The main focus of the TZ Retcon, all rewrites should start from the beginning of the series and work back to current times on this page. Do not edit the originals, as we need to use them for reference. Below is a list of the goals of the Retcon, but not by any particular order of necessity or immediate importance.

  1. Rewrite certain character interactions [Kado + Azula, Shinwa + Volmond, Daikeim + Eleaonore] (Chaos, Axis, Kam, DK)
  2. Extend time with Azure, Earth, Echo, and time spent between Kado and Azula, Shinwa and Volmond. Not enough time was given to these subjects. (Axis, Kam, Chaos)
  3. Revise certain characters [Drake Ryunexo, Kameron's List after in depth discussion, others] (All)
  4. Establish official timeline and exact dates for everything. Reflect these changes with a date beside the section in question. (All)
  5. Develop a more effective Main Saga - Saga navigation system (Axis, Staff)
  6. Clear Communication between Members - Communicate, Discuss, Compromise, Resolve. No change should be added and no idea should be introduced that upends someone else without communicating, discussing, compromising, and resolving the issue. (All)
  7. Nerfbat, Rewrite, Resolve, and Conclude the original generation story to fall in line with current generation, or retcon and write a more natural narrative introducing the new cast. (All/Chaos, Kam, Axis)
  8. Retcon God Drake and fix resulting plot holes and reanalyze any fights as result of that. (DK, Haler, Axis)
  9. Archive Old RPs that don't belong but are useful for education purposes - See the rps related to the Omni Kids that caused omni ability bans. (All)
  10. Restrict, Define, and Regulate Newbie Crushing and Set Difficulty Caps based on skill level (All)
  11. Account for Missing Character Pages (All)
  12. Make Novel Format the Default RP type (consistency and level of detail) (All)
  13. Look Into Race Pages/Definitions on Species List, Power Pages for the more unique aspects of the wiki such as Aether, Nether, and other more nebulous powers. (Axis/Chaos/Haler)
  14. Consolidate Divine Order and other Fundamentals to World Building (Axis, Chaos, Kam, Haler)
  15. Establish firm World Building. Ideally little questions should be asked about the world that cannot be answered (All)
  16. Optimize for Mobile (Admins)
  17. Promote TZ (Staff)
  18. Make the Realms feel more Alive. Echo and other such realms should have lots of things going on, from Chinmoku getting visitors from across the realm due to its vast stores of knowledge and general prosperity, to interactions between deities to build cohesion in the world's sense of things lurking beyond just the mortal plane. Make use of the more disused Realms and find ways to make them more relevant to the plot. If there is an entire universe of life out there, we should get a sense of it. (All)
  19. Make proper use of divine and transcendent characters in the narrative both within localized parts of the story and the far grander scheme of things (Axis, Kam, Chaos, Haler)

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RP Renovation

Exiled Saga Beginning

"So... Let's get this straight before I up and burn this forest down, we've spent the better part of the past few years fighting for our fucking country - or rather, planet. And our reward after all of that shit was to get exiled to a fucking rock." Drake speaks through gritted teeth, tensing up his arm before slamming it into the tree, indenting it.

"For once, I'd love to tell you that you're wrong but sadly you're speaking the truth." Daikeim responds, a minute tone of agitation. "But they probably have a reason behind their actions, they usually do. But for now we need to focus instead of taking our aggression out on the trees."

"Oh fuck off, let me have this." Drake retorts, taking said aggression out on the trees. "And why are you so calm during this? I'm not the only one who got exiled, hell, it's worse for you too."

"I can keep my composure and can plan ahead, unlike someone I know, Drake." Daikeim sighs and looks deeper into the forest. "Are you done punching wood? We need to get going." He says before walking ahead regardless.

Drake just narrows his eyes before groaning, following aside. "Well at least I get my aggression out on something that isn't you, Daikeim... But yeah, I'm done, so the plan?"

"Simple: We hopefully find some form of life that's able to understand us and get an idea of where we are, then we go from there."

The two delve deeper into the forests, attempting to get used to everything around here before they eventually coming across something - or someone.

The two come across a man with short dirty blonde hair wearing some black leather-looking attire and is singing while sitting in a beach lounge chair.

"I'll neverrrrr fergeeeet her puurrrrr-ty faaaaace. I recon' she weeent out to-o-o spaaaaaace."

The man turns and look at Drake and Daikeim.

"Yeayea, Aih know i'sa corney sowng. But it oneadem' sowngs ya' sang and ya' jus' can't help but sang it."

The two come to their stops and just blankly looks at the man, dumbfounded and already lost for words. Daikeim turns his head towards Drake, who only responds with a shrug. Daikeim looks back at the man and attempts to speak to him, but to the man - can only hear gibberish. 

The man blinks for a moment in confusion. He then sticks his pinky in his ear, takes it out, looks at it, and sees no wax.

"Huh...Hol'up Hol'up Hol'up."

The man stands to his feet, revealing him to be taller than both Drake and Daikeim by a head or two.

"You's mus' be dem' reeeeel fo'weners. Y'all miiiight have ta' take it slow a tad 'bit."

Drake eventually sighs and clasps his hands together, a faint glow emanates from his palms - he then proceeds to place his hand on himself and Daikeim's shoulder, after a moment of silence, Drake looks at the man. 

"Ok this should work... So, you tall bastard, do you know where exactly we are?"

The man looks around the misty woods

"Da fores' I recon'.

"...That's not what I meant." Drake replies, already annoyed.

Before Drake can do anything brash, Daikeim speaks up. "What my friend is trying to say is that we're... Lost to say the least, we need to know where we are - planet wise. Understand?"

"Ooooooh, so yer' dem extra-fo'wenahs, huh? Well, y'all 'er on da' thurd' planit frum da' Sun. Urth.'

"Earth... Alright, so I guess this place gets a lot of attention from outsiders too?" 

"No, not realley. It is jus' a fores'.

At this point Drake's blood is already boiling. "He means on this planet you thick-accented fuck!"

The only thing Daikeim can do is just widen his eyes and look at his hot-headed friend.

"Ar'-Ar' yu' dissin' de acksent?"

"Yes, I am. Maybe I could give you a little rune that'd help you speak clearer so you don't sound like such a bit--"

Before Drake can say anything else, Daikeim grasps his hand over his mouth, muffling Drake's voice for just a moment to ask the man something.

"Drake can you just drop this for the time being? We're not in the best of situations here... Look, can you just tell us where the nearest town, city or populated location is?"

The man narrows his eyes some.

"Imma 'fraid a' can't let sum' extraturestries waltzin' aroun' da' place like dey people. You two a' gonna haf' ta' see my bouss ovah' dat mattah. Dat's one place I can take ya'."

While initally shocked by what the man says, Daikeim uncovers Drake's mouth. "That... Doesn't imply help, that implies capture."

"I fucking knew it!" With one quick slide, Drake unholsters a matever style hangun from his side and aims directly at the mans forehead. "I am going to give tell you what you're going to do - you're going to get up from your chair, you're going to look at us and apologise for making such a crappy threat. Then you're going to open your mouth so that I can RAM MY FIST SO FAR DOWN IT THAT I COULD USE YOU AS A FUCKING GLOVE!"

The moment Drake draws his handgun, it disappears and the man is now holding and examining it. He then tosses it over to Daikeim.

"Yu' seem to be moe' level hedid'.And I ain't speakin' 'bout capturin' no body. Just seein' whatch'all deel is."

"Daikeim I'm gonna skin the fucker and not even you will be able to stop me in a minute..." Drake growls as he snatches back his weapon, keeping it in his hand.

"I know I know." Daikeim says, sighing. "Well, sir. We just want directions, is that so hard to give?"

"Isit so hard for y'all to come wit' me? I  ain't tryin' to put y'all in n cage. We jus' wanna check y'all out before we's letcha' go 'round and about ouwa beautifully chaotic world."

The two fall silent and eventually look at each other, with seemingly no other logical choice besides leaving. They nod to one another and turn back to the man. "Fine, we'll follow along - but if you try anything, you WILL be a paste by the time we're done." Drake hisses.

"No need fo' da' threts'. Safdey' firs' as allways. Follow me.'

The man begins to walk in the opposite direction.

Daikeim notices Drake leaning towards him, whispering. "If everyone we meet speaks like that then don't blame me for a genocide."

"Noted." Daikeim responds dryly.

The three walk into the misty forest and soon they notice it's becoming more and more misty. Becoming more of a fog.

"So where exactly are we going?" Daikeim asks.

"Come wit' me, and yull see."

They soon enter a clearing where multiple armored vehicles, flying crafts, and balcony levels can be seen. Multiple people wearing black and white armor are all that can be seen as they work. The atmoshpere feels dull despite all the activity going on around and above them. To the sides, they see various creatures being kept behind in some sort of holding cell. The look like there should be windows but it doesn't reflect any light. Some of the creatures look reptilian, some humanoid, others are unknown.

"A wirld of pur' contamination. Livin' heeeer'  yu'll see. Dis' ain't de plase yu wan' ta beeeee. But not in yu guy's case dough. Y'all two shood be fine."

Drake notices Daikeim slightly tensing up and decides to speak. "Y'know... Taking us to a city would've been fine..."

"I's tol' y'all. Ya' can't be goin' around jus' yet until we run a few tes' and y'all tell us a few thangs. Uder then that, we'll let ya' go an' I can show ya' de neeres' town."

"We should've just walked the other fucking way." Drake mutters under his breath.

Daikeim sighs and closes his eyes, faintly, Drake can hear his voice. I know, this doesn't seem all too well. Just keep that gun in your hand just in case...

The man takes them toward a beam of light shining upward

"Threw heer yu two.'"

The two follow suit, going through said beam.

The two instantly get shot up through the facility until they get shot right and then abruptly stop in front of two clear double doors.

"Well, lead the way then." Drake suggests - Daikeim steps forward and opens the double doors. "Just remember not to lose your shit." Daikeim responds.

Once Drake and Daikeim walk in, they see several people wearing white garmets, who soon turn to look at them. The room is silent as they look at them like statues.

The two remain silent as they continue to walk through, Drake glancing at the members of the facility.

The man comes through the clear double doors.

"Don' worray, don' worray. Dey wit' me."

The white coats begin to slowly resume their original duties.

"'Ey, I need wunna y'all to runa quick fizakle on dees gais."

Four of the white coats approach the two.

"Ok, we need you both to strip."

"Except for your underwear."

"Yea, except for your underwear. One you do so, rest on these tables."

They motion to two clear slabes floating in mid-air.

"Excuse me, what? For what fucking reason?"

"Well to take samples of your skin, hair, blood, aaaannnnd..."


"Yeeeaaaaa that too..."

"If you're capable though."

Drake turns his head towards Daikeim, who only shrugs in response before turning to the scientists. "We can do all of that except the urine samples - anatomy reasons."

"Oh thank God! I mean--That's ok, we can take syliva samples instead. It's more preferable."

"Well if you can hand us the vials, then we'll gladly do the samples ourselves." Daikeim offers out his hand for the vials.

"As much I would love for you to do this yourself, we'd get terminated for letting myths do this themselves."



"Dee's two are allyins'"

"Oh, then we definatley can't let you do that yourself."

"The fuck are Myths?" Drake asks, then looks at the others. "And you're alien to us... Look we'll spit into some fucking tubes, we don't need babysitting."

"We's ain' tryin' to. We just samplin' from extraturestries. Once dat's done, we'll take y'all to our leader an' then y'alls be free ta' go. The fastah ya do dis', da fastah I can show yu da' neeres' town."

Drake just growls through his teeth. "This is a fucking joke... Fine."

"Then please, take a seat. This souldn't take no longer than five minutes or so."

The two take their seats, Drake still glaring at the others until he turns to look at Daikeim and begins to converse. To the others, once more they hear nothing but gibberish to their ears.

"Well to be honest, this has happened a lot before on other planets - I don't know why you're irritated about this." An exhausted sigh leaves Daikeim's mouth as he takes off his jacket.

"That's because we just got exilled instead of being praised and now we're stuck in this shitty place because you thought it would be a good idea to follow the stranger for fucks sake! I don't want to deal with this shit. I just want to fuck off somewhere, get a drink and relax." Drake snaps back at him as he too undoes his jacket, leaving it over his shoulder.

"Don't try and pit the blame on me! We have no idea what's on this planet and you think it'd be a good idea to just wonder about? Look, I know that we're in a crappy situation right now, but we've both been through worse and you know it. Besides they said this won't take long so just try and keep calm, got it?"

"Yeah yeah, I know... But seriously I can't promise you that I won't kill someone by the time we leave."

They then here a sudden slurp sound

The doctors look at the blonde-haird man.


They turn back to Drake and Daikeim, until they hear the slurp noise again. They turn to look at the blonde haired man again.


They look at the man for a little while before slowly turning their attention back to Drake and Daikeim.

Daikeim looks at the man. "What... What are you doing?"

"I don't know waht yur tawkin' ahbowt."

Drake keeps his eyes on the man while Daikeim looks around. "Then what's the slurping noise?"

"I don't heer not'in."

"...Sure..."  Daikeim rolls his eyes when suddenly the power cuts out, a moment of silence passes before Drake stands up.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me... Ok, I am fucking done with this place!" Drake yells out, looking at the staff and the man. "I don't give a single care in the world if you want us to stay here so you can get samples, we're leaving." Drake begins to walk way, with Daikeim following behind.


"Honestly... This is a damn joke..." He hisses.

Daikeim once more sighs. "Look, let's just find a place..."

"Almos' fa'got ta antsah yo' cuesshion. Anstah'd it. So whatch y'all's names?"

"It's Daikeim."

"Drake of the Ryunexo Mercenaries... Or just Drake Ryunexo." 

"Hm. Pretty manley names."

"...Yeah, thanks I guess... Come on, Daikeim." The two eventually leave the room.

"Bud' I wondah why such manley names wa' given' to a cupple a' gurls."

Within seconds, the room Jonas and the staff were in lights up, engulfed in flames.

"Fucking hell, Drake!"


Everyone screams in agony.



Drake suddenly finds himself pinned against the wall by his head. Jonas' is entire body is steaming and his face is covered in soot


Drake can already feel Jonas' grip begining tighten

"Gud job fer' shoot'n firs', but if ain't killed who yu were aimin' fer' you 'ad just dyed."

"Heh... Sure, you're forgetting something."

Suddenly Jonas feels a strong pull on his shirt as he gets thrown across the room by Daikeim then suddenly punched in the mouth by an enraged Drake. "You couldn't have just ignored it Drake, couldn't you?"

Daikeim stands tall, blue fire coating his hands, an unimpressed expression while Drake gets back up - a smirk on his face as he gets enveloped in red embers and flames. "No, I couldn't. Not like me to just do... Now, I believe we have someone to beat to a pulp."

Jonas wipes his face off and smirks.

" No clawin' and flailin'? Yu two mite be men yet."

Jonas tilts his head foreward.

"Now show meh' how ya' extraturestries throw down."

"Daikeim, make sure you have my back." Drake says as he clenches his fists, walking up to Jonas.

"Don't worry I always do." He responds, narrowing his eyes on Jonas and the surrounding area.

"Good. Now don't worry Jonas - I won't disappoint!" Drake shouts before immediately headbutting Jonas then following up with a knee straight to the gut.

Jonas pauses for a moment, almost in complete shock, until a wide smile etches across his face. He then grabs Drake by his sides, lifts him above his head and slams him into the graited floor, head first.

Drake finds his head stuck through the floor below and two soldiers look up at him, rightfully startled by Drake's sudden appearance.

"Whoaaa! Who the heck are ?"

"My visor saying, he ain't registed! It isn't even detecting him as a myth!"

"What should we do then?"

"What do you mean whar should we do? We blast 'em!"

The two soldiers aim their guns at Drake's exposed head and pull the triggers.

While the two were talking, Drake has been building up a mouthful of flames which he spews out the second the troops aim their guns at him - after the two are turn to ash, Drake attempts to pull himself out. Meanwhile Daikeim is already engaging with Jonas, his attacks weaker but ultimately outgunning Jonas.

Jonas is enjoying himself, even though he's stuck to dodging.

"Notis how I havn't thrown a punch at ya' yet? I's becaws yo' abit mo' rashonle dan' yo' frend. It ain't too late ta not play bitch in da' relashonchip."

"That's because I'm just distracting you." Daikeim coyly says as Drake reappears through flames and elbows the back of Jonas' neck in perfect sync for Daikeim to spinkick him hard enough that he turns towards Drake who tackles him into a nearby desk.

Jonas kicks Drake off of him and into Daikeim and then shoulder rams both of them into a wall. He rolls his head around and kicks them through the rest of the wall and they land into another room. Before the two can get up, they are surrounded by MCCP soldiers who have their visor lights shining down on them.

"Stay down!"

"There's nowhere for you to run!"

"Even if there was there's still no way for you to get out!"

"Y'all bes' do whad dey' say."

Jonas pins his foot on Drake's back which also pins Daikeim down.

"Yu'll only make things worse fer y'allselves if ya' keep on."

"Daikeim, wanna do your thing?"

Daikeim nods and his eyes lightly flash, before the others can react, they're all blasted through walls via a strong shockwave. The two stand back up, wiping dust off before turning to look at the fallen troops.

"Hahahaaaaa! ALRIGHT YOU FUCKERS, TIME TO DIE!" Drake's smirk widens as he sends out wave after wave of intense flames - incinerating the soldiers as they recover, Daikeim does the same, the mesh of blue and red flames in tandom managing to even keep Jonas back.


Jonas inhales


Jonas inhales longer and then releases a loud howl that blows the flames back at Drake and Daikeim that forces them against another wall and over the edge back down to ground level.

"Wheeew! Goodness, ma' chess." Jonas pats his chest before charging over to the edge and shoving them over and jumps over it himself.

Both Daikeim and Drake land on their feet and look back up, Drake groans. "He's... Gonna be a bitch to deal with, but he does seem like he's heading somewhere else but should we just leave?"

At this point they hear the faint explosion in the distance, Daikeim turns his head towads the sound. "...Well, depends on if you want Jonas to get away."


"Then I guess we're going towards the explosion, he's probably thought that he's gotten rid of us and has gone to inspect... We should ambush him." Daikeim says before he walks through the corridors, Drake folllowing suit.

Jonas lands at the bottom. He surveys through the darkness but sees nothing nor hears anything until he hears some commotion coming from above him.

"Dern. An' I just came frum up there too. An' I can't shoot ma'self up der neither. O well."

Jonas walks up the nearest wall and begins to run up it on all fours


Fire in Nursery 35. Imidiate Assistance is required.

"A fire in a nursery?"

"Apparently. My visor is picking up Jonas and two other anomalies. They're not registed and my helmet ain't picking them up as myths neither."

"Hold up, check your visor again."

"I'm picking up unknown readings. Two myths that aren't registered. Those are probably those other-worldy visitors some of our guys brought back."

"Not those two."

"What do you mean?"

"She's right. There's an extra two anomalies. One is closing in where the other two visitors and two of our guys are at. The other is in a closet not far from here. With an unconscious staff member. Merilee Vaughn Mallegan."

"Oh no! Not Dr. Mallegan! She's the smartest one here!

"Damn, how did they get passes us?"

"Doesn't matter. What does matter is that they aren't getting out of this fly trap."

"They're at D-5, Room 510, right?"

"Exactly. A group of ten goes form up at D-5, Room 510. Us other ten will head toward Nursery 35. Another five form up with me near that closet. Alert The Administrator one of you, and then message whoever else to press on the search for that Secondary Power Switch. We move quickly and quietly."

The soldiers mobilize to their destinations

Appearance of the Vigilantes, Azure

Inside a liquid filled tube, a male figure drifts gently in sleep, his cream colored hair drifts about idly, his face obscured by a white mask, with a cyan insignia on its front.

Kado. A woman's voice rings in his head.

What is it? The male responds, the faintest of reactions from his mind begin to wake his body.

We have a situation that requires your attention.

I'll be down at command after I've woken and am ready.

Will see you there.

The male named Kado opens his eyes, the only sign of them are the white pupils peering out from his mask that are so common among the Shapeshifter race. He allows himself a moment to feel the suspending sensation of the liquid, the presence of which is the only way he's ever slept soundly for many years. Not doing so... often problematic for him. With a mild sigh, he drains the tube and emerges from a glass door, stepping out into the square room that is his home.

Simple furniture decorates it, and aside from the tube, there is little else of significance in the room aside from a circular pad, a transporter. He eyes it quietly.

It has been seven years since the incident that shaped the course of his life, the dark memory of his past that clings to him like a omnipresent cloud, and each night, the nightmares torment him. He can feel the agony of the moment his old family betrayed him, rippling through him in faint echoes of memory.

He closes his eyes. He knows for a fact that he'll likely never get the chance to exact revenge for what they did, yet the ghosts still linger. ...But a life left behind is one not missed.

He opens his eyes, and after donning a black bodysuit and white robes, steps onto the transporter, soon after appearing in a long hall, now the faint echo of voices throughout the central command can be heard. He feels for his multiple weapons, his four katanas, two plain with average wrappings, and two special ones, a black one with ornate details on its guard and sheathe, and a red one with elegant flame patterns carefully woven into the wood sheathe.

...Momentos. He clenches his fists lightly and proceeds down the hall, toward the first meeting that he, Kado, the leader of Azure had attended in several months.

On his way in, he can hear a woman patiently trying to reassure someone else in the room that the meeting will start soon, but an important visitor needs to arrive first.

Despite this woman's reassurance, the person shes talking to doesn't even appear to be caring, or listening. Instead he is taping his fingers lightly on his thigh, sighing with slight annoyance. He had been waiting for quite some time now, and always carried a rather bored and tired demeanor, which could easily be heard in his tone of voice. The only thing that escapes his lips as the woman speaks to him are occasional sounds of confirmation.

A few minutes after this, the person hears footsteps become audible as not a moment later the door opens abruptly, and a white masked individual wearing white robes with a black bodysuit underneath with four katanas strapped to him walks through the opening without pause.

"Let's get this meeting over with, we have important matters to attend to." The male's voice is surprisingly quiet but noticeably in command of its presence, his voice has caught everyone's attention.

Yes, let us proceed with affairs. The well known voice of Azula rings out in everyone's head in the room, a woman who coordinates the entire operation of Phoenix from afar, almost no one has ever seen the co founder.

Along with the male, there is a purple haired woman with green eyes, Oliv Walker, the former leader of ADHS and now the head of Squad 2, and scores of armored soldiers of the Azure Foreign Affairs Unit.

For the first time in quite a while, the man being reassured lets a small smile creep upon his face, cocking his head ever so slightly as he hears Kado's voice. The smile quickly fades however as he turns to him, nodding. He eyes the various people in the room, and speaks to himself in his mind. "Looks like the show is about to begin.

"Let's review the intel." Kado intones.

The central display desk shows imagery from the minds of a number of Azure agents who seem to have been taken by some manner of humans who crossed through a rift. A few details can be discerned, such as a vague location, the details of the humans, vaguely, as well as some manner of lettering spells what seems to be 'MCCP'.

"From what we can tell, this occured around the mountains of Azure. It doesn't give us anything specific, but we do know they were using rifts. We may have to start restricting rift usage depending on how far this situation escalates. It may slow our activities in other realms, but right now this is a potential security risk."

Kado looks among the group. "I have called you all to conduct a search for the rift's location. You will be outfited with spacial fluctuation seekers and deployed to the most probable locations we have selected. ...Anything further? I value any additional insight."

The male, who is known as Mizora stepped forward slightly. His tone was quiet and distant, but oddly warm. "Do we know whether the MCCP are anticipating our arrival? Surely they have some sort of plan in place."

Kado's eyes look over toward Mizora. "That is yet to be seen, but this MCCP will not be taken lightly. That is why once we have confirmed the location of the Agents and this MCCP who took them, several entire AFAU squads and ATS units will be joining us as well. The ADHS will be joining us in force as well, of course."

Oliv looks at Kado. "You're talking about a small army's worth of our men. Do you really think it's that urgent?"

"If there are humans with rift travel technology able to reach our world, they must have some manner of advanced capabilities. I will not underestimate them, a full show of force will be given to our enemies. Any more questions?"

Mizora nods. "Not so much a question, but a show of support. It's best if these humans understand what they're dealing with, no? Underestimating humanity could very well be our downfall in a mission like this." He turns to Oliv, cocking his head. "I doubt any of us want this to end in failure."

"I suppose it is prudent to be on the safe side." She responds.

"Then it's settled. Report once you have reached the site designated to you and determine if any signs of struggle or a rift become present." Kado speaks.


Mizora eyes Kado a tad, before nodding as he places his hands in pockets. He starts to walk off, braid gently dangling behind him. As time passes and they are sent on the mission, Mizora is idly looking through the scene, albeit a little lazily. "Tsk. This is awfully trivial."

Kado stands on a mountain top, surveying the landscape. Report. Anything so far?

He groans a bit, and shakes his head. "No, not yet. This is starting to be a waste of time..."

Mizora begins to notice a faint blip on his scanner.

He cocks his head. "I may have spoken too soon." He starts walking towards the direction of the blip, at the ready.

Once he gets close to the source, he isn't able to see anything, but his scanner is going crazy, and he is able to determine that a large opening in space was created, likely a rift. There is also faint signs of combat.

He crouches down, head still cocked as he looks around the area. "Kado, I do believe i've found a rift. Not only that but it appears there was...quite, the scuffle here."

Location? Kado responds quickly.

Mizora gives Kado his coordinates. "Come quickly. Wouldn't want to dilly dally."

I will get there as fast as mortal means can, Kado's voice seems to remark dryly.

It doesn't take too long before the various Azure members start to gather at his location. Kado takes a bit longer, almost looking a tad winded, but regains composure quickly.

"Where is the rift's location?"

Mizora taps his scanner, before pointing to the exact point of the rift. "I know I said you wouldn't want to dilly dally, but take a breather."

Kado observes the scanner before looking at the location. "...Yeah, someone definately made a rift here, I can feel it. ...Get the ATS here now. We're opening this rift back open."

"Don't you just love tearing holes in the fabric of reality?" Mizora sticks his tongue out slightly, sitting down, and oddly chain like noises are heard. 

He sees multiple robed figures with masks appear, who begin assembling a part of odd devices, that soon begin to hum to life, and a fiery orange rift begins to tear open between the devices. The masked individuals now appear to stand guard. 

"In approximately one hour, the rift will be fully stable. Before then, the remaining reinforcements will be joining us. Sit tight until then, we will be going in soon."  

Mizora just nods, before scratching his neck slightly. He keeps eyeing Kado, before leaning back and closing his eyes.

Kado regards him in response, before quietly going off to be alone, sitting in a medative position quietly, ignoring attempts from a few agents to strike conversation.

Despite Mizora seemingly sleeping, he appears rather attentive of everything going on. Occasionally a spider or two will start crawling around.

After the hour has passed, Kado silently gets up and begins approaching the rift.

"Follow in after me." Without another word, he goes through, despite any protest.

Mizora quickly gets up, again chain noises being heard as he shrugs, going through the portal after Kado.

The group begins to appear within a forested area, and Kado frowns under his mask. "...Right. Begin setting up a perimeter. We're going to cloak ourselves, and once that is established, we're going to scout for the enemy. By we, I mean I. I will send for you if I find anything."

Various soldiers begin setting up their equipment.

"...We're taking our comrades back."

The Raid

Kado creeps along the forest, barely visible at times, as though blending with the very shadows. He has noticed a trail of footprints in the forest, and is following them.

From what I can tell... ...three males passed through here. Would fit in well with the scenario we picked up on.

He follows the footprints to a hanger door in the ground.

Right then. It seems there is an entrance with some manner of security behind it. I need someone to get access established. Bring a squad or two with you, I want this entrance guarded.

Mizora responds. I'll come in with a squad. Don't fret. He orders some to follow him as he makes his way to Kado, and when he arrives he walks over to the hanger door.

"Ah, you. Think you can get this open?" Kado eyes Mizora briefly.

"Don't sound so dissapointed. And maybe, we'll see." He crouches down over to the hatch, placing a hand on it. ".....There is, definitely a whitelist of sorts. I can place us on it, getting in would be easy."

"See it done."

"Normally i'd ask for the magic word." His hand glows a bit, and he taps the hatch as if rewriting something. "But, this is urgent." They are granted access, and Mizora opens the hanger door.

Kado takes out a long white rod and plants it in the ground, flicking a switch. He leaps into a distant tree branch. "Get back."

Mizora does the same, just holding onto a tree by one foot and one hand.

The rod emits a high concentration of electricity in a very short pulse, but they can tell the facility's lights and power are out.

"Move in." Kado lunges into the pitch black facility, sword in hand, landing on top of a member of staff there and immediately gagging them and hiding in a maitenence closet, before beginning to interrogate them.

Mizora jumps in as chains dangle from out of his robes, hooking onto anything it could find as he caught himself and hopped down nearby Kado. He stays outside the closet, idly watching in case anyone came by.

The staff member ungags herself and looks at Kado in a confused state. "Who the heck are you? Are you a terrorist? If so, I'm the smartest one here in this facility."

Outside the closet, alot of commotion can be heard going on around the facility.

"Bruh, who turn't down da' lights?'

"I don't know, man. But it's dark as shit down here--WHOA! Gah! Fuck!"

"You ok there, bro?"

"No! I stubbed my toe onna damn tire!"

"Man, I hate stubbin' my toe too."

"You idiots! You all have flash lights in your visors!"

"Ooooooooooh, totally forgot about that shit."

"How do you forget how your equipments work? It's mandatory for you to know the functions of your equipment at all times! We gave all of you an infobook on all this!"

"Whatever whatever! We need to find out why the lights and everything went out. So let's start searchin' around."

"And while we're doing that, someone find the Secondary Power Switch. It's not everyday the lights sponaneously start to go off."

"Unless there's ghost."


"Do you think we should call--"


"No. No we should not."

"Veeeeeeery smart,I assure you."

"Point taken. Well, if you're as smart as you say, this won't be hard." He unsheathes his black blade, and the room brightens a bit, before then showing them a picture of the missing agents.

"According to our intel, these two went missing because of people wearing that same uniform as yours. We're looking for them. The quicker you tell me, the sooner I am out of your hair. Of course, if we don't find them, I can always take you in retaliation, and then you'll be at the center of a rather ugly standoff. I don't think either of us wants that."

His dark eyes narrow, the white pupils behind his mask narrow into half circles.

The staff member inhales slowly.

"I'm afraid I don't know about there. They must've just brought them in recently or they are just temporary visitors. But, I do know where they could be holding them nonetheless."

Mizora crouches down, placing his hand to the ground as a few small spiders crawl out from his sleeves. "Go." They crawl throughout the area, relaying information to him.

"Tell me and I will let you go."

"It's on D-5 and it's gonna be Room 510. It's all marked so you can't miss it."




Random shots are taken until they suddenly stop.

"Bruh, are you for real? There's only like three of these things!"

"But they're spiders! They could be venomous!"

"Or Radioactive. You should let one bite you."


"Man, that shit old."

Mizora rolls his eyes as the spiders relay information. "Bumbling goons...." The spiders dissapear, off to look elsewhere. 

Kado strikes the person on the head, knocking them out. "Your assistance is appreciated."  

He silently leaves the closet. You done tormenting the children? I have a location. D-5 and Room 510. Tell me what you find, Mizora.

Mizora laughs. The tormenting was just a bonus, I have already begun my search. Sit tight, dark one. It takes a moment, but his spiders eventually come across the room. I have found it. Shall I search the room or relay directions?

We need intel on the situation. Search it, then once you're done, relay directions.

A spider enters the room, and sees various figures. He recognizes some as Azure agents, seemingly being interrogated. He blinks as his spider gives him the information. They are being interrogated. It doesn't look like they're getting much from our agents, however. Its just down the hall, and then all the way left from your position. Hop to it.

Kado begins to fade into shadows as he runs toward the destination, once he arrives at the door, he silently waits, hearing footsteps.

The soldiers footsteps move in quietly towards where Kado is. He doesn't hear their voices or their breathing, just their footsteps. But the voices he can hear comes from the other side of the door wheere one of the soldiers are yelling at the agents.

"Go on, say it! Say where your from? Say who you work for! Say what you eat! Say how you feel! Say how you're never going to leave this place until you give us some cotdamn answers!"

"Don't mind him, he's clearly frustrated."

"Hell ya, I'm frustrated! I'm pent up more like it! I should've released down at the Steamy Engine 30 minutes ago! Everyone knows how I spend my lunchtime! And everyone also knows I need an extra 10 minutes to unload!"

"That's when you're feeling courtious."

"Other than that, I'm wasting my time with these mutes!"

"Eh, we need to let them go anyway. Who knows when someone might come lookin' for 'em."

"Can't believe I missed out on a good time for this!"

They find no one when they arrive at the spot, and the scans don't pick up any sign he's there.

"Where is he?"

"He's here. Just tring to trick us is all. Don't always trust your eyes. They can be the greatest liars."

One of the soldiers knock on the door

"You guys ok in there?"

"I am, but this dude is not."

"I'm throwing a fucking fit!"

A large clancking nose can be heard inside the room

"Block the door and tell them to hurry up and turn on that switch."

"Yes sir."

They all notice an armed grenade at their feet.


"Run the opposite direction!"

One of the soldiers kicks the grenade away down the hallway. Everyone is bumbling to get to the right side of the hallway.

Right as the soldier aims his foot at the grenade, he thinks he sees a flash of red steel, right afterward, the grenade explodes immediately, killing all of the soldiers in the blast radius instantly.

The other two soldiers in the room hear the commotion.

"What the hell?"

"Quickly, arm yourself."

The two soldiers grabs their weapons from off the floor. One of them stands in front of the agents while the other stand behind. They both have their guns aimed towards the door

The soldiers don't see the door open, but a dark shadow pours from the door's seams and gathers into a vague humanoid shape.

"Drop the weapons, or you're next."

"Meh." One soldier drops his weapon

"Dude, what the hell are you doing?"

"Uuuuuuuuugghhh. Living. Duh.Besides, we were supposed to let them off anyway. Go on and take your folks back, Shadowman."

The figure looks at the other soldier. "Well? Would you like to be made into my combat dummy or are you going to drop your weapon?"

"No need, Shadowman. He can't do nothing to you anyway. Plus, he's too scared to pull the trigger. Get out with your men while you can before they find the Secondary Power Switch."

"Why are you helping him?!"

"Why aren't you shooting him?"

".....You know what?" Drops his weapon "I'm on launch break."

"Good. And let them try, the generators will still be busted, we saw to that. Maybe take better care toward who you go about harassing."

The shadow figure manifests into a robed masked man who throws shuriken at the bonds of the agents, who waste no time clothes-lining the two MCCP Agents and joining the masked man, who takes the two out of the room, melting the door and doorway together with his strange red blade, which gives off a furious heat.

"It's time we made our exit."

Kado and the agents can hear relatively heavy footsteps, as he turns to look. He sees Daikeim and Drake - whom of which is carrying one of the MCCP agent on his shoulder. "Well... They were easier than Jonas but it still wasn't him...

"Just have a bit of patience, Drake... He'll probably come here--

The two stop and look at Kado, silent at first. "...Be ready, Daikeim."

Kado's posture seems neutral, but one with a well seasoned eye notes the subtle shift in his posture that indicates his defensive reaction.

"Mind getting out of our way? We have a mission to finish." He says dully.

Drake drops the agent beside him, his hand resting on his holster while Daikeim actually accesses the situation, taking note of the fallen MCCP agents and the Azure agents beside Kado. "Depends if you've seen some blonde male, really thick accent around here."

"Haven't. We're not with these bozos." 

Daikeim faintly smiles. "Well, that's a relief... Drake, you can ease up."

"I know, I can understand them as well." Drake sinks his hands in his pockets. "Well I don't want to leave until that bastard is dead."

"We can either go after Jonas, tired and bruised from you know - fighting a war. Or, we leave, get accustomed to this place and come back when we have the advantage." Daikeim suggests, Drake goes quiet - thinking it over before sighing. 

"Yeah, fine... Besides, I'm fucking hungry... Let's go." Drake's stomach groans as he and Daikeim walk past Kado, the two speaking to each other in their gibberish again - later emerging out of the MCCP with few cuts and scratches on them.

Kado and the two agents begin to make their way to the surface through a combination of stealth tactics and moderate combat, wanting to try and rejoin the reinforcements at the surface.

Mizora has been waiting idly near the entrance, providing directional support and giving information as to the best routes to take. 

Kado and the agents begin to reach the hatch, now making their way out.

"Mission successful. Do we have link to homebase?"

Still working on it. It might be a few minutes.

We don't have a few minutes.