In a busted up shop

Some thugs come in and start looking around taking some supplies. One of them spots Demgel reading an Amazing Spider-Man comic while having headphones on, listening to music.

Thug: *points a gun at Demgel* Hey! Put your hands up, buddy!

Demgel: *is still reading his comic while jamming to his music*

Thug: *shoots and earphone*

Demgel: *slowly closes his comic back on the stand and takes his headphones off and puts them around his neck. Turns to look at the thug with an irritated look on his face* Can I help you?

Thug: Clear out. Now.

Demgel: *looks to his left, then to his right, then back at the thug* Me?

Thug: Yea you. Get outa here.

Demgel: I'm not sure if your in a position to tell me to leave. You see I was minding my own business, soooo you know, you probably should've minded your own.

Thug: I won't ask again.

Demgel: *nods his slowly* Ah....I see how this is....

The other to thugs hear a shot. One of them moves slowly into the aisles and finally comes acrosshis fallen comrade with the side of his head blown off. He checks he sides, but another shot is heard and he instantly falls over dead.

Demgel: *peeks out from the other side of the aisle and sees the other dead thug. He walks up to the front*

The last thug sees Demgel and points his gun at him. Demgel simply throws the gun at the thug and it hits his forehead, causing him to fall over on the counter. Demgel grabs the back of his shirt and throws him out the window.

Demgel: Gonna have to get me some new earphones now.

Med: Man dude, they done screwed up the moment they told you to leave. People these days be just retarded.

Demgel: I know. I was listening to Phoenix too.Man dude, people be ruinin' shit sometimes.

Med: I know.

1 hour later

Med: Soooo liike, what is your favorite KH pairing?

Demgel: Man dude, I love me some Naminiku man. That's the shit right there. I mean, Im not sure why though. for me it just...feels right. Either that or that Roxamine shit is annoying me. It's just that Riku and Namine work together for DiZ. They've worked alongside him from CoM to 358/2. Somewhere in between that gap, they had to have some kind of relationship. I mean, after Sora had Kairi for a gf, I then saw Namine and I'm pretty sure everyone went like, 'Yay! Someone for Riku!' I mean I was one of those people. For me, RikuxNamine makes alot more sense to me than Roxas x Namine. Because they barely no each other. Only knew each other for about 36 seconds and that was it. And what irritates me further is the reason people like that pairing is because they're the nobodies of Sora and Kairi: The only obvious pair in the series. And that is just freakin' ignorant. In all honesty, I'm a biffer fan of RoxasxXion than that Roxamine crap. Now that shit makes a WHOLE lot more sense, because of 358/2.

Med: I know right! Me personally. Me personally. Imma RikuKai fan.

Demgel: I can understand that.

Med: In my case, Riku has gone to greater lengths to save Kairi than Sora did. Rike gave his heart up to darkness and had to sacrifice the hearts of the Seven Princesses just to save Kairi's life. What did Sora do? Frekain' stabbed himself, gave his heart to Kairi, and woke her up. Thanks for waking her up in this shit-tastic world, Sora! I mean, I felt like that's where that shit was heading in KH !, but freakin' Sora done.....FUCK!

Demgel: that's what I don't like about Sora. He keep screwin' shiz up because he's too damn friendly.

Med: I knoooowwww! It doesn't make sense!

Demgel: Sort of like how Niku back-stabbed Sora in Dream Drop distance and instantly forgives Niku, FOR NO REASON!

Med: That dude!

Demgel: He's just dumb. All heart, no freakin' brain.

Med: Hope he dies soon.

Demgel: Man dude, same here.

Med: But do you know what I also like?

Demgel: What?

Med: TerraxAqua. *puts on an impish smile*

Demgel: Duuude, that is the shit right there.

Med: But you know what I don't like? Those VenxAqua bastards.

Demgel: Man dude, those guys are some weirdos. Ven is way under-aged for Aqua man. That's sort of like, that's sort of pedopilic.

Med: I knoooow. I mean people be crazy man.

30 minutes later

A soldier in a red uniform crash through a building. Demgel is fighting red-unifromed soldiers from Yosai. He does amazing attacks with his scythe and almost instantly, he kills them all.

Demgel: *gets out his journal and a sharpened tips stick of lead and writes "Did my exercise for today. Still wandering the crumbling world soon to end."

Med: Hey.Hey. I gotta question. I gotta question. Who would win in a fight between Black Rock Shooter vs. Ruby Rose.

Demgel: *puts on a confused face* Man dude, That's pretty hard to say, knowing that I never watched neither one of them. Heh heh. But ummm. Let's check their arsenal ummm. BRS has a plasma canon I'm guessing and katana I belive if I'm correct.

Med: And Ruby Rose has that gun scyyyyyythe. *pretends he's firing a sniper*

Demgel: What was the name of that scythe again?

Med: Ummmm I think Crimson Cresnet if I'm not mistaken.

Demgel: I was gonna call it Velvet Nightmare.

Med: Advent Children.

Demgel: Gonna love you some Yahtzoo. I seriously thought he was gonna turn into Sephiroth, I mean he sure looked like it and shiz, but nope. Just went ahead and used freakin' Kadaj, with his sadist, crybaby, lookin' ass.

Med: But if Ruby Rose was emo though, she probably would've called it Vevlet Nightmare. Just sayin.

Demgel: But I would say maybe BRS, do to here going under a completely different scenario. Not to mention she's more serious and stuff

Med: Sort of like Drakengaurd.

Demgel: Yea Drakenguard. But Ruby has alot to learn. She's too....

Med: Stupid and impish.

Demgel: Naive.

Med: Stupid and impish. But also, which one of them would you go out with?

Demgel: Damn...That's hard. Give me a moment to weight my options. *takes a few paces away and starts comparing*

Med: Anytime now.

Demgel: *comes back* I'll get back to you on that...*walks off*

Med: Heh, sure you will.

30 minutes later

Demgel: I just thought of something. I should get a place of my own, ya know? I mean, I basically don't live with the guys back at the complex. Since they're out there doing some dimensional shit. I don't wannna house, just a little some place where I can call a 'hang out'. I mean, I could take advantage of the invasion and get all the shiz I could get for my place, but first I need to find a place.

Med: We'll be bound to find one.

Demgel: But man dude, I just feel really tired.

Med: Hey man. How about this. Xenomorph vs Necromorph.

Demgel: I don't know anything about those two, but I know more about Xenomorph than I do Necros, because I don't play Dead Space. But from what I've seen. I say Xenomorph because those are some smart and tough bastards to kill, as for Necros,they're basically space zombies.

Med: Soooo. why are we just walkin' around the place again.

Demgel: To fight that. *points at the Sun*

Med: Armeggedon nears. Or is it Ragnarok?

Demgel: *shrugs and keeps walking*

30 minutes later

Med: Man dude, first this invasion and now some almighty powerful being is gonna burst out that Sun of a bitch any hour. Get it? Heheh. Sun of bitch.

Demgel: Not funny.

Med: Damn.

Demgel: *stops for a moment, then turns around to see a hooded figure*

Med: Oooooooohhhh! He's wearing a Pajellihoochoooo! *disappear and reappears wearing a Pajellihoocho* Pajellihoochos!

Figure: *stretches forth his hand and a halberd-headed blade comes out from under his palm*

Med: *is all wide-eyed* Whaaaat the-

Demgel: *draws forth Death's Scythe*

The sky turns grey and the wind blows. Both of them charge at each other and are instantly engaging in a immense combat as the throw attack after attack at each other, bloking, dodging, coming back and attacking again. *You guys can imagine this part*. The break up from each others weapons and they both look at each other for a second.

Demgel: Who are you?

Figure:....I would ask you the same thing...

Everything begins to shift as the buildings surrounding them become a rusty halway with gates on both sides.

Demgel: What the...? Not this place...

Hands posp out from the cages trying to reach out and the figure turns into a tall, shirtless man weaking only a robe around his legs and has some kind of pyramid shaped helmet over his entire head. He is carying what appears to be a giant knife with a head of a scythe.

Demgel: *his mind begins to crack up*

Pyramid Head: *begins to slowly make his way towards Demgel while dragging his knife across the floor*

Whispers of damnation begins to speak into Demgel's mind.

Pyramid Head: *draws closer to Demgel*

Demgel: *takes out his revolver and shoots at Pyramid Head to no avail* Forgot about that damn mask of his....AAAAGGGH! *collapses on his knees*

Pyramid Head: *stops in front of Demgel and raises his knife and swings down unto Demgel*

Demgel: *catches it, but is having trouble trying to hold it. His knees begin to bleed the more he holds it* AAAAAARRRGGGH! Why do you always come back? I'm not even near Silent Hill!

Pyramid Head: *applies more force unto Demgel*

Demgel: *falls on his back but he is still holding the head of the knife, but now has a harder time doing so* So weird how i know I can't die, but I still hold on...*takes his feet and kicks out of Pyramid Head's grasp. Quickly gets up, takes the knife by the handle, swings it and cuts open Pyramid Head's belly, spewing blood up in his facial area*

Pyramid Head: *backs away in pain, making a growning sound*

Everything begins to shift back to normal. The hallway becomes a ruined city and Pyramid Head becomes the hooded figure, who has a huge gash from his stomach. And the giant knife becomes Death's Scythe.

Figure: *disappears into the darkness*

Med: Dude. Da fuck happened to you? You looked like you were haven a mental breackdown/trauma of some shit.

Demgel: *is sweating* It-it's nothing...Come on...let's go.

Med: *shrugs* Okay, sure.

The both begin to make their way to the sun. A raspy laughter can be heard coming from the Sun.

Nice for You to Show (Finally) Up Edit

A small explosion occurs as Dark Prynce teleports back to Earth for the first time in forever.

"Finally, I'm back."

Demgel: *is sitting next to a fire shirtless* Nice for you finally show up...

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