Sosuke Amagai
I never miss my target!
Darkaria's Weapon Master
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date June 14
Family Akagitsune Amagai(Foster Mother)

Kankuro Rensa(Foster Brother) Numerous Foster Siblings

Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow(Left Eye),Green(Right Eye)
Hair Color Dark Blue
Height 5'5
Blood type AB
Age 22
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Health Healthy
Affiliation 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Kingdom, Darkaria Library
Weapons Various
Species Nekomata
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation 15 Darkaria Knights, Darkaria Library
Abilities Super Human Speed, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Durability/Invulnerabilty, Enhanced Endurance, Illusion Canceler, Weapon Summoning, Fire Magic, Wind Magic, Lightning Magic, Transformation
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Partner Kon Sugimori
Team None
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single


Sosuke was born a normal car as a stray. During one of his hunts for food a few kids started bullying him, which resulted in his eye being gouged out and a scar, but he was saved by Akagitsune who took him in as a pupil due to sensing a small amount of magic energy inside him. She first taught him enchantment so he can transform himself into a human, and back to cat, if he needs to. After the first few years of learning magic and fighting with weapons from Kankuro he developed a second tail, officially becoming a nekomata.

With full confidence in his abilities Akagitsune recommended him to Tsubaki as a possible Knight to which he accepted. After passing through a few tests and beating some of the current Knights at that time Sósuke became No.6 of the 15 Darkaria Knights.

Afterwards he became friends with Kon, who became a Knight before he did, due to their adoptive parents connection with each other.


Sosuke has artificial heterochromia, with his real eye being yellow, and his mechanical eye being green. He has spiky, dark blue hair with a small pony tail. Under his right eye he also has a scar. Sosuke wears a black midriff jacket with twin tail coats, red gloves with silver arm guards and a summoning seal on each of his wrists, yellow undershirt, and grey pants held by a red belt and tucked under black boots. He's also usually in his cat form which has the same physical traits of his face.


Sosuke is always kind and friendly despite the common stereotype of cats. He gets along well with Kon and will usually be seen hanging out with him, usually in his cat form, though they often have a comedic argument when Sósuke gets information wrong and Kon corrects him. He will do anything to ensure a missions success even he has to use 'cowardly' tactics, and will justify that only those with a strong will to live will do so.


Super Human Speed

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability

Enhanced Endurance

Vibration Sense

Weapon Summoning/Manipulation

Fire Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Wind Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts

Lightning Magic/Manipulation/Martial Arts


Artificial Eye

Courtesy of Zaraki Inumuta, Sósuke was implanted with an artificial eye to replace his missing one. This eye gives Sósuke greater vision than his normal eye does, can scan for hidden items and/or people, read heart rates and brain functions of others, get percentage of how wounded a person is to see if it's healable or not, see through illusions, makes it so no matter how fast a person it moves they look like they move at normal speed to him, scans a person's magic to see its level, and has a defense function that when anyone or anything besides Inumuta or Sósuke comes close to touching it they will immediately be pushed back by a repulsive magnetic force. Though this does cause great pain to Sósuke and paralyzes him for a little while.


Sosuke keeps numerous weapons in a pocket dimension. They range from throwing knives, poled weapons, and swords. He also keeps numerous paper bombs on his person to set traps.