Run as fast as you like, life still runs faster.
Sukina The Untouchable
The Fourth White
Fan Dancer
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Brown, Gold
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type O-
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health Healthy
Affiliation Phoenix(Former) Azayakana
Weapons Fans
Species Shapeshifter Spirit
Base of Operations The Tower of Heaven, Wandering
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Leader of Phoenix
Current Occupation Handmaiden of Azayakana
Abilities Lightspeed
Fighting Style The Godflash, Instant Defeat
Partner Nobuyuki
Team None
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Formerly Married

Info Edit

Sukina was the leader of Phoenix, and was once known as White the Fourth, or White IV. It is said that she could transcend even lightspeed, and was the fastest White of the Eight that have existed.

She was famous for being able to instantly defeat an enemy, without ever killing. She never resorted to her Light Slayer, a woman of integrity and compassion. She is one of the most legendary fighters of all Chinmoku history, and helped put a permanent end to the bitter wars between the Elementals and Shapeshifters. After a final clash with her follower Eien, who betrayed her after serving as her right hand man, Sukina disappeared for much of history, reappearing as the handmaiden of Azayakana, and the one who rescued Drake Ryunexo from certain death.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sukina is a average build woman with short white hair with long bangs. She had brown eyes, but her eyes periodically switch from brown to gold. She wears a grey green kimono with floral imprints, and two battle fans which are sharper than swords.

Sukina is often a very poorly motivated individual, lacking much drive to do much of anything. However she is actually rather intelligent, able to discern things fairly easily about people with little to no effort, and is fairly logical. However, she is known to leave actual plans and organization to others. As a leader, she focuses on the minimal amount of effort in order to achieve the objective, nothing more nothing less. She can be known to be rather lazy, but overall is a good person, willing to help out as needed.

Powers Edit

Unmatched Speed Edit

Sukina is one of the fastest beings one could encounter, being legendary for to this date, being unrivaled in all of Phoenix for her speed. She travels well beyond the speed of light, enough so that her attacks are difficult to counter, even for fellow light speed users, as her speed causes distortions in time enough to throw off an enemy's perception of her actual location by as much as a minute.

Light Manipulation Edit

While she was a wielder of the Light Slayer, she mostly invested in increasing her speed through light. She has very little actual light powers, as result. Her skill is average with this power, but enough to throw off a well matched opponent in her speed.

Spirituality Edit

A new found power of hers, she is a positive spirit and has various powers associated with spirituality, making her a more dangerous fighter.

Healing Magic Edit

A skill she practiced on the side, Sukina is knowledgeable in the healing arts, more so than people would believe or imagine. She has not been trained in the highest tier healing abilities, but her intelligence suggests it could be possible to learn as well. She is well antiquated with the various medicinal herbs and plants that lie in the world's wilds.

Familiar/Form Edit

Red Scroll Series: Adjutant of the Martyr Edit