Lambda of Protection
The Crystal Lambda
Fallen Guardian
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Height 11ft
Blood type Ether
Age 27
Weight -
Health Impeccable
Affiliation The Mythological Phenomena Department
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations None
Weapons Vu~oparu
Current Occupation Renegade
Fighting Style Violet Storm
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Info Edit

Sukimu is one of the Eta Knights, an elite group of Chaos Engines. Recently she has become even more powerful, transformed into the Lambda of Protection.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sukimu has short white or cream colored hair, with light purple eyes, and a simple long brown robe. She recently has gained an overall amethyst color after being turned into a Lambda, and curiously seems to be largely composed of crystal.

Sukimu is a generally reserved, patient individual, with a great deal of grace toward those who wrong her, not immediately jumping toward lethal measures in fights if her enemy do not deserve a swift death. She prefers to keep her personal feelings to herself and would rather keep a level head than be disturbed easily.

She however can be agitated when her Chaos Engine self and her former human identity Aracelis clash. This can be brought on by bringing up her old name or being someone from her past life.

History Edit

Aracelis was a girl from England who grew up in a rather comfortable status in society. Raised in a loving household, she was taught to love others different than her. Her first test of this came when a fellow classmate in her school was revealed to be a Myth. Unsure of what to do, she stopped her classmates from assaulting them, allowing them to escape, even though she was beaten herself for it. After punishments from both school and home, she resented much of her early years and never expressed her ideas or acted on them, aside from writing extensively in her journals.

After years of building an image in school, it was all shattered the day one of the old childhood bullies discovered her journal. Fearing the hate of the community, she ran away from home and for months lived on her own. It was at this time Aracelis met the eccentric Dr. Issac Kurk. He willfully ignored the fact she was a run away and took her in, training her in his organization. After years of service, and finally able to live her beliefs, Aracelis excelled in his programs, and was eventually turned into an Elite, a modified Superhuman with unique abilities.

At the top of her success, she acquired a underling in the form of Clare Kurk, and taught her the skills, tools, and most importantly, the attitude of their duty as servants of the public. Aracelis became a role model to her, and remained that way until her apparent death at the hands of the Phoenix Invaders while defending a school of children from the attackers.

Unknown to the organization, Aracelis met a worse fate than they understood. The organization took her back to their fortress, and uses their techniques to modify her into a Chaos Engine, one that would be known as Sukimu, with no memory of her past life.

Powers Edit

Aura Dragon Edit

Her Aura Dragon takes the form of pink-violet dragonic armor. Heavily increases her defenses, as well speeds injury recovery.

Archangel Physiology Edit

Machine Physiology Edit

Cyanic Physiology Edit

Endlos Physiology Edit

Spirit Physiology Edit

Shield Generation Edit

Sukimu can passively or actively create barriers and shields to protect herself and allies, attacks that hit these barriers will shatter before they actually deal damage.

Aura of Empowerment Edit

Strengthens the attacks of herself and allies.

Aura of Defense Edit

The defense of her and her allies are increased.

Primal Shield Edit

Crystal Magic Edit

Petrification Edit

Unlimited Arsenal Edit

Warden's Watch Edit

Sukimu designates someone as her watch, and as long as she does, she is aware of their condition and location, and receives Guardianship Empowerment from it.

Substitution Edit

Can substitute herself with a target.

Guardianship Empowerment Edit

Ethereal Blades Edit

Allows her to create energy blades that can cut through normally untouchable objects, such as users of intangibility.

EMP Generation Edit

Can disrupt and render all technology used against her useless for a period of four hours.

Magnetism Edit

Can attract and repel metals, of various degrees, including non traditional magnetic metals.

Spirit Buster Edit

A move that causes massive damage to Spirits or any Spiritual being, Area of Effect is indeterminate.

Shield Breaker Edit

Can destroy barriers of countless varieties and effects.

Negation Aura Edit

Can negate harmful effects caused by area of effect powers or by ailments in general, and is a field constantly generated by Sukimu.

Dissummon Edit

Can forcibly unsummon beings not originating in the natural world to their plane of existence, or return beings bound to a realm to said realm. Is especially effective when direct physical contact or contact mentally or spiritually is established.

Shockwave Manipulation Edit

Can manipulate shockwaves, allowing her to create various bursts of energy of varying intensity.

Mythologic Adaption Edit

Forms Edit

Chaos Engine Mode Edit

Weapons Edit

Vu~ōparu Edit

A seies of six blades and two dark steel longswords that constantly spin around Sukimu, acting as both shield and offense. Can be seen as faint flashes of violet strokes. They follow the direction of Sukimu's longswords. When she releases her grip and points the blade of a longsword straight down, a blast of violet swordstrokes is unleashed in all directions. The swords are made from her Aura, and can be repaired infinity.

Concepts Edit

Sukimu: Eta Form Edit


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