Sylles is one of Abeni's Five Shadow's, lieutenants generals created for the purpose of fulfilling her commands.

Prophetic melodies lie in these hands.
Lambda of Destiny
The Prophetic Artistan
The Angel That Plays
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Magenta
Hair Color Bluish White
Height -
Blood type Ether
Age 1,100
Weight -
Health Outstanding
Affiliation Abeni
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons Flute of Revelations
Current Occupation Lieutenant General
Fighting Style Rhythme Step
Partner Abeni
Team The Five Shadows
Relatives None
Marital Status Single

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sylles appears as a pale young girl with light red eyes, silver hair and wearing some sort of dress that reaches to her knees and wears no shoes.

Sylles usually tends to keep to herself but will give her opinions on certain things. She comes of as very mellow and caring and tends not to like fights of all to much;and would prefer to stray away from them as much as she could. But if her hand is pushed, she will not use her hand, but rather her songs the battles. She by  comes off as the most angelic amongst the shadows.

History Edit

Relationships Edit


Sylles is overall obedient and loyal to Abeni and will serve her until she passes, though it's unknown whether she's grateful to her for her liberation or not.


Sylles seems to get along with Ryoka the best out of the rest of the Five Shadows. They tend to enjoy each others quietness , short conversationsm and their open mindedness towards one anothers interests.


Sylles, like Ryoka, is a little off put by Moegara's questionable behavior but tries not to judge her nor head her actions too much. The less she gets involved, the less regrets she'll have.



Powers and Abilites Edit

Flute of RevelationsEdit

Dove's SongEdit

Thunderbird's SongEdit

Fate Taker's SongEdit

Music MagicEdit

Mystical DancingEdit

Ether ManipulationEdit

Nether ManipulationEdit

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