Silent Angel
I have no words for you. Perish.
The Lambda of Plagues
The Silent Warden
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family -
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type -
Age 29
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Phoenix(Organization)
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons Shi no Nageki
Current Occupation Eta Knight
Fighting Style -
Partner None
Team Eta Knights
Relatives -
Marital Status Single

Silent Angel is one of the main members of the Eta Knights, and was one of the first Eta Chaos Engines created. He is infamous as having some of the strongest raw physical endurance and resistance among the Chaos Engines, truly quantifying what it means to be a tank character.

Theme song

Appearance and Personality Edit

Silent Angel is a tall, imposing male with shaggy white hair and red eyes, with a powerful muscle structure. He wears elementium armor and remains very stoic in appearance and personality. He rarely is unkempt (beyond his hair, he can never be asked). His fully engaged Lambda Form gives him a terrifying set of aura armor made of bone and sickly power that drives fear into the mighty and the brave.

Silent Angel gets his name for his incredibly silent nature and unwillingness to speak, and has a very high degree of honor about his conduct. He desires to protect those also within the situation he finds himself in, often putting himself second for the sake of those around him. He is one of the integral members of the Eta Knights for this reason, as his unifying presence is a force to be reckoned with.

History Edit

His life as a human is currently unknown.

One of the first Eta unit Chaos Engines, Silent Angel was first deployed to oversee the retrieval of the prototype Eta unit Kanashimi, the mission was a failure as the battle with Kanashimi prompted Daikiem to slay her, which prompted a great fury within Silent Angel, though he could not act upon it, Daikeim's efforts to attack him however resulted in failure, and he soon returned to Yosai Fortress.

His next major battle was at Upnation, in which he sought to slay Daikiem and Drekavas, two targets Phoenix saw as a high level threat. Daikiem and Silent Angel's battle was mighty and destructive, but overall Silent Angel handed Daikeim a heavy loss, with the Chaos Engine in turn receiving heavy damage.

Silent Angel has been transformed into a Lambda, and has now effortlessly defeated Drake Ryunexo, solidifying him as a significant threat in the coming war.

Powers Edit

Chaos Engine Physiology (Lambda Class) Edit

Chaos Engine Mode
Mythological Adaptation

Disease Manipulation Edit

Poison Manipulation Edit

Miasma Manipulation Edit

Energy Sword Manifestation Edit

Soul Manipulation Edit

Psychological Manipulation Edit

Silent Angel's mere presence toys with the psyche, and he furthermore possesses abilities controlling the mind and inflicting madness and other mental diseases.

Legendary Endurance Edit

Silent Angel's endurance is beyond normally understood levels, making harming him incredibly difficult to accomplish.

Forms Edit

Aura Dragon Edit

Silent Angel is capable of creating an Aura Dragon far stronger than Drake's at will, though the extent of the Dragon's power is not known, it appears to have two forms, a basic black dragon, and a evil, sickly dark green skeletal version that serves as armor, the strength of which is not known.

Weapons Edit

Shi no Nageki Edit

Silent Angel is able to create a bladed weapon of any kind using his Aura, its edge is filled with disease, poison, and Miasma. This sword can also channel his Soul Manipulation. The amount of energy condensed in his blade is enough to cause explosions if used as a spear.

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