Skana is a young Weapon of the MCCP, with the designation 'Aether Phoenix'. He is believed to be a Phoenix - Endlos hybrid.

Appearance and Personality

Skana has long black hair and grey brown eyes, his skin appears a very faint blue once he absorbs enough sunlight during the day. He has a silver birthmark on the right side of his chest resembling an elegant tattoo. As he has gotten older, his ears have slowly lengthened and pointed like an elf's.

Younger than some of the weapons in the MCCP, Skana is less sure of himself than others, with some of his potential being held back in fights due to his inexperience. A little jumpy during a fight, he has much to learn, but his eagerness crosses the gap, making him a fast learner.

He is on the surface, polite, but often masks frustration in inward dialogues to himself, and has a mild charisma that lets him get some level of information out of a subject than some might otherwise fail at.


Skana was found near the Asian border in Russia, and would have been detained in Russia's strict containment programs had the local MCCP branch not found and noted his potential, quickly identifying him as an Endlos - Phoenix hybrid. He was taken back to the main branch to be trained in their program, and since then, has become a recent edition to the taskforce.


Subsonic Speeds

Minor Regeneration


Sword Proficency


Mystic Fire

Aura Manipulation