Kukyo, the first Spirit.

Spirits, or the Originals, are a race of spiritual beings located on Echo, and to a lesser extent, Earth, who have existed since the end of Neo-Babylon, and have a long history in the world. They possess unique powers and are one of the main powerhouses of Echo, and any attempt at the realm itself must first pass through them.

Physiology Edit

Spirits have an incredible range of powers, many ideas for optimal character creation can be found at the Superpower Wiki. However, a list of some unique traits as well as general information can be found here.

Spirits are a race that do not need to feed heavily once their spiritual being has matured, as they feed off natural energy. Even in areas with little nature energy, they tend to have enormous reserves of energy that could keep them content for years. When a new spirit is born, the mother loses their ability to become incorporeal, forcing her to rely on their mate to survive until the baby has reached an age they can function properly, typically once the child has reached the age of four years. Children Spirits and Spirits in general cannot be discerned from normal humans unless one has an attunement with the spiritual realm, and even then children lack spiritual power early in their lives.

Powers Edit

  • Incorporeal Body Spirits have unique physical structures, often having a body made of energy with a thin membrane serving as their containing vessel, only growing full physical organs and innards if they wish to become intimate with a partner. They can fully enter the spiritual realm and be physically immune to all damage. Only bypassed with energy attacks.
  • Natural Energy Manipulation Spirits passively and in some cases actively will absorb and consume energy from their environment. They can connect with nature through this and can possibly use it as an extension of themself if there is enough energy to absorb. Spirits of a certain caliber are able to passively absorb the attacks of an offending enemy due to how low energy the attack may be. It is also possible to reach an enhanced form of this, knwon as Ambient Energy Manipulation, where Spirits can not only use Nature to gain energy from, but anything that would give off energy such as protrons or electrons.
  • Spiritual Link A unique power from birth, the result of the spiritual nature of the individual. A spirit falls under the three categories of Positive, Neutral, and Negative, the type dictating the type of abilities that can be chosen.
  • Negative/Positive Energy Forces Powers that can be gained through the manipulation of positive and negative emotions, this ability can have both types if the spirit is Neutral.
  • Spirit Hands Tendrils of low level spiritual power, they allow spirits to manipulate their environment with ease.
  • Spirit Weapons Unlocked once the Spirit is of a high enough level and are unique to the individual.
  • Division Spirits are capable of dividing themselves when severely traumatized or emotionally unstable. Often creates smaller 'fragment' souls and spirits, who may or may not become individuals, leaving the original doomed to cease to exist.

History Edit

The spirits originate from the years just before the fall of Neo Babylon, in which their ancestor Kukyo was made the concubine of various kings, seeking her strange, unnatural power to absorb negativity and create golden ages of peace for those who resided in the land she lived in. The life she led eventually lead to her suicide, only for her to be reborn as the first spirit. Surrounded by her children's spirits as well, Kukyo left Earth, only to find Echo, and she and her children would create the first kingdom of Echo, the Empire of the Kanjo.

From her and her children's children came the first typical spirits, beings who possessed negative and positive natures. However, it would not be until Azayakana was born and began creating life in the realm that the second and current kingdom could arise, the Spirit Kingdom. Filled with greed for power and conflict, the seven children of Kukyo manipulated Shapeshifters and Elementals into fighting one another, causing Azayakana to forsake her elders and go off on her own, followed by her brother the Black King. Years later as the two siblings watched over the world, their children would ascend into the enlightened state of becoming spirits, and two vast powerhouses were born.

Concerned with the rise of other races and their interactions with each other, the two siblings founded the Spirit Kingdom, in order to create balance. Founding an accord, the North and South Kingdoms would rule over all of Echo, recognizing the kingdoms and states of mortals as Vassal States, kingdoms and nations existing under the approval and watch of the two sub kingdoms, leasing land and power as needed to maintain balance within the world and to ensure peace.

Culture Edit

The Spirits believe in equality among all, and for this reason forbid and strongly discourage the use of titles, rather, they encourage everyone under their lordship to adhere to addressing another by name, to show respect and grace to others. As they are the second nation to form in the world, almost all aspects of their culture can be felt in some way in the various nations of the world. An ancient, long held tradition is naming of children based on certain characteristics, or by the type of their soul, such as sun and moon energy, those who follow the sun and moon model typically have masculine or feminine names respectively.

Cities are common in the North and South, though they are never seen in the physical plane, as the spirits do not believe in impacting the natural world. Village leaders act based on experience and knowledge, and seek to advise, not command their peers. Even the Queen and King do not act based on their title, but rather as an elder giving flow to those who lack it.

As spirits freely engage each other in the spiritual world and in mind, they have little to no understanding of mental privacy, and will freely gossip without alertness or understanding of private matters. Not utterly blind to the consequences however, most refrain from doing so if asked.

Notable Members Edit

Notable Members
Kado | Shinwa Dragonclaw | Hadari | The Black King | Azayakana | Kake | White | Shiori Kiri | Vulkas | Nobuyuki | Kukyo

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