Simon L. Johnson
The Gray Barricade
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Dark Gray
Hair Color Gray
Height 6'2"
Blood type B-
Age 34
Weight Unknown
Health Well
Affiliation The Mythological Phenomena Department
Weapons Fission Break
Species Hyperhuman
Base of Operations MPD Central Command
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Police Officer, Vigilante
Current Occupation Senior Officer
Abilities Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed
Fighting Style Grey Barricade
Partner Isa
Team The Enforcers: Central Command Unit
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Appearance and Personality Edit

Simon is a man in his mid thirties, with white hair and dark eyes. He is rather athletic in his build, and bares a tailored version of the MPD uniform, with flame like designs on the edges of his coat. He is always in possession of a massive halberd named Fission Break. He wears primarily black and white clothing. He is the second tallest member of the organization.

Simon is rather even tempered, but can be annoyed by moronic and otherwise foolish behavior. He particularly dislikes having to deal with people who suffer from megalomania and will gladly remind those who become too arrogant of their place.

He is kind to those who are empathetic and gives all the benefit of the doubt. One should never attempt to commit acts of cruelty or terror in his presence, as they will either suffer a brutal death or be hospitalized.

History Edit

Simon was once a simple man, until he encountered a vicious gang and was nearly killed. Managing to escape but with nothing left to his name, he began work as a police officer to try and make an honest life again. Between corruption in the force and an unsettling feeling of injustice in the world, he would eventually quit and resorted to vigilante work while participating in wrestling. After some time, a man by the name of Issac Kurk recruited him, offering him a chance to build a fair, honest, and just new society. He gladly accepted.

Powers Edit

Superhuman Strength Edit

Superhuman Speed Edit

Enhanced ObservationEdit

Telepath ResistanceEdit

Barrier UnderstandingEdit

Weapons Edit

Fission Break Edit

His personalized halberd, it is made from a rare metal which does not wear or break. It is able to cut nearly anything. Simon has been known to cut a CRAzy with it, coupled with his superhuman enhancements, the action became largely effortless in time, making him a lethal fighter, with and without the weapon.

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