazine with the page with the gunblade open* I want this.

Cashier: Follow me. *goes into the back room with Demgel behind him*

Demgel comes out with his new custom gunblades

Demgel: Can’t wait to test these babies out. *hears and boom sound and looks out the window and sees fire and some guys exiting out the building. Demgel leaves the money on the counter and rushes outside* Hey you!

One of them has bandages covering his entire face except his right eye and weaing a black leather jacket and black pants with armor clad armor underneath his jacket  looks at Demgel. The man’s eye is red and it it looks like his eye is stitched up around the irises. It is also wide open.

Man: Can I help you?

Demgel: Yea. You can start by telling me what do you think you are doing?

Man: Robbing a Dust shop ofcourse.

Demgel: No you ain’t. *draws forth Death’s Scythe* Has your mom ever told you not to take what’s not yours?

Man:*turns toward Demgel* I wouldn’t know. Has your mom told you not to get involved in someone elses business?

Demgel: Only when it’s trouble. And guessing by the fire burning behind you, I have a right to an intervention. *

Demgel dashes at the man and tries to cut at him but he dodges every attack with ease and punches Demgel in the face and knees him in the gut. Then he grabs Demgel by the jacket and throws him into the truck they’re are loading up.

Man: Get in the car.

The two other men get into the front. The man gets in the back and Demgel gets back and begin to fight it out intensely, but the man gains to upper hand on him, slamming him into the sides and into the cases and finally throws him out the truck.

Man: Good fight. I might have some use. Be wary for we might meet again under different circumstances. *throws Demgel a red crystal, then pulls out a gun with a silencer and a laser pointer below it and shoots at the crystal causing massive explosion. He and the men drive off*

Demgel: *stand up from the fire* Damn…

Demgel makes his way back to his dorm

Weiss: *walks by him* You okay?

Demgel: What are you doing up this late?( i made a plot thing where the white fang just made a partnership with the Under Empire)

Weiss: *looks at him* Walking around (recon on the white fang xD

Demgel: Lie, but I don’t care. *opens the door to his dorm*

Weiss: Do you want to know what i was doing *looks annoyed*

Demgel: It’s totally up to you. Its none of my business.

Weiss: That was the White Fang you fought right? or do you know who they are?

Demgel: No and I take it you were spying on me.

Weiss: Not exactly. I was spying on them. I know they are up to something

Demgel: No duh. Done blew up a shop for some dumb crystals.

Weiss: Don't you know anything!? *puts her hands on her hips and leans forward a bit* That was Dust!

Demgel: You mean that golden particle shit from the Golden Compass?

Weiss: What….No! This is different. It's used for weapons among other things.

Demgel: That sounds dangerous.

Weiss: It is. And they have a whole bunch from what i've seen

Demgel: Where the hell do you get shit like that and put it in the position of the common folk? That just aint right.

*Zane walks in*

Zane: Normal people need to not only protect themselves but it has other uses.

Weiss: The most likely use it for weapons

Demgel: *closes the door on Zane* Mind your own business, Zane. Let the grown folk talk.

Weiss: B-But he seems to know what he's talking about!?

Demgel: *looks up at the ceiling in annoyance. He opens the door and shoves Zane out of the room and he locks himself in*

Weiss: I guess you don't want to talk anymore

Demgel: Nothing much really to talk about.

Weiss: Maybe you should look into dust more

Demgel: I just flippin’ got here and already you want me to crack open a book.

Weiss: You are the leader!

Demgel: Does your leader have to learn about dust? Does your leader give a single damn about it?

Weiss: Ruby Knows about Dust already

Demgel: But does she really care about what happens to it?

Zane: They are weapons.

Weiss: It's kinda important when they are in the hands of a crime organization

Zane: It's really important. I mean really Demgel you make this seem like it is no big deal

Demgel: What do you expect, Zane? I never been here. I don’t know what this place is like! Or what’s happening to it! And already you expect me to know something about all this!

Zane: uhhh…. I know whats going on and i arrived at the same time. (xD)

There is silence within the room

Weiss: He has a point

There is still silence

Zane: I'm going for a walk *Zane walks off*

Weiss: *tries to open the door but it doesn't open* How about a Dust lesson now?  

The room is still silent

Weiss: *pulls out a red Dust crystal and sticks it in the keyhole and blows it up blowing the door down.*   

The room is empty and the window is wide open (Demgel: Expert Escapist

Weiss: What the! *Walks into the room and to the window*

Meanhwhile. Demgel is back where he was at the shop and looks at the skid marks they had left.

Demgel: Let’s see how far these tracks will take me. *follows the skid marks*

Med: He man, I don’t think you should be doing this.

Demgel: Really? You telling me what not to do.

Med: I know. It’s weird right? I just have this feeling that shit is gonna go down foryou if you dont turn back now.

Demgel: Can’t. Gotta find the guys and take back the crystals.

Med: Man dude, who gives a fuck about those things?

Demgel: Apparently they do.

They finally make it to a warehouse near the port. Demgel takes a peak near the window and sees the White Fang unloading the truck that had gotten away.

Man: Be careful as much as you can. We don’t want this place falling on our heads because of one crystal hitting the floor.

Demgel: And there’s the guy.

Med: Uggh. What happened to his eye ball? (sure)

Weiss: There you are! *she is standing behind them with her hands on her hips* I was looking all over for you!

Demgel: Da fuck, Weiss! Calm your voice down! We’re spying on people! *looks backs and the man is gone* Awwwwww shiiit…

Man: Nice to see you two again.

Both turn around to see the man with bandages wrapped around his face except his one eye.

Man: I guess you couldn’t wait to see me.

Demgel: *shrugs* Eh. More or less.

Weiss *Whispers to Demgel* You know him?

Demgel: I don’t know him, but he obviously knows me.

Man: Not as dumb as you look. That’s good. There maybe some hope for you after all.

Weiss: *Whispers to Demgel* Would now be a good time to have some back up?

Demgel: Oh now you wanna whisper. I say throw back-up out the window. *engages the man in another fist fight*

Man: Round 2 I see. I guess getting beat the first time wasn’t enough for you.

Both engage in intense hand to hand. Demgel throwing everything he’s got at the man, but the man seems to be every step ahead of him. The man begins to attack Demgel with combos. More men surround Weiss with guns pointed at her.

Weiss: *looks around* Need some help?

Demgel: You talkin’ to me or are you talking about you? *gets kicked in the stomach and socked across the face*

Weiss: Talking about you

Demgel: Aren’t you in your own predicament?

Weiss: Nah *backflips and pulls out her rapier and activates the fire power and slams her sword in the ground causing an explosion*  

Everyone is blown away as well as Demgel and the man.

Man: *stops himself by jumping over a few steel crates*

Demgel: *hits a steel crate and falls to the ground. A steel crate lands untop of him*

Man: Not bad. You lack in some areas, but not bad.  Maybe with a little more training...

Weiss: *goes to see Demgel* You okay!?

Man: *comes in between her* Let this be a warning. Stop your pursuit of the White Fang or you will suffer the consequences. *flash of lightning appears and the man instantly disappears*

Weiss: *gets to Demgel* Hey! are you okay!?

No response

Weiss: *She pulls out a small fire Dust crystal and places it on the box and it explodes moving the crate off of Demgel*

Demgel is laying there with his bruised body, unconscious

Weiss: *Shakes Demgel* Hey Wake up!

Demgel still remains unconscious

Weiss: I guess he's not waking up anytime soon. *She looks around and grabs his arms and try to drag him* This will be a long night *she sighs and begins to drag him off*

5 minutes later Demgel wakes up

Demgel: *moans*

Weiss: You okay!?

Demgel: *is dizzy*What...the hell...just happened…

Weiss: Oh you are okay *smiles* I kinda caused an explosion and you got knocked out and well a crate fell on you

Demgel: Damn...Imma survivor…

Weiss: maybe you should call back up next time

Demgel: I don’t have a phone…

Weiss: Maybe you should get one

Demgel: Spent my money on these clothes and these sick new gunblades….It was so worth it…

Weiss: Then maybe i should get you one?

Demgel: No don’t need to...I’m good…

Weiss: You could have died back there! *She stands up quickly*

Demgel: Man, fuck Death. Where do you think I  got this sick-ass scythe?

Weiss: You could be a little more careful.

Demgel: I was being careful until you be usin’ your outdoor voice right near the building.

Weiss: Well i'm sorry

Demgel: It’s alright. You were just scared for my well being. Either that or you came all this way just to bitch at me for ditching you.

Weiss: Maybe both

Demgel: Heheheh...ow.

Weiss: Be more careful next time okay

Demgel: You tell me, but I cant say it wont happen again.

Weiss: Then i'll have to back you up again won't I? *smiles

Demgel: *smiles back*

Meanwhile back at school

Zane: *walks down the hall from their room past team RWBY's door

Ruby: *rolls out of the room* Catch me if you can! *Grabs Zane and runs*

Zane: Whaaaa!?

Ruby: This is fun! *Trips out the window with Zane in hand*

Zane: *flips to land on his feet and happens to catch her*

Ruby: Cool moves. Let's go before Yang finds us!

Zane: easy landing *starts to walk away* I guess

Ruby: Let's race! I know the perfect place!

Zane: Think you can keep up with me? *glances back at her

Ruby: Like you can even keep up with my dust!

Zane: then prove it

Ruby: *takes off running, roses trailing her*

Zane: Hmmm *Jogs beside her*

Ruby: Wow! You can keep up. Guess I'll have to kick it in then. *Activates her semblance and speeds away

Zane: *jogs a bit faster but lets her stay in the lead*

Ruby: Almost there... *Spins away and lands safely.* I win!

Zane: I guess you do

Ruby: Yay! *She cheers before falling on her back."

Zane: *Walks to stand over her* Yea yea whatever *half smiles at her*

Ruby: *chuckles* That was fun. Is your semblance speed too?

Zane: Nah i'm just fast.

Ruby: So am I. *She’s panting from trying to beat you*

Zane: i see that im surprised you keep up *not panting at all breathing pretty close to normal

Ruby: How did you learn to... run*Falls to the ground*

*Caligo and Blake fall from the trees and see the two.*

Zane: *looks over* hey and what were you doing in that tree (the lag!) *walks over to ruby making sure she's ok (ikr)

Caligo: We were just, hanging out. *Caligo said blushing a bit.*

Blake: Yeah, just hanging out. *She blushes and chuckles.*

Zane: sure sure *smiles and checks on ruby more* hey ruby you ok?

Ruby: Fin, fine. *Points at Caligo and Blake* But you two have some explaining to do! Where were you last night Blake?

Zane: *looks at Caligo and smiles*

Caligo: Well, she wanted to ask me a few questions. *He said shrugging.*

Blake: Then he took me to fly around.

Caligo: Then we got dinner, and decided to see who was a better fighter.

Blake: I got creamed.

Zane: makes sense. (Zane totallydi dntassumesex.  XD)

Ruby: Then why didn’t you come back this morning?

Blake: We went for another flight.

Zane: did you have fun?

Blake: Up until we got shot down. *She said looking at Caligo.

Caligo: How was I supposed to know big black wings in the sky made them think I was a nevermore?

Zane: *laughs* good job bro

Ruby: You can actually use those to fly? What kind of Faunus are you? *Ruby says looking at him skeptically*

Caligo: One who likes to take care of cats.

hangouts andwe ca ncont inuethere Zane: i see that

Blake: *Walks away.* You coming or what? Or were you lying about taking care of cats

Caligo: Well, when duty calls. *Flies over and takes off with her*

Zane: well its just me and you again Ruby *looks at her

Ruby: Yes it is... *She says blushing, before kissing you on the cheek and running off*

Zane:*stands there a bit surprised before smiling snd running after her*

*Back at Beacon, near Team RWBY' room*


Zane: what are you talking about?

Umbras: oh Zane and ruby are back

Ruby: Wait, Yang. Why are you with this hoodlum?

Yang: He was helping me look for you guys

Umbras: what was that *glares at ruby

Ruby: You heard me, hoodlum. *Sticks her tongue out at him, before hiding behind Zane*

Umbras: you realize i'm practicly half Zane

Zane: yet you cant beat me in a fight

Caligo and Blake show up: What's happening here?

Zane: ruby insulted umbras and hes mad

Caligo: Oh. Well I'll just show Blake to her room before things get messy.

Zane: not like it will go anywhere

Yang: Calm down you two

Umbras: she started it

Ruby: Well you threatened me first.

Zane: well im ending it

Umbras: you just took her side cuz she's your girlfriend

Ruby: I'm not his girlfriend, we haven't even been on a date ye- *Remembers the kiss and the race*

Umbras: yea right

Blake: *Slips into the room*

Zane: why dont we stop fighting now?

Umbras: still taking your girlfriend's side!

Yang: *Punches Umbras through a wall* I told you to stop!

Umbras: *steps out* fine

Yang: Good, now that we're all calm, I say we go to dinner. Both our teams.

Umbras: is that a date then?

Yang: No, we're meeting to discuss a few things

Ruby: It's a date!

Blake: I never agreed to this!

Umbras: i dont know if it's so bad

Zane: could be fun

Blake: I don't like social gatherings

Zane: should we wait for wiess and demgel

Umbras: so ruby says it's a date

Demgel: *sighs* made it back. I feels like yesterday since I jumped out the window and into the city.

Weiss: yea i know *sees the group* whats going on

Zane: looks over* There they are. Yang invited us to dinner

Demgel: *is silent and is mildly shocked*

Zane: it's mostly business

Ruby: Its a date!

Demgel: .....mmmmmmm

Weiss: A d-date?

Demgel: Yeea....mmmmm. Well I'm gonna have to call it night, ya' know? I f-fell down some stairs you know. So i might be in any condition to go but do takes some notes for me. *makes his way into their room*

Zane: I think She wants to go tonight Demgel

Umbras: Its not much of a meeting if the leader doesn't go

Demgel: Then Zane is temporary leader for the time you are on this 'date'. I ain't goin'.

Weiss: not even if i as- *stops and looks at the others*

Demgel: Just no.

Weiss: ugh fine *looks slightly disappointed then a bit mad*

Demgel: Still ain't goin'.

Weiss: But….

Caligo: You sure you don't want to go?

Zane: He seems pretty bent with not going.

Umbras: So much for the leader going *looks annoyed*

Caligo: Well, rest well. I'll bring you the notes

Umbras: But Zane's the leader for now

Blake: I still didn't agree to this

Weiss: Come on Blake

Blake: Fine. But only if we're getting fish.

Demgel: *heads into his room and sits at the desk and begins to right in his journal, but something begins to bother him as he begins to write. It’s the image of the man’s eyes that somehow sticks in his head like a thorn*

Zane: *walks in after him* Hey you sure you don't want to go. You are supposed to be the leader.

Demgel: Hm. You guys go on. I’ll catch up.

Zane: Ok then *walks out*

Ruby: Come on, let's hurry up and get a table!

Yang: They gave plenty of space

Med: Space is high above the sky. Unless you mean they gave you plenty of room.

Weiss: Did he have to come along?

Med: Yuuuulp. Can’t pass out on free food. Especially if someone else is paying for it.

Weiss: Just because my family is paying doesn't mean you get to eat everything

Med: Then you better get your moneys worth.

Zane: I think she hates you Med. but i really don't blame her

Umbras: Yea I agree with her

Med: Man, whatever. you guys are a bunch of haters.

Demgel: Well its a good thing I’m not the only one. *comes through the door*

Weiss: You came! *stands up suddenly then looks around and sits again* i mean hi.

Demgel: *is confused* Um...Hello? You guys must’ve really have wanted me here.

Weiss: *blushes slightly* i saved you a seat *motions to the spot next to her* (lol i think he should be able to tell she likes him soon xD

Demgel: Thanks. *sits next to Weiss*

Weiss: *blushes a little more then tries to stop* No problem

Demgel: So, what’s this meeting about?

Zane: guess we'll find out soon

Demgel: Did any other team had to have a meeting?

Umbras: no idea

Demgel: Hm. Interesting.

Weiss: So what made you come Demgel?

Demgel: You guys.

Weiss: really?

Demgel: Yea. Really.

Ruby: *whispers to Weiss* Do you have a crush on him?

Weiss: *whispers back* maybe idk

Med: *whispers to Demgel* Hey, I think Snow White over there has a crush on you.

Demgel: *whispers back* I doubt it. And she’s right next to you me.

Ruby: *whispers to weiss* If you do tell him

Weiss: *whispers back* maybe i will. why don't you say that to your bf over there *motions to Zane* (we are doing the usual method with prynce)


Demgel: *cringes at the sound of her yelling* Argh!

Med: Damn chick, we’re in a restaurant. Have some common flippin’ decency.

Zane: you okay ruby?

Ruby: *blushes rose red* yeah...I'm fine...*her voice suddenly very quiet*

Weiss: *whispers to ruby* See

Ruby: *Whispers to Weiss* Hush you

Weiss: *Whispers back* i'll tell him if you tell Zane then.

Yang: So, can we get to business?

Demgel: Only reason I’m still here.

Weiss:*whispers to ruby* well? will you do it? like ask him to the dance or something

Blake: Yes. So as we know, the city is under attack by a secret organization called The White Fang

Demgel: Not only that they got some helpers.

Umbras: Why invite us to the meeting then?

Ruby: *whispers* fine. after business

Weiss: *whispers* fine *weiss speaks up* I think they might be after Demgel now too

Blake: Because we tried to stop them by ourselves and proved insufficient

Zane: So you called us to help you.

Umbras: they did see how good we are in a fight

Caligo: Why would they be after Demgel?

Weiss: by what i saw when we followed them one of them had an interest in him

Caligo: Really now? That's interesting.

Blake: I'm pretty sure he can take care of himself

Weiss: Not from what i saw. This guy is pretty tough

Caligo: *Stops eating for a second* So, this guy could stand up to Demgel?

Weiss: actually i think he was winning

Zane: sounds interesting

Caligo: I want to go a round with him. Teach him what happens when you mess with my friends.

Yang: If your leader couldn't beat him, how will you?

Blake: Yeah, think before you act

Caligo: I did think, and I haven't acted yet

Zane: I think Caligo can handle this. Hell so can I

Ruby: But, why take him on, one on one?

Weiss: Yea I dont think you know what you are up against!

Zane: Doesn't matter

Caligo: We can take the entirety of White Fang as a team

Weiss: I doubt that

Umbras: We are stronger than we look

Yang: Prove it then

Umbras: How do you suggest we prove it?


Zane: Hell yea! *grabs a whole loaf of bread in a backflip*

Yang: *Smashes her fists into turkeys*

Blake: *Grabs a giant noodle*

Caligo: *Grabs a large sausage* WE SHALL NOT GIVE UP!

Demgel: *looks out the window and sees the man standing there looking back at him. He looks at him in bewilderment but just as soon someone comes in between his line of vision, the man is no longer there.* guys do that…*gets up and goes outside*

*A few seconds later, the entire cafeteria is a mess*

Blake: *Starts fighting Umbras*

Umbras: *dodges her while Zane comes to slash her with the bread and he picks up (idk what actually)

Blake: *Dodges using her semblance then hits Zane with a noodle*

Zane: *grabs the noodle then slashes her with the bread then kicks her back before he slashes her again*

Blake: *Uses her semblance again to avoid it all, before punching Zane twice then kicking him with a flip*

Zane: *Lands with a backflip while Umbras attacks with his giant celery stick before Zane spins around him and slashes her again*

Blake: *Uses her semblance to avoid before getting knocked back from Zane*

Umbras:*uses a noodle to pull her in to slam her into Zane's Attack again

Demgel is unto of the building looking for the man. The man is all of a sudden behind him

Man: Looking for something?

Demgel: Try ‘looking for someone’

Man: Quite right.

Demgel: What are you doing here?

Man: It’s quite obvious what I’m doing.

Demgel: Observation…

Man: Precisely.

Demgel: I don’t do well with people watching me….Especially with that eye...looks freakin’ creepy…

Man: So I’ve heard. Sadly, this is the only eye I can see out of with the other being out of commission. (your go, man)

Demgel: Well you don’t have to worry about that cause im about to put you out of commission.

Man: Straight forward. Driven. Have a goal. Neat.

Demgel: *takes out his scythe and runs towards the man*

Demgel instantly begins to slash at the man at blinding speed, but the man is still dodging his attacks while getting a few hits in.

Man: wow, didn’t even sound the gong for Round 3. You’re a persistent one.

Demgel: So I’ve been told. *begins to change things up by doing unique Scythe-wielding skills*

Man: *continues to evade* I can take a nap when you’re tired.

Demgel: Not until you back off!

Man: Oh please. *stands ontop of the scythe* You first. *runs toward Demgel and flip kicks him in the face, making him fall off the restaurant roof and onto the sidewalk*

Man: *looks down on Demgel and kicks his scythe down too and turns away*(waiting for prynce


Blake: Hits the ground and falls unconscious*

Ruby: Runs past them so fast they slam into the wall*

Zane *flips to kick off the wall and tackles ruby as and is facing her laying on the ground

Umbras: *Hits the wall

Zane: Hello there cu-ruby

Ruby: Blushes*

Zane: blushes slightly* sooo...?

Ruby: I'd say you guys won...

Yang: *Punches Zane away* Not yet they haven't!

Zane: *backflips* So Caligo Is it time to up our game?

Caligo: Let's do it. *Throws bacon at Yang, knocking her back*

Zane: *Stands by Caligo* How shall we do this

Caligo: I go high, you go low. Starts flying

Zane:*Breaks his Loaf of bread in half* Sounds Good *charges at Yang and slashes her with each one before spin kicking her upward*

Caligo: *Drops eggs and bacon on her to keep her immobile*

Zane: *Tosses one of his half loafs at her before jumping up and spin kicking her into blake. He then rushes at her kneeing her*

Yang: *Gets up And smashes her fists together, shoving them into a turkey before punching Zane, sending him flying into Prynce, and both flying through the roof*

Zane: Now what? They are tough this is fun

Caligo: Double team them

Zane,Chase: Zane: Two against four this isn't Fair He *Smiles*

Caligo: They're gonna need more people. *smiles*

Zane: Kicks off of Caligo and Lands cracking the ground and keeps looking at the ground and then he slowly stands up

Caligo: *Flies around increasing speed* 'You ready for this?'

Zane: I am but I dont think they are *Opens his eyes and they flash red for a second and change back*

Caligo: *Flies down at terminal velocity* 'When I hit the ground, go for it'

Zane: *Grabs his bread sticks and waits*

Caligo: *Hits the ground, sending out a shockwave, pushing them all but Zane against the walls*

Zane *Attacks them at a speed even Ruby could barely see and attacked them all still in the air to the middle then made it rain bread sticks*

Team RWBY: *Falls defeated*

Zane: *out of breath stands over Ruby* Now we win

Ruby: Yep. *Out of breath*

Zane: helps her up and smiles That was fun

Ruby: Yeah It was. *looks down at her dress* Now my dress is dirty >.<

Weiss: *whispers to Ruby* Dont you have something to tell him?

Ruby: EEP!

Weiss: come on Ruby nows your chance *pushes her softly*

Demgel: *comes through the door with is face partially scratched up* Before you all ask, I flippin’ tripped.

Ruby: *Ruby would blush, looking down*. Zane I really like you and I think you're a really cool person and would you like to go out with me sometime?

Yang: Of course you did sweety.

Zane: *Blushed a bit and whispers to ruby* Sure i will *then talks to Demgel* You ok?

Weiss: Are you okay?

Demgel: Yea, I’m fine. Like I said, I tripped.

Weiss: Do you need a hug *she half smiles

Demgel: *looks at her confused*...No…

Weiss: * Looks a Little disappointed* Y-You sure?

Demgel: Yea...thing called ‘personal space’.

Caligo: whispers to Blake He really can't take a hint can he?

Blake: To Caligo Not at all

Weiss: …...ok

Demgel: If you guys still wanna ‘discuss business’ you can, but it’s getting late and last time I checked, we had school tomorrow so...Goodnight. *heads out the door and walks off*

Caligo: He's got a point. I'll be off for tonight. Flies off

weiss: but but *Looks Sad

Blake: Come on, let's go home.

Zane: *glances at ruby

Ruby: Okay! See you tomorrow Zane. *Runs off

Weiss: Bye *walks off

Zane: Okay *disappears

Yang: *Punches Umbras playfully* Night

Umbras: *Smiles at her* Night

Second Day Edit

Zane: lays in bed* Hey Caligo you up yet?

Caligo: *snoring*

Zane: *Tosses a book at caligo* Wake up

Caligo: *Deflects it and keeps snoring*

Zane:'re kidding right? *sighs and pokes him with a sword

Caligo: *rolls over and falls off the bed* Huh/

Zane: oh you're up

Caligo: How'd I end up on the floor?

Zane: I Poked you and you rolled over

Caligo: Oh

Zane: So yea about that food fight yesterday...

Caligo: Yeah I know. We killed it

Zane: yea we did but i'm still thinking about what happened after

Caligo: You mean leaving/

Zane: just before that

Caligo: Me kissing Blake?

Demgel: Can’t you guys think about anything other than girls? Jesus, we’re hear to get some allies, not make love. We can do that back home…..wait a minute...Aren’t you getting married?

Zane: who?

Demgel: Flippin’ Prynce, who else? I know you and Umbras couldn’t get married at all in this life.

Zane: *Looks annoyed*  That wasn't exactly my fault was it

Umbras: *Looks to the side* whatever

Demgel: But aren’t you not bothered that he just cheated on your sister?

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