An unfounded mind is an unfounded sword.
The Aether Phoenix
Phoenix Blade
The White Rook
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Status Active
Eye Color Grey Brown
Hair Color Black
Blood type
Age 32
Health Well
Affiliation Knights of Balance
Species Phoenix
Base of Operations None
Weapons Cronos
Current Occupation Training
Fighting Style -
Partner - Nobuyuki | Sayuri
Marital Status Sayuri

History Edit

Skana (Micheal D. Rose) is an orphan who was found by the Administrator at a young age of 13. He was partnered with Jonas, an old prodigy who was never going to die and had been with the Administrator since the beginning of the M.C.C.P. Becoming friendly rivals, the two strengths but heads and argued on a normal basis. Jonas eventually got through Skana's thick skull and helped him learn traditional Samurai fighting techniques.

Then a young teenage Ameno Uzumi came into the picture. Skana was 20, Jonas over 100, and Ameno a nice 14. She was beutiful and instantly became friends with Skana. Once she told Skana that she felt an atraction towards Jonas, Skana got a little angry. Once the chance presented itself, he high-tailed out of there to the icy mountains of the Swordsman Guild Of Alliances.

They taught him almost every fighting style and meditation technique they had on hand, making him stronger and faster than a phoenix. They rightfully called him Code: Phoenix and taught him how he could transform into one. He fell in love with a girl there, Sayuri, the Master's daughter, and they planned to get married. When the Master heard of this, he banished Skana and locked up Sayuri for years.

All of that time Skana brought her food and taught her meditations. He then went back to the M.C.C.P. After the Admin erased Jonas' memory of his girlfriend Ameno, and tourtured him, Skana left the M.C.C.P. He retreated to the Guild with his new wife, Sayuri, and resumed control. Then searched and found Van Valeric for training.

Powers Edit

Flight Edit

Can fly through any space at over 670,616,600 mph. (speed of light)

Regeneration Edit

Has a regeneration factor that heals mortal wounds as long as the body is not eradicated within an hour. Can regenerate anything re-attached much faster.

Speed Edit

Can run as fast as the speed of light for short periods of time.

Martial Arts Mastery Edit

Has a mastery of almost all forms of martial arts on Earth, tending to stay with traditional Japanese versions, and 3 elsewhere.

Soul Manipulation Edit

Can manipulate and control souls.

  • Soul absorbtion;
  • Soul Animation- Can crudely animate souls into physical forms;
  • Reincarnation- When dies, can be reincarnated;
  • Revival- Can revive fallen warriors

Teleportation Edit

Flies so fast it looks like he teleported with little to no energy.

Slight Immortality Edit

Cannot be killed by natural causes. Physical aging stops at age 26 - Due to Regeneration

Supernatural Reflexes Edit

Due to his speed, everything around him goes slowly, making it easy to see things and react before they are problems.

Supernatural Reading Edit

Can read expressions and smaller details in people to see if there is a problem

Supernatural Athleticism Edit

The power to acrobatic and gymnastic feats beyond what is naturally possible.

  • Aura Manipulation

Can manipulate one's aura.

  • Aura Absorption

Can sense and absorb one's aura.

  • Aura Constructs

The ability to create weapons and other materials made out of Auras.

Dark Fire Manipulation Edit

The ability to generate and manipulate dark flame, the destructive aspect of fire. Due to Phoenix Form.

Inner Power Edit

The ability to release a hidden power inside one's soul and amplify it in order to become stronger.

Identic Memory Edit

Can remember everything he sees

Weapons Edit

  • Cronos

A katana Skana swears speaks to him, it was with him in training. Cronos can take all energy from any being less powerful than Skana. Also cannot break, and controls Dark Fire.

Transform Edit

Has two physical forms, as well as his spirit form.

  • Phoenix -

Turns into a large phoenix made of dark flame and plasma, as well as flesh and bones of course.

  • Endlos -

Turns into a tall, dark man with Endlos appearance behind a veil of dark flame.

  • Spirit phoenix -

A large dark purple bird that is intangible to physical attacks and deals only spirit, aura, and flame attacks.

Appearance Edit

  • Human Form

Skana looks like a 6"6' white, black-haired man with a 5"5'-foot black-bladed white-handled katana strapped to his loose belt. He is about 30 years old

  • Physical Pheonix Form

A 15-foot tall dark purple / black phoenix with 5 tails (5-feet each), a short beak, a 10-foot wing span, and squinted red eyes. In this form, he has more endurance, speed, and strength. Over all, he is 20-feet tall, 10-feet in length, and 4.5-feet width.

  • Spirit Phoenix

A large black plasma-looking phoenix with 8 blades as feathers and star-looking lights at the bottom of his wings. Can take many forms depending on spirit energy.

  • Endlos Form

A large humanoid that has dark purple skin, black eyes, a grey robe with a black rope, and a black, firey aura. In this form, Skana is about 8"9'.

  • Attitude

Cocky and has a bad attitude

Timeline Of Skana's Life Edit

  • Joins M.C.C.P - Age 13
  • Ameno joins - Age 20
  • Goes to mountains - Age 24
  • Falls in love with Sayuri - Age 25 through 27
  • Banished from Monastery - Age 28
  • Wanders world - Age 29
  • Re-joins M.C.C.P - Age 30
  • Jonas' Memory of Ameno Wiped. - Age 30
  • Ameno kills herself. - Age 30
  • Retreats to the Guild - Age 30
  • Guild is attacked - Age 30
  • Ameno is stolen - Age 30
  • Trains with Valeric - Age 30
  • Trains with Nobuyuki - Age 30
  • Fights Daikeim (loss) -Age 31

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