This page is a collective of different species for users to choose from, of course this page is only used for users who are having trouble or need inspiration when it comes to making a new character. If anyone wants to submit a species that isn't on this list, please ask in the comments, one of the TZ staff will answer as soon as we can. 

Note: When it comes to using a custom species made by a user (Example: Cyanican), please ask the owner of said species if you're allowed to have a character with that species in mind. But do keep in mind that you may have to change some aspects of your character to fit in with the species as to reduce the change of consistency issues.  


  1. Human
  2. Variante
  3. Endlos
  4. Kasterian
  5. Demon
  6. Angel
  7. Arachnid (Humanoid with Arachnid abilities)
  8. Dragon
  9. Wyrm
  10. Fairy
  11. Pixie
  12. Sprite
  13. Spirit
  14. Nymph
  15. Nereid
  16. Dryad
  17. Aetherae (One only)
  18. Elf
  19. Netherborn
  20. Aetherborn
  21. Ogre
  22. Yokai
  23. Elemental
  24. Shape Shifter
  25. Homonculus
  26. Zombie
  27. Golem/Construct
  28. Vampire
  29. Werewolf
  30. Werebeast
  31. Serpent
  32. Nekomata
  33. Reaper (One only)
  34. Valkyr
  35. Pheonix
  36. Highborn
  37. Heimdall
  38. Skyborne
  39. Animunculi

User Species

  1. Cyanican (Owner: Dragon Kid321)
  2. Chaos Engine (Owner: Axis of Destruction)
  3. Aculi (Owner: Axis of Destruction)
  4. Spirit [Echo Specific] (Owner: Axis of Destruction)
  5. Etherite (Owner: ChaosWyvern)

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