The main focus of the TZ Retcon, all rewrites should start from the beginning of the series and work back to current times on this page. Do not edit the originals, as we need to use them for reference. Below is a list of the goals of the Retcon, but not by any particular order of necessity or immediate importance.

  1. Rewrite certain character interactions [Kado + Azula, Shinwa + Volmond, Daikeim + Eleaonore] (Chaos, Axis, Kam, DK)
  2. Extend time with Azure, Earth, Echo, and time spent between Kado and Azula, Shinwa and Volmond. Not enough time was given to these subjects. (Axis, Kam, Chaos)
  3. Revise certain characters [Drake Ryunexo, Kameron's List after in depth discussion, others] (All)
  4. Establish official timeline and exact dates for everything. Reflect these changes with a date beside the section in question. (All)
  5. Develop a more effective Main Saga - Saga navigation system (Axis, Staff)
  6. Clear Communication between Members - Communicate, Discuss, Compromise, Resolve. No change should be added and no idea should be introduced that upends someone else without communicating, discussing, compromising, and resolving the issue. (All)
  7. Nerfbat, Rewrite, Resolve, and Conclude the original generation story to fall in line with current generation, or retcon and write a more natural narrative introducing the new cast. (All/Chaos, Kam, Axis)
  8. Retcon God Drake and fix resulting plot holes and reanalyze any fights as result of that. (DK, Haler, Axis)
  9. Archive Old RPs that don't belong but are useful for education purposes - See the rps related to the Omni Kids that caused omni ability bans. (All)
  10. Restrict, Define, and Regulate Newbie Crushing and Set Difficulty Caps based on skill level (All)
  11. Account for Missing Character Pages (All)
  12. Make Novel Format the Default RP type (consistency and level of detail) (All)
  13. Look Into Race Pages/Definitions on Species List, Power Pages for the more unique aspects of the wiki such as Aether, Nether, and other more nebulous powers. (Axis/Chaos/Haler)
  14. Consolidate Divine Order and other Fundamentals to World Building (Axis, Chaos, Kam, Haler)
  15. Establish firm World Building. Ideally little questions should be asked about the world that cannot be answered (All)
  16. Optimize for Mobile (Admins)
  17. Promote TZ (Staff)
  18. Make the Realms feel more Alive. Echo and other such realms should have lots of things going on, from Chinmoku getting visitors from across the realm due to its vast stores of knowledge and general prosperity, to interactions between deities to build cohesion in the world's sense of things lurking beyond just the mortal plane. Make use of the more disused Realms and find ways to make them more relevant to the plot. If there is an entire universe of life out there, we should get a sense of it. (All)
  19. Make proper use of divine and transcendent characters in the narrative both within localized parts of the story and the far grander scheme of things (Axis, Kam, Chaos, Haler)

Refer back to the discussion blog for additional discussion on the existing list of to dos.

RP Renovation Edit

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