The story of Drake Ryunexo and Daikeim up until the Phoenix Invasion Arc.

Interruption Edit

On Earth, within one of the many dense forests, two unique individuals seem lost. One of them, cladded with ash white red and blood red eyes, eventually comes to a stop - turning towards his ally.

"So... Let's get this straight before I up and burn this forest down, we've spent the better part of the past few years fighting for our fucking country - or rather, planet. And our reward after all of that shit was to get exiled to a fucking rock." Drake speaks through gritted teeth, tensing up his arm before slamming it into the tree, indenting it.

"For once, I'd love to tell you that you're wrong but sadly you're speaking the truth." Daikeim responds, a minute tone of agitation. "But they probably have a reason behind their actions, they usually do. But for now we need to focus instead of taking our aggression out on the trees."

"Oh fuck off, let me have this." Drake retorts, taking said aggression out on the trees. "And why are you so calm during this? I'm not the only one who got exiled, hell, it's worse for you too."

"I can keep my composure and can plan ahead, unlike someone I know, Drake." Daikeim sighs and looks deeper into the forest. "Are you done punching wood? We need to get going." He says before walking ahead regardless.

Drake just narrows his eyes before groaning, following aside. "Well at least I get my aggression out on something that isn't you, Daikeim... But yeah, I'm done, so the plan?"

"Simple: We hopefully find some form of life that's able to understand us and get an idea of where we are, then we go from there."

The two delve deeper into the forests, attempting to get used to everything around here before they eventually coming across something - or someone.

Jonas is whistling some western jimes while sitting in a beach chair while using a tanning mirror and wearing sunglasses.

They slow their walking speed until they stop entirely, Drake then turns to Daikeim.

Drake: Oh, so there is life on this planet... I wanna kill him.

Daikeim: No, it might have an idea where we are, so it's best not to be hostile against it.

Drake: Until it begins to attack, no killing it... Got it.

Daikeim walks towards Jonas, with Drake following behind.

Daikeim: Hello there, do you know where we are? Me and my friend here are kinda lost...

Jonas: *takes off his sunglasses* Well, I'm not sure if this is obvious, but we're in the God-freakin' forest.*puts his sunglasses back on* Maybe you can't tell because it looks like Skyrim.

Daikeim: Well... Rude, but at least we can understand him.

Drake: ...I don't like him already, please can I kill him? Probably isn't that strong anyways...

Jonas: *Gets up and fold his sunglasses slowly* You know... When someone interrupts me... It tends to piss me off... So much... That the last guy who did ended up as a pile of gnawed-up guts... Now tell me... Why are you interrupting my Vacationes?

Daikeim: We're not trying to be rude, I know that we are in a forest... What is this place called, if it has a name.

Jonas: It's pronounced E-Arth, you guys have your Extraterrestrial flight tickets or something?

Drake: ...I seriously can't tell if you're being serious or you're just a mouthy runt.

Jonas: Yea', I'm being serious... What? You got space wax in your ear? Or did you two hitch a ride on the Cosmic Express?

Daikeim: We didn't 'hitch' a ride from anything, we were banished from our home and was sent here...

Jonas: Yea', It's called 'exile', dumbass. *Smokes a Blu cigarette* What did ya' guys do?

Drake: We saved a planet because it was being enslaved, but we were exiled because we caused too much chaos while we did it. Also, call us a dumbass... One more time, and see what happens!

Daikeim: My friend here has a point, you can try to be less hostile...

Jonas: Yep. Complete dumbasses... *Exhales smoke* Who would just save their own planet through chaos? A complete dumbass, that's who. You guys went in their without a plan, it's your own fault your here. Welcome to our own little world, where reality is pain.

Drake: Ok, that's it! Killing you now! *Drake clenches his fists and sprints towards Jonas and punches him between the eyes. Sending Jonas flying off his chair and colliding through a couple of trees* And don't think I'm done there... *A fireball is growing in Drake's right hand, he fixes his arm onto Jonas and throws the fireball directly at him* EAT IT YOU INSECT!

Daikeim: Dammit Drake!

Jonas smirks and inhales the fireball and exhales the smoke. Jonas then looks at his broken sunglasses and folds them, Jonas then drops his cigarette. Jonas looks up at them and his eyes turn pitch black.

Drake: ...Well, he did eat it.

Jonas: Don't mess with the motha' fuckin' Werepyre. *Jonas disappears*

Drake: Were-what?

Daikeim: You had to attack him...*A beam of fire emits from infront of Daikeim, Daikeim grabs the fire and pulls out a katana-like sword. Named the Draconia, Daikeim gets in a stance and prepares himself*

Drake: He was being a bastard! I couldn't help it!

Daikeim: It doesn't matter now, just make sure you don't die...

Drake: Yeah yeah, *Drake covers his hands in fire* don't die. Kill the strange dude, got it.

Drake: Hmph, kill the strange guy, don't die. I understand how this goes, I've been doing this for ages... *Drake covers his hands in fire* I know how it works.

Jonas: *Reappears next to Daikeim and punch him in the face, then grabs his face and slams in into Drake's face sending them flying into a few trees*

Daikeim: Hmph *Daikeim recovers and charges at Jonas and punches him in the stomach, then grabs his neck and throws him to Drake, who elbows Jonas in the face and grabs his legs and slams him down into the ground*

Daikeim recovers and charges at Jonas and punches him in stomach, Daikeim then grabs his neck and throws him towards Drake. Drake smirks and elbows Jonas in the face, he then grabs Jonas' legs and slams him down into the ground.

Jonas: *Gets up and smiles, he then headbutts Daikeim in the face, then pulls him back by the hair. Jonas then proceeds to uppercut Daikeim in the stomach sending him flying into the air but Jonas still has a hold of his hair. Then Jonas slams him into the ground, stomps on his head and throws him back at Drake*

Daikeim stands up and looks at Drake, who gets up and cracks his knuckles.

Daikeim: You good to carry on?

Drake: Of course I am... Time to show this moron why he should fight a Ryunexo! *Drake's essence takes shapes into a humanoid-dragon aura complete with wings and tail that completely covers Drake, he looks at Jonas and smirks* Say hello to my Aura Dragon form...

Drake flies towards Jonas and uppercuts him into the air, Drake then flies up behind Jonas and slames both his fists down onto Jonas' back. Blasting him back down to the floor, causing a small crater on impact.

Daikeim walks over to Jonas and picks him up by the arm, Daikeim then slashes Jonas all over his body with the Draconia, Daikeim then kicks Jonas on the side of his head. Sending him flying across the floor, Daikeim jumps into the air and dives down and slams his foot on Jonas' chest. Daikeim then charges a massive fireball and slams it into Jonas, causing it to explode on impact.

Jonas: *His skins has a darker tint to it, Jonas then grabs Daikeim's arm and crushes it. He then bites into it and rips it off and swallows the arm whole. He then bites Daikeim's neck and takes a deeper bite. He swings Daikeim around with his teeth and finally slams him into the ground. Jonas then turns toward Drake. He disappears.*

Drake: Well... That was unexpected. Nevertheless, this ends... *Drake gets out his spellbook and creates a energy dome around him, Daikeim and Jonas, revealing Jonas' position* Found you! *Drake sprints towards Jonas and grabs the Draconia blade along the way, Drake then slashes at Jonas' arms and legs, making Jonas unable to walk* That should keep you away from us for now...

Drake creates an energy cube around him and Daikeim, causing the two to fade away. Along with the cube and dome itself, leaving Jonas by himself. Meanwhile in another place in the forest, Drake looks into his spell book and aims his arm towards Daikeim. A circle with tribal markings appear under Daikeim and slowly heals him, Daikeim wakes up and looks at his arm and smirks.

Daikeim: Well, you certainly come in handy... What happened?

Drake: Remember when I said I'll kill him? That kinda backfired...

Daikeim: This is why I tell you not to be hostile, but I should expect this from you anyways. *He chuckles*

Drake: Haha, so then... The hell do we do?

Daikeim: Best case is to either find help, get away from this place. Or never run into that guy again...

Daikeim: Well... We find somewhere to go, it's obviously too hostile here... Especially since we got him after us.

Drake: Alright, we leave now?

Daikeim: Not really, for now... Let's rest here. *Daikeim sits down and rests against a tree*

Drake: *Sits down and rests against a tree and sighs* This has been a shitty day...

Daikeim: I just hope the Murr Gods are still looking out for us...

Drake: You hope so? ...Then again, I hope so too. We need it if we're gonna be here... *He falls asleep*

Jonas: *His body regenerates, Jonas looks at the full-moon* Don't mess with the motha fuckin' Werepyre.


A dark figure is standing over both Drake and Daikeim.

Voice: *Whispers* Your gods cannot help you here, for you are in the hands of your new gods. After all, why would they look after the exiled?

Not too far from Drake and Daikeim, seemed to be a person, wearing a hood, though leaning against a tree at the edge of the nearby woods, it appears said person was also standing near a fire.

Daikeim: *Wakes up and notices the dark figure, he then stands up and looks at him* Who are you and what do you want... *Summons the Draconia Blade and gets into a fighting stance* Answer...

Daikeim: *Senses the Dark Figure's energy signature and opens his eyes, he then stands up and looks at him* Hmm, you have a much stronger energy signature than the other one... But I can't tell if you're here to fight. *He summons the Draconia and tightens his grip on it*

Voice: You know... There is a saying we go by... Violence is never the answer. But I know you're not one of us.

Daikeim: Who are you, why are you here, and what do you want from us... I don't want to fight...

Daikeim: Then if violence isn't the answer, who are you? I don't want to fight another person so soon, considering that I don't know if you're hostile...

Voice: You dont. The other might. I would ask you those same questions, but I already know those answers.

Daikeim: How would you know those answers, who are you and what do you want? *He aims the Draconia towards the Dark Figure*

The Dark Figure touches the tip of the blade and freezes it and his hand, Daikim retracts his sword. Daikeim's hand and sword melt the ice off, he then sheaths his sword.

Daikeim: Ice isn't very effective against me... So I'm guessing you're with the other person then? The one me and Drake fought earlier?

Voice: No. That's my friend's pet. I am with no one.

Daikeim: Then what is your reason for being here? I understand that you haven't came here to fight...

Voice: I came to welcome you to Earth and I know your predicament.

Daikeim: If you know of my predicament, then are you suggesting at a solution?

The person from before seemed to have moved closer.

Voice: I know how you can get your revenge on those who have abandoned you.

Daikeim: Revenge? I don't want revenge against them, I understand their reasons for exiling me and Drake. They know what's best for them and the Cyanicans, I should know since I'm a DaeMurr God... Besides, even though our method was chaotic. The Murr Gods were just gonna stand by and let it happen, the Cyanicans were overwhelmed in their battle... So Drake and I had to do something.

Voice: But I do know some part of you hates them, whether or not your actions were right. It looks like the pet taught you something. But how do you plan on surviving here? The Murr Gods cannot help you here, for they are the Gods of Cyanic, not of Earth. This planet is a hazard zone for all other race in the universe.

Daikeim: Regardless, this is none of your concern.

Voice: It is now, take my hand and I can help you. *Puts out his hand which reveals to be dark blue*

From a distance, a lone girl is attempting to fall asleep in the treetops. But can't due to the conversation Daikeim and the Dark Figure is currently having, after a while, this angers her.

Luna: COULD YOU KEEP IT DOWN I'M TRYING TO SLEEP! *A beam of purple light suddenly hits the barrier, and would most likely temporarily blind them all.*

Sena: Luna, Don't be so aggressive!

This girl jumps down from the trees and looks towards the group which are inside the dome. The beam of light wakes Drake up, he takes a second to look around. He stands up, yawns and speaks loudly.

Drake: ...Daikeim, care to tell me what the hell is going on!?

Daikeim: I'll explain later... We need to go. *He looks at the Dark Figure* We'll continue this conversation soon...

Drake: Ugh, fine.

Drake grasps his hands together, causing the dome to fade away. Drake and Daikeim begin walking towards the girl's direction, the girl decides to step infront and starts to talk violently.

Luna: Who the fuck are you two!?

Sena: Luna I think you shou-

Luna: Don't tell me what to do!

Sena: *Sigh*

Angeli, Or rather Luna at this point, is facing the two, Daikeim chuckles.

Daikeim: Hey look Drake, another loud mouth like you.

Drake: Shut up Daikeim, and I could ask you the same question. The hell do you want?

Luna: You two and that other person woke me up! Luna. Does not. Like. To. Be. Woken. UP!

Sena: Eh... Sorry, Luna tends to be quite anno-

Luna: Shut up!... Argh! I'm just gonna go to sleep again.

Angeli walks back to the campfire from before and leans against the tree.

Drake: ...Did she just refer to herself in the third person? Ok, so the only people we've met are insane... If this planet is a mental asylum, I'm gonna kill you.

Daikeim: ...Thanks.

The Dark Figure appears from out of the shadows and looks at Daikeim.

Voice: Still think you can survive? This is a strange new world out here. What may happen to you is uncertain, but what is certain is death. It is your choice. Let me help or you die trying to survive this world.

Drake: *Notices the Dark Figure and sighs, he then turns to look at Daikeim* I'll go talk to Ms. Mental over there, you deal with that.

Daikeim: You sure?

Drake: Just finish your conversation, I'm too tired to even bother caring about this. *Drake goes over to Angeli and pokes her face* Hey, you awake? The hell was with the blasts?! I was asleep too!

Luna wakes up and looks him right in the face, though not exactly a kind face.

Luna: Get away from me you pedo! I told you not to wake me up! What's your problem you perv!?

Drake: You fired a beam at us! And how am I a perv or pedo? I poked your damn face... I should be asking you what your problem is...

Daikeim: Wow, you can hear them from here... Anyways, continue...

Voice: You don't know much about this world, but I can tell you what you need to know. I can also give you what you need to survive.

Daikeim: Let me think about it... I'm sure you know where I'll be.

Voice: Of course. We'll be watching over you, Daikeim. You and Drake. *Disappears into the shadows of the woods*


Angeli, Or rather Luna, proceeded to slap Drake with her gloves active, forcing him to be slapped into the ground at mach 5.

Sena: Hey Luna, You probably shouldn't hit reason for-

Luna: Can you just leave me alone now you perv!?

Drake gets back up and glares at Angeli, Drake takes out his HSC and grabs a bunch of throwing knives. Then then throws them at Angeli's clothes, pinning her to a tree.

Drake: Hit me again and the knife goes for your neck... *Drake growls and walks away*

Daikeim notices a figure speeding across the trees, he looks back at Drake.

Daikeim: Hmm... *He walks over to Drake* What are you gonna do with her? *He points to Angeli*

Drake: Mental case? She's just staying there...

Daikeim: ...Ok, anyways, follow me

Drake: Where we going?

Daikeim: I saw someone above us, now come on *Daikeim goes into his Half Dragon form and follows the figure*

Drake: ...Ok then *Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and follows Daikeim*

Luna: Grah! I'm gonna track that pervert down and smash his head into the ground!

Angeli proceeds to unsummon the coat, as the only things attached to the tree would be knives and nothing more, She summons the Heartbreaker and starts to run after them, though she was far behind them.

Sena: I'm hungry.

Luna: We'll EAT later!

Intuition Edit Edit

The figure who Daikeim and Drake are pursuing notices them, he then speeds up and starts throwing objects towards the two.

Daikeim: Watch out! *Daikeim starts dodging the objects*

Drake: Ok ok! *Drake starts dodging them* I don't think this guy wants us to follow...

Daikeim: You think!?

From long behind, a sudden bright light is seen as Angeli flies across the air towards Drake and proceeds to slam down the Heartbreaker upon his head, probably making him dizzy or something among those likes.

Sena: I personally think we should just stay away from them and go get some food, I'm starving.

Luna: Shut up Sena! I will only stop once that guy acknowledges that he is a pedophile!

Drake dodges the Heartbreaker and sighs.

Drake: Oh for gods sake, Daikeim, you continue... I'll stay behind for a moment...

Daikeim: Ok then. *Daikeim speeds along, catching up to the figure*

Drake stops and turns around and sees Angeili

Drake: *Sighs and gets a sword and his Shadow Pistol out* This is gonna get some hate...

A howl can be heard in the distant woods

Kado looks back, and almost jumps out of his skin. "How the hell did they catch up with me...? Impressive I'll give them that. I'll have to step it up a notch..."

Kado jumps up, and in mid air, disappears. While intangible, he shapeshifts into a eagle and flies out of the forest, and starts scanning for Kalin's location, focusing in on the sound of the howl.

"There's no way he'll know what I'm doing now. He couldn't have seen me once I turned to shadow. I need to hurry though, it won't fool anyone for long."

Angeli was quick enough to respond to him drawing his sword and proceeded to move the Heartbreaker to the side and change her direction, she then proceeded to fire a beam of energy right in front of his face, missing and proceeding to land on her back and proceeding to lay on the ground with a slight headache.

Drake: Did... Did that just happen... *Drake sheaths his sword and gun and goes towards Angeli* Ummm, wanna explain what just happened? C'mon, get up *He grabs Angeli's hand and pulls her up. He then continues walking the direction Daikeim went*

Sena suddenly took control and stopped being DIZZY, Sena, Which is essentially just a "Male" personality, would speak in a somewhat different voice though still of the same age as luna.

Sena: Sorry about that, Luna can get a bit aggressive sometimes.

Sena unsummons the heartbreaker and tags along with Drake just 'cause.


Daikeim: Hm... *He closes his eyes and tries to focus on the figure's energy signature, later finding it and following it* That was pretty clever... I wonder where he's going.

Werewolf Jonas: *runs toward Kalin with snarling teeth*

Kalin turned to the sounds coming from the forest, and tried to teleport away, but soon found that he was unable to do it, or any other form of magic.

Kalin: Damn! The things I get myself into...

Need a hand?


Come on. I promise I won't kill this thing unless it gives us trouble.

I said no!

Please... I don't want to see you get hurt..


Suddenly above them, a bird flaps down and lands on a tree branch, and morphs into the shape of Kado.

"You really are turning out to be a real royal pain. Look, you've even found a new pet to beat you around. Can we please go now before more show up? I can't wait around all day you know."

Daikeim finally catches up to see the event, but hides among the trees to avoid being detected .

Daikeim: Hmm, this will be interesting.


Drake: Dual personality... I want to ask how that works... But right now, I want a temporal treaty with Luna... Psycho has to stop attacking me until this event is over, got it? *Drake begins to fly towards Daikeim*

Sena: Yeah, I'll tell her.

Angeli, As Zena proceeds to fly towards Daikeim as well.

As Jonas clears the forest, Kalin closes his eyes and begins to focus on presence within him. To him, it appeared to be a small flame inside of his body. As he focused harder, Kalin could feel the flame grow larger, and his concentration began to break as it did.

Don't worry. I'll take care of things from here...

Jonas propelled himself at Kalin, reaching out with a giant clawed hand. Just as his hand reached his prey, Kalin's from changed suddenly, and became that of Rose, who grabbed Jonas' hand with a smile.

"And who have we here?"

Werewolf Jonas: *smiles and grabs hold of Roses wrist and twists it* You've got yourself the motha' fuckin' Werepyre. Werewolf for the night anyway

Rose: Awww, it's cute that you believe I might be even a little scared of a giant mutt. *Hits Jonas in the chest with her palm, breaking his grip and knocking him a few feet back* Unfortunately, for both of us, I've seen worse.

Don't mess around, said Kalin from within Rose's mind. Just take him down and let's get out of here.

Rose: But I wanna have fun with the puppy, Kal...

Forget about the puppy...werep...that guy! Worry about keeping me safe, like you said you wanted to do.

Rose:No fun. *sigh* Okay, but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy this while it's happening. *IGNITES her hands using fire magic, which also begins to flow out of her eyes, and her back in the form of feathered wings*

Kado angrily stands above them, his curiosity at the change was only trumped by his anger. "I don't appreciate being ignored... Are you seriously going to continue to act so recklessly, even after the fact you were nearly caught by the enemy? Have you no discipline at all?"

He grips his two 'special' katanas, weighing the odds of being able to teleport Kalin/whoever without having to resort to subduing them.

"It would be wise if we simply retreated for now, instead of mindlessly fighting everyone in your damn sight!"

Werewolf Jonas: *smacks Kado to the side making him hit a tree. He then tackles Rose and pins her to a tree* You wanna have fun? Let's have some! *bites Rose's neck and throws her into the air. He then jumps after her and bites her leg and throws her back down, then he finally lands on Rose. He then proceeds to bash her face in.*

Grabbing Jonas' fist, Rose kicked him into the air before flying after him, striking him with multiple punches from her IGNITED fists, sending him flying further. Grabbing his arm, Rose threw him back towards the ground. As he fell, Rose fired multiple fireballs at him, causing a large explosion.

Kado gets up, and dusts himself off. "Well I won't deny that you are both abnoxious, and pathetically stupid.... werewolf." He looks at Rose. "You and Kalin have gotten me involved with two immortal pains in the asses, so I'll leave you. It's clear to me none of you respect my concern for you.... two... whatever you are, so be it. Find your own way out of this hell hole, though I'm disappointed. I could have used a person like you for our cause. Pathetic you'd waste your life on the likes of this one."

Kado walks out into the trees. "You'll probably not live to regret this. Who ever you are, I wish your soul an easy escape." He vanishes into the shadows of the forest, not bothering to look back at the pointless battle behind him.

Jonas arises with flames on his fur

Werewolf Jonas: Pretty lady likes playing with fire. Sadly, im not the cigarette. *jumps towards Rose and tackles her.

Rose: *Tosses Jonas away before flying into the air* come on, K-mart! Don't be like that...*sighs* Alright Then!!! More Fun For Me!!! *Smashes into the ground, with her foot pressing Jonas' head into the ground. She then leaps backwards, firing another wave of fireballs at Jonas as she does.

You always do this...

Rose:Oh, come on. You don't need to make friends with people like mr.softie.

Go find him.

Rose: Who do yo-

Go FIND him. And apologize...

Rose: I believe the words" it's too late to apologize" really-


Rose: Ok!*Creates a large fireball in her hands before tossing it at Jonas* walking away as it explodes* Buzzkill *To Jonas* It's been fun, puppy. I'd take you home but I don't think I've trained you enough,yet. *sees Dakiem* don't worry though. You'll be in good hands!

Flying off into the forest, Rose stopped at a nearby tree, where Kalin sat, worn out by summoning her.

Rose: Are you coming?

Kalin: No, I just felt like waiting until the wolf man recovered.

Rose: So you liked him, too?

Kalin: No, I did not like him.*stands* Let's find Kado...

Suddenly, a massive wave of water comes out of the forest and blasts Werewolf Jonas away and into a bunch of trees. Daikeim walks out with his clothing coloured black and white, same with his eyes.

Daikeim: You're not the only one with a transformation that takes under a full moon... *Daikeim creates multiple ice shards and they fly at Jonas, impaling his body. He then traps Jonas in a cube filled with water* Let's see if you need air... And if that doesn't kill you, me increasing the water pressure will.

Werewolf Jonas: *howls within the ice breaking it. Jonas sniffs the air* Round 2.*jumps infront of Daikeim* Well looky har'. The dragon kid wants die. *claws grow longer* Here you go, one large serving of death. *bitchslaps Daikeim into a tree* With a side of pain! *jumps into the air and lands on Daikeim* Don't worry, its on the house. *Bashes Daikeims face in.*

Kado feels the footsteps before he hears them, and that's even before he turns to face them, still a good distance away from him just on a hill. His features are darkened by the portal now swirling behind him, the only part of him illuminated is his back. His hair flows with the currents of energy of the portal, constantly on verge of being sucked within. He let's out a sigh.

"Shouldn't you be fighting your puppy, Kalin, or whoever you are?" He says lowly. One of his many flaws, his inability to let the stress of prior events go was already working to drive him to renewed anger. "I have important business to attend to." He looks at Rose with a secret curiosity, pondering how two complete beings could be within one body... fascinating as it was, he hadn't forgotten how reckless Kalin or whoever this person really was had been. And for his line of work... recklessness kills.

Daikeim: You think that will work? You need to learn *He dissolves away into a puddle and appears behind Jonas and stabs him with a ice shard, which proceeds to explode. Daikeim then flies back and creates a small blue and white sphere, he then throws it at Jonas, when it explodes, multiple ice shards come out of it and create deep cuts into Jonas' body* Now... Payback *He walks over to Jonas and knees him in the jaw, breaking his teeth. He then grabs his arm and twists it, dislocating it. Finally, he puts both his hands on Jonas' chest and impales him with two massive ice spikes the emerge from his hands. He grabs Jonas' by the neck and tightens his grip, breaking his airwaves.*

Werewolf Jonas: *shoves his claws into Daikeim's stomach* You gotta love immortalty. *throws Daikeim into the air and when he comes back down kicks him tin the face shattering his skull and sending him fling into a tree* Now to rap this' hoedown up. *is about to launch himself at everyone*

The Administrator: *calls on Jonas' Bluetooth* Jonas, you are needed back at the facilty. Now.

Werewolf Jonas: Fun's over kids. *all of Jonas' wounds heal and the ice on his body melts. He turns around and heads back to the facility*

Rose: You heard the man, he has important business to do *turns around* we'll just be going now...

Kalin: Rose...

Rose: Fine. *turns back to kado* Kado, right? Look, I'm sorry for not being much of a team player. I was kinda born that way. But right now, My friend here is real low on power, and he could use a place to stay that isn't a dark alleyway with mice and stuff... please, help him. 

Kalin: Thank you, Rose.

Rose: you're lucky you're cute.

Kalin: Rose...

Rose: Fine, we'll finish this discussion later...*Disappears in a wave of fire*

Kalin: And that is why I need new friends...*collapses

Kado reaches out and grabs him. "Fine then... since you asked nicely. I'll take you in for a few days... but expect to earn your keep if you intend on staying..." He mutters, and slings him over his shoulder. He walks through the portal, where his men await his return, and let out a gleeful cry welcoming him back.

"Yes yes, I know. Welcome back. You, treat him, and once you determine if he's stable, have him brought to me." "Y--yes sir!" A medic grabs Kalin carefully, and teleports to the clinic ward, where he watches over Kalin as his injuries heal and works to counteract the suppressant in his system. After a few hours pass, Kalin wakes up in a white room, with an armored doctor carefully looking him over, with white armor and blue detail, something he vaugely remembers the various henchmen Kado had worn. The doctor looks pleased to see him awake.

"Good, you're wake. Can you tell me your name?"

"Kalin. *gets out of the bed* Where am I? This doesn't feel like Earth, or that other place..."

Drake manages to get to the area where Daikeim and Jonas were fighting but cannot find him.

Drake: Where the hell... Oh please don't tell me he's died...

Daikeim: *Appears behind Drake and exits his Lunar Novac form*

Drake: *Turns around and starts laughing* Hahaha, you're a crazy son of a bitch. You know that, right?

Daikeim: Heh, yeah yeah... So what do we do now?

Drake: No idea, what about you?

Daikeim: Well, I did see these two people--

Drake: No no no, the last time we went up to someone we didn't know, your arm was missing.

Daikeim: Fair point, well I guess we tour this planet then.

Drake: Oh, we might have a third person coming along.

Daikeim: You hypocrite, wait, the girl?

Drake: Yeah, she's to clumsy. She'll die without us helping, so we might aswell take her with us.

Daikeim: ...I don't think abduction is allowed here...

Drake: *He puts his middle finger up at Daikeim* Screw you.

Voice: It's not abduction if she doesn't belong to anyone. They law here cannot care less about the affairs of Mythological creatures. *the figure appears once more from the dankness* You wanted a tour?

Drake: I'M NOT ABDUCTING ANYONE... *Sighs* Just... Sure, give us a tour of this planet...

Daikeim: Ok then...

The doctor chuckles. "Kado had all the mind to leave you back on Earth, so I'm told. Still, he took you with him anyway. I guess you could say that he has a too kind of a personality. Not to be confused with entirely forgiving. I bet he'll still run you over with whatever you did back on Earth for a couple weeks. Pardon my rambling," He coughs. "You are on Echo, the home world of Azure. You're currently in a rescue shelter operated by us, so no need to worry. Can you stand?"

Kalin: Yep. I'll be just fine from here on out. So long as I never get a taste of another of those suppressor serums. That's what I got hit with, correct? *Doctor nods*

Kalin:Alright then, I'll just have to be more careful from now on. Both of us will. Now, can you take me to my caring host? I'd like to thank him.

Back at the M.C.C.P

The Administrator: *sees Werewolf Jonas walking his way*

Werewolf Jonas: What is it, Admin?

The Administrator: We've been breached, Jonas. An organization known as 'Azure' has freed all our hybrids from the Myth Cells. And since when dont have the Cubicle we cannot replicate them

Werewolf Jonas: So what do you want me to do about it?

The Administrator: Nothing. We'll make sure those who were responsible will be punished.

Werewolf Jonas: Then why am I here?

The Administrator: That.*points down the corridor and the Defiled Beast looks at them* Contain the problem.

The Defiled Beast swallows the arm it has in its mouth and rushes straight at Jonas

Werewolf Jonas: *kills the Defiled beast in one strike* Problem contained.*walks off down the corridor*

Back in the forest

Voice: Take my hand and I will show you what lies here on this world. *puts his hand out*

Daikeim and Drake get out a weapon in one hand, and grabs the dark figure's hand with their other hand.

Drake: Ok then, lets go.

The doctor touches Kalin's shoulder, and Kalin feels a tugging sensation, and they are in a decent office with no windows of any kind, and a large desk. In front of it sits Kado, wearing his same mask again. "Well then, Sleeping Beauty, you finally woke up. Took you only four hours." He nods to the doctor, who quietly disappears. Kado motions for Kalin to come closer, and taps him on the shoulder, appearing in a dark, windowless room without doors or any means of leaving. The only light comes from the walls themselves, which shimmer with a strange blue light.

"Welcome to the primal Echo, home of Azure. This is well... my quarters. Don't ask where it is, no one knows except me." He motions for Kalin to sit.

"I assume you have questions, so now's the time to ask. There are things to be done, but for the moment, I can answer questions as long as they're not too complicated." He sits down on the couch behind him.

Walking over to the one of the lights, Kalin placed his finger into it, drawing out some energy, which he placed in his mouth.

Kalin: I'm not really inquisitive when it comes to matters unimportant to me.*taps head* amnesia. 

However, I believe I have just one thing that I must know about you, and *gestures to the room* all of this? 

Kado tilts his head curiously. "What is it you want to know about me, and 'all this' then?"  

Kalin: Put simply, why are you doing this?

Kado sighs. "If I leave it with, 'Because I want to help those who are downtrodden,' would you be satisfied?"

Kalin: I'm more likely to laugh in your face...*cough* I mean, I believe you. Now then, unless you have any questions for me, we should move along.

Kado shakes his head. "I'd like to explain in detail, but it's a long story and we have urgent buisness to attend to. ...I'd hate to pull you into another fight but... we weren't the first to strike M.C.C.P. They did. They sent a giant machine which has been besieging our city for a few days now. We sent the attack that we met up with you at as a way to decive them of our numbers. We must now prepare to counterattack. What I'd like to ask you Kalin is... will you assist us?"

Kalin: I don't know... I don't think I'm properly dressed for the occasion.*clothes transform into combat attire*  Ok, now I'm ready. After you masked man.

Drake, Daikeim, and the figure are wlking through Line Space, the in-etween of everything

Voice: In the beginning...

The figure gives the rundown of the creation of the universe up until the point to the creation of man.

Voice: Our Father and Mother, Adam and Eve were deceived by the 1st Mytho. They were cast out of Eden and into the Wilderness. Now some of the angels of Heaven pitited man and descended from Heaven to aid man. They had made familes amaonst the human to make the 2nd Mythos: Nephilim. Few millenia afterwards...

The figure tells them about the Zenithians and how the aided mankind after the angels died out. And how afterwards gave man a baby Zenithian which gave man its imagination and later on, man's imagintation gave birth to the Mythos. The mythos were born out of belief and the belief became so strong it literally happened through life occurance.

Voice: Ever since then, Mythos were feared by man, but The Flood came and the Mythos fled to the gateway the led them to a whole nother world. A world without life,death,Hell,pain, or responsibility. Everything Earth could never have. This world was called Fantasy...

The figure tells them how the Mythos reentered Reality and how the Reality vs. Fantasy War began. After the war, the Mythos were pushed back but the Mythos who still resigned in Reality were being hunted down by agencies. Back in Neo York City, the M.C.C.P are taking down a Wyrm causing destruction in Neo York City.

Daikeim: What, why is a Wyrm causing chaos... That doesn't happen on Cyanic *He turns Half Dragon and flies down to the Wyrm to try and calm it*

Drake: *Opens his HSC and takes out a Cyanican sniper rifle and starts to pick of the M.C.C.P in that area* You better know what you're doing...

Soldier 1: What the hell, man?...Mythos? Never seen them before.

Soldier 2: Don't give a shit. shoot'em all!

The figure freezes the soldiers.

Voice: Quite hasty you both are.

The Wyrm lands and hudges both Daikeim and Drake

Voice: It thanks you. These Mythos who reside here in Reality long to return to Fantasy. And some want revenge on man. This one was just going home.

Drake: Daikeim has a soft spots for dragons... As do I

Daikeim: Considering dragons created Cyanic, I'd hope you would. Now, is there anything else that needs to be done?

Voice: We go to a safer haven. Wyrm, can you fly back to the Realm of Fantasy.

The Wyrm lets them ride on its back and flies them to Gate No.1

Drake: The Realm of Fantasy... I wonder if it's like Arcadia...

Daikeim: Arcadia is a literal paradise Drake, I'll be surprised if this tops it.

Voice: Believe me, it is. Here nothing can hurt you. Here only peace resides in this place; not war, only unity. War resided on your planet if I am correct. Here, you will enjoy your exile. You can rest knowing you atleast saved your people. Here, your goning to wish you have gotten exiled sooner, but I doubt that. In other words a paradise, is paradise. But true paradise is Heaven. This is as close as paradise Earth can get.

Daikeim: *Grabs hold of his Soul Stone* How long until we get there... I need to do something quickly...

Drake: Contacting your family? Homesickness is a pain...

Daikeim: Yeah, it is... If I chose to stay here that is.

Voice: You wish to return back to Cyanic? Or at least how your families are doing?

Daikeim: I don't wish to return back to Cyanic, I just need to speak to a couple of people...

Drake: *Whispers to the dark figure* His family haven't been informed about his exile yet so he has to tell them.

Voice: I understand. Family is the only true thing you can trust in a world like this. I know exactly how that is.

Daikeim starts to get impatient...

Daikeim: When are we there!? I demand an answer!

Drake: Daikeim, calm down... We'll be there soon ok?

Voice: Impatience can lead to disaster.

The Wyrm lands infront of the Gate

Voice: We are here. Here lies the Realm of Fantasy, but I warn you, the M.C.C.P have put up a micro-fielded the entrance. Meaning once you go in, you cannot come out.

Daikeim and Drake get off of the Wyrm and walk up to the gate.

Daikeim: Are you sure you want to follow me in? As he said, no way out...

Drake: Yes I am sure, we've been through thick and thin on Cyanic. And here's no different...

Daikeim: Ok... *He opens the gates and goes through*

Drake: Here goes... *He follows Daikeim in*

Voice: Hold up. you'll need this. *conjures a grenade launcher-like canon* This will open the gate on the other side.*lends them the canon*

Drake: *Stops before he enters and catches the cannon* Thanks. *He finally steps in*

Voice: Now, I must warn you about the realm's guardian, Jumbo. Jumbo is not Mytho rather an experiment gone wrong. He was the last thing that was tossed in here after the Reality vs. Fantasy War. He blames the outsiders for casting him in here and wishes nothing for revenge. You need to make sure he never finds that canon or he will wreck havoc on Reality, him and all those who still despise humanity for what they have done.

Drake: Don't worry, he'll never touch this *Drake opens his HSC and puts the cannon in and stores the HSC away* Any other final warnings or messages?

Voice: Jumbo is stronger than the pet you fought. His vengence burns more than fire from Heaven. If you can calm him down,listen to reason, he will no doubt let you pass. He maybe all brawn, but he is not without a brain. He holds a mental connction to all the Mythos in the world, he can call him to his aid whenever he needs them.

Drake: Umm ok, two things. One. Does he do this to all the other Mythos? And two. Where can me and Daikein find him?

Voice: Answer1: Yes, he has a mental link to all Mytho beings in out of Fantasy. Answer 2: No need to find him, he'll find you.

Drake: Ok then... Well anyways, thanks. I got a feeling we'll meet soon.*Drake then walks away to find Daikeim*

Daikeim: *Takes a long sigh and takes off his Soul Stone and holds it tightly, his eyes then flash gold and a portal opens up. Revealing a figure on the other side* I'm surprised you answered... I'm guessing you heard the news?

Figure: Yes, but I don't blame you... You did what you had to do... Infact, the other Murr Gods are thinking about letting you and Drake back.

Daikeim: ...No way, how?!

Figure: Don't worry, I'm sure you want to come back.

Daikeim: I do... But, I can't... This planet...

Figure: What do you mean?

Daikeim: There's a war here... Innocents are in danger, I want to help. And Drake has agreed to assist me.

Figure: Really? That's surprising... Then again, it is what I expect my son to do. Well, just remember that we're here to help, your Soul Stone is vital for your mission here, you know that. Right?

Daikeim: Yes, I must go now... Tell the others I said hi.

Figure: Will do, goodbye now *The portal closes*

Drake finds Daikeim and walks up to him.

Drake: So, how'd it go?

Daikeim: Better than I expected actually... So, what do we do now?

Drake: I guess we just hang around for now...

A shadow flies past Daikeim and Drake

Drake: The hell? What was that?

Sena: Perhaps it was that "Jonas" person.

Angeli seemed to have been away or something among those likes before, but was now back.

A Better Exile Edit

The shadow flies past Daikeim and Drake numerous times at amazing speeds

Drake: What the hell is doing that?

Daikeim: *Clenches his fists just incase* It could be a Mytho...

The being that was flying above them tackles Drake and pins against the die of the gateway

Jumbo: YOU? What are you? Certainly, not one of us. I smell...*sniff* Outsider. Far outside.

Luna: What is this thing and WHY IS IT tackling you!?

Drake: Ok, two things. One; Don't worry, I'm with you guys. Along with Daikeim. Two; How the hell did you get here Luna?

Daikeim: We're aliens, he's a Cyanican and I'm a DaeMurr God.

Jumbo: That is why we do not recognize your sent or you mind you are unknown to us.. Are you with "The Before"?

Daikeim: The Before?-- Can you PLEASE get off my friend...

Luna: I don't know, The plot demanded it so i just appeared here.

Jumbo: *lets go of Drake* The Before forgot us. The Before left us here. Left us in pain!

Drake: Thanks...

Daikeim: The Before... The humans...

Jumbo: Yes...*punches THE ENTRANCE to no avail*...We will escape one day and hunt The Before...the same way the hunted us...

Luna: What's the before? It sounds like some organization based around "Timehax"

Drake: The Before, he means the humans...

Daikeim: But what would that accomplish, by doing that. You would becoming like the PEOPLE WHO trapped you here... Revenge isn't worth it either, it never is. And think of the innocents, they wouldn't deserve it, at all...

Jumbo: No mercy to The Before...The Before abandoned us...We are family now...We have no mercy for The Before...The Before deserve the pain...Revenge is our right!

Luna: This guy sounds like that PERSON from Lord of the Rings that is in some weird marriage with his ring or something.

Sena: Luna, That was uncalled for!

Daikeim: Revenge isn't the path you want to take... It'll lead to your own self destruction and others you care about... I know that, I've experienced it... Trust me...

Jumbo: WE WANT REVENGE! *punches THE ENTRANCE, it sends ripples across the entrance*

Luna: Can you try not to shout!?

Sena: Ow... My ears.

Drake: YOU WANT REVENGE! No one else, just you. So shut up and listen, you say that the Mythos are your family, well think about them. They are your goals, not theirs... Your own selfish goals, and you know what, like Daikeim said; they'll hurt the ones you care about, the Mythos... What they done was wrong, yes, but if you had revenge... You'd risk losing your "family", now tell me. If you had NOTHING TO LOSE, then what are the Mythos to you?

Jumbo: I am not them...but I am not The Before...Them are more than family than The Before...We are more than capable on taking our revenge on The Before...We have all the time we need to stay in here, but once we we find a way to get past the entrance, Reality is ours...but for now I tend to us...Come with us...*starts leading the way*

Daikeim looks at Drake, unsure of what to say.

Drake: Sometimes you don't have to be cryptic about it Daikeim, now come on.

Daikeim and Drake start to follow Jumbo.

They walk on top of a hill and see a village with large Divine Drakes flying over it, singing in sweet harmony.

Jumbo: Dragons of the stars, stay there with us. *starts walking toward that village*

Drake: Dragons... It'll be nice to see some in peace for a change...

Daikeim: Yeah, my dad told me legends of how the Cyanicans were made from a dragon Murr God... Ah memories.

They make it to the village and it is filled with elves, ores, trolls,nymphs,sylphs,etc all living in peacful harmony, helping on another with there errands. Some are marketing, some are cultivating, some kids are playing around int he street.

Jumbo: No life, no death, no Hell, no pain, no responsibility...That is what The Before tried to do...nut they can never have what they have lost... *continues to walk through the crowd*

Drake: This feels just like Cyanic... Haha, I'm starting to feel homesick...

Daikeim: A world in peace... No conflicts, this is truly an outstanding achivement . Not even Arcadia managed to maintain peace...

They make it to a 2-story house made of sticks and stones

Jumbo: You sleep here...Fantasy bigger, vaster, more places out there. you may go to those places...but if you disturb us...*quickly turns to the two* I will snap your necks like twigs!

Luna: Yeah yeah.

Jumbo: You two watch the girl...

Drake: Ok...

Daikeim: A house of sticks and stones... Alrighty then

Drake: Redecoration?

Daikeim: I don't think we're allowed to

Drake sits down against a wall and relaxes

Drake: Damn... Ah well, might aswell relax for now.

Jumbo: This is Elaonore...she is one of us...she is a sylph...air and wind spirit...She tell about what we do here...You can decorate the house...imagination flows in everything...*takes flight and flies off*

Daikeim: Oh hey there, so like he said. You'll tell us about what you guys do here?

Elaonore: We live here in a special place God made for us. During The Flood the Mythos had nowhere to go, but later stumble upon the Gate. It was peaceful here ,we knew no one can hurt us here. And we vowed ourselves we would not fall like man did. So we decided to make our own system, a system where we do not envy others or keep so much of what we have and not give it to those who don't. We help one another and contribute what we have our kind. You may not be Mytho, but you are just as welcomed here as anyone else. *bows* Is there anything else you would like to know?

Daikeim: What is The Flood? And thank you.

Elaonore: The flood god sent to flood away man for their sinful nature. They had drove themselves further into sin and God had felt making man was a mistake and decided to flood the world, but one man and his family stayed true to God. He took his family and 2 of every animal on the planet aboad the largest boat on Earth known as the Ark. If it weren't for Noah and his family, man would've surely died out that day.

Daikeim: Ok... That will be it Elaonore, once again, thank you.

Elaonore: Your welcome. If you wish to tour the realm. Come find me. *blows away with the wind*

Luna: So what now? I feel like this place needs a little touch up, Perhaps a plasma TV.

Sena: Do you really think we can get one here?

Luna: Who knows?

Drake: Probably, hey, does it suck that you two have to share a body?

Daikeim: I'd hate to share a body with Drake.

Drake: Shut up Daikeim... Hm, the people who were attacking that Wyrm... Don't they have a name?

Daikeim: The M.C.C.P I think, why?

Drake: Because of the dark figure, he froze the soldiers before I could kill all of them... He isn't right Daikeim.

Daikeim: But he did lead us here and here we are now... So I don't know... I'm still wondering about the two people I saw in the forest, do you think they're against the M.C.C.P... They are Mythos anyways...

Drake: Hm... *He takes out his spellbook and goes to a corner and makes a circle with Cyanic markings, he then takes out a piece of grass and places it in the circle. The grass disappears and the circle quickly glows*

Daikeim: Teleport station?

Drake: Bingo... Ok, we get a tour of this place first, then we'll decide on what we do when we get back.

Elaonore appears

Elaonore: I heard 'tour'. You wish to look around.

Luna: To answer you Drake. You get used to it after a while, Not to mention you have a person that can keep track of things for you.

Sena: Hey!

Luna: Secondly, I feel like just poofing in a bunch of furniture here.

Drake: Ah ok, and that is handy if you think about it...

Daikeim: Yes Elaonore, we'd like a tour please.

Elaonore: Ok. Come with me outside

All are outside and start walking into the streets of the village

Elaonore: This village is Outpit Village. This is the first village you would come acroos upon entering Fantasy. Here we all are joyful and go about our days in bliss. We are very busy, but never too busy for one another.

Luna: This place looks quite nice, Better then anything i've seen on earth.

Drake: I wonder if there's a dragon village

Daikeim: ...Anyways, how many villages are there?

Elaonore: There are 7 and i believe there are 5 regions. There is a realm completely made of dragons, but they have come here because of their realm had froze over.

Daikeim: How'd that happen? And after this tour, is there a chance you could take us there?

Elaonore: Ofourse. Now lets take you to the next stop *teleport to a town*

Elaonore: This is Vursia Town. If you can tell this place is slightly bigger than Outpit. The people here are more busy than the ones at Outpit. They are respnisble for al the food and marketing in Fantasy.

4 Endlos' can be seen putting a castle back together in its place

Drake: What happened here then?

Luna: Somebody probably hit it very hard, That thing must have been giant!

Sena: Or a very violent storm swept by.

Elaonore: A dragon came flying out of the sky and hits that castle and knocked it down. The poor dragon died, we buried it outside of town. I don't know what caused it to fall into the ground like that. Whe I felt the dragon, it felt...cold. Dragons have mostly warm scales.

Daikeim and Drake quietly say something in Cyanican.

Daikeim: Lets just continue...

Luna: Let's move already!

Elaonore: *teleports them to a place with tall building made up of vines and leaves* This is place is called The Forest City, as you can see why. These are where nymphs and wood elves live. Here you can value all of nature, where only love for the outdoors exist.

Drake: *He turns to look at Daikeim* We should play fireball tennis here.

Daikeim: ...*Hits Drake's arm* Continue please Elaonore.

Luna: How do they keep warm here during storms? They don't seem to utilize that much electricity.

Elaonore: *teleports them to the outskirts a floating city bound by enormous chains* This is Skyia, home to the Skybornes, people of the clouds. From there you can see almost all of Fantasy.

Luna: Cold... How do they live up here? It's like... -30 Celsius here!

Elaonore: Why do you think there called, Peple of the Clouds?

Sena: Because they live in the clouds?

Daikeim and Drake have a small flame aura coming off of them

Drake: That's better.

Daikeim: Yep.

Luna: Could we j-j-just move?

Sena: Y-y-yeah... It's c-c-cold here...

Elaonore: If you prefer to live here instead of Outpit, you can ask Jumbo. The higher up you are, the colder it gets.

Drake: *Pushes Angeli forwad * She'd love to

Daikeim: Hahaha!

Elaonore: Sure thing. Jumbo!

A shadow flies past them numerous times at unseeable speed. Jumbo finally lands.

Jumbo: What is it?

Elaonore: Angeli would like to live here in Skyia

Jumbo: Fine...I warn you it is rather clod there...*grabs Angeli by the back off her neck and flies off toward Skyia*

Luna: Let me go you pedo!

Angeli summons the Heartbreaker and proceeds to beat Jumbo so hard in the head they fly at mach 1 towards the ground all the sudden.

Jumbo: *gets up once the hit Skyia*grrrrRRRRRRRHAAAAGGGGGGHHH....*tackles Angeli and procceed to punch her in the face, then upcuts her in the chin send her flying into the air, then jumbo grabs Angeli's leg and slams her into the ground. The Pentagram on Jumbo's chest begins to glow.*

Elaonore: *comes in between Angeli and Jumbo* Jumbo stop!

Jumbo: Move...aside!

Elaonore: Not unless you stop...

Jumbo: *flies off furiously*

Elaonore: Oh, Jumbo...

Daikeim: You go calm him down, we'll be right here.

Drake: *Goes up to Angeli and pulls her up from the ground then punches her arm* THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

Angeli didn't exactly speak in this moment, being rather young, She simply responded by crying.

Elaonore: I can't calm him down when he is like that. He no longer wishes to listen to words of peace, CAUSEall of his peace has been taken away from him...

Daikeim: Yeah, sorry about her... Can we just CONTINUE?

Elaonore: ...Ofcourse...*telport them to a city OVER another city being held up by a single stilagmite.* This Uponion. Many Mythos live in both places. It is compleltely stable.

Luna: *Sob* T-that DOESN'T look very stable at all...

Elaonore: Trsut me. It is. It's been stable for over 500 years, there has been not one problem with it.

Daikeim: 500 years and still standing... Fantasy has it all, doesn't it...

Drake: *Pats Angeli's head* There there, but that teaches you not to screw with someone FROM HERE.

Elaonore: Especially with someone as hateful as Jumbo.

Daikeim: Yeah... Anyways, CONTINUE with the tour.

Elaonore: Actually...*teleports them to Dragon Realm*

Desolation Edit

Daikeim and Drake could not believe their eyes when they saw the realm in ruins.

Daikeim: What...

Drake: ...I can't... Who would do this?

Elaonore: We do not know, but the dragons who breathe fire have all but died out....look down there. *points down a steep valley and a ruined castle is and see that hundreds of dragon bones are buried in snow*

Sena: It looks like something alike a meteor hit this place...

Drake and Daikeim clench their fists.

Drake: Whoever done this... Will pay with their life...

Daikeim: Elaonore, me and Drake will stay here for now. We need to see more...

Elaonore: *nods. Takes them to the dragon's sleeping hills. All the dragons there are nothing but skeletons as well, but some frost-breathing dragons still seem to have made shelters out of the bones of their brethren*

Daikeim: Thank you, you may go now.

Drake walks up to a frost-breathing dragon and turns Half Dragon, hoping for a reaction.

Drake: You should do the same Daikeim...

Daikeim: Right. *He turns Half Dragon aswell and looks at the bones*

Elaonore: No need to hurt them. These frost-breathing dragons are the only ones who can survive this intense weather. They will not hurt you, like you they mourn over the lose of their brethren and at least wish to make use of there bones in order to survive themselves.

Drake: I'm not planning to hurt them. *He sits down and leans against the frost-breathing dragon*

Daikeim: Is there anything we could do to revive this realm? Anything?

Elanore: *looks upset and shakes her head* I don't know...I'm sorry...

Daikeim: Damn... *He sits down and sighs, he then makes a fireball to warm himself* The cold must be getting to you... You're free to leave.

Elaonore: I don't what to do from here, I simply cannot leave them like this, notafter the first one had died from the cold...i must also stay to help...

Daikeim: I understand, thank you.

Drake: Everything is frozen... Oh my god, I have an idea! Elaonore! Where is the tallest point in this realm!?

Luna: Hiyaa!

Angeli summons the heartbreaker and casts a spell, putting a sort of pink aura around her that seemed to protect her from the weather.

Elaonore: On that mountain...*points at the mountain piercing throught the sky* The dovah known as Seiyge lives there on that mountain.

Luna: Dovah? As in Dovahkiin? It feels like you've played skyrim or something.

Sena: I don't think you should reference video games here...

Elaonore: What is Skyrim? The Dovah are the offspring of man and dragon.

Drake: Ok! Daikeim, you're coming.* Drake flies to the top of the mountain*

Daikeim: DRAKE! WAIT UP! *He follows behind*

Luna: Skyrim is this game on earth that is about a human with a dragons soul in medieval times and he uses the voice of a dragon to kill dragons and stuff, And then he saves the world.

Sena: I think that was an awfully plain description.

Luna: Seeya Elaonore!

Angeli proceeds to catch up with Drake and Daikeim via running quite easily as she activated the enchantments on her boots.

Elaonore: How about I teleport you guys there. I have heard it is a 5 day travel just by flying.

Daikeim and Drake stop in their tracks.

Drake: Umm, yeah, that'll be helpful.


Angeli suddenly speeds up a thousand times and creates a sonic boom in the process as she jumps 60% of the height in one go.

Elaonore: *teleport Daikeim and Drake to the top of the mountain. There lies a door a few feet away from them*

Drake: Ok... *He takes out his spellbook and looks at the door*

Daikeim: This better work Drake.

Drake: To be honest, so do I...

Daikeim and Drake open the door and walk in.

Angeli suddenly jumps a few kilometers above the mountains and then proceeds to use the beam from the Heartbreaker as some sort of jetboost and she flies through the door, past Drake and Daikeim and and ups landing face down after struggling to get balance from landing.

Luna: Ow... That hurt, Now, What is this place?

Elaonore: *is freezing to death and is puts her arms over her body trying to stay warm*

Drake: Ok... So where is this Seiyge?

Daikeim: Right now, I feel we should focus on your plan Drake... If it works that is...

Drake: Seiyge first, then the plan.

Luna: Hey! You never told me about the plan!

Sena: Yeah... What is the plan?

Elaonore: S-S-Seiyge is...walks throught the dorr and sees a dead skeleton sticking out of the side of the front desk* Is....d-dead...

Drake: Well that solves that, ok, Daikeim blast a whole in the roof. *Drake lays down his spellbook and opens it to a page*

Daikeim: Ok. *Daikeim charges an energy beam and blasts a massive hole through the roof, creating an opening*

Drake: Good. *He gets some chalk and creates twp hexagons around the book, he then gets a knife and cuts his finger and draws Cyanic writing on the inner hexagon* Daikeim, do the same.

Daikeim: Got it. *Daikeim bits his finger, and draws DaeMurr God writing on the outer hexagon*

Drake: Ok, now for your Soul Stone...

Daikeim: *Hands the Soul Stone to Drake, who places it on the page*

Drake: Ok... Here goes...

Drake starts saying words in Cyanic, the book, hexagons, blood and Soul Stone begin to glow. Drake and Daikeim create a energy ball each and it goes into the Soul Stone. Suddenly, a massive beam of light blasts out of the book and into the sky, creating a small light orb. Drake and Daikeim fly up and sends energy into it, making the orb expand. The orb then explodes, covering the whole Dragon Realm in a golden light. When the light dims down, everything slowly reverts back to normal, Drake and Daikeim collapse and falls back down to the house and exiting out their Half Dragon forms.

Drake: D-Did it work?

After the giant glow, Luna simply said.

Luna: That was blinding, Also, Lemme warm you up Elaonore!

Angeli points the heartbreaker at her as the red parts of it glow a little bit and suddenly Elaonore is consumed by a pink light that is then reduced to an aura which would warm and protect her from wind.

Sena: Anyway, Drake, Mind telling me "The Plan?"

The realm is restored but it still frozen and the dragons are still dead

Both Drake and Daikeim are exhausted.

Drake: That WAS the plan...

Daikeim: Ok... Realm restored... But still dead dragons and ice...

Drake: Cut me a break...

Daikeim: Soul of Revival, right?

Drake: Don't even start... I don't get it, everything should of reverted back to it's former glory. Why is there still ice and dead dragons...

Luna: You mean to tell me THAT was the plan?! I'm pretty sure you just turned them all into zombies that have a hard time to get up!

Sena: Don't be so quick to judge luna, Who knows, Maybe it takes a few minutes for them to be fully revived?

Elaonore: T-t-this isn't no reguglar's f-f-far from regular...iit's like iiits p-p-permanent...liike it's eternal....*starts freezing from the feet upward*

Drake: CRAP! What do we do!?

Daikeim tries to melt the ice but to no avail.

Drake: No no no no no!

Luna: Magical Girl Luna to save the day!

Angeli grabs Elanore's hand and then proceeds to use the heartbreaker's beam as some sort of jet-propulsion, kicking up a bunch of dust in Drake's face, and then she and Elaonore proceeds to fly down the mountain at hypersonic speeds, which would generate enough friction and take them down at the same time to perhaps slow or remove the ice.

Elaonore: *starts defrosting*

Drake: Thankfully Angeli was here to help... For a change.

Daikeim: So... What do we do? There's obviously something that's making the ice come back, so we just need to find what's causing it and destroy it.

Elaonore: Wait...i-i-think i know what i can do. *teleports back to the peak of the mountain*

Drake: Nice to see you're ok, any ideas?

Elaonore: Yes, but you may not like it. I'm going to absorb the cold. The cold is immortalized within the air and wind. I am made up with air and wind...if i can absorb it...the cold will not plague the realm anymore and the realm can finish being restored. I can't say the same for the dead dragons, but you can help rebuild.

Drake: That's insane! Are you sure you want to throw away your life like that?

Elaonore: We Mythos care for our kind, dragons are one of us. We weren't able to save the dragons. I couldn't forgive myself I if I couldn't save their land too.

Drake: Ok... And Daikeim and I can't thank you enough.

Zane appears with Kid. "So whats happening here?"

Elanore: I am going to absorb the cold, in order for this land to fully restored.*the cold starts surrounding her*

Daikeim: Who are you two then...

Drake: *Preemptively draws his sword* And can you be trusted...

Kid looked at the drawn sword carefully."Well this here is The Dragon Prince and I am The Dragon Slayer and you can go straight to Taturus with that little tooth pic that you call a sword." KB says crossing his arms."We are here to help,I guess."

Zane materializes his sword. "You wouldn't be able to do much with that. This on the other hand is poison to us dragons." Zane smirks " And yeah i'm the prince....well no technically king here but i'm not much of a king."

Elaonore:*the cold starts flowing into her and Elaonore is being frozen from the feet up*

Daikeim: *Turns to looks at Elaonore, he closes his eyes and speaks in Cyanican* "May the heavens guide you and the gods protect you. Your sacrifice has been thankful. And for that, we thank you..."

Drake: *Glares at Zane and Kid and draws his sword* To your kind, yes... Not me or him.

Daikeim opens his eyes and looks at Zane and Kid.

Daikeim: So, The Dragon Prince and The Dragon Slayer... *He walks towards his Soul Stone and picks it up and wears is* Get your book Drake, we have a lot of work to do...

Drake: Right. *Drake goes over to his spellbook and picks it up*

Kid watches all of them closely before whispering to Zane."Why are we here again?" He said still having his eye on Drake and Daikeim

Zane looks at the ice. "Who or whatever made it this way wont give it up this easy." Zane Looks at Drake. "As long as you have dragon blood in you this sword is poison. It may take longer but i will kill you. Plus The fact that i have it is deadly enough."

The land is completely restored, but even thought the dragons remain dead, some who managed to have escaped before this had happened started to return.

Daikeim: That's nice, anyways, c'mon Drake. We're going house hunting, need a place to contact aswell.

Drake: Alright *He glances over and Zane and Kid and laughs a bit, he then turns to look at Daikeim* Simple house? Or something extravagant?

Daikeim: Anything would do right now.

Drake and Daikeim turns Half Dragon and flies away from the mountain, looking for a place to rest.

Drake: Prince and a Slayer? Ha, out of everything, why would someone who kills dragons team up with a Prince of them?

Daikeim: I agree, that doesn't seem right. But for now, let's just find somewhere, a cave would do...

Drake: Fine fine... *He looks around for a bit and finds an old abandoned castle* There.

Daikeim: Ok then.

Daikeim and Drake both fly to the castle and enter it, while Drake goes exploring, Daikeim goes to the throne room, sits down and uses his Soul Stone to open a portal. The same figure as before appears.

Daikeim: Hello again Shockwave.

Shockwave: Daikeim, any news?

Daikeim: Not much, this place we're in is a dragon realm. It just got restored.

Shockwave: Dragons on Earth? That's interesting...

Daikeim: Yeah, well anyways. How's stuff doing at Arcadia?

Shockwave: Everything is fine, Cyanic is doing well also, recently went through a great harvest. The family is doing well also, your Sister just got her Lunar Novac form.

Daikeim: Ah ok *Hears noises followed by swearing* Gotta go, Drake's causing trouble. See you later. *The portal closes* Drake, the hell are you doing?

Drake enters the throne room with a mark on his arm.

Drake: Traps...

Daikeim: Oh ok... So, what do we do now?

Drake: Dunno...

Kid watches as the two fly off."Hmph. I've beaten stronger than them before,Demigod, my ass." He then looks around."So this is the Dragon Realm eh? This is so much different than when I was here years ago." He says to Zane before checking out his surroundings."So who were those two?" He asks him before picking up a flower and stuffing it in his Messenger bag.

Zane Looks at Kid. "Demigods are over hyped. i have beaten full gods." Zane looks around. "Yeah So much has changed here. As for those two, I have no idea."

a dark figure is standing from the distance and is watching Zane and Kid, the figure then turns his attention toward the castle. A dark aura surrounds him and he disappears.

Kid looks over his shoulder,smelling the figures presence and when he disappeared he immediately knew where he was heading.He then began to slowly walk in the direction Drake and Daikeim had headed off to."Well looks like We are getting left out in some of the action!" He says to Zane while walking forward.

Zane looks at the castle. "I wonder what they are doing there. And why it looks so familiar"

The figure appears before Drake and Daikeim

Voice: I'm glad your expanding your living options. How has it been?

Drake and Daikeim are now cautious about the Dark Figure.

Daikeim: It's been good... Tell me, how did this Realm get froze over? And don't lie...

Voice: Mmm...Ok...but do not get mad at me if I do...This realm froze...because I froze...Why?...I have a bigger plan at hand...all this must may not understand...but you will soon...I know you must be mad at my for freezing you kindred the way I did...

Daikeim: ...Ok, Drake.

''Drake creates a dome around the Dark Figure, increasing the gravity in the dome, making it hard for the Dark Figure to move. Daikeim then walks up to the edge of the dome and glares at the Dark Figure.''

Daikeim: How dare you... You just made yourself two new enemies, and trust me. They won't mind killing you... Again Drake.

''Drake increases the gravity in the dome once more.''

Voice: You have no honor in facing an opponent like this...I told you not to get mad with me...and I even told you...this isn't Cyanic...*is walking normally*And you can't kill...what can not be touched...

Daikeim: True, but leave. Now.

Voice: *bows and a dark aura surrounds him and the figure disappears*

Drake: Hmph...

Zane laughs and is leaning against the wall. "You guys are not prepared for this are you?" Zane stands up. "Trust me fighting with a gravity increase is not hard. Kinda underhanded."

Drake: Oh look, the Dragon Prince... What do you want now?

Daikeim: And why are you teaming with someone who kills dragons...

Zane looks at them. "I've killed a few dragons myself. I know how to defend myself outside using tricks like gravity magic." Zane laughs. "Do i have to show you how a dragon fights."

Daikeim smirks.

Daikeim: ...Sure why not, fighting a Prince will be interesting.

Zane smiles. "Are you the only one that would even concerting it?" Zane doesn't move.

Daikeim: Ok then. *He sprints towards Zane and knees him in the gut, the then slams both his fists on Zane's back, blasting him towards the throne.*

Zane lands on his feet by the throne. "Nice move" Zane stands up. "But not enough."

Daikeim: Heh... *Daikeim appears behind Zane and grabs both his arms and kicks his spine, he then throws Zane at a wall and punches him through it*

Zane appears behind him and looks like he didn't move from the attack. "I'd rather not tear this place up."

Daikeim: *Sits back on the throne and sighs* You're gonna be like that then...

Zane smiles. "My turn yet?"

Daikeim: Huh? Oh, yeah sure.

Zane smiles almost evily. He spins to kick Daikeim's legs tripping him kicks him upward and grabs his leg and throws slamming him on the ground a little farther away. As he bounces Zane appears in front of him with his sword to the side and slashes him not quite cutting in half then back handsprings while kicking him upward and as Zane lands he disappears. Zane above him facing the roof. Zane would flip over blasting him with a grey energy blast. Zane would land not far away from him.

Daikeim gets up and wipes away any dust.

Daikeim: That was... Something... Anyways. *Daikeim charges at Zane and grabs his neck and slams him to the floor, he then throws him up into the air. Daikeim then jumps up and punches Zane in the chest, and dive kicks down to the floor, using Zane as something to land on. Daikeim then jumps back and charges a blue energy sphere and throws it at Zane, exploding on impact, he walks up to Zane and picks him up and throws him aside.* And if you're gonna battle with blades... *He summons the Draconia Blade and points it at Zane*

Angeli suddenly moved there after a while and just took a look at what they were doing.

Luna: Can somebody recap for me?

Drake: Basically a fight, between Dragon Prince and Daikeim... Take a seat and watch.

Zane glances at them. "This is hardly a fight." Zane laughs. "I'm putting like no effort in this."

Daikeim: He's right Drake. *Punches Zane out of the castle* It's hardly a fight, I'm tired...

Zane is now standing behind Daikeim. "Does no one know who i actually am? I mean really. And then everyone thinks they are the best ever. Over confident. Way misjudged power. I guess no one understands the meaning of hold back." Zane laughs. "You demi gods think you are all that. You cant even touch me unless I let you."

Daikeim: In retrospect, I shouldn't be bothering with this. *He goes over to the throne and sits down* Introduce yourself then. And who you're sided with...

Zane laughs. "I dont have to answer to you."

Daikeim: Fine, I'll introduce myself; Daikeim, DaeMurr God. Allied with the Mythos.

Zane looks at him and rolls his eyes. "I'm Zane, i see we are on the same side, and you are in my house."

Daikeim gets off of the throne.

Daikeim: Ok... Anyways...

Voice: Was. It was your house. *the figure walks out from behind Zane*

Zane doesn't move. "I wondered when you would show yourself."

Voice: Are you are aware of me?

Zane: I knew you were there but i don't know who you are

Voice: Clever...but why are you concered about your former have a new home with the Sedition...what is this place but a memory to you...You don't even remember fully surroundings...

Angeli was still there, as they had not moved from the castle really.

Luna: Are you a stalker or something? Can you just stop following us, It feels like you're some sort of person that wants to assault us or something!

Sena: Yeah, Could you stop just appearing out of nowhere for no reason?

Zane: I'm used to people doing that

Voice: It's hard to do that...when I'm everywhere...

Luna: Y-you're everywhere!?

Voice: Yes...I am the wind and the sky...there very thing that keeps man every living thing the from burning up...

Sena: Well this is awkward...

Luna: Can you just go already!?

Drake: *Gets up and loads his Shadow Pistol with Ember bullets and aims his gun at the Dark Figure* This is getting absurd...

Daikeim gets his Draconia Blade and points at the Dark Figure's neck.

Daikeim: Final warning, leave.

Voice: Not until this 'Prince' leaves as well.

As the group began to get in a stare off with the dark figure the sound of rolling could be heard outside.Seconds later another figure crashes through a high window in the castle and lands infront of the group.It turned out to be Kid,baseball bat in hand,and on his skate board.His face was hard and serious.

Voice: ...Kid...

Drake: Great, the brat is here... Screw this. *Drake fixes his aim on the Dark Figure's head*

Kid turns in Drake's direction and gives him serious and angry glare before turning his gaze to the Dark Figure."What do you want? And how do you know my name?"

Luna: Who is this guy? He doesn't seem to be fit to be around here, I mean, It's frozen and all.

Sena: It's kind of ironic.

Luna: Hey! At least we can use magic!

Voice: Quite...I know everyone...for I am the wind and the sky...

Drake: Ok, getting tired of that. You plus bullet equals a happy face. *He fires his Shadow Gun at the Dark Figure*

Kid ignores the shot fired at the Dark figure and walks up to the Dark Figure,almost as if recognizing him he squints."I know your scent.....I just cant place it.." He says coming as close as 3 feet from the figure.

Luna: Hey! Who are you? Also, How can you resist the cold?

Voice: *the bullet is frozen in the figures hand*...Because I am the cold...

Daikeim: Hm... *He draws his sword and watches*

Drake: Hmph. *He walks up to the figure, pushing Kid out of the way while doing it. He clenches his fist, sets it ablaze and punches the Dark Figure*

Voice: *catches the punch and freezes Drake's fist*...Forseeable..

Kid,after getting pushed out of the way,naturally side steps and spins before slamming the heel of his bat on the back of Drake's head.

Drake is now bleeding on the back of his head.

Drake: ...*He looks at the Dark Figure then turns to look at Kid* You just messed with the wrong mercenary. *Drake grabs Kid's shirt and headbutts him, he then picks him up and throws him to the floor. Drake walks over to him and kicks him on the side of his chest, finally picking him up by the shirt once more, punching him in the gut and dropping him.* If you want to fight, wait until this is over, got it?

Voice: As yourself..will it ever be over? We live in a endless cycle of reapting the things we do...your destructive actions will only push father off your edge...

Luna: Hiyaa!

Angeli summons the heartbreaker and casts waves the giant staff/wand-like weapon towards the figure, Chains with a pink aura would form around the voice and suddenly restrain the figure.

Kid spits in Drakes face which causes it to burn and melt (considering that his spit is acidic)."And you messed with the wrong Dragon." Kid then uses his legs to wrap around Dark's torso before flipping over and Pile Driving him into the ground,causing Drake's head to crash into the ground.

Drake: Hehe... *Drake fades away in fire and reappears infront of Kid in his Aura Dragon form. He grabs Kid by the neck and throws him through a castle wall, he then sprints after him and grabs him and flies up into the air. He dives down to the ground, using Kid as something to land on* Hmph... *Drake grabs Kid's arms and repeatedly slams him into the floor, he picks Kid up by the neck with his tail and tightens his grip* Now I do have the intent of killing you... But right now we got better stuff to do, also that and Daikeim would straight up kill me. *He lets go and glances at Kid, he then turns to walk back to the castle.*


Angeli fires a red beam into the chest of the figure and suddenly cracks reality like it was some sort of painting in glass, And ended up causing a giant explosion of which would most likely destroy the wall of the castle and heavily injure the figure.

Kid stands up straight."Hey Asshole!" He says giving Drake the finger and going the come on sign."I aint finished with you yet." Kid says before launching himself at Drake at Speeds of Mach 15 before leaping and round housing Drake in the face with the force necessary to bend gravity and light around them causing gravitational lensing, creating a explosion that is nigh apocalyptic . He then turns his body around and round houses him on the cheek on the other side with 10 times the force of the original other kick before kicking Drake in the stomach with the equal force and kicking off of him and generating a Giant Dragons foot and kicking him through the castle.

Drake gets up and glares at Kid.

Drake: Ok brat... Game on. *He flies at Kid and punches him in the gut, then grabs both his arms and pulls back while kneeing him in the back. He then swings Kid around and throws him through the floor.* So... You done yet? *He picks him up and creates a White Orb and throws it at Kid's chest, blasting him away and through another castle wall.*

Kid gets up,a Pinkish/Violet,Red aura surrounding his body."Oh now you really got me fired up!" He says activating Dragon Soul."Give me your best shot!" He said excitedly.It was obvious that he wasnt taking this as serious as Drake was,not in a insulting way either,he was just having fun

Angeli walks near one of the destroyed walls and looks out at the two while they fight.


Drake: Luna, SHUT UP! *Drake opens his spellbook and summons multiple energy swords and they're all aiming at Kid. They start flying at Kid and stabs through his clothes, sticking him to a wall. Drake walks up to Kid and laughs then starts punching and kicking him, the swords finally disolve and Drake jumps back and charges multiple energy spheres and blasts them at Kid*

Kid lifts his guard up as the blasts crash into him with a massive impact.Unfortunate for Drake the energy spheres never made it to Kid because of his Dragon Soul aura blocking the way,forming the technique Dragon Art:Resistance."Tsk." Kid says letting his guard down and crossing his arms."Is it my turn now or should I let you keep going at me?" Kid says grinning with his eyes closed.

Drake: Ok then... *Drakes Aura comes off of him* Did I tell you? My Aura's sentient, can do what it wants, has a mind linked to mine. Now... *Both Drake and his Aura sprint at Kid and kicks him into some trees, the Aura walks over to Kid and restrains him, taking away a bit of his stamina while doing so. Drake charges at Kid and punches him in the chest, headbutts him then grabs his neck and throws him across the floor. Drake and his Aura jump into the air and make a combined energy beam and firing it down, making a massive crater where Kid is. When the smoke clears, all Kid can see is Drake and his Aura hitting him in the back and chest with an energy sphere, exploding on impact. Drake and his Aura jump back and join back together.* So, what's your followup?

Kid lies on his back inside the massive crater,but oddly his clothes are unharmed,he then lifts himself up with his arms and does a handstand before running towards Drake."Doragon'āto !: Piercing Claw!" He says before performing the attack.Kid coats his feet in Violet Acidic Flame before leaping upside down and performing a bicycle kick before spinning and using his feet like Helicopter blades to burn and damage Drake.He jumps in the air so he is upside down and in mid air,coming face to face with Drake."Fire Dragon's ROAR!" He yells releasing the blast and coating Drake's entire body in it.As Drake flys across the landscape,bouncing off the ground Kid runs up while he is in the air(about 5 feet above the ground)."Tamashī no āto!:Destination Devastation!" He yells as he creates Spirit Dragon hands around his own and slaps them together,causing multiple ripples in the air and causing a Super Sonic Boom in Drake's direction,that sent him crashing into the Castle.

Drake: Ugh... *Shakes his head and gets up* ...That's it. *Drake goes into his Half Dragon form and smirks* Get ready kid... *Drake flies at Kid and grabs his head and slams him into the floor, he then flies up and lets go of Kid and begins to rapidly punch the air infront of him, causing shockwaves on Kid's body. Drake then charges energy into his heel and slams his heel on the top of Kid's head, sending him flying downwards. Drake flies down and uses his tail to keep Kid in the air as Drake punches Kid's stomach and chest, causing Kid to cough up a bit of blood.*

Drake: I want to hear your bones CRACK! *He lets go of Kid and whiles he's in the air. Drake punches him in the chest once more, blasting him away and breaking one of his ribs. Drake then appears behind Kid and elbows his back, causing Kid's body to go into shock. Drake then grabs shoulders and swings him over and slams him into the floor face first. While Kid bounces, Drake makes a final energy sphere and absorbs it then slams both his fists into Kid's stomach, causing the sphere to explode. Sending Kid down into the ground even further.*

Voice: *is uneffected*...Amusing...*the chains fall of the figure. He then walks up to Angeli and touches her forehead with his finger. Angeli is now stands there, not moving. Like a statue.*

Angeli would stand there as a statue, Though not completely dead.

The Dark Figure is suddenly blasted forward by Daikeim in his Half Dragon form.

Daikeim: You should never let your guard down while in a battlefield... *Daikeim flies at the Dark Figure engulfed in fire and punches him across the floor, afterwards, Daikeim gets in a fighting stance.*

Voice: *is still on his feet. He walks toward Daikeim*...I can't afford to tell you father that I killed his son...

Daikeim: Oh don't worry, you never will. *Daikeim walks towards the Dark Figure and knees him in the gut then spinkicks him in the head, pushing him away. He then elbows the Dark Figure's back and places one of his hands on his back and fires a blast that sends the Dark Figure flying.*

Voice: *block with his knee and blocks the spinkick with his arm. The figure dashes to his left dodging the elbow to the back and knocks the blast over his head* ..I have been in more battles than you, boy...

Daikeim: *His eyes, along with the Soul Stone flash gold* Go ahead then, prove it.

Voice *disappears. He reappears and kick him in the back of the knee making him fall over backwards. He catches Daikeim and has him in headlock*

Daikeim: Hmph. *Sidesteps out of the way and spinkicks the Dark Figure on the side of his chest.*

Voice: *catches his leg and deep frezes it. He then breaks Daikeims knee*

Daikeim: Ugh... *He hovers back, the Dark figure can hear the sound of bones. Daikeim then looks at the Dark Figure and smirks, the ice thaws and Daikem can walk normally*

Voice: Impressive...your everything Shockwave said you were...

Daikeim: I am a DaeMurr God after all, so my power and skill is what you expect, maybe even more.

Voice: Not sure about more...but I am rather intrigued...

Daikeim: As are you, you have evil intentions yet you helped me and Drake, but you're not with the M.C.C.P... So you're a lone wolf. Very interesting indeed...

Voice: Not a lone wolf...but I dfeel that will go quicker if I handle them myself...You do not know much about my affiliations...

Daikeim: So you're with another... I wonder who that is. Also, this battle is against me and you, unfreeze Angeli...

Voice: *touches Angeli's forehead with his finger and absorbs the cold from her mind*

Luna: Ugh... It feels like i ate a thousand kilograms of icecream...

Sena: What happened?

Voice: I froze your mind...

????: Who are you people? And why are you finding yourself fighting in the middle of this ruined castle?

Daikeim: *Turns to look at the new person* And who are you then... *He looks at the Dark Figure* This the person I was talking about?

Voice: no..this being I have not seen before...

Luna: This guy looks tough!

????: I sense great evil in your being... *The creature who was arguably three times as tall or twice then anybody else in the room took a few steps foward and pointed at the figure and summoned his sword and shield.* I am afraid i have to drive you away from this castle.

Daikeim: Hm... *Steps back* This will be fun to watch.

Voice:...Hmmmm...Indeed it will...

Suddenly the mysterious person glows in an ember fashion and ends up having the ground under him have several runes be spread out before disappearing, his aura would be golden and ember it would seem, He takes one step forward and the closer he got would suddenly make the figure burn and forcefully push him back.

Voice: *jumps back and is surrounded by frost cloak, which freezes anyone one gets within 2 of him*

The mysterious armed figure seemed to exceed the boundary and seemed to be able to resist the effects of the cloak as both of their aura seemingly merged as they got closer, the figure would have to struggle even harder to stand still as the knight like figure proceeded to raise its sword made of pure golden flame and attempted to slash at the figure.

Voice: *jumps over the the sword an lands on top of it*

The figure that dared to jump on the sword felt a surge of pain through his body as he jumped into literal golden divine flame, the armed figure then proceeded to attempt to bash the figure with his giant shield which was also made of golden divine flame.

Voice: *jumps of and lands behind the armored figure*

The armored figure turns around.

????: I am afraid i have to banish you.

The armored figure raises his sword into the air and puts the shield in front of his chest and looks into the air, a large amount of runes form around the knight as they encase him in a cylinder formed barrier of light with several runes engraved upon it, The armored figure seemed to be channeling something.

Voice: *gathers all the cold in the realm* This evil you can not banish...*disperses the cold and manages to freeze everyone. The figure looks at everyone being frozen and a black aura surrounds him and he disappears*

The armored figure had been gathering power and its armor was basically anti-cold and anti-darkness in general, He tanks the freezing quite easily and gets back while having gathered all his power, though not having chanted anything yet.

????: Drekhan Cinder.

A wave of flame would shower over them all, unfreezing them at a whim.

Luna: Ugh, What happened?

Daikeim: Hmph... Drake and that person is still fighting outside... *He walks up to the armored figure and holds his hand out (For a handshake, there are gonna be people who will assume other stuff)* Thank you, and who are you?

Sanyirth: I am Sanyirth, I am also know as "Gigant-Reaper"

Luna: You look badass!

Sena: I don't think that was the right wording Luna...

Daikeim: Nice to meet you, oh, and welcome to the Dragon Realm.

Sanyirth: I already inhabit this realm so no need to welcome me.

Sanyirth looks around.

Sanyirth: To remove this cold is a hard task to do, I cannot do it at the moment.

Daikeim: Yeah... Me and Drake already tried, didn't go so well...

Sanyirth: So, What is to be done now?

The figure walks up to the frozen statue of Elaonore. He absorbs the cold from her body. Elaonore falls back unconscious.

Elaonore: *catches a glimpse of the figure before blacking out*

The figure picks up Elaonore and disappears.

Daikeim: I don't know, right now I gotta get Drake. *He walks out of the castle and up to Drake.* Done fighting?

Drake: Huh? Oh yeah. We're done... Well, he is. I'm not.

Daikeim: Ok... He better be alive.

Drake: Yeah yeah, I made sure I didn't go too hard on the kid...

Daikeim: Anyways, c'mon. We're going back to Fantasy.

Drake: How come?

Daikeim: Tell all the dragons they can go back to their Realm.

Drake: Ah ok. *He stands up and stretches his arms.* How we getting back?

Daikeim: There's always Jumbo...

Drake: Oh yay...

Sanyirth: I will tag along with you so i can hunt down whoever did all of this.

Luna: Let's go, I think...

Elaonore appears.

Elaonore: I heard you guys needed a way back.

Drake: The hell... We saw you froze up... How are you still...

Elaonore: Some man in a dark cloak took the cold away from me. I guess if every see that man I should thank him. Now come now, lets go home.

Luna: Let's just move

Sanyirth unsummons his weapon and his shield.

Elaonore: *studies Sanyirth* Your a tall one aren't you?

Daikeim and Drake look at each other with a slight concerned look on their face.

Daikeim: What could his intentions be...

Drake: Hmph... Luna's right for once, let's get out of here.

Elaonore teleports them back to their house in Outpit village

Elaonore: We had company while you were away

Luna: What company?

Sanyirth: I've not been outside the realm that much, Though it is certainly different.

Recovery Edit

A SHADOW flies past Kalin, Kado, and Azula numerous times at high speed

Kado responds almost instantly, waking up with a look of fear, gasping violently while the shadows clinging to 'her' body become agitated, almost gaining a solid sort of form due to its density. She clings to Azula weakily.

"Don't PLAY GAMES. Who are you?" Azula snaps.

Kalin:"Let's not get upset over nothing" Kalin creates a ball of dark energy in his hand and let's it drift away from him. putting a barrier of dark energy around Kado and Azula, he proceeds to smash a hole in the ground with his fist as the orb of energy has collapses,becoming a BLACK HOLE that slows the figure before drawing it in. Just as the creature is about to be pulled into the black hole, Kalin absorbs the energy and tackles the creature in one move. Before the being can move again, he makes a portal beneath it just big enough to hold the creature in place.

The creature puls itself from the cluthes of the BLACK HOLE and punches Kalin in the face so hard it sends him flying. The creature flies after him and tackles him into the ground and pins Kalin down.

Jumbo: Who are you? *sniffs* Are you...*gets angry* 'The Son'?

Kalin: Not this again. Rose; synchronize 50%

Rose: Got it!

(Kalin's eyes turn red as he kicks Jumbo into the air. Putting a hand to the sky, Kalin calls down a beam of light which seems to be aimed at Jumbo. As he dodges it, however, the light CONTINUES down and hits Kalin, as he uses light magic to keep up with the being.) Azula, if I manage to make physical contact with this thing, can you hold him still?

Azula gnashes her teeth together. "Will you knock it off?! What's your problem?!" She snarls at Jumbo. "This child is in urgent condition, we have no time to fight with you!"

Jumbo: *lands* You do not make commands of us!...And who are you and what is your reason of coming heeere?

She shakes her head irritably. "Shoot first ASK QUESTIONS later I guess is the standard... urgghh. I am Azula, I am a telepath if you cannot gather it from how I am communicating with you. The child in my arms is my charge, Kado. And the knuckle head rookie is Kalin.

Kalin:Who are you calling a rookie?

We came here after a severe attack on our ORGANIZATION left our city leveled, and Kado here in deadly condition. We had no where else to go, and Kalin took us here. ...I know very little of this place."

Jumbo:...*grabs Azula who is still carrying the child and grabs Kalin and flies off and takes them to a HOUSE IN Outpit Village* Will this do..?

"Y-y-yes... thank you..." She stutters, amazed by how fast he moved.

Jumbo: *BRINGS IN Elaonore*...Help them...

Elaonore: Ofcouse. *kneels NEXT Kado and uses winds to fill his wounds*

Kado eventually begins to relax and finally appears to not be so afraid, and the darkness slowly abates, though the general feeling that something is observing them does not fade at all. Elaonore notices that when Kado OPENS her eyes, they appear almost devoid of any life or emotion, like looking at the eyes of a doll, even though they blink and move freely. Kado however makes no attempts to speak with anyone, if even able to.

Azula sighs. "Well... at least Kado is stable... I just wish 'she' would come back to normal... I hate seeing him like this."

Elaonore: *finishes filling Kado's wounds* She doesn't look like this?

"It's very complicated to explain, but basically if Kado suffers tremendous mental trauma or pain he reverts into this form. It only happens if one of his kind suffers a tremendous source of trauma of some sort, and if it never goes away, it can stunt their development. ...Technically it is like his true form... and the usual one is merely a shell used to protect the broken pieces inside. Don't be surprised if Kado doesn't speak to you at first... the amount of pain must still be immense."

Elaonore: It must be..I m sorry for your friend...My name is Elaonore by the way...

"My name is Azula. It is nice TO MEET you. I must thank you for your help. Kado has had a long rough 27 years of his life... almost all of it either in pain or chasing after the ones who made him this way... He deserves better, but we've never been able to find a way to heal... well... this. No matter how hard we try, Kado's pain lingers. ...It's maddening. Maddening to watch, and maddening knowing we can't help him."

Elaonore: You can help. That's if he wants it. And you being right beside him is just the help he needs. Whether he wants it or not. He will find that he has alot in common with many who reside here. Especially, with Jumbo.

Kado makes a small noise, and Elaonore notices that Kado's eyes seem to have a slight clarity they lacked before, and it looks like she's trying to say something, but the look in her eye slips and she relapses into silence. Azula places her hand on Kado's head, and Kado's eyes wearily begin to CLOSE.

"You wouldn't happen to know what a liquid suspension chamber is would you? Kado seems to prefer sleeping in them, apparently the lack of sensation helps subdue some of the nightmares."

Elaonore: We have something similar to that. We can have in water bubble sensation. It's quite similar to liquid suspension. It can work.

A few days later, Elaonore checks up on how the new arrivals are doing, and is surprised to see Kado sitting up right in a chair, EATING toast. Kado's eyes look up at Elaonore and a brief flash of gratitude appears in Kado's eyes, before Kado returns to eating. "...Thank you... I'm sorry I have been a burden..."

Elaonore: There is no burden. Whether your FROM HERE or not. Your just like us and we look after each other.

Kalin:(scarfing down a large portion of food) Elaonore, right? I really appreciate what you've done for us so far, especially considering we're not from around here. IF ONLY all mythos were as nice as you... (remembers Jumbo) Jerk...

Elaonore: Jumbo isn't as bad as you think he is. All he wants is to look after us. He sees us as A FAMILY and as a family he will do anything for us, even die. If that we somewhat possible. hold up, there is some people I must get. *disappears, then reappears in split second with Daikem, Drake, Angeli, ans Sanyirth is outside*

Sanyirth looks around.

Sanyirth: Who might these be?

Luna: Yeah, Who are these guys?

Sena: Well, I doubt they're hostile.

Elaonore: I took them in when I had woke up back here. I was guessing you wouldn't mind if they stayed until their friend there is healed.

Daikeim: *Notices Kalin and Kado* Wait a minute... I've seen them before... At the forest if I'm correct.

Drake: Really?

Daikeim: Yeah...

Elaonore: Something happened in their world and they came here. Jumbo brought them to THIS HOUSE to recover. Feel free to help if you can.

Luna: I don't remember seeing them in the forest.

Sanyirth: Now, I will wait until we know WHAT TO DO.

Drake: *Turns to look at Luna* Because you were too busy whining and having a damn HEADACHE! So once again I had to babysit you!

Elaonore: *chuckles* Those two would make one strange item.

Luna: Sorry that i can't take care of everything myself Snow-Head!

Drake: Snow-Head!? At least I don't LOOK LIKE I belong on the damn streets! *Pulls out his Shadow Pistol and aims at Luna's foot*

Daikeim: Drake, you dare, and I will PERSONALLY take you down. Despite how annoying she may be.

Drake: ...*He puts away his gun and punches Luna in the arm* And don't say anything about hitting girls, I don't consider you one.

Elaonore: Well that isn't nice. Here we treat each other as brother and sister no matter how annoying they are. It's a test of family.

Luna: Hey! That hurt!

Elaonre: Don't worry. It WILL BE fine. *fills her wound with wind* See? It's gonna be find. But I do want you two to make-up.

Daikeim: Hahaha, yeah Drake. Apologize.

Drake: ...*Looks at Luna*...No.

Daikeim: C'mon...

Drake: No, I am not apologizing to a 13 YEAR OLD, annoying, clumsy, idiotic, obnoxious and pathetic little BRAT!

Angeli could be really sensitive sometimes and it seemed to be rather random, and as such she just responded by crying.

Elaonore: Well see what you did. *puts her arms around Angeli* You know it's not her fault she's this way. If you don't stop this instant, I will bring Jumbo in here.

Daikeim: ...*Punches Drake in the chest*


Daikeim: Drake, I swear to god. LEARN TO COOPERATE WITH PEOPLE! You can START by apologizing to Angeli, now!

Drake: ...Bu--

Daikeim: Now.

Drake: ...I hate you so much right now. *Drake looks at Angeli and takes an annoyed sigh* ...Sorry.

Angeli stopped crying though she was sobbing at least.

Elaonore: Thank you, Daikeim.*smiles at him* At least someone knows the VALUE OF family, no matter who they are.

Daikeim: No problem, Drake can be like that anyways...

Drake: *Walks up to Daikeim and punches his arm* You're a dick, you know that.

Daikeim: Yeah yeah...

Luna stops sobbing and Sena takes over.

Sena: Agh... That hurt.

Elaonore: It's ok. Drake wont be doing that anymore.To anyone.*looks at Drake with MORE hostily*

Drake: ...*Growls at Elaonore and Angeli*

Sanyirth seems to be standing perfectly still, looking at the sky, as nothing of the things had bothered him.

Jumbo: *grabs the back of Drake's neck,having him face Jumbo in the face and growls in Drake's face*...You are either with us or against us...*increases his grip on Drake's neck*...I suggest you CHOOSE wisely...

Sanyirth: Stand down, There is no reason for bloodshed.

Drake: Hmph. *Drake fades away in fire and reappears NEXT to Daikeim and starts walking away*

Daikeim: Ugh, gimme a minute. *He catches up with Drake* What is your problem?

Drake: My problem? We're relying on other people...

Daikeim: Yes? Isn't it nice TO GET help?

Drake: Not to me... *He glances over to Angeli, Elaonore and Jumbo* And if they get in my way one MORE TIME, I will not hesitate to kill. That's how I was brought up Daikeim, as a mercenary trained to kill...

Daikeim: I know, but why am I the one having to calm you down, stop you from making the wrong choices... Face it, without my help. You would be dead...

Drake: I know, that's why I respect and trust your decisions, but I am not your puppet for you to control!

Daikeim: You're lucky I saved you back on Cyanic...

Drake: ...*Sighs* Fine... Whatever.

Daikeim: Good. *He makes a hand gesture*

Drake: Heh, we're like a Red and Blue Oni. *He does the same*

Daikeim: Ok... *He walks back to the group, with Drake following behind*

Jumbo: You have decided...?

Daikeim: He's with us... Don't worry.

Jumbo:...Good...*exits out of the house and flies off*

Daikeim: Oh right, we were supposed to tell the dragons in Fantasy that they can go home now... But how do we get their attention?

Drake: Leave that to me... *Drake creates a massive dragon made of pure fire, when it roars out, it gathers every dragon's attention throughout Fantasy*

All the dragons in Fantasy swarm above the house roaring

Daikeim: Sanyirth, care to help?

Sanyirth: I'd be happy to comply.

Daikeim: Ok, Drake, portal.

Drake: Alright! *Drake makes a small black sphere and enlarges it to the size of a building, on the over side is a way into the Dragon Realm*

Daikeim: Sanyirth, we need you to direct them into their Realm.

Sanyirth turns towards the mass of dragons, puts up a hand into the air and says a few things in their native language as they then start to fly through the portal.

Kado winces at all of the yelling and noise. "...Please stop making so much noise..."

One of the dragons accidently knocks a large rock at

Kado's head, and as everyone tries to intervene, only a few inches away, the rock suddenly bursts into nothing, and Kado is left panting, sweat rolling down her, barely able to breath from exhaustion and fear.

Azula stares at Kado. "That's... never happened before... How did you do that?"

"....I....I don't... know... wait... what.... what are you talking about?" She says weakly, starting to lose some of the focus in her eyes.

Elaonore: I think she's about to black-out...

Suddenly the appearance of Kado's eyes changes to a familiar appearance, the way they used to be.

"...Azula, where are we?" Her voice changes, from a weak, frail sort of tone to a more stronger, more aware sort of voice, and it sounds much too harsh for a child's mouth to utter.

The change is so sudden it almost scares Elaonore.

Kado pauses for a moment. "....And what happened to Azure...? All I remember is a violent explosion..." Azula seems to be alarmed at these changes.

Elaonore: What the...Not a girl...Shapeshifter isn't it? That was pretty surprising.

Azula seems to be telling Kado something, and as Kado listens, the child's face begins to turn alienly dark, and suddenly a burst of darkness envelopes Kado, swirling around the form like a violent tornado.

"...I see..." A completely new voice echoes from the darkness, Azula bows her head slightly. The darkness swiftly disappates, revealing a grey-brown haired young man with black irises and white pupils, with a particularly angry expression. Kalin is unsurprised by the change, but is worried about by the frequency with which his form was shifting. The aura of frailty and fear, and the general meekness of a child is gone, replaced by almost a silent echo, as if the person standing there was only a projection.

He looks at Elaonore. "I am sorry, and I must thank you for all of your help... but I have no place here. ...We must be returning home. I will not allow my people to be left without a leader." He says rather coldly. He pulls out a mask from his sleeves and attaches it to his head, hiding his face.

Elaonore: It's ok. We take care of our kind here. Your welcome back anytime.

Kado begins walking out, and Azula follows. "You can't possibly be ready to return! Your injuiries were severe Kado! Rest a while longer!"

He wheels around and yells, "I will not rest knowing that she is back!!!" Kado moves to continue out, but suddenly collapses in pain.

"Arrrghhh!" He growls. "...Damn it all..." He starts struggling to get up, but only collapses. Azula leans down next to him, and gives him a piteous look.

"I know Kado. I know you want to help Azure, and to find... her. But you come first. You're no service to the people if you're weak. Please... rest."

Kado pushes her off and tries to keep going, and Azula gives Elaonore a pleading look.

Elaonore: He is strong...but he is stubborn...his flesh is weak but his mind is strong...He's not in it for himself,he's in for you and everyone elses...Let him be with your people.

Since most people who were there before are still there, Luna was perfectly aware of the situation and simply said "Man, He seems desperate."

Kado suddenly stops. "...None of you tell of that.... ...side of me. No one must... know..." He suddenly puts a hand to his forehead, and collapses, too tired to move on.

Kalin: "You need to get your priorities straight, man...

Elaonore: Your lack of trust in others will destroy you slowly...There is still time.

Kado sinks lower to the ground, shaking.

Azula takes his arm. "Come on, just a few more days, I promise. Please Kado, rest. Don't tear yourself up over this. The others will be fine, I promise. We always taught them what to do for these exact situations. I promise, no one will blame you for taking time to recover. ...You do know that the Summit will start soon right?

Kado sinks his head lower. "The summit... if they reach a decision... it would mean war between the worlds... I wouldn't be able to prevent them from using... the Lost Gate. You're right... I need my rest. Plus, if your intel was correct... Earth will be making his move soon... we must be ready..."

He looks at Elaonore. "I... I apologize... I should not have been so hasty..." He looks away. "Forgive me. I humbly request to remain a few days longer..."

Elaonore: Ofcourse. You are always welcome here. Everyone is welcome here. Stay as long you need.

Azula helps him back inside, and lays him down on a bed.

"I hate this..." Kado growls.

"I know. But trust me, it's for the best."

Kado wearily goes to sleep, and does little else for the next five days.

Daikeim and Drake were watching this, they soon turn to look at eachother.

Daikeim: That was... Interesting, anyways, I'm CONTACTING Shockwave--

Drake: Good, I need you to get me some stuff...

Daikeim: Like what...

Drake lists off some items, afterwards, Daikeim is left with a concerned face.

Daikeim: You sure?

Drake: Yeah, bring them back to THE HOUSE.

Daikeim: Ok. *Daikeim goes off to a secluded place and contacts Shockwave via his Soul Stone.*

Shockwave: Ah, hello Daikeim. How are you?

Daikeim: I'm fine, hey, Drake needs some stuff. *He lists down what Drake needed.* You got any of that?

Shockwave: Hm... I should, give me a moment. *Shockwave goes off to gather the items, he comes back after a minute.* Here you go. *He passes them through the portal.*

Daikeim: Thanks Shockwave. I NEED TO get going now. Bye

Shockwave: Bye. *The portal CLOSES*

Daikeim: Ok... Now to give this to Drake. *The turns Half Dragon and flies to THE HOUSE, when he walks in, he sees Drake reading from his spellbook.* Is this what you need?

Drake: Hm... *He examines the items and nods.* Place them down there. *He points to a table.*

Daikeim: Ok, I'm gonna go train. See you later! *He places the items down on the table and flies off.*

Drake: Ok... *He gets up and he makes some room, he then places his spellbook in the middle of the room. Drake gets some chalk and draws a ritual ring around the book, he then grabs the items on the table and places it on the ritual ring. He then bites his finger, causing blood and writes his name on a blank page in the spellbook. He then sits down in the ring and starts talking in Cyanican, the book and ring glows, and after a while, a dragon made of unstable energy comes out of the book and looks at Drake.* Perfect... Now to be calm... *He CLOSES his eyes and slowly breathes.*

The figure appears and and shoots THE DRAGON in the heart with an ice shard

Voice: Feel the cold. Feel the heartlessness or the cold. Feel your emotions become bare. May you have no mercy upon others.

THE ICE shard spreads across the dragons heart all the way to it's mind. The dragon no longer feels anything. No remorse, no feeling for others like it. or for those who are unaware of it. All it feels is the cold. The figure disappears once more.

Drake: Ok... Nice and slowly... *Drake OPENS his eyes and instantly notices the difference with the dragon.* This isn't right...

The dragon flies into Drake's chest and merges with his Aura, causing Drake to get hit by a shockwave and blasted out of THE HOUSE, causing a lot of noise when he crashes into another house. Daikeim overhears this and flies over.

Daikeim: Drake? Where is he? *He notices the hole in his house and the marks and damage going to the other house.* Uh oh...

Elaonore: *comes out from the floor* What the heck was that? I heard something. *looks at the hole through the house* What did you do?!

Kado irritably wakes up. "...I don't particularly like hearing a whole bunch of racket in the morning..."

"It's in the middle of the day Kado." "Does it make a difference?!" "...In this case, I guess not."

He walks over to the hole where Drake came out of the house, and then spots Elaonore. "I would say good morning, but I'm told it's the afternoon... I don't really care... having a good afternoon then, aside from the Noise Circus over here?" He says with a dry air of humor in his voice.

Drake slowly OPENS his eyes and sees Kado and growls.

Drake: Noise circus? You better watch your mouth you runt, unless you want it off of your face... *He has a slight evil smile.*

Elaonore: WHAT ON EARTH did you do?! What the heck is the matter with you?

Kado says nothing, but Azula can tell, only by having worked with him so long, that a shift in his shoulders means he's reached up for something hidden in his clothing, a gesture only someone who knows him would reconize ,his sleeves otherwise too baggy to detect movement within.

He gives Elaonore a swift warning look, to let her know without verbal communcation that something is off.

Daikeim: Drake, the hell happened?!

Drake: I don't know Daikeim, but not right now... If this annoyance bothers me once more, I'll put him in even more pain than he arrived in...

Elaonore: There will be no hurting of anykind to anyone, you understand?

Kalin: (enters the house from a portal, soaking wet and only wearing a towel. He looks around, but is surprisingly unsurprised by the state of affairs) Oh, you're all still alive. that's good.Interrupted my bath, however.(Looks at kado)At least the kid looks like he's getting better. Although, you would have been healed weeks ago if you hadn't found some way out of my portal...(remembers the Kado's malevolent aura) Anyways, I hope you're up for a fight.(Tosses the Fire and Dark Slayers at Kado) It's about time the infamous leader of Azure got back in shape. After I get dressed, of course.(laughs)

Kado silently turns and walks away, but not ignoring him. Quite the opposite. If he makes a single motion in his direction, he's only going to end up with a faceful of dirt. The best way to short circuit pride is for it to injure itself. "I just woke up and already I'm up to my waist in bad tempers..."

He silently catches both, and works them into his sleeves in five seconds, and not even looking.

"Nice to see you again, Kal."

"Same to you. If you're done with recess, You can start heading for the Waterfalls. We'll be training there."

Daikeim: Hm... *Turns to look at Kado, then looks back at Drake and notices something.* His eyes... They're a darker shade than usual...

Drake: Hmph... *Drake gets up and spits out blood, he takes a glance at Kado.* Pfft... Not worth my time...

Daikeim: Dammit Drake... *He looks at Elaonore.* Sorry about him... I guess he's not himself... Drake and I will help clean up.

Drake: You're kidding, right? *His eye colour goes back to normal.*

Daikeim: No I am not kidding, look at the damage you done...

Drake: Fine fine...

Elaonore: long as it gets done without any trouble.*leaves*

Kalin:(Shakes his head)That poor girl.(turns to the two half dragons) I once heard that Dragons were wise creatures. I'm kinda disappointed in the real thing if they're anything like you two jokers.(looks at Drake) YOU NEED TO reign in all that explosive energy you've got going. Along with the unneeded attitude.( Taps him on the shoulder) Get going. You're training as well, today... Me and your friend will handle the repairs, and meet you when we're done.

Drake grabs Kalin's wrist before she touches Drake's shoulder and glares at her.

Drake: Don't you dare... Touch me, also, not every dragon has to put up with this crap. *He looks at Kado and laughs.* Even if you were to attack me in the state you're in, that wouldn't get you far. Follow Elaonore's advice and rest... Oh and one more thing, these "jokers" is a Demi-God and a mercenary, so like your friend, watch your mouth... *Drake goes TO GET the necessary materials to repair the two houses and slowly starts repairing along with Daikeim.*

Daikeim: Nice to see you're making friends...

Drake: Shut up, lets just get this done before YOUR GIRLFRIEND shows up.

Daikeim: ...*He punches Drake's arm.* Riiiight, and if that's so. I guess that makes you and Angeli a cou--

Drake: NO! *Punches Daikiem's arm.* Just shut up and HELP ME repair!

Daikeim: Ok ok, hahah.

Luna: Huh? Did you say anything?

Kado shakes his head. "I'm amazed that creatures like him actually exist... Ridiculous."

"You know, unless the 'demi god' joined in, I'm pretty sure the only kicking that WILL BE done is his ass once his face is in the dirt." "Kado, don't start anything. But I would agree that he is too reckless for his own health. ...Do you know why there was a dark shadow about you for a little while?" "Dark shadow...? No I don't remember any of those. Why?" "Well it seemed really dark and oppressive, I was concerned there was something seriously wrong. Also..." She turns to Drake and Daikeim, and focuses on Daikiem.

"If I were you Daikiem, I would do something about that friend of yours, Drake. I sense something off about him, whatever he did I imagine is responsible for this strange BEHAVIOR. Also, excuse me for being disrespectful, if that what this is, but trust me when I say Kado is a much greater threat than he's been given credit for. Your friend should pick his battles with more consideration, I promise you eventually it might kill him if he doesn't."

Kado leaps on top of a roof next to a tree, and takes rest under the tree's shade, with a perfect angle to keep an eye on Drake and the others, and wearily CLOSES one eye, the other trained on the others near Drake.

Daikeim: Yeah, don't worry about Drake. I'll keep him in check, can't say much for his mouth though... And Drake is reckless, but that's only because of his work. He tends to stick to his guns and mouth instead of his brain, but trust me, he's a nice PERSON once you get to know him. Anyways... *Continues fixing the house.*

The figure is behind Daikeim and Drake.

Voice: In all due will above your predessecors...and all of your race will know you as heroes..but at the same time the same ones who nearly killed them...*disappears*

Kado notices the figure, and frowns behind his mask. "Great. Last thing we need. Azula, you saw that right...?" "Yes. It was strange... do you think...?" "I more than think. I agree. Something's up. But as curious as I am, his attitude has basically canceled out any interest I might have had. We're going to leave soon as possible, I don't need anymore crap out of that bratty dragon, or whoever the hell he is. ...Besides, I have something I NEED TO check on when we get back..."

Kado takes Dark Slayer and gives it a distrusting look. I don't know who that was... but I don't want to meet her again...

Elaonore: Did you guys feel that?

Daikeim and Drake finish fixing THE HOUSES, ignoring what everyone else is doing.

Drake: That took SOME TIME... Well, I'm gonna find someplace secluded and practice on my spells.

Daikeim: I'll come with you, we need a new place to call home for now. Considering you keep blowing up ours...

Drake: Fair point... C'mon then. *Drake turns into his Aura Dragon form and flies off, with Daikeim following behind.* So, what are you planning?

Daikeim: Field, forest, y'know, stuff like that.

Drake: Heh, I might be able to try something.

Soon after, Daikeim and Drake stop flying and land in a massive empty field. Drake smirks and OPENS his spell book.

Drake: This is gonna feel just like home... *Drake places his book on the grass and takes a step back, he then puts his arms out forward and his hands begin to glow. Suddenly, a massive outline of a cube appears infront of them.* Heh, now to concentrate... *Drake CLOSES his eyes, just as he does that, tribal markings appears on his arms, they also begin glowing. The cube fills up with construction, building itself, soon after. The cube fades away and what's left is a fully built Cyanican house .*

Daikeim: Wow...

Drake: I'm not finished yet, watch this! *Drake flies up into the air and slowly raises his arms up, around the house. A small desert, lake, mountains and volcano raises out of the gound . Drake OPENS his eyes and sees what he's created and starts laughing.* Hahaha! I can't believe that worked! *He flies down and enters the house.* You coming in or what?

Daikeim: Oh, right.

Kado stares bewildered at the spectacle. "Well now... certainly knows how to show off..." He just sighs.

He walks to the house where he had been staying, and sits in his chair, and takes off his mask, wiping his brow. "I shouldn't be this TIRED... even if I took a big hit... why do I feel like this..." Out of boredom, he starts messing with his form, taking on black hair and green eyes. He holds Dark Slayer, and eventually looks up to see Elaonore staring at the sword, and he knows she can feel the strange aura of the blade, even while sheathed.

"I bet you're curious about this sword, and why it has such a dark aura about it, am I right?" He says, a melancholy expression on his face.

Elaonore: What kind of weapon is that? nothing I have ever seen before.

"It's called Dark Slayer. It's a katana that absorbs all dark energy, and nullifies the resistance of a being to darkness, so it dishes out whatever they put in. It's not at full power, because it was sealed... by... family... when they tried TO KILL me." He barely manges to finish saying the sentence, his anger surfacing quickly.

"The only gift they ever gave me... was this sword, right before their betrayal..."

Elaonore: I know how that one time I wasn' this...*has a sad look on her face* My family too had wanted to kill me..but that's when I found a place here. This is my new family and I would never have to worry about being hurt again and you too can feel that here, but I know you have a responsibility and you have a family, just don't throw it away for something that will GET RID OF it in a heartbeat, cause once you loose can never get it back.

Kado silently nods. "I know. Azure and... making the ones who hurt me pay is all that matters to me. I would never forsake Azure, they mean too much to me. ...There is still so much I HAVE TO do..." He trails off.

Elaonore: I understand. Your heart and your mind will lead you back to your destiny. If you will it with your heart, mind, and soul, it WILL BE given unto you. but I do advise you to find where your heart, mind, and soul truly lie.

Kalin:(walks up behind Elaonore, looking at Kado) That is something we all should do.( puts an arm around Elaonore) You are truly wise, Elaonore. Now if you'll excuse us... (grabs Kado, about to drag him away, before looking at his face) woah. So that's what you look like under that mask of yours. At least, at the moment. Ok, Kid. I said I was going TO GET you back into shape, and that's what I'm going to do. Afterwards... well, we will worry about that...afterwards.

Kado's face changes into his normal face, and smirks. "I don't need to be dragged around, Kalin, I'll come with. You planning on going somewhere else, Kalin? It sounds like it at least."

"Oh don't worry about it. You'll have your own problems to deal with, soon enough."

Kado frowns. "WHY DO I not like the sound of that? Are you threatening me or something?"

"Well, that would be a matter of perspective..." Kalin said as he OPENED a portal beneath the two of them, waving goodbye to Elaonore as they fell through. The other end opens 5,000 feet above the forest.

Normally Kado would not give the impression of being confused, but without a mask this quickly becomes impossible, and his look of confusion is clear.

"Ok, what's with the portals...?" He silently grows wings, and slides his white robe off his body, leaving only his BLACK JUMPSUIT, and revealing the shit ton of weapons strapped to his whole body, countless daggers, pouches, as well as Kado's four katanas, including the two Slayers. Kalin cannot help but pale at the sheer number of weapons, and can't help but think of the phrase, 'armed to the teeth'.

"I guess it is possible to have too much of a good thing." Landing on Kado's back, Kalin moves as close to his ear as possible and says "These portals are a small reminder of where I came from. While I can use them to get just about anywhere, every single one is CONNECTED TO my home dimension. I learned a lot of things back home. For example..."

Using Kado as a launching board, Kalin jumps higher into the air. As he does, his left arm begins to glow under his shirt, revealing a strange set of markings covering the length of it, from shoulder to hand. Suddenly, Kalin begins to glow with an almost angelic aura. His energy takes the shape of a pair of white wings, curving around his body all the way to his front as he begins to float in the air. His eyes also begin to glow with a silver light.


Kado makes a giant leap backwards, and draws his two normal katanas. Kalin notices a slight shimmering effect, and notes that Kado must be preemptively activating his intangibility. A quick aura of shadow forms around one of the blades, and he swings the katana and shoots the aura of energy at Kalin.

Best to avoid getting up close and nasty at the moment... I'm going to play it safe.

Before the energy wave reaches Kalin, his wings extend fully, and he disappears. Reappearing behind Kado, he laughs. "I'd have thought you might have seen this coming." Raising his hand above Kado, Kalin releases a flash of light powerful enough to match the rays of the sun, blinding Kado, and disrupting his intangibility. "Not so untouchable now, are ya'?" He says as he kicks kado in the back.

Kado chuckles, and grabs Kalin's leg, and swings him down into the ground below, Kalin slamming into the ground with great force. He shakes his head slightly.

"Honestly, are you going to get a tough guy act just because you disrupted my weakest version of Intangibility? Or has it not occured to you that I've yet to even release Seal 0?" He laughs.

"I suppose you could say I wanted to feel you out before I actually got down to buisness and actually bothered to start using my powers. While my sword is sheathed, I'm only capable of a few minor tricks. At Zero, which you've seen, I can use a bit more clever tactics. As for Seal 1... Well, let me show you the difference. And since we're at it..."

Kado unsheathes not just Dark Slayer, but Fire Slayer as well, and a thick aura of darkness surrounds Kado, despite the heavy light coming from Kalin. The added effect of both slayers causes Kado's form to burst into flames as well, and Kalin watches as the faint image of wings sprouts from Kado, barely detectable.

"It's a shame I can't use the 8th Seal. Otherwise this fight would be so much more fun. But still, I'll give it my best I'm capable."

He swings his sword, and a thick wall of darkness slams into Kalin, transforming into Shadow Fire on contact with him, burning him not only with Shadow Magic, but Fire as well, and the effect of the shadow blurs Kalin's vision.

"Hmm. Never thought I'd know what that'd feel like." Increasing his aura, the darkness surrounding Kalin disperses. "But you're not the only one who's holding back. Exercise #1: recognize your limits." Taking off into the air again, Kalin raised his hand to the air once again, This time creating a Large Light magic circle that fired beams of light from the sky, falling like rain everywhere.

"Exercise #2: Forget those limits ever existed. This volley won't end until you're unconscious, and there's only so many you can dodge before you get tired. And, if I didn't make it clear with my first example..." Kalin fires a small beam of light at Kado's shoulder. The shapeshifter attempts to become intangible once again, only for the blast to pierce straight through him.

Kado smiles. "Is this suposed to be threatening...?" He fingers the wound. "Not too bad of a shot... Still." Suddenly Kalin gets a tingling sensation, and Kado's eye glows an odd gold color, and begins changing. Transfixed, he watches as Kado transforms into... Kalin, going as far as minor aura changes, even some of Kalin's weapons manifest, as well as his current mode taking effect over Kado, and the light stops harming him, the wound in his shoulder gone.

"I typically consider this foul play, but this is a particularly annoying situation." He says with Kalin's own voice, wearing a most evil smirk. He flies up to Kalin, and swings one of Kalin's own swords at him, at almost the same speed of Kalin's.

"Of course, this isn't a perfect copy of you... I can only mimic so much of you... but that's besides the point, now isn't it...?" He says with a crazy grin.

"Any living thing I see I can replicate to the detail, along with any of their weapons, and I can even manage to mimic certain powers, though this is very limited, but still. Never underestimate a shapeshifter. But enough of this. Let's DANCE!" He yells, as he slashes Kalin's shoulder with ease.

Kalin: Touches shoulder wound as the gash heals, and his clothes are stitched back together. As he dodges a few of Kado's next strikes, he nods in approval of the shapeshifter's abilities."Woah. That's pretty good. I wonder if you have control of ALL of my abilities...What do you think, Rose?" Kalin said, reverting to his normal form, as the energy in the sky continued to rain down.

I think this situation presents a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Kalin Smiles. "I agree. So, synch to 99?" He said as his aura began to expand and flow around him erratically. knocking away a number of the energy beams near him.

Already done.

As another beam came towards Kalin, he reaches up to grab it as his hair grows longer and becomes darker. As he crushes the energy in his hand, Kalin's form became Rose's. Laughing, Rose grabs Kado's shirt and tosses him at the ground, causing him to bounce off the ground twice before skidding to a stop.

" It'll be nice to kick your ass again, Kal..."

Kado gets up and dusts himself off, his eyes locking onto Rose. They flash golden, and an expression of surprise flashes across his face. It then furrows into a strange expression close towards suspicion.

"There's more to you than meets the eye..." He growls. "I just assumed you were an alternate personality of Kalin's, in which case I should have adopted your powers as well... but... that's not the case... you're not like me then..." He trails off.

"You're a completely different being, aren't you...? But that isn't the important question...." He narrows his eyes. "How did you get inside of that person's soul? 'Rose'... you're certainly an interesting one..." He raises a sword, and it glows with a combination of Kado's and Kalin's powers, flashing from gold, red, and black slowly.

Rose: What can I say? I'm an anomoly.

"En Garde..." He bursts and disappears, appearing behind her and slashing at her back.

The blade hits Rose, bouncing off, and resounding with a "Clang!". Turning around to Kado, She begins to laugh. "I didn't expect you to strike me from behind, honestly. Guess we both got a little surprise. While Kalin likes to use his aura for speed and finesse, I prefer a more... direct approach. A heavy barrier, and..."

Grabbing Kado, She brings her fist back and slams it into his chest, feeling several of his ribs crack in the process. She then brings her leg up before slamming it into Kado's back, causing him to fall into the water below.

"An amazing Right Hook."

Charging fire energy in her hand, Rose dropped it into the water after him. The resulting explosion knocked Kado back onto the ground, and covered the nearby area in mist. Rose then changed back into Kalin, and dived towards the ground.

Kalin feels a rumbling, and he lands hard on some sort of metallic surface, which starts rumbling with a deep throaty growl.

"Well, that wasn't very nice of you, Kalin, breaking my ribs like that." A deep, dark, and dragonic voice echoes from beneath Kalin. "I hope you have fun, because this guy was an absolute asshole to defeat..." Abruptly, the head shifts and nearly bites Kalin's legs.

"Come back here, I think you owe me a few ribs!"

Kalin: "Well, don't expect me to just let you take them!" Kalin said as he jumped into the air, firing down a wave of dark energy from above.


Daikeim: ...Hey, Drake.

Drake: What?

Daikeim: Do you learn all the spells in that book of yours?

Drake: Yeah, why?

Daikeim: Then why do you keep carrying it around?

Drake: Because every time I see or learn a new spell. The book writes it in, also, I need it so I know what to do with the ritual rings. But most of all, it's one of the phew things I had back at Cyanic...

Daikeim: Hm... Ryunexo...

Drake: What about them?

Daikeim: They're not your family, right? So why do you bare the name?

Drake: Ryunexo means relentless creature... I guess I just like the name...

Daikeim: And what happened?

Drake: They're probably around still, Ryunexo's are a bitch to kill... And I'm not one to tell my life story Daikeim.

Daikeim: Right...

Drake: You seem worried, what's up?

Daikeim: Nothing... Anyways, I'm gonna relax. *Daikeim goes up to the top of the mountain and meditates.*


Kalin finds that despite Kado's now giant figure, he makes up for it by being incredibly fast and deadly accurate with his bites, claws, and general dragon breath. He eventually gets a decent swat on Kalin, and manages to dislocate his shoulder as he slams into the cliff, and is almost burned by a molten breath strike.

"So how's this then Kalin? I've got a few more decent forms in my collection... But let's have some fun with this one!" He shoots multiple bursts of molten metal at Kalin, forcing Kalin to carefully watch where he's dodging, in case Kado figures out where he'll dodge next.

"Not bad...I'll admit, without regeneration I'd be in a tight spot..." Kalin said as he hung from the stony side of the waterfall. Looking down at Kado's massive form, Kalin began to get ideas in his head. Putting on his headphones, he begins to play "Guren no Yumiya" as he draws Masamune. For a moment, he is overtaken by an intense pain in his head, but as it subsides, He jumps back down into the mist in silence, preparing for his attack.

Kado scoffs. Well I get to try this technique out...

He heats his entire body beyond the melting point, and suddenly everything flammable in the general area ignites, and the mist is blown away from the updraft of air, the heat strong enough to cause even Kalin pain as he was blown back.

Kalin:"(coughs)Awww(cough,cough) and I wanted to do this stealthily. Oh well...lets go, Rose!"

Rose appears, forming a Fire Magic circle behind her in mid-air. It proceeds to release a large stream of fire from it that propels Rose forward in Kado's direction. As she is sent flying, Rose begins to spin in a buzz saw motion. Rose slashes through Kado's scaled body as if it were paper, causing him to let out a roar in pain as he is split in half.

As she lands, she notices the glow of the eyes of the molten dragon has dimmed, and for a moment wonders if she broke him without realizing.

"You just love maiming people, don't ya?" Kado growls from behind her, and then proceeds to stab her in the side, as a howl of energy is unleashed from Fire Slayer, which impales itself into her, causing a searing numbing sensation that seems to be draining her fire magic, and amplifying the sword's razor edge. As she turns to attack him, he withdraws the blade and jumps back, and Rose notices that the entire side he had impaled is now completely numb, and she stares at the sword as it glows much more brightly than she had seen it do before.

"A minute more, and I would have got you too..." He pants, clearly tired. His jumpsuit is torn at his waistline, and a slowly healing ragged scar is across it.

"Damn it... that took more energy that I suspected it would... You're too brutal ya know..." Kado falls on his knees, using Fire Slayer to brace himself. The fires around them are slowly being drawn into the sword, until the whole area eventually extinguishes.

Rose maintains a confident smile on her face, although it is obvious that kado's attack left her drained of energy."Hey, lack of restraint is the trait of kings. And right now, this king is prepared for an execution!" She says as she rushes at kado, prepared to finish him off. However, Kalin regains control and stops his blade just as it touches Kado's neck."Talk about cutting it close,huh?"

A low growl is his lone reply, and Kado's eyes meet Kalin's, and Kalin nearly jumps out of his skin at the sight of blood red eyes and black marking across Kado's face. Before he can even mention it though, the look disappears as soon as it had appeared, and Kado collapses, breathing heavily.

"I'm... not sure if calling that a training exercise or attempted murder is more appropriate..." Kado moans. The scar finally finishes healing, and Kado lets out a breath. "I barely had enough energy to heal... you two are psychos, ya know..." He scratches his head. "What happened just now? I sort of blacked out when I saw Rose come straight for my throat, and then all of a sudden you're standing in front of me."

Kalin: "Oh, she was just messing with you." he says, laughing in a slightly unconvincing manner as he laid back on the scorched ground,looking up into the sky."You know, you did pretty well for a kid. Despite everything I threw at you, you managed to get up and keep moving forward. As a leader should."

Kado chuckles weakly. "Leader's too kind a word for what I am... I feel survivor is more fitting... after all my whole life has been nothing but conflict. My parents thought I was a freak, only true family betrayed me and tried to have me murdered... heh, they almost did actually... even coming to the city, I was beat down, robbed, and abused more times than I can count. After a while, you only focus on what's necessary to survive... you stop caring about others and only care about yourself... it's what it means to survive... sacrificing who you are just so you can exist... I guess that's why I founded Azure... so that other people wouldn't have to endure my pain... have to forgo who they are just to survive..."

He trails off with a melancholy expression.

Kalin: "But that's just it, isn't it? How could you stop caring for people, and yet try so hard to save them? You may not be able to see it, but I feel the light inside of you. Even if the darkness blinds you to the path you walk, the light in your heart will show you the way to a world of peace. Standing, Kalin looks over to Kado, a oddly serious look on his face."Now, it's about time I got moving."

Kado looks at him puzzled. "Get moving? You going somewhere?" He manages to get to his feet after a minute.

"Yeah. I've been meaning to check in on an old friend of mine. It's not like I'll be gone forever, but I'm not sure where that will take me. Don't worry, I'll keep in touch."  And you'll make sure he doesn't do anything stupid, right Azula? 

Kado reluctantly nods. "I understand." "Trust me, my job is pretty much keeping Kado on a leash." "HEY!" "What? Are you telling me you don't jump out of your chair at the mere mention of Earth Slayer's name?" "....I hate it when you're right..." "Don't worry about us Kalin, I'm pretty sure we'll be fine. After all, it's not the last time we've been attacked like this before. We've always come out fine. Scarred, but fine."

Opening a portal behind him, Kalin chuckles to himself and begins stepping into it. "Oh, Earth Slayer. Sounds terrifying. Heh. I still owe you a drink, Azula. Maybe next time..."

Kado raises a finger. "Uhhh, hold on... if you leave... umm... HOW DO WE get out of here?"

"Oh, yeah," Kalin said as he turned back to Kado."(snaps fingers, causing another portal to appear behind the waterfall) Whenever you're ready to head out, just step through there, and think about where you want to go. You'll be there in minutes. It's one-way, so be sure you know exactly where you want to go. See ya."(steps through portal)

Kado watches him go, and then sighs. "I can't imagine what that guy's up to now... ah well. Might as well head back..." He walks his way back, stopping to stare at what Drake had made again, and then returns to where he had been staying, where he finds Azula silently looking out the WINDOW.

"Are you ready to return Azula?" He asks hesitantly. "Sort of... but how about you? Are you sure you're ready to go back?" "Well it's now or never... the sooner we get back the sooner we CAN INSURE that things get back to normal." "I guess... are we going to say anything? I mean they were more than generous to us." "...Yeah. I'll say something to that Elaonore girl before I leave. I owe her that much."

Kado walks out of the building, and puts his white robe back on, smoothing it out and dusting it as he goes, before finding Elaonore. He waves her over to him, and he rubs his forehead.

"I'm not one for goodbyes and all... but I wanted to say thank you for your help... I appreciate it. You people LIVE A GOOD LIFE, and I respect that. ...Can you tell me something though? ...Do you hate humans?" He asks hesitatingly.

Elaonore: Humans have done me no wrong, but have done so to my fellow Mythos. Humans are scared of what they do not understand. Humans are the most dangerous. If anything is more dangerous than they are, they are quick to try TO GET RID of it. There will be a day where man and Myth can live as a unity,but until then I stay here and watch overmy kind, like what you must do now.

Kado nods. "I hope so... though sometimes I feel as though that alone is but a mere fantasy. But that's besides the point. Thank you again and...." He seems to blush with embarassment. "But ahhh... pleassseee don't mention the uhh... other side of me... I-I... it's really embarassing..."

He looks away. "I know it seems cowardly to ask... it's just not something I'm proud of..." His eyes change to a light green.

Elaonore: *smiles* It's ok. Not everyday something strange happens. am always glad to help, whoever needs it. Friend or Foe.

He bows his head politely, and then turns to leave. "Goodbye now. I can't say that this place doesn't hold appeal TO ME... maybe one day I might return here. I rather enjoyed my time here." As he walks away, Azula notices his eyes are a brilliant gold now, and even a warm smile is on his face.

"...I haven't seen that look on his face... in so long... he's happy...." Azula thinks to herself. "Ironic how we have to GO BACK to the world that broke him, and leave a world that might be able to heal his wounds..."

Azula looks at Elaonore. "Thank you... for MORE than just your hospitality."

She then turns and walks with Kado out of the town and back to the waterfall. They look at the portal, and take a deep breath. Kado looks at the swirling depths of the portal, and sighs.

"We have so much work we must do... but I can't help but wonder if this is the kind of future we might have at the end of THE ROAD..." He trails off. "But unfortunately, our work is far from done..." They walk through the portal, and back into the world they call home, back to the storms and wild elements. And back to the life they had always labored over... repairing what had been torn down, and building it up.

M.C.C.P. changed nothing. Azure had already been building things BACK UP. It just had to stop to add another building project to the long list.

Later Times Edit

Angeli pops up into the view of the non-exsistant camera and says "So what happens now, We drink a milkshake and call it a day?"

Sanyirth: I will await our next move.

Elaonore: I wonder what the other two are doing?

Meanwhile on a hill far off the edge of Fantasy

Jumbo: *is looking out at all the areas of Fantasy and hears people living peacfully*...Family...Peace...*feels something, eyes widen* We know that power...We know it very weelllll! *turns to see a dark-hooded figure, but appears to be different than the other one* SOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNN!!! *full throtle charges at

Time somehow slows down

Figure: *touches the Pentagram burned on Jumbo's chest and it begins to glow with holy and unholy fire*

Time is normal


Elaonore: Jumbo! Somethings wrong with him!

Figure: Attack your enemies. *shows a image of both Daikeim and Drake*

Jumbo: *looks at the images and see them instead wearing M.C.C.P uniforms* The Before...!

Figure: Go now and slay them!

Jumbo: *takes flight and in a instant is off*

The dark figure appears next to the other

Voice: Now to see if you can are truly worthy to have the power you wield.

Meanwhile, Daikeim is training while Drake is tinkering with a small device.

Drake: Put that there, combine that, insert this... Hm, looks like I'm missing some parts... *He leaves the room and goes outside to see Daikeim firing beams of fire at some targets.*

Drake: I see you're busy.

Daikeim: Well, I guess I'm just used to training... Besides, what were you making?

Drake: Oh, nothing really, just tinkering with some stuff.

Daikeim: Didn't think you were smart enough to tinker.

Drake: You'll be surprised, I'm a versatile person. Uses spells, tinkers, trained mercenary and half dragon... Yeah.

Daikeim: You should go back into mercenary work for the Mythos, I think you'd do well.

Drake: Maybe... But I still don't think I should, at least for the Mythos. My methods are a bit... Graphic.

Daikeim: Another thing you're good at? Your title is becoming more and more ironic...

Jumbo: *lands in between Daikeim and Drake causing a humongous explosion of dirt. It blows away their house in the process*

Daikeim: What the!?

Drake: ...*He looks at the ruins of the house* Mother... Fucker. *He glares at Jumbo* The hell is your problem!? You got 10 seconds before I blast that tiny brain of yours out of your skull!

Jumbo: *screeches and disappears. He is moving at Mach 1 speed and is dash attacking Drake with punches*

Drake: Get away from me freak! *Drake creates a shockwave, blasting Jumbo away*

Daikeim: Wait... *He notices the mark of Jumbo's chest* That's new... Something's not right, he obviously won't attack without reason...

Drake: WHO CARES!? *Drake charges at Jumbo and uppercuts him then spinkicks him away*

Jumbo: *ducks his head back and catches Drake's leg and twists it*

Drake: I warned you! *Drake pulls out a knife and stabs Jumbo's shoulder, forcing him to let go. Drake jumps back and gets in a fighting stance*

Jumbo: *takes the knife out of his shoulder and crushes it. Jumbo grabs Drake by the head and hurls him at Daikeim*

Daikeim: *Catches Drake and stands him up* What is going on with him, any ideas-- Huh...? *Daikeim notices Drake's sudden energy change*

Drake: ...*Drake's eye colours are almost pitch black and are having a very faint red tint, he goes into his Aura Dragon form. But the colour has changed to a darker red, he growls at Jumbo and slowly walks towards him*

Daikeim: Drake...?

Drake: Yo̷u'll r͏e͢gr͝e̕t̛ ́th͢at̕.͘.̸.̢ *He flies at Jumbo and punches him in the gut, causing him to get blasted away. Drake then appears behind Jumbo and kicks him to the floor, Drake then stomps Jumbo's head, pushing him into the ground. Drake then picks him up and glares at him, he throws him aside and fires a blast at him*

Daikeim: ...I need to find Elaonore, now! *Daikeim flies around Fantasy to try and find Elanore*

Jumbo: *disappears and pieces Drake in the heart with his long-elbow bone*

Elaonore: *is flying overhead* Where is he? *catches a glimpse of Daikiem* Hey! Have you seen Jumbo?

Daikeim: Yeah, he's fighting Drake... He just came out of nowhere and started attacking, why is he doing that?!

Elaonore: I don't know. I never felt this sort of rage before. He would never act this way, unless the M.C.C.P were here. What ever it is we need to help him. Jumbo is the one for blind rage. Come on. *flies off to where Jumbo and Drake are*

Drake: H͢eh͏e̕... *Coughs up blood* You r̵ea̸lly̸ want to k͠i͞l͏l m̧e̶? *He grabs the bone and pulls it out of his body, Drake then punches Jumbo away and creates energy spikes which impale Jumbo's feet and hands to the ground, restricting movement. Finally, he traps Jumbo in a energy cube* Then get familiar with m̨y̵  race's anatomy... *Drake wipes the blood off his mouth and looks at the hole in his body* That's g̨on͠n̴a leave a màrk̷... *It slowly heals, but leaves a small scar*

Jumbo: *his long elbow bone instantly grows back. Jumbo pulls his hands and feet up from the ground. He then stands up, and puts his hands against the wall of the cube and starts to push. The cube breaks. Jumbo grabs Drake's head, flies up into the air at Mach 1 and then comes back down and slams Drake into the ground*

Drake: You͟ ̨t̢hin̨k͡ ͞t͡h͟at̢ ̴will stop͠ mé?̴ ̛I̴ h̴aven'̕t e̢ven ̷t̨ried t͏o k͢i͝l̛l̢ yo͡u ҉y͠et.̢.͠. *Drake disappears in fire and reappears behind Jumbo and strangles him with his tail to the point of near death*

Daikeim: God dammit! DRAKE! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL HIM!

Drake: Th͘at'̀s ̵th͠e ̵i̧de̷a.

Jumbo: *rips Drake's tail off and grabs Drake's head he starts squeezing Drake's head and his skull is cracking little by little* We have waited decades for this! *sinks his thumbs into Drake's eye sockets*

Elaonore: Jumbo stop!

Jumbo: NEEEEVVEERRR! ENNEEEMYYY! *sinks his thumbs even further into Drake's eye sockets*

Drake: Yo̷u ̀f͘i̡l̢th̵y̷ pe͟asa̛nt̶.̕..͝ ̨W̵h̴a̷t ma͟kes y̶óu͢ t̵h́i͞nk ̢yo͏u c͞an ki̕ļl m̀e͠?̴ *Drake grabs Jumbo's hands and pushes them out of Drake's eye sockets, Drake then crushes both hands and knees Jumbo in the chin, fraturing it . He then punches Jumbo in the ribs multiple times, cracking them, Drake kicks Jumbo to the floor and places his foot on his chest.*

Drake: Y̡où'r͞e pat̵heti̡c͝,͏ ẁe̴ak,̡ a̧nd ̕e̷a͝si͘l҉y ḿan̷i҉p̡ulate̛d..̨. ̷H͟e͘nce ̨the̷ pèn͢ta͘gr̀am̡ ͡on ͝you̧r̡ c͝h̡es̶t͢, y̛o̶u͏ ͘g̕ot ̶p̴o̶s̡s̨es̡s͝e̶d a͞nd tr͞i͘c̸ked,̢ ͟f͡o͜o̵lish͢ c͘r͜ęat́ur͜e͏.̢ *Drake picks Jumbo up by the neck and pulls out a knife and slowly stabs Jumbo in the arms and stomach, he then kicks Jumbo away and slowly walks up to him*

Drake: Yo̶u t̕hi̢n̢k y͟óu͢ co͢u̵l̕d d̢e͏fe̢nd͏ F҉ant̨a͟sy...҉ ́B̛u͡t ̸loo̷k at ҉y͜ou ͜n͝ow̨,́ yo͝ur͢ st̴amina ís ͠gone͜,͜ ̕yóu go̡t͢ c̵uts̕ ͡a̸nd w̛o͝unds a̸ll ͘o̴v̨er̀ yo̶u. ̸ *Drake summons his sword and aims it at Jumbo's heart*

Drake: Now̕,҉ ̢this bl̸ad͞e ҉d̷e̷ci͜des͘ yo̕ur ̀fa̡t̨e͏.̶ ̴And͟ ͡yo̡u ̶m̷ade th̕e̸ ͏wro͜ng m̸o͢ve͏ me̷s̵s͞in̛g ̡w̕it́h̕ ̨ḿe.͞.. *He impales the sword down to the hilt into Jumbo's body. Drake then collapses out of fatigue*

Daikeim: Shit... Elaonore! Make sure you can restrain Jumbo *Daikeim finds Drake's spellbook and creates a ritual around Jumbo and Drake. Slowly healing them* Crap crap crap crap... Drake's never had that amount of damage before...

Elaonore: Come on, We get both of them and take care of them.

Jumbo: *removes the blade from his body* The Before! *gets up and slaps Daikeim away and grabs Drake's unconscious body. The Pentagram on his chest glows* Nothing will stop me! Nothing! *A Pentagram shines on Drake's chest and begins drawing out Drake's soul*

Elaonore: Jumbo stop!

Jumbo: NEVER! *continues to drain Drake's soul*

Elaonore: STOP!

Jumbo: *feels a sharp pain in his mind. He drops Drake and fall on the ground*

Daikeim: ...*Looks at Jumbo then looks at Elaonore.* Seal Jumbo away somewhere where he can't hurt anyone... *Looks at Drake and walks over him and picks him up and carries him over his shoulder.* I'm going to find someone who can help Drake... See you later. *He flies off*

Elaonore: Watches Daikeim fly off with Drak and looks back at Jumbo* Oh Jumbo, what happened to you? Wait Daikeim, where are you going? I'm a healer, I can heal Drake.

Back at the End of the Nation

Voice: Remarkable. His power nearly surpassed that of the Guardian's. Now if only we can get the other one to do the same.

Figure: It is no matter. You got what you want Valeric.

Voice: I did indeed, but what troublesme thought is how he was fighting against your control.

Figure: I admit. He is stronger than he appears, even with broken bones, he still fought. You could say he rivals the power of that of Jibaku.

Voice:Hmm, if the Guardian were to leave, he would decimate the outside world.

Figure:Then lets be thankful he's trapped here. *is consumed by a combination of holy and hell fire and disappears*

Voice: For the time being anyway. *is surrounded in a black aura and disappears*

Daikeim: Oh... That would of been helpful to say before I left. *Daikeim flies back and places Drake on the ground* Anyways, work your magic.

Elaonore: It's not magic, it's the wind itself. *the wind comes and fill his wounds* I can't say much for his eyes, and his skull may take time to mend back together. I'm sorry about your friend and I'm also sorry about Jumbo. He has never attacked anyone for no reason like that before.

Daikeim: I understand... But Drake should heal soon enough... Thanks for this, Drake isn't usually that violent with people he'd try to protect. He has something like a god complex... *Daikeim takes out a bandage and wraps it around his head, covering his eyes.*

Angeli suddenly appears and says "And i'm back because of plot convenience!" as luna, Sena then says "Can somebody fill us up on what happened?"

Elaonore: Something went wrong with Jumbo, He attacked Drake and Daikeim and Drake fought him. Both of them are very injured and need to be healed as soon as possible.

Sanyirth seemed to have moved to their area again.

Sanyirth: I will personally confront him the next time he is spotted.

Daikeim: Don't... *Sighs* Drake needs a place to rest... Any ideas Elaornore?

Elaonore: I know of a place. *teleports them to a lake teeming with mystic energy* This is the Pool or Serenity. Don't ask why its called a 'pool' instead of a 'lake'. *puts Drake in the water and pushes him out into the lake* He will find serenity in his consciousness.

Daikeim: Once again, thanks. I'll stay here in case anything happens. *He sits down by the side of the lake.*

Elaonore: Do you mind coming back with me to get Jumbo? He doesn't need healing, but we cant leave him by himself.

Daikeim: Sorry, but I refuse to come with you. I want to stay here to make sure Drake fully heals... No matter how long it will take.

Elaonore: I can teleport you know. It'll only be for a split second. I need you cause I can't carry Jumbo.

Daikeim: Just teleport him over here... Just place your hand on him and bring him over.

Elaonore: Wait...hold up..*thinks for a moment* Oh yea, you right. Stupid me. *teleports and teleports back with Jumbo* Now I need you to push him into the lake...pool...whatever it's called.

Daikeim: Haha... Alright then. *He goes over to Jumbo and pushes him into the lake, he then sits back down and sighs.* I really hope them two will be ok... We need to do something, neither of them were normal, Jumbo had the pentagram on his chest... And Drake was just... Relentless.

Elaonore: Jumbo had already had that Pentagram on his chest. He was the 1st experiment of Satanic Alchemy. He under went changes, like the ones you see now. Jumbo was once a soldier for the M.C.C.P who fought in the Reality vs. Fantasy War. He was kidnapped during a battle by a Satanic cult called the Sect. of Satan. He was exposed to many unholy magics and demonology. He was latter infused with a beast that changed his entire body. Their experimentation on him made him the strongest and fastest non-mytho being to have ever lived. What ever happened to Drake is unknown to me.

A figure made entirely of Drake's aura suddenly comes out of Drake's body, it looks like it's wings and tail have been ripped off. It walks on the water and goes up to Daikeim.

Daikeim: That must of hurt... So, why are you here?

The figure shows Drake a small dark energy sphere.

Daikeim: Is this what was corrupting Drake? 

The figure nods and hands a small piece of it to Daikeim, the figure then starts to talk in Cyanican.

Figure: (Son of Luxinare... Learn to control this, I unfortunately cannot due to my injuries... It will come in handy soon enough, as for Drake. Keep him safe, he doesn't know the power this has caused.)

Daikeim: And what about you?

Figure: (I'll be ok, I'll fully heal once Drake does. Make sure he doesn't destroy anything here, we don't need more damage...)

Daikeim: I understand.

Figure: (Until next time.) *The figure goes back into Drake's body*

Elaonore: Is that what happened to Drake?

Daikeim: Seems, so... Corrupted, hm... *Thinks through what happened with Drake* The dark figure, he must of caused this. Anyways, you can go now, you probably have more stuff to do.

Elaonore: Not much at all. When there is peace, there is nothing major I can do, except enjoy it.

Daikeim: Ok then... *Daikeim sits down and closes his eyes; meditating*

Elaonore: *closes her eyes and just breathes*

God Squad enters through the Gate

Gregory: Ok, we have entered Downation. What will we do in order to draw Jumbo to us?

The Administrator: No need to find him, he'll find you.

Gregory: Can't tell you how many times i've heard that.

The Administrator: your very presence troubles him. He will no doubt come to take care of you.

Gregory: Yea, "care" Alright guys, now we wait.

Back at the lake

Jumbo: *eyes are wide open* The Before! *flies out of the lake at Mach 5 speed, causing all the water to sprout out of the lake. It rains all around the lake area and the lake itself is empty. Drake falls from the air and lands next to Daikeim*

Elaonore: *is getting rained on* There he goes again.

Daikeim: We should go after hi--

Drake is grabbing onto Daikeim's shoulder, helping himself up.

Drake: No, don't, I got this.

Daikeim: I'm glad to see you're up and ready for action, but just remember not to die. Ok?

Drake: Soul of Revival man, didn't get that name for nothing. *Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and flies after Jumbo, soon catching up to him.* Jumbo, I know we're not friends right now. But for now, let's just go kick some ass, alright?


Meanwhile at the Gate

Gleam: So are we waiting for this guy or wh-

Jumbo: *once he stops causes a sonic wave, nearly blowing God Squad away*

Gleam: Nevermind, he's here.

Gregory: Work with precaution guys. This dud is no joke. He literally hates our guts so lets do this as quick as possible. *shoots a needle with pink fluid into Jumbo's arm*

Jumbo: *pulls the needle out of his arm and crushes. Disappears, reappears, grabs Gregory by the head and throws him into another squad member*

Gleam: *shoots a another needle into Jumbo's back*

Jumbo: *takes it out and jabs the needle into Gleams eye*


Jumbo: *punches Gleam in the gut so had his hand comes out through his back thus killing Gleam*

Gregory: Gleam! You sonofbitch. *flies straight toward Jumbo dodges to his left, grabs Gregory by the neck and elbow pierces Gregory*

Gregory: *coughs blood and falls to the ground*

Drake: Wow... That was brutal... Hehe, that was awesome! Do it again!

The other squad members are shooting needles at Jumbo

Jumbo: *ignores the needles being shot at him and moves at Mach 1 speed. He dashes past one of them and that member's head falls clean off and the other is cut in half side ways and downwards*

Drake: I guess I'll gather the bodies... *Drake flies around and gathers the bodies and makes a pile, he sits ontop of it and watches the blood bath*

Jumbo: *is about to kill the last squad member*

Gregory: Now! *releases an explosive burst of heavenly force blowing Drake off him*

Jumbo: *fall down all of a sudden*

The last member uses the canon to open the Gate

Gregory: *flies toward Jumbo and touches his Pentagram symbol, making it glow with heavenly light*

Jumbo: *screeches as loud as he can before falling over unconscious*

The last 2 members carry him out into Reality. The Gate closes behind them.

Gregory: Mission successful, Admin.

The Administrator: Good, return to base.

Gregory: Yes sir. *teleports with Jumbo and disappears*

Drake: Ugh... *He gets up and looks around* ...Oh shit. *He flies back to Elaornore and Daikeim*

Daikeim: Well?

Drake: Umm, bad news... The M.C.C.P... Kinda... Kidnapped Jumbo.

Daikeim: ...What.

Elaonore: What?! Oh no, oooohhh no. That's definately not good.

Daikeim: ...Drake, do you still have that portal to Earth

Drake: Umm yeah. *Drake opens his spellbook and opens a portal to Earth,*

Daikeim: Ok, I don't want you following me here. You're still not fully healed, stay here.

Drake: No way, we stick toge--

Daikeim: Don't disobey an order from a Heroa God... Got it?

Drake: ...Fine. 

Daikeim: Goodbye, for now. *Daikeim steps through the portal.*

Drake: ...*He closes the portal* He'll be able to get back...

Elaonore: Be careful out there...

Another 1st Day Edit

Ammo: So, what's our mission? *Looks at clipboard Administrator gave them* Seems fun you'll be there. *Smiles and hugs Jonas*

The Administrator: Your task is to immobilize a Puppet who has been causing alot of trouble down in North-East Asia. We have located it down to a cave in the mountains. Bring it back or kill it, whichever or works

Jonas: Sure thing, Admin. *smokes a Blu cigarette*

The Administrator: You are dismissed.

Ammo: YAY! More time with Jony!

Jonas: Alright let's go.

The Administrator: Holdup, Jonas. *lifts Jonas shirt collar and sees a purple bruise it a scratch on it* Remember what I said Jonas. Don't let your love life affect your job.

Jonas: not much for you to worry about, Admin. i got this. *walks off*

Ammo: What was all that about? *Looks worried*

Jonas: It's ok. Admin was just worried about this bruise you gave me. *shows her the purple bruise with scratches over it*

Ammo: Oh, sorry... *Looks at feet, sad*

Jonas: Why? You just gave me the best night I ever had in centuries. *smiles*

Ammo: I got you in trouble... We need to get going. I'll get the ship. *Walks away towards ship.*

Jonas: Hey, you dint get me in trouble. I get in trouble with the Admin all the time. That's why me and him have a close bond. I'm the exceedingly strong and handsome fellow, while he's the dark'n'shady one who sits in the dark all day and when he gets up from his desk, the whole world seems to be comin' at an end.

Ammo: I know someone for him. *Smiles* Belinda the Good Witch. *Starts Flying* So, what's the stratagy?

Jonas: We just go in there and kick its ass. When it comes to singular mythos 9-10 they aren't really expirienced or atleast smart. In any case, this Puppet isn't really intelligent due to it being half Demon and demons have a different way of expressing themeslves than human beings.

Ammo: I trust you. *Smiles and kisses Jonas from her seat*

Meanwhile, in a forest a couple of miles away from the M.C.C.P facility, a portal emerges out of thin air, closing after a figure walks out of it.

Daikeim: Ok... Time to find jumbo... *Daikeim starts jumping from tree to tree towards the facility*

2 dark figures watch Daikeim disappear amongst the trees

Figure: *slowly shakes his head* Im afraid this endeavor is in vain. He cannot change fate. Kaos knew that better than anyone.

Voice: Yes, but Kaos is no longer here. Daikeim can try all he can to free Jumbo, only to find out that he cannot change the choices of others once they have decided.

After a while, Daikeim finally reaches the outskirts of the facility and examines it.

Daikeim: Hm... The M.C.C.P facility... It's best not to go in guns blazing, right now... Stealth is my best approach... *Daikeim takes a small device out of his pocket and smirks* Drake, your little toys might come in handy... *He activates the device, cloaking Daikeim in invisibility, this also hides him from any energy signatures and infa-red. He then tries to find an opening into the facility*

A ship leaves through an opening to the hangar

Daikeim: Perfect. *Daikeim flies into the hangar before it closes, he then stops and looks around. Then continues walking through the facility*

A few soldiers are scouting through the hangars isnoecting the ships

Daikeim: Hm... They're no use to me right now... And I haven't got much time before someone finds out. *Daikeim tries to sense Jumbo's energy signature, but fails* Damn... I guess more exploring it is... *Daikeim walks through the thousands of corridors in hope that one of the rooms contains Jumbo.*

Theres some sort of pounding from within the facility

Daikeim: This better be him... *He goes to the source of the pounding*

The pounding leads to a vault

Daikeim: A vault... *He looks at the five guards outside the vault, he deactivates the device and draws the Draconia Blade and decapitates 2 of the guards. He then kicks one in the neck, breaking it then throws his sword through the other guard's body. He disarms the last guard and aims the gun at him* What's behind the vault...

Guard: A former soldier. He was experimented on a satanic cult. He's like a half man half Quetzalcoatl sort of thing.

Daikeim: Thank you, oh and one more thing... Why all of this? Why are you afraid of Mythos? Why put them through all this suffering?

Gaurd: We asked God the same thing...about humanity...we already knew that answer...

Daikeim: ...They don't deserve this, you treat them like animals... Just open the vault door.

Guard: *scoffs* Another asshole trying to lecture us. *inserts the code '666'*

The vault s unlocking itself and Jumbo flies out and has Daikeim in a head lock, knees Daikeim in the gut and throws him across the corridor was and pins him against the wall

Guard: *over the intercom* We have an intruder all personel guard the corriders

The personel are locked and loaded with serum needles and bazookas. There is one out of the 4 Bureaucrats guarding a corridor along with the personel.

Daikeim looks at Jumbo and sighs, he then headbutts Jumbo, forcing him to let go. He then punches Jumbo in the gut and slams both his fists against his head, stunning him for a minute. Daikeim then turns to look at the guards, who fire at him. The Draconia Blade flies back into Daikeim's hand, and slices the needles and rockets in half. Daikeim then swings the sword in the air, causing a massive energy wave to emerge out of the sword and cut the guards in half. Daikeim then walks over to Jumbo.

Daikeim: Jumbo... You're a Mytho, you defend Fantasy... You were sworn to defeat The Before, but now you're teaming up with them... Why? You're better than this, but if you insist on staying here... *He picks Jumbo up and carries him over his shoulder back into the vault, he puts him down and exits the vault and closes the door and walks away*

Jumbo: Teaming? You are foolish! We mistook you for The Before! You and your brash assumptions!

Daikeim: Oh... My bad. *He opens the vault door* Ok, they would have sent reinforcements. You in the mood for killing more M.C.C.P soldiers? *He grabs his sword and gets in a stance*

Jumbo: FINALLY! *dahses off at Mach 3 speed down the corridors, slaughtering all tat is in his way. Is knocked to the side by a Bureaucrat.*

Daikeim flies at the Bureaucrat and grabs him by the neck and slams him against a wall, he then tightens his grip until the Bureaucrat can't breath. Daikeim then gets his sword and impales the Bureaucrat and drops him, he walks over to Jumbo and helps him up.

The Bureacrat slices Daikeim's head, impales him and throws him into the wall behind him

Jumbo: *twist the Bureaucrats head backwards and pulls it off*

Daikeim: Ugh... *Gets up and looks at his wounds* Mother fucker... *Daikeim coats himself in a green aura that slowly heals his wounds* Ok, lets carry on. *He continues flying down the corridor*

Jumbo: *continues to fly down the corridors at Mach 3 speed and decimate all that fill them* DIIIEEEEEE!!!

Daikeim: Hm... Jumbo, shouldn't we see what the M.C.C.P is doing with the Mythos they kidnap?

Jumbo: They are in chambers in cold sleep. You find the chambers, We will destroy The Before. *dahses on ahead*

Daikeim: Ok... And be careful, I don't want to save you again. *Daikeim starts searching every room to find the chambers, killing any guards he sees*

Jumbo: *stops infront 2 giant-metal doors and rips it open in 5 seconds*

Inside reveals hundred of mythos asleep in gel-capsules, some of those capsules are empty.

Daikeim: Woah... Jumbo, get them out of the capsules, also get then some weapons to defend themselves with... *He notices the empty ones* Hm, Jumbo, you sure they just store them here?

Jumbo: Positive. *punches the control dashboard and all the captive mythos slide out of their capsules*

Daikeim: Ok... Now there's the job of getting them all back to Fantasy without them dying... The hangar! If we can get them to the hanger, we'll find a big enough ship and get them to the Gate. *He looks at the Mythos* But the amount is troubling...

Jumbo: *is communicating with the Mythos telepathically* Come with us. We will take our vengeance on those who have imprisoned us.

The captive Mythos agree

Jumbo: THEN COME! Lead us to the place of flight.

Daikeim: Alright. *Daikeim flies back to the hangar, allowing the Mythos to kill any guards along their way. But suddenly stops moving before they enter* Hold on... *Daikeim's Soul Stone flashes* Damn... They're expecting us... *He prepares himself and tightens his grip on his sword*

Jumbo: The Before will not live! *dahses into the hangar and sees over a thousand soldiers and sees The Admin himself* YOUUUU!

The Administrator: Yes. Me.

Jumbo: *charges at The Admin but every attack goes right through him*

The Administrator: *has Jumbo by the neck and throws him out the hangar*

Daikeim: Dammit... *He looks at The Admin, then at all of the guards* For the Mythos. *Daikeim overcharges the Draconia Blade with energy and fires a massive energy wave at The Admin and guards*

The Administrator: *absorbs the Drocnia energy and fires a black version of it back a Daikeim and the Mythos*

One of the mythos moves in front of Daikeim and absorbs all of it and disperes it into the air. Another lifts up all the ships with a lift of a finger and fling them all at the opening, causing a large explosion.

Daikeim: ...*Sheaths the Draconia and sprints at The Admin and uppercuts him into the air, Daikeim then jumps to the same height and unleashes a barrage of punches into The Admin's chest. Finally slamming his heel down The Admin's head, sending him flying down into the floor*

The Administrator: *appears behind him and grabs him from the back of the neck and lifts him and starts to suck the light out of Daikeim*

Jumbo: *charges at The Admin again*

The Administrator: *puts Daikeim in front of him and Jumbo tackles Daikeim instead of The Admin*

Daikeim: Ugh... *Get Jumbo off of him and gets up. He then flies at The Admin and punches him in the gut, he then appears behind The Admin and slams both his fists against The Admin's neck*

The Administrator: *catches Daikeim's fist and breaks his wrists and flips him over and stomps on his arm, thus breaking it*

Daikeim: Grr... *Daikeim gets up and sweep kicks The Admin over then places one of his feet on The Admin's chest and presses down, cracking his ribs*

Daikeim is starting to literally get pulled into The Admin himself.

Daikeim: The hell!? *He flies out of The Admin's chest and looks at him* You're obviously not human, so tell me... What are you?

The Administrator: The man who's going to make you wish death was an option. *is teaming with a dark aura. The light coming from the blown up opening shines on him and his aura seems to be growing*

Daikeim: Heh... *Daikeim goes into his Solar Novac form* As a DaeMurr God... It's my job to wipe you out. *Daikeim swipes his hand to the left, causing a massive chunck of metal to colide into The Admin*

The Administrator: *the metal turns into darkness and disappears before it touches him. The floor turns into darkness and everyone starts to sink into it*

Daikeim: NO! *Daikeim instantly appears infront of The Admin and kicks him in the side of the head, sending him flying across the room.* This fight is between you and me... Release them from this... NOW!

The Administrator: *reappears behind Daikeim as a formless darkness and engulf him and he returns to his form and Daikeim is starting to fade away within The Admin*

Jumbo: *manages to free himself and flies above everyone and starts spinning around, causing a tornado-like wind to form, sucking all the darkness away into the wind. Jumbo disperses the darkness into the Sun, which the darkness turns the whole Sun black. Jumbo thrust his hand into The Admin and rips Daikeim out of him.*

Daikeim: ...I will not allow this to happen! *Daikeim goes back to his Half Dragon form and glares at The Admin* Darkness... Pure darkness like you should be erased from this world... *Daikeim's Soul Stone flashes gold, Daikeim then creates an energy ball, with the Soul Stone lending energy towards it. It then shines gold* BE GONE! *He throws the light ball at The Admin*

The light ball goes into The Admins body and is consumed

The Administrator: You are no god here. *A black solar flare comes toward the Earth and it flows staight into The Admin*

Daikeim: Jumbo, cover up any openings to the outside. Block the sun from him...

Jumbo: It will not make a difference...He consumes light in and from any form...And the darkness is at his command...We will need a better plan than that...

Daikeim: Damn... *Daikeim clenches his fist* No way we can land a punch on him either, he counters our attacks, absorbs anything we throw at him...

Jumbo: Then we don't run...we escape...*flies into the opening and the others try to follow but they cannot see in the dark*

Daikeim: ...*Daikeim turns to look at the Mythos but then sharply turns his head back* I'm sorry to do this... I promise we will get you out of here...*Daikeim flies up and follows Jumbo*

Jumbo: *looks back and sees no one has followed him* Where are us?

Daikeim appears beside Jumbo but says nothing. He then looks back at the M.C.C.P and sighs, then turns back.

Jumbo: *watches Daikeim leave* Where are you going?

Daikeim: Back... I can't allow this... This is for Fantasy Jumbo, and retreating is going to be your option?

Jumbo: Yes, we do. *Pentagram on his chest glows and 5 sparks are shot out from the vertices of the Pentagram it protrudes the darkness*

The darkness has a giant Pentagram symbol on it and the darkness is transferring itself into Jumbo

The Administrator: Impossible, but indeed smart.

The Sun is no longer black and the other Mythos can see and they fly out of the opening.

Daikeim looks at Jumbo and starts to follow him again.

Daikeim: You're full of surprises... I'm sure the Mythos will thank you greatly. 

Jumbo: *the Pentagram on Jumbo's chest is teaming with a dark aura and appears to causing something to go wrong with Jumbo* 

Daikeim instantly notices this and stops flying and just hovers.

Daikeim: Jumbo, fight it...

Jumbo: *is engulfed in dark flames and yells in pain. He is then taken back into the facility and the opening behind them is shut by the darkness *

Daikeim: ...That thing... He will pay... *Daikeim turns to look at the Mythos* Anyways, lets get you back to Fantasy... *Daikeim starts flying back to Fantasy*

The captive Mythos follow him all the way back to the Gate

Half-empty Handed Edit

Elaonore: *is waiting at the Gate and sees Daikeim and the captive Mythos* Daikeim, your back!

Daikeim and the captive Mythos enter Fantasy, Daikeim turns to look at Elaonore.

Daikeim: *Has a small smile on his face* Yeah, I'm surprised me and Jumbo managed to get that many out of there... *Daikeim loses his smile and now has guilt in his voice* But Jumbo was unable to get back, we ran into something... Jumbo and I tried fighting it, but nothing we done harmed it... In the end Jumbo was possessed by the thing and was sent back into the Facility...

Elaonore: *Is shocked but at the same time feels sorry for Daikeim. Puts her hands on his shoulders* There is no doubt in my mind that you tried. I'm not sure what might happen to Jumbo now, but I do know that Fantasy needs a new guardian. I will tend to these captives. And thank you for atleast bringing them. *Smiles at Daikeim*

Daikeim smiles back then takes her hands off of his shoulders.

Daikeim: Anyways... Uhh... *Daikeim looks at the Mythos* Will we have enough homes for them?

Elaonore: We will never stop having room for our kind. Come now everyone and I will take you to your new homes.

Elaonore leaves with the captives following her.

Daikeim hears laughter.

Daikeim: Hm? Oh... Hey Drake.

Drake: Oh my god that was priceless! *Is still laughing* I wish I recorded that!

Daikeim: The hell are you talking about?

Drake: You and Elaonore's little moment!

Daikeim: ...No Drake, just no.

Drake: Daikeim and Elaonore sitt--

Daikeim: *Punches Drake on the arm* Stop being a child.

Drake: Ok ok... But face it, you and Elaonore will be a thing.

Daikeim: I am going to hurt you so much.

Drake: Fine, so. It didn't go so well?

Daikeim: Jumbo's still at the facility, and I can't risk going in alone again like that... But I can't risk anyone's lives.

Drake: Don't worry about Jumbo, he's a damn powerhouse. He isn't going down without a fight, anyways... This was fun, but I'm gonna go rebuild the house... *Drake goes off to rebuild*

Daikeim: I just need to rest...*Flies off into a field with long grass and lies down on his back and looks into the sky, slowly falling asleep afterwards*

Back at the M.C.C.P

The Administrator: *is watching a strapped-down Jumbo trying to free himself from his gravity bonds* Proceed with the 1st try.

A doctor gets a power drill and penetrates Jumbo's head. Jumbo yells in pain and continues to struggle but nothing seems to work. The Admin continues to watch the tortured Jumbo through a security camera.

The Administrator: I lost a thousand, but tomorrow I will have ten-thousand.

Back at the End of the Nation

Figure: Angry one showed good promise in using his new found power, but the other seems to be lacking motivation.

Voice: I see. I will soon lay the seeds of darkness in his heart and he too will obtain this power.

Both are shrouded in darkness and disappear

Elaonore finds Daikeim sleeping in the grass

Elaonore: It took alot for you to go after Jumbo like that and free those captives. You know none of them and yet you risked your own safety to go free them. I couldn't express my gratitude enough. *sits down in the grass and looks at the beautiful night sky. Blue specks of light start to float from the grass.*

Daikeim: Heh... *He sits up* That hasn't been the first time I done something like that, freeing captives... Seems a lot similar to Cyanic's war. Anyways, there's no ne-- *He notices the specks of light and just looks at them* Hm? How is that possible?

Elaonore: This is Fantasy. Everything that is impossible in Reality, is possible here. And what is Cyanic?

Daikeim: Oh, right... Well, me and Drake aren't Mythos. We're aliens, Drake is a Cyanican, and Cyanic his is home planet. I'm a Heroa God, or a Demi-God in simple terms. I live in Arcadia, a paradise that is like a heaven for Cyanic. Drake and I was exiled and was sent here until the banishment was lifted... But to be honest, I love it here... Back on Arcadia, I was surrounded by gods and demi-gods alike. So being around a living civilization is unreal to me, it's amazing...

Elaonore: I'm glad you like it here. I never thought beings from beyond Earth ever existed. I guess its an honor to have you here. A demigod from another world. So many unexpected things, just imagine what will happen next.

Daikeim laughs and lays back down onto his back and looks into the night sky.

Daikeim: I'm the one who should be honoring you guys, I mean. The Mythos are so inspirational, it sucks that Mythos and human can't come together... But I guess that's how it has to be... *Daikeim points his finger at a star that has a blue tint in the sky* There... That's Cyanic... *He then points at the small star above it* And that's Arcadia... I think you would love it there.

Elaonore: I bet I would. But my place lies here with my kind. I do know it is unfortunate that man and myth can't work together. But I guess this is man's punishment for their sins against God and we were a product of sin aswell... I just want all that to end... To know that we can work our differences out... No destruction, No death, No blood all of that... But why do I feel like I'm only believing a dream? *A tear streams from her eye*

Daikeim: *Wipes the tear away* I also wish for peace, but neither the humans or Mythos are gonna stand down... It sucks that it has to be this way, could you imagine the outstanding achievements human and Mythos could do if they worked together?

Elaonore: *smiles at the thought* Yes, I could. But how will that happen if we're stuck here? We're not even sure how we can help. Man are afraid of what they don't understand. That is man's punishment. The lack for understanding for themselves and others.

Daikeim: Don't worry... I'm sure the Mythos will make them understand, as I said; the Mythos are inspiring. The humans are afraid of what they don't understand, but everyone is... It's a natural instinct, that's why they react so violently... It's said that fear will cause stuff like this, but trust me. They'll soon realise that the Mythos aren't made for war... It's hard to say infront of you, but I understand how the humans feel, think about it... What would you do if you were a human in this?

Elaonore: I would not doubt be afraid, but that wouldn't mean I'd hate them. Man provokes them. Most of the mythos out there are only trying to make it back here. I just hope they can make it.

Daikeim: I guess you have a point... Don't worry, I'm sure there will be a select few who would risk their life to bring more Mythos back here. *Daikeim has a small smile on his face, he then looks around and takes a sigh of relief* Seeing Fantasy like this is... It's so peaceful...

Elaonore: I know...This very scenery is what keeps me dreaming of a better tomorrow...I hope I'm not ruining your peace though.

Daikeim: Far from it, it's nice talking to you. Bring a sense of serenity to the atmosphere, but if you're planning of going now. I'll see you later...

Elaonore: My work is done for the day...All I have is but to rest, knowing more like us have made it to home. I still thank you again.*smiles*. But for tonight, I think I'll sleep under the moon.

Daikeim: There's no need to thank me, it's just natural for me to do stuff like this... *Daikeim smiles then lies back down* Sleeping under the moon... Sounds tranquil... But where you gonna sleep?

Elaonore: I'm already sleeping on it. *is referring to the grass* Why were you exiled anyway? Your planet should be proud to have someone as selfless as you.

Daikeim: It's hard to explain... But the Vitae Gods said that we cannot interfere with the war... But I just couldn't stand by and watch... So I decided to help, that ultimately sealed my fate with the Murr gods.

Elaonore: If anyone has the ability to help, then let them. They should have known that. Like they say, "The more, the merrier". Atleast you know you did the right thing.

Daikeim: Thanks Elaonore, everything you've said means a lot... The Mythos are lucky to have someone like you, you always seem to be there for them. I'm glad that they have someone to rely on, hahah, I love this place... The people, the places, the day, the night... Everything, I don't think I wanna leave.

Elaonore: *laughs* Don't think you really have a choice. I do appreciate what you said more than you know,I am basically 'the den mother' of everyone here. I enjoy looking after them, like family. The family...I wish I had...

Daikeim: The family you wish you had? Oh... What happened?

Elaonore: My real parents were unknown, but I was raised by 2 towns people in London, I grew up there unaware of my abilities. I was fairly popular at school and with the city people. My parents weren't really fond of Mythos like me. Well my father wasn't anyway. My mother thought they were capable of good, just like man. They also taught me all the basics of learning and such and even medicine, I had dreamed of becoming a doctor one day. The war came though... And there was a fight between a Wind Elemental and an agency called "Unsung". It terrorized London in hopes of destroying it's pursuers, it had injured many people and had destroyed many homes. Then finally, Unsung fired a missile at it and the Elemental reversed it toward our direction, straight towards me and my parents. That was when I used my abilities as a sylph and used the wind to turn the missle back at the Elemental and it hit it right in its eye and fell. Everyone I knew was fairly surprised, more parents the most, as well as I was. Unsung were planning to take me away. My mother didn't want them too. Everyone else... Just stood by and watch them take me... I asked for their help but they turned away... *Eyes start to swell with tears* and even my own father... Who taught me how to dress, do my hair, how to cultivate, how to greet other people, and even taught me about God, said these very words when I asked for him to help me... "You are not my daughter." he turned his head away from me in shame and carried my mother away... *Is crying uncontrollably* Unsung took me to the Gate and tossed me in with many others who were captured and I lived my life here ever since.

Daikeim: Oh... *Daikeim tries to wipe Elaonore's tears away, he then looks at her and loses his smile* I'm sorry you had to live through that, I couldn't of imagine someone like you having such a tragic past... They shouldn't of just stood there and just watched as you were dragged away, they should of done something. If I were there, I'd kill every single Unsung member... *Daikeim stays quiet for a minute, then talks again* But if it wasn't for them, you wouldn't of been here. With the family you were supposed to have, I might be wrong... *Daikeim has a small smile again* But it seems you belong here, with a family that will always be by your side. *Daikeim places his hands on Elaonore's shoulders* You're a great girl Elaonore, look around you. You have a family, friends, a place to live, a place of peace...

Elaonore: *manages to smile but still cries* Yea...your right. My true place is here *puts her hand ontop of Daikeim's hand*...but you know...even after they abandon me...i don't hate them...they were just afraid...fear grips all men's hearts...I don't hate them...I forgive them.

Daikeim: I understand, I'm surprised you can forgive them... But I guess that's what make's you so outstanding. *Daikeim looks up into the sky once more* ...We should be asleep by now. *Daikeim laughs then looks back at Elaonore*

Elaonore: I suppose so... I'm sorry you had see me like this... A crying mess.

Daikeim: No need to say sorry, everyone has emotions and it's nice to show them once in a while.

Elaonore: Yea. Your right about that. Its ok to cry...Goodnight, Daikeim. *lies over and falls asleep*

Daikeim: Goodnight... *Lies down on his back, taking one last look at the sky before closings his eyes and falls asleep*

A few hours later. The dark figure appears

Voice: *put his hand over Daikeim* Feel the darkness within your heart and let it impulse you to true power. May you feel the coldness within your heart and may it effect who you are. *a frost overcomes Daikeim and it is absolved into his heart* May you obtain the same power as your friend, for I feel you are much more worthy of it. *is shrouded by darkness and disappears*

Hours later, the sun soon arises on Fantasy. Waking Daikeim up, he yawns and stretches his arms before seeing Elaonore still asleep.

Daikeim: Hm... *Daikeim smiles and gets up without disturbing Elaonore, he then goes off to find Drake. Who has finally finished repairing the house.*

Drake: Oh, hey there Daikeim.

Daikeim: Hey, umm, Drake, can you do me a favor?

Drake: Sure, what is it?

Daikeim whispers to Drake.

Drake: Hm... I'll try. What for?

Daikeim: A friend.

Drake: Elaonore?

Daikeim: ...

Drake: You're like a book Daikeim, hahaha. Sure, it'll be done soon, by the time Elaonore gets up. It'll be ready.

Daikeim: Thanks man. *He walks away from Drake and goes back to Elaonore*

Drake: You're... Welcome. *Drake opens his spellbook and starts*

Elaonore: *cracks one eye open and sees Daikeim and smiles* Good morning. How did you sleep?

Daikeim: I slept well, I was a bit cold but nothing much. How about you?

Elaonore: I am doing just fine, knowing your alright. *gets up and stretches a little*

Daikeim: *Smiles then looks behind him then looks back at Elaonore* Oh, right. Drake wanted to show us something, so once you're ready. We'll head over, ok?

Elaonore: I am ready.*finishes stretching* Let's go.

Daikeim: Awesome.

Daikeim begins to walk to his house, with Elaonore beside him. Once they reach there, Drake welcomes them.

Drake: Hey there you two, I want both of you to check this out! *Drake brings his hands together then moves them outwards, causing a portal to emerge out of thin air infront of him. Drake then steps aside and look at Daikeim and Elaonore* I want both of you to go through, I promise nothing bad will happen.

Daikeim: Ok. *Daikeim walks towards the portal, but then turns to look at Elaonore* You sure you wanna go through?

Elaonore: *looks uncertain* I don't know. What is this for?

Daikeim: *Holds out his hand and gives a kind-hearted smile* I got a feeling you'll like it, trust me.

Elaonore: *smiles back and finally takes his hand* I do trust you.

Daikeim: Thanks. *He goes through the portal and pulls Elaonore through aswell*

Afterwards Edit

Ontop of London's rooftops, a portal emerges out of thin air, with two figures walking through it and the portal closing behind them. One of the figures looks around.

Daikeim: So, this place remind you of somewhere?

Elaonore: *is struck with horror* Oh my God...*sees the entire London area completely decimated. Buildings are shattered all over the base of the grown, tons of people are dead and buried under debris. Helicopters hover over skies, medics are down there helping injured survivors*

Daikeim: I... I didn't mean... *Is unable to say anything as he just stands there seeing Elaonore in this state*

Elaonore: *sees her mother with heavy debris untop of her legs* Mother! *flies down toward her mother*

Mother: *sees Elaonore* Elaonore...It's you...all these years...

Elaonore: It's ok, Mother. I'm here. *looks like she's about to cry*

Mother: *yelps in pain* My legs...I'm not sure if I can make it...

Elaonore: *has a determined look on here face. She uses the winds itself to lift the debris off her mother and throws it into the distance* Are you ok now?

Mother: *her legs are bleeding and is badly bruised* It's better than nothing, right? *barely smiles*

Elaonore: Mother..*hugs her mother*

Daikeim flies down and looks at Elaonore's Mother. He then rips the Soul Stone off of his medallion and hands it to her. He then sits down and stays quiet, the Soul Stone shines bright and an energy covers Elaonore's Mother, slowly healing her.

Daikeim: *Begins talking in Murr God Dialect* (May the clock rewind... Heal the damage that has been done, for you still have purpose in this world. May the Soul Stone's energy mend your body.)

Mother: *wounds are alright, as if they were never injured to begin with* My legs...there all better. *has an simle of relief*

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim and gives him a tearful smile*

Daikeim: It's nothing... I always try to help. *He gives a small smile towards both Elaonore and her Mother*

Mother: Elaonore, you and your friend must help the rest, I will provide supplies for you.

Elaonore: Yes Mother. Let's help the rest Daikeim.

Both tended to the thousand, if not million injured survivors all day. After a while they finally healed everyone.

Elaonore: Whew, we did it. Everyone's better now. Thank you for your help Daikeim.

Daikeim: No problem, it's nice to help a friend. Look, I need to apologize for the thing at the start... It must of been hard seeing London like that... *Daikeim looks down to the floor*

Elaonore: *puts her hands on his right cheek and lifts Daikeim's head up and smiles* It's ok. Atleast you got us here to save all these people. They may have abandoned me but I will not abandon them. Thank you for giving me this chance to save them.

Daikeim: No problem... *Daikeim smiles once again, but it's more noticeable*

Mother: I can't thank you enough for helping us. I'ts near nighttime and we have a long way to go home.

Elaonore: No need mother *teleports to a one-story house in a green field with a huge garden of crops behind the house*

Mother: Whew, an old lady can get use to that. *walks into the house and there is an old man sitting down at the kitchen table reading the latest news*

Father: *is reading a article called 'Battle at Big Ben'* Damn monsters...

Mother: Honey, look who's home.

Father: What is it woman? *turns around and sees Elaonore walk through the door*

Elaonore: *is a bit hesitant* ...Hello, Father...

Father: *has a disgustful look on his face*...You gotta be kiddin' me. *gets up and walks into another room*

Elaonore: *has a disdained look on her face*

Mother: I know. He still hast gotten over his hate for the 'monsters'. Don't let that bother you, hon.

Daikeim: *He looks around the house* It's a lovely place you have here... *He also takes notice of which room the Father went in* Umm, you don't mind me looking around, do you?

Mother: Not at all. If you plan on sleeping we only have 3 rooms, One is the master bedroom, the other is the bathroom, and the other is Elaonore's room.

Daikeim: Ok, thank you. *He goes around the house looking at the rooms, finally going into the room the Father is in. Daikeim just starts looking around.* Y'know... When someone hasn't seen their daughter in years, they'd be thrilled to see them again...

Father: *takes out a cigarette* That thing out there ain't my daughter. *smokes the cigarette* It be better if she had died the last time I saw here face. *exahles smoke*

Daikeim: You're ungrateful, it's because of her that your wife is still alive. It's because of her that half of London isn't 6ft under. So listen up, I want you to treat your daughter with the respect she deserves. It's sickening, the way you treat her now... You used to care for her, and what if she's a Mythos? You still loved her before that incident, so what changed?

Father: The fact that she was a monster the whole time. Those entire 15 years since if raised her, I had housed a freak in my house. Those are the very words I would here from a 'monster lover' like yourself. I rather my wife die any other way than to do die at the hands of a mytho-freak. *exhales smoke*

Daikeim: ...*Sighs and goes Half Dragon and walks to the Father* A 'monster lover' like myself... Fair enough... But... *He grabs the Father by the shirt and picks him up with one hand* You ever call Elaonore a freak or monster... I will kill you... *He lets go*

Father: *fixes his shirt* If you love her so much, you can go have her. It's not like I'm going to take her back. Besides, this is my house and I will not be threatened by a scaly mishap like you.

Daikeim: Hehe... You oughta meet my friend Drake, you two would get along just fine... *He exits his Half Dragon form, he then turns away from the Father and walks towards the door* Just hear me out... Elaonore is a great person, Mythos or not... If your wife loves her despite her being a Mythos, then surely you can try to adapt... After all, that's one of the things humans are best known for... Am I right? *He opens the door and leaves the room, closing it afterwards*

Mother and Elaonore are having tea while joyfully conversing

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim and greets him with a smile* Daikeim, you're just in time. I was just telling my mother what i've been doing since I was taken.

Mother: It is pretty intriguing. And you say there is an enormous town full with marketing?

Elaonore: Yes, if you and father were there you two would be very rich. No other farmers can crop like you and father can.

Mother: *is flattered* Oh stop. Daikeim is it? Do come sit with us. Elaonore made you a cup of tea too.

Daiekim: Thank you. *He walks over and sits down, he then takes a sip of tea* This tea tastes amazing, thanks Elaonore.

Elaonore: It's a special tea me and my mother made when I was but a little girl. We used lots of the herbs we used outback. Tea would always keep me calm.

Mother: Now Daikeim, tell me about you.

Daikeim: Umm, what would you like to know?

Mother: Oh,absolutely everything you feel comfortable telling me about. I llke to know what boys my daughter brings home.

Elaonore: Mom, I never brought home any boys. They follow me home all the time.

Mother: Then we should've reported them sooner. I will not have more than one boy stalking my daughter.

Elaonore: *snickers* It's too late now. Its beyond over with.

Mother: But go ahead, Daikeim.

Daikeim: Well... Ok, my name is Daikeim Omakkas. I am 18 years of age and used to live in a paradise called Arcadia, I am also a demi-god. Because of that... *Daikeim goes in his Half Dragon form briefly* I'll say I had a... Harsh upbringing, since I was born during a war, when I grew up, I watched a second war happen... And it was here where I met one of my closest friends; Drake. Me and him ended a war... But was banished from there because of it. So I ended up on Earth, I'd later go to a place called Fantasy where I would find out it's one of my favorite places... And here I am now. Sorry for that brief explanation, most of my history isn't worth saying.

Mother: Oh, I understand. So your one of those extraterrestrials? I always wondered if they were real, look like you proved it.

Father: Great. Now I got a fuckin' alien in my house. Just fuckin' great.

Mother: Oh, don't mind him. He's a bit of a grump. But I'm glad my daughter found someone as helpful as you. You did a great service for us today. We couldn't thank you enough.

Daikeim: Don't worry about it, you all are great people. I'd never forgive myself if I didn't help. *He takes another sip of tea* And I'm glad I could meet you, including him over there.

Father: A fuckin' dragon from space.

Mother: Well you two must be sleepy. Sadly we only have 2 bedrooms, unless you want to sleep in the bathtub.

Daikeim: Ummm, no bathroom please.

Mother: Ok, you share room with Elaonore. Sadly, she only has one bed and we dont really have alot of covers, so make due with what you have ok?

Elaonore: Yes mother. *goes into her room*

Mother: Goodnight.*goes into the master bedroom*

Daikeim walks into Elaonore's room and sits down and leans his back against a wall, he then only grows his wings and they go around Daikeim.

Daikiem: Elaonore, your parents are awesome... That's the first time I've seen humans been kind to me, it's a nice feeling...

Elaonore: I haven't felt that feeling before in a long time. I still thank you for taking me back to London. I know you didn't expect for it to end up like this, but we saved countless lives that could've been lost.

Daikeim: You're welcome... Hehe, we're like little heroes. To think that we're healing humans, I wonder what the Mythos would think of us...*Daikeim looks up to the ceiling* I miss seeing Fantasy's moon... And the little blue lights that would come out from the grass. *Daikeim hums a tune*

Elaonore: I do too. We can head for home tomorrow morning. *looks at all here drawings on the wall. Drawings of love and peace through the world* Still a dreamer, but I know today that that dream will come true. All It takes is one person to make a difference. *gets in bed*

Daikeim: Hey... I wanna ask you something, what do you think your life would be like if your powers never showed?

Elaonore: I never truly thought about that. I know I wouldn't have the same problem I have with my father *snickers* But both my parents would have died and I would be left alone at the age of 15. I would no doubt move on and later apply all that i have been taught by my parents and possibly still do what i have always done at Fantasy, only a bit out of synch. But I do know I would have had a chance at winning a Nobel Peace Prize. *mildly smiles*

Daikeim: So either way, you'd still be your amazing self, and I know that you'd still look beauti-- *Daikeim quickly shuts up and looks at his Soul Stone*

Elaonore: I have a question for you. *sits up* What would your life be if you haven't been exiled?

Daikeim: Hm... Well, the war mainly caused it... So if the war didn't happen, I wouldn't of met Drake. I'd probably went on without knowing what it would be like to... 'Fit in', and I wouldn't know the beauty of other worlds... Like Fantasy for example, I'm guessing my life would be much more boring... So in a way, I'm glad I got exiled, I've never felt so free. I know how people are and how they would react to certain things, and how to help. If I never got exiled, I would be completely different. It's kinda scary if you go into these kinds of things.

Elaonore: I know. It always comes back to question starter 'What if'. And in all honesty, I am too glad that you are here. You helped in many ways than one and even went to try and save Jumbo, even after he attacked your friend. You are just as an astonishing person as I am.

Daikeim: Thank you... For everything Elaonore. For taken me and Drake in, risking your life in the Dragon Realm, letting us live among the Mythos... You're an angel. *Daikeim once again has a small smile*

Elaonore: *laughs a little bit* I'm not an angel. I'm a sylph. But I understood what you meant. And you're a true knight-in-shining-armor. Always there when your needed or not and even if you don't succeed, you never come home empty-handed.

Daikeim: I'm like that because of you and the Mythos, you guys never seem to give up... So why should I? Like I said, you people are inspiring. *Daikeim looks at the drawings on the wall* ...Love and peace, heh, that sums you up in three words.

Elaonore: *chuckles* Look at us. Throwing complements at one another when we should be going to bed. Come on now. *pats the side of the bed with space left for one more*

Daikeim: Oh, yeah. *He chuckles and walks over to the empty side of the bed and gets in*

Elaonore: Sorry if there's not enough room. Here. *gives Daikeim part of the cover* I still hope you can sleep well.

Daikeim: Thanks, and I'll sleep fine. Goodnight Elaonore.

Elaonore: Goodnight Daikeim. *both go to sleep*

A few hours later

Daikeim wakes up and yawns, he then sits up and looks around him.

Elaonore: *is still asleep, but is gently holding onto Daikeim's arm and has her forehead gently planted on Daikeim's shoulder. A tear streams from her eye*

Daikeim: Poor girl, must be a nightmare... *He wipes the tear away* I wonder what it is...

Hovering can be heard from outside and lights, motors, and other numerous sounds can be heard and seen from outside aswell

Elaonore: *clutches Daikeim's arm tighter and closes her eyes tighter*

Daikeim: The hell could be doing that... *He growls* Unsung... *He looks at Elaonore and gently shakes her* Elaonore, wake up!

Elaonore: *wakes up with a startle* What is it? *hear the noises outside*...They're here!

Soldiers wearing black and red bust through the door and throw smoke bombs into the house.

Daikeim: Elaonore, stay here... I promise I won't let them hurt you. *Daikeim goes into his Half Dragon form and leaves the room, when the smoke clears, the soldiers can see Daikeim wielding a blade. Daikeim points the blade at them.* Leave now... I will not let you touch her!

Soldier: Don't think she's going to be the only one who gets hurt.

2 soldiers shoot at Daikeim with shotguns

Daikeim swipes his hand in the air, causing a energy barrier to emerge and deflect the bullets back at the two soldiers. Daikeim then sprints at some soldiers at slices them in half, he then grabs one of the soldier's gun and fires at the rest in the house.

Soldier: Commence ariel assualt.

Flyer: Roger that. Aim all available firepower at the house. *fires their railguns at the house tearing it up.

The helicopter is then beginning to spin out of control and lands on the ground safely,same happens with the other helicopters.

Daikeim: Heh... Fair play Elaonore... Now. *Daikeim walks out of the house and sees soldiers...* Hm... Counting 50... Time to test this out...

The fliers get out the helicopters and and unattach their railguns from their helicopters. 2 soldiers are holding each railgun and fire at Daikeim.

Daikeim stops the bullets with both of his hands and drops them. Daikeim gains a dark grey aura and grey eye coloruing, he then looks at the soldiers and walks towards them. The soldiers continue firing the railguns but the bullets have no effect on Daikeim. Daikeim then stops walking and aims both hands at both of the soldiers and fires two small beams, they pierce the soldiers hearts. Killing them instantly, Daikeim slams his hand down onto the floor, causing a massive shockwave which destroys any vehicles and aircraft.

Daikeim: Final chance... Stand down or pay the price...

Elaonore: *appears next to Daikeim* There is not need for that. You've beaten them.

Mother: *comes outside in her night gown* What's going on here?

Elaonore: Unsung came and attacked the house. Are you ok, mother?

Mother: Ofcourse, even after I woke up, i saw bullet holes all around my bed and numerous holes in my roof.

Elaonore: *chuckles*

A shot can be heard from behind and the bullet casing falls on the ground in blood.

Daikeim: The hell? *Daikeim notices blood on his shirt, he then spits out a bit of blood* ...Who the hell. *Daikeim turns around*

Father: *is holding a smoking shot gun* I gotta another round with your name on it. *shoots Daikeim again through is stomach*

Soldier: *come from behind Daikeim and hits him in th back of the legs with the back of his shotgun, then sticks him in the arm with a needle, then hits him in the back of the head, causing to fall unconscious*

Elaonore: NO! DAIKEIM! *is grabbed by a soldier and has a collar put on her. She is then being drag away from her parents once again. Has flashback of the exact same thing happening. She stretches her arm out for help toward her parents. Her mother tries to reach it but her father is holding her mother back."

Father: *turns his head away from her in shame once agains and carries Elaonore's mother back inside the house and shuts the door behind them*

Elaonore: * single tear streams from her eye and is put into the back of a van along with an unconscious Daikeim*

Several minutes later.

Daikeim suddenly wakes up and breaths heavily. Slowly looking around then to see the wounds.

Daikeim: That bastard... If I ever see him again... Where am I... Where's Elaonore.

Elaonore: *Is siting in a corner of the van all curled up with tears streaming down her face uncontrollably*

Daikeim: Elaonore... *He slowly crawls towards her and sits besides her, he then holds one of her hands* Listen... I promise on my life, that I will get you out of here... I don't want you reliving past events. *He tries to make a smile, he gets his other hand and tries to softly wipe the tears off of Elaonore's face.*

Elaonore: *hugs Daikeim and cries in his chest*

Daikeim: *He puts his arms around Elaonore and hugs back. He then looks to the end of the van* There should be a way to get out, right? The doors... I have an idea.

The van stops and the dorrs open. The soldiers get in and drag both Daikeim and Elaonore out and are taken inside the facility. There thay can see mutated Mythos inside gel-capsules. The put him in front of a man wearing a doctor mask and red circular glasses, the man also seems to be a bit hunched over.

Soldier: Where to, Dr. Drekavas?

Dr.Drekavas: *looks at Daikeim* Take that one to Test Chamber 1A. Take the other to Test Chamber 2B. I belive we found what we are looking for.

The soldiers drag the two to their designated chambers. Elaonore reaches for Daikeims hand but he is too far and is taken inside Test Chamber 2B.

Daikeim looks at the soldiers and smirks, he then begin laughing.

Daikeim: I feel sorry for you... You guys have to work for a hunchback... Also, he needs to learn a difference between a Mythos and me... *He laughs again*

Soldier: We know. We were told by the caller of that property that you were a 'dragon from space'. Besides, that hunchback is the scariest thing you'll find here. *takes him inside Test Chamber 1A. They strap him down on an examination table, then leave*

Daikeim: Scariest thing? Sure... *He looks around* Guess I'm waiting for the hunchback... Actually... *He looks at the straps and sighs* They can't even tie a human down with these.

The straps some how strap on to him tighter. A doctor wearing bandages over his mouth and head, but still has a little hair flowing from the back. He appears to be taller and thiner than Dr. Drekavas.

Dr.Jerek: *goes over to examine some futuristic surgical tools* Do you prefer to be awake or sleep?

Daikeim: Hehe... Awake so I can see the regret in your eyes...

Dr.Jerek:*is still looking at his tools* If you noticed, I have glasses, actually. *puts on his circular red glasses* Now i'm wearing glasses. Any questions before we proceed?

Daikeim: Elaonore... What do you guys want with her...

Dr.Jerel: It's a new project we're putting into play. Project: Unisung. She will be our solution to the Mytho problem. This world is heading int to Solution Era. Man can no longer handle the Mytho threat and they seek an answer. Every agency is coming up with their own Final Solution. For us...its the girl.

Daikeim: Are you serious, humans can no longer handle the Mythos? I've witnessed humans who have no problem with the Mythos. I've seen the Mythos HELP the humans! Why are you so hesitant to work with them... Or is that just how it is? Simply because you can't comprehend them and what they're capable of... Because you're scared.

Dr.Jerek: I admit, we are scared. Here we see them as...Cryptids. You know unknown animals. Like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. We want to know what their capabilities are so we can possibly use it for human use. *picks up some scissors and puts it on a tool tray several inches away from Daikeim*

Daikeim: Well... Glad to see you're honest... *He sighs* This is gonna hurt...

Dr.Jerek: Your a strong guy...*picks up a surgical knife* You'll no doubt get through this...*stabs Daikeim and starts cutting him open*

5 days later

A portal emerges ontop of London's roofs, a figure walks out and the portal closes.

Drake: Right... Now where could them two be... Hm, Elaonore must have parents... *He jumps down into the streets, he then walks around calling out for Elaonore's parents* HELLO!? THE HELL ARE!?

Mother: *Bumps into Drake on accident* My apologizes, young man. *walks past him*

Drake: ...Right, why does Daikeim hang out with these people... *He turns to looks at the woman* Hey, umm. Can you help me? I'm looking for two people, one has brown hair, blue eyes and dragon wings... And the other is his girlfriend or something.

Mother: *stops* You mean...Daikeim and...Elaonore?

Drake: Yeah, have you seen them? They were supposed to come back a couple of days ago... Do you have any idea where they are?

Mother:...Unsung...took them...I dont know where Unsung is...but they took them...

Drake: Unsung... How did this happen!?

Mother: My husband...that's what happened.

Drake: ...Where is he.

Mother: I don't know...he left this morning...Please...find my daughter...

Drake: Don't worry, I will... *He creates a portal and steps through, the portal closes afterwards*

Back at Unsung

Dr.Jerek: *comes in Test Chamber 1A with a DVD and a DVD Player in his hands*

Daikeim: ...What's on that CD.

Dr.Jerek: As you know we needed your friend to complete our project. And as you know we have conducted our expirements. *puts the DVD in the DVD player. It shows Elaonore undergoing experimentation and undergoing mutations with each experiment. She screams in pain and asks for them to stop. She is reverted back to normal with a stick of a needle after every mutation. She was surgically cut open and they stuck tubes within her to extract tissue.*

Daikeim: No... Why... *He tries to get out of the straps*

Dr.Jerek: Sadly, it does not stop there. *the video goes to today only about 3 hours ago. The dark figure and a dark elf adolescent appear into the room when no one but Elaonore is in it*

Evoh Vemel: Why are we here, old man?

Voice: We've come to use this sylphs air and wind manipulation to our advantage. The Gods will be no more soon and i must gather the newer ones.

Evoh Vemel: And why am I not chosen to take your place?

Voice: You know why. Extract piece of her hair and a piece of her skin. I will be back. I am going to see what is this Project: Unisung is all about. *disappears*

Evoh Vemel: *scoffs* what joy is there in that? *looks back at a weakened and dreary Elaonore and smiles* My aren't you a beauty. *touches her face and then looks at her body* And an even more beautiful body. This sort of fun I can definitely crave. * He rips her cloths of and violates her body her. Elaonore yelps in pain and this makes Evoh more motivated. After Evoh is done...*

Voice: *returns and sees a naked-weeping Elaonore and Evoh with a pleased look on his face* This is not your we supposed to do. I asked of you to get a string of her hair and a piece of her skin. Instead you indulged your sexual urges on here.

Evoh Vemel: what's the point in doing this, if I dont get anything out of it?

Voice: And you ask why you are not fit to be a god. Come. I guess your child will make a better heir than you. *both are surrounded by a dark aura and disappear. The DVD ends*

Daikeim roars loud enough for it to be heard throughout the facility. He then breaks the straps and rips off the collar. He gains a golden aura and his eyes have a golden trail. He grabs Dr. Jerek's neck and snaps it, killing him. He then roars again, causing the facility to shake. He then tracks Elaonore's energy signature and walks to where she is.

Daikeim: Them two will die... Everyone here... The other Doctor... *He growls once again, he reaches where Elaonore is*

Elaonore: *is laying on a table her back with covers over her naked body. Her skin is pale and she is looking blankly up at the ceiling light. She is breathing slowly but heavily and tears seem to be streaming endlessly down her face.*

Daikeim: No... *He walks up to Elaonore and looks at her, he sheds a few tears* I can't believe they done this... *Daikeim sits her up and wraps the covers around her body, he then picks her up and carries her on his back and walks out of the room.* I'll kill every one of them... Life is too good for them..

Elaonore: *speaks in a weak and cold voice*...Daikeim...Don't kill them....they don't know what they do...Please...Home is all we need...

Daikeim stops walking and says with a voice filled with guilt, anger and despair.

Daikeim: ...They don't know what they do? No Elaonore, they knew that they did... How can you forgive them... *A tear drops before Daikeim slowly starts walking* Let's just get you home...

Elaonore: *wipes Daikeim's tear away and manages to crack a small smile* I remember that you told me it was ok to cry, but I never understood why you continued to wipe away my tears.

Daikeim: Because you looked cute when you smile... *Daikeim starts walking at normal speed* Elaonore... I never mean't to hurt you... It's because of me that you're like this...

Elaonore: *smile fades*...Daikeim...there is no mistake that you wanted to make me happy...I know more bad than good happened...and I can see why you blame yourself...but don't...please..don't...*holds on to him tighter and shuts her eyes hard and her tears are streaming faster*

Daikeim: Elaonore... Do you know why I'm like this towards you? Why you're the one that matters most? Why I go out of my way to make you happy?

Elaonore: *thinks for a little while* No...Im not really sure...I always asumed that you were only trying to cheer me up...due to the fact that my life wasnt all that cheerful after I was taken...

Daikeim: *Chuckles* It's because I love you...

Elaonore: *is some what confused and shocked* ...W-what...?

Daikeim: I love you Elaonore, you're a sweet, amazing and outstanding girl... You have no idea what'd I do just to see you smile... *Daikeim has a small smile*

Meanwhile back in London, two figures step out of a portal and it closes.

Drake: Aaaaand I'm back again, alright then. We should be able to find it easier if I go by air and you go by floor. If either of us find it, we'll signal eachother, got it? *Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and hovers*

Jonas: *sniffs the air* Found them. There up 350 miles up north from here.

Drake: Awesome, meet you there. *He starts to fly North*

Jonas: Damn buses. Never around when you need them. *starts walking*

Back at the facility.

Elaonore: I...I...Never thought you saw me like that before.....*has flashbacks of all Daikeim's previous actions leading up to right now* me...? *looks like her eyes are gonna explode with tears of joy*

Daikeim smiles as they start to reach the exit of the facility.

Daikeim: Don't worry, we're almost out... *He notices that Elaonore's about to burst with tears of joy, so he quickly sits Elaonore down against a wall, kisses her head and takes off his Soul Stone medallion and gives it to her*

Elaonore: *is crying tears of joy. She hugs Daikeim while still holding on to his Soul Stone tightly. Her head is lying on his chest*

Daikeim: *He hugs her back and then carries her on his back again* Hehe, you can hug me 'til death once we get back ok? *They exit the facility and Daikeim closes his eyes and focuses on Fantasy, Elaonore and Daikeim glow gold and teleports to Fantasy*

Meanwhile, Drake manages to reach the facility and waits for Jonas.

Jonas: *finally arrives* Damn twigs. Ok finally made it. Wish there was a detour to this place. This better be worth it.

Drake: You said it yourself, sickest minds is science, so let's show 'em their minds. *He takes out his Shadow Pistol and sword and walks towards the facility*

Jonas: *pulls out a Blu cigarette and smokes it* Well let's do it. *follows right behind Drake* This better not be some ambush shit or I swear.

Drake: I have no idea what happens when we open these doors, all I know is that Daikeim and Elaonore should be here... *He puts C4 on the main doors leading into the facility and steps back and presses a detonator. The C4 explodes and Drake walks into the facility*

Jonas: Should? *walks in behind Drake*

Drake: It's a win win situation here Jonas, we either rescue them two, or kill a bunch of sadistic people... Speaking of... Where the hell is everyone? *He looks around he sees two signs, one saying "Test Chamber 1A" and another saying "Test Chamber 2B"* Should we split up here and check the rooms?

Jonas: Sure thing. I got 2B. *heads into Test Chamber 2B*

Drake: Ok. *Drake goes towards and enters Test Chamber 1A and looks around, he then sees Dr. Jerek's corpse, the broken straps and a destroyed collar* Well... This is starting to scream Daikeim... Ok, table, tools... *He sees the DVD player* Hm? *He presses play and watch* That's Elaonore, wow... Yeah, Jonas was right. They're fucked up. *He takes the CD* Still wondering where the guards are. *He exits the Test Chamber and moves towards 2B*

Jonas: *looks around and sees blood and empty needles* This is one messed up room, man. *walks around and steps in something and sniffs* Is that..*looks at the bottom of his shoe and sees a milk-like substance on it* Ugh...just ugh. *wipes his shoe on the floor* Fell sorry for the poor sucker who was in here.

Drake: Well... *He enters 2B* These sick bastards recorded it... *He hands Jonas the CD* A whole three hours of it... It's of Elaonore, that would explain why in 1A, there's a dead person, broken straps and a destroyed collar. Looks like we were a little late. *He sighs*

Jonas: *looks at the DVD* Wha..? OH MY GOD! Holy Fucking Fucker Fuck! I am done good golly! That's the worst thing I ever seen on a DVD in my life.

Drake: Yeah... Well then... Atleast there's more of a reason to kill these assholes... Where ever the hell they are. *He shots his Shadow Pistol into the air, hoping to gather some attention*

Jonas: *sniffs the air* I can smell them. We gotta go down a little bit further. There in some ginormous laboratory. *walks down a few corridors*

Drake: Ok then... *He follows Jonas, he opens his HCS and scrolls down the list of weapons he has, he then takes out an anti-material rifle. He then shakes his head to try and forget the DVD* Ugh... Yeah, that'd scar anyone... That reminds me, do you have a girlfriend? *He laughs*

Jonas: Yea, i do. You?

Drake: ...Fuck you man, anyways, how close are we now?

Jonas: We're here.

Both enter a enormous laboratory/auditorium filled with dead soldiers and doctors.

Drake: Hooooly shit... *He sighs* Dammit, we missed out on a bloodbath. Wait, what could of done this, you managed to smell them. *He prepares his gun and aims around*

Jonas: *sniffs the air* I dont smell blood, just air....hmmm.

Drake: What do you mean, just air? One, how the hell can you smell air. Two, HOW IS THERE NO SCENT OF BLOOD WHEN THERE'S A CLEAR SIGHT OF DEATH!?

Jonas: *takes helmets of the soldiers and looks at their faces* Suffocation or lack of oxygen.

Drake: ...That's not good, well... For people who need oxygen to survive. *He walks around* Hm... Well since we're here, we might aswell gather any private information we can. *Drake opens his HSC and starts taking scientists notes, samples and more*

Jonas: *looks up files on the computer and sees one that says "Project: Unisung"* Hmmmm....*opens it and reads some of it* Awwww shiiit.

Drake: What do you mean, aww shit? *He walks over and reads the file* Oh... Shit.

Jonas: We gotta get out of here man. *feels a breese* Right now! *makes a run toward the door but it shuts once he gets to it* Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap, Crap. Probably should've brought Ammo. *wind can be heard*

Drake: I don't see why you're worried, you're immortal, right? *He charges up the rifle and fires at the door, but to no avail* Well fuck.

Jonas: I don't wanna stick around to see if a Werepyre can die by lack of oxygen. *winds blows again* Quick, find something sharp.

Drake: Fine fine. *Drake gets out his knife and hands it to Jonas* This better work man...

Jonas: It should. *wedges the knife in between the door and starts moving it around*

A darkness starts to take form

Drake: The hell... Uhh Jonas... We have company. *Drake goes over to Jonas and helps him with the door*

The darkness takes the form of Elaonore, but with black skin, red eyes and black and red hair.

Drake: *He turns around and sees Dark Elaonore* Well... Ok then, let's just be lucky that Daikeim wasn't here to see this. *Drake smirks* Bring it bitch, because I'mma beat the darkness out of your fucking body!

Unisung: *disappears and reappears in front of Drake's face, she places her hands on the side of his face and her lips are about to touch his, but instead starts sucking the oxygen out of Drake*

Jonas: *throws the knife at Unisung and she backs away from Drake*

Drake: Thanks. Right then! *He charges at Unisung and grabs one of her arm and pulls her towards Drake, he then punches Unisung in the face and lets go. Causing her to be sent flying* Sorry sweetie, I don't date red-heads.

Jonas: Man you suck. Red-Heads are hot.

Unisung: *turns into a void and starts sucking away all the oxygen*

Jonas: *is finding it really hard to breathe*

Drake: Personal preference! *Drake goes into his Half Dragon form and flies towards the door and punches it, blasting it open* GO!

Jonas: *runs out the door, but Unisung is sucking the oxygen from the entire facility through the air vents*

Drake: This girl is getting on my nerves... *Drake gets out his Shadow Pistol and fires at Unisung, causing her to stop* Tsk tsk, animal abuse? You should learn better...

Unisung: *turns into a void that starts to suck up everything in the facility. Bodys,computers, papers the walls of the facility itself. Everything*

Jonas: *still unable to breathe* one...

Drake: Oh shit... *Drake flies away from Unisung and grabs Jonas' arm and speeds through the facility, finally exiting through the way they came in* I don't see you doing anything other than suffocating...*He lets go of Jonas* Right now, we need to decide what to do with that thing...

The facility has been torn apart, but the Unisung turns into a giant black tornado still sucking up all the oxygen and the trees surrounding the facility

Jonas: *catches his breathe* Dang, this is hard. We gotta keep it away from London.

Drake: No shit... *He looks at the tornado* How the hell do we even stop it?

Jonas: I've got an idea, but your gonna have to stall it until I get back. And no I am not runnin' off and leavin' you here to die. I'll be right back. *runs off back towards London*

Drake: Stall a tornado... Sure man, why not... *Drake flies away from London and fires fireballs at the tornado* HEY! COME GET ME!

Back at a liqour store in London

Jonas: *puts a case of liqour on a counter and puts 12 bucks on the counter too*

Drake: This is getting boring! *He's just flying around the tornado*

Debris is being flung at Drake

Jonas: *putting gasoline into each bottle of liqour*

Drake: Shit shit shit! *He gets his Shadow Pistol and shoots the debris to pieces*

Jonas: *is taking the bus back toward the forest*

Drake: *Is doing an impression of Jonas while shooting the debris* Stall a tornado Drake, I'll be back Drake... Sure, take your time Jonas... I'm not doing nothing.

Jonas: Glad you aint', now get down here.

Drake: About time! *He flies down* So, what's the plan fluffy?

Jonas: *tears off a piece of Drake's shirt and shoves it into a bottle. Lights a Blu cigarette and lighs the cloth and throws it into the tornado*

Unisung: *is hit with the bottle and is on fire. The tornado disappears and the debris falls all over the place*

Drake: Molotov cocktails... Nice. *Looks at his shirt* ...If anyone asks, we kill 'em.

Jonas: That sounds awesome. *smirks*

Unisung is consumed by the fire and blows away.

Drake: Finally... But I got a feeling that's not the only one... *He falls down on his back* I need a drink... *He stays quiet for a minute* Hey Jonas... Does the M.C.C.P do mercenary work with people other than the Mythos... Because if it's against other companies and such... I'm totally down to do some work...

Jonas: Yea...what do you think I am? And I wouldn't drink those if I were you...

Drake: Awesome ... I'll be around. *Drake gets up, throws a communicator to Jonas and walks to London* Contact me when I can start... As for me, I got a man to find.

In an underground Unsung cryo-chambers

Computer: Project: Unisung has failed releasing Project: Neo.

A man with black and red hair and blue eyes wakes up from inside his chamber and breaks out of it

Man: Now, It is my time to demand a change. *looks up into the sunlight crack in the roof*

The Neo Seeker Edit

A portal appears in an entrance of a underground lab, a figure then walks out and looks around.

Drake: Hmm... Something fascinating, well this is gonna be a boring ass mission. *He opens the doors to the lab and he searches around*

A note is on the ground.

Drake: *Picks it up and starts to read it*

Jides' Notes: "The vessel is almost ready. I must require the samples of body tissue and blood from the patient in Test Chamber 1A and the power will surpass that of Weapon Draconis. Hopefully this boy has much potential as I am making it turn out to be. The time for true change starts now."

Drake: Daikeim... Shit. First the Ealonore clone now him, hehe... True change? The Admin was right, he's a mad man... *Drake puts the note in his pocket and continues walking throughout the lab*

Glass,broken boxes an numerous papers are all over the place and numerous creaking can be heard from the rusted walls too.

Drake: Well... The fuck happened here? There must be a reason why this place got abandoned in the first place... Must be pretty recent as well since this guy knows about Daikeim... *He goes around collecting anything of worth*

A folder with numerous notes anatomy schematics.

Drake: Mine. *He picks it up and opens it, closing it afterwards* ...Instant regret. *He puts the in the HSC and continues exploring the lab*

There is a DVD sticking out of some broken glass.

Drake: ...This isn't gonna be good... *He picks up the CD and finds a CD player, he puts it in and presses "play"*

Dr.Drekavas: For many years now...we had a dream of change....into a better being....this is why we have the theory of evolution and for years people believed it was true....but the evidence you see today are not the missing links to human evolution...but instead skeletal remains of common apes and ancient men who have died of sickness and/or bad weather...Man refuses to belive that....they still believe in change....I don't know what it may be...but I will find it...and once I do...the dream will be complete...and the last song this world will hear will be Unsung...

Drake: A mad man with a hopeless dream... *He takes the CD out and stores it* So... Where the hell is that "fascinating" object!?

There is a chamber door that says "Lab of Failures"

Drake: This'll be interesting... *He walks up to the door and opens it, he then walks through*

Shows tubes of water with misshapen figures of Zane and Daikeim in every single one of them.

Drake: Hoooooooooly shit... *Drake gets a camera out of his HSC and goes down the chamber, taking pictures along the way.* This is all kinds of disturbing, I'm gonna blow this place sky high before I go back...

At the end of the lab lies a broken chamber pod labeled "Project: Neo"

Drake: Well... That explains why this place is abandoned... *He takes one last picture before putting the camera away* Neo... That doesn't sound good... But regardless, I got what I came for. *He starts setting down explosives around the tubes as he walks out the chamber*

a rumbling can be felt from above

Drake: But first... *He finishes filling the lab with bombs and exits to see what's causing the rumbling*

Above all of London a black and red light can be seen. The skies go dark and red lightning flashes. London is then being lifted from the ground and into the stormy sky.

Drake: The fuck...? *He goes into his Aura dragon form and flies up to London*

All of London panics as the thunder gets louder.

Drake: Ugh... Humans are so easily scared, it's only a floating city... *He lands and looks up* Hmmm, guessing that the thing causing this is the Project...

Debris is floating up into the air as lightning strikes the floating London. The winds whisper 'Change'.

Drake: Change? Ok... Who the fuck are you? 'Cause I'm sure wind doesn't talk...

The light takes form of an adult with black and red hair coming over his forehead with the eyes of that of Daikeim. He wears a black, high-collared, leather coat that has a red interior and red lining. The coat has an X-shaped strap across the top and has red techno-lining designs on the back. He also wears black pants with red geometrical patterns which glow. And finally is wearing button-strap combat gloves with red lining. He has his arms folded like a badass.

Drake: So... Project: Neo. Looks threatening enough but... Why don't you prove it?

With just a mere thought sends Drake flying to the park

Drake: Oh your mother FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKEEEERR! *He lands against a tree, when he gets up. He sees the OMEGA team, Jonas and a dying Ammo* Thank me later you two... *He opens his spell book and aims his hand at Ammo, a ritual ring appears underneath her. And in a matter of seconds, Ammo is bad to full health with no damage, he does the same with Jonas*

Omega: What sent you here? Big fying guy in the sky? HRRRRRRRRRAAAAHHH!!!!

Omega jumps up to punch Neo, but gets sent through the city of London, to the ground below...

Gamma: Shit... Can we just go and pretend this never happened? *Starts sheild up over the 3 wounded of his team.*

Omega: I ain't done!!!!

Omega Punches Neo before Jonas and Drake, breaking the shirt.

Project: Neo is unaffected and take Omega's arm and crushes it with one hand,then grabs his face and cracks His helmet and let him fall to the ground below.

Drake: Ugh... Moron. Jonas, with me. *He goes into his Half Dragon form* The rest of you metal faces, if you wanna join us in beating this bastard down, be my guest. Just don't get in my way, either that or make sure the dumb one doesn't die from that fall. *He looks at Jonas and points to Ammo* Two things, nice girl you got here and do you think she'll be able to help?

Jonas: It never stopped her before, no has it?

The figure lands on a tall stick debris coming from the ground and looks up into the hectic sky.

Ameno: I'll stick to healing. Be safe Joney! *Half hugs, then flies off to help Omega*

Gamma: I'm like, the only fighter... *Puts personal sheilds around all of them.* Sigh, you owe me pizza after this...

All three go in for an attack.

Omega: THEY FORGOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Omega jumps upward, landing on Project: Neo, then holding Project: Neo up as a punching bag for the others.

Drake: Heh... *He covers his hands in explosive energy and flies up to Project: Neo and punches him in the gut, sending Omega and Project: Neo to be pushed back* ...Hmph

The figure frees himself from Omega's grasp and grabs his face and punches him hard enough to penetrate his armor and incinerates him from the inside.

Omega: That... Tickled...

Gamma heals Omega in full from his station, then Omega continues to hit the figure. He eventually hits the figure hard enough for a groan of pain.

Omega: Suck it dirtbag *kicks figure to Jonas*

Jonas: Aw crap! I wasn't ready for that! * is smacked back Omega by the figure and both fall to the ground*

The figure looks at little blood coming from the corner of his mouth and wipes it of and rubs it against his fingers.

Drake: *Looks at Jonas, Omega and the figure and sighs* Right... *He looks at Project: Neo and smirks* Guess it's just you and me! *He flies at Project: Neo and kicks the side of his head, sending him flying. Drake then sprints and Project: Neo and slams both his fists downwards on him, crashing him down into the floor*


Omega and the figure start a real fight, with multible punches and kicks, many hits and even more misses. They seem to be at a stale mate, so this leavs Jonas to help Drake.

Jonas: *sees a bazooka* Awwww snap, yes! *gets the bazooka and aims carefully and fires at the figure and gets a direct hit* Bomm-shaka-laka!

The smoke clear and the figure is completely unaffected

Jonas: Aw crap.

The figure's eyes shine and and two quick flash beams of light shoot Jonas in the chest

Jonas:....Ow...*falls over*

Drake: *Sees the fight* Oh for god's sake... *He stomps Project: Neo's head into the ground and walks over and looks at the figure* Hey shitface, I appreciate the fact that you're not with us. Because that allows me to crack some more skulls. But I don't appreciate piercing my friend's chest with lasers, so I'm sorry. *He flies at the figure and punches him in the gut, he then grabs the figure's arms and throws him too the floor* So, what's your name? If you have one?

Gamma: Scary people with laser eyes have NAMES?! Every monster movie EVER is wrong! I mean seriously wrong!

The figure shoots his Alpha Beam and it makes a direct shot into Drake's eyes. He grabs Drake's head and factures his skull with one hand. He then puts one finger on the center of his forehead and quick streaks of light piece Drake through his heart and blood spills from Drake's body. The figure drops Drake.

"You ask who I am...I am Drekavas, The Neo Seeker..."

Drake: *Coughs up blood and gets up, only seeing through one eye* That's... Nice. Hehe... I'll tell you about me now... *Drake's aura darkens to a dark grey* My name is Drake Ryunexo of the Ryunexo mercenary group... Also known as the Soul of Revival. *He smirks, also showing a dragon-like fang while doing so* And I'll give you something... Drekavas, you already kicked my ass pretty easily... *Drake's aura enlarges, Drake then begins laughing* But, now this changes! *He growls* I'm gonna send you and your toy down to hell and back! *He roars, causing a shockwave that can be felt all across London*

Omega: Hey! This g-

Gamma: Just walk away... Just walk away from the scary monster people... *Gamma picks up Jonas and loads everyone on the ship, then they fly to outer space, leaving Gamma and Omega so Jonas can be healed.*

Omega: Ready Gamma?

Gamma: Let's go die. For the team!

Omega and Gamma: HOO-RAH! *Run and join the fight, Gamma holding Project: Neo back while Dragon-Drake and Omega try to kill Drekavas.*

Drekavas: *grabs Gamma's head and throws him at Omega and Drake and shoots him with his Alpha Beam*

Drake: *Steps in the way and deflects the beam with his hand* That your best!? *He flies at Drekavas and charges a dark energy ball and fires it directly at Drekavas' face. Drake then teleports behind him and grabs the back of his neck and repeatedly punches him in the spine and back, Drake then fires a blast into his back, sending his crashing into some buildings*

Omega catches Gamma, and the pull out popccorn.

Gamma: This is very interesting. *Puts sheild around Drake, so that Drake can hit OUT but Drekavas cant hit IN.

Drekavas: *reappears infront of Drake and puts his hands on the shield and it breaks like glass. The glass swirl around into razors and strike Drake's wings off* Do you know understand my purpose in all this? A change is arriving. Change cannot be stopped. It keeps repeating the process. A process that can't be broken.

Drake: Too bad you won't be there to see it... *Drake punches through Drekavas' chest and fires a beam into his face, Drake then pulls his hand out and smiles evilly. Drake then grabs Drekavas by hims and and dislocates them, then Drake laughs once more and creates a dome around Drekavas and slowly shrinks it. Crushing him in the process*

Gamma: S. C. A. R. Fucking Y. Scary... Remind me not to piss Drake off...

Omega: Will do...

Red lightning strikes the dome and Drekavas releases himself in the process.

Drekavas: *seems after the damage dealt by Drake, seems not to bother him* Interesting enough. You don't understand. will be the one to bring forth that change. And that change will be Unsung. Man for ages believed in evolution, because they believed they changed into something better. I soon relized this to be false through thorough study of "proof". All of them proved to be hoaxes. But metamorphosis for instance was a true change. From one thing to the next. Man are afraid because their not strong enough, their too fragile and create mechanisms that can kill them easily. I wish to change that. To make it where they can be near unstoppable.*gestures at himself* Like me.

Drake: Getting... Real tired... Of your shit. So do me a favor... *Drake appears infront of Drekavas and uses his tail to strangle Drekavas, Drake then unsheathes his sword and slashes him* AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Gamma: Drevie [Drekavas] better be quiet...

Omega rips Drekavas' head off, slowly hearing him scream in pain and agony.

Omega: That satisfying enough? Just get him in an unbreakable cell at M.C.C.P or something...

Drekavas: *laughs and he regrows a new head and the Omega has explodes. Cuts Drake's tail off with his hand* You've gotta love Demonic Physiology. *puts his hand forward and a streak of light passes Drekavas' hand. Once he grabs the light, it turns into the Draconia blade, hybridized with Zane's blade*

Drake: My fucking tail and wings... *Drake aims his sword at Drekavas* You'll pay! *He gets in a stance and glares at Drekavas*

Drekavas: *Sighs* If you must.

Drake roars and flies at intense speeds towards Drekavas, preparing his blade for the final strike. Just as Drake swings his sword at Drekavas, Drekavas charges his sword with Alpha Energy and slices across Drake's chest in an instant. Causing Drake to instantly fall to the ground in fatigue, making him unconscious.

Drekavas: Too bad you don't live up to the warrior you think you are...


*WOOSH* The Ship comes, dropping off Alpha and Jonas.

Alpha: I got the parts to help Omega!

Alpha rushes at full speed, stopping the blood loss and putting together a hand made of metal.

Alpha: It should carry the same streangh as your real hand, and it can withstand air, water, and fire. It also has a personal up-down sheild. You should be in fighting shape!

Omega: ... ... .... ARG THIS FUCKING HURTS! Fine, lets go.

Alpha picks up Drake and they escape on the ship...

Drekavas: *watches them leave* The world must be destroyed, and from the ashes it will arise anew. For this is the true meaning of change. *disappears and London slowly returns back to Earth*

Noli Draconis Edit

Drake appears in a town, he takes a minute to glance around before entering one of the bars located there. He walks up to the counter and takes a set, he asks the bartender for any drink, moments later to receive a simple beer. He takes a second to sip before quietly laughing and then speaking loudly.

Drake: So... What's all of your opinions on a Mytho?

The bartender scoffs.

Bartender: Worthless and pathetic, waste of space if you ask me... And everyone here.

Drake: Then tell me, you believe in aliens?

Bartender: Non-existent, can't be real...

Drake: *Smirks* You're not very opened minded, aren't you?

Bartender: *Speaks in a more hostile voice* If you want a drink here, you'll shut up. Or do you want one of these men to break your back and kick you out?

Drake takes a second to look around the room, he then laughs again.

Drake: Here's an idea, why don't you make me? You're a bartender, you should have a gun on you, right? If not, you're as worthless as the Mytho you insult.

Bartender: Ok, that's it! *He grabs a Winchester rifle from under the counter and aims directly at Drake* Get out! You're banned for life!

Drake: What's with the sudden hostility? I only asked for your opinion, and here's my opinion; you're a dumbass with a pathetic life.

The bartender fires at Drake, catching everyone's attention. The place stays quiet before they can hear laughing coming from Drake, who has caught the bullet between his teeth. He bites down and crushes it.

Drake: Nice try... *He takes out his Shadow Pistol and loads an Ember bullet* Y'know what one of these are? They're called an Ember bullet, think of it like phosphorous... But, the second it touches you, the bullet explodes and releases a fire hotter than the surface of the sun... This pretty much turns you to blood stained ash in under ten seconds. *He aims it at the bartender, who is motionless due to fear*

Bartender: W-What are you!?

Drake: *Has a evil grin on his face* You may call me... Red Cinere. *He fires, he watches as the bartender screams in pain and is reduced to ash. He takes a sip of his beer, stands up and looks at everyone else* So, as anyone would say... *He aims his Shadow Pistol at everyone and fires* Leave no witnesses.

A minute later, Drake exits the bar, wiping off any ash that was on him. He then continues walking to a different town.

Drake: That was fun, but I hope the next bar will have better company...

Omega falls from the sky onto Drake, pushing his head into the path.

Omega: Sorry to ruin the party. Thought you were selfish not inviting me.

Drake throws Omega off of him and gets up, he looks at Omega and sighs.

Drake: Great, one of the metal faces arrived... What do you want? I'm too busy entertaining myself. *He puts his hands into his pockets*

Omega: *Grabs Drake's hair and points his head to the bar* That, That was my FAVORITE bar. *Pushes Drake to his knees. Then breaks his nose*

Drake: ...It's still there, just that no one is alive. *Drake gets up and places his hand over his nose and heals it, he then smirks* If you're looking for a fight tin man... *Drake then has a evil smile and cracks his knuckles* Then bring it.

Omega: The Bartender had a wife - *Punches Drakes head, giving a severe concussion* - Two kids - *Breaks Drake's spine* - A dog - *Breaks Drake's arm* - 9 mortgages on the Bar and his house - *Kicksnaps all of Drake's tendons, paralyzing him* - and his parents died by the hand of a dragon at age 12. *Kicks Drake's stomach, making him vomit blood*

Drake fades away in black fire and reappears fully healed in the air charging a massive fireball.

Drake: Hmm, that was interesting... But that ain't gonna kill me that easily...

Drake throws the fireball at Omega, causing him to get engulfed in black fire. When the smoke clears, Omega is sent flying into some more buildings, Drake then laughs once again and walks up to Omega and grabs his arm and tightens his grip, crushing his arm and armour. Drake then throws Omega aside and charges another fireball and blasts it directly into Omega's helmet, causing the visor to melt off.

Drake: You're impressive for a golem... *He places his foot on Omega's chest and presses down, keeping him in place. Drake then creates multiple energy blades and sticks them into Omega's feet and hands* But, your survival depends on if this fight can entertain me. You manage to keep up, you live. Fuck up? And you ain't gonna live the same way ever again...

Omega: Sounds fair. Just one thing - Wrong. Arm. *He rips from Drakes grasp, and takes his helmet off, exposing the metalic flesh substance. (Looks like a shiny human, like he is wet or something)* Suck it. *Punches Drake's skull in.*

Drake: *Has a evil smile and tribal markings appear on Drake's face, bones can be heard repairing themselves* Next time, learn what a Cyanican can do... *Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form, but it is now black. Drake wraps his tail around Omega's neck and tightens his grip, causing Omega to suffocate to near death. Drake's tail throws Omega into another building, this time causing it to collapse onto Omega* Come on... I'm getting bored... Where's the rest of your little group of friends? They probably have a better chance at hurting me...

Omega: *Pucks up building, throws it at Drake. Hides behind it running just as fast, and when Drake easily deflects it, Omega breaks his skull* I. Hate. Regeneration.

Drake: *His skull repairs itself* That's too bad, also. You're boring me... *Drake slams his fist into Omega's stomach, causing him to vomit into his helmet. Drake then flipkicks Omega away, Drake charges another black fireball and throws it at Omega. The moment the fireball burns out, Drake is infront of Omega and has another evil smile.* So, you got yourself one cybernetic hand... How about a whole forearm? *Drake summons a sword and kicks Omega to the floor and slices Omega's forearm off* I win... *Drake then walks away*

Omega: Am I dead? You coward. You unhonorable COWARD! *Picks up arm and slaps Drake with it* You DO NOT FIGHT! You USE the abilities you DID NOT EARN to fight those who DID! *Punches Drake's heart, pulling it out* YOU MAKE ME SICK! *Breaks Drake's skull*

Drake fades away in black fire and reappears fully healed.

Drake: I'm unhonorable? You're the one fighting in a suit... *He exits his Aura Dragon mode and gets in a Cyanic fighting stance* Regardless, you've sealed your fate... *Drake charges at Omega and sweepkicks him into the air, Drake then jumps above him and slams his heel down on Omega's chest, denting his armor and breaking a couple of ribs* I did not say I would kill you, I said you won't live the same way again... And in the state you're in, I can see that happening.

Drake grabs hold of Omega by the head and slam him down into the floor, Drake then keeps Omega's leg still and slams his forearm down. Breaking Omega's knee. Drake gets up and presses his foot down on Omega's chest and slowly crushes his chest. Drake notices a communicator on Omega's armour, he picks it up and gets it to work.

Drake: If I were you, I'd follow this signal and help your friend out, he's in a shitty state. *He looks at Omega and smirks* I ain't heartless, but ruthless. *He drops the communicator and goes into his Aura Dragon and flies to a different town*

A day passes, and Drake is seen exiting a town that has been set ablaze. Drake looks back and laughs, he then turns his head back and focuses on the forest ahead of him.

Drake: Well... That was fun, but now I'm bored... *Enteres the forest and begins playing around with a black fireball* Hmm, maybe I'll find tinman's little group and end their lives... Or just break 'em... Soo many options...

A figure suddenly appears not far from Drake, and appeared to look at Drake, the figure comes closer and says "Hello there, My name is the Mirage of Void, You entered my line of vision, therefor I now have to have a conversation with you for some reason."

Drake: ...*The fireball dissolves* ...Sure. *He continues walking*

Mirage: Honestly you look like a black silhouette, Also, There's some people behind a strange wall talking about you. *Mirage said as he followed*

Drake: Coming from someone who looks like a phantom, also, what strange wall?

Mirage: The 4th wall, Also, One of them said something about marriage, You with... Angeli, Or something, I don't keep track of everything.

Drake: ...You're already annoying me, what do you want? And make it quick, I need to go get the blood off of my clothes...

Mirage: I can clearly tell that you're not annoyed, in a rush or stressed, therefor i will just delay the discussion as long as possible. *Mirage says in a sarcastic tone.*

Drake: Oh yay... *Drake creates a fireball and bounces it between his hands*

Mirage: Just pointing out, One of your friends just died. *Mirage seemed to be quite aware of things he shouldn't be aware of, He suddenly claps his hands together and mutters something in an unknown language* Rekh mih brel trok whu kerr. *Mirage suddenly flashes purple as another version of him, a temporary clone, appears for a split second and then disappears elsewhere*

Drake: ...Died? Who the hell cou-- ...Oh shit.

Mirage: Somebody named Elaonore.

Drake: Oh, nevermind then... *Throws the fireball at a tree and continues walking, he gets his spellbook and starts reading spells from it* Hmm, this'll be fun to use. The next town is gonna get reduced to ruins after this..

Mirage seemed to ignore him and began to mutter something suspicious.

Drake: *Turns to look at Mirage* The hell are you doing...

"Oh, Nothing at all, Just Machanerz Critah." Mirage said as he pointed at drake and surrounded drake in a bunch of runes and smoke, This was a mind control spell.

Drake: ...Using spells against a spellcaster? Hmph... *Tribal markings appear all over Drake, he smirks as he swipes his hand through the air. Causing the runes and smoke to dissipate, he then aims his hand towards Mirage* Well then, lets see who's the better spellcaster! Kaosuboru! *A black sphere grows in Drake's open palm, it charges with dark energy. Drake then fires it at Mirage*

Mirage: Oh whatever shall i do? I'm being attacked by a spellcaster murderer retard. *Mirage snaps his finger and counterspells it, As it dissipates into nothing, He then continues with throwing a simple silence to remove Drake's magic abilities for a few seconds and then mirage proceeds to fire three orbs of energy that surround Drake.*

Drake: Heh... Y'know, if you really want someone who matches your 'skill'. I know a group of people who'd be more than happy to play with you. *Fades away in fire and appears behind Mirage and slams a white orb into his back, blasting him away* Though I'll admit, your spells will be fun to learn...

Mirage suddenly turns around, And creates a really quick barrier that would sort of bounce Drake back as he appeared all the sudden, Mirage then proceeded with "I'd like you to try, Since it would take a few centuries for you to even understand the language."

Drake: *He smirks once again* Give me a few years and I'll be able to casts your spells. But I must say, you better have a different form of attacking. Because silencing me isn't gonna do much, let's go! *Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and allows his Aura to form off, acting like a clone of Drake. They charge at Mirage and grab him and slams him into the floor, Drake and his Aura clone jump back and sees what happens next*

Mirage had created a clone from before that would appear whenever necessary, It appears in mid-charge, Grabs Drake's head, augments his strength to be able to counter his speed ten fold and proceeds to smash Drake's head into the ground, Mirage himself suddenly disappears and the clone of Drake suddenly appeared in another state of time and was also smashed into the ground, although faster.

Drake: ...Well, that was something. Regardless, this is boring me. And I'mma fuck off, see you later phantom. *He smirks and fades away in fire*

Out of the Fog Edit

Daikeim and Elaonore appear infront of his house, Daikeim opens the door and walks in, closing the door behind them. Daikeim then carries Elaonore to his bed and lays her down.

Daikeim: There you go... I'll go find you some clothes to wear. *He goes around his house and later comes back with a shirt and jeans* I'll just let you get dressed... *He goes towards his door but loses his golden aura and eye trail* I'll be back in a minute. *He feels exhausted and quickly falls* Or ten. *He passes out*

Elaonore: *hears a thud* Daikeim? *finishes getting dressed and goes down Daikeim's door and finds him unconsious on the floor. Elaonore carries Daikeim back into her room and lays him on the bed. Gently feels Daikeims face and smiles* I...I love you too. *has the Soul Stone against her chest*

An hour later, Daikeim wakes up and sits up.

Daikeim: Damn... That takes a lot out of me... *He looks around and rubs his eyes, he then gets up* Wonder where Elaonore is.

Elaonore: * is siting on the floor against the bed, still in the state she was before*

Daikeim: *Sits down besides her and holds her hand* Hey... How are you feeling?

Elaonore: *is breathing heavily and slowly* Weak...tired...hurt...dreary... What about you?

Daikeim: I'm not feeling too good either... *He looks at the Soul Stone that Elaonore has, he then taps it. It begins to glow blue and a energy covers Elaonore* There... You should start to feel better. *He smiles and kisses Elaonore on the cheek*

Elaonore: *mildly smiles and holds his hands tighter and lays her head on Daikeim's shoulder. Feels a cold breeze* you feel that?

The dark figure is standing over them

Daikeim: Grr... *He growls and stands up and instantly goes into his Half Dragon form, he then knees the Dark Figure in the gut* What the hell do you want... *He clenches his fist*

Voice: I have come to apologize and seeing your reaction once you saw me, you must have known. The actions of my son were unnecessary. I never meant any harm to come to your lover.

Daikeim: Must have known? MUST HAVE KNOWN!? I WAS FORCED TO WATCH IT! YOUR SON DESERVES DEATH! *He punches the Dark Figure to the side of the room*

Voice: *is right behind Daikeim* If anything, my son deserves nothing but death. He is unworthy to be called my son.

Daikeim: He's unworthy to be called anything but dirt... So why are you here.

Voice: I came by to apologize and that I commend the hatred you have for my son. If you do met him and kill him, I will not have any qualms.

Daikeim: Ok... But what about Elaonore... *He quickly looks at Elaonore and has a faint smile*

Voice: That depends. Do you want her or do you need her?

Daikeim: I need her... I love her... Why did you ask...

Voice: *puts something in his hand* It is a concept I wanted to be familiar with, but my work was too important to me. So I denounced such. Use that once you are ready and certain.

Daikeim: ...*He examines the object* What is it...

Voice: Don't know a ring when you see one?

Daikeim: Oh... I understand... *He stores the ring away* Thanks... But I was talking about something else...

Voice: The child...I can fix that easily.

Daikeim: *Is a bit cautious* Without pain?

Voice: pain what-so-ever

Daikeim: ...*He looks at Elaonore* You sure you want this to happen?

Elaonore: This child inside of me is as monstrous as the man who did this to me. *squeezes her eyes an tears stream out* I don't want to kill it...I just cant have it...

Daikeim: Ok... *He wipes the tear away and kisses her head, he then stands up and looks at the Dark Figure* Go on then... Just make sure that she won't get harmed.

Voice: Good...put her on the bed and I will get started.

Daikeim: *Daikeim picks Elaonore up and lays her on the bed softly, he gives her a reassuring smile and holds her hand* Don't worry, you'll be fine.

Elaonore: *mildly smiles* Ok...

Voice: The embryo has not been formed yet, but I can speed up the process one which it does. *touches her stomach and it starts to shake after it finishes shaking, a light shine from Elaonore's belly. The Dark Figure sticks his hand inside and takes out the embryo and put it in a frozen orb* pain at all.

Daikeim: See, no pain. *He looks at the Dark Figure* You have my thanks... But I have something to ask, but it can wait until the next time we meet.

Voice: If you have something to ask, ask it now. I am a busy man, but I can make room.

Daikeim: Your son... Where can I find him...

Voice: I sent him to Tartarus to see if the alignment was right...but I know he's probably in Nether Realm, indulging in sexuality with succubus'.

Daikeim: Hmph... Is there any way to get there?

Voice: *opens a portal to Nether Realm* This should take you to one of the bars he enjoys to go...

Daikeim: Ok... *He looks at Elaonore and puts the covers over her body and kisses her head* You should get some sleep, I'll be back soon.

Elaonore: *smiles at Daikeim* I know you'll be back...I trust you.

Daikeim: *He smiles then walks towards the portal and talks to the Dark Figure* Make sure you close this portal... *He steps through*

Voice: *closes the portal* and looks back the embryo* I hope you become a better successor than our father. *opens another portal and leaves*

A couple of hours later, Daikeim appears besides Elaonore's bed, where she's sleeping. Daikeim sits against the bed and rests.

Meanwhile near the entrance of Downation, a girl appears through a portal holding a stone. The portal closes behind her, she takes a minute to adjust to everything here.

Melina: He should be here... *The small dragon looks around* You sure he's here Flare? *Flare makes a noise* Ok then... *She starts walking around Fantasy*

Back at Daikeim's house, Daikeim wakes up and stands up. He looks at a sleeping Elaonore, he smiles and kisses her head. He then walks out of the house and goes into his Half Dragon form and flies around.

Daikeim: Hmm, I wonder where Drake is, he should be around... Maybe in the marketplace. *Daikeim flies down to the marketplace and looks around*

Melina is in the same marketplace, looking at what the Mythos are selling. Flare nudges his head against Melina's neck.

Melina: I know I know, but c'mon. Look at this stuff, it looks amazing!

One of the Mytho behind a stand overhears her.

Mytho: Not from around here?

Melina: No. *She laughs* I'm from somewhere far away.

Mytho: Why don't ya' prove it?

Melina: Umm? How... *She thinks for a minute* Oh! I have it! *She goes into her Half Dragon form, shocking the Mytho*

Mytho: Wow! That's amazing!

Melina: Thaaaank you.

Mytho: Isn't the first time I've seen it though.

Melina: What are you talking about?

Mytho: There's a fella, he can do that to. *He looks around and points* That fella to be exact.

The Mytho was pointing to Daikeim, who's currently walking around looking at the stuff for sale.

Melina: Oh my god... It's him! *She sprints at Daikeim and hugs him* BROTHER!

Daikeim: Huh!? *He takes a second to think, only to hug her afterwards. They both stop hugging after a couple of seconds.* Melina? Is that really you?

Melina: Hmm, lets see shall we? *She slaps Diakeim* That's for disobeying orders.

Daikeim: Ow!

Melina: *Slaps him again* That's for getting banished.

Daikeim: OW!

Melina: *Slaps him a final time* And that's for giving your Soul Stone away!

Daikeim: OK OK! Oooow... Anyways... What brings you here, actually. How?

Melina: First. *She hands him a new Soul Stone* Don't lose it this time... I have some news, but I wanna take a breather. Any ideas?

Daikeim: Yeah, follow me.

Daikeim and Melina go into their Half Dragon forms and fly to Daikeim's house, they both enter it.

Daikeim: Now try to be quiet.

Melina: Why?

Daikeim: My girlfriend's asleep.

Melina: Oh ok, makes sense. I'd hate to be woken-- Wait what?! GIRLFRIEND!?

Daikeim: ...Yes.

Melina: I don't wanna know... Anyways-- *Before Melina can get a word in, Flare flies around and lands on Daikeim's head*

Daikeim: Flare? Oh it's been ages! *He strokes Flare's back, with Flare purring while he gets stroked.(Yes, apparently dragons can purr... Who knew?)*

Melina: *She laughs* He missed you... As well as the others... But that'll all change!

Daikeim: What are you talking about?

Melina: You and your friend are no longer banished, you can come back home!

Daikeim: *Is speechless for a minute, but he then sighs* Right... The thing is...

Melina: What is it?

Daikeim: I don't want to go back... I love it here, I feel free, unbound by the rules the Murr Gods make. Freedom Melina...

Melina: You're... Not coming back?

Daikeim: No... Don't get me wrong, I'd love to come back... But everything here means too much for me, I can't just leave them...

Melina: ...*She sighs* I said I wouldn't go back until you came with me... *She has a smile on her face* Guess I'm staying!

Daikeim: Wait what...

Melina: You heard me Brother, I'm not leaving until you agree to come with me back to Arcadia!

Daikeim: ...You gotta be kidding.

Melina: Daikeim, when was the last time I was joking?

Daikeim: ...Fine, go choose a room to sleep in.

Melina: YAY! *She hugs Daikeim then explores the house*

The dark figure appears infront of Daikeim

Voice: I see you were unsuccessful on killing my son. I blame myself. I should've told you he isn't just a spoiled child who indulges in sexual pleasures. He is the son of a god and has been well trained by me.

Daikeim: Don't blame yourself, my anger blinded me... But, the next time him and I meet, I'll hope that you're on my side when I rid him of his life....

Meanwhile upstairs, Melina is looking at the rooms.

Melina: There's like... Ten rooms here! *She checks one of the rooms, which happens to be Drake's room* ...Weapons, weapons... More weapons... Ok, not my room. *Flare flies infront one of the doors and nudges his head against it, catching Melina's attention* I wonder what got you sparked up... *She slowly opens the door, leading into Diakeim and Elaonore's room. She sees Elaonore sleeping* Shhhh, don't make a sound... *She walks up to the side of the bed and looks at Elaonore* ...Of course Brother would go for someone with tits the size of watermelons. Let's go Flare. *Her and Flare leave the room and close the door, after a while she finds a empty room and calls it her own*

Voice: I'm afraid I cannot...he is already aware of my hatred of his actions...if I i side with you to fight him, he will be even more determined to reach the God Pit.

Daikeim: ...I understand. *He sighs* Yeah, I heard about that from him... Right now, I won't be able to touch him. So it's gonna be a while before I fight him again.

Voice:Yes it will, for I am unaware of his whereabouts. But you did well in your fight. Not many who challenge Evoh don't really get to live.

Daikeim: Even though he was just toying with me... I appreciate the compliment. Anyways, you can go now... You're a busy person, you said it yourself.

Voice: Indeed I am. I must be off. And you might want to see your lover upstairs. *disappears*

Daikeim rushes upstairs and sprints into their room.

Elaonore: *is tossing and turning having a nightmare about being brutally violated by Evoh and is screaming for help*

Daikeim: *Sprints towards Elaonore and wakes her up* Elaonore! What happened, are you ok!?

Melina enters the room as she also heard Elaonore screaming.

Melina: Uhh... Everything ok?

Elaonore: *wakes up eyes all red and broken with misery. Is breathing hard*...A crying mess.

Daikeim: *He sits Elaonore up and puts his hand on her cheek and kisses her on the lips, he then softly leans his head against Elaonore's head and wraps his arms around her* Don't worry... The nightmare is over.

Elaonore: *holds unto Daikeim's arms and leans her head against his chest*

Flare flies onto Elaonore's shoulder and purrs, Melina then walks towards the two and chuckles.

Melina: Hmm, that's new... Why would Flare be like that with her? *She notices the Soul Stone Daikeim gave her* ...That's one reason.

Elaonore: *touches Flare's head with her fingers*

Flare nudges his head against Elaonore's fingers, his purr becomes louder. Daikeim chuckles.

Daikeim: He really likes you

Melina: Daikeim, I need to talk to you. *She looks at Flare* Stay here.

Daikeim: Ok, give me a second. *He kisses Elaonore and leaves the room, with Melina following*

Melina: Why does she have the Soul Stone?

Daikeim: Why does it matter?

Melina: Because only Heroas Gods are allowed to use them!

Daikeim: Elaonore is a exception.

Melina: She won't be able to handle what comes with it, Daikeim. It's made for Heroa Gods! Not morta--

Daikeim: She may not be a Heroa God, but I trust her with it and the power that comes with it. No matter what the Vitae Gods say!

Melina: ...What happened to you Daikeim, you used to be one of Arcadia's greatest warriors. You do realise that they will not approve of this...

Daikeim: And you're gonna side with them?

Melina: Don't say that... You know how hard it is to choose family.

Daikeim: Look Melina, I'm not trying to be the bad guy... But Elaonore is keeping the stone... Because if I die, that'll be the only thing she has.

Melina: ...*She sighs* Your love for her is truly something special... But it will also be the cause for tragic events.

Daikeim: And I'll be there to defend her, with all I have.

Melina: *She places her hand on Daikeim's chest, she then senses his soul* Pure... Blue, gold, white... *He takes her hand off and smirks* Yeah... I gotta feeling you will Brother. *She walks back into the room, with Daikeim following behind*

A whisper can be heard. 'Change'

Daikeim hears it but takes no notice.

Melina: I'm guessing you two want some alone time. *She giggles and calls Flare back, which lands on her shoulder* I'll leave you two be. *She walks out of the room*

Daikeim: *He sits down on the side of the bed and stays quiet, thinking about the recent events*

"You regret it, don't you?"

Daikeim: *Is now talking in his mind* (Regret what... Who are you and what do you want?)

"You regret what happened to her. That you tried to make her happy, but all you've done was break her. Look at her. She has trouble breathing, she has trouble seeing, she has trouble thinking, she has been rejected and her body is in feeble condition. You ruined her, all because you wanted to make her happy. She was already happy here. Why try to change that?"

Daikeim: *All emotion gets drained and Daikeim has a tragic look on his face* (...Who... Are you...)

"We are the shadows of the world. We are the overcast over all. We are the voices withing the wind. We are Unsung."

Daikeim: *Daikeim's expression changes to pure hatred* (Unsung... The doctor... Don't you dare give me that shit about the state Elaonore is in... You made her like that you bastards, and trust me. I will not stop until every single one of you are dead!)

"You cannot kill, what cannot be seen. She wouldn't be in this state if you hadn't had taken here to London. She witnessed the death of the people she knew and felt the rejection of her family once more. We were just part of the consequence for your actions."

Daikeim: (Get out of my head... I want you gone... Dead...) *Daikeim gets up and walks out of the house, he goes into his Half Dragon form and flies as far out to Fantasy as he can before stopping. He looks around, confirming himself that no one would be able to get to him, his eyes then flash gold. Daikeim raises both his arms, causing a massive chunk of land to raise into the air, the chunk of land continues getting higher and higher until Daikeim can't see Fantasy no more. He then grasps his hands together, causing the island to float*

Daikeim: There... Isolation...

"Seal yourself behind walls all you want. You took your toll on everyone already. But there is such thing as redemption and change. We can make to where no one can do such things to each other an longer. Where there is no life, no death, no Hell, no pain, and no responsibility. True change lies there. If you want to change such things than join us." *a strap-on button glove with red lining appears infront of Daikeim*

Daikeim: *Ignores the glove and just looks at his Soul Stone* Get out of my head... Get away from me...

The glove disappears. "Fine by me, but if you want to keep anything like that happenening to anyone else again. Let me know."

Back at the house

Elaonore: *slowly wakes up* Daikeim...*looks around her room and even though her sight is distortedly blurred, she gets up, wraps her covers around herself and walks awkwardly around the house looking for Daikeim, but he isn't there* Daikeim...*walks outside while calling Daikeim's name and asking other Mythos if they had seen him. Some point her to the far reaches of Fantasy an she starts walking in that direction* Daikeim...

While on the floating island, Daikeim is lying on the floor, looking up into the sky.

Daikeim: No life, no death, no Hell, no pain and no responsibility... What a stupid thing. *He gets up and walks to the edge of the island and glances down on the clouds that cover Fantasy's skies, he faintly senses Elaonore's energy signature. Daikeim then steps off of the island and falls straight down, going into his Half Dragon form and uses his wings to land*

Elaonore: *is still looking*Daikeim...Daikeim...*after awhile, she sits down*...Don't tell me me you left me too... *eyes are watering*

Daikeim: ...*Exits his Half Dragon form and continues to follow Elaonore's energy signature until Daikeim can see her, he then walks up to her and sits down opposite her. Daikeim leans over and kisses her, he gives a small smile.*

Elaonore:..Daikeim...? I thought you left me...

Daikeim: I wouldn't... *He holds her hands* Give me a reason why I would leave someone as amazing as you. It was just that something came up and I didn't want to burden you with my problems. are no burden to me...neither do I want you to leave because you think you are...And what ever problem there is we'll face it together...*gently smiles*

Daikeim: *Daikeim stands up and helps Elaonore up, he then goes into his Half Dragon form and wraps the wings around him and Elaonore.* I know you're a Sylph, but you're an angel to me. *He hugs Elaonore tightly and smiles* Now... We should be getting back home. *Daikeim exits his Half Dragon form* Do you want me to carry you back home?

Elaonore: I dont mind if you carry me home...took me a while to walk out here...

Daikeim: *Daikeim chuckles and picks Elaonore up and carries her on his back and walks home* Did you seriously walk all the way here with the bed covered wrapped around you? body was just so Fantasy its not hot or cold, unless your in Skyia of course...

Daikeim: *Sends small streams of fire throughout his blood system, heating up his body, warming Elaonore up* That better?

Elaonore:...A little...thank you...*gently touches Daikeim's face*

Daikeim: Don't worry, we're almost home. *He places one of his hands above Elaonore's hand and holds it softly, Daikeim just faintly sees the house* I can see it now. *He smiles*

Elaonore:...Everytime I'm in that house, i'm always asleep....I must be in a really weak state...

Daikeim: Give it time, you'll be to your sweet self soon... The Soul Stone will make you better, I promise. *They finally get to the house, with Melina welcoming them back*

Melina: You took your time you two...

Daikeim: Don't even make that comment and open the door.

Melina: *Opens the door* Awwww, you're no fun Brother. *She lets Daikeim and Elaonore in then walks in herself and closes the door behind her*

Elaonore: Brother?...never knew you had siblings, but i guess I never did ask...

Daikeim: Oh, right. Elaonore, meet Mel--

Melina: *Interrupts Daikeim* I'm Melina, Daikeim's younger Sister! I see that Brother has a very... 'Inflated' interest in you.

Daikeim: You gotta be fuc--

Melina: *Interrupts Daikeim again, Flare flies around and lands on Melina's shoulder* And that's Flare, mine and Brother's pet dragon. He's kinda rough but he's a cutie once you know him. *She strokes Flare's back, with Flare purring afterwards*

Elaonore: *chuckles* It's nice to meet you....My name is Elaonore....i guess you can say I have have as much of an interest in your brother as he does with me...*looks at Daikeim with a smile*

Daikeim: *He smiles back and takes Elaonore off of his back and kisses her* Yeah, hehe, Melina also forgot to mention how she's hyperactive as all hell and doesn't know manners.

Melina: I know manners, I just don't choose to use them when I'm around you. *She playfully sticks her tongue out at Daikeim*

Elaonore: Energetic...I's like that tale my father would tell me about drinking coffee...*chuckles abit*

Melina: What tale? *She sits down on the floor and looks at Elaonore, Daikeim has a unsure look on his face*

Elaonore: all started when i was but 6 and one day I smelled the steaming aroma of coffee. I wanted some and I used a chair to climb ontop of the counter where the coffer maker was. I got a cup and I was just about to pour myself some, until my father walked in and took me down from the counter. He told me I should never drink it. I ask why not. He told me that if a young child under the age of 13 drunk coffee, they would become so energetic the city would force them out into the wild, where they would live the rest of their lives. I was of course afraid and I never drunk coffee until I was older and when I did turn 13, I tried coffee for the first time...

Melina: And I'm guessing that was your only time? If not, I'll make some if you want. *She has a massive smile on her face*

Elaonore: Heh...No thank you...After my first sip, I didn't bother to drink the rest...It had a strong taste to it, my father said I would get used to it...but I said would stick to tea.

Melina: I've never had tea, I heard it's nice. I remember Brother teasing me with tea, joke's on him. I spiked his drinks when we were younger. Elaonore, can you please show me how you make tea?

Daikeim: ...You did what?

Elaonore: *chuckles* I would be glad to help you make tea, but it might have to be another time....

A strap-on button glove appears unseen out of nowhere and sticks itself inside Elaonore's mouth and presses down on the back of it.

Elaonore: *starts to throw-up black bile*

Daikeim: *Grabs the glove and pulls it out of Elaonore's mouth and vaporizes it with a energy blast, he then looks at the bile* Melina, get her something to throw up in.

Melina: Got it! *She runs off and shortly returns with a bucket and passes it to Elaonore* There you go...

Elaonore: *throws up in the bucket and after a minute stops and is breathing hard*

Another glove comes out of nowhere and press down the back of Elaonore's neck

Elaonore: *eyes go blank and she drops the bucket. She falls back motionless and she doesn't seem to be breathing*

The glove disappears.

Daikeim: No no no no... Breathe... Come on...

Melina: She isn't dead...

Daikeim: The hell do you mean!?

Melina: All of her vitals have stopped, but she ain't dying. She's more or less frozen, best thing to do right now Brother is to take her up to your room and stay there until otherwise.

Daikeim: No, I'm not staying, I'm going to find that bastard and kill him. I want you to stay here and guard her... I need you to.

Melina: But... Ok...

Daikeim picks Elaonore up and carries her into their room, with Melina following. He puts her to bed and kisses her head.

Melina: Good luck Brother...

Daikeim: Thanks... I'll need every ounce of it. *Daikeim goes into his Half Dragon form and teleports out of Fantasy*

A mouth appears infront of Elaonore and breathes darkness into her. The mouth disappears.

Elaonore: *eyes turn red and her hair turns black with streaks of red and her skin turns black. She breathes*

Melina: Uhhhh Elaonore? *She takes a step back* That's new... *She senses Elaonore's soul* That's not good...

Elaonore: *summons a wind strong enough to blow the house. Once it crashes she ascends in the air and flies into the center of Fantasy*

Melina: *Raises from the ruble and goes into her Half Dragon form and flies after Elaonore* This is gonna be a pain...

Elaonore: *makes it to the center of the 1st region of Fantasy. She lets out a scream and a whirlwind slowly forms*

At the Gate

Voice: We have made it. *sees ans enormous tornado in the center of the region tearing up everything* Your lover resides at the center. Stop her before all of Fantasy fall victim to the dark wind.

Daikeim focuses his gaze at the tornado and walks towards it, clenching his hand on his Soul Stone as he approaches. As he gets closer, his Soul Stone pulses gold and blue, when he gets close enough, Daikeim reaches his hand out towards him and tries to walk into it. Daikeim starts getting cuts all over his body as he struggles to get in, he manages to enter the center of the tornado.

Debris of Outpit village and Vursia Town are flying around the place. Elaonore can be seen in the center.

Daikeim: Elaonore... *He enters into his Half Dragon form, but the wings are heavily damaged, he flies up and places his hand on her shoulder and tugs, getting her attention* Stop this...

Elaonore: *screams* You left me...

Daikeim stays silent, he places his hand on the top of Elaonore's chest and closes his eyes. Elaonore's Soul Stone faintly glows blue while Daikeim's is glowing gold. He takes his hand off and looks at Elaonore, he speaks in a softer voice.

Daikeim: I never did... Give me a reason why I would leave...

Elaonore: Look at me...I'm a wreck....and now everyone is dying cause I am not who I should be...I don't know how to stop...all I think about is destruction....and it's hurting my mind...

Daikeim: Don't worry... *He places both his hands on Elaonore's face and has a small smile* Evereything will be ok... *He kisses Elaonore before Daikeim and Elaonore's Soul Stones shine their respective colours. A black and red mist is leaving Elaonore and is going through Daikeim's arms, Daikeim's Soul Stone now has black and red markings. Daikeim reaches his arms out beside him and sends out a pulse that dissipates the tornado, Daikeim then falls straight to the ground, causing a small crater*

Elaonore: *lands and looks around at all the destruction she has done. shattered homes and buildings and dead people all around* No...I....No....*falls to her knees and buries her face in her hands*

Daikeim, covered in cuts and marks. Softly holds Elaonore's arm, and speaks quietly.

Daikeim: Don't be depressed... This wasn't your fault, you aren't the cause of this... *He touches his Soul Stone and smirks* What caused this is in here now, the Mythos will understand... They won't hold this against you...

Ealaonore: How can they understand when they're all dead?...My father was right....I'm a monster....

Daikeim: Elaonore, listen to me... You're not a monster, you're amazing, outstanding, beautiful, peaceful and understanding... Your father is wrong to think you're a monster, he doesn't know the true Elaonore... The Elaonore that I know and cherish... The deceased will not be mad at you, they'll know that you weren't you... They'll forgive you, like you do with anyone. *He has a small smile*

Elaonore: *hugs Daikeim tightly* I love you...

Daikeim wraps his arms around Elaonore and kisses her, their Soul Stones both glow.

Daikeim: I love you too...

The dark figure is standing over both of them

Daikeim: *Turns to look at the Dark Figure* Thank you... Oh, I have something to ask you...

Voice: Ask and you might receive...what is it?

Daikeim: A name, you surely must have one, so tell me. What is your name?

Voice: Never thought you would ask....and my apologies for not introducing myself to you. I am Van Valeric, the ice god and Minister of Darkness.

Daikeim: Van Valeric, an ice god... It's an honor.

Van Valeric: Don't see why. The world is unware of our existence. But I know it's an honor to meet you on the other hand.

Daikeim: I'm flattered, but how is it an honor to meet a demi-god? I mean, look at me, I'm covered in marks and cuts. *Laughs*

Van Valeric: I know of your father. He told me many great things of you once you came here. And you have above all else, exceeded above than what I expected. Even for a demi-god, you've done well. Reckless yes, but it that recklessness comes from your ability to help the meek. Quite admirable.

Daikeim: You know my father, how? And thank you.

Van Valeric: I was studying stars one night, when a particular star caught my eye. Then I realized that star was indeed a planet, but not only that, I could see little hints of civilization on it. I studied from my telescope and after a while I decided to see if I could make contact with them. I made a early communicator and I came in touch with one of the residents of that planet. That resident was your father. He actually came to Earth to congratulate me on being the 1st other terrestrial life form to contact them. Afterwards we became real acquainted once I asked questions about his kind and where he lived. Have alot of notes. That was around the time you were born.

Daikeim: Hmm... So Luxinare came to Earth before... Being a resident aswell... Odd, I guess I'll be making a visit sooner than I thought...

Van Valeric: You're confused? How so?

Daikeim: I don't know myself...

Melina finally flies down and lands, she looks at Elaonore and Daikeim.

Melina: You two should really get a room... Oh, and Elaonore, I would of arrived sooner to stop the tornado, but. *She points to the Mythos, any that were wounded have made a incredible recovery. She chuckles as Flare flies around Daikeim and Elaonore* D'aww, you two are so cute together!

Daikeim: *He chuckles back* Melina, as soon as I'm ready, I'll head back to Arcadia with you. I need to ask father a few questions.

Melina: Yay! Brother is coming back home! Brother is coming back home!

Daikeim: Well, I'm only visiting...

Melina: Oh? Oh, right. You've got yourself a new, more comfortable life here. *She smirks* When you're ready, we'll go.

Van Valeric: I must leave. Give Shockwave my humblest regards once you meet him.

Daikeim: I will, goodbye Valeric.

Van Valeric: *walks a few feet into the distance and then is surrounded by a dark aura and disappears*

Daikeim: *Gets up and helps Elaonore up* Melina, do the others know about this?

Melina: Only me so far, they're not gonna be happy when you return Brother...

Daikeim: I know, but that doesn't matter.

Melina: Oh, and home has changed a bit...

Daikeim: Hmm... That'll be interesting...

Elaonore: Come back soon, Daikeim. I have somethings I would love to show you.

Melina can be heard laughing.

Daikeim: *He smiles before hugging Elaonore* Will you be ok here without me?

Elaonore: *smiles* I think I'll be just fine.

Daikeim: Ok, I'll see you soon. *He kisses her, then turns to look at Melina* I guess I'm ready.

Melina: Got it, now copy what I do.

Melina takes off her Soul Stone and places it in her hand, she then starts speaking in Vitae Dialect, causing the Stone to change colour to a black. She then moves her hands away from the Stone, watching it hover, while Diakeim is mirroring her every move. The two Soul Stones generate energy between eachother, causing a flat black disk to form out of thin air. The two Stones drop to the floor, with Daikeim and Melina picking up and wearing their respective ones.

Daikeim: ...It's a disk.

Melina: Silly Brother, just step through. *She jumps though the disk and disappears*

Daikeim: ...Ok then. *He steps through the disk and fades away, the disk then shrinks to nothingness*

Elaonore: *looks at the debris of Outpit Village and Vursia Town*...I am no monster.*Sees 4 giant Endlos walk her way. They start picking up the debris and dead bodies* A monster would never help another living being.

Threat of Ice Edit

A random portal opens infront of the gate, with Daikeim stepping out and the portal closes behind him. He steps into Fantasy and starts walking around the towns.

Outpit Village and Vursia Town are completely rebuilt but no one is in them.

Daikeim: Wow, she really fixed both places... I'm proud of her. * He smiles then calls out for Elaonore*

Elaonore is asleep in their rebuilt house.

Daikeim: Hmm... *Closes his eyes and senses Elaonore's Soul Stone, he follows the energy signature and enters the house. He then explores the house and eventually finds Elaonore asleep, he smiles and walks up to her and kisses her head and speaks in a soft tone* Elaonore? I'm back.

Voice: I'm glad

Evoh steps out from the corner of the room and sits next to the sleeping Elaonore

Evoh: Glad to see you back in one piece. Now I can talk to you about certain matters.

Daikeim instantly grabs Evoh by the neck and pins him up against a wall, now speaking in a tone full of anger.

Daikeim: Stay away from her... Touch her, and you die.

Evoh: *is still sitting on the bed* Too late.

Then Evoh has Daikeim pinned to the wall, Evoh then turns the wall to ice and freezes Daikeim's entire body solid and finally stops at his neck.

Evoh: I already did. Now if I were you, you'd hear me out or one strike of my sword is all that will take to shatter you into pieces. Only this time, there is no coming back from it.

Daikeim: What do you want...

Evoh: Depends. *turns to Elaonore* How much love do you have for her? *strokes the side of Elaonore's hair and face*

The second Evoh touches Elaonore, he receives a massive electric shock, causing him to retract his hand.

Daikeim: *Daikeim growls at Evoh* Don't... Touch... Her... What do you want, you remember what happened back at the Nether Realm... Don't make me do it again, and this time. Neither of us are making it out alive...

Evoh: That's all I want to know. So if you lover her so much, then it be wise for you not pursue me. Don't come after how much you want to, cause...*snaps his fingers*

Elaonore: *starts shaking and being more turbulent*

Daikeim: What do you want...

Evoh: It's a spell my father created called "Threat of Ice". Its an unbreakable spell in which any one I cast the spell on starts freeing from the inside out, like freezing water into ice. All I have to do is snap my fingers.*snaps his fingers again*

Elaonore: *stops turning and seems to be calm again*

Daikeim: You're gonna blackmail me through her...

Evoh: Yea, why not. *gets up and walks over to Daikeim* Father always said...*whispers in Daikeim's ear* "What your enemy loves the most and crush the most" *back up a little bit* Do we have an understanding?

Daikeim: *Smirks* If you've done this, then that implies that you're afraid of the consequences... *His smile fades away to a more serious look* Yes, we do. Now release me from this.

Evoh: It's not that I fear you, it's that I can't let you interfere with my destiny. Glad we can finally understand each other. *pats Daikeim on the face and leaves the room, once he leaves Daikeim is unfrozen.*

Daikeim: Heh... Don't fear me? Hmph, but right now. He's not a concern... *Daikeim walks to Elaonore and tries to wake her up* Hello? Are you ok?

Elaonore: *slightly opens her eyes, looks at Daikeim and smiles* Daikeim...your back. *hugs him* There was not one day that I wasn't thinking about you.

Daikeim: *Smiles back and kisses her on the cheek* There wasn't a moment where I wasn't missing you... So, how have you been?

Elaonore: I have been well, even better now that you've returned. How was Arcadia?

Daikeim: Could of been better... Something has went down and I'm kinda worried... Oh, that reminds me. *He gives Elaonore the Water Elemental Shard* Here you go... *He smiles once again* Something I picked up along the way.

Elaonore: *smiles as she looks at it* I'm guessing it's a souvenir from your home. What is it thought?

Daikeim: Snap it in half and find out.

Elaonore: *snaps it in half*

Small water flies out of the broken Shard and goes through Elaonore's hands, Elaonore's eyes glow blue and she quickly gains a faint light blue aura. When Elaonore looks at her hands, she can see small water orbs hovering around her fingers.

Elaonore: *is laughing in joy* This is astounding! *water is lifting her round as she tries to keep from spinning* I love it! This is the best and only souvenir I ever had. Thank you, Daikeim.

Daikeim: *Chuckles* I'm glad you like it, this also means you've got something else. But'll have to wait 'til tonight, ok?

Elaonore: Ofcourse. come with me. *holds Daikeim hands and pulls him outside*

Daikeim: Ok ok! *He laughs* Where are we going?

Elaonore: Walking through our favorite part of the day. *starts walking*

Daikeim: *Daikeim looks at the sun as it sets while he walks with Elaonore* Sunset... I guess I never noticed it's beauty...

Elaonore: When I look at that sunset...I see better tomorrow. I ask myself what tomorrow holds for me and everyone else. And only hope that it brings a day better than today.

Daikeim: I can see why, tomorrow is something everyone strives for... A source of hope, happiness and a chance for something new and exciting to happen. For some, it symbolizes peace and serenity. And I can fully agree with that, and I guess you do aswell.

Elaonore: It's strange. You're the only male I know in my entire life who truly understands me. But I can't help but feel I don't understandyou.

Daikeim: *Smiles* I guess because of they way I am, I'm just naturally harder to understand. I try to be as open as I can to you, so what about me don't you understand?

Elaonore: I mean like... When you express yourself. What you feel. I don't know If I understand what's on your mind.

Daikeim: Easy for some... Harder for others I guess... I usually have a lot on my mind, it isn't helping with the recent problems either... With how I feel, it's easy, I'm guessing you've heard the phrase "Action speaks louder than words". I'm just a very cryptic person overall, but that's only to make it harder for people who want information that I don't wanna give. But when I'm around you, Drake, Jumbo, I try to convey as much as I can. I'm usually always kept to myself, but it's nice to show you how I usually am...

Elaonore: I suppose, but it makes me feel selfish in a way even though I'm not.

Daikeim: Ok, I promise I'll try to be more open to you, so you can understand me a lot more... But right now, I wanna know what's on your mind, if that's ok?

Elaonore: Ok. I ask myself, what might happen to me, what will happen to you, and what will happen to everyone else here? I feel a strong sense of chaos coming...I've seen it in my dreams...I was but dreary and hurt, I looked around and saw everything destroyed....then you came to me..I touched your ace and I uttered something to you...and I passed away...Will what I dreamed happen in the near future? Is that what tomorrow hold behind that sunset?

Daikeim: If it does happen, then it happens... There's nothing we can do about it, but I know for a fact. That I won't let you die for as long as I live. *He sighs* Let's just hope that your dream is wrong...

Elaonore: I hope so too...I don't want to be without you...

Daikeim: *Smiles and softly squeezed on Elaonore's hand, Daikeim takes another look at the sunset.* Hmm, do we have an idea of where to go? Or are we just gonna keep walking 'til we reach the edge?

Elaonore: *smiles* A little bit of both. I promise you it will be worth it.

Daikeim: You have an idea how long it'll take until we get there?

Elaonore: not sure if I told you, but you have all the time in the world in Fantasy.

Daikeim: Oh yeah... *He chuckles, he tap's Elaonore's arm. Causing a small little shock* You weren't the only one who got something new.

Elaonore: *chuckles* I guess your right

They walk until it's finally night time and have finally made it to the Forest City

Daikeim: Woah... Looks mystical during the night, this is my second time here aswell... *He smiles* I remember you giving me and the others a tour around when we first came here... *He sees the moon* Finally...

Elaonore: *smile slightly* It's strange...when we first met we thought nothing of each look at us willing to die for each other.

Daikeim: Yeah, it is strange... I'd never thought that something like this would happen, but I'm glad it did. *He hugs Elaonore* But that's what love will do to a person, it's unreal...

Elaonore: *smiles at Daikeim and looks at him with loving eyes* I say it's the realest thing I have ever felt in a long while.

Elaonore: *points at a open bridge path* There. That'll take us. *walks into the path and is walking on a bridge*

Daikeim: *Follows Elaonore* So, where will this take us?

Elaonore: Good things come to those who wait. *continues walking and they make it to the end of the bridge where there is an arc up ahead*

Daikeim: *Daikeim looks around, amazed by the scenery* Looks enchanted, it's beautiful... *Walks towards the arc, still holding Elaonore's hand*

Elaonore: *smiles* If you like that, your going to love this even more. *continues walking for a little bit until they stop* Now Daikeim, I need you to close your eyes. I want to make this as special as possible.

Daikeim: *Chuckles and closes his eyes* Ok then...

Elaonore: *takes his hands and gently pulls him a several steps* Ok...Now.

Daikeim: *Opens his eyes and becomes speechless, dazed at what he sees. He simply walks around the area, taking in all he can* Even though this place looks dead, it feels so alive... It's just so majestic, and quiet... You can hear the wildlife, Elanore, this place is amazing. Thank you...

Elaonore: It's been a while since I walked through here and yet the imagery of it always stayed in my head. Don't thank me yet neither. I have on more thing to show you. *walks on the bridge*

Daikeim: *Follows Elaonore and smiles* And that would be? It'll be unreal if you can top this.

Elaonore: not sure if I can, but I will try. *smiles back and after a few minutes of walking make it to a beautiful waterfall*

Daikeim: ...Guess you're unreal then, Arcadia can't even compare to this. This is otherworldly, I know I seem easily impressed, but from everything else... I can't even... *He hugs Elaonore tightly* Thank you so much!

Elaonore: *hugs Daikeim back* Heh, you act like a child who was taken to the carnival. Come now. There is something beyond this fall. *walks into the water, then into the fall. She sticks her hand out from the fall wanting Daikeim to join her*

Daikeim: Child at heart. *He smiles and walks into the water and towards the fall. He then places his hand on Elaonore's hand and walks through*

They end up in a a vast view of the End of The Nation

Daikeim becomes speechless, stuck in awe at he gazes at the view. Elaonore can easily tell by the look on Daikeim's face that he wants to stay, he then smiles and speaks softly.

Daikeim: I don't know how to thank you... This is just amazing. *Daikeim looks at the lights ontop of the rocks* What are they?

Elaonore: Dragon hearts. There were 3 dragons who protected the End and guided those further into Fantasy. Once they're souls gave away, they wanted us to bury them, but to leave their hearts on where they layed. Those hearts shone and still show the way for all today who venture deeper into the many unknowns of Fantasy.

Daikeim: *Sits down and looks at the hearts, he then chuckles* Dragons die defending everything they love... *Daikeim's Soul Stone glows faintly* Guiding the lost and showing that way... Should we relax here, or keep on going?

Elaonore: We can rest here. That's all I needed to show you. *sits down next to him* Sorry if the sight seeing ended too quickly.

Daikeim: Don't be, it was absolutely amazing, and besides, you're astonishing to look like. *He smiles* This night has been brilliant... *He places his hand ontop of Elaonore's hand* I wish we could do this more often, I'm sorry that I'm always and leaving you here...

Elaonore: *holds Daikeim's hand* It's ok..As long as I know you'll always come back...I won't stop waiting for you...*looks up at the stars in the sky*

Daikeim looks up to the moon, he then smirks. His Soul Stone changes colour as does Daikeim, he gains a white and blue appearance. He then stands up and looks out towards the view and notices an ocean, he then stretches his arms out and points at the ocean. He then starts moving his hands, causing two massive bodies of water to hover into the sky. Daikeim then forms the water to look like Daikeim and Elaonore, he then starts to move his hands some more. Making the two water figures to dance ontop of the water gracefully, coupled with the starts and moonlight, the figures then stop dancing and sinks back into the water. Daikeim exits his Lunar Novac form and lowers his arms.

Daikeim: That... Was more harder than I thought...

Elaonore: *turns Daikeim toward her and puts a hand on his shoulder and her other hand is still holding Daikeim's* But...I think I understand.*smiles*

Daikeim: *Smiles and places his right hand on Elaonore's waist, he then speaks softly* This will be the first time I've done this...

Elaonore: You'll get it. Just put your feet where my feet were. *starts by putting her right foot back* You move your left foot forward.

Daikeim: *Places his left foot forward* Like this?

Elaonre: Yea just like that. Now I go back where my foot is and you come forward where your foot is. *moves back to where her feet are next to each other*

Daikeim: *Moves forward to where his feed are next to eachother* Ok, I think I'm getting the hang of this...

Elaonore: Good, now we both move one foot to the side. Follow me. *moves her left out to the side*

Daikeim: *Moves his right foot out to the side* Then I'm guessing we move our left foot where out right foot used to be?

Elaonore: We move the foot that's facing the partners foot. My left foot is facing your right foot, so we move at the same time with the feet that are facing each other. We're doing a box dance. We start one foot, then we use the other one. Just keep following me, okay?

Daikeim: Ah, ok... I'll follow you then.

Elaonore: *moves her left foot forward* Now move your right foot back.

Daikeim: *Moves his right book back* This doesn't seem so hard....

Elaonore: *smiles* See, your getting it. Now we put our feet together.

Daikeim: *Smiles and put his feet together* Are you sure I'm doing this right?

Elaonore: I wouldn't be teaching, if I didn't know. Your get really well at this. Now we move to the right. *steps out to the side with her right foot*

Daikeim: Ok. *He steps out to the side with his left foot*

Elaonore: *moves back with her right foot*

Daikeim: *Moves forward with his left foot*

Elaonore: *moves to the left with her left foot*

Daikeim: *Moves to the right to his right foot*

Elaonore: *moves her right foot forward*

Daikeim places his left foot back, the couple dancing under the beautiful moonlight and stars reflecting on the water, being in complete sync. The two occasionally changing between chuckling and conversation, speaking softly and exchanging compliments about eachother's dancing and how they are. Both Elaonore's and Daikeim's Soul Stone pulse at the same rate as their breathing, this continues for an hour.

Elaonore: You did fantastic, Daikeim. Never thought I would dance with anyone. I never thought anything like this would happen.

Daikeim: Well, I only have you to thank for this. You've been amazing tonight, dancing with you was just perfect. I can't describe it... This has been one of the best nights I've experienced. *He smiles*

Elaonore: *smiles and blushes* I can definitely say the same.

Daikeim: *Holds both of Elaonore's hands and softly pulls her towards him, Daikeim then wraps his arms around Elaonore and hugs her* You're truly the best...

Elaonore: *hugs Daikeim tightly and and lays her head on his shoulder. A tear of joy streams from her eye* You are too...

The blue lights can be seen floating into the air.

Daikeim notices the lights and smiles, he then places his hand under Elanore's head and moves his hand upwards, causing Elanore to look at Daikeim, he then kisses Elaonore.

Elaonore: *puts her hand behind Daikeim's neck and embraces the kiss. Elaonore breaks off the kiss, she's feeling cold and is shivering. She's holding herself to get warm but she still shivers*

Daikeim: *Instantly realises what's wrong, Daikeim then increases the temperature in his body and sends heatwaves at Elaonore. Trying to warm her up*

Elaonore: *is still feeling cold* Daikeim...why is so c-c-cold out all of a s-sudden?

Daikeim: ...The Threat of Ice... *Daikeim's eyes flash gold, causing a small energy dome to form around Elaonore. It constantly sends heat into Elaonore, causing the spell to slow down* That should at least help...

Elaonore: *is not shivering alot, but is still abit cold* I-s-s there..s-something wrong w-with me?

Daikeim: *Sighs* Someone put a spell on you called the Threat of Ice, at a snap of their fingers, you'll start turning into ice and eventually die... He said that if I stopped perusing him, he won't use it...

Elaonore:..W-who did?

Daikeim: ...Evoh, it's best if I don't say more...

Elaonore: I don't...want to leave you...*puts her hand on the dome*I don't w-want to die...I w-want to be with you...I need to be with you...

Daikeim: *Walks up to the dome and places his hand opposite to Elanore's hand* I promise that you won't die for as long as I live... No matter what anyone does... *Daikeim's eyes flash gold, Elaonore gets a sudden pulse of Exeon. Temporarily stopping the spell, the dome fades away and Daikeim collapses. When he sits up, he coughs a worrying amount of blood*

Elaonore: Daiekim! *kneels next him* It's okay. *takes the water from the ocean and makes it into a waterball. Then uses the waterball and catches the light from the air. the waterball is filled with blue lights.* Drink this. You will be better. *puts it up to Daikeim's mouth*

Daikeim: *Drinks the water, he then smiles and tightly hugs Elaonore* See... We can't live without eachother... Thank you.

Elaonore: *hugs Daikeim tightly*..We need each other..*smiles and snuggles in Daikeim's chest*

Daikeim: *Finally relaxes, he takes a look at the ocean. He then looks at Elaonore and kisses her* My mystical Sylph... I love you.

Elaonore: My heroic dragon god...I love you too.*hugs Daikeim slightly tighter*

Daikeim: We should get some sleep... *He chuckles* This will be the second time we've slept outside... *Looks up to the stars* I wonder what the next sunrise brings... *He holds one of Elaonore's hands as he slowly falls asleep*

Elaonore:..A better day than today...*fall sleep*

Six hours pass and the sun has arose onto Fantasy, with the light waking Daikeim up. He looks at the sea and dragon hearts. He then looks at Elaonore and smiles, he then kisses her head and wakes her up.

Daikeim: Good morning Elaonore, how'd you sleep?

Elaonore: Heh. I slept rather fine. How about you?

Daikeim: I had a great sleep, considering that you were here aswell. *He chuckles*

Elaonore: *smiles* You're so sweet. *feels abit cold again* What is that?

Van Valeric walks toward Daikeim but collapses before he can reach him.

Daikeim: The hell? *He gets up and walks towards Valeric and picks him up* Valeric? What are you doing here?

Van Valeric: E-voh...*passes out*

Daikeim: Crap... The God Pit, Elaonore... *Points to Valeric* Take him to safety, I need you to stick with him for the time being... *Traces Evoh's energy signature*

Elaonore: *grabs Daikeim's arm* Be carefeul, Daikeim. *lets go and tends to Van Valeric*

Daikeim: I will, don't worry about me... *Daikeim goes into his Half Dragon and flies towards Evoh's energy signature*

10 minutes later

Van Valeric: *wakes up and sees Elaonore*

Elaonore: Are you alright?

Van Valeric: I am fine. Daikeim is at the Gate isnt he?

Elaonore: Yes, he should be by now. I didn't expect you to be awake that fast. Your wounds seem to be fine. I think you passed out of exhaustion.

Van Valeric: *gets up and disappears*

Elaonore: *follows*

Daikeim stands before the Gate.

Daikeim: ...His energy signature is through here, Valeric said it himself... One way in, no way out...

Van Valeric: *appears next to Daikeim* The situation has gone out of hand. Evoh has taken rash measures and is now close to reaching the God Pit. If he reaches that, he'll be the strongest god out of any of us. I also fear what he might do with all that power.

Daikeim: Nice to see you're ok... *He looks at the gate* So... He reaches the God Pit and we're doomed, even if that happens... That ain't gonna phase me, he's going to pay for what he'll do... *He turns to look at Valeric* He used something called the Threat of Ice on Elaonore... *He clenches his fists* Yeah, he'll pay...

Van Valeric: Hmmm. It appears that he was reading through my spell notes. Be careful, you are acting too rash. Last time that happened Evoh gained the upper hand. This time might most definitely kill you.

Daikeim: He won't have the satisfaction of killing me, don't worry... I'll probably be fine, now. *He smirks* You wanna take us to him?

Van Valeric: *surrounds them both and takes them to what used to be the Ministery*

Daikeim: Wow... But that's what greed and darkness does to you... *Senses Evoh's energy signature* Seems a lot stronger aswell... The God Pit is in the dome?

Van Valeric: Yes. He killed off all my students and followers. Do what you must and hurry, I feel he is at the edge of reaching omnipotence. I will stall him. *disappears*

Daikeim: *Flies towards the dome and enters it, gazing around at the corpses. He continues following Evoh's energy signature* Hmm, well... This will be a challenge... 


Evoh: *is at the edge of the God Pit* My destiny awaits.

Van Valeric: *appears behind Evoh* No it doesn't.

Evoh: Hello, old man. Your just in time to see the birth of a new, greater god. A god that will ravage this world in ice.

Van Valeric: You have all but proven yourself unworthy of using the God Pit.

Evoh: If me destroying your entire ministery didn't prove anything, I'm not sure what will. Hmmm how about the destroying the leader of the ministery, that might prove something.

Van Valeric: You are out of your mind, boy.

Evoh: Say's the man who wears a hood over his. *draws forth his greatsword. Strikes the ground with it and a stalagmite falls from above*

Van Valeric: *jumps back and dodges*

Evoh: *smashes through the stalagmite and attempts to stab Valeric*

Van Valeric: *is balancing on the tip of Evoh's greatsword* Give up.

Evoh: *scoffs* Why should I when I got this far? *throws Van Valeric in the air and a pillar of ice comes from under Evoh and and sends him after Valeric. He jumps off and is ready to strike Van Valeric*

Van Valeric: *disappears*

Evoh: *strikes the end of the God Pit and hangs on and launches himself back to where he was standing previously* Not even you can stop  me, old man....Hold up.*thinks* No...he's stalling. Well...he isn't gonna make it now... *falls into the God Pit*

Daikeim arrives and stands at the edge of the God Pit and looks down at Evoh.

Daikeim: Thanks Valeric, you've stalled him long enogh... Ok Evoh... *Golden fire comes out of Daikeim's hand and it forms into the Draconia* Let's do this... *Daikeim jumps down into the God Pit in pursuit of Evoh*

Evoh: *looks back* I told you not to pursue me. *snaps his fingers* Let's see if you can beat me before your lover dies. *points his sword at Daikeim and it extends at him*

Daikeim smirks and knocks it aside with the Draconia, lightning then surges into Daikeim's left arm and he fires a massive bolt of lightning down at Evoh. He then dives down and covers his hand in fire and puches Evoh down. 

Evoh blocks both with his sword and knocks him back

Evoh: Edidit captionem. 

Ice spikes come from all sides of the Pit and extend foreward.

Daikeim engulfs himself in fire and cuts the spikes into pieces, he flies down at Evoh and slams both his feet into Evoh's chest. Exchanging the fire onto Evoh, Daikeim then charges a ball of lightning and presses it against Evoh's face. Causing the lightning to disburse into Evoh, sending him flying down.

Evoh disappears and reappears above Daikeim and kicks him in his back and thrust his sword through his spine.

Evoh: Come now. Let us both be gods. *ice courses through Daikeim's spine and freezes it solid*

Daikeim: Sure... *He smirks and goes into his Lunis form* But I don't think you can handle the responsibilities that come with it! *He freezes himself and shatters, the ice shards then form back into a Daikeim with a white and blue appearance. He then creates multiple ice shards and they all impale Evoh* Let's see who can control their element better! *Insulates Evoh in an ice cylinder, Daikeim then grasps both his fists together and slams them down on the cylinder, causing it to fall even faster*

The cylinder shoots ice pikes at Daikeim until it gets smaller and smaller then finally Evoh is free

Evoh: *smirks* Using ice against the son of the ice god. A presumptuous attempt.

Daikeim: *Chuckles* Yeah, might aswell try something new... *Daikeim deflects the ice pikes away* You're just a one trick horse, someone who's greed gets in their way... For a dark elf, you seem pretty blinded in your pride... You're father's an ice god, so what? That doesn't mean a damn thing when you're selfish disires gets in the way of everything! *Daikeim appears infront on Evoh and smirks* So, what I'm trying to tell you Evoh... IS LEARN YOUR PLACE IN THIS WORLD! *Daikeim creates a sphere of lightning and ice and slams them down onto Evoh, blasting him down. Daikeim then creates a massive block of ice underneath Evoh, causing Evoh to crash down into it*

Evoh: *lands and jumps back at Daikeim and headbutts him in the stomach*I would say the same for you, but your not off this world. *maneuvers around Daikeim and is up in the air and comes back down and smashes him into a pillar of ice. And jumps back*

Daikeim: *Gets up and chuckles* Just because I'm not from this world doesn't mean you should judge me like that, because you know what they say... What you don't know could kill you... *Jumps up and coats his hand if ice spikes and uppercuts Evoh* And you barely know me at all! *He grabs Evoh by the neck and dives back down onto the block on ice and slams Evoh into it*

Evoh: Neither do you. *smacks Daikeim in his ears then punches him right in the nose, then punches him right in the mouth* Ready to let go yet? *grabs Daikeim's head and knees him in his crotch, then poke his fingers in both of Daikeim's eyes*

Daikeim: *Laughs* Let go? Evoh Vemel, son of Van Valeric. Dark Elf Demi-God of ice... *He taunts Evoh* An... Ok fighter, egotistical, has too much pride, full of himself. So, let me tell you about myself... *Daikeim headbutts Evoh and grabs both his arms and sends electrical currents into Evoh. Daikeim then creates a block of ice and smashes it against Evoh's face, he then grabs Evoh by his ears and knees him in the chest, denting his armor.* I am Daikeim, son of Luxinare! *He holds Evoh down and punches his face* Heroa God! *He elbows Evoh's chest, denting the armour even more* I am what you fear! *Daikeim slams both his fists down onto Evoh, causing them to break the ice into pieces. Daikeim then sees a light at the bottom of the God Pit, he smirks one more time* Come now... Let us both both be gods...

Evoh: *licks the blood his his face an smiles* Sure thing. Me first. *uppercuts Daikeim in the shin, making him loose his grip on him. Evoh is consumed by the light of the Pit*

The light of the Pit shines brighter and the dome just blows away. The ice itself starts to break apart and shift.

Daikeim: Heh... Well then... My turn... *He dives down into the light*

Something comes out and knocks Daikeim out of the Pit and onto a pile of broken ice shards. Evoh can be seen in the air, his armor complete studded out with ice and is veins are frozen. His has been engulfed with flames.

Evoh: I guess my father forgot to tell you. One person at a time. *summons all the broken ice and tosses them all in to Pit. The ice comes back out as an enormous ice formation, completely blocking out Pit*

Daikeim: Ah well... Being a regular god wouldn't suit me... So then, Heroa God vs a 'god'. Your pride is gonna be the fatal towards yourself.

Evoh: We'll see. *disappears and reappears infront of Daikeim and smack him away, then he appears from behind and kick him in the air, then reappears right above him and dive kicks him toward the ground, but Daikeim lands on a large stalactite instead*

Daikeim: *Shatters into ice and reappears* You're boring me now... Like I said, you're a one trick pony... God or not, you're still a spoiled little runt, and to think you can cause chaos with pathetic power such as yours...

Evoh: Sure, sure. Keep talking while your lover freezes. And your all the way over here. You plan on doing something about it? Stop crying over me raping your lover. Come one, stop talking and fight! *dashes at him at unforeseen speed and punches Daikeim so hard in the stomach, his fist can be seen through his back* Come now and face me!*punches Daikeim's head down, forcing him on his hands and knees. Kicks him in his side sending him flying. He reappears behind him an kciks him in the air, then he reappears again an kicks him back to the ground where he falls unto Evoh's greatsword. Evoh freezes him and smashes him into the ground* I've seen many tricks, so far you've lost all yours. *stomps on Daikeim's face* Maybe once you die, i'll make your lover my own personal harlot. That's if she doesn't die by that time the is.

Daikeim throws Evoh away and stands up, his smirk gone. Daikeim now has a more serious look on his face, Daikeim's eyes glow gold and have a faint trail. Daikeim gains a golden aura, Daikeim wounds instantly heal, Daikeim starts talking. But it seems off.

Daikeim: Ok then Evoh... You want me to fight back? Then let me show you a sample of true power a Vitae God possesses...

Daikeim slowly raises his arm and aims his finger at Evoh, Evoh is suddenly battered with an unknown force. Daikeim then appears infront of Evoh and punches him in the stomach, causing Evoh to spew out a lot of blood. Evoh then falls to his hands and knees, Evoh is the suddenly thrown up into the air. Daikeim then swings his arm sideways, causing Evoh to get flown across the room. Daikeim walks towards Evoh and picks him up by his arm and looks at Evoh. Daikeim then lets go and knees him before he lands, cracking the ice on Evoh's armour. When Evoh stands up, he sees Daikeim right infront of him. Daikeim grabs Evoh by the neck and picks him up, a bolt of light appears in Daikeim's other hand. It transforms into a different looking Draconia, he then slowly impales Evoh's lung with the sword, Daikeim then pulls the sword out and throws him across the room.

Evoh: *stops himself* Finally, you decide to stop insulting me. Actions speak louder than words. So, enough talk, lets fights!*appears behind him and rams him in the back, grabs him by the head and kicks him in his back, then stabs him in the back with his greatsword and then it extends into the air*

Daikeim fades away and appears a couple of meters away from Evoh, with the wounds fully healing. Daikeim then walks towards Evoh, Evoh is suddenly pulled towards Daikeim, with him coating his fist in energy then punching Evoh in the chest. Causing the energy to disburse into Evoh, cracking the armour and being sent back. Daikeim then aims a finger at Evoh and a golden beam flies out of it and pierces Evoh's armour and body, when Evoh gets up, Daikeim points towards a wall. Evoh is sent flying towards the wall and is restrained by Exeon energy, Daikeim walks up and places his hand of Evoh's head and speaks.

Daikeim: Feel my pain and suffering...

Evoh's eyes flash gold, and Evoh begins feeling all the damage done to Daikeim, the broken bones, the impalements, the heavy wounds and more. All of this causes Evoh to scream in pain as Daikeim blankly watches, this goes on the five minutes until it ends to where the fight currently is.

Evoh: Well...what a ride...sadly...I must say...your life what? Do you expect me to care? No. You said it yourself. Besides, seems like your life only sucks because you done screwed up back at home. Now look at the damage you have done. *gets on his feet* You've only done foolish things over and over again. Haste makes mistakes, my foe. Atleast, I got to wtch the part with me raping your lover. What was her name...Elaonore, wasn't it? Certainly sounds like a Sylph. Other than that, I lost all interest.

Daikeim: Lockdown.

Daikeim clicks his fingers, causing Evoh to drop to the floor and cough up a lot of blood. His is barely unable to move his body.

Daikeim: I wasn't only showing you what I went through, if you're smart enough, then you'll realise what I've done.

Daikeim clicks his fingers again, causing Evoh's heart to slow down, Evoh is finding it hard to breathe, he suddenly gets immense pain all over his body.

Daikeim: Still don't know? I searched your mind, went into your psyche, examined your memories, seen your experiences I know everything... Vemel... The Threat of Ice is a handy spell, thank you for letting me 'borrow' it...

Evoh: cannot be reversed once used...*ignores the pain* No matter...I still stand, whether you mentally damage me or not.

Daikeim appears infront of Evoh and punches him in the gut, causing him to kneel over. Daikeim then grasps both his hands and slams them against Evoh's back, making Evoh fall to his hands aswell.

Daikeim: When I confronted you the first time, I let my anger get the better of me, I was inraged by your little act...  *Daikeim places his foot on Evoh's back and presses down, causing Evoh to fall to the floor and unable to get up* But look at us now, Vemel... You keep bragging about it to no one who cares, just so you can inrage me again? You seem proud of your little sexual act, like it meant something to your life... Hoping to get some attention from me, is that why you came all this way to become a god? To cause a little chaos so you had everyone's attention... 

Evoh: I don't require any attention, i was never given anyway so why do i want it now? Also, it was the best moment in my life. I even dare say that it was perfect. Never felt better. *frees himself from Daikeim's grasp and kick him in the crotch then uppercuts him sending him several hundred feet away* 

Daikeim reappears infront of Evoh and slams the back of his arm against Evoh's head, sending him straight to the floor.

Daikeim: You want it now because you're at your prime, you're at the best you can be. I mean, why would you kill your father's students and followers? Because they were a threat to you? No, you killed them because he gave them more attention than his own son, it's almost pitiful... All those years of being alone, with no one to care for but yourself... What makes you think that becoming a god would change that?  

Evoh: I killed them because they were in my way. My father didn't give me what I wanted, so if he wasn't gonna give it to me, i was going to take it for myself.  

Daikeim: Interesting, well... This has been fun but...   

Evoh's heart suddenly stops, Evoh begins breathing heavily.

Daikeim: Lockdown has your fate sealed... Your heart has stopped, soon, your organs are gonna fail on you... Basically, your body isn't going to work any longer... Goodbye Evoh Vemel...  

Evoh: No...not yet...* turns into ice and blows away with the wind*  

Daikeim: ...Valeric, I know you're still here. Show yourself...  

Van Valeric: *appears next to Daikeim* I must have over exaggerated upon Evoh becoming a god. He was not worthy of such a status, thus he was only given nigh-omnipotence instead of omnipotence. Now the Pit is sealed. Not even I can break it. Jibaku will have to fix that once he returns.  

Daikeim: Hmhmm... Van Valeric, the Threat of Ice is unbreakable as Evoh stated... But Exeon energy has managed to slow it down... *Daikeim cuts him arm, causing a gold tinted blood to come out* I need you to make an antidote to it... Are you sure you can do that?

Van Valeric: Yes, I can. There is absolutely nothing I cannot do. *disappears*

Daikeim: I thank you... Now...

Daikeim fades away and appears back to the last location where he saw Elaonore, he looks around.

The winds whisper 'Death has a cold finger. The Gate is a window that you cannot escape through.'

Daikeim teleports to the Gate and sees a frozen Elaonore, he aims his hand towards her and sends Exeon energy into her, causing the spell to reverse.

the frozen Elaonore literally melts into a puddle of water.

Daikeim: No... *His arms drop* No no no no... *A tear drops* No no no!

Evoh: Nice to see you still care...*is holding a frozen Elaonore*Looks like he came back for you...

Elaonore: Dai.......keim......

Daikeim: *Stands up and glares at Evoh, Daikeim's eyes are glowing red but still maintains the gold aura* Let go... Of her.

Evoh: *chuckles and has a wild look in his eye* No..not this time...I will not die without my foes feeling one sting of pain before I never get to see their hideous faces again...This is it! This is by far the greatest spell I have ever learned...*strokes the side of Elaonore's frozen cheek* It's all over, darling. Say good-bye to your beloved....Crucem Glacies!

5 Stalactites come from beneath the ground and impale Elaonore's back and pierce through her heart and come out through her chest. 2 more come and peirce her the palms of her hands lifting them both up and 2 more piece her feet.

Evoh: *looks at her in amusment* Heh. Looks like you won't be needing this anymore. *pulls out the ring Van Valeric gave to Daikeim. He freezes it and crushes it* Boo...hoo...for you....HahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Evoh suddendly drops dead due to the Lockdown, Daikeim's aura melts the ice. Daikeim runs towards Elaonore and picks her up.

Daikeim: NO NO NO! ELAONORE PLEASE! DON'T LEAVE ME! *Tears streams down Daikeim's face* NO NO NO COME ON! PLEASE DON'T DIE! *Daikeim tries his best to revive Elaonore with the Exeon energy but to no avail* ELAONORE NO! *After a while, Daikeim stays silent. With tears landing on Elaonore's body. Daikeim roars, with it being felt all across Fantasy and Earth* 

Familiar Voice: You feeling alright? 

Daikeim: ... *Turns to look at the person*  

Evoh is standing right behind him, though not in his god form, he's completely there.

Evoh: Surpriiiiiiise. Hurts that you lost her , doesn't it. My clone did a better job than I expected. I mean look at you. Crying like a child who lost his lollipop. You say I was pathetic, but look at you know. Unable to be there for her all because of your hatred towards me. Blind you were and blind you forever shall be. Looks like I was smarter than you thought I turned out to be. I wish to stay and explain things but I'm off, that was quite a show, I even got something from the gift store. *holds up Elaonore's Soul Stone* I'll see you around. Hope your up for it, when your not in a mess. *turns into ice and blows away in the wind*  

Daikeim loses his golden aura, emotionless. Unable to think, to feel, to speak, to move. No more tears drop, just pure silence, Daikeim's Soul Stone doesn't pulse. Brief memories flash throughout Daikeim's mind, adding towards the pain. Daikeim falls to his knees, three words are heard...

Daikeim: I'm... Sorry... Elaonore... *Daikeim falls to the floor, motionless*

Van Valeric: *appears. He looks at Elaonore then at Daikeim, then at a dead clone of Evoh* Such a mess. *pickd up Elaonore* Never thought Evoh could out-smart even me. But let this be a lesson, Daikeim. You are either in it for her or for your revenge. When you seek revenge, you leave unguarded and open to those who oppose you. I will be back. Oh, and another thing. *points at the crushed ring and instantly is put back together, as if nothing happened to it* There is a difference between being smart, and being smart all the time.*disappears with Elaonore*

7 minutes later

Van Valeric: *returns with an unfrozen Elaonore in his arms and lays her nexxt to Daikeim who is still in a coma* She will live, nut not for long. The damage done to her body by the cold cannot with stand it any longer, but do to the antidote, she has at least 6 to 7 years of life before she refreezes, tht's nough time for you to cherish the rest of your life with her. *picks up the ring and places it in Daikeim's hand. He then senses such negativity from a another plane* I must be on my way, something else calls. *disappears*

7 more minutes later

Elaonore: *wakes up and sees Daikeim next to her. She sits up on her knees and puts Daikeim's head on her lap and strokes his head* It's okay. We'll be fine know. I can feel it now. Things will be better for us. *looks at the tears on Daikeim's face* Awwww, you've been crying. It's okay. I cry alot too. *smiles slightly and wipe away the tears off of Daikeim's face* Never thought I see it, but a certain man I fell in love with told me that it was okay to cry. Don't worry. I won't go anywhere. I will always be here, where I know you will come back. *kisses Daikeim's forehead and strokes his hair*

Meanwhile in Daikeim's subconscious, a figure representing Daikeim appears in a secluded area. With water covering the floor and a normal sky, the figure gets up and looks around.

Daikeim: ...Where am I? *He starts walking, looking towards the sky* Am I dead? *He notices something in the distance, he starts running towards it. But when he gets close, it fades away and goes even further away.*

Mysterious Voice: It's hopeless trying to reach it... And when you manage to get it, it's worthless anyways.

Daikeim: *Slows down and looks around, but can't see a single person here* Where am I? Have I died?

Mysterious Voice: No, but you were close. You must not allow your anger to get in the way of you, it will destroy you.

Daikeim: Who are you, answer me! Where am I!?

Mysterious Voice: We are in your deep subconscious, where everything was peaceful.

Daikeim: My... Subconscious? And what do you mean by was?

Mysterious Voice: Look around you.

Daikeim looks around, seeing people like Drake, Elaonore, Valeric, Evoh, Jumbo, Drekavas, The Admin and others. All of them with blank expressions, looking at Daikeim.

Daikeim: ...I don't understand, what are you trying to show me?

Mysterious Voice: These people, you have something towards them. Anger, love, respect, happiness and despair. They've certainly made your life harder and unstable, making it no longer peaceful, as there's always something in the way of you from getting that goal. They came into your life and changed it, for better or for worse. Tell me, what similarities do they have between one another?

Daikeim: Wouldn't you know?

Mysterious Voice: No, for this isn't the life I chosen. This is the life you paved for yourself.

Daikeim: *Has a puzzled look on his face* ...Well, Drake and Evoh are prideful, aiming to be the best and never seem to give up. Elaonore and Jumbo care for Fantasy and will try to do anything they can for the Mythos. Valeric, Drekavas and The Admin all strive for this world to change...

Mysterious Voice: Have you noticed that you've taken aspects from them, Drake and Evoh's never give up attitude. Elaonore and Jumbo's care for others, Valeric, Drekavas and The Admin's goal to change the world... No matter who these people are, they've helped forged the way you are now. But all of this won't matter if you get consumed by your anger towards others.

Daikeim: I demand you show yourself... I don't want to play these games... Who are you!?

Mysterious Voice: I will reveal myself after one more question... What are you?

Daikeim: What am I? What do you mean what?

A dark figure forms infront of Daikeim, it forms into a dark version of Daikeim. Everything around them two change, the sky turns black and the water turns red.

Daikeim: The... Hell?

Mysterious Voice: By what, I mean what are you? A hero or villain, currently in the state you're in... This is you Daikeim, the choices you'll soon make will change you... Consumed into the darkness, lost in your rage. Unfortunately, you will be too weak to stop it.

Daikeim: No, I will not become this! *He punches the dark clone, but the clone is unaffected. It simply punches Daikeim, pushing him back*

Mysterious Voice: It's hopeless to attack it, you won't be able to contain it, all your emotions will surpass your barriers and release themselves. Chaos and destruction will be your allies and will follow you until your untimely demise.

Daikeim: I won't allow it...

The dark clone keeps punching Daikeim, with Daikeim unable to fight back.

Mysterious Voice: This clone was the figure you were trying to catch earlier, but you have no control over it. It will destroy your way of life, Daikeim. This is why you couldn't catch it, because of the way you are. All your cherish ones will perish, the family and friends you sworn to protect. Your promise will be broken--

Daikeim: I won't let it control me! *Drake grabs one of the clone's fist when it throws a punch* I will not allow myself to be controlled by this darkness! My reason is to fight to defend, not to destroy! And even if it tries, I'll allow it to have it's fun before I take the wheel back...

Mysterious Voice: Hmm?

Unaware to Daikeim, he gains angelic knight-like armour. But only the Mysterious Voice can see it, Daikeim starts fighting the dark clone.

Mysterious Voice: So you do have the potential after all...

Daikeim: I'll try my best to keep my promise to everyone, I won't die until that promise is fulfilled!

Mysterious Voice: And your promise is?

Daikeim: That's for you to understand... *Daikeim charges and fire a golden energy blast at the clone, defeating it*

Mysterious Voice: If you think you can keep your promise, then this power will belong to you... As for the time being.

A cloaked figure appears infront of Daikeim, with a strange aura surrounding the figure.

Daikeim: So then, what are you?

Mysterious Voice: I reside a piece of my energy in your Soul Stone, mind and your soul itself. I am the one allowing you to use Exeon energy, my name is Cogita.

Daikeim: ...No way, seriously?

Nexus: Yes, it's a pleasure to finally meet face to face.

Daikeim: But... Why are you here, trusting this with me?

Nexus: Because I've been seeing your achievements since birth, and I believe you will do heroic acts for everyone. I'm impressed with you Daikeim, and I'll continue to be. But for now, it's time for you to awaken, there is someone waiting for you in reality.

Daikeim: Wait, I have one more question!

Nexus: What is it?

Daikeim: Will I be able to surpass your expectations?

Nesux: ...Daikeim, you already have, now goodbye.

Daikeim fades away, back in Fantasy. Daikeim faintly opens his eyes and groans, he sees Elaonore and smiles.

Daikeim: Oh... Hey there Elaonore, I had the craziest dream.

Elaonore: *chuckles* Well I hope it isn't anywhere like mine. How are you feeling?

Daikeim: *Places his hand on the side of Elaonore's face* I'm feeling great, tired... But great.

Elaonore: *happily smiles* I'm glad. *sighs* All I feel like doing is resting today. Feel so tired.

Daikeim: *Sits up and hugs Elaonore tightly, he then smiles and speaks softly* We'll go find somewhere to rest, ok? This day has been eventful for both of us...

Elaonore: *embraces the hug* It has, hasn't it? Atleast we can rest together in peace now.

Daikeim: *Stands up and picks Elaonore up, he goes into his Half Dragon form and flies to the Forest City's rooftops and lays Elaonore down on the top. Daikeim lies down to the side of her and looks up to the sky* I'm loving this place more and more...

Elanore: *smiles* I remember the first time I explored the 1st Region. It was so breath taking for me. It was like living in one of my fantasy books my mother would always read to me before I would go to bed. Did you ever listen to any stories of beautiful places you wish you could go to?

Daikeim: Not listened, watch... As you know, a God watches over something. Well back on Arcadia, when I was young, I'd watch Cyanic. It was like an ant farm in a way, watching the Cyanicans' daily lives amuzed me to no end. Arcadia bored me, so I'd always wanted to go to Cyanic and just explore as a normal being... Something I haven't even managed yet, Drake would tell me his tales of his life on Cyanic. It's werid, having a mortal teaching a God. *He chuckles*

Elaonore: And did you ever once ask yourself 'what would you do If you were a mortal for a day?'

Daikeim: Many many times, to strip my title and powers at a Heroa God and just be... 'Normal', it was something I dreamed of... I think if I were a mortal for a day, I'd experience as much as I could. But it'd be scary, just to suddenly be normal... Petrifying.. 

Elaonore: I asked myself a similar question on what if I was a Mytho. I would've been scared because of the world hates them. We were just like them., but they didn't want to hear that. All those years, I thought I was normal, but I wasn't. And in a way..I'm glad. Like, how I'm glad you're you. *smiles at Daikeim* 

Daikeim: *Smiles and holds Elaonore's hand* It's nice to try to be others, but in all honestly. It's best to be yourself, I'm glad I'm me because I can protect the people I care about... I could never do that if I was anything else... 

Elaonore: Can say the same aswell. I never felt so much peace here and so much I can contribute to others. I also have another question... 

Daikeim: Hmm? Go ahead, ask away. 

Elaonore: As you know, people have started to worry about the abscence of Jumbo. They feel...what's the word? Lost. And since I know no one else as able as you, I ask...will you be Fantasy's new Guardian? 

Daikeim: *Stays quiet for a minute, gazing into the sky* ...You're gonna have to let me think it over, sorry.

Elaonore: It's ok. Like I said. We have all the time in the world here in Fantasy. Sorry if the question was too sudden.

Daikeim: *Smiles* It's ok, I understand why you would ask me. The Mythos will need a guardian soon... But I'm just not sure.

Elaonore: It's ok. I'm not sure who anyone else I can trust other than you. You have shown that you have the means of protecting this place.

Daikeim: Thanks... *Kisses Elaonore's cheek* Don't worry, I'll probably say yes anyways... I'm pretty much made for defending, so it'll be hard for me to say no.

Elaonore: I'm not forcing you to make this decision. *slightly smiles* It would be nice having a demigod as Guardian, wouldn't it?

Daikeim: It would, but what if the Mythos won't adapt? 

Elaonore: The only time we would ever have to adapt is when Fantasy no longer exists and Reality is what remained. We will adapt to this change. We need someone to lead this Nation and you are one. There is no doubt in mind that you will be a great Guardian. 

Daikeim: I appreciate the enthusiasm, and in all honesty... I wouldn't mind, but there's just too much going on for me to calm down and establish something to do... I'd rather wait 'til there is true peace before I agree to anything.

Elaonore: Well if there was true peace then we wouldn't need a Guardian, now would we?

Daikeim: *Chukles* I guess you have a point there... Heh, for a tired person, you seem very talkative. 

Elaonore: Tell you the truth...*quietly yawns* The more I talk...more...sleepy I...*falls asleep still holding Daikeim's hand* 

Daikeim: *Smiles and kisses Elaonore's head* Rest well... *He closes his eyes and falls asleep*

A whisper in the wind can be heard. 'Change'

Same Minds, Different Motives Edit

Daikeim's Soul Stone glows red, waking him up due to the whisper, he takes a look around before speaking.

Daikeim: Elaonore... Wake up, and move away from the Forest City...

Elaonore: *cracks her eyes* Hmmmmm...What is it? *rubs here eyes* Is everything okay?

Daikeim: No, not for the time being... Just promise me you'll be fine. *Daikeim clenches his fists in preparation of the mysterious figure*

Elaonore: *puts her hand on Daikeim's fist and smiles ever so gently at him* I will...for you.*disappears*

'Change,Change, Change has come'

Daikeim: Ok, Drekavas... Why have you come to bother me this time...

Drekavas appear before him with his arms folded like a badass

Drekavas: The outside world is being purged of human life as we speak. This paves way for a world, with only myths. A world where sin will not exist. A world where myths don't have to fear for their lives everyday, wondering if they'll get captured or killed, just because they are being misunderstood. There is still room for you, Daikeim. You and your lover. Come now, join me and we can prosper in the new world. *stretches for the his hand towards Daikeim*

Daikeim: You still don't get it, do you? Why are you persistent on take over a world that doesn't belong to you, me, or anyone... This world is built on an order of diversity, regardless of how broken it is. It sickens me that you chose a path of darkness, eliminating the human race for someone else... For someone of your brilliance, you seem blind. As for me, I'm either helping for the benefit of both Mythos and humans, or doing nothing at all... This world isn't supposed to be carved by me, you or someone like The Admin. You're fighting a lost cause Drekavas...

Drekavas: Really? Change can not go away. It comes eventually. Whether its now or another time. But you witnessed the cruelty of man yourself. You not really all that forgiving, Daikeim; and you still long to destroy those who wronged you. The world I desire will come to be. I have all the time in the world to achieve it. Whether you join me or not.

Daikeim: Hmph... I may not be as forgiving as others, but that doesn't mean I'll give the humans another chance if they deserve it... Besides, why are you trying to get me to help you?

Drekavas: Special bonds. You want to have a better world, though this my not be like your home world, you can make it alot different. A world without war, wthout suffering. The humans have had more than one chance and if God doesnt have the guts to destroy what he created, then I will. *raises forth his hands and numerous explosions go off and Forest City is on fire in seconds. Driads and Wood elves are struggling to leave* Fire purges the wicked. It purifies. It makes things new. It changes.

Daikeim eyes flash gold as a massive torrent of wind sweeps through the Forest City, exstinguishing the fire in an instant. Daikeim then grabs Drekavas by his shirt and headbutts him and slams a fireball into his chest, blasting him away into a open field. Once Drekavas stands up, he sees Daikeim's eyes glowing gold faintly. Daikeim starts talking, but strangely it sounds like more than one person is talking in perfect sync with Daikeim.

Daikeim: Fire purges the wicked? Lets test that... *Daikeim points at Drekavas, causing a pillar of fire to erupt under Drekavas. Causing fire to surge into Drekavas' mouth and down into his body, causing severe burns*

Drekavas: *only puffs out a cloud of smoke in Daikeim's face* I am not wicked. For my actions are right. *shoots Daikeim with his Alpha Beam* You canot comprehend what years worth of blood and sweat can do. *the bruise on his forehead disappears. Grabs Daikeim by his shirt and lifts him up* You are all but just a twig, waiting to be snapped in half. I am like a tree, which flourishes with strength and experience. Nothing can tear me down, not even anyone with the lights of you. *lets go of Daikeim and touches the middle of his chest with his two fingers and it blows Daikeim into a building and also blows away some of his clothes*

Daikeim appears infront of Drekavas and clicks his fingers, a dome appears around Daikeim and Drekavas. It stops time but allows Daikeim to move freely, he taps on Drekavas' shoulder, causing a small orb to appear. Daikeim taps all over Drekavas' body and exits the dome, the dome fades away and the orbs sink into Drekavas' body, causing massive amounts of pain. Daikeim then points at Drekavas, with his hand shaped into a gun.

Daikeim: Bang. *He imitates gunfire, a invisible force blasts Drekavas back by a miles* I'm no twig, if anything... I'm a seed, just give me time and I'll grow into a much stronger and taller tree than you... Making you look like a twig.

Drekavas: *the orbs in his body comes out red and become on giant orb* I'm afraid your being planted in rough soil then. *the orb collapses and becomes a vacuum, sucking up all of Forest City and some of its residents* Your life grows short. But change can fix that. Change can fix everything. Just imagine a better place for you to be in. Think about you past. Think about your present, and Think about your future. How much longer until Fantasy expires from existence?

Daikeim: I don't think about my life, I think about others... *The gold aura appears* Releasing Exeon control restraints in three... Two... One... Approval of situation recognized, proceed with Arcadia Judgement: Banishment for the time being...

Drekavas gets secluded into a black cuboid, he can't see nothing and cannot move. Meanwhile on the outside, the vacuum dissipates into nothingness as Daikeim continues talking.

Daikeim: Location of subject chosen... Commencing banishment. *Daikeim grasps his hands together, causing the box to shrink into nothingness. He looks around the destroyed city and sends out a golden pulse, making the city rewind in time. Repairing itself, Daikeim loses the golden aura and sits down, taking a minute to breathe* That... Was unexpected.

If you think that was unexpected, wait until you see this.'

A faint blue light is shining until it gets brighter and brighter then finally the light turns red an a explosion consumes the city. After the city is burnt down, Drekavas appears* Still forgot what my new body is made of. Reverse time all you want. Once Death grabs hold of souls, your only putting yourself back into a world of ghosts.

Daikeim blankly looks at Drekavas and stands up, giving out a slow clap.

Daikeim: Getting real tired, of your shit Drekavas... 

Daikeim places his hands in his pockets and speeds towards Drekavas and headbutts him, Daikeim then sweepkicks Drekavas onto the floor and procedes to stomp on his chest. Cracking ribs in the process, Daikeim jumps away and glances around the city, he raises his hand into the air and all the fire gets sent into his hand. 

Daikeim: Do me a favor, Drekavas... *He walks over to Drekavas and grabs his arm and pulls him up, holding him in the air* Stay away from Fantasy and the Mythos, you're not welcome here... *He punches Drekavas in the stomach, causing him to cough out blood* I can counter all your moves and attacks, so it's worthless trying to fight back, since we'll be at a stalemate... *He lets go, dropping Drekavas to the floor before kicking him away*

Drekavas: *is behind Daikeim with his back facing his*You still forget what the other part of my body is made of. *elbows Daikeim on the side of his face, the kicks behind his leg, making him loose balance then drop kicks Daikeim's head hard enough to have him falling to the ground* I know what your moves are before you even make them. It is the fact I didn't want to make it hard for you. It is also because I get stronger through every attack you put on me. It is called Alpha Physiology, becoming stronger through experience. The more we fight, the more I become strong. I can thank you and Zane for that, for making me possibly the strongest being on the planet. Only possibly though. Don't want things to backfire on me so easily.

Daikeim: You being the strongest on the planet isn't gonna happen, go meet a bastard name Evoh. Then you'll realise, until then... *Gets up and summons the Draconia and channels Exeon energy into it* Besides, if you're made by DNA from me and Zane, that means that you're only strong because of us. *Smirks* Face it, without me and him, you're just a pathetic copycat... *Charges towards Drekavas and slashes at his body, causing deep cuts. Daikeim then slams the hilt of the sword against Drekavas' head, making him fall to his knees, Daikeim then places his foot on Drekavas and pushes, blasting Drekavas into the floor*

Drekavas: Copycat or not. I'm am strong enough to make changes to this world as I see fit. *wounds heal and he takes off his coat and red Exeon enrergy flows around him. Summons Draconia Shadow.* Those that may think death has taken them, only come back as something different. I know the feeling. I've died before and now I've made to this. A body that will last me a lifetime.

Both feel a strange sensation in the air, and turn towards the city, as a green light begins to spread from the forest's edge towards the city. As it spreads, buildings materialize from the ashes, and become almost better than they were before their destruction. As the light spreads further, the lights of souls appear in the restored areas, and the inhabitants are restored, mind, body and all. As the restoration finishes, a soft green light obscures their vision, until they can see a faintly visible figure glowing brighter than the rest of the light around it. The light recedes, revealing a strange female figure with red hair and white highlights, the face looking strangely familiar to Daikeim.

The figure steps forth from the light, observing the two beings.

Darkness. Silence. Sound. Confusion. Light. Fear. Air. Touch. Breath. Life. Who stands before me... what am I?

The light fades, leaving the area much darker than they expected, revealing the strange mechanical form composing the entirety of its right side, and its strange headmask covering the right side of the face and mouth. A mechanical exhale can be heard.

Then the six wings of pure heavenly light flash into existence from its back, glowing with a definite aura of divine power.

Drekavas: Astounding...the can something like that exist here? Angel's certainly don't live here...

Daikeim: *Takes a moment to examine the figure, mainly focusing on the face and wings* Hmm... Even your energy is similar, but I know I haven't met you before... Interesting... *Glances over to Drekavas* So much for you being the "strongest" in the world, hmph. *He looks back at the figure* So who are you and why are you here?

A burst of steam blasts from the figure's right side, various vents opening up. It looks down at its right side and flexes its right hand and arm, as though not used to them. Its gaze returns to Drekavas and Daikeim.

"...Here? Why am I here..." It pauses, a voice sounding more living than machine speaks from the mask. "I... I am Eta." The various dull lights suddenly flare red on its right side, an eerie contrast to the angelic wings.

It takes a step forward. "Targets: Drekavas. Authorization: Exterminate. Daikeim. Authorization: Punish." A ring of swords appear around the being, but it makes no effort to equip any.

Drekavas: Deaf you are. I said 'possibly'. This a machine...but nothing I have never felt before. Looks like this will be our first work-together, wouldn't you say Daikeim?

Daikeim: Mention me and you teaming, and I'll personally rip out your vocal cords... *Charges the Draconia with Exeon energy once again and aims the blade towards Eta's neck* Let's see if I can see why you're familiar to me.

Quicker than he predicted, she counters and in the same movement sends him crashing into multiple houses with a single scissor kick, while two of the 12 blades present whip at Drekavas with deadly speed.

Drekavas: *dodges with a bit of trouble* Fool! You must kill her! Machines show no mercy toward the living! You shouldn't neither!

Daikeim: Shut up Drekavas... *Jumps high into the air and slices down, sending down a wave of Exeon energy hurdling directly at the two*

She disappears, and appears behind him, and he turns just in time to see a red orb explode in his face, smashing him next to Drekavas. The explosion is blown away by a mere flap of her wings.

"I am no mere machine. My masters utilize powers far beyond mere machines to create us."

Drekavas: More of you...Astonishing...

Daikeim gets up and goes into his Half Dragon and flies towards eta and slams his knee into her chest, he then flies behind her and divekicks her down. Daikeim then appears back on the floor and spinkicks Eta across the city by the time she reaches him, Daikeim gets in a stance as a faint aura surround him.

Daiekim: You're up, Drekavas...

She simply rights herself, and does not appear to have taken much damage, the armor having negated the impacts. From what limited view of her face he has, he guesses she is smiling from amusement.

"Indeed... the Mistress told me much about you..." The strange mask lifts with a hiss, and he can get a full view of her face, which seems even more familiar than before. Even the coy smirk seems familiar.

She lets out a harsh laugh, and the swords spring up towards Daikeim, several of them slicing through his Half Dragon form with relative ease. While he dodges those, she slams a kick straight into his face, smashing him into the ground. She remains in the air, her wings flapping occasionally.

"I do believe I said 'Punish', not 'Kill'. You're not my primary objective. Just be patient and then I'll kick your ass a few dozen times around the city, and maybe even fulfill that dying curiosity as to why I look so familiar. But in the mean time... I still have to kill little Lab Rat over there."

Drekavas: HA! I am no lab rat anymore than you are a mechanical mishap. *is floating with his arms still folded* But, I'm curious...Why are you so keen on killing me?

"It is no different than asking a gun 'why did you shoot that bullet?'. In reality one should ask why is the one holding the gun pulling the trigger."

Drekavas: Because he couldn't handle life. He couldn't handle death. He couldn't handle Hell. He couldn't handle pain. He couldn't handle responsibility. That is why he pulled it.

Daikeim: *Gets up* The hell are you talking about... In our situation, it isn't the person shooting the gun or the gun itself... It's the person manipulating the wielder, so tell me... Who sent you, who's the Mistress?

"The same person who started the invasion of Earth. ...And both of you completely fail at analogies. I was referring to myself in relations to my mistress. She is the one who pulls the trigger. I was implying you should ask her instead of asking the gun she is aiming at you. Idiot."

Drekavas: But why are you the gun? Why not someone else? Ever asked yourself that? Or does it hurt everytime you do? Is it couldn't handle it?

Daikeim: *Examines the figure carefully* Hmm, the voice, attitude, the looks and the fighting style... Very interesting, nevertheless... This'll end when one of us is standing...

Daikeim grabs hold of both Draconias and flies towards Eta and attack more fiercely, but keeping a solid defense. When he sees an opening, Daikeim slams the hilts of the swords into the left side of Eta's body, leaving her open. Daikeim throws the swords into the air and repeatedly punches Eta, he then slams his arm against the right side of Eta's face. Daikeim grabs hold of Eta's neck and throws her into the floor, Daikeim lands infront of her and catches both of the swords perfectly, smirking.

The mask suddenly clamps back down, and a more mechanical growl comes out of her mouth. Suddenly the blades appear, and impales around him in such a way he is effectively pinned in position, if he so much as moves an inch he will cut himself. She silently gets up, and a spare sword flies into her hand.

"End? But we've just begun, now haven't we?" Suddenly Daikeim feels a prickle as a strange aura begins to form around her, suddenly taking... a dragonic form. The tail suddenly violently smashes against his head, then again and again, and just as he readies himself, she alternates with a violent punch to the jaw, sending him flying, not without being cut severely by the various blades she had trapped him in. She suddenly lands on top of him, a foot planted firmly on his chest, a sword pointed at his throat, and two swords impale each of his hands.

"Now then... looky who happens to be on the ground. Ironic... you should keep those words to yourself, Daikeim. Such cocky attitudes dolead to the downfall of many a fighter."

Daikeim: Aura Dragon... Only Drak-- *He takes a moment to realise the situation, giving off a growl* What have you done with Drake, I demand an answer now! *He fades away and appears beside Drekavas, in Primitive Stage One* Otherwise I will force an answer out of you... *He tightly clenches his fists*

Drekavas: Isn't it obvious? Your friend did something stupid. Not surprising. Bit off more than he could chew. Sort of like how you are right now.

"I haven't done anything to him. I never said what the details of the punishment was... I guess I slipped before it was time to tell. But Drake is alive. Depending on which medical definition of 'Alive' you're after. Cause there are many." She glances at Drekavas.

"But like I said. Him first. Then you. You're going to make it much more difficult to kill him with your pesky interruptions. Now stop getting in my way. My kills come before my ass kickings in priority."

Drekavas: Can't say you'll have much luck killing me. Angel or not, my body is pinnacle of what genetic and biological cross-morphing can do. *has a red outline of Exeon energy*

"....Chaos Engine Class Eta number Draken 900, primary launch code accepted. Engaging Chaos Engine - The Redemption."

Her eyes suddenly lose all of their life, becoming dull and unseeing, as the machinery shifts and completely encloses her form in the machine/armor, and a sharp red glow appears around it. Six mechanical limbs appear from her back and seemingly empower the wings, and they appear to grow even bigger, more than triple the size of her own body.

"Chaos Engine 'Draken' 900 is online. Permission for Chaos Drive Mode accepted. Charging."

Suddenly the ground, air, everything around her begins to glow violently, before beginning to stream into her body, pure white energy, the circle of consumption growing at a monstrous rate towards them. She begins to levitate, and Daikeim notices the strength of the energy being compressed is enormous.

Daikeim: ...Impossible, Drekavas. You're not surviving this, at best, pure Exeon can shield against this... *Creates a shield around himself* As for you... Well just see if you could survive.

Drekavas: Amusing...First Seal..*the Exeon enregy begins to look like flames. The veins in his body glow red with Exeon energy and his eyes turn pitch-black and his irises become bright-glowing red. His hair also seems to be more spiky.*

She suddenly blasts off high into the sky, glowing brighter and brighter, until she seems to glow with an intensity that makes it seem as though it was day time, completely making Drekava's glow washed out and not even noticeable. She continues to ascend, until eventually they cannot see her or the light she emits.

Drekavas: *spreads his arms out* COME ON! COME ON, ETA. BRING IT ON! BRING IT OOOONN! *is laughing maniacally*

A peal of thunder rumbles as multicolored flashes of light begin bursting at random. Out of nowhere, a massive column of light strikes down, tearing straight through the ground Drekavas stands, solidifying all of the metals in the ground into solid steel, even as they themselves are evaporated instantaneously. The blast rips for miles straight down, with Drekavas powerless to evade or otherwise defend against the attack, the energy strong enough to easily penetrate his Exeon energy. The blast targets every cell in his body, targeting and absorbing it into the collective mass of the beam, tearing him open. Just as it is about to claim his life, it stops abruptly, leaving a violent echo of a noise far stronger than the loudest thunder for miles upon miles. The hole it created suddenly destabilizes and begins to collapse on top of him, huge chunks of the land collapse to fill the hole, most of it solid metal, entombing him in a solid steel grave miles thick.

Daikeim's eyes ever so slowly adjust, and as he does, he notices Eta descending, but far from gracefully, her wings disintegrating and most of her armor seems to be missing, she is slowly beginning to fall.

Daikeim glances at what was left of Drekavas before focusing on Eta, he raises two fingers up as a torrent of wind slows her decent to the floor. He walks over to Eta and places his hand on her forehead, tracing her energy.

Daikeim: Yep... That's Drake's energy signature alright, I've traced your energy signature to where you came from... I'm surprised it was in Fantasy, I'm going... But I'll be taking you back, I need to see what happened to Drake...

She slowly turns her head, the life in her eye dimly returned. "Heh heh, fool. The reason I was even born was because of Drake. White Lady didn't tell me much... she did say that he came with the express intent to defeat them... and retrieve a comrade or something. ...Caess, I believe she was called. One of the enslaved elementals I'd imagine. The guardians of the fortress, I only got to see them briefly... I don't know what they are, but they might as well be gods bound in a physical vessel, they struck him down. Rather than letting him die, the White Lady chose to use him in the interest of perfecting us. We don't have a name as a race. But there are many of us waiting to be further developed and activated. I'm the first Eta. Now I won't be the last. I was made from his DNA, Aura, and cells. That's why I look like him. I was engineered as his descendant."

She pauses and chuckles weakly. "She won't let you have him back. Even if she was done collecting the DNA to create a replacement or back up, it wouldn't matter. He's likely braindead. If not, he'll never be the same, mentally and physically. I don't even know if White Lady will let you come close. It's not exactly a 'Visitors Welcome' resort."

Daikeim: I don't care... If he's in this state, then I'll put him out of this... He doesn't deserve to be farmed like this! *He makes a quick growl before grabbing Eta by the arm, Daikeim goes in his Half Dragon form and takes flight* What was he thinking, what could of caused this... *He sighs before flying in the direction of Yosai Fortress*

"...Why do you care so much anyway? Was he that big of a deal to you? If White Lady doesn't like you coming, you'll have to fight the beings that would have killed him if she hadn't intervened... not that I care. You'll likely end up like him. Better to save your own skin would you think? Besides, what about that girl back there?"

Daikeim instantly stops, being dead silent for a moment before letting out a low sounding growl.

Daikeim: Mention her again... And I will rip you apart with my bare hands and throws each piece back to where you came from, and as for Drake... That crazy bastard has been one of my only friends since I've been here, the fact that this group has made Drake like he is sickens my down to my veins... *He continues flying* I would take a bullet for him, so I think it's best if you shut up until we reach our destination...

She makes an aggravated sigh. "Fine then. Don't give me a chance to say 'I told you so'."

He passes over the boundary of Downation, and all he can see is vast oceans stretching endlessly.

Daikeim: Oceans as far as a eye can see... *He looks at Eta* If you want me to take you back, you're gonna have to let me do this...

Daikeim lets go of Eta and to her surprise, doesn't fall into the ocean. Instead, she feels something similar to a cloud keeping her up. Daikeim places his hand on Eta's forehead and stays quiet, Eta notices the same golden aura as before. Eta can feel something reach in and grab hold of her brain, although not feeling pain from it, after a while, Daikeim takes his hand off and looks into the direction of Yosai Fortress. Although Eta is unable to see it, Daikeim can see Drake's final battle before his end. A sigh is heard and Daikeim flies again, with Eta still on the cloud like object.

Suddenly the fortress comes into view, about as large as an entire city, stretching high into the clouds, and deep into the ocean, though still a great distance away. Before he can approach any further, seven beings flicker into his vision, each one standing or roosting atop a tower. They are all looking at him, and before he can comprehend it, a massive barrier erects itself as he hears seven massive voices inside his mind ring:

"Intruder." Outside his mind, he hears violent roars. The barrier itself radiates with immense energies, the beings themselves he can't even seem to read the scale of a single one of their powers, though he can feel their mighty consciousnesses rage against his own, far smaller existence like a endless storm gathering. In a courtyard, a single figure emerges from a tall central building, and he swears he sees the beings look toward it, and the tide of their presences subdues slightly.

One of the figures, a massive dragon made of pure light, turns its head back towards Daikeim, its golden eyes narrowed. Its consciousnesses suddenly enters his own, quickly seems to grab a specific detail of information, and then quickly retreats before he can respond. It turns back towards the figure.

The figure turns, and levitates into the air, and begins walking towards him, and eventually just outside the barrier.

"Daikeim... approach. But do not be foolish. You will end up dead the moment you raise but a finger against me." A woman's voice coldly rings in his mind.

Time of War (Drake) Edit

In another city, a different crystal finishes gathering its energy, and the wind and lightning condenses into a massive wolf, which howls in rage and scatters the assembled forces with ease, knocking out the power as it chases after them, its howls sending gusts of wind tearing at houses and buildings.

On the side on a collapsing building, a figure slides down watching the wolf before jumping off and landing beside the fallen troops, he takes a look around at the injured and sighs.

Drake: Guys aren't worth much in battle, are you? Then again, I wouldn't want to fight that if I were you... *He smirks* Good thing I'm not you guys.

Drake looks up to a damaged building near the raging wolf, with a snigger. Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and flies up onto the roof of said house, fire surges around Drake's hand as it condenses into a big fireball. He fixes his arm onto the wolf's side and blasts the fireball into it.

The wolf roars, jumping back from Drake, it lands with a mighty crash and sends asphalt flying into the air. It opens its mouth with a mighty howl, and discharges a massive lightning bolt straight at Drake, the electricity arcing as it goes, exploding cars and even a gas station as it flies at Drake.

Drake: This.. Is gonna hurt. *Drake forms an X with his arms infront of him as the lightning bolt strikes Drake to shield himself, despite this. He is blasted back into a side of the building, as the smoke clears, Drake is seen with lightning shaped marks on his arms. Drake focuses his sight on the beast and growls* Ok then... Might aswell not play around anymore!

Drake sets himself ablaze and flies towards the wolf, charging another fireball. But grows in size the closer Drake gets to the beast, just before he collides. Drake slams the fireball against the beast's face, causing the fireball to explode on impact and sending the wolf crashing through a couple of buildings. Drake lands ontop of a roof and smirks.

A massive burst of lightning erupts from the buildings, and suddenly the wolf appears in front of him, much closer and moving far too fast to dodge. The wolf grabs ahold of his arm, and begins to violently shake him, and then tosses him, tearing open his hand and damaging his bones. While Drake is still airborne, the wolf grows larger again and jumps on top of him, and begins mauling his chest with lightning claws, the strikes sending lightning coursing through his body, and after multiple rakes, it jumps off him, and lands a few yards away, and lets out a howl that sends lightning flowing through it and short circuits the city's power.

Drake: *Gets up and looks at his hand and chest, he then growls once again* Fine, you want to fight like an animal... *Drake's voice changes* Then a fight like an animal it shall be...

Drake's eyes turn animalistic, he grows dragon fang, claws, black dragon wings and tail. His wounds slowly repairing themselves, Drake glares at the wolf and roars. Drake jumps into the air and creates a black fireball, he then flies down and slams the fireball against it's back, causing it to quickly collapse. Drake then lands infront and stares down the wolf as red lightning surges throughout Drake's hand.

Drake: Roar again you son of a bitch... I dare you.

In response, a long wolf howl goes off, and the skies turn dark, and it starts raining, and thunder rumbles. In the distance, Drake can see a wall cloud approaching quickly.

The wolf springs up, and as quickly as lightning, jumps into the sky, and begins running straight up, and then races over towards the wall cloud. It comes to a stop at the edge of the cloud, and looks back at Drake. It then lets out a second, even more powerful howl, and from the clouds descend several massive tornadoes, the collective number more than enough to block the horizon, and they begin tearing straight for Drake, all the while wiping up trees, houses, buildings, cars, and Drake swears he sees a cow fly by. The massive winds slowly begin to tug at Drake as the massive wind storms approach menacingly.

Drake: Wind and lightning... Hmph.

Tribal markings appear on Drake as he starts chanting, fire begins to envelope around Drake and form into a massive creature of it's own. A dragon condensed in fire lets out a massive roar powerful enough for the wolf to feel it, the dragon then flies up into the sky above the storm and looks down. Seeing the wolf behind the wall of chaos that travels through the city, the dragon flies straight down and lands perfectly. Sending out a massive shockwave that causes the storm to quickly dissipate, the dragon focuses it's eyes on the wolf and roars one more time before charging at the wolf behind the ruined skyscrapers. The dragon solidifies and bites hold onto one of the crumbling towers and smashes into the wolf.

The wolf disperses in a massive gust of wind and blast of lightning, and Drake notices a glowing object falling rapidly towards the ground.

Drake flies out of the dragon's chest as the dragon disburses into fire and fades away, Drake managed to catch the glowing object. As he land, he inspects the object and notices the metal band.

Drake: Hmm.. They had these back at the M.C.C.P, pretty touch to get off aswell... *Drake's fingers glows white and as he taps the band, it dissipates into dust. Drake places the object down and falls back onto some debris and breathes heavily, losing his aura and tribal markings* Damn... That took way much energy than it should. *He looks at the object with a puzzled expression* What the hell are you anyways?

The object begins making a sound as though it were a heart, and with a crackle of electricity the wolf takes form again, but more on the lines of a real wolf's size.

"I am the Elemental Terror Razorwind. I have been a captive elemental for a number of years, enslaved to the ones who have been attacking this world. They are Phoenix, an organization that once hunted elementals as beings that violate the natural order. There are three other such Terrors, all of them enslaved. Our old masters created us to be their ultimate weapon, but the time of their rule has long since ended.

Long have we four sought to be free from our imprisonment. I fear that if all four of us were summoned to battle, it will be a great task for your forces to defeat us. On that note, I wish to thank you. What is your name?" The wolf speaks to Drake's surprise, the voice echoing and sounding purely artificial, but distinctly male. The voice arcs and hums with electric undertones, implying its electric nature further.

Drake: It talks... Well, he talks... My name is Drake Ryunexo. *Drake looks up to the sky and sighs* So... Three others under the control of an organization called Phoenix. I see why you guys are named Terrors, anyways... Do you know where I could find the other three?

"I indeed sense the other three, though they are on the key compass directions. North, South, and West. As I said, I must thank you for releasing me from my chains. I must warn you that only one other of my fellow Terrors are in any way... friendly. Hitomara and Dimrune by nature are extremely violent, and would likely attack regardless of affiliation if given an opportunity." The wolf opens its mouth, and what looks like a crystal shard comes out and floats into Drake's hand.

"It is a shard of my living Core, the most powerful of elementals do not need anything but a simple vessel to contain their consciousness. It has it's great advantages... and its great flaws. If you need me, I will come. It is a small portion of my core, and I will hear your request should you speak to me. Caess is the Water/Ice member of the Four, if you seek to stop the rest of us, it would be possibly prudent to acquire her support as well."

Drake: Caess is next... Ok, thank you Razorwind. This will be very helpful, oh and one more thing. Phoenix, do they have a base of operations?

Razorwind nods. "Yes. I do know that Phoenix resides in a massive fortress complex called Yosai Fortress. It lies in Fantasy, however it is guarded by the same masters that created us, who are also imprisoned by Phoenix. To attempt to penetrate their defenses... I fear that it would be pretty much a suicide mission. It is at least as large as one of these human cities, if not maybe bigger, with many sections. I could not tell you what methods they use to protect themselves, nor how they create portals on such a scale. It does occur to me you have met one of them before though."

Drake: *Thinks for a minute* The one with the mask, once and only in Fantasy... If Yosai Fortess is located in Fantasy, this will cause trouble. But for now, we need to free the rest of the Terrors... *He stands up and looks at the sun before facing North, while still clenching hold of the shard* North it is then. *He starts walking*

Drake glances at the destroyed city, taking notice of the dragon and the giant. Drake crates a wave of fire under him, 'surfing' ontop of it towards said city. He opens his hand and looks at the crystal, he then rolls his eyes and begins talking to it.

Drake: So... Are them two the other Terrors?

A faint crack of lightning can be head, and Razorwind appears next to Drake. "Yes. Hitomara, the Eternal Eruption, and Caessa, the Veiled Frost. It would appear a Mythos is on Caess's shoulder. Peculiar. She doesn't normally like to socialize with other beings. Though I suppose in these circumstances that can't be helped right now. I suppose that just leaves Dimrune, Terror of Death."

Drake: *Chuckles* Terror of Death, sounds cuddly, makes ya' wanna hug him... Hmm, I wonder who the Mytho is. *The wave speeds up* So, Dimrune... How difficult will he be to stop? That's if these two won't attack me instantly...

"That depends. Dimrune likes to use mental warfare to destroy his enemy's morale. He likes to deceive, to trick. To even have a chance of freeing him, we will have to get up close and personal, which is for us... a massive disadvantage. He can completely control light and darkness, to distort the senses to his will. He cannot be deceived, as he has full range of senses. If you lie in the light, he will know you are there. But if you hide in the darkness, you will be just as easily found. No matter where on the battlefield, he is capable of knowing and anticipating most attacks. There are few who can figure out his games."

Drake: *Sighs* So pretty damn difficult, ok then... Besides, getting up close and personal is my kinda skill, it shouldn't be that hard for me. But I'll probably soon regret those words, so. *They soon enter the city* Let's get aquainted with your friends here, shall we?

Hitomara turns his head as they enter and lets out a growl, and they can hear his voice clearly from the distance.

"Wonderful... another two legged mongrel. Hmmm... though I taste dragon's energy. Razorwind, you always seem to pick up the most interesting of characters to associate with..."

"Pretty intricate language coming from the mighty Hitomara." Razorwind retorts.

"And just when I was going to enjoy this reunion... now I want to bury you 70 feet under."

Drake: *Looks up at Hitomara and smirks* That is one big bastard... Give me a minute Razorwind. *He goes into his Half Dragon form and flies up to Hitomara, hovering only a couple of feet away* So you must be Hitomara, nice to see another dragon around here with an attitude. the name's Drake, pleasure to meet you.

Hitomara looks at Drake and eyes him. He opens his mouth and blasts DK back with a powerful gust of hot air, blowing him away back towards Razorwind, who suppresses a chuckle.

Drake: *Laughs* Yep, attitude... So I was told there was Dimrune to deal with... Why are we waiting here? We are prepared right? Or are we waiting on another? 'Cause I see that Hitomara is all by himself, does he need company? *Smriks*

Hitomara lets out a growl, which in sync with it comes a small earthquake. "We don't need help from the likes of some miniature dragon and a boy with an attitude problem. Come along if you wish, but I will not tolerate your tongue a second time." Hitomara takes off, a blast of hot air smashes into them as his wings flap and he heads off towards the south, Razorwind races off in the air, and Caess begins to surge forth like a massive tidal wave.

Drake: Ok... Me, stop pissing him off, ok? Ok... *He turns towards Razorwind and flies up to him, keeping the same speed as Razorwind* Ok, so we're heading south?

Kalin leaps from Caess' shoulder, launching himself forward with a jet of flames beneath his feet to land on Drake's back for a moment. As he jumps again, Kalin yells "Not exactly, dragon boy!" Propelling himself with another burst of energy, Kalin appears suspended in mid air with his arms outstretched as he creates a gate. The gate takes the appearance of a giant door, which opens into a vortex of energy as the party approaches.

Kalin and Drake vs Aoi Edit

Drake: Ow... Anyways, *He looks at the vortex* going through there... You sure this'll take us there?

Suddenly a massive wall of ice rises up and covers up the vortex, and a symbol meaning 'sealed' appears in the ice.

Atop the pillar of ice, a tall woman with light grey complexion and long black hair, with glowing blue eyes stands, silently staring down on them.

"My apoloigizes... but I'm afraid you won't be fighting Dimrune today. You see..."

Nineteen other women, all the same as the original appear. "WE have buisness with you."

Drake looks at the women, with a slight smirk on his face. He then speaks up, giving out a cocky and confident tone to his voice. Despite being a bit childish about the whole affair.

Drake: Twenty skimpy dressed women are challenging a fight with us, how stupid could you be? I don't care how many of you there are, I'll take all of you out! *He points to one of them and laughs* Except you, I'll take you out... To dinner.

Hitomara, Razorwind, and Caess aren't so amused. "...That's Aoi... the Ice Slayer of Phoenix." They growl.

The main one looks down at Drake and Kalin. "I will give you one chance to leave... or suffer the consequences of your actions."

Drake: *Sighs* You people are no fun... Hmph. *Drake's hands set ablaze* So, a Phoenix member... This'll be fun, although... *He reverts back to his Aura Dragon form* Ok, ladies first. *He smirks*

Kalin: "So you've got one of those nifty swords, huh? As much as I'd like to take it from you, I don't think we have much time for that. Let's get this over with." *Creates walls of darkness that separate everyone into groups; Razorwind and Drake with 10 of the copies, Hitomara with another 5, and Kalin and Caess with the remaining 5 bodies, one of which Kalin assumed to be the real one.

The one he assumes is the real one smiles with amusement. "I'm not that easy to corner... but since you are so gracious to allow me to recapture the Terrors... I shall."

Suddenly massive pillars of ice engulf Hitomara, Caess, and Razorwind, who all let out shrieks of terror.

Kalin and Drake move to melt the ice, but she tsks. "No you don't. Melt the ice and you will melt them as well."

The five he had trapped with Hitomara walk through the darkness to where Kalin is, cracks in their bodies. As they come out, they simply heal and disappear, leaving Drake and Kalin with an equal number of enemies.

"We aren't some random lunatics. We have the power and the will to crush this world. Your interference means nothing in comparison to the collective might of the Phoenix. Strike us down? So what? The swords will find new masters, and begin the cycle again. We truly are the Phoenix. You've made the wrong enemy. This is our justice. The justice that others would be too meek to take up for themselves. Justice... for all."

Drake: Ugh, you're already boring me with that shit talk just then... So, I got ten... You have ten, seems fair. *Drake summons a sword out of fire and aims it towards one of the copies* You first! *Drake flies towards the copy and slams the handle of the sword against her neck, causing her to stop breathing for a moment. During this moment, Drake grabs a hold of her arm and impales her through her stomach. He then throws the copy towards the other copies* Hmph, so much for a challenge...

The copy gets up, the hole still there, with water trinkling out of the body.

"You're right. So much for a challenge." It says emotionlessly. It draws its sword, and the temperature around Drake plummets. The ground beneath Drake's feet turns to ice, and it begins snowing, each time the snow touches the wound, it closes even more. On Kalin's side, the ground also freezes, and the same weather occurs.

"I promise you, a simple stab to the stomach won't even slow one of us down."

Drake: *Laughs* It wasn't meant to kill you...

Drake sets himself ablaze, keeping him warming and melting the ice. Drake charges towards the copy and punches her in the gut, causing her to spit out blood. Drake then creates a fireball and blasts it against her back, Drake focuses his gaze on the other copies. He gains tribal marks all over his body as he begins chanting, his eyes now glowing white. The wounded copy gets sealed in a small dome no bigger than she is.

Drake: So... Let's start.

  • Kalin whistles in surprise at the sudden development *

Kalin: 10 to 1. Meh, those odds seem fair enough to me.

  • A black substance falls from his eye, as multiple copies of Kalin appear from the shadows, 10 appearing for each clone of the Ice slayer, some brandishing swords, others engulfed in magic flames, and others still coated in more darkness. Kalin stretches out his arm, as the cursed blade, Masamune, appears in his hand*

Kalin: You're not the only one here with power...*charges a dark flame at the tip of his sword, and sweeps outwards towards his opponent*

The ice on the ground rises up and blocks the dark flame, and a massive gale of razor sharp ice blasts Kalin and his clones, many of the clones being ripped to shreds by the bombardment, leaving only nine total clones and Kalin himself standing. The air temperature beings to plummet every passing second.

On Drake's end, despite the fact he heated up with fire, the fire's warmth fails and dies, replaced by a savage cold that despite any magic he uses, simply is blown away by the harsh winter cold. The nine draw their swords, and the cold only strengthens. He starts feeling a sensation as though razor sharp blades were coursing through his body, serious burning can be felt all over him.

Drake: Mother... Fuckers. Too cold, to do anything...Too much pain... Ok, time to get primal... *Drake's aura and eye colour changes to a dark gray, the nine senses the dark energy manifesting, growing, taking control of Drake. His eyes turn animalistic, he gains sharpened teeth and claws, he focus his glare at the nine and growls. Sounding demonic in the process, his sword changes shape and gains a black aura around it aswell. He then tightens his grip on the handle and slowly walks towards them.*

Kalin: *senses a surge of dark energy nearby and smirks* I guess somebody just let loose. Well, there isn't much to worry about here, except her*looks towards Caess* oh well.*looks towards Aoi while moving towards Caess* Hey, you don't mind if I get comfortable myself, do you? *Hits Caess' frozen body, causing her to shatter. He grabs her crystal and places it into his pocket.* Sorry about that. You're safer in there than you are out here. Now then...This is the first time I'm using this against a worthy opponent, so I hope you feel proud of yourself.*suddenly, 5 of Kalin's copies return to shadows, and they proceed to envelop him, until there is no distinction between the darkness and its master. Kalin opens both of his eyes, which glow with an unnatural red. The shadows that appear as his hands are sharpened at the ends, and Kalin's hair has a black spiked style to it. Gripping his blade tightly, he turns to the remaining clones, emitting a low growl from his featureless face as a signal for them to leave. Refocusing on the enemy, Kalin gets into a crouched position, preparing to strike.

She points at his pocket. "I rather am proud of myself. Proud that you just blatantly ignored what I just told you and killed Caess. I told you that if you tried to melt the ice, you would also melt them. Perhaps you should have also considered the possibility that would apply to shattering the ice. Don't believe me? Look? That is what your powers bring you! Death!"

He looks, and his pocket is absolutely drenched, and he empties out his pockets in a panic to see Caess's crystal dull and lifeless, very slowly melting in his hand.

"But... tell me... you probably have lost someone else too... look what you've accomplished. Nothing but the extermination of those you care for and protect. A meaningless existence wouldn't you say? She was freewalf with his blade. After being split, and unable to repair itself, the clone fell to pieces. Kalin immediately extended his arm, which literally stretched out to grab hold of another clone like a whip. Dragging it into range, he decapitated it with a roar. The third and fourth, he grabbed with both arms, smashed them together, tossed them into the air, and slashed them both with Masamune before blasting them to dust with a wave of darkness. *

  • Kalin did all of this in an instant, moving like the shadows he had fused with. As he landed he turned, and launched himself at the lone slayer, prepared to finish their battle

She smirks, and easily side steps Kalin, easily grabbing the remnant of Caess's crystal from Kalin's hand. As he turns to attack her, her eyes glow and Caess's crystal begins to grow and slowly return to a glow.

On Drake's end, he suddenly sees his clones disappear.

She smiles. "I was never here... and we've already won this fight. Dimrune has been extracted in advance, and now I have possession of Caess once more." She straps a metal band onto Caess's crystal, and a red light appears on it. She suddenly billows away into snow, along with Caess's crystal. "Your weakness... is the inability to recognize the powers of your enemies. Nor their weaknesses. Against us... you stand no chance. I foresee that you shall likely bare witness to the deaths of everything that matters to you. And just like today... it will be your fault." Her voice disappears into the wind, and Hitomara and Razorwind are freed from the ice.

"Drake... are you alright?" Razorwind asks.

Drake lowers two fingers, causing the walls of darkness to fade away. As he looks back, he sees two of the three Terrors, he looks towards Kalin speaking with a more feral tone.

Drake: Caess, what happened to her?

Kalin: *he lets out another growl* Gone... *He returns to normal* and Dimrune as well... Aghhhh! *slashes the giant seal with masamune, causing it to fall apart* It was a trick! It was obvious, and yet I still fell for it!

Razorwind looks at Kalin. "It is unfortunate. It would have been safer to avoid a confrontation with Aoi. But you could not have known the formidible powess of Phoenix. You haven't encountered them before. ...Unless you count Dark Phoenix. But he operates differently, as I'm sure you came to know from your time with him. Do not blame yourself. We should have advised you against confronting her. We should have informed you more of the organization. You came without any intel, that isn't your fault. I assume most would assume in that situation that Aoi really was there. So do not blame yourself. We will have other chances. Phoenix will not likely hold back any weapon in their arsenal if it means eliminating a threat such as you. Dimrune and Caess WILL be deployed again. They are too useful to them not to."

Hitomara looks at Razorwind. "You certainly like to talk a lot, don't you?"

Kalin: I'm sure you meant that to be encouraging, but I am not sure whether or not another fight is something I want. *Wipes the black substance from his eye* But I guess I may have no choice. I made a promise to take you guys home; all of you. If I have to fight to do it, then I will. I just have to get stronger first. *Opens a smaller portal for himself* Go wherever you need to prepare for what comes next. I will do the same. Good luck to you. *enters the portal*

Drake: *Opens a portal of his own, he then turns to look at Hitomara and Razorwind* Razrowind, Phoenix's headquaters is in Fantasy... Correct?

Razorwind lets out a soft growl. "Yes. But what do you intend to do? Storm the fortress? Suicide. We don't even know where in Fantasy it is."

Drake: I'll just trace that girl's energy signature, simple as... As for everything else, yeah... I know... *He sighs* If you ever find someone named Daikeim, tell him the news... *He turns towards the portal and steps through, with the portal closing afterwards*

Razorwind lets out a deep sigh. "This will not end well..."

Hitomara growls. "So be it. A fool is a fool."

The Enemy Edit

Drake appears on what appears to be a long tiered walkway, with a portal ring behind him. Ahead in the distance he can see a long courtyard, but the entire place he feels is dead silent, he cannot pick up any signs of life anywhere.

Drake: *Takes a look around then continues walking towards the courtyard* Hmm... Well this was unexpected, this looks like any other fortress... Then again, knowing what happened back then. Ugh, I need to focus... *He takes another look around before sighing in annoyance* Where the hell is everyone!?

A slow rumble is his reply, as something moves along the tops of the high sections of the fortress roofs. A single loud footstep can be heard.

Drake: So there are people here then... Wonder who's first... *He turns his head towards the source of the footstep*

He first thinks it is merely a part of the building, but as he looks closer, he realizes he's staring at a whole toe... of a dragon. He looks up, and sees a massive dragon of pure light staring him down, larger than even Hitomara, coiled among the many countless roofs of the fortress's complex weaving structure.

Drake: *Growls before focusing his sight on the dragon's head* You first then...

Drake flies up until he is at eye level with the dragon's, waiting for the dragon's attack.

The dragon suddenly flickers out of sight.

Drake: The hell... *Drake clenches his fists and turns his head, looking for the dragon*

As soon as he turns his head, the force of a mountain crashing into him smashes him and sends him flying clear over the sea, where he eventually smashes into a large outcroping of rock. He looks back to see the dragon still where it was, its tail had smacked into him, and it appears to be staring at him.

Drake: *Roars* DIE! *He flies towards the dragon at high speeds, with a silhouette of a large dragon covering Drake and mimicking his movements. The moment Drake reaches the dragon, he extends his arm out to the side and claws the dragon across the chest, drawing a large amount of blood in the process. Drake glares at the wounded dragon with the look of bloodlust stained in Drake's eyes*

The dragon makes an amused laughing sound. The wound vanishes, as if it was never there. The dragon opens its mouth, and a massive beam of pure light blasts Drake, sending him flying back into the cliff...

which is now even closer to the fortress than before. Suddenly something like a massive hand picks him up between two fingers, and lifts him up, and he realizes he's staring at a massive giant towering above the entire fortress, its earthen face blanking staring at him.

Drake places his hands between the giant's finger and pushes them apart, standing on it's hand. Drake begins to sprint up the arm, with each step causing cracks on the arm itself. Reaching the shoulder, dark energy channels into Drake's hand, who jumps up and slams his fist against the side of the giant's head. Causing it to stagger, also creating more cracks on the giant.

The giant effortlessly rights itself, and the cracks disappear, and the giant becomes a colossus of pure metal. The metal suddenly rises up, and bonds with Drake's body, completely immobilizing him, he finds he cannot break it, it seems to not be any metal he's ever encountered before. Suddenly he is pulled off by the hand of the giant, and he is thrown back over the fortress. Above him, something vaguely shaped like a bird made of every color of electricity flies over and grabs him with its talons, shocking ever cell in his body with more voltage than a lightning bolt.

Drake endures the pain for a short while before coughing up blood, Drake fades away in black fire and reappears ontop of one of the rooftops. With his whole arm raised into the air, conjuring a massive black sphere with black lightning discharging and surging around it, he throws it towards the bird. Colliding with it and causing it to blast into one of the many towers, making it collapse ontop of it.

Drake: ...Who's next.

The earth giant throws a pike of the strange metal at him, and at the same time, the bird appears and shocks the pike with the same lightning Drake had fired at it, only purified, just as the pike rams into Drake's lung and shocks him with his own attack.

Drake staggers back before looking at the pike and seeing more blood drip from the wound, he pulls the pike out and stabs it into the floor. Revealing the dark energy resembling fire emitting from the hole, the three creatures notice Drake's sudden energy change. Pure black dragon wings and tail form, with Drake's aura becoming more unstable and animalistic and changing to black also. Drake roars again, causing the entire fortress to shake for a moment, as the energy corrupts Drake even further. He appears infront of the bird and grabs it's wing and throws it towards the giant, firing a massive black fireball that explodes on impact. Causing the two to get push back a considerable amount, Drake then focuses on the dragon and growls once again. Flying towards him and grabbing both of it's fangs and swinging it around, then slams it into some more towers before dropping it down.

A screech comes from behind him, and he is set on fire by the grasp of a massive phoenix, which then tosses him straight into the air, where out in the ocean a huge giant of pure ice rises from the ocean and blasts him with a massive burst of ice, freezing his front half and partially his blood, making every thought process sluggish. From behind him, the phoenix blasts his back with an inferno ten times hotter than his black flames.

Drake roars once again, causing a shockwave which shatters the ice and extinguishes the flames. He glances over at the ice giant and the phoenix before narrowing his eye sight towards the ice giant, he flies past the phoenix and slams his feet against the ice giant's chest and bounces off. Hovering between them, the ice giant and phoenix fire their respective element at Drake. Drake flies upwards, completely dodging the attack and causing the fire to melt through the ice and into the ice giant. Drake then glares at the phoenix, having a slight laughter that sounds feral and demonic...

The illusion shatters, and his reflexes fail him as he is blasted a second time by the two beings, this time his efforts to repel their attacks fail completely, and the blasts punish him for five minutes straight. He plummets, only to be extinguished by a huge wave of water, and a massive gale of wind, the wind blowing him straight into the ocean.

The ocean splits in two as Drake is in the center, as he points towards the creatures. Multiple dark figures, covered in tribal markings that also share resemble their counterparts burst out of the ocean and fires a massive dark energy beam towards the creatures. Blasting them all away from the fortress, Drake jumps ontop of the fortress' roof and charges two energy spheres in his hands, with the dragons charging dark energy in their mouths. All of them including Drake fire, with the power overwhelming the creatures, Drake laughs as the dragons fade away in black fire.

The entities remain unaffected, as far as he can tell. A lion made of water rises from the ocean, and a wolf of wind appears as well, seven total entities encircling him. They all appear to have some kind of glowing markings brighter than the rest of their bodies. Suddenly, Drake is in a massive black void, with nothing but the seven encircled around him. They begin to charge massive beams, the energy concentration far greater than Drake's entire being. Just as they fire, they appear to dim and defuse a large amount of energy out of no where, before firing each one straight at him, too fast and too powerful to dodge. Before the beams even reach him, the sheer energy density blows away his form, leaving him exposed to the pure power onrushing him.

White watches from the courtyard as a massive explosion of pure energy rips open the sky, deafening everything with its pure almighty power.

She watches as a figure falls from the heavens, and eventually lands at her feet, unconscious, almost with a pulse, his heart on its final beats. The seven descend from the skies, and return to their respective positions of the fortress.

"Well fought, Drake Ryunexo... such power has its use... even if you shall exist in a mere vegetative state... for all of the concern of the world of the living... you have indeed died..." She smiles. "A death worthy of such a brave spirit. But in secret... I shall know the truth of your eternal unwaking slumber..."

She nods to Aoi, who touches Drake, but her power only stabilizes his heart, nothing more. White attaches a strange metal braclet, which begins bonding with his DNA. A green light flicks on, and Drake's powers are sealed.

White picks him up, and carries him down into the deepest dungeons of Yosai, where an angelic figure sleeps, surrounded by preserved various Mythos, such as an Endlos, a Spirit, and even a Aetherborn.

She places him within one of the preservation chambers, and activates the seal, entombing Drake with the rest of the beings.

She looks at him with a malevolent smile. "From you, we will finally perfect the Chaos Engine. Thank you for donating yourself to our cause... your sacrafice is not in vain." She chuckles darkly. "I will record your battle within my memory for all time... it was most poetic."

Drake comprehends and hears none of this, trapped within a comatose state.

The Distant Land Edit

Daikeim looks at the figure with a hazy look on his face before slowly flying through the barrier and fixate his eyes at Eta.

Daikeim: I believe this is yours...

"Ah, the 'Draken'. If you were simply here to return her you needn't bother. We would have taken her back ourselves. Still, I suspect you're here for something else. I don't offer candy at this house, kid. Might try the next door neighbor, the rock." She pauses.

"I should really not get back into making puns... I thought I broke that habit..."

Daikeim: Draken... I heard someone tried a suicide mission here, I intend to see him... I think you'll allow me that much, besides, you're lucky Draken here came back in one piece...

"She's a mere prototype. We have more in development like her, now we know the Eta are viable. And as for the specimen... I rather much doubt I should let you see him. Much less anything to do with the CE's. You should thank me. You wouldn't even have ashes to let blow away in the wind had I not intervened. He chose to involve himself in my war, invade my fortress, he paid the price. It was a combination of dumb luck and my mercy which is even why there is a vegetative corpse even left of him. In war you take no transgression lightly.

I can be reasonable, but you ask too much. With set circumstances, I could bring him up... but you cannot have him. ...Not yet at least. With the completion of the newest Eta's, I won't have a need, as I could completely clone his genetics into a specimen that way. I must see to the perfection of the Eta Generation."

Daikeim: I don't care what happens to me, I don't care about the CE's, I don't care... Just let me see my best friend...

She narrows her eyes slightly at him, but says nothing. She turns and lands on the courtyard silently. A woman made of ice approaches the woman.

"Lady White?" She asks.

"Bind him in your chains. Afterwards I want you to remove the memory of what he will see. The information within here remains secret." She turns back at Daikeim. "No exceptions. I can allow the mere specific memory of him... though I very much doubt you would prefer to remember him as he is. Nothing else. The secrets of Yosai remain secrets."

She lets out a dragonic growl. "Attempt to remember afterwards, and I shall personally ensure you and whoever you tell dies."

Daikeim: I've seen him worse, and I have much worse memories buried within my mind... Secrets... Yeah, using my friend as something for your sick tests must remain a secret. *He says that in a sarcastic yet angered tone, giving off the same energy signature as Drake's Primitive forms*

She says nothing, but thick icy cuffs form around his hands, tougher than any steel. She walks up to a wall and taps it, and it disappears, revealing a circular platform elevator. She walks on to it and turns toward him, and the icy woman follows, splitting into as many as ten.

Daikeim: *Sighs* Guess you can't be too careful... *He walks onto the platform, noticing Eta* What about her, surely it's fair for the first of your creatures to meet the person they're copying off from.

She silently walks on the platform as well. "News flash. I don't need an invitation. I live here." She leans into Daikeim's ear. "The mere fact you're alive right now astounds me. Don't push your luck with her."

Daikeim: If you saw my entire life, you'd be dumbfounded at what I've managed to live through. And besides, you wouldn't of walked on this platform if I didn't mention you...

"Why you litte-"

The platform lurches, then suddenly drops so violently that both Daikeim and Eta almost lose their stomachs, White and the frozen woman seemingly not even bothered in the slightest. With a sudden crash! The platform smashes into the water, but continues to travel at an intense speed, sinking deep into the water, yet a bubble of air protects them. With a more definitive crash, the platform lands inside some strange massive underwater complex, dim blue light the only thing lighting it up. A faint electric hum can be heard from the place. White walks off the platform, straight down one of the halls.

Daikeim: Impressive... How you've managed to create all this under Fantasy's radar, *He steps off, following White* I'm guessing we're getting close now... *He looks around* Hmph, you seem confident in these CE's... *He starts being quiet as he continues to examine the complex*

The halls open up into much larger ones, with many rows of containment chambers, dimly lit figures of humanoids all present within them, a great deal of them on one side seem more like just basic shapes of humanoids rather than the others, which look like individuals.

Eta doesn't seem at all bothered by the sights of the facility.

"You and I have more in common than you'd imagine, Daikeim." White says silently, not stopping.

Daikeim: Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult... *He looks at the humanoids and shudders* Disturbing enough as it is... I got a feeling that worse is still to come.

"You were exiled from your world, you and Drake. Why? Because you defied the Vitae Gods and saved Cyanic from enslavement. You and I are not so different. We once fought to protect humanity. And they too scorned us. I know much more than you think, Daikiem. Humanity has committed wrongs you cannot begin to fathom."

Daikeim: How do you know about all this... Oh, Drake, right. And although humanity has caused some unforgivable sins, I'm willing to give them a second chance... But I'm guessing you're different.

White looks back at him. "Humanity is beyond saving. The only way to relieve them of their hatred is through their systematic extermination. They have had more than a second chance. Time upon time. And yet, see their actions. Calls for change fall on deaf ears, even as their very actions are bringing them back into the cycle they started years ago. The weak will be trampled by the strong. No matter how hard they try. And I don't need Drake to know about you. I've known about you since you first met Kado. As soon as he fought Razorwind, I knew his path would eventually lead him here. Apparently shows of force do not dissuade you two from anything. He should have taken the hint the time he fought Aoi. Just as you should have taken the hint with Eta."

She turns back and continues walking, and comes to a solid wall, and simply looks at it for a moment.

Daikeim: A genocide isn't the answer... There are millions of humans that don't deserve death, your penalty of death due to the actions of some should not linger on others... *Daikeim looks at the wall* Why have we stopped here?

Suddenly the emblem of Phoenix blazes to life on the wall, and it rumbles open, revealing a large chamber within.

"The only truly innocent are children. It is already too late for the ones who have already been exposed to hatred." She walks in, and Daikeim notices the room looks like an operating room. In the center of the room is an operating chair, and White indicates for Eta to lie down.

"I need to inspect her for damages, and collect data." Eta lies down, and White grabs the facemask and pulls it off Eta, once again exposing her face, which seems to cause her to become sleepy, and she soon closes her eyes. White places it on a scanner of sorts.

Daikeim: Hatred is manifested in everyone, it's a basic instinct... I see why you would suggest such an action, but it's ultimately a lost cause... Since the children will grow up, find a life and the cycle repeats... Attempting to off the world because of the hated born within it is useless... *He glances at the facemask then over to Eta* Collect data? I guess it records fights and automatically adapts towards it.

White seems to be observing something Daikeim cannot see, and then she turns and walks back to Eta, with a slight concern on her face, and lifts up the simple shirt Eta wears on the side, and seems to be feeling for something. She then presses hard against Eta's side, and her body flinches.

"...A rupture..." She places the mask back on Eta, and she almost immediately wakes up. She looks down at Eta, who looks away. "You had a rupture of your internal systems during your firing sequence. You declined to tell me this, why?"

"...I failed. I failed to maintain power. You would have canceled if you knew... what point would the Eta have then?"

"The fact you used Chaos Drive at all with success and a minor injury is insignificant. The Eta class can fire a Chaos Drive without a direct power source. What I've been hoping for. Your name is Kanashimi Draken. Remember it."

White walks to the other end of the room, and the wall slides open. "We're done here. Come on, Kanashimi." She reluctantly gets up and follows White.

"We will continue on now, Daikeim. You can still settle for turning back if you desire."

Daikeim: I am not turning back now... *He glances at Kanashimi before following White, he sighs* Why would I want to turn back... So, what was all that about...

"I was nameless. She gave me a name. I only had a designation, never a name to call my own. Proof of my worth as a CE. ...When I fired that beam, I have a internal failure that could have lead to me... exploding. Many CE's that have been born could not fire the Chaos Drive without a power source. An immense power source. The few that could were unable to fire powerful enough beams to cause the damage needed for our purpose."

Daikeim: Oh, then I'm guessing getting a name means a lot to you? I'm surprised that CE's have emotions, you think that it would hinder you... But then again, she did choose Drake as your "ancestor", who managed to keep his attitude while doing missions flawlessly... Most of the time.

Kanashimi looks at him with an irritated scowl. "We're augmented with machines, that doesn't make us emotionless, moron."

Daikeim: *Smirks* Doesn't change your mouth either it seems...

Ahead is a door, but White turns and looks at Daikeim. "Remember what I said. You cannot have him. Not yet." She seems to freeze for a whole minute, until he blinks, and the image completely changes to her being right in his face, and only then does he feel the cold steel of her blade dangerously close to his throat. "So much make a slight twitch I don't like... you won't realize your head was lobbed from your neck until a whole minute passes. Am I understood?"

Daikeim: *Loses his smirk* You're understood... Now put the blade away, I'd hate having to come this far only to attack.

"Glad I made my point." She puts the sword away and keeps going, Kanashimi walking next to Daikeim.

She turns her head and cackles. "Spooked much? She can go pretty fast eh?"

Daikeim: Yeah, she can... *Looks at White* Hmm... What other tricks do you have up your sleeve...

White walks up to the door, and takes out the sword again, Daikeim notices the blade is pure white, a white more solid than any other he's ever seen. She inserts the sword into a strange keyhole of sorts, and the door rumbles, and slowly begins to open.

Daikeim's Soul Stone begins to glow as he watches in anticipation, catching the energy signature. But not to his surprise, it's faint, like a ghost, he has trouble keeping sense on it but soon manages to pinpoint it as Drake's. He takes a quick sigh and slows his walking pace, he wonders what Kanashimi's reaction will be, but with that being the least of his concerns. He just hopes that Drake will be fine.

The door opens, and they step inside. In the center of a massive room in a large glass container is what Daikeim couldn't even describe as an angel, too powerful to be dismissed as just a mere angel. The room is shaped in a large circle, with similar tubes containing various other Mythos. He looks throughout the various tubes, eventually seeing a figure recognizable as Drake, but no where near 'prime' condition. From his appearance, he appears very haggard, almost as though as if he had been severely burned all over. His eyes appear listless, if he is awake Daikeim wouldn't be able to tell. Compared to the life signs of the other Mythos in the room, his vitals appear quite low.

White quietly looks at him. "And this just how he looks after Aoi patched him up."

Daikeim: *Starts walking towards Drake's tube, with nothing but a blank stare as he approaches him* Dammit Drake... You crazy bastard...

White notices something odd with the two, as Daikeim approaches closer, a blue aura in the shape of a dragon winds it's way around Daikeim. While with Drake, a black aura of a similar dragon is wrapped around the tube, growling at Daikeim. Surprisingly, the two half dragons don't notice this and just look at eachother.

Daikeim: Why... Why did you do this... God dammit Drake WHY!?

Daikeim knows he cannot respond and sighs, looking down at his feet. Unable to see that Drake has a small smirk, but due to his injuries, is hurt while he smirks, making him lose the smirk quickly. Daikeim turns to look at Kanashimi and prompts her to come here, regardless if she wants too or not.

Daikeim: I got a feeling this'll be your only chance of seeing him so you might aswell...

Daikeim can feel White studying him intensely for a moment, and then she looks over at Kanashimi. "Come here for a moment, Kanashimi." Kanashimi complies, and White appears to whisper something to her, then returns attention to Daikeim.

"I don't know what you expected to find or see. You should have expected this. I did tell you." White says in a passive voice.

Daikeim: I know what you said, I infact expected worse... But I-- ...*Daikeim suddenly growls at Drake uncontrollably*

White can now see the aura dragons growling and taking shots at eachother, she can also see air bubbles coming from Drake's mouth as he somehow manages to make a faint growl. Daikeim's Soul Stone darkens in colour, as they both manage to stop, he takes a step back.

Daikeim: What the hell...?

The lights in the room turn red, and the aura dragon surrounding Drake feels a powerful shock run through it as the Power Suppressors in the room activate, crippling both Aura dragon's from acting out further.

"Foreign spiritual entities detected. Threat level: Hostile. Suppressors activated."

"So it would appear the Aura Dragons are sentient after all... how interesting..." She stares at the one surrounding Drake. "Mind yourself or you'll find just how painful it is for these Suppressors to seal your powers."

Daikeim: I don't know what you're talking about, something like this hasn't happened before...

Daikeim looks at Drake and notices that his eyes have darken in colour.

Daikeim: ...Primitive, that's what caused it. *He soon realises* Oh shit... *He steps back as his Soul Stone darkens to black*

"Don't go just yet" can be heard throughout the room, Daikeim is shocked to see Drake's mouth move...

Daikeim: H-how can he talk!?

"Because he isn't. Or at least, Drake isn't. I know plenty about the affairs of spirits and their kin to know possession when I see it." White says calmly.

"I'll have none of that behavior in my fortress, whoever you are. Identify yourself and your intentions, and I might consider lowering the Suppressors."

The 'spirit' talks again... "Now, let's not be hostile people... I'm only keeping Drake alive, along with you. Daikeim, you know who, or at least what I am. Besides, I did give you some of my power for your own, but it seems that you managed to purify it to my surprise. Don't worry, Drake is fine, he doesn't feel a thing due to what those creatures did to him... Isn't that right, White. Drake's sacrifice only to defend you, Daikeim."

Daikeim: What are you doing...

The spirit laughs. "Haha... It's honestly nothing, it's just that Drake here isn't taking a liking towards them two... Then again, could you blame him?"

Another voice is heard, as muffled as it is, the three manages to understand.

Drake: S... Shut... Up... Corruption..

Daikeim: No way... No fucking way...

White looks on with impartiality. Kanashimi remains by her side, the red light in her mask turned on.

Corruption: Don't make me laugh, child... I'm the one keeping you ali--

Drake: Shut up... You bastard, listen to me right now... I will not stand in this damn tube to be lectured by a fucking spirit! Stay the fuck away from them three or I will end myself!

Corruption: You haven't got the guts...

Daikeim is unable to speak, staying in shock at what's happening.

Drake: Daikeim... I can tell that you'd want to attack, don't be a dumbass... It's thanks to her that I'm alive, despite the shape I'm in... *He makes eye contact with Kanashimi, he gains tribal markings all over his body* ...There, he shouldn't be able to talk. So then, who's that...

White looks at the markings. "Sounds like someone doesn't want someone else talking. Don't want him to say anything you don't like? Perfectly fine with me. I can still hear his thoughts anyway." She gives it a strict look. "The suppressors remain on for the time being. As for who she is, you must not be very self aware if you couldn't tell I've been extracting DNA from Drake. Consider her his child, of sorts."

Drake: *Faintly laughs* ...A child? Jesus, I wasn't planning to settle down this early... So then, how is she like me?

Daikeim: *Is surprised Drake is taking this pretty normally, like he's done this time and time again* How... How are you so calm?

Drake: There's stuff in my past life you don't know about, and it's best if I don't mention it...

White has a slight smirk. "From my data she seems to be plenty resourceful in the attitude department. Like you. She even has some of those curious 'aura' powers of yours. I'm surprised you're not interested in trying to escape. You were so intent on smashing the place. A pity all it took was clobbering you with the Eig- Seven." She catches herself, and then has an irritated look, as though remembering a rather sour detail.

Drake: Look at me, do I look capable of walking? Let alone breaking out and fighting the other members? Hmm, why did you catch your tongue...

"None of your concern." Suddenly they feel a shift come over White, and her calm aura crumbles quickly, becoming oppressive and heavy, like the sudden outbreak of a thunderstorm. Her eyes are closed, and Daikeim has to check twice, but he thinks he sees two fangs sliding from her mouth. She silently stands up, and begins to walk out. Aoi appears, and Drake gets the sensation this one is the real deal, not like the clones.

"Mistress?" She asks cautiously as White walks by, but a deep powerful rumble is the only reply, strong enough to shake the whole room with the force of an earthquake, and it takes a moment to realize it is a dull growl.

"Watch them. They do anything, kill them." A much more powerful, ancient version of White's voice rings out as she leaves. Aoi turns and looks at them quietly as the door closes.

Drake: Speaking of the other members...

Daikeim: Hmm?

Drake: One of the members me and another person fought... Tough son of a bitch, but makes sense... *He looks at Kanashimi* So if you got my attitude, throw an insult at me... Go on...

Daikeim: ...*Walks up to Aoi* Umm, I don't think Drake meant harm on her... Will she be fine?

Aoi just passively looks at him. She then looks up. "You might want to grap a hold of something. She's angry. Not at you."

Kanashimi looks at him dully. "How about I take a golf club and smack your head flatter than the surface of this floor instead?"

Aoi's feet freeze to the floor, and Kanashimi sprouts wings and idly flies as a massive roar deafens them, the sheer rage shaking the whole of the fortress.

Daikeim: *Manages to keep his balance* Wow... *He turns to look at Drake* The hell did you do?

Drake: Nothing, stop blaming me! Anyways... That's an ok insult... Try this; Listen to me fuckface, if you want to keep those wings on your back and not through your chest. I suggest sitting down, shutting up and let your good ol' Daddy Drake smack the bitch right out of you.

"Go ahead and try, Cripple." She flaps her wings and descends onto the ground again.

Aoi was about to pull out a book, but sighs and looks up. "Quiet both of you, before I elect to shut the two of you down for a few hours. Lady White's anger is directed towards the death of one of our senior members. He was killed in action fighting a traitor." She pauses for a moment, then looks back at Drake. "As a matter of fact I may just shut you down anyway. I still remember your rather... distasteful comment from our encounter before." She quietly opens the book and begins quietly reading.

Drake: Hey... That's a bit unfair, I was only having a bit of fun...

Daikeim: What did you say?

Drake: ...Let's not get into that, shall we?

Daikeim: *Glances over to Kanashimi and Drake, watching them throw insults at eachother* ...Two Drakes, that's someone's nightmares alright...

After a moment, the roaring quiets and the door opens, and White returns, the calm aura about her returned, though there is still an edgy tone about her. She looks at Aoi. "Check on the other Eta's." Her voice is closer to what it was, but still a lot stronger than before. Aoi leaves silently.

Drake: *Glances at Kanashimi's armour* ...You're one to call me crippled, tin woman... Besides, do you even have a name?

Daikeim: *Notices White* You seem tense...

She ignores him and walks over towards Drake's container. She then looks back at Daikeim. "Leave. You've seen him. Now I have work to do."

Kanashimi looks over at White. "What about me?"

White looks over at her idly. "Do as you wish, Kanashimi. Should I need you, you'll know."

Kanashimi blinks in confusion. "Do you mean...?"

"You're dismissed to go wherever you please. I will recall you if necessary." The face mask and armor retract into a small headband sort of device, and she looks stunned.

Drake: Oh you were doing that just to spite me!

Daikeim: Hehe... *He turns to look at Drake* Goodbye...

Drake: Hey, you'll be back, you'll miss me too much. Tell Elaonore I said hi, oh, and try not to die.

Daikeim: *Laughs* You too, you crazy bastard.

Drake: I'll be fine... Just go...

Daikeim sighs and walks out, soon realising that he's gonna get lost pretty easily...

A finger taps him on the shoulder. "Didn't think you'd just get rid of me that easily eh?" Kanashimi says.

Daikeim: Hmm? What are you doing this time?

"Coming with you. That a problem, 'Almighty Grouch?"

Daikeim: Why are you coming with me? Ain't you got anything better to do...

"Dude. There is nothing to do here except stare at mossy old brick walls. Or bash your head in boredom against said walls. Wherever and whatever you were doing has got to be more interesting than sitting here waiting for White to decide to make me do something. And with her new errr... toys... ...that could take a while."

Daikeim: I doubt it but ok... *He wonders through the hallways* So, what did you think of Drake? Strange meeting someone who's just like you, isn't it?

"He's a guy with a bad attitude and you two seem to be really close buddies. I can so see how he'd draw out the worst in you though. Anyway, I shudder to ask the question again, but what is with that girl you were with earlier? You seemed ready to chop my head off for no reason, all because I asked about her." She pauses and points down a hall. "It's this way by the way."

Daikeim: *Sighs and begins speaking in a more calming yet empty voice* The girl's name is Elaonore, a Mytho and the love of my life... She's been through so much thanks to me and I can't help but feel tragic every time she says my name or when I see her. Despite that, I'd protect her with my life and would stop at nothing to rescue her if she got captured... Knowing what you guys did to Drake, I threatened you because I don't want people to take her away again... The last time that happened... *He makes a soft growl and clenches his fists as he goes down the hall that Kanashimi pointed at* Let's just get going...

They eventually reach the platform and before they go up, Aoi appears. "So we're clear, you interfere with Phoenix, you will never see Drake again. That is not a threat. That's a promise. And Kanashimi. Don't forget your loyalties. It would be most... unfortunate for you if you did."

Daikeim: I doubt that I'll need to do anything... Just make sure he doesn't do anything stupid... Promise or not, if he dies for something he didn't do... I'm coming back.

"I know you will." She says with a certainty almost prophetic in nature.

Daikeim: *Looks at Aoi with a sense of anger in his eyes, but sighs once again and looks at Kanashimi* Just get this working and let's get out...

Kanashimi smiles, and presses her hand against the button. "Ready to lose your stomach again?"

Daikeim: Yep... I'm not gonna feel well in the morning...

The platform shoots up, and when they finally stop, Daikeim has to adjust for a moment. "So then Chief Vomit, where to?"

Daikeim: No idea... Actually, Forest City. That blast of yours almost destroyed it... If not all of it, and after that... I don't know. *He continues walking*

"Oh err... I can't really fly anywhere right now... see we're not supposed to use our powers if we're err.... off duty." Kanashimi laughs wearily. "In a fight to protect myself I can use my powers... just not carelessly, White doesn't want people knowing about the CE project."

Daikeim: Yet you go to a city and almost destroy-- Nevermind... I'll get you airborne, just get me out of this place first.

"Hey, I attacked you two under orders. When we have a target, that's different. Plus I only shot the douche. Let's not forget the two who were blowing the place up and knocking each other through buildings. Let's not forget who brought the place back to life and reversed the damage you guys did."

She opens the door to the room's exit.

Daikeim: And then blew it up again, but fair point... Actually, that reminds me... Why was Drekavas ordered to kill, and me to punish? I never done anything towards Phoenix prior this...

She looks at him with an irritated face. "Did I not just say I didn't aim at the city? Plus with your shield the damage would have been minimal. As for the second question, Phoenix's goal is basically to purge sin. Violently. Mythos who use their powers to blow up innocents? By all accounts they're sinners in Phoenix's book. He was just another hit to be destroyed. As for you, if you ever found out on your own, you would likely have gone against Phoenix. A more accurate term would be 'scare' or 'intimidate.' By showing you what Phoenix is capable of, White was hoping to scare you off by using me."

Daikeim: I'm surprised I managed to hold back, heck... Even Drake managed to hold back against you... Anyways, then how did they find out about me?

"I'll just say that White is very thorough in removing possible threats."

Daikeim: Right... *He looks around* So, where too now?

She gives him a look. "Scatter brained much? You said Forest City, isn't that correct?"

Daikeim: Ok ok... *Daikeim goes into his Half Dragon form, he looks at Kanashimi and his eyes flash gold, giving her a pair of aura wings that'll allow flight* The Mythos will mistake your for a Heroa God or a Cyanican, so don't worry about getting caught... *He flies up into the air and turns to the direction of Forest City, waiting for Kanashimi to arise aswell*

She does so, following him closely.

Daikeim starts to fly towards Forest City, but staying silent. The only time he talks, it's only to himself, after a while... Daikeim's Soul Stone gives him an electric shock, causing him to slow down and look around.

Daikeim: The hell... Ugh. *He shakes his head and continues flying, catching up to Kanashimi soon after. They soon make it back to Forest City*

Return Edit

Elaonore is standing were a figure-sized metal casing was ripped open. She rubs under her neck, while she's teeming with a hint of a blueish aura. Soon after, Daikeim and Kanashimi soon arrive, with Daikeim looking at the casing.

Daikeim: Great... How did that bastard survive...

Kanashimi glances at the hole, then Elaonore, and lands away from her. Daikeim can't tell for sure, but there appears to be a golden cast to Kanashimi's eyes, but the look disappears quickly.

Elaonore: *Is breathing abit too fast* I don't know...I came over here when I saw the driads running...telling me there was a fight going on. by the time I go here...the whole place...that's when I saw this metal casing of what looked like a shape of a man...I examined it and an arm just came out and grabbed my neck...he tor himself out with the other hand..he was bleeding...he was hurting but he ignored if he was never hit at all...He said he remembered me and how a 'change' was coming. That Mythos will rule both Fantasy and Reality...I got a bit scared when he had that crazy look in his eye and when he started laughing, l-like one of those evil scientist guys I used to see on television. I got so scared that a surge of energy came to my veins and I let out the energy in a burst through my hands and it sent the man flying far into the distance...

Daikeim: (She doesn't remember who he is... That's good for now...) *Daikeim gives off a small smile* Don't worry, a fight did happen... But this is why I told you to go, in case something like this did happen... And yeah, the person is a fucking asylum patient. *He looks around before gaining an aura of Exeon energy, he places his hands on the floor and sends out a pulse. Smirking afterwards, he stands up* I'm glad you're ok, Elaonore... *He turns to look at Kanashimi* Do you think you can repair the city with that thing you did earlier?

"I'm not a reset on demand button. I could, but I would risk exposing myself and getting in trouble with my mistress. Unless you think it's worth the risk."

Daikeim: Nevermind then... *His eyes glow gold* Alacer Technique: Restoration.

The whole city glows gold as it repairs itself, life also returns. Setting Forest City back to it's former glory, afterwards, Daikeim questions Kanashimi.

Daikeim: What was that golden glint in your eye?

"What are you talking about?" Kanashimi leans against a tree.

Daikeim: ...Nothing, hmm. *He thinks back to Yosai* Corruption is what Drake called it, do I really have a purified version in me? *He places his hand over his chest and sighs* Nevermind...

Kanashimi rolls her eyes. "Don't see what the significance is. Its power is now yours, best not to get philosophical when there's nothing left to worry about. Although it might be a problem for Drake though." She pauses, and crosses her arms.

"So, what do you plan to do about the whole thing with Phoenix? Not that I'm suggesting that you fight them. But now that you've seen what happened to Drake and heard about their actions, you going to do something about it?" She closes her eyes.

"...Now that I think about it, this hasn't been your first time meeting a Phoenix member. You've encountered one of their members before, a while ago at least."

Daikeim: More of bumped into, and it's 'cause of Drake that we bumped into him... And I don't know, right now... They're fine, I still don't understand why out of anywhere... It'd be here but ah well, I set priorities... And first is to get Drake out of there alive, if that's possible in the state he's in. But I'm worried for what he'll do, and this time, I don't think he'll come out alive... What would you do if you weren't forced to be with Phoenix?

She opens her eyes partially. "...I don't know anything else. I was born only a few days ago after all. I don't know anything except what White has shown me. I couldn't begin to ever make a life for myself. I was born, woken, the first thing I ever really saw was her... heh, she's almost like a mother... only a tad bit crazy, and after that... being sent to fight you... today... that's my life."

Daikeim: Well, I was saying about in the future... Surely you don't want to be forced to do actions you're not pleased of, you'll learn of a sense of freedom and how you'll be restricted from it soon enough... I would say you could stay here, but it's a bit chaotic as you've seen. But you're main choice if you were to break free from control, is what you would do and what path do you take... You're made for a war, but tell me... After the war, what will happen to you? White won't see any use in you anymore, she'd throw you away like you were nothing. Is that something you would want?

She looks like she is going to respond, when something like an electric current seems to run through her, and the metal circlet around her head shrinks and retracts into the base of her neck, her eyes go blank and she collapses into the ground face first, unconscious.

Daikeim sighs and goes over to Kanashimi and picks her up, he then turns his head to the sky and notices one of many floating islands above the clouds. He then flies up to the floating island and lands, laying Kanashimi against a tree.

Daikeim: Like I said, the sense of freedom has been restricted to you... But for know you'll think nothing of it, currently, only time will tell... *He goes to a tree opposite Kanashimi's and lays against it, resting and waiting for her to wake up*

A few hours go by, and she stirs, though very weakly. She bolts up in alarm silently, and whips her head around, seeing the clouds spooks her even more, and she presses against the tree, obviously startled by the sight. She sees Daikeim and looks at him in an expression he hadn't seen before. Fear. She edges away from him silently, though several times she seems to have opened her mouth, but no noise came out.

Daikeim: Scared? Well, that doesn't surprise me... But what is wrong? Why are you like that? Speak!

She starts breathing heavily, the only sort of noise at all he can hear coming out of her mouth at all. Her mouth moves again, and this time he manages to read her lips to actually be a silent scream saying, 'Who are you?!" The look in her eye confirms that she doesn't seem to know him.

Daikeim: Ok, Kanashimi... Calm down, I'm not here to hurt you... *He stands up and walks over to her and places a hand on her shoulder, trying to reassure her* Ok, first thing's first... Are you ok...

She squirms, and he notices the impacts are very weak, and he it occurs to him her energy doesn't read as anything but that of a human's. She eventually gives up and just lies there, trembling.

Daikeim: *Sighs and sits down beside her* Dammit White, I know you're listening... Let her have freedom, she deserves that... *Daikeim sits Kanashimi up and looks at her* Kanashimi, just nod or shake your head... Can you understand me?

She slowly nods silently. He thinks her can hear her voice for a moment, but her mouth clearly doesn't move.

Daikeim: Wait... What, what just... Did you just talk? *Regardless, he goes to ask another question* Do you know who you are? And do you know who I am?

He can swear he hears a faint set of noises that sounds like her voice, as though in response, shortly afterwards, she buries her head in her hands.

Daikeim: Hmm... *Eyes flash gold as Daikeim parts both of Kanashimi's hands away from her face and places his hand on her head, Daikeim closes his eyes. All he can see is darkness, but slowly and steadily, he notices a red fain glow that brightens and darkens* Perfect, ok... Kanashimi, do you know who you are?

...Who... who are you....?

Daikeim: My name is Daikeim, I'm a friend of yours... Looks like she wiped your memory, and your ability to speak... Anyways, do you know who you are?

...No... where... where am I?

Daikeim: You're on a floating island, in a place called Fantasy... I suggest that you stay here for the time being, not that you can't go anywhere in the first place...

You mean you're leaving me here...?

Daikeim: No, I gotta feeling you'll explore... And I don't know if you can remember how to fly, but I don't mind staying until you do.


Daikeim: Yeah, I'll show you... Oh, first thing, I need to link our minds so we can talk like this for the time being... *Kanashimi feels a strange pulse of energy as her and Daikeim's minds link together* There... Now... *Daikeim eyes flash gold again as Kanashimi gains golden aura wings, Daikeim goes in his Half Dragon form and flaps his wings, causing him to hover*

She curiously tries to flap the wings, and she lets out a small grunt of frustration, but she eventually begins to flap the wings, though it's not steady, and she wobbles haphazardly in the air.

Daikeim: Steady now, find and stay in the center of balance, don't forget to keep flapping your wings evenly and both at the same time...

She manages to do so, but she seems very tired from the effort.

Daikeim: Ok, now flap out your wings and keep them there and you'll slowly go down and land softly, just watch me... *Daikeim stretches out his wings and slowly descends to the floor* Now you.

She manages to do so, but she loses control at the last part of the descent, and lands in a heap, lying face first again.


As Daikeim walks over to Kanashimi to help her up, he notices something strange on the back of her neck. After tapping it, he sits Kanashimi up and turns her around so he can get a better look of the item.

Daikeim: Hmm... Do you have any idea what this is?

With a sudden burst of energy and strength, she literally tosses him just by flipping back over to face him, smashing him through several trees. He looks up to see her wide eyed and panting violently, sweat drenching her, her back and neck firmly against a nearby tree, her pupils dilated in a strange panic, and he can feel the raw adrenaline running through her mind.

Please... d-d-don't touch that... She eventually stammers, utter exhaustion weighing her thoughts.

Daikeim: God damn... That hurt. Sorry Kanashimi, but I need to see it... *Daikeim gets up and sprints towards Kanashimi, grabbing her right arm and pulls her off the tree. He then places her arm on her back and presses, he then places his foot on the top of her leg and presses down. Causing Kanashimi to go on her knees, he manages to keep her still as he inspects her neck*

He gets a glimpse of some kind of organ or muscle structure formation, before the monstrous strength returns with a vengeance, and she begins violently thrashing, she almost completely knocks him off her, and he falls in front of her, where she suddenly headbutts him with violent force, and he can feel a crack in his head. The force sends him flying nearby to Elaonore.

Elaonore: *is sitting down using her ability to manipulate water* So astonishing..*feels something piercing through the wind like a bullet, she turns around and sees someone flying toward her. Shocked, she quickly forms a water bubble infront of herself and catches Daikeim. Once she catches him in the water bubble it pops and splashes her* Daikeim..Daikeim! *kneels down* Are you alright? What happened?*looks at the bleeding bruise on his forehead and buts a water patch over it* Who did this to you?

Daikeim: I'm fine... Don't worry, just got on the bad side of someone... Damn, she hits hard... Basically, the girl who you saw earlier kinda lost her memory. So I'm trying to see what's up with her and I sorta annoyed her, getting annoyed myself... *He manages to sit up and he looks at the island* Up there.

Elaonore: Ok. *teleports him back* How did this happen?

Daikeim sees Kanashimi nervously watching him from a distance. What were you doing on me like that?! They hear her voice ring out.

Elaonore: What do you mean? Your abit off. Calm down and we can help.

He keeps coming after me! That's all I know! I asked him to stop but he wouldn't listen! Just leave me alone!" She backs away, dangerously close to the edge.

Daikeim: Kanashimi, I'm not trying to hurt you! I'm only trying to help, you've forgotten who you are... I'm trying to help you remember... *He walks towards Kanashimi* Please, trust me on this...

She bolts to the side, running away. I don't want your help! Just stop!

Daikeim: I'm sorry... *Daikeim points towards Kanashimi and his eyes flash golf, causing Kanashimi to get golden bands on her hands and feet, stopping her movement completely. Daikeim walks up to her and sighs* You're as stubborn as Drake... *Daikeim walks around and looks at Kanashimi's neck* The hell is that...

Suddenly he is backhanded by a stranger, and looks up to see... Drake. Or someone who looks almost exactly like him. A giant black aura surrounds him, as he stands next to Kanashimi.

Daikeim: *Stands up and growls* Another CE... So then, looks like Phoenix want's their toy back...

The mysterious CE picks her up and slings her over his shoulder, a black sword forms in his spare hand.

Daikeim: Fine then... But if you want to go with her... *Summons the Draconia* Then you gotta kill me first... *Daikeim glares at the mysterious CE*

Elaonore: And me aswell. *makes a spear out of water*

Suddenly the armor begins to appear on Kanashimi, and her wings appear once more, and she breaks the chains that bind her. The CE smirks and disappears, reappearing in a nearby tree, resting his chin on his hand, as Kanashimi begins to fully activate into CE Mode. The connection Daikeim has decays, filling with only static.

"KILL...." Kanashimi's robotic voice echoes dully.

Daikeim: *Sighs* Ok then... No holding back. *Daikeim speeds towards Kanashimi and uppercuts her into the air, he jumps up to match her altitude and kicks her in the chest. He then grabs her with one hand and flies straight down and crashes her into the floor, Daikiem then jumps up and glances at the mysterious CE before focusing on Kanashimi*

Suddenly a rope of light energy wraps around his leg and pulls him down, she then kicks him between the legs and then spin kicks him off the island, diving after him to begin violently slamming him in the head with kicks, jabs, and punches.

Elaonore: *Is behind Kanashimi and stabs her with her water spear and turns Kanashimi around to have her face Elaonore, she starts pounding her face* Leave. Him. Alone! *Pounds her face in even harder that Kanashimi's facial mask has dents in it. She then has the wind spin Kanamishi around and starts acrobatically kicking Kanashimi and stabs a few more spears of water into her, until the wind finally spits her down to the ground. Elaonore appears behind Daikeim and teleports him back onto Skyia* Are you alright? I was so...*is breathing heavily* I'm so sorry.

Daikeim: *Smirks* Don't worry, I'm fine... Nice moves, didn't know you had it in you. *He stands up and looks down at Kanashimi* Just try to keep her alive, Elaonore... She's being controlled, you try and deal with the other CE, I got her... *Daikeim flies down and hover above Kanashimi* Come to your senses, you don't need to do this...

Suddenly she flies up high over the city, and extends her arms over it, and she begins to take on a violent pure white glow, and the whole area begins to rumble violently with energy, her wounds healed and closing, the armor mending itself.

"Chaos Drive initiated."

Daikeim: Not a chance! *Daikeim flies up, charging a massive lightning bolt in his arm. When he reaches Kanashimi, he thrusts his arm and grabs hold of her and sends the lightning throughout her body, shocking her for a moment. During this, Daikeim plants his hand on Kanashimi's head and sends a pulse that covers her body for a second. Daikeim flies down and creates a massive shield which covers the whole city*

Suddenly the energy level drops, then sharply rises, and a powerful burning sensation blasts Daikeim's left side, it is only for a few seconds, but the agony feels as though his left side was being melted. A hole is punched through the shield as well, decimating a few buildings.

Kanashimi then turns toward Elaonore. She begins to glow again.

Elaonore: Daikeim! *whirlwind of water spears surround her and the clouds go dark. Has a more histile tint to her voice* Stop this, Now...*lightning flashes behind her*

The metallic supports of the wings open to reveal what looks like missiles, which begin firing at Elaonore at high speed.

Elaonore: *summons a small tornado that redirects the missiles back at Kanashimi and then throws 4 water spears at her*

Kanashimi raises her hand, and the water and missles become pure energy and are absorbed.

"Meaningless. Destruction. Imminent."

Elaonore: *has water come up from under Kanashimi and launches her into the air, then a strong wind pushes her down to the ground. Water comes up under her again and the wind pushes her back down. Elaonore does the same thing over again only this time she buts water spears into the mix

Suddenly the wind and water are absorbed once again. Kanashimi glows with an incredibly violent light. "Meaningless." A sphere of pure light begins to spread from her, and Elaonore can feel it eating at the air, devouring it into energy as it expands.

Elaonore: Nothing is working...If only Jumbo were here.

Daikeim appears behind Kanashimi, managing to grab hold the back of her neck. Due to the sudden surprise, Kanashimi is unable to react fast enough as Daikeim blasts lightning, fire and Exeon energy into her neck. Blasting her down next to the mysterious CE, as she looks at Daikeim, she can see Daikeim with a golden aura and a faint golden trail leaving his eyes as he lands. All three easily notice the sudden difference in Daikeim, they feel his energy sky rocket. As before, when he speaks, it sounds like there is another person talking. "Harm this city or the Mythos living here, and your life ends..." Daikeim focuses on the mysterious CE and flies towards him at break-neck speeds and slams his foot down on his chest, blasting him to the floor. Kanashimi attempts to attack Daikeim but he manages to dodge every attack, he then grabs hold of one of her fists and flips Kanashimi over him and slams her to the floor.

When the dust settles, the CE is still on his feet, a crater beneath him, his arms are crossed, and he seems to have a rather bored expression. He doesn't even look fazed by Daikeim's attack.

Kanashimi simply gets up, and the hand which Daikiem used to blast her disintegrates as she glows white, a faint green aura around her reverses all of the damage she took.

The CE yawns, and simply lies down, bluntly ignoring Daikeim.

Daikeim sends out a flurry of attacks at Kanashimi, causing considerable damage to her. Daikeim then sticks out two fingers and jabs all the way up her arms, making Kanashimi unable to even throw a punch. He places both his hands on Kanashimi's shoulders and send lightning throughout her body, afterwards, he slides behind Kanashimi and presses two fingers against on the organ and overchages a single bolt of electricity and blasts it into it. Destroying it, Daikeim then takes a step back to see the results...

Blood pours from her neck at a violent rate, and suddenly a massive explosion rips everything around her as the energy she built up is unleashed in a terrible violent maelstrom. Daikeim is blown back, and when he looks up, the red lights of the armor dim, and it begins falling apart. It reveals Kanashimi, whose eyes are dim and blood oozing out of her mouth. She stumbles backward, and falls to the ground, her head smashing against the ground.

Daikeim walks past Kanashimi and looks down at the crater, seeing the mysterious CE. He jumps down and slams both his hands against it's head, Daikeim then grabs it by the neck and holds it up.

Daikeim: Nothing but tests subjects... *He throws the CE into the air and flies up, charging a fireball and firing it directly into the CE upon contact*

The fireball and his previous attack appear to do nothing, the CE just levitates there, looking down on him. A faint flicker of Aura surrounds him.

"Is that all, Daikeim?" The CE speaks. The aura appears to become more visible.

Daikeim: No... Far from it... *Daikeim jumps out of the crater and picks up Kanashimi's body and throws it at the CE* Tell Phoenix that I'll be meeting them soon... *Daikeim loses his golden aura* Besides, if I wanted to ended you... *Daikeim taps the back of his neck* I know exactly where to aim, now go, before I change my mind.

The CE grabs Kanashimi, but instead of leaving, merely descends to the ground. He places her down in some grass, before turning towards Daikeim.

He silently begins walking towards him, his Aura strengthening as he approaches, until it takes the form of a blackish-green skeleton dragon in the shape of armor, which completely covers his body, even his neck. Yellow glowing eyes stare at him as he walks right up to Daikeim's face, he can feel the coldness and vile malice of the Aura.

"You attack Yosai... I destroy Downation."

Daikeim: You manage to kill me, then Downation is all yours... *A small smirk appears* But have fun trying, CE...

The CE turns and walks away, leaving Kanashimi behind.

Daikeim sighs and looks at Kanashimi and walks up to her, he picks her up and flies up to a different floating island and lays her down. After a while, Daikeim manages to dig a makeshift grave and places Kanashimi in it. A small trickle of blood pours from Daikeim's mouth...

Daikeim: Hmm... Shouldn't use Exeon like that again for a while... *He walks to a tree that shades the grave, he sits against it and rests*

Elaonore: *is sitting next him and wipes the blood of with a leaf* You should learn to clean yourself up before taking a rest.

Daikeim: Thanks... *He looks at the makeshift grave* I shouldn't of been so brash with that...

Elaonore: You tried to save her. But when you saw that you couldn't, you looked to something else worth saving: Us. I'm sorry you couldn't have saved her, but you did save us. But I can see her death wasn't as all your doing. Something else was behind what happened to her. I could see within her eyes. Deep,deep, within her eyes. She was trapped and confused and upset and angry. What could've have caused her to be like that? I know you must be too exhausted to ponder such a thought.

Daikeim stays quiet, unsure of what to say, but after a while he simply looks up before speaking in a empty voice.

Daikeim: I know who did it, but I can't risk it... They're also the same people who have Drake hanging onto his life in a damn tube, they're stationed in Fantasy... Above the ocean, they call themselves Phoenix, they plan to eradicate all human life on Earth... That's what Kanashimi is, or was... A Chaos Engine, sent to kill people who will get in the way of them and their plan. I know where they are, but if I go, Downation is gone, along with everyone...

Elaonore: I see. You're in between a rock and a hard place. I have always known you to do the what you think is right, but you always handle things by yourself. Here, we are all family and family for together. You threaten one, you threaten all. Downation will not stand still and watch you fight alone. If you need us, you have us.

Daikeim: I know that you would do that, and I couldn't thank you enough for it. But I don't want to see any more Mytho die because of me, I don't want to see Downation destroyed Elaonore... I don't want to see you get hurt... *He places his hand ontop of Elaonore's hand* You and Fantasy are all I have left, I don't want to see that being taken away from me...

Elaonore: And it never will. I will always be with you. In here *puts her other hand on his chest where his heart is* and in here. *puts here hand on his forehead* As long as you keep me in here and here, I will never be taken away from you. As for Fantasy, it will always be here as long as Reality is here. It's not time yet for that to change. God will not allow that...Remember, *holds Daikeim's arm and lays her head on his shoulder* Never forget that you have a family in all of us. And in that family we will stand up for each other. Whether we die or not. But let's not let Death stop us from living.

Daikeim has a small smile on his face as Elaonore said that, he kisses Elaonore and wraps his other arm around her. Before he closes his eyes to rest, he says something to Elaonore in a more kinderhearted way.

Daikeim: You're one of the greatest things ever to happen to me, I love you...

Elaonore: *snuggles abit closer to Daikeim and smiles* I love you too, Daikeim...I'm glad your here. with me. Don't ever forget how much you mean to me.

Daikeim: Don't worry, I'll never forget you... *He looks up and has a sigh of relief*

Elaonore: *smiles* Good...*puts her hand on the side of Daikeim's face and falls asleep*

2 hours later

Daikiem feels a pat on his shoulder. As he wakes up he turns and sees the Van Valeric standing above both him and Elaonore.

Daikeim: Ah, Valeric, greetings. How are you?

Van Valeric: Well. It has come to my attention that Evoh has fooled us both. I do not know where he dwells at the time being, but I have come to give you the instructions.

Daikeim: For the time being, Evoh is none of our concerns, god or not. I have news of my own, but do continue about these instructions.

Van Valeric: As you know or might have known, Your lover's body has been severely damaged beyond repair. Her body has undergone many hardships and it has weakened her so. The cold has done her body the most damage. I brought her back from Death but her soul has been frozen. I have made it to where she will live for an approximate 3 to 4 years, before her body re-freezes.

Daikeim: *Looks at the sleeping Elaonore and holds her hand, softly tightening his grip before looking back at Valeric* Right, that much I guessed... Unfortunately, I still haven't got a grasp on Exeon energy's full potential. So by your arrival, there is a way to counter this for the time being, am I right?

Van Valeric: There is nothing to save her from this, but there is a way to postpone it. Take the water from The Pool of Serenity and make it in to a water bubble. *looks at the floating blue lights* Use the bubble to catch as many lights as you can, then leave the bubble under the moon and let the moon light shine down upon it. Then have your lover drink of it. Do this right and her life will be extended another 3 to 4 years. Long enough for you to start your life with her. *looks at Elaonore who is smiling and a single tear of joy streams down the side of her face* She dreams of it right now. And it is good. I know what she dreams of and that dream might come true.

Daikeim: Eight years... *He sighs* Alright then, then the best time to do this process is on the last month of the last year... Right, now for my news... A group is attempting to kill all humanity on Earth, they're located in Fantasy and trust me, you don't want to fuck with them just yet. A war is coming Valeric, just prepare yourself...

Van Valeric: Hm, More like the intruders better prepare themselves. They can not stop what is coming next. Besides, This war is only the beginning of something far much worst, for there is more to come before The Final Chapter.

Daikeim: The Final Chapter? Hmph, you seem to expect a lot then...

Van Valeric: It's because I know alot. Besides, when one bad thing happens another bad thing tends to follow along. I also need to tell you that your lover needs to stay warm at all times. If she is in cold weather or climate she will re-freeze faster.

Daikeim: Easier said than done, she somehow tends to wonder to everywhere in Fantasy... I still have no idea how she does it either, but I guess Mytho are filled with surprises.

Van Valeric:...Ofcourse we are...Take care of yourself, Daikeim. You two are blessed to have each other. *disappears*

A Rude Interruption - The Mask Edit

A figure wearing dark grey armour, with red hood and small cloak sown together with black metal wire, wearing a detailed mask. Enters through the gate and looks at the towns, before placing his hand over the mouth area of the mask. "I've entered, this better be worth the money. I wonder if he'll put up a fight, though from what I've heard, he's been through some shit... Makes it easy for me then." The figure then places his hand away and disappears into the crowd. He then travels to the area where Daikeim is located, staying cloaked and just inspecting him... "He's... Taking a nap, hmm... That must be the woman that's caused most of this, but I must stick to the assignment."

Daikeim: Hmm? *Daikeim stands up and turns towards the cloaked figure* Who are you-- *Daikeim senses the figure's energy signature* That's... New, so then... Who are you?

The figure laughs and uncloaks, crossing his arms. "Daikeim, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've been told so much about you since your 'arrival' to this rock, it's a shame that I can't kill you... But it'll be fun to fight you, for the short time that I will know you for."

Daikeim: Ugh, it's people like that that are starting to annoy me... *Daikeim gets in a stance*

The figure charges towards Daikeim and sends a barrage of attacks towards him, blasting him through the city and crashing through the trees. "Ha! Come on, show me what makes you tick!"

Daikeim: ...Hmph *Daikeim flies towards the figure and punches him the gut then grabs his hood and throws him down into the floor and fires a blast*

The figure deflects the back and springs back up to Daikeim, charging a dark energy in his right hand and slams it against Daikeim's chest, quickly paralyzing him. Allowing the figure to fire a direct blast into him, wounding Daikeim. "Hmph, not much of a challenge... Are you?"

Daikeim: I'm not even trying! *Daikeim grabs the figure's neck and slams him down to the floor, he then picks him up and sends a barrage of attacks on the figure, all of them connecting. Daikeim then fires an Exeon blast at the figure, sending him heavily damaged and out of Forest City, Daikeim then appears infront of the figure* Do you want to die? Get out of Fantasy now!

The figure laughs and stands up. "So, do you experience fear?" He takes off a portion of his mask, showing one of his eyes. When he does, Daikeim is petrified and is unable to move, the figure walks up to Daikeim and presses his hand against his chest. "You disappoint me, Daikeim... A almighty person like you, afraid of something so simple..." Daikeim can feel a pain, as a small bit of his energy is pulled out and placed into a capsule. The figure then places his mask back on and fades away into nothingness... "Short but sweet, we'll meet again soon..."

Final Preparations Edit

Drake hears footsteps slowly grow louder, and the lights in the room begin to flicker on one by one, until the room is fully lit, and the footsteps grow even louder.

Drake: Hmm... I wonder who this is, probably one of the members... But that would only be White or Aoi, regardless.. *His eyes narrows down* It's way to damn bright here.

To his surprise, White and Aoi show up, but along with them are three others. White stops right in front of the glass and looks up at him quietly. The glass muffles her voice, but he swears he can hear her say, 'Open the glass'.

Drake: Wait... What? Did you just say, ok... I think the fumes here have gotten to me.

One of the people who had come with her presses a red button, and the glass suddenly swings wide open, letting a rush of fresh air blast his face. The man wears a fur coat along with a cloth mask on the bottom of his face, his eyes look borderline feral.

"Come with us, and come quietly, Drake." He says coldly.

The two others who had come leave in front of them, while White, Aoi, and the masked man wait for him to come down from the tube he had been in so long.

Drake steps down from the tube and looks at his burn marks and wounds, stretching his arms out. He has faint tribal marks stained on his body, he turns his head towards White and sighs.

Drake: I'd like my clothes back...

Aoi looks at him. "The Avatars destroyed them. We will have to get new clothes for you."

The masked man sighs. "I'll be back..." He disappears in a breeze. A minute later, he appears with a change of clothing. "Hurry up and change. We have things to talk about." He points toward a door on the right side of the room.

Drake: Of course they destroyed them... *He quickly changes into his new clothes and yawns, he looks towards the door and walks towards it* So, who are you and what do you want? Because honestly, I liked it in that tube, it was quiet... Peaceful, and I didn't have to look at her... *He glares at Aoi before looking at White* By the way, what was all that noise up in the fortress?

A red tint appears in White's eyes. "I just was busy killing a little gnat that buzzed too close to my ear."

The man speaks up. "I am Torrent, one of the main members of Phoenix. And with White finishing analyzing your DNA, she won't need you any longer. I don't want anything from you. Phoenix however has an offer for you, once that comes with your freedom should you accept it. We will speak of it upstairs, nothing further." He chuckles. "And if I were you, I wouldn't offend Aoi."

Aoi just gives Drake an impartial icy stare.

Drake glances at Aoi and smirks.

Drake: I love ya' too sweet pea. *He looks at Torrent* I honestly wouldn't care what Aoi does, as you can see. I've pretty much been to hell, beat the devil at checkers and returned to shoot someone in the face... But ok, we'll speak of this offer in a minute... *He sighs and summons his HSC and pulls out a book and reads it while walking*

As he walks, it gets much colder for some reason, almost as though he had plunged into arctic waters. Torrent holds out a hand and White sighs, angrily tossing him a gold coin.

Drake stops and looks at Aoi, giving her a death stare before growling, with small flickers of fire leaving his mouth while doing so.

Drake: Funny... Now raise the fucking temperature before I turn you into a puddle. *He continues walking then laughs* Wouldn't be the first time I made you wet.

They come to an elevator, and Aoi seems deathly quiet. The platform rises with no problems, but then Torrent looks up.

His voice comes out significantly higher pitched. "Umm, Aoi, please don't do that."

"Do what?" She says impassively.

"Please, turn it back."


Drake looks up to see the water covering the vertical entrance is completely frozen, and they are going to ram into it in probably a minute well over a hundred miles an hour.

Drake: Oh you son of a bitch, Aoi... *Drake creates a black fireball and throws it at the ice, only slightly melting it* ...Well, shit... Change it back Aoi, right now!

"What's the matter? Afraid of getting a little flat?" She says in her impassive voice.

Drake: I don't think any of us wants to end up like your chest, now for the love of God. CHANGE IT BACK YOU BITCH!

The water turns back to normal, and they exit and stop at the ground level. Aoi looks at him for a moment, before taking a small breath and blasting him with a blizzard that coats him in ice tougher than steel, and she walks off.

Torrent holds out his hand again, and White angrily fishes for another gold coin. "You and your stupid bets..." She growls.

Drake sets himself ablaze and melts the ice with ease before following with the others.

Drake: You're starting to get on my nerves... *A voice plays in his mind*

Corruption: Well well well Drake, this is your chance...

Drake: No way, I haven't got a reason yet.

Corruption: Hmph, you're pathetic... Where's your sense of honor? Where's your sense of bloodlust and endless kil--

Drake's tribal patterns show up again and Drake lets out a sigh of relief.

Drake: Finally... He'll shut up now.

White and the others enter the main building, and as Drake opens the main door and closes it behind him, a girl with blonde hair with electric blue eyes appears in front of him and leans in his face with hers very uncomfortably.

"Hello tankboy!" She says in an almost too cheerful way.

Drake takes a step back, startled at the sudden shock.

Drake: JESUS! ...Who in God's name are you? *He takes a second to breathe*

"Noriko. I hear you like to give Aoi a hard time. Lover's quarrel?"

A cold chill blows through the room, as Aoi coldly stares at them.

Drake: Yeah... Umm, my name is Drake, not 'tankboy'... Is there any other surprises like her? *He takes a second to look around*

Torrent, Aoi, White, and Toma are all seated, all that's left is this Noriko girl and Drake.

White looks at Noriko and sighs. "Not this again."

"Can I sit next to the new guy? I'll make him feel comfortable."

"....Define... comfortable."






"Yes- Damn it!" White growls as Noriko pulls Drake to the seat next to hers, looking triumphant.

"I win!" Noriko says cheerfully, before giving Drake a bear hug.

Torrent lets out an exasperated sigh. "And welcome to my personal hell."

Drake: *Struggling to breathe due to how tight the bear hug is* Is... Is it too late to go back to the tube? *Drake manages to break free from the bear hug, he takes a look around at the other members* So then... Is this all of you?

White closes her eyes. "Sort of." She opens her eyes. "Enter, Azula."

The main doors open, and Drake sees a woman walk in completely encased in black CE armor with red hair at the base of her hair, slowly darkening to black at the tips. Unlike the other ones he saw, this one has a brilliant and powerful aura that flickers briefly in his vision, even though it appears to be in its normal mode. The headpiece slides open, and he remembers her face from Downation, though the eyes are dim and almost lifeless.

Drake: *Narrows his eyesight to her* Hmm... She was with the masked dude last time I saw her, so she's a CE now... *He looks at White* Your moral compass isn't right, woman... *He looks back at Azula* So your name is Azula, nice of you to give this one a name. Wait, what happened to the other one? Kanashimi, was it?

"Kanashimi was killed by Daikeim after he discovered our race's weakness. Had he left her alone conflict would never have been necessary." Azula speaks, something that surprises Drake.

"I have always been a CE. You are born a CE, you are not made."

Drake: Hmph, then Daikeim would of had a reason to attack... He wouldn't of killed her if he didn't have a reason. *He sighs* Great, then what are you planning to do with him? If you guys send anymore CE's in his direction, they're coming back as corpses...

"Kanashimi was a prototype. To survive realistically in the same situations as more fine tuned CE would be more difficult for one such as her. Making a new and improved Kanashimi would take no effort on my part. I already know the specific genetic codes needed to remake her. And as for Daikeim, that depends." White smiles.

"Mainly on you, that is."

Drake: *Glares at White and growls, standing up and clenching his fists* On me? Tell me right now, what the hell do you think you want from me... Just send me back to the test tube, I'm already tired of this.

"A battle is coming, Drake. I had intended to destroy humanity before tomorrow came, but time is too short to finish the Trimaster Plan. The awakening of a god is at hand..." She has a deadly smile powerful enough to make Drake shudder. "And I intend to bury him and his ally... Van Valeric."

Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and sets his hands ablaze, walking towards White until he's a couple of feet away, speaking in a more demonic tone.

Drake: You expect me to kill Daikeim? And who's the crazy one here, not a damn chance in hell! You may of saved my life, but if you think I would kill someone who's helped me through the same life... How dare you, HOW FUCKING DARE YOU! Tell me White, killing someone you don't know is easy enough. But I can tell from experience that ending the life of someone you care about is damn near to impossible to recover from, you of all people should know that... *He turns around and starts walking away* I'm going back to the tube, fuck you and your goals.

Torrent looks at White. "I rather dislike emotional brats who don't think before they open their mouths."

Before Drake can make it out the door, he is kicked in the throat and slammed onto the ground, unable to move as Torrent puts his foot on his chest and effortlessly holds him there.

"Why don't you listen again before you get your head cut off? Here is the situation. There is a god of destruction going to appear tomorrow. He is known as Jibaku. He and his ally will be appearing tommorow. Got the picture? The whole aim of this war on Earth was to lure Jibaku out so that we might destroy him. Your part in this will be two fold. One, we expect you to aid in the battle against Jibaku and Van Valeric. That is required. What White should have said regarding Daikiem is that if he should pose a problem to us during that battle or immediately after we finish our task, you are to deal with him. You know him better than we do, so you would be perfect in making him back off. Peacefully or violently. Daikiem may not even show up tomorrow. It's just a precaution we thought ahead about.

We're not asking you to kill him, unless for some reason he attempts to do so to you. That's the letter of the deal. Do those things and consider yourself a free man. We already have your DNA, and this is our more humane way of dealing with you. White could just turn you into a monster or something. I hear she likes experimenting on trash. Though I wouldn't know. Now if you're done throwing a tantrum like a toddler, I'll let you up. We clear?"

Drake: Crystal... Now get the fuck off.

Torrent walks away in mid air.

Drake stands up and exits his Aura Dragon form and extinguishes the fire on his hands, he glances at the Phoenix members before walking out of the room.

Drake: Hmph, kill two people I don't know... Yeah, that'll be 'easy'. I'll be training 'til then, you better be ready when I am. *He exits the room and finds his way to the courtyard before opening his HSC and pulling out one of his jackets and a sword. He creates a couple of clones and trains with them.*

After a while, he notices someone is watching him and turns to find a CE staring at him that looks eerily like him.

"You're easily angered." It says quietly.

Drake: Oh great, so White made more mini-me's... And yes, I get angered easily... What do you want?


Drake: Let's see... Kanashimi was loud-mouth and brash, so you must be the silent and deadly variant of me. *Drake dodges his clone's attack then breaks his arms then sets him ablaze, watching him incinerate into ash* Anyways, so, you got a name?

"...Silent Angel."

Drake: Heh, good name. So then, you just came to watch? Ask questions or?

A clone appears of Silent Angel. The two start clashing swords. "....Sort of."

Drake: Well, if you have any questions, ask away. If not, then focus on your clone's blade. *He practices CQC with the clone*

"....He killed her."

Drake: *Sighs* Don't tell me you believe in that crap too... If you're gonna bother me with that too, then just go.

Silent Angel brutally stabs his clone in the heart, and Drake thinks he can see a momentary blaze of white hot fury in Silent Angel's eyes, as though he had imagined himself killing Daikiem with that blow.

He makes another one, and is silent for a moment. "She was my sister. ...The Lady forced me to stand aside and watch her die..."

Drake: Sucks, doesn't it. Having to be unable to do anything as you watch someone you care about perish infront of you... Infact, Daikeim knows how that feels, as do I, and you. But, if you want to be someone who works on the frontline. *He disarms his clone and breaks his neck, killing him instantly* Then you have to discard feelings, your kill just then. As brutal as it was, if it was in the middle of the battlefield, that would of gotten you killed. *He creates another clone and trains again* Anyways...

Silent Angel bisects the clone. ".......Want... ...we don't ask for this... ...we don't even have the free will to want anything more..."

Drake: I guess we're in a similar situation where we're forced to do something... I didn't want to get back into a mini-war but here I am... *He sighs* Regardless, sorry about your sister...

Silent Angel flies off without a word. Noriko pokes her head around the corner and sees Drake. "Oh hey Tankboy!"

Drake: Oh god dam-- Hey there Noriko, one thing. Drake, it's.. Drake, not Tankboy... Ok?

"Hmm... I suppose I can call you Drake, provided you stop trying to aggravate Aoi, I think I overheard her mumbling assassination plans."

Drake: That's probably about tomorrow and not me, but it's nice to see she cares. And I can't really help it, being someone who doesn't make somethings seriously is just who I am... Kinda. *He kills the last clone and the sword dissipates into nothingness, he turns to look at Noriko* So then, is every other member of Phoenix like that? Aoi is a stuck-up bitch, Torrent is headstrong, you... You're just... There, really... What about the others? Anything to 'warn' me about when it comes to them?

Her head tilts to one side. "Well I don't know, but we are down a few members. Master Hiroshi died, and Naomi joined forces with Kado, who has been a defector for a number of years and is fighting against us. The people assembled here are the only ones left. There's always been eight members of the organization, no more, no less. ...I guess we need to start looking for new members soon.

I don't know much about Kado anymore, but I do remember how quiet and timid he used to be, heh heh. Probably disguises how timid he is in a fight by pretending to let people take the first shot at him. Have you met him before?"

Drake: *Smirks* Yeah, I met him a once... He's something 'special', annoying too... I wonder if he'll be coming along tomorrow, it'll be fun to show him what I'm capable of. But that's an if, I need to focus about Van Valeric and Jibaku.

"I see, well, I don't know about you, but I think it would be a good idea for you to get some rest. Tomorrow is gonna be a big day, you'll need the energy."

Drake: Hmph... Does it look like I need rest? You can go rest if you want, I'll still be here by sunrise... *Drake sets up some moving targets and sends a barrage of throwing knives at them, all hitting in the heart or brain*

She gives him an odd look, then turns and starts walking away. "Don't let White catch you out here. She'll make you rest."

Drake: Pfft, sure she will... Bye then. *Drake takes a minute to breathe, while this happens, a black shadow appears infront of Drake*

Corruption: Well well, Van Valeric and Jibaku, eh?

Drake: Yeah, but I don't plan on using any Primitive forms. So don't try it.

Corruption: Oh I don't think you have a choice Drake, remember, I control when you NEED the forms. You better start treating me with respect, otherwise once you go into Primitive, you'll never come back out.

Drake: Like I want to listen to someone who lives inside of me, do me a favor and shut up. Alright? Now fade away before anyone catches you...

Corruption: ...This isn't over. *Forms back inside Drake*

Drake: ugh... Stupid parasite.

For a while, it's quiet, until a harsh yell breaks the silence. "ARRGHH! NORIKO! WHAT HAVE I SAID ABOUT COMING IN MY ROOM WITHOUT PERMISSION?!"

Drake hears an almost childish laughing coming closer, and he turns to see an orb of golden light crackling with lightning as it passes. It pauses, giggles again, and then flies off just as Torrent jumps over the wall like a feral animal.

"COME BACK HERE YOU DAMN FAIRY!" He roars, his cloth mask stolen.

Drake: This... Seems fun... *He looks at the multitude of bodies around him* ...Yeah, following them. *Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and follows the two*

He sees Torrent running at very fast speeds right behind the golden fairy, but it happily manages to dodge every attempt he does at grabbing her. She merrily has no trouble keeping out of his range.

"♪ You can't catch me, you can't catch me!♪ " She sings tauntingly.

Drake flips so his back is facing the ground, he places his hands behind his head and flies past Torrent.

Drake: Oh, hey there. You seem to be in a spot of trouble. *He looks at the golden fairy before looking at Torrent* Wow, you're slow...

The fairy giggles. "♪ Oooh now I have two desperate men wanting a piece of the action! Whatever shall I do?♪ "

Torrent glares at him. "It's not my fault she's a freaking lightning fairy."

Drake: You do realise that I'm faster than you, Noriko... If I wanted to catch you, unlike slowpoke back there. It'll be easy...

She pulsates for a moment. "Nah."

She bolts downward into the water. Torrent sighs. "I'm not likely to get that back til tomorrow now."

Drake lands then turns his head towards Torrent.

Drake: Why does it matter anyways, it's only a mask...

"If I fail to kill someone and they become a threat later, they won't recognize me if I have my mask off. With my mask I appear less of a person and more of a monster. I don't want people to wonder if I have feelings or emotions or any of that nonsense. It's annoying. People are more likely to assume I'm just some thug who is as mindless as the next Mytho."

Drake: Noriko, give Torrent his mask back. That's like stripping a male of his manhood... Actually, it's not but-- JUST GIVE TORRENT HIS DAMN MASK BACK BEFORE I COME DOWN THERE AND TURN YOU INTO NOTHING BUT A SPARK!

He sees her briefly bob into view from the water, and hovers there. She then rushes up to his face and he feels a small jolt of electricity zap his face as she touches his forehead, and then zips off, dropping the cloth mask in the air, and Torrent angrily fetches it before it can fall.

Drake rubs his forehead and glances at Torrent.

Drake: Ow... Hmm, is she like that with everyone?

"I know for a fact she only acts like this with men. It's her little games. I don't know why she does it, but she will always play these games, even with people she's never met. I do know she can be serious when it matters, but men are open season."

Drake: So, she's a manipulative person... Interesting, I guess it's to fool newcomers... Only with men? So... Why does she toy with you?

"Because I'm a guy. She toys with any men, as I said. She'd be doing this alot more often if we had more main members who were male."

Drake: Right... I guess I'm glad it's just like this... I guess. *He looks up at the sky then looks back down then begins walking away, exiting his Aura Dragon form* Anyways, I'm gonna rest or train, see you whenever.

As he walks through the fortress, he sees Aoi in one of the walkways, staring at the moon as she paints on a canvas, a peaceful expression on her face. She almost seems radiant with the moonlight.

Drake sighs and walks up behind Aoi, looking at the painting before glancing at Aoi.

Drake: Hey... What are you painting?

"...The moonlight on the ocean. I like peaceful things. Beautiful things. I try to capture moments like this with paint but... I'm self taught, so I don't think I'm very good at it yet..."

Drake: *Takes a second to look at the painting, then the ocean and moon* You're doing well, self teaching yourself is very difficult to do, but the payoff feels amazing. Hmm... I guess the painting, and the ocean and moon look beautiful... Strange how you love peaceful things yet you're in Phoenix, seems stupid if you ask me.

"...I don't like it here. The violence. The hate. I don't. ...But... I owe the organization a great deal. ...My life, in fact. ...I haven't participated in any of their battles... the most I do is anything I'm directly ordered to do... or manage security. ...If I can avoid it... I do not fight."

Drake: That's... Surprising, you have quite the temper on you. And what about tomorrow? You're gonna be forced to fight, but I guess avoiding fights is a good thing in most cases... If you're that kinda person.

"...Considering that you keep insulting me and treating me as if I'm some rodent you found in the sewer..."

Drake: You would treat everyone like that if you arrived somewhere, got the crap beaten out of you by mythical beasts, had your DNA copied and made into clones, looked like a damn napalm survivor and had to stay in a tube... *He sighs* Fine, I'm sorry... There, now I feel like throwing up...

"....You're sincere..." She looks at the moon for a moment more. She eventually puts down her brush and looks at him, before she puts a hand on Drake's chest and her arm glows with a greenish blue light, which spreads to Drake's body.

Drake: Ummm Aoi... What are you doing, and why am I glowing?

"Quiet. Restoration." The light seems to momentarily sear his body, but immediately after it fades, he feels his skin is completely smooth with no hint of scarring or wounds, in fact he almost feels younger and full of energy.

"You're welcome." She says quietly.

Drake: Thank you, I feel better than before I arrived here.... Umm, anyways... I'm gonna go rest, good luck with the painting, Aoi. *He turns away and walks off*

She looks up from her painting. "I assume you will want a better place to sleep than a confined tube. I know of several open rooms right now, and I believe a few of the members have spare guest rooms within their towers, though I would have to ask them."

Drake: *Looks at Aoi* Several open rooms and spare guest rooms... Oook, wanna give me a list and location? This place is a size of a city, afterall...

Aoi smiles faintly. "White's quarters are the size of a mansion, she has many spare rooms, Torrent has spare rooms but I don't know if he would be keen, Noriko has spare rooms a plenty... not sure if you're willing to risk being near her though. Toma doesn't like company all the time... I also have spare rooms, and then there's the unoccupied member towers of Hiroshi, Naomi, and Kado. Each of the main member towers are the tallest and are arranged in a perfect circle around the middle. White's is the widest. There are color coded guards that represent each of the member's towers as well who can help you there."

Drake: I don't think I would want to stay in one of Torrent's rooms, why Noriko has more than one room scares me, I don't want to go near White, don't know Toma, and I think you would prefer peace so no me. I guess one of the unoccupied rooms... Hmm, what about Kado's room, where would that be exactly? Because I doubt that there would still be guards there...

"I'll show you, but it's probably dusty and stuff like that... but I can see what we can do. Follow me." She looks at a nearby guard.

"Make sure this isn't messed with, please."

"Yes ma'am."

She starts walking toward the center area.

Drake follows behind, taking one last look at the paining before paying attention to what Aoi has to say next.

Drake: Dusty? How long has he been out of Phoenix?

"He was fifteen when he left... it's been seven years."

Drake: Wow... So what was his reason for leaving, besides the obvious?

"White ordered him to be executed. She and all of the old masters chased after him the night we were chosen by the Slayers. For a while, we all heard he died. ...But eventually I learned from White that he was alive somehow, leading an organization called Azure. When we first heard about the incident though, we were told that Kado betrayed the organization and tried to usurp power. ...I quickly perceived it as a lie, but I kept that knowledge to myself. I very much doubt anything would ever make Kado return to Phoenix."

Drake: I don't blame him, in all honesty... Why anyone would want to stay in Phoenix is beyond me, but I guess everyone has their reasons, don't they... *He sighs then looks at Aoi* I wonder if anything of Kado's is still in the room...

"Possibly... if White hasn't done anything with it." They arrive at the building, and Aoi opens the door and suddenly appears shell shocked.

"...It's... clean..."

Drake: Uhh... Is someone expecting anyone? *He steps in and looks around* Spotless... Who the hell?

Aoi looks at the carpets. "...These were White's old carpets... ...White has been keeping it clean... ...But why?"

Drake: No idea... Hey, you don't think White has a thing for Kado... Right? *He walks around the room* I don't even... Strange...

"His bedroom is upstairs... but I don't think that she really cared about him that much... this room feels as though she expected Kado to rejoin us... ...So she wasn't lying when she said she tried to recruit him again..."

Drake: He left for a reason, so unless White knows the reason... There's no point in trying to bring him back, anyways... Thanks Aoi, I'll see you tomorrow. *He starts walking up the stairs* Goodnight.

"Goodnight..." She says quietly, and silently closes the door, pondering what she had seen.

Drake takes off his jacket on his way up and places it on a hanger, he heads towards the bed and lies down on his back and looks up on the ceiling and sighs.

Drake: Well... That was a strange first day out of the tube... Hopefully I can just rest long enough to be ready tomorrow... *He closes his eyes and slowly falls asleep*

Last Dawn Edit

Drake slowly wakes up, the morning sun beginning to shine on his face.

He sits up and lets out a yawn before scratching his head and reaching for his jacket. "Alright, time to kill... Man I feel like I'm back on Cyanic with that..." He does his usually duties, cleaning himself, quick exercise and reading from his spellbook. He then comes out of Kado's room, still hazy eyed as he looks around. "...I'm gonna be hungry soon, oh I pray to God they have food here... But where exactly..."

Suddenly Noriko's face pops into view as he steps out of the tower as she swings upside down right into his face.


Drake's eyes widen with sudden shock, and a simple line could be heard... "JESUS CHRIST ON A FUCKING UNICYCLE! WHERE THE HELL DID YOU COME FROM!?"

"I decided to 'drop in' from this lovely ledge, just spacious enough to stick my feet into for a lovely upside down perch! How's the weather in the tank looking like Drakey?"

Drake, still recovering from his heart attack. Takes a second to breathe before glancing at Noriko. "I wasn't it the ta-- ...Uhhhh" He starts giggling before bursting into laughter.

"Hmmmm, what'cha laughing at, doc?"

"Hehe... Nice panties, polka dots? How old are you, 12?" Drake still cannot control his laughter, he adjusts his jacket before walking past her, poking her head. Causing a small burning feeling. "Any idea of where I can grab a bite to eat?"

Noriko pulls her feet out from the ledge, and then flips several times before landing with both boots firmly on his head and flipping once more onto the ground softly.

"Well legend has it that White makes a mean breakfast every morning at the meeting hall, but she's still sleeping." She pouts. "She always sleeps twenty hours a day..."

Drake sighs before smirking. "That's a shame... Hmm, ever tried to cook before? I got a feeling it'll be easy..."

"No I have not cooked before... someone else always has... either that or I've eaten out..." She says this as though she were contemplating one of life's great mysteries.

"Well then, looks like it'll be our first time cooking... C'mon, you gotta show me where the kitchen is!" Drake has a mischievous smile and a certain glint to his eye as he chuckles.

Noriko tilts her head. "Hmmm. Ok." She leads Drake to the main building, and Drake notices at the end of the great hall a large throne, and behind it heavily decorated doors.

Noriko looks in the direction of the doors. "Her quarters are beyond that door." She tip toes across the hall to a side door. "In here."

"Here? Umm alright, I guess I'm opening it." He cautiously opens the door and glances through, seeing the kitchen. He grabs hold of Noriko's arm and pulls her in too. "So then... Where should we start?" He takes a look around, exploring the kitchen.

Noriko examines a door, which contains a massive food storage. "I think we should get the food out, right?"

Drake approaches the same door. "Yeah we should..." Suddenly he gets another idea. "Heh... Noriko, what are everyone's most hated dish?"

"Errrm... Torrent can't stand anything without flavor, neither can White... Toma and Aoi pretty much hate spicy food. Why, what are you thinking?"

"So, four dishes, two tasteless and two spicy..." Drake opens the door, examining the food and spices. Pulling out ghost peppers and tofu, along with all other stuff along the way. "Ok... You work on the spicy, I'll work on the tasteless." Drake spots a chiefs hat and wears it, laughing while doing so.

Noriko carefully attempts to make spicy chicken, but twice she burns it.

"Umm, try again... This time, don't burn it!" Drake glances at what he has to work with, slowly cooking the 'perfect' dishes for Torrent and White. "Ok, I'll get bored... Spell time!" Drake reaches for his spellbook and looks at his dishes, after looking through the book and glancing at the dishes. They gain markings and slowly form into steak and ice cream, Drake has a devious smile on his face. "I'm done, what about you?"

The food is now roaring flames. "I think I'm done."

"I don't think that's what it should be like..." Drake sighs. "Do you want some help?"

"It's NOT supposed to be on fire? ...I guess they don't mean it literally when they say sizzling hot..."

"No... Ok, I'mma help..." Drake comes over and extinguishes the fire, after a while of restoring the food. The opens the ghost pepper and plants the seeds hidden into the food. "Ok... I think that's better. So how long do we wait until the others wake up?"

She is about to answer when Death walks through the door and stares them down.

White sighs. "What do you think you all are doing in here?"

Drake has the look of horror as he slowly turns to look at White, soon giving a small smile and points to Noriko. "Noriko said that we should give you guys your favorite dishes before today starts, because it was special or something."

"Oh really? Then I'll supervise..." She smirks.

"Oh you really don't need to do that... Honestly, we're almost done." Drake glances at the dishes, noticing that they're almost finished, he regains his confidence and smirks. "Actually, stay around. You might learn a thing or two from us."

She leans against a counter, and silently watches him and Noriko, arms crossed.

"You're both up earlier than I expected."

"Mercenaries are strict people, White. So it's either get into the routine or get out of the business. As for Noriko, I think she came to bother me with this." Drake helps Noriko with her cooking, still slightly worried about what White will do.

White takes off the outer layer of her dress, revealing a solid black body suit with a covering of some sort of chainmail, as well as a more impressive figure than he originally expected, but she ignores him as she hangs her dress up in a closet. She seems more on edge today.

"Hmph, getting ready for the fight too I see... You expecting casualties from your side of this?" Drake finishes off the dishes and sits on a counter. "Chainmail, that's... Surprising."

White touches the snow white metal, seemingly fondly. "It was my mother's. It's a heirloom of my family always passed down to the next 'White'. It's a name only given to the chosen wield of Light Slayer. My full title is White the 8th. ...Mother didn't want me to join Phoenix. But I felt it was my duty, no, my destiny to lead the organization back to its true glory days... days we hadn't had since..." She pauses.

"Anyway... as a leader... I expect the worst... ...and the best. It's my role to try to be prepared to accept failure, and graciously accept success without pride. ...Pride... is the weakness of all great leaders. They think they're untouchable." She closes her eyes for a moment, and it occurs to Drake she seems unusually tired.

"Strange... Hmm, you seem tired. Didn't you get any sleep?" Drake then thinks back about Kado's room and how tidy it was. "Then again, that might of been why..."

Her eyes open, regular golden eyes and normal pupils, different from her more dragonic eyes. "...something was on my mind." She yawns, a slight dragonic twist to it that lightly shakes the room. He notices she has actual fangs.

"What the..." He shakes his head slightly, seeing if he wasn't just making this up. "Huh... Full of surprises you people have, so what's with your draconic theme to yourself? Also, what was with the pause, after the glory days?" Drake steps off of the counter, giving a somewhat puzzled look.

She looks at Drake tiredly. "The majority of my DNA is Dragon. Technically I am full blooded dragon, but I also am mostly Shapeshifter. However as a side effect of that additional heritage, I cannot remain in true dragon form indefinitely. Certain features are always there, such as my teeth, but others I have to expend energy on. I prefer my dragonic appearances to anything else. It feels more me.

...And as for that... ...I don't have the energy to recite long and old history. But let's just say after the first generation of Phoenix, there was a long period of infighting. This is perhaps the strongest iteration of Phoenix in recent memory."

"Ah alright, so, I'll ask again. But don't try to avoid it, why are you so tired? You need the energy for today, pretty reckless if you ask me..."

She sighs irritably. "I told you. Something was on my mind last night... I didn't sleep well, ok?"

"Ok ok..." Drake looks at the finished dishes and smirks. "Oh, right. The food is done, I'm guessing these to go the main hall or somewhere?" Drake gains tribal markings on his hands as the dishes float in mid-air.

She silently points at the large meeting table in the center of the main hall as she holds her forehead.

"Thanks." Drake grabs Noriko's arm and pulls her along too, soon whispering in her ear while he sets the dishes down on the table. "We're gonna die when they taste these, won't they... Please tell me you have a way to hide from every other member..." He says that with a ounce of guilt and dread in his voice.

Noriko looks around nervously. "Well there is one place... we'll just see what happens though..."

"Alright..." Drake takes a second to breathe, soon coming back to his senses. Giggling slightly, he takes his seat and waits in anticipation. "This will either be the funniest thing or we crash and burn, but there's no going back now."

The Phoenix members gather, and eventually take their seats. Aoi looks over at Drake. "How did you sleep last night?" She says in her soft voice, and everyone freezes and stares at Aoi.

"A-Aoi talked?!"

She looks at everyone. "What?"

Drake chuckles and looks at Aoi. "I slept fine, thanks for asking. And you?"

"I'm rather fine, thank you." She looks over at White, who seems even more tired. "Something the matter, White?"

"No nothing... I'm fine... I'm... fineeee........." She falls asleep, and her face lands in the dish with a splat.

Torrent looks around wildly for a moment.

"....Dare I laugh? Do I dare? ...........Fuck it." The various members of Phoenix quietly chuckle. Noriko quietly taps White's head.

"Daaaaang, she really is out."

"...I don't even... 'strongest iteration of Phoenix in recent memory'? Yeah... Sure." Drake quickly laughs before glancing at everyone's dishes, he gets a devious grin. He looks at Noriko and nods, before speaking out. "Umm, anyways... I guess we eat?"

The rest of the Phoenix members don't take long to take a bite, but also not very long to realize something is up after the first bite. Torrent's eyes narrow.

"This isn't steak. Now... I'm going to assume one of two things. One. White just did a shit job cooking. Possible, though I doubt if she's this tired she could hold a spatula. Two. You two fucks messed with the food and are about to be introduced to your asses. Painfully."

Aoi and Toma's hair practically stands on end and Toma barfs, while Aoi's eyes just pour tears from the spicy, a tinge of red in her greyish skin's cheeks. She quickly lowers the temperature of the water glass she has and gulps it, sighing heavily.

While Toma and Torrent now both look like they're going to kill Noriko and Drake with Death Vision, Aoi strangely silently claps with a faint smile.

White groans, and slowly sits up. "....Tofu.........." She silently wipes her face off with her napkin.

Torrent glares at her. "Permission to kill?"

White sighs. "I don't care. I'm taking a shower."

Torrent looks back towards Noriko and Drake.

"One Mississippi. Two Mississippi." He growls.

Drake stands up and slowly takes steps back towards an exit. "Ok... In our defense, first time cooking... Sorta, we kinda had a bit of fun messing around with flavours? Hehe... Noriko, help."

She grabs his arm. "Ok, running." *BOOM!* He hears as suddenly they are traveling within a personal lightning bolt. She stops eventually.

"Well that was close."

"NORIKO!!!" Torrent yells, appearing around the corner. His eyes are demented with anger and his speed puts even the Roadrunner to shame.

"Oh, umm, errr... BYE!" She grabs Drake again. *BOOM!* They are at another part of the fortress.

"Ok, think I lost him this time."

Drake begins giggling before bursting into laughter, being more happy with himself than he has in a long time. "That was worth it, the expressions on their faces! Haha! Oooh, that was awesome, we gotta do that again sometime." Drake finally manages to settle down, but still has a smile on his face and occasionally giggles.

Noriko looks at him curiously for a moment, before giving him a hug. "Thanks for the fun, Drake. You're the first person to ever join me in a gag... it was fun. ....Hey...... I never told White this... and I don't know if I should... but I plan on leaving Phoenix behind.... this whole invasion thing you see... I feel like it's gonna be my last ride before I set off for something.... more. ...You seem like a guy who enjoys a good adventure too, I was wondering, would you go with me?"

She pauses, as Toma appears riding a tidal wave. "COME BACK HERE!!!"

She looks at Drake. "Hold that thought." *BOOM!* They appear at a different section of the fortress, and she shoves Drake into a side door at a tower and they hide inside the spacious tower.

"Well that was close."

Drake takes a minute to respond to what Noriko said, he has a shocked expression before speaking in a more serious tone. "Planning on leaving Phoenix? Well, I wouldn't say I blame you. But these people are like your family, aren't they? Despite everything, they're there for you, and I know you would do the same. I'd like to join you in your escapades, but I want to be sure you're ready to leave these people behind... Because trust me, leaving without saying goodbye to at least one person you trust will take a lot out of you." Drake takes a second to look around to look around the room and starts talking with a more playful tone to his voice. "Where are we exactly?"

Noriko looks about and blinks. "My living room." It looks for a medieval fortress tower, very contemporary and modern decorated, with TV's, stereos, and various other electronic devices, including a few dozen video game consoles, much to his surprise.

"And honestly Drake, I am starting to have some faulty trust in Phoenix. It's true that they're my family... but still. I can't stay cooped up in the nest forever either."

"So, you're a techno person... Alright then, anyways. I guess you have a point, every bird must leave the nest soon. Alright, after this battle, I'll join you. It'll be difficult to start off without a companion to help." He chuckles and finds somewhere to sit, glancing at the games consoles.

Noriko plops down onto a sofa and sighs.

"Thanks. I happen to have a few odd jobs on Earth at the moment... ironic that is, don't you think? -But in anycase, I have plenty of money to make a permanent residence if the need arises. Though we could go anywhere. Hmm... haven't been to Echo in a long time... that might be fun..."

"Echo? What, or where's that?" Drake asks with a puzzled expression.

"Echo? Oh it's a realm that exists... err... parallel? To Earth. You could even call it a Second Earth actually. From what White once talked to me about the subject, the world is actually within the same time and space area, but between Fantasy and Reality. So much so that one half is more like Reality and the other more like Fantasy. The majority of us, including me grew up there."

Drake chuckles. "That does sound fun, so that's where we're going after all this." Drake joins Noriko on the sofa and relaxes, take a minute to breathe before asking. "How long do you think it'll take before Torrent and Toma give up hunting us down?"

"Oh I believe Toma will stop soon enough, but Torrent is a mixed bag. He could calm down in the next minute or won't calm down til tomorrow."

Suddenly they can hear rain.

"...Oh boy. Look's like we're stuck here. Toma just activated her Needle Rain. She must realllllly be pissed."

"Oh yay... So, what do you wanna do?" Drake looks at the games consoles and the games accompanying them. "How about a game to pass the time? It's been a while since I've played one though..."

"Sure thing. Pick one out."

Drake stands up and goes over to the games and picks one out by random. "How about this?"

"Sure, sounds fun. Let's do it. Prepare to get wrecked!!!" She cheers.

Drake places the game into the console and hands Noriko a controller, he sits back on the sofa and grabs a controller for himself. He starts to become cocky... "Oh yeah? I'mma introduce your face to the ground! We should make this more challenging.... How about a bet?"

"Oh? Let's hear it then!"

"Ladies first" Drake says with a arrogant smile to his face.

"Wellllllll..... If I lose I have to behave myself during our first trip. Annnnnd how about you?"

"Hmm, if I lose... I'll let you spraypaint my clothes pink." Drake shudders at the thought, but considering that Noriko isn't one to behave most of the time. He seems it's a fair trade.

"Well I hope you like wearing pink, cause I'm going to own this game!"

"Oh yeah? Get ready to eat those words Noriko, because you're going down!" Drake laughs and gets focused.

One hour of intense fighting non-stop, Noriko wails as she is defeated at long last.

"NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooo...... I lost! And I wanted to see you in pink too!" She huffs. "Best two out of three?"

Drake shouts in victory. "AHA! I knew I haven't lost my touch!" He turns to looks at Noriko and smirks. "Not a chance, now... Let's see if you can behave once in a while, who knows? I might drop the bet sooner or later. Hmm, have Tamo and Torrent stopped yet?"

They can hear a strong wing howling along with the rain.

"Hmm. Seems to be pretty determined."

"Oh, great..." Drake sighs before slumping back onto the sofa. "So, what do we do now?"

Noriko eyes a electric guitar on the wall. "Well, want a demonstration? I'm practicing rock music."

"Go ahead!" Sparking Drake's interest again, he sits up straight and looks at the guitar. "How much did that cost?"

"Hmm. Around two hundred human currency. I had it custom made. I love it though." She takes it off the wall and starts running tests to make sure everything works right.

"Two hundred... Not that much I guess, but nevertheless. Start playing, how long have you been playing for?"

She thinks for a moment. "I've been practicing for about two years... it's kinda like a hobby, but I kinda want to have fun in a band sometime. You know, just for the fun of it." She begins playing, rather well actually.

"I'm impressed, you should audition some time..." Drake starts thinking. "Oh, I wanted to ask you. What race are you? Because there's a lot of humanoid races in Fantasy and Earth, like the Mythos. But I doubt that you count as one."

She suddenly changes form into a chimpanzee which then plays a power cord, then changes back. She laughs. "I'm a Shapeshifter/Fairy."

Drake chuckles. "A Shapeshifter/Fairy... Interesting, does that mean the rest of Phoenix are Shapshifter hybrids?" He continues to watch in slight awe as Noriko plays the guitar.

"Yeah, all of the main members at least. The original Slayers were made to only be wielded by Shapeshifters, so the other races couldn't abuse the powers of the swords. Though I believe lesser versions can be made, though probably not as high quality. ...Do you really think I should?"

"Yeah, you should. You're a natural on the guitar, besides, you'll get bored once we head to Echo. Won't you?"

"...Yeah... ...Thanks Drake. ...You probably haven't gotten much decent company since coming here, have you? Where do you come from anyway?"

Drake speaks up, with a tone of pride in his voice. "Heh, simple, I'm a Cyanican from Cyanic. A high-tech planet with traditional settings similar to the Japanese in a sense. We actually just got out of a war, I hope anyways... Any other questions?"

"Oh that's cool. Do you miss your homeworld at all?"

Drake sulks and sighs. "That's... Hard to explain, I mean... I miss home and the Ryunexo mercenaries, but thanks to Daikeim. I came here and had a lot of fun, something I barely had on Cyanic... So I'm conflicted I guess, I miss home, but I love it here on Earth and Fantasy."

"I see. You'll probably find the right balance sooner or later."

"Meh, probably... But I kinda like being in conflict, I'm too used to it. Either mentally or psychically, I'm always in a state of battle." He takes a sigh of relief. "But it's times like these where I can just relax and be me, that I feel at peace..."

Noriko puts up the guitar. "I see, sounds a bit like how Torrent is."

"Torrent is like that? I just thought he's naturally pissed..."

"Torrent has his own problems. Though he's become very good at hiding them. There's a reason he looks down at people with emotions. As much as he sounds like a dick for it."

"Yeah, that can be easily seen..." Drake looks up at the roof, still hearing the wind and the rain. "Persistent too, but what about you? You seem so carefree, almost like you have no problems... Besides the obvious one, which is with Phoenix."

"You'd be right. Maybe that's why Torrent resents when I give him attention. Or why they think I'm childish. I mean, I don't know my parents, most of us didn't, but I'm not burdened by that, cause for me at least, I only remember life with Phoenix. I don't know any other family. But the others? They have a past they'd rather forget. I'm just the odd duck."

Drake smirks. "I guess we're both odd ducks then, I have no idea who my parents or family are. I grew up with mercenaries, so that's why I'm care free. Because I have nothing to lose, and no one would care if I was gone anyways, I'm just a burden and annoyance to most people, but I love it like that." He chuckles again. "So another question, why are you like this only with Torrent?"

"Ermm... oh. That. You see, I like people who can tell me 'no' to something. I don't like people who think like sheep and will willingly do what I ask. ...There's plenty of men in the lower ranks... but... ...they don't think for themselves. Practically at all. They all tend to look at some of us like deities or gods or something. I'd rather spend time messing with someone who has half a brain than them. You and Torrent at least think."

"Hmm, what would explain why you're not like that towards females. And think is a generous word for both me and Torrent, I usually go in guns blazing. And Torrent is kinda brash aswell, and I haven't said no to you yet. So you never know..." Drake can still hear the sound of wind and rain, he sighs. "They don't like pranks, do they. It's been an hour or so and they haven't given up... I bet I could fall asleep and they would still be there." Drake coughs. "Anyways, any plans to do in Echo? After your guitar auditions, that is."

"Probably travel, see some of the places. I hear that the capital of the Shapeshifters, Chinmoku is amazing. Maybe I'll take an apprenticeship there for song writing."

"Certainly ambitious, aren't you? Do you even know how to get to Echo, and even if you leave, the other members will hunt you down... Like they did with Kado."

"I doubt they'd care that much Drake. You have your freedom, and well... I've always been on a loose chain to begin with. I've been visiting other worlds and doing odd jobs for years, and they've known, but never really cared about it."

"Ah, alright... Heh, well, this'll be interesting after we leave. I wonder how long it'll take until we get into trouble..." Drake chuckles before opening his HSC and scrolling through stuff, before getting a small picture and a knife out. Closing the HSC afterwards.

They hear the rain start to slow and stop. "I think Toma gave up."

"Finally, but before we head out..." Drake cuts his fingers and thumb, drawing blood the trickles to the center of his palm."Mercenaries rules, if I'm going to Echo with you. Then I want to know if we can trust ourselves to not stab each other in the back. Think of it like a blood pact, but between friends." Drake smiles and passes the knife to Noriko. "If you want my full trust, then you'll do the same. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt... When you're ready, shake my hand afterwards."

She does the same and shakes his hand.

"Ok, thanks..." Drake stands up and looks towards the door, storing the knife and photo in his HSC before hiding that away. "We really should get ready for the fight... Is it safe to leave yet?"

Noriko listens. "....No wind. Huh, I thought Torrent wouldn't give up for another hour." Suddenly Torrent blows into being behind her.

"You have no idea how long I've been looking for you two shits."

"Oh hey Torrent!"

"Errrrrrr...... errrrrmm........?"

"How you doing?"

"....................Fuck it I give up." Torrent leaves irritably.

Drake glances at Torrent. "You know, with the amount of time you and Toma were waiting for us. You could of been training instead of having a hissy fit because of a prank..." Drake folds his arms and walks towards the courtyard.

As he walks into the courtyard, he notices Azula leaning against a pillar, looking immensely bored. She looks over at him and there is a subtle violence in her eyes barely kept in check.

"Have a reason for causing all of that commotion?" She asks irritably, her voice once again surprising Drake, who was used to hearing her telepathy.

"What, over a prank me and Noriko did? Give me a break, this place is as dull as hell. It's like people here have no idea on the concept of fun, and what's your problem? Did it bother you in any way? No, it didn't, so if you're gonna bother me with that, then either shut up or get lost."

"Don't think that just because White offered you mercy and freedom that you're one of us. You have a very short chain here... ...either way, you're expendable. White wouldn't care if I went and drowned you right now, or left you alive to die at the hands of Jibaku and Valeric."

Drake growls and begins talking in a more draconic tone. "Before you say stupid shit like that, let me remind you that I don't want to be part of Phoenix, infact. It sickens me that I'm forced to stay and fight for my freedom, and if she didn't care. What's stopping you from killing me right now? Listen to me you foolish being, if I were to die by your or their hands. Then you'll be doing me a damn favor! So... Anymore annoying lectures?"

Azula suddenly moves to strike him, the movement blinding, but suddenly Silent Angel appears and grabs her arm, standing in front of Drake.

"Enough. Save your fighting for the enemy, Sister Azula. There will be plenty of blood to spill at the battlefield."

"Hmph... Knew it." Drake takes a couple steps back and opens his spellbook, sitting down crossed legged as a dome forms around Drake. Tribal markings appear on his as he meditates for the time being. After enough time has passed, the dome begins to crack, releasing small flames until the dome breaks apart. Unleashing a pillar of fire to blast out, after the fire dies down. Drake is standing, breathing heavily, in his Initial Primitive stage for a short time. Until it fades away, he takes a sigh of relief and runs his hand through his hair. "There... Now if he gets released, then it's entirely my fault."Drake walks to the edge of the fortress, he crosses his arms and silently waits.

Aggravation Edit Edit

Drake notices some servants entering and exiting White's chambers, carrying various clean up supplies and one even appears to be carrying a body back into the area.

"...And I wonder how White isn't with somebody... I wonder what's happened." Drake walks towards one of the servants to ask. "Uhhh, what happened here?"

"Someone came into White's quarters and gave her news she really didn't want to hear. Also they were in her bathroom while she was showering... I hate it when the newbies do that..." The servant sighs.

Drake looks towards White's room and sighs. "I have a deathwish anyways, wouldn't hurt to ask her herself..." Drake enters the room and sees White. "Uhh, hey... Can I ask what the hell happened? Like, seriously... You wouldn't kill someone for something like th-- Wrong choice of words..."

She looks at him with slight irritation, and he notices she is in pajamas, a look that pretty much breaks his usual image of her. Her hair is very wet, suggesting she just got out of the shower.

She turns and sits down on her large bed, sighing. Her tail and wings grow out, and then she looks up at Drake, her tail moving in a way that conveys a subtle anger.

"Someone kidnapped a member of the organization. Plus the damn fool intruded in my bathroom, signed his own death warrant by staring."

Drake takes a quick glance at White before muttering under his breath, unable for her to hear it... "Not much to look at but whatever..." Drake looks around then speaks up. "A member? Who? Because if it's Torrent, then it's a God's send, bastard doesn't know what fun is..."

"Aoi. The individual took her and Caess. We have no information on the incident as of yet. All we know was the being was an aetherborn/netherborn."

He finds himself on the ground with White pinning him with a single foot, her nails turning into sharp claws which dig into his skin. "And whatever it is you muttered, you might want to make sure that it is something you won't regret saying out loud."

Drake's eyes widen, with a slight shocked expression on his face. "Aoi? Really? Wow... That's unexpected..." Drake then looks at White and has a smirk to his face. "You said it yourself, I'm 'expendable' so yeah... I said you ain't much to look at, heh... So if you're gonna kill me, make sure it's a clean death, I pity the servants..." Drake's eye colour has changed to a darker tinge of black.

Her foot suddenly begins to get bigger, but then he realizes her whole body is changing, until a massive white dragon replaces her, the single foot completely covering all but his head, her claws as big as his arms.

"I have a better idea." Her voice booms. "How about I give you a humiliating death by sitting on you until you die of suffocation?"

"Hmph... You're really gonna kill me when you got a missing member and deal with Valric and Jibaku all resting on your shoulders? Sort your priorities out..." Drake transforms into a puddle of flames which move across the floor out of White's reach, they reform back into Drake who blankly looks at White, almost judging her. But he just sighs and turns to walk out of the room, placing his hands in his pockets.

The two guards dressed in heavy white armor at the entrance block him with their spears, and the door closes. "You were not dismissed." The guards intone.

White changes into her normal form and motions for him to come back. "I wasn't done talking to you, Drake Ryunexo. If I was going to kill you, it would have happened. Get over here."

Drake softly growls before turning around and walking towards White, obviously with a annoyed expression on his face."What is it now?"

"And I was thinking of giving you a gift... you are far too hateful towards authority. I would think a mercenary would respect his boss a bit more." She smirks, a humored expression in her eyes.

"Our information was.... off. We have two more days. Usually Aoi's information would be more solid, but for some reason it was off. While I would be assigning every dog under the sun to find her, I've got a more practical solution. Let's just say... no matter if it's Fantasy, Earth, or Echo.... we will know when they turn up again. To that end Drake, we've got ourselves a case where we have no missions planned, so in that case, consider the next two days free." She has a light smile.

"You don't like me, do you, Drake?"

Drake smirks. "Oh, I respect authority... Only if they deserve it though, also, mercenaries don't respect their bosses that much, they're in it for the prize and nothing else. But that doesn't mean that I respect you, I just have next to no ways of showing it, that's all..." Suddenly, there's a glint in his eyes when White mentions the gift. "A gift, for me? Oh you shouldn't have... But I doubt you'll hand it over anyways, so I'll be on my way now..." He turns and glares at the guards."If they moved their asses away from the damn door."

"Don't even bother..." The guards intone.

White smirks and grabs his hand, seemingly examining it. She mutters what he hears as mental measurements and calculations. After a moment she looks up at Drake. "What is your favorite style of weapon?"

"Simple, the ninto. A straight, sharp and slick blade with a very strong and sturdy hilt, able of breaking spines with a flick of the wrist..." Drake opens his HSC and brings out the ninto that he uses, although it's a bit tarnished and battleworn..."Ugh, lacks the durability though..."

"I see. Well then, come with me." From the ceiling, a platform lowers, revealing many countless levels above them, and she steps onto it.

Drake also steps on and takes a second to look above him. "Jesus... How big is this room? Also, where are you taking me?"

"The Slayer Foundry." The plateform descends, and several levels go by with various things such as living quarters for servants, and he swears one level is called 'Theater'.

"The Slayer Foundry? I'm guessing that's where they make the weapons... Also, why is one of the levels called Theater?"

"Because it's a movie theater."

Drake just says nothing and continues to look at the levels, occasionally glancing at White before looking back at the levels.

They finally come to a level that is much hotter than the others, where various elemental smiths stand at attention. "Yes, White? What would you have us do?"

White smirks. "Make us a Ninto Elementium sword."

The smiths bow, and begin their work, heating a strange metal ore in a massive furnace.

Drake looks at White, giving a confused expression. "You're giving me a new blade? Honestly, I'm puzzled... Wait... Are you getting me a Slayer?!" Drake looks back at the furnace.

"Yes, I am."

Drake chuckles childishly and a small smile appears on his face, but he still retains the puzzled look. "...No way, no fucking way... You're kidding, right?"

"I rarely ever kid. This is not one of those times."

"Oh... Ok then, thanks. So why are you doing this for me?"

"No particular reason. Better to be well equipped than not. A Slayer cannot break, unless the enchantments and the power source is destroyed or removed. Nothing short of a god could hope to begin to understand how the enchantments and seals of such a blade works. And Elementium itself is some of the most durable metals fabricated by mortal hands. A fitting weapon to square off against an enemy such as gods."

Drake chuckles to himself. "A weapon fit enough to kill deities... Yeah, sounds perfect... So, how is this gonna be powered? Because a Slayer needs an element and power source... So what do you have in mind?"

"The power source we will deal with later. As for the element, what do you think suites you best?"

Drake creates a fireball, to White's surprise. Black tribal patterns emerge on the fireball, animating itself as they were one with the fire and not a marking. "I dunno what you could call this... Corrupted flames? I'll leave the naming to you I guess."

Drake notices eight elementals, one of each element as they begin infusing a molten bar of steel with elemental energy, the metal crackles with violent energy as this happens, until it takes a weird multicolored look, shimmering with multiple colors. The eight begin careful construction of a blade, they work with both great speed, and great precision, occasionally muttering some words of magic. They eventually douse the shaped sword in ice water, which creates a massive blast of steam which bellows throughout the room, and Drake sees them add the finishing touches, before one of them approaches Drake with the finished blade, which still crackles with the same vibrant multicolored light.

"What material would you like the sheath?" It asks.

Drake examines the sword before making a choice. "White carbon fiber infused with ivory... Yeah, why not, might as well make the sheath look at good as the blade itself."

White looks at the smith, and he nods silently, before departing to a backroom for a few minutes, eventually he emerges with the sheathed sword in a well decorated white carbon fiber and ivory sheath. He hands it to White, who quickly examines it for a moment, then begins to mutter some lines of some language Drake doesn't catch. After a moment, she unsheathes it, looking it over for a moment, before suddenly stabbing Drake in the chest.

Just as he is about to respond in anger, she holds up a hand. "Do you actually feel any pain? No. Be quiet."

Drake can suddenly feel a pulling sensation as the blade seems to be pulling something out of him and into it.

"I guess that's for the comment I made... Wait... Something isn't right." Drake closes his eyes and senses his soul and mind, realising it soon and smirking. "Heh, I wonder if he likes the blade..."

The blade suddenly begins to take a red cast, with black tribal markings similar to that of the fire Drake had produced, with similar coloration applied to the hilt. Drake can feel Corruption's anger inside the blade, but he is unable to affect Drake's mind, while Drake feels all the power he has available.

White eventually pulls the blade out, and as it does, the wound heals completely of its own accord, and the blood simply burns off the blade. White then sheathes the blade and hands the hilt to Drake.

"Would you like to name the sword?"

"Yes, of course..." Drake stays quiet for a while before gaining an evil smirk. "It shall be called Kurai, seems fitting enough, don't you think?"

"That it does. Shall we go up?"

Drake grabs the Kurai and fits the sheathe onto the right side of his trousers, looking at the impressive blade before sheathing it in. "Go up? Oh, right, yeah."

White steps onto the platform, as does Drake, and they begin their ascent up.

She seems to be suddenly surprised, but then the surprise turns into a sort of smile. So he's in Midnation.... looks like Kado's learned a few new tricks.... how interesting.

"Kado's here? How do you know?" Drake himself has a slightly shocked expression himself, but not to the extent of White's.

She looks back at Drake. "....I have my resources. He's in a place called Midnation, traveling. As to how he got to Fantasy on his own, that escapes me."

"Midnation? Hmm, you don't think that he's somehow met Daikeim..." Drake quickly shakes his head, preferring to not think about it. "So, where are we heading now?"

White smirks. "First off, lunch. Secondly, I must inform the organization of the day's events. The rest we'll get to at a later time." A twinkle of humor illuminates her eyes. "And hands off my kitchen."

Drake laughs, a cheerful yet mischievous tone in his voice. "I can't guarantee it, it was a hell of a lot of last time... Besides, I'll probably be admiring this beauty of a blade."

"Do whatever you like until lunch. But don't be late." She walks off as the platform stops, the guards are no longer blocking the door.

"Alright, thanks for the Slayer!" Drake rushes off in a moments notice, sprinting off to the courtyard, practicing with his blade. After a while, he gets bored and calls out a name. "Hey Noriko! You around!?"

A light sensation becomes apparent on his head, as though something small was sitting on his head or something.

Drake picks up the small fairy and dangles her infront of his face. "Well, hey there Noriko, I got some news. Knowing you, you'd like to hear it?"

"Well sure, put me down for starters then we can see!!" She puffs her cheeks in light annoyance, wearing a very simple dress in comparison to her usual clothing, though he imagines its harder to tailor for smaller people.

"Ok ok..." Drake lets go of Noriko while he slightly chuckles. "Aoi got 'kidnapped' and is now missing from Yosai."

"Oh she was? Huh, I guess that's why White threw a big temper tantrum. You know, how does one even do that kind of thing? I mean Aoi can see the future, so that couldn't possibly ever happen...."

Drake has a small smile. "Because she wanted to leave... Much like you or me, she had an opportunity and took it. I'm glad she got out, because she doesn't have to be a part of this anymore... For once, I envy her."

"Oooh? How do you know what Aoi wanted?" She eyes Drake's sword. "Is that a Slayer, Drake?"

"The same night I got out of the tube, I finally managed to talk to Aoi... I even apologised to her about me being a dick to her, she didn't deserve having insults thrown at her... Oh?" Drake gives Noriko a better look at the Slayer and the sheath."Yeah, White made it for me... Sorta, but still, pretty cool, I named it Kuria."

"Nice name. So ah, whatcha want to do?" Torrent walks by, and as soon as he sees the two, they notice his pace increases significantly until he goes out of sight.

"Ok? See you later buzzkill... Anyways, I'm free to screw around for two days, and I was gonna ask if you wanna come along. But first White's preparing us lunch, which should be ready whenever..." Drake sheaths Kuria and looks around."But yeah, if you want to come along, just say."

She lands on his shoulder, and he feels a slight electric jolt as she does so. "Sure! But uh, where exactly do you plan to go for two days? ...Also I get the feeling White's going to have her revenge somehow for that tofu in the face fiasco."

"Honestly, no idea... We could go around Earth and cause some mischief, and technically... I only made the food, she was the tired one, and everyone laughed... Until they had their food. If you have an idea on what to do and where to go, I'd love to hear it."

"Huh... now that you mention it, there is this place on Earth with this cool thunderstorm that's called the Catatumbo Lightning, I hear it's pretty cool cause it happens pretty often, I think that might be cool. Any ideas?"

Drake smirks, then suddenly he gets a glint in his eye. "Yeah, we'll do that... But before we go, we're gonna give Torrent a 'present'. I mean, you don't want him to forget us, do we?" He chuckles.


Drake opens his HSC and pulls out a couple of spraycans, all tinted a vibrant pink. "A little redecoration of his room... Wouldn't hurt."

Noriko giggles. "Well someone's going to have a gravestone very soon! Haha, ah well I could use some chaos around here."

"Meh, I called White flat chested, I'll survive anything! So, when should we do it? Now or after lunch..." Drake looks at Torrent's tower.

"I want as much of a headstart as possible so after lunch probably. I assume though White's gonna address us about the issue, so we shouldn't get going until after she summons us to a meeting. Uggh.... I hate meetings. Just what is that magic box thing of yours anyway?"

"Oh, this?" Drake materialises the HSC infront of himself, watching it hover in place. "This is a holographic storage cube, prototype stuff during the war... It sorta works like a computer." Drake imitates the action of opening a map, with the HSC turning into a screen, showing a lot of random items Drake has acquired from his travels. "Any item that is placed into this screen is digitized into data and is stored onto the cube, whenever I need something. It materialises into my hand, which is handy for stuff like my spellbook and other weapons."

"Oh that's pretty cool. I assume it doesn't work on people though, that would kinda be interesting. ....Arrggghh, I hate dresses..." Noriko complains, looking at her simple dress in slight disgust. "I wish someone would be a little more inventive with the damn clothes we get to wear... I swear Drake, fairy tailors have no sense."

Drake chuckles. "For one who doesn't care when people can see her pants, you care a lot about fashion don't you? And I've never tried storing a living thing inside of the HSC before... That would be interesting." He glances at Noriko's clothing and laughs. "You look like a three year old... I guess before we go see the Catatumbo Lightning, we'll find a fairy tailor and get you a new outfit, how about that?"

"Sure thing, Merc. I may be projecting here, but from what I've heard, you don't seem to like Kado that much."

"I'm more or less indifferent to him, we didn't even have a fight... Although it almost did happen thanks to Corruption... But yeah, I don't like him yet I don't dislike him, so I'm just indifferent really. Dunno where you got that idea from."

"Oh, White just figured you had a beef with him or something I guess."

"Haha, of course it's white to assume things... Typical of her."

Noriko looks over towards the main building. "Be back in a second...." She zooms off in the direction of her tower.

"Uhhh... Ok, see you in a second?" Drake closes the HSC and unsheathes Kurai and talks to it. "So, how does it feel to be inside that?" A dark 'corroded' voice hisses, causing the black tribal marks to seemingly move.

"How DARE you! Seal me away inside this blade, once I get out, you'll pay! I cannot believe I'm in this situation..."

"Oh quick complaining, just be glad White didn't eradicate you... Besides, I control you now, and not the other way around." Before the blade can hiss again, he sheathes Kurai and chuckles lightly.

Noriko appears again, full form and usual clothing. "Sorry, had to go and change form, back now."

"Hey there Noriko, again... Hmmm, y'know." Drake chuckles. "If you're quite a hit with men, then have you dated anyone?"

"No. I like to keep people at a distance, and understand who they are, and where their brains are. Mostly I find most of them just have their brains between their legs, if you know what I mean. Torrent's fun to mess with, but I can tell at a glance he doesn't have an interest. At all. Like a stone wall, though I'd suspect he has a crack in there for his dead family, but nothing else."

Drake laughs. "So it's true, all you do is tease and mess with men... Nice to know I thought it was a good idea to go to Echo with you. And besides, most of the Phoenix members are a stone wall... Like, seriously-- Oh! We should also give Toma a goodbye prank too."

Noriko tilts her head. "It's true I tease and mess with people, but that's my way of understanding them. You at least have more emotion that a pinball machine." She looks towards the main building. "I imagine lunch is ready." She looks over at Drake and gives him a playful smile. "Soooooo.... can I sit next to you?" She asks with her classic impish grin.

"I don't see why not, go ahead." Drake looks towards the main building and starts walking towards it. "Hmm, I wonder if White has cooked me something I'll like..."

Noriko shudders. "White is meaaaaan.... I just know she has something planned for us.... I know it...."

"It'll be hilarious anyways, now c'mon!" Drake grabs hold of Noriko's wrist and sprints towards the building, sweeping Noriko off her feet by accident. In a matter of seconds, Drake reaches the building and comes to a complete halt. Causing Noriko's hair to seem like she just got out of bed, Drake sees this and giggles before bursting out laughing.

She silently grabs both of his cheeks and leans in, looking as though she is about to kiss him, when suddenly a violent jolt of electricity runs through his head, causing each one of his hairs to stand up on end, and she pulls away and laughs. "Look who's talking, Einstein!"

Drake chuckles, running his hands through his now spiky hair to morph it back to normal. "I'll get you for that someday."He softly punches Noriko's arm before looking at the doors infront of the two. "Ladies first."

When she opens the doors, she gasps. "Noooooooooooooooooo waaaaayyyy....."

Drake glances at Noriko before looking at what Noriko is seeing. "What are you 'noo way'ing about-- Uuuh?"

White stands at the end of the dining table, which is covered with various foods, such as various meats, soups, and fruits, and there's even a section of deserts laid out. She has a rather pleasant smile on her face.

"Welcome to lunch."

Noriko blinks. "Caaaaaakkkeeee..... ...wait why is she making all of this food?"

Drake jaw drops, unable to comprehend the amount of food laid out. Practically drooling, he notices the cake as well."...Must... Eat... Cake... Before... Others..." He shakes his head before responding, looking at White. "Wait, yeah... Why did you make all of this?"

"Because I thought I would treat my faithful members to a lovely meal to start off their break." She smiles again.

Noriko looks at her for a moment. "It's the Perfect Smile... ...Either she's planning our deaths, or she genuinely is being.... ....nice." She says above a whisper in awe.

Drake whispers back. "I think she's wants to get back at me calling her flat-chested... White and smiling don't mix well..."Drake goes over to the food, noticing some meat. His draconic fangs show and he takes a bite out of it. "...Doesn't taste like poison. Maybe White is genuinely nice today, as scary as the thought is."

Torrent sighs. "I would be dead if that was the case."

Noriko plops down next to him and also busily eats, Toma and White finally start to dig in as well, Torrent, Noriko and Drake being the most aggressive eaters at the table.

Steak after steak, desert after desert, snack after snack. Drake manages to already eat a quarter of the feast, he takes a sigh of relief and takes a moment for the food to digest... Before eating like he hasn't had anything for a month.

After they finish, White smiles again. "I assume you enjoyed your meals?" She asks, Torrent responds with a grunt.

Toma smiles. "Excellent as always." Noriko thinks for a moment. "The cake was awesome!"

Drake chuckles then smirks. "Ok, the food was great. But why are you smiling this much, you're rarely happy. So you might as well tell us..."

"It's always nice to make a meal for the family and seeing them appreciate it. Besides....'s time for dish nomination. I elect Noriko and Drake."

All the other Phoenix members present agree eagerly. Noriko sighs. "Greeaaat....."

Drake's smirk washes away and he angrily glares at White for a moment before sighing. "I hate you so much right now... C'mon Noriko, let's get cleaning..." Drake's opens the HSC and points to towards all the empty dishes, they all digitize into a small folder on the HSC. Drake puts it away and walks towards the kitchen.

Noriko sighs. "Well, I think she got us good."

"Yep... She did..." As Drake wonders into the kitchen, he easily spots the sink and opens the HSC. Grabbing multiple stacks of dishes and placing them on one side of the counter, after all of the dishes are placed out he closes the HSC and looks at Noriko, while the sink water runs for a moment. "Do you think there's a reason I was given a Slayer?"

Noriko sighs. "If I knew, I would tell you. Perhaps it's a secret offer to stay with the organization. I wouldn't know. White does always have a means to her madness though, she's always adapting to situations before we're even aware they're going on ourselves. She rules very much by the moment, yet can easily, effortlessly adapt and make a new strategy before the enemy can figure out she's done it. Perhaps she has some reason Drake, but I wouldn't know why. Perhaps it's that little nasty thing inside your Slayer she wanted to keep in check?"

Drake ponders on the thought. "Probably all of them reasons plus more, but ah well... As long as I can keep Kurai, I'll be happy." Drake turns off the taps and begins to clean the dishes, making sure they're spotless before he dries them. Staking them up like they were buildings to a city.

Noriko helps him dry, and when they finally finish, Noriko sighs.

"I hope we can get some good off time before the big event happens... ...hmmm.... ....I wonder if Aoi's going to be ok?"

"We got two days to kill, I'm sure we can find some fun stuff to do. And as for Aoi, she can handle herself, but I do agree, I hope she's ok."

Everyone please proceed to the Address Hall. The voice of Azula rings in their heads.

"Oh great... I wonder what they want now." Drake sighs and wonders to the Address Hall with his hands in his pockets.

Noriko walks beside him, and they walk up a flight of stairs, and two guards wait at the door. "...Is he supposed to be with you?" The guards ask cautiously to Noriko.

"Ah don't worry about it. White won't mind." The guards reluctantly stand aside.

"Come on Drake, let's take our seats?" She grabs Drake's hand and guides him out to a balcony, where White, Torrent, and Toma are already seated. White looks at them for a moment, then sighs and waves her hand dismissively. Noriko seats him right next to her throne, and the one he ends up sitting on is one that has on its back inscribed, 'Darkness'.

Drake looks at the others with a slight confused expression in his face and tone of his voice. "Umm, may I ask what we're doing here?"

Noriko leans over. "White is going to address the organization. We're here just for show more or less."

"Oh ok, that's easy enough..." Drake sits up straight and keeps quiet, seemingly intrigued for what White has to say.

White rises, and it's then that Drake notices the troops below, which to his rough calculations could easily be well over two million present. She looks over them for a moment.

"You have all done well these past few days, and we have dealt decisive blows to the enemy! While it is true that we have suffered great losses these past few days, in the end, it is they who crumble, and they who will beg for mercy. The Mythos have long been suppressed, and come only a few more days, a new era graced by the power of God will begin, in which the humans have learned their place and the Mythos finally command the respect we deserve!

Before that happens, I would like to reward you loyal followers of Phoenix with a two day's grace to rest and do as you wish. But be ready for the final confrontation, in which we demonstrate the true power of Phoenix! The False Ones shall be crushed, and the Desecrators and Sinners shall burn! Glory to the ever burning fire, in which all shall be reborn in pride and victory! Glory to Phoenix!"

Her words are met with the army's cheers.

"For some, there will be missions left to complete before they may partake in this grace period, but rest assured my believers, the Eight Slayers shall be rekindled soon enough! Our power shall never falter!" She bows, and the crowd cheers once more, and she waves her hands over the crowd, and slowly they begin to dismiss.

"Well, that was certainly impressive White." Drake takes a sigh of relief. "Finally, I get to get away from this place for the time being... So, are we to return after the grace is over?"

"That is correct. You must return after grace period, to fulfill your end of the bargain."

"Ok ok... Hmm." Drake's eyes shift over to Torrent's tower, he gets a little glint in his eye as he looks at Noriko and subtly tilts his head. Giving her the notion about the prank.

She silently follows him out of the Address Hall. "I wonder how fast we can get away before Torrent notices," She whispers.

Drake smirks as he enters his Aura Dragon form, now back to it's normal red colouring since Corruption is sealed away. He pulls out two pink spray cans and walks towards Torrent's tower. "As fast as lightning, and besides, I have a way of getting away without a hint of trouble..."

Noriko chuckles, before changing into her fairy form and grabbing a can, covered in that ball of electric yellow light again. "Let's do this!"

"Alrighty then..." Drake flies to the top of the tower and notices a door, hovering towards it, he manages to pry it open and slip into the tower. Holding the door open for the small yellow light to enter, Drake takes a second to look around.

The room is all grey, with a single grey colored bed and a ton of bookshelves. On the top of one, a glass case with a strange knife catches his eye. But other than that, the room is really dull.

"Ok, we'll do a room each and meet in the middle, got it?" Drake shakes the can and starts spraying the room they're currently in, making sure to to paint the knife. "That blade seems way too important for-- Wait... Is that a rib?! Jesus that's unsettling..."

Noriko while blasting the area with pink giggles. "Yep that's 'the rib' alright. Long story short, Torrent used his own dead brother's ribs to kill the peeps who killed his family. Kicked their ass if I remember it right. He doesn't use it anymore though, the thing IS old.... ...and gross."

"Yeah, you can say that again... Anyways, this room is done, let's move on." Drake moves onto a different room and starts spraying every little thing.

Noriko joins him, merrily blasting everything in sight, even slyly aiming at Drake a few times in her mischievous glee.

Drake chuckles and sprays the end of Noriko's hair, laughing afterwards. "Hmm, pink tips... Suits you."

They manage to spray the area, and break down into a spraying fight, after which, they quickly run out of pink and they begin to head out the way they came, and Torrent stands in the room, arms crossed.

"Oh... Uuum, hi?" Drake quickly tries to make excuses. "A ghost possessed us?" A forced 'innocent' smile appears on Drake's face as he nervously looks at Torrent.

Noriko suddenly whips out a pink can she had kept hidden and flies right up to Torrent's face and begins blasting his face with pink while rapidly orbiting him, giggling the whole time. She runs out, laughs and lands on Drake's shoulders.

"Ok now we can run."

"Yup, we hope you like it!" Drake laughs as he narrowly flies past Torrent, weaving and turning past the towers in an attempt to confuse Torrent. After a moment, Drake looks at Toma's tower and smirks, snatching the spray can from Noriko. "Might as well leave our mark." In the brief time Drake has, he sprays his signature all over Toma's tower before spotting Torrent and flies off again.

"Great plan and all, but how do we make our get away?" Noriko asks.

Drake stays silent for a moment, obviously thinking. "Hmm... I hope you have an idea how... Because I don't."

Noriko lets out a tiny sigh. "So where to then? Earth? Somewhere else on Fantasy?"

"Let's just explore Fantasy for the time being, but first we need to get rid of Pinky McFluffytins over there..."

"I got this!" Noriko flies up to Torrent and begins annoyingly buzzing around his head, and he tries to angrily swat her, when she finally zaps him with a lightning bolt.

She flies back to Drake as Torrent begins falling. "That should give us.... oh about ten minutes to get some distance."

"Awesome... I owe you one someday. Hmm... Let's fly West." Drake flies up and turns towards West, and speeds towards that direction, looking back at Yosai. Drake smiles and takes a sigh of relief. "These two days have to be worthwhile..."

Upnation Edit

The beautiful, warm sunrises over the horizon as the cool winds blow and all life begins to awake. The grass glistening with reflected rays from the sun.

Daikeim wakes up and looks around, shaking his head for a moment before yawning. ..."What happened... Oh, right, that person..." He sighs and stands up, shielding his eyes from the intense sun rays before adjusting to them. "How long was I out for...."

Elaonore: *is sleeping with her head against the tree they were sleeping on*

Daikeim smiles and makes his way over to her and sits beside her, resting his head on her shoulders for a change, slowly waking her up. "Hey Elaonore, good morning... How'd you sleep?"

Elaonore: *slowly wakes up* I slept alright... *smiles slightly* I slept even better with a dream I had last night.

Daiekim hugs Elaonore and holds her hand afterwards. "Oh, do tell. I would love to know what you dream was."

Elaonore: *smiles at Daikeim with her gentle eyes into his* My dream...*hears the wind blow* There's...something at the End of the Nation...sounds like commotion...

Daikeim sighs and stands up, enters his half Dragon form and hovers in the air. "Point to the direction, I'll get there soon."

Elaonore: *points North from where the tree is*

Daikeim kisses Elaonore on the cheek and turns towards the North. "Thanks Elaonore, I'll be back soon." Daikeim then flies towards North at high speeds, leaving some sort of faint afterimage behind him.

Elaonore: *smiles as she sees Daikeim fly off* I know you will...

End of the Nation

All of Downation are all crowded around each other as the look over the ocean. they're all asking, "What is that?" or "I think I see something."

Daikeim lands infront of the crowd and raises his voice. "Everyone calm down..." He turns to look at one of the Mythos. "What's going on? Why is everyone here?"

Mytho: *points out toward the sea* Look.

Three sail ships come out from the mist from the ocean. They have a a shattered musical note as an emblem on their sails.

Everyone is wondering what could they be.

"This isn't good... Ok, everyone don't do anything stupid... Not like you can anyways." He flies towards the ships and hovers infront of one, glancing into the cockpit. "Umm, who are you guys and what are you doing..."

Sailor: We'll tell you once we dock. We're not here to harm anyone.

The ships make it to shore. Everyone steps back as the sailors unboard.

Captain: Hello, residents of Downation. We've have come not to harm you, but to greet you. We are your lost bretheren Mythos, who reside on the other unknown parts of Fantasy, True Fatherland. We have come to you so that we may be re-united as one once again. We have come to grant you safe passage to Upnation by request of the Supreme Lord.

Everyone speaks to each other in confusion and awe.

"Supreme Lord? This isn't good..." Daikeim sighs and lands where the others area, looking at the sailors. "One wrong move, and they're going back..."

Captain: No. The supreme Lord is not at all what you think he is. He has brought all of Upnation great knowledge of many unknown sciences that proved valuable to Upnation and Midnation. We were told not to harm anyone.

Daikeim gives the captain an unconvinced expression on his face, he then poses a simple question. "For someone who gave great knowledge, why did it take so long for you to arrive?"

Captain: We don't have many resources to go upon. Plus, we had to travel through Midnation aswell. Out ships we waiting for us at the docks of the End Harbor. It took as 2 days to get to the harbor and an extra day to sail to get here.

"Alright alright, so it's just you and your sailors? Wouldn't of they sent guards aswell, considering the time of the journey?" Daikeim take a moment to think. "So, there are two other nations in Fantasy... Interesting, how long have we been secluded?"

Captain: I don't know. We've assumed there had to be a land beyond Midnation. From afar we saw lights. We assumed there had to be another nation over there, but like said, the resources were slim. Up until the Supreme Lord came and helped us a great deal.

"The dragon hearts... Well anyways, just don't try to cause trouble... I have enough problems as it is sorting out Downation by itself..." He turns to walk away, but turns his head. "What was the great deal?"

Captain: The Supreme Lord served as our architect. We don't know much about current transportation other than wagons. but he taught us how to make ships and such. He even taught us to fight for ourselves from poachers.

"Oh right... I keep forgetting how... 'Primitive' your technology is, anyways." Daikeim looks at the citizens of Downation before looking back at the captain. "You're taking these people to Upnation, is this at their own request? Or must it simply happen?"

Captain: It is completely up to them. We can only take a total of 300 people though. 100 on that ship *points to the ship to his right* 100 on that ship *points to the ship on his left* and 100 on this ship. *points to the hip behind him*

Daikeim takes a look out past the seas, then looks towards Downation before sighing. "Fine, but don't cause trouble. Got it?" Daikeim flies up into a tree and rests on one of it's branches, keeping a close eye of the newcomers.

A few hundred people get aboard the 3 ships. 100 get on each, all of them rather excited what lies beyond their home.

"Goodbye I guess..." Daikeim sighs and stands up, jumping to the floor and walking towards Forest City. "I might as well tell Elaonore, see if she wants to move aswell..." He takes a couple of steps then flies towards Forest City, looking around for Elaonore.

Elaonore: *is on her knees and has her hands clasped together and has her eyes closed* God, Thank you for such a beautiful day. Bless your second children as we go about our daily lives and bless my beloved, Daikeim and keep him safe as he goes off defending you children. Bless all of our brothers find their way back here. Give us hope that one day, things will be better for both man and mythological creature alike to live in harmony. Thank you for blessing me with so many things and help me watch after my brothers aswell. In your heavenly name we pray, Amen

Daikeim softly lands next to Elaonore and places his hand on her shoulder. "I think this is something you want to hear about; there's two other nations in Fantasy. Other than Downation, there's two places called Midnation and Upnation. I was wondering if you wanted to go."

Elaonore: *gets up and faces Daikeim* I think that would be wonderful! I never saw the full extent of beauty of our home.

Daikeim smiles and picks Elaonore up to her feet. "Ok then, do you want me to carry you there? Or do you wanna walk to where the ships were?"

Elaonore: How about I race you there?

Daikeim smirks as he stretches out his wings. "Sorry sweetie, but I would beat you by a mile... But if you wanted to try..." Daikeim gets in a stance, as if he's ready to fly in a instance.

Elaonore: Ready. Set...Go!

A small shockwave happens at Daikeim speeds off, leaving a afterimage while doing so. He turns to looks at Elaonore and playfully sticks his tongue out at her.

Elaonore: *takes to the clouds and is jumping from one cloud to the next, like a grasshopper*

Daikeim flies up and sees Elaonore, easily catching up with her. "Hey honey, it's nice up here, isn't it?" Before she has time to answer, Daikeim spirals down and does tricks along the way before finally getting into his normal flying pose and dashes towards the ships.

Elaonore: *is free-falling now* I would have had a better chance to marvel at the view if we weren't racing. *extends her hand toward the water of the out. a water stout comes from the ocean and takes forth her hand* Bye, beloved. *the water pulls her toward the ships. The water stout lets go and Elaonore lands softly on the ground*

Everyone aboard and on land claps their hands in awe and excitement.

Daikeim smiles and chuckles as he hovers over the ships. "Forgot you can manipulate water... Nevertheless, you won." Daikeim flies down and softly lands on the same ship as Elaonore. "So, Upnation... Here we come."

Starting Day 1 Edit

Everyone is doing their jobs aboard the ship.

Elaonore: *looks over the ship and witnesses the clear ocean*

Daikeim walks up behind her and hugs her. "Enjoying the view?" He says with a kind hearted tone to his voice.

Elaonore: *smiles and holds Daikeim's hand* It's beautiful. Look...*can see many marine life of many assorted fishes. Some jumps out the water. She can also see nymphs swimming with those fish*

Daikeim smiles and looks at the marine life. "It's beautiful... But, won't you miss Downation?"

Elaonore: There's no doubt that I will. But as long as I'm with you, anywhere can be my home.

Daikeim kisses Elaonore then looks at the small island that is Downation. "I can say the same thing, but I think it'll be nice to get away and just relax... Like a vacation."

Elaonore: A vacation...*looks up into the clouds and smiles* I always wanted to go on one those...

"Well, I guess we can consider this a vacation... I mean, we're away from our home and going somewhere new, we can go sight-seeing when we arrive, ok?"

Elaonre: *kisses Daikeim on the cheek* I would love that...*smiles*

Daikeim wraps his arms around her, joyous about the sight-seeing. "Ok, then it's settled, we sight see when we arrive. For now, I guess we wait."

Elaonore: Actually, I still want to speak to you about the dream I had...

Intrigued, Daikeim gives a curious look to himself. "Hmm? Oh, do tell. I'd like to hear about it."

Elaonore: I was about our future together. We lived in a big enough house and we had 2 boys and 1 little girl. And we were happy.

Daikeim gains a shocked expression. "Three... Children, umm... Alright, what are their names?"

Elaonore: I don't know...but once we do have children, you name the boys and I can name our daughter. Okay?

The line hit Daikeim like a ton of bricks, the colour in his face just drained as his voice has a small tone of dread in it, although he isn't trying to be mean. "When... When we have children!?"

Elaonore:'s bound to happen sooner or later, right?

Daikeim stays silent for a moment before responding. "Oh... Yeah, sooner or later..."

Elaonore: *playfully smiles* Don't be so distraught. It's only 3 children, right. I bet we can take them.

Daikeim takes a second to think about it, before smiling himself. "Yeah, I guess you're right. It's only three, can't be that hard."

Elaonore: And besides, you can teach them how to be brave and strong and stand up for others who need help, just like you.

"Yeah, and you can teach them how to be kind and sweet, just like you." Daikeim chuckles and softly holds Elaonore's hand.

Elaonore: *yawns* Well, it's about time I head to bed. All this scenery is making me quire tiresome...*nearly falls asleep*

Daikeim catches Elaonore and helps her to her room. "Here you go, you'll need all the rest you can..."

Elaonore: Thanks Daikeim...*gets into bed* I'll see you in the morning...*goes to sleep*

"Goodnight... Sleep well." Daikeim softly kisses Elaonore on her head before getting into his own bed and resting.

The Mid-Passage Edit

Daikeim wakes up and gets out of bed, quickly changing into some new clothes and cleaning himself up before walking over to Elaonore and smiling. "Good morning honey, how'd you sleep?"

Elaonore: *eyes are still closed, but she still smiles* I slept great. The moving waters made it feel so peaceful.

"Glad to hear, hmm... By now, we should be passing through Midnation. I'll be out viewing, come join me when you're ready." Daikeim softly kisses Elaonore's head and walks out the room, walking to the same place he and Elaonore was before she fell asleep.

Captain: The it is. The Passage. After we pass through there we will be a few miles from Midnation. After we land at the End Harbor we're gonna have to walk the rest of the way.

"Ah alright..." Daikeim notices the towering statues ontop of the mountains, he ponders for a second before asking the captain. "The statues, what are they?"

Captain: One time, a group of honor-bound warriors called the Spartans came here after they had served their times during wars. That castle you see there was once where they would go to celebrate victories and compete over who had the most kills. They we valued here, even if they were human. and they thought of us a dear friends, sadly they no longer live anymore.

Daikeim sighs. "Oh how times have changed..."

Captain: You can say that again...

The ships begins getting close to The Mid-Passage

"So, how long will this take? And I want to ask a question, what are you doing about the situation on Earth, regarding the Mythos and humans?"

Captain: What do you mean? We never been to Earth. We do know our brothers are out there. We can only hope they make it safely.

"That's right, I forgot... You guys don't have a means of passing the barriers, hmm... I might need to talk to your lord when we arrive at Upnation. Sort a couple of things out."

Captain: Sure thing. The Lord would love to share some more ideas to those who are knowledgeable.

"Ok, and regarding my first question of how long it'll take before we arrive?"

Captain: Oh, i don't know. One maybe two hours. It's a good long way, but we'll get there within the day.

Daikeim takes a sigh of relief before looking at the scenery. "Good to hear, anything else I should know about Upnation?"

Captain: We have sort of a European-Asian culture. So it might be interesting to you guys. We also have more lanscapes, too which we don't know where they lead. That's just the many beauties of Fantasy.

"Yeah, that seems just about right..." He looks at some rolling landscapes. "Probably more of Fantasy than any of the nations know of..."

Captain: Yes sir. Breakfast will be served momentarily. You can just hang around on deck until every awakes.

"Ok, thank you Captain." Daikeim turns his head towards the statues again, admiring the way they have been built, and also ponders about the Spartans.

Several minutes later, everyone awakes and they set up breakfast. There are grits, eggs, sausage, bacon, waffles, bagels, oatmeal, and pancakes with orange juice and milk.

"Hmm, I might as well... I'm gonna get hungry sooner or later." Daikeim goes over to where breakfast is being served and easily tucks in with some of the dishes.

Elaonore: *comes up from below deck and rubs her eyes* I guess i awoke just in time...

Daikeim looks at Elaonore and smiles. "Oh, hey Elaonore. Come sit and enjoy the food, it tastes amazing!"

Elaonore: I bet it does. *gets some grits,eggs,and sausage and mixes it all together. Says her grace, then begins to eat* Mmmm. Warm and delicious.

"I haven't eat like this in a while..." Daikeim suddenly goes into thought of how he's lasted this long without starving to death, but the enticing scent of the food draws Daikeim away from his pondering, allowing himself to eat more.

Everyone finishes every bite of their breakfast and clean-up after themselves. After that they just marvel at the blue seas and ask one another what Midnation and Upnation are like.

Daikeim glances at the people on the ships before chuckling to himself, looking back at the scenery. He goes into his Half Dragon form and jumps high into the air and glides around the area, following the ships. "Hmm, I wonder..."

Captain: What you looking for up there?

"It's nothing, Captain, I'm only sightseeing." Daikeim glides around the landscape, done in such a way that it seems that Daikeim is relaxed. Only letting his wings do the work while he rests, somehow avoiding crashing and flying gracefully.

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim flying and smiles*

Daikeim dives down to the surface of any large bodies of water and lets his arms down, causing two continuous splashes to seem coming out of Daikeim's hands. Daikeim then flies straight up into the sky and opens his eyes, looking all around him before taking a sigh of relief and letting himself drop down to the floor. Only for his wings to naturally stretch out, slowing his descent and allowing him to softly land and lies on his back on the water, seemingly like a lily-pad. "And now to relax..."

1 hour later

Captain: About 30 minutes from here and we'll be there at the End Harbor.

Elaonore: What is Upnation like?

Captain: I can only say that people with your type of taste will enjoy it. Really. It's a sight to behold. It's just so...indescribable.

Elaonore: Is it that amazing of a place?

Captain: It's Fantasy. Absolutely anything can happen here.

Daikeim glides over the ship and looks down at the Captain and Elaonore. "So, thirty more minutes... Alright then, I still find it weird that a peaceful nation would have a lord... Did a war happen or something?" Daikeim lands softly just aside the two.

Captain: We were tad bit disorganized with our system of business and gathering resources and we aren't really fighters, so we fell victim to poachers and Myth traffickers. Until he came, he showed us how to be more organized with our workflow and how to stand-up for ourselves. He even taught us new things we have never thought of making. We call him God's 2nd Gift.

"A name would be nice, and how can Mythos get disorganized-- Nevermind..." A quiet sigh falls out of Daikeim's mouth as he looks around, asking another question. "Hmm, I wonder. Is this person a Mytho as well?"

Captain: Oh he is,. He demonstrated to us by firing beams from his eyes and it shot a tree down. It was mighty impressive and he sure didn't like the humans. Mostly saying they are unworthy and are the true monsters. I can definitely here that.

Elaonore: Not all of them are that bad.

Captain: I know. It's just that ever since the Spartans have died, there has never been any more humans that have shown the slightest bit of kindness.

Daikeim glances at the Captain. "There are some humans that have shown kindness, but they're few and far between... Also, by that point, your 'lord' is a fool to think that humans are unworthy... They just have to learn to stop having feuds with one another and the Mythos. They're like this now because they're afraid of us, and can you blame them?" Lightning and fire surges around Daikeim's hands.. "Do humans want their young ones to feel pain that comes from us? That's why they've done this to the Mytho; locking them up in Fantasy... To protect themselves." Daikeim sighs and speaks in a quieter tone. "How fast can this ship go, I want to get to Upnation as fast as we can."

Captain: They don't think we do the same? no they just hurt us and all we do is try to go on with our lives. Our loved have been taken and have never returned. We didn't want any trouble. We just wanted to go home. The humans aren't content with protecting themselves, they want us gone for good.

Daikeim speaks in a more irritated tone. "Enough! Just point in the damn direction of where Upnation is, I'll get there myself... Tired of talking about this already."

Elaonore: Daikeim calm down. We all have different opinions on one another. Besides, the only kind people you ever met was my mother, everyone else just thought we were monster, even though we are not. But sometimes, humans don't want to see the truth, that we're just like them. They are always abit too quick on the trigger to actually get to know us. *touches where Daikeim had been shot at during their time in London* I do believe Myths and humans can be together, but not everyone wants to see that. They feel like it can't happen. But deep in my heart, I know it can.

Daikeim stays silent before taking a step back and turning around, looking at the area around them. He then just sighs and flies up into the air, deciding to stay up there until they reach Upnation.

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim and sighs*

28 minutes later

Captain: We're here.

Everyone looks over the boat and sees a Spanish-looking town up ahead and all seem really excited

Captain: That's the End Harbor. We dock there and continue the rest of the way on foot.

Daikeim lands and looks around, before following the others. "Hmm, how big is Upnation? Or haven't you explored it all yet."

Captain: This is Midnation. We're 2 extra days away from Upnation.

Everyone begins to get off and get their belongs of the ships

Captain: We can take a quick break, then we can get started.

"Two more days... Fine." Daikeim goes off to wonder around Midnation.

Captain: Don't go to far.

Elaonore: Thank you very much, Captain.

Captain: Oh absolutely.

Elaonore: *follows Daikeim* They never mentioned a town being at a harbor. It's very pretty.

Many of the residents greet them as they walk by

"Yeah, it is pretty, isn't it... Honestly, I want this over and done with. I don't exactly like it here, and I still don't trust these people. But anyways..." Daikeim looks at the residents. "They do seem friendly, I guess I'm not used to kindness." He slightly chuckles to himself.

Elaonore: Certainly with all the hate that goes on around in the world...*looks to the ground*

Daikeim smiles and holds her hand. "Hey, don't worry... I'm sure there are people out in Earth that sees that the Mythos' aren't a threat... It'll take time, sure, but still."

Elaonore: *smiles and holds his hand abit tighter*

"So then, what do you wanna do? There's a lot by the look of it, so it's your choice."

Elaonore: We could go to the nearest cafe and eat. I'm quite hungry again.

"Now that you mention it, yeah, I'm hungry too..." Daikeim takes a look around, trying to find a cafe. "You got the sweeter tooth, I'm sure you can find a cafe, right?"

Elaonore: Yes. *points to a bar with tables* That should be one over there. Come. *they walk over to the counter*

Bartender: Welcome to the End Harbor. You guys need to eat or do you need to drink?

Elaonore: We're here to eat.

Bartender: Ok then. What will it be?

Elaonore: I'll just have noodles, please.

Bartender: Man, I love noodles. How about you, sir? Want anything?

"Ramen, Tonkatsu and Yakitori... And a couple of dangos and wagashi, if that's alright with you." Daikeim says that with a perkish smile to his face.

Elaonore: *chuckles*

Bartender: Man, your one hunry feela, aren't ya'? Ok then. What flavor of noodles do you want, sweety?

Elaonore: Creamy chicken.

Bartender: Whoa, I have just met you and I already like your sense of taste. your orders will be up soon. *heads into the kitchen*

Daikeim starts to smell the food being cooked. "I can't wait, it'll be nice to have food as close to Cyanic's dishes in terms of taste." Daikeim goes quiet, and thinks about Cyanic and Arcadia... "Hmm... I hope everything's alright over there..."

Elaonore: They will be...You just have to trust and believe. You can always go to check up on them. It's not like they banned your forever. *smiles*

Daikiem notices an energy in the air, and turns to see a portal open with a black cloaked man with a white mask, bearing a 'A' crossed out with an 'X' on the mask's forehead. The man silently looks around, before noticing the cafe sign and begins walking towards it, not seeing them at first. The man ends up sitting down across from them at a different table. He then turns his head and seems to notice them.

"Oh. Hello, how are you two?"

Elaonore: We are doing fine. How about you, stranger?

"I am... ...fine. Been through a few rough patches. Tell me, is this Downation? It doesn't feel like it."

Daikeim chuckles. "No, you're in Midnation... To think that there's more to Fantasy than Downation, go figure. So, wanna explain the grand entrance?"

"Oh what the portal? I was looking into something, that's all. Hmm... food smells good."

Elaonore: I know...It takes me back when my mother showed me how to cook when I was younger. She could cook about nearly everything. but what is it that you are looking for? We can no doubt help you find it.

The man chuckles. He reaches up and takes off his mask, and pulls down his hood, revealing Kado's face. "Oh, just looking to say hi."

Daikeim looks at the mask carefully, inspecting it for a moment. Before looking at Kado and closing his eyes, Daikeim stays quiet then opens his eyes and talks. "Yeah, I knew I met your signature before. You're the one from Downation, who almost had a fight with Drake, aren't you?"

"Yeah, that would be me. My name's Kado. You're... Daikeim, correct?"

Elaonore: Kado! *gets up and hugs him* It has been so long. how are you doing, friend?

Kado smiles with faint surprise, but also a happy smile. "Oh, I've been better. ...Probably in as much crap as when I came the first time. Only this time I was actually able to walk away from it..." His thoughts trail off, and his smile fades a bit.

"It's nice to see you as well. I see you two are traveling together?"

Elaonore: Yes we are. Daikeim isn't quite fond of this place thought, but he'll get there. How's everything back at your home?

Kado's face unmistakably sinks. "...I wish it were better. ...I resigned some time ago, and..." He puts a hand to his face, and lets out a ragged breath.

"....Azula is gone as well. ...I've left the organization in the hands of another one of my operatives. ...I can't stay with Azure anymore. ...It's too much now." He remains silent for a while.

Elaonore: *eyes sadden abit* I'm so sorry to hear that things did not well at all. I can say the same when you left, but they go alot better. Like I said, you will always have a home here. *slightly smiles*

Kado sighs. "In any event, I came here to see you guys... and I guess get my mind off things for a bit."

Elaonore: By all means, stay as long as you like. We're about to be travelling to another Nation of Fantasy. You're more than welcome to accompany us. Maybe the beautiful sights may get you mind off the tragedy.

"...You know I was actually going to ask that. I would be glad. How long do you think it will be before your food arrives? I'm hungry myself, I haven't eaten since.... ...yeah."

Bartender: *walks out with his arm full with their food* Here. Sorry it took us awhile. *gives Daikeim his food and gives Elaonore her bowl of noodles and gives Kado a bowl of noodles too with a bowl of rice with a bean curd and gives them forks and chop-sticks* Eat up.

Elaonore: Thank you kind, sir. *says her grace and takes her fork and starts to blow on her first forkful of noodles*

Despite how polite Daikeim seems at the most part, the look of his food reminds him of his time as a child. Causing him to act like a child while he eats the food, occasionally complimenting on the food. All while he has a smile on his face. A few moments pass and to Elaonore and Kado's big surprise, Daikeim's finished all of the food, still slightly hungry. "Ummm, can I have seconds?"

Bartender: Man, you are one hearty bastard, but don't worry, i'm gonna stuff ya' before you leave here. *goes back into the kitchen*

Elaonore: I have like the least out of you two and your already done with 5 dishes. That's really astounding.

Kado blinks, having just started eating. His face conveys all of his reaction, without the need for words.

Elaonore: *chuckles at the look on Kado's face* Don't choke on a fly now.

Kado eats his noodles with only his chopsticks, and rather well. After he finishes, he silently takes out Dark Slayer still sheathed and looks it over, drawing it slightly to look at the now almost crystaline blade, watching the dark purple energy hum through its depths.

Elaonore: *looks over at Kado* Are you alright Kado?

He sheathes his sword. "...Yeah... I'm fine. So what sort of adventures did you run into?"

Elaonore: *is sort of caught of guard by the qestion* Hmmmmmm, that part is really hard to say...or to put into words...

"Simply put, a lot... But in recent memory, Drake has been captured by a group named Phoenix. They control these things called CEs... Knowing you, you've probably came into contact with their leader; White." Daikeim says that with a tone of anger and despair at the same time, clenching his fists at the thought.

Kado's eyes flash red for a moment, and in that moment Daikeim feels as though the energy that had struck London had briefly radiated off him.

"Did you just say, 'Phoenix?' 'Phoenix', was here?!" He says in a very sharp voice.

Daikeim stands up and looks towards Kado, now talking in a more confident voice. "They're stationed in Fantasy right now infact, just off the cliffs of Downation... Nice to know someone else shares my hatred for them too."

"They're what? ...All this time... ...and this is where they were hiding...." Kado has a dark look to his face.

"Yeah, funny how that works, isn't it? So, then, I'm guessing you truly found what you was looking for?" Daikeim summons the Draconia and glances at the patterns etched into it. "So I'm guessing after this, we're working together against a common enemy, right? Afterall, the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

"I don't know what I will do. With their invasion of Earth, I intend to finish the fight there. Maybe when the chance arises... ...but in all honesty, I need a real, genuine respite."

Daikeim 'sheaths' the Draconia and sighs. "Yeah, I guess we both need it more than anything for the time being..."

Elaonore: I thought vacations were for relaxing, not for worrying or fist-waving.

"It is, but before we do that..." Daikeim growls at Kado, slightly shocking him a bit after what he said. "You were the person who caused the destruction in London... Weren't you..."

Elaonore: *eyes widen abit upon hearing this* Daikeim, we shouldn't make accusations like that. Especially toward a friend.

Kado's eyes slowly close, and his head sinks in shame. ".........He speaks the truth...."

Elaonore: *looks at Kado for a moment and puts hand on his shoulder* Kado....I know you didn't mean it....I grew up there,yes....and everyone I knew lived their too....t's only a place of memories for me now...Even I will misss it tremendously, I only pray for those who live there.....A city can always be built up again....A man I love told me that my true home is here....with my true family...though I wished it was someone else who destroyed it...We all fall short....It's ok.

"........You were hurt........I can feel it."

Elaonore:....Yes...I was....*looks down* But it's ok now....I feel better.

Her hand suddenly phases through him, and he gets up silently, intangible.

"......I am sorry........." He puts money out for the bartender, then begins to walk away, eventually solidifying as he walks.

Elaonore: There's no need to be sorry. Because it all worked out in the end. We need to look into the sunset and remember that there is a better tomorrow. And if you continue to look at the dawn of yesterday, you will never find your way to something better.

Bartender: *is standing there crying* T-That was beautiful,man....but here man, here's your things. *gives Daikeim his second order and takes his tip* I-l'll just leave you guys to it, then...*heads back into the kitchen*

"......" Kado looks back at Elaonore. "....What sunrise do you even see in my future Elaonore? My sun is dead." A bitter look is in his eyes.

Elaonore: If your sun is dead, then how are we still alive, Kado? We all share the same sun and God would never let it go out until he comes for us. As long as that sun is in that sky, there is a future and don't you dare say or think otherwise.

Kado closes his eyes. His eyes open again, and are solid red. "That's not what he meant, wind lady." His voice is different now.

Elaonore: *is taken back by the sudden change in voice* Are you another one of those...other people?

"I don't know what that means but- OW!" Kado punches himself in the head, and when he opens his eyes, they are normal. "......Sorry about that. His name is Neo. ....I am a Shapeshifter-Spirit hybrid... unfortunately I have two other souls within one body... Neo is technically the one that destroyed London.... not me personally. You indirectly met the third. ....Remember that....... other form? Of mine?"

Elaonore: Oh yes, I still remember. But still, it's never too late to find your way. You're still welcome to join us.

Kado looks over at Daikeim. ".....Are you sure about that?"

Daikeim glances at Kado and sighs. "If Elaonore trusts you, then I'm sure to follow..."

Captain: Come on everyone! It's time for us to get on our way! Get your belongings and we can get started on the long walk ahead!

Everyone begins getting their stuff and getting ready to move

Elaonore: Yay! It's time! *eats the rest of noodles and heads over to everyone else*

Daikeim follows the captain, not giving a second glance at Kado while walking past. Daikeim's wings and tail sink back into Daikeim. "Two other souls in him... Oh, this is gonna be interesting to say the least..." Daikeim reaches the captain and poses a question. "Did you say walk... How far is Upnation?"

Captain: Like I said. 2 day travel. I really don't like specifying mileage. You can stomach the walk, can you?

Kado watches Elaonore for a moment, then sighs. "Well, I might as well..." He conceals Dark Slayer in his clothing, and puts on his mask and hood, and approaches the crowd.

Captain: If that's everyone, let's get going. *begins to walk*

Everyone else begins to walk while saying good-bye to the


Elaonore: This is so great! I wonder what Upnation is like?

"Probably like Downation... But bigger and more up, I guess. What do you think?"

Elaonore: I don't know. That's why I asked.

Kado silently walks along the edge of the crowd, preferring to remain slightly outside of it. His instincts tell him to avoid being in the middle of crowd to avoid being attacked And there goes my constant paranoia dear Master Hiroshi fixated into my brain. Kado chuckles quietly to himself.

He silently looks ahead at Elaonore and Daikeim. ...She reminds me too much of Azula. So hopeful, so cheerful all the time. ....I wonder if I'll ever find where I belong...

He sighs with irritation when a kid gets a bit close to him, curious.

Some hours later after walking through and marveling the landscapes

Captain: We'll rest here for the night and then we'll get back up at 12:00 P.M..

Everyone begins to lay on the ground and converse for a little while before going to sleep.

Daikeim strands away from the group and finds a nearby field and summons the Draconia, sliding his hand against the blade and coating it in Exeon energy and then begins training with it. "Hmph, so we have the person who caused that much damage with us... Ugh, nothing but bad news is gonna come out of him." He begins attacking the air more viciously, the blade glowing a bright gold in the darkness.

Elaonore: But he is our friend and he has as much right to be here. Everyone: Good or bad deserve to be here, Daikeim. That's the value of family.

Kado watches Daikeim walk off on his own, and with his own thoughts keeping him up, he might as well sort them out with practice. But practice what?

Well... you could train to use Dark Phoenix Mode. Neo cuts in.

Ha ha that's halarious. Remember, my powers are sealed, moron.

Heh, not anymore.

Ha- -What did you say?

When that fine fella Demgel came and killed Origin for us, he basically-

....I didn't think of that. ...They sealed Origin's power... and since I'm a reflection of Origin... destroying the original, the seals are gone...

That's right. And since we know that we got some godly beings to fight, why not match with our own?

...I still don't know how it works.

But I do.

...Why would you teach me?

Neo laughs. Cause I can. And technically I'm still destroying shit, we work together you know.

Alright, let's see what you got to offer.

Kado silently makes his way through the trees, keeping an eye out for Daikeim on occasion.

Elaonore: *looks at the moon and smiles* Dear God, thank you for such a beautiful day. Bless us as we sleep restfully and keep us safe as we venture to Upnation. Help Kado find his way in life and bless Daikeim an help him to settle down. Keep my mother and father safe aswell. Amen. *lies down on the ground and goes to sleep*

Kado silently meditates, focusing on drawing in the shadows and darkness.

Hmm, you're doing quite well. Try condensing it into form. And more. Lot's more. You're trying to create a wrecking machine of terror, not a puppy.

Kado is slowly surrounded by a thick wall of darkness, which starts to take on the visage of a skeleton.


Daikeim notices a twinge of energy elsewhere, a bit familiar in fact.

"Hmm..." Daikeim looks towards the source of the energy, he tightens his grip on the Draconia and walks towards the source. "I wonder who or what is emitting this..."

Kado manages to create a skeleton, starting from the waist, up to the head.

Good, now try and stand up while maintaining control. Try and adjust your balance as quickly as possible.

Kado slowly stands, and as he does, the skeleton sprouts legs and eventually feet, rising up to its full height.

We can practice movement later. Just focus on maintenance for tonight.

Daikeim stands besides one of the trees, watching carefully. He desummons the Draconia and looks at his Soul Stone, with glows an ominous purple and black, Daikeim sighs under his breath and continues watching. "What is this psycho doing..."

Kado slowly tests the form, testing clutching its fists a few times, then moving it's arms and head a few times, trying to synchronize his body with it. He eventually notices Daikeim and slowly dissipates the form, landing roughly on the ground.

He looks at Daikeim and laughs. "I see you over there. Come over here and let's talk, since the both of us don't seem in the mood for sleep. We could use a talk anyway." He sheathes Dark Slayer.

Daikeim walks towards Kado but stops a couple of feet away from him, he crosses his arms. "What was that just now..." It's obvious that Daikeim has an irritated tone in his voice, he also seems impatient.

"Dark Phoenix Mode. Each of the Eight Elemental Slayers gives elemental powers to their wielder, and can unlock a special power called the Phoenix Mode. Mine is the Dark Slayer, hence Dark Phoenix Mode. I was practicing, I've never used it before. However Neo can, ...and has... and is giving me tips. ...Not that working with him is easy. Hate the damn pyscho sometimes."

He pauses, looking at Daikeim. "Look, I can see you don't trust me -it's written in giant bold neon letters across your damn face. I have my baggage, and you have yours. There happens to be a powerful god of some description threatening to make his return soon, and I'm trying to belt in some time to get over Azula before that happens, and also train my powers so I can control myself so.... ....London...... doesn't happen again. I'm having enough problems without you giving me death glares every five seconds, ok?"

"A powerful god? I know two, there's Van Valeric then there's his bastard of a son; Evoh. But I'm guessing it's neither... Hmm." Daikeim glances at Kado before walking towards him, he stops right infront of him and raises two fingers and places them on Kado's forehead. "Not one word, I need to concentrate..." Daikeim's eyes flash gold for a second, he then takes his fingers off of Kado and sighs. "Ok... So you have had it rough. Fine, I won't 'give you a death glare' anymore. Just try to keep Neo in check ok?" Daikeim turns around and starts walking back to where he was training. "If you got any questions then say them now, I want to keep practicing..."

"If you don't mind me asking, what is your relationship with Elaonore? You two seem a lot closer than just traveling partners. Don't answer if you don't want to, just thought I'd ask. Also, would you be interesting in training together? I could use a partner other than an insane psycho."


Are you seriously going to deny that?

.......You win. *Grumble*

Daikeim stops in his tracks and turns around to look at Kado. "Elaonore and I are a couple, we've only been together for a short while but we've... Experienced a couple of things, why were you wondering? And I guess we can train for the time being..." Daikeim takes a couple of steps towards Kado. "Any more questions?"

Kado sighs. "No, no more questions. I asked because she helped me when I was in a dire situation, and I wanted to know she had someone to look out for her. She's a good friend and a good person. You're a lucky guy." He smiles faintly. "Unlike me that is. Mind if I train using the Dark Phoenix Mode?"

Woaaaaah someone's ballsy enough to want to fight with their toy skeleton eh?

Oh shut up you little imp.

I am NOT an imp!

Whatever you say, Imp.


"Sure, go ahead. But in that case, I'll try out something that Drake gave me..." Daikeim gains a faint blue aura while he gets draconic features like claws, fangs and animalistic eyes. "There we go, Initial Stage... When you're ready Kado." Daikeim gets into a fighting stance.

Kado takes out Dark Slayer and impales it in the ground, before kneeling. Daikeim watches in slight fascination as the darkness around them slowly but gradually more quickly forms into the shape of a massive black humanoid skeleton, with four horns curled at the sides of its head and one sprouting from the forehead and curving towards the back of the head. The skeleton follows Kado's movements as he slowly stands, appearing to float inside the ribcage. The being stands double the height of the tall trees around them. The skeleton moves into a ready stance as Kado does the movements.


"Impressive, this'll be interesting... I'm ready." Daikeim's attitude has suddenly changed to be more lively and energetic, he examines the massive skeleton then glances at Kado. "Hmm, this might be harder than I thought..."

Alright, let's take your time- WOAH!

Kado swings the massive skeleton's hand at Daikeim, its claws whipping with razor sharpness at him.

Daikeim jumps back, narrowly dodging the attack. He then jumps onto the arm and sprints up it, charging a sphere of lighting in his left hand. Once he reaches the shoulder Daikeim slams the sphere against the skeleton's skull, discharging bolts of lightning throughout the body, Daikeim then jumps off and lands on all fours before standing up to look at the effects of his attack.

The skeleton jumps back, landing further back. The skull where he had hit it had partially collapsed, and it is redirecting energy to stabilize and close the gaps.

Wasting no time, Daikeim charges a sphere of lightning and fire and sprints towards the skeleton once more. He jumps towards the ribcage and throws the sphere into it, managing to burst through and landing on the opposite side.

The Skeleton surges with sudden energy, and it manages to swat him and send him flying as it spins around to face him.

After colliding through a couple of trees, Daikeim jumps high into the air, all Kado can see is a small blue dot in the sky. But as he looks, multiple red dots appear around Daikeim, all getting bigger by the second. Daikeim points towards the skeleton, and all the massive fireballs speed towards Kado like meteors, all crashing down at the skeleton. Daikeim then falls to the floor and lands, causing a small crater. "Are you sure you want to keep using that form?"

"Oh I'm pretty sure."

A fiery skeletonal hand bursts out of the fire, and blasts him with an instantaneous explosion. The flames suddenly gather and wrap around the Skeleton, fusing with the shadows and cloaking it in wreath of flames. The structure seems stronger as well now. The flames turn dark purple in color, but the skeleton remains pure black, and then it raises its hand again and begins firing bolts of dark fire at Daikiem, the bolts flying at extremely high speed.

Daikeim quickly summons the Draconia and starts to deflect, dodge or slice the bolts in half. Although some do come in contact with Daikeim, giving him cuts on his arm and chest, Daikeim charges the blade with lightning and slashes at the air, causing waves of lighting to course out of the blade and speed towards the skeleton. Each one that hits sends more and more lightning throughout the whole creature, electrocuting Kado as well. "Ok... That was surprising... Any more tricks up your sleeve?"

A metal shield forms on one of the construct's arms, and it deflects the shots of lightning back at him. While it does that, it fires spheres of lava at Daikiem as well.

Daikeim's eyes flash gold as a Exeon barrier suddenly appears infront of Daikeim, absorbing the lightning and lava. "That was too close..."Daikeim looks at the construct, trying to find and exploit any weaknesses.

The construct holds up a hand.

"I'm getting a bit tired, sorry man. I'm not very good at using this thing yet. Takes a lot more to control this much energy."

Daikeim gives Kado a confused look. "Oh? We're stopping for the time being? Umm... Ok?" Daikeim sits down, crossing his legs, he patiently waits for Kado's energy to come back.

Kado holds Dark Slayer in his lap, panting tiredly, having dismissed the skeleton. The air seems much brighter near Kado, the more that Daikeim looks at him.

Daikeim desummons the Draconia and exits the Initial Primitive Stage, he notices the air. "Uhh... What's going on?"

Kado looks up at him. "Oh, it's just Dark Slayer. The reason it has its name is because it naturally eats away at any darkness nearby. The previous wielder of this sword was able to banish a massive area of night away just by unsheathing his sword."

"Really? Hmm... So, the members of Phoenix, do they have a similar blade to yours?"

"Yeah. Each of the members has a Slayer representing a certain element. White has Light Slayer, Torrent the Wind Slayer, I wield the Dark, Fire, and Earth Slayers, Toma possesses the Water Slayer, Noriko the Lightning, and Aoi the Ice. There used to be eight members, but Naomi and I defected, and Hiroshi I killed. He was my master when I was one of their apprentices."

"One of their apprentices... Ok, yeah, I picked that up from you earlier. So, what do you plan on doing after all of this is finished? I mean, you have got plans... Right?"

"....Not really. Azula was really the only hope for a future after Phoenix. I know she's not gone gone but... ...I don't even know how to begin to help her. ...I don't even really know what White did to her.... ...but a guy named Demgel told me he sensed the energy of an arch-angel. ...I just don't know what to think right now. Maybe there's a future for me somewhere.... ...but everything just feels bleak right now."

"Well, everything is bleak to say the least... A lot of stuff has happened to all of us, some we cannot forget and some we never hope to remember. But what Elaonore said was right, everyone has a future, it's something to look forward to, for now, just strive towards that."Daikeim stays quiet for a moment before speaking again. "And about Azula, I think I have a clue to what Phoenix did to her..."

Kado blinks, though he hides what anger does show. "Oh? What that might be?"

"Chaos Engines... She probably got changed into that, Chaos Engines are what the name implies... Chaos. Powerful enough to wipe out most things..." Daikeim stays quiet, thinking about when he saw Drake inside the tube. "Well... It's either that, or she's inside a tube, where they get her DNA to create more CEs... Until they're not needed anymore, I don't know..." Daikeim clenches his fist and slams it on the floor. "Kado, whenever you're going to fight Phoenix. Make sure you bring me along, ok?"

"Sure thing, Daikiem. I know my own limits. I'm not about to fight Phoenix alone. I'd be glad to have someone like you with me."

"Ok, and hey... Sorry about the hostility, it's just that the only strangers I've met when I'm around Elaonore have been... Unfavourable, I worry about her safety and well-being almost all the time, but if she trusts you, then I will to." Daikeim has a small smile on his face as he chuckles and stands up, looking towards the camp.

"I understand. I have a distrust of strangers too. Unfortunately that comes from my training." He laughs. "In any case, what you said just now, Chaos Engines? There's another piece of the puzzle. Something called the Spear of God. It's a mythical device allegedly designed by Chinmoku, but was never actually built. It was canceled before it could be built, as the device would require massive stores of energy, beyond humanly possible to manufactor, and because it was possible in theory to not only have feats such as killing gods, but even destroying whole worlds in a single blast. ...I thought about it for a while, and it occurs to me that White had rarely discussed such a topic, though the details are vague, she said before she took Azula, 'I have acquired the Spearhead.'"

"...She plans to use Azula for the energy, Chaos Engines are powerful enough to destroy planets... So, if Azula's the Spearhead... So where do you think the device is?" Daikeim looks back at Kado.

Kado sighs. "I have no idea. But if she really has the Spear of God, then we are in a lot of trouble if she decides to use it. She could utterly decide the whole human vs mythos battle with one shot... And couple that with what Valeric and that other god are up to... ...we could be screwed in more ways than one."

"Yeah... But for now, let's just rest... We both need it if we're gonna stand up against them." Daikeim starts walking towards the camp, before saying one more thing to Kado. "Y'know Kado, it was nice to meet you. I hope you get Azula back, from what I've seen, you two should be together." Daikeim chuckles.

"Thanks... It was nice to meet you...." He trails off, thinking about what Daikeim said, electing to sleep next to a tree in the tall grass within sight of the camp.

Day 2 Edit

Sun has risen and the warmth of it touches the sleeping travelers.

Captain: *sounds a gong* Rise and shine, peeps. We got one more full day and we'll be home free.

Everyone begins to get up and get their stuff ready to move.

Kado doesn't immediately wake up, still sleeping, still wearing his mask, and the kid that had followed him earlier is back, curiously looking at the shapeshifter ninja.

Captain: *rings the gong again* Wakey,wakey, sleepers. We have a little while to go.

Elaonore: *is slowly waking up* Mmmmm....*slowly gets up and stretches*

Kado almost ignores the second gong, but the kid reaches out for one of his sword hilts, and he suddenly flips upright and jumps into the nearest tree branch.

"Nice try kid. But no." "Awwww...." The kid whines.

Kado shakes his head, and then jumps over toward the main group, stopping near Elaonore.

"Good morning, Elaonore. Sleep well?"

Elaonore: Wish I could sleep a little while longer...*stretches abit more* But I slept rather well. How about you, Kado? Daikeim didn't give you any trouble while I was asleep did he?

"...Yes, but we had a talk and worked it out. You're lucky to have one another. We also trained a bit before we went and slept for the rest of the night. I myself was working on a particular.... technique. I hope I can at the very least, to be able to control rather than be controlled by my power. I've already messed things up enough, and I'm going to make sure I never allow that mistake to happen again. I promise."

Elaonore: Understand that we all make mistakes. And no matter how bad they will get, we will always have our open arms to you.

Kado silently nods, and Elaonore notices the kid shadowing Kado, but Kado lightly stomps the ground and the kid's progress is impeded by a wall of stone.

Elaonore: *smiles* Looks like you've got yourself a little admirer, Kado.

"I can see that. Most kids are obsessed with ninjas when they're young, but how often do you get to see one?" He laughs lightly. "Unfortunately I don't like attention that much. Makes me nervous."

Elaonore: i know how that's like. When I was in high school, boys would follow me home everyday, trying to court me. Ofcourse, I would just walk past with my head high and my eyes forward. Even now, I still notice guys staring at me from the distance. Sort of like how the captain is right now.

Captain: *is shocked* No! No! No I was not!, I thought I saw...ughhhmmm...that rock move!

Elaonore: *chuckles* no one likes a liar, Captain.

Captain: *bows his head in shame* My apologies, ma'am...

Elaonore: It's alright.

The kid manages to climb the rock wall, and Kado sighs. "Three... two... one..." He sidesteps as the kid tries to leap at him, and the kid lands on his face.


"You can stop any time you like, you know."

Elaonore: *giggles* The boy must really be fond of you. But it's sort of dangerous, being fond of someone you dont know at a very young age.

Kado looks away. "...Being around me tends to draw people into trouble... ...being fond of me tends to be a mistake..."

Kado and Elaonore feel slight vibrations as the trees rustle, suddenly they see Daikeim get blasted right past them. As they look towards the forest, they see a massive gap of where trees have been disintegrated and they notice a golden figure. But before they can even say something, Daikeim flies past them once more with the Draconia in his hand. Managing to slice the figure in half before it fires another attack, the figure forms into a aura that gets absorbed into Daikeim. He takes a sigh of relief and walks towards the two with one of his hands scratching the back of his head. "Oh... Sorry about that, training with Exeon energy again." They can clearly see sweat marks and bruises all over Daikeim, suggesting that he never got any rest after all...

Kado sighs. "Take it easy, Daikeim. You should have rested when we stopped last night."

Daikeim chuckles. "Yeah, maybe you're right... But I need to get a control of this energy, the sooner the better... And resting is something I've been doing too much of lately, so I need to practice and train until I get back into my normal routine."

Elaonore: So strange that I still remain tiresome, while you remain restless. Guess there's reason to ask how you slept.

Kado sighs. "I understand if you want to be ready, just don't over do it. With our luck anything could happen."

"True, but that's the thing, anything could happen. So it's best to be ready for it, so, when will we be moving again?" Daikeim says with an exhausted tone to his voice as the sweat evaporates from his body.

Elaonore: We're moving on right now. See. *points at everyone begining to walk* This is it. After today, we'll be there.

Kado looks over at Elaonore. "Where are we going again?"

Elaonore: *shrugs* I don't know. We'll just have to follow and see.

Daikeim sighs. "You know, it'll be nice if we had a clue of where we're goi--" Daikeim stays deathly quiet as he turns to look behind him, a smile appears on his face as he notices something. "Heh... Well I'll be damned."

Kado looks in the direction Daikeim was looking, and sees Drake. "Oh hey it's-" He freezes, as he sees the little electric yellow sphere now diving at him.

"NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!" He starts running fast, and the orb zooms after him, Elaonore and Daikeim think they can hear some sort of laughter from it as it wizzes past their heads. It suddenly arcs over Kado and as it dives at him again, changes into a blond haired girl with a brown jacket and a skirt, and lands on top of him giving him an enormous bear hug, Kado's face burning from how tight she squeezes him.

"KADOOO! How's my little brother doing?!" She laughs cheerfully.

"'re.......crushing...............meeeeeeeeeeee.......!!!" He gasps hoarsely.

Daikeim looks at Noriko and Kado then chuckles, but then turns to look at Drake who's currently flying towards Daikeim. Only stopping at a couple of feet.

"See, I told you I would be fine." Drake looks at Kado. "Noriko, c'mon, the poor person can't breathe... Remember that we still need to make sure that Torrent isn't following is, I think he's still mad about the prank." Drake laughs before getting punched in the arm by Daikeim.

"That's for going against Phoenix by yourself!" Daikeim takes a second look at Drake, realising all of his wounds are gone. "Huh? What happened to..."

Drake says with a grin on his face. "Simple, Aoi healed me... That reminds me, we got some problems..."

Elaonore: *looks upset* Mmmmmm. Problems aren't suppose to happen on vacations.

Noriko whips her head up, releasing Kado finally. She looks in the direction they came from. "He's not following us. I can't sense his electromagnetic energy any more, which means he'll be out of range. We're fine, White won't let him get too far when he's that mad. And not to worry! I'm on break! Yeeeeeaaaaa break time!!!" She cheers, hugging Kado fiercely again. "BLARG!!!" Kado yelps.

"Don't worry Elaonore, your vacation will be fine. So then Daikeim, what's happened during my absence?" Drake says as he looks around, before glancing at Noriko hugging Kado. "Are you gonna help him?"

Daikeim looks at chuckles. "Nah, they seem to be fine... And not much has happened really, but I want to know... How are you here? You do realise what Phoenix is, and bringing your friend along isn't helping."

Drake sighs before speaking. "Don't worry, after this event has happened, me and Noriko are defecting from Phoenix. I gotta fight for my freedom so yeah, and she won't do us any harm... Noriko wouldn't hurt a fly would you? ...Actually, nevermind. We had nothing better to do so I thought we would go pester you, and your friend." Drake takes a second to look at Kado. "Oh, you're the person that thought it would be a good idea to fight me back at Downation, weren't you?"

Kado gives him a look. "Actually, that was the other way around." He suddenly changes into a perfect replication of Drake and says, "Noise circus? You better watch your mouth you runt, unless you want it off of your face... " Kado says in a exact perfect version of Drake's speech and tone, then changes back to his usual form.

"Ever heard of a joke?" He says dryly.

Drake smirks and places his hand on Kurai's hilt and slightly unsheathes it, showing Kado a bit of the blade, Drake then speaks in a prideful manor. "A Ryunexo is a skilled swordsman, I don't think you would want to even try... I mean, I would have to hold back, don't want you dying since you seem to be Daikeim's friend... But no promises!"

Kado smirks as well. He takes Earth Slayer out of his sleeve and unsheathes it, and makes a sword stroke behind him. Suddenly a massive section of earth rises up under his feet and elevates until Drake can barely see him standing on top, and he simply jumps down and lands in a cloud of dust, landing silently even as the tremor shakes the others for a moment, and with another stroke of his sword, the raised section lowers just as violently and quickly. He sheathes it, a smile on his face.

"Oh trust me, I'm no push over. But we're not here to fight-" He dodges another hug from Noriko. "So you and Noriko are planning on defection eh? Better call than hanging around White, that's for sure."

"Heh, yeah... But it's not only us, the only people actually still loyal to Phoenix are Toma, Torrent, and two CE's named Azula and Silent Angel..." Drake looks at Noriko and sighs. "Why that name of all things?"

Noriko looks over at him. "Because he's so quiet! He almost never says anything! Plus he's got some really nice angel wings!"

Kado grows deathly silent at the mention of 'Azula', and Daikeim and Elaonore notice a sort of black aura about Kado as soon as Drake had said that name.

Noriko looks over at Kado and pokes his face. "Hey are you ok-"

".......Shut it...."

Daikeim looks at Drake with a concerned expression. "It's best if you don't say that name, it's too personal for him..."

Drake's expression changes as he keeps quiet, fully sheathing Kurai as he looks at Noriko. "Noriko, do you want to stay with these three for the time being?"

Noriko looks over at Drake. "Ehhh, for a little bit of catching up probably, but we've got other things to do and I'm sure we can always just visit again right?"

Drake says nothing for a moment, looking towards Daikeim as they both remember about Corruption and the effects he has when the two are in close proximity. Drake forces a smile and looks back at Noriko. "Yeah, we can visit when we're able." Daikeim sighs before speaking up. "Come on, we need to follow the group."

Everyone walks for some hours. until they see small valley with a ridge above it

Captain: Beyond this point lies our means of transportation from here on out. Just a couple more miles.

They reach a ruined castle that looks more like a fort.

Noriko yawns. "Oh great, MORE ruined fortresses. Don't see enough of those say, every single day...." She yawns again.

Kado sighs. "Say Drake, that sword wouldn't happen to be a Slayer would it? It's an interesting one."

Drake unsheathes Kurai to give Kado a better look at the blade, he smirks. "Yep, a hybrid of darkness and fire. Named it Kurai after an old friend... Plus, I can add runes to this to enhance it when I can."Drake says proudly but then his tone goes back to normal. "She just asked what my favorite weapon was, and that was that..."

"I see. Never heard of a Slayer having two at once. Interesting." He dodges Noriko again. "Are you done with that yet?!"

Noriko giggles. "Nope! You got seven years of hugs to make up for!"

"She's persistent, isn't she... Along with troublesome, but I guess you already knew that already... So you're 21, wow, I guessed you've experienced a lot during those years... Also, I thought people at Phoenix despise you... So how is Noriko like this towards you?"

Kado sighs. "Well 'despise' is probably the wrong set of words to use. More or less I was forced to defect after White tried to have me killed - and almost succeeded. I'm not surprised that Noriko still acts the same- ARRGGGH! WILL YOU QUIT IT?!" He snaps as Noriko takes advantage of his distraction and hugs him cheek on cheek, which makes him burn red.

"Grrrrr..... ....Anyway..." He says, trying to ignore the overeager fairy's touch, "Cause she's not one to hate people to begin with and wouldn't care if I was enemy or friend, she'd still do this to me.... ...please stop that......." He squeaks as she keeps going.

"Lighten up Kado! You're so gloomy!"

Drake laughs. "Yeah, White's a bitch when it comes to that... And I guess I could see Noriko as carefree regardless, haha, she's like a vice to you... So why'd you defect? I heard stuff here and there but never got the full story, so if you wouldn't mind..."

Kado sighs. "Basically the way I see it has to do with my heritage partially. You see, the original Phoenix tried to help humanity beat the Mythos back after they created the original Slayers, and used their powers to aide them. But humanity turned on them and the organization was forced to flee. One of the original eight, a man named Hadari was enraged by humanity's betrayal and decided to punish them, but as great and terrible as his power was, being the strongest of the eight and the unofficial leader, he could not beat humanity and their hybrid Mythos alone. So he sought after the power of the other seven Slayers. To do that... he would have to kill the wielders and take them for himself. One by one Phoenix fell, until the first White remained."

Kado pauses. "It is one of the most controversial and bitter battles of Echo's history. Hadari with his seven slayers, versus a lone White, and her remaining Light Slayer. Lover against Lover. Now bitter enemies. White defeated Hadari in the end, and refuted Hadari's quest for vengance. She believed in a world of peace, not war. ....Hadari was the first Dark Slayer. ....because of that betrayal, it was not til I was chosen by the blade that Phoenix allowed the Slayer to have a master. ....I am only the second Dark Slayer. I don't know the exact reason, but I think White did what she did under the assumption I would try and copy my predecessor."

"Hmm... Better safe than sorry I guess. Well thanks for telling, it was bugging me that I didn't know..." Drake looks at Noriko and sighs. "I think he's had enough hugging, seriously... He's gonna suffocate if you aren't careful."

Noriko puffs her cheeks slightly. "Fiiiiiinnnneeee...." She reluctantly lets go of him, and Kado sighs.

"Finally..." He looks at Drake. "Hmmmm.... I don't believe it, did you give her obedience lessons or something? She never listens to anyone usually..."

"That's because no one really hanged out with her, from what I know anyways. It's because we're sorta similar in a way, we got stuck in her tower after a food prank and just talked about stuff... So I guess we can be considered friends? And don't worry Nori, you can get me back soon with one of your pranks..." Drake says with a nervous smile to his face.

"Hmmm....." Kado thinks to himself quietly.

Noriko changes into the little sphere of electric yellow light and lands on Drake's shoulder. "Ahhhhh.... much better."

Drake softly pats the light with two fingers in a playful manor, he then looks at Kado. "So you never actually took a minute just to hang out with her, like normal people would?"

Kado closes his eyes. "....We hung out, but there really wasn't much to do. I was quiet and timid, and it took me a long time to get used to the other people around me. I only really interacted with Naomi and Torrent, a few years into my apprenticeship. A year or so later, Noriko started up her act and started acting.... ....I guess kinda like a big sister and constantly messed with me." He smiles.

"...Naomi and Noriko were the only people I really knew at all, but I was closer to Naomi."

Noriko laughs. "Closer as in K-I-S-S-I-N-G in a tree. He was probably head over heels any time he got a chance to be with her. I don't blame him though. Her tails and ears make her so cute sometimes!"

It's obvious by the look on Drake's face that he's struggling not to laugh, as childish as it is, he lets out a small giggle. Before giving up and laughing alongside Noriko.

They continue to walk abit further until they finally make it to a straight with buildngs on each one

Captain: We've made it. We'll venture on with one of those. *points at an air ship*

Kado looks at the airship. "Oh joy. An airship......" He glances at Noriko. "You better not do anything to it like last time.

Noriko flashes a bit. "Whatcha mean?"

Kado folds his arms. "Last time you short circuited the airship ride we took when I was thirteen and almost made us crash."

"Hee hee hee... that was priceless."

Drake looks at Noriko with a grin on his face. "You deserve a cookie, just hope that we survive this one if we do crash." He starts laughing.

Daikeim looks over at Drake and Noriko and sighs. "Poor Kado, them two are like children... Can't say I blame them though, especially Drake who just got out of Yosai. And I guess Noriko has an effect on Drake, you could say they're-- Nope, not going to say it."

He feels a little touch on his head, as Noriko lands on him. "Say that we're what? Come on now, you can tell me."

Drake overhears and looks at Daikeim, a smug grin on his face as he walks over to Daikeim, chuckling. "Yeah Daikeim, you can tell us... We're what now?" Drake says it in a certain tone that makes it hard for Daikeim to tell if he's joking or not. Daikeim makes a slight gulp as he says it, in a worried tone. "I guess you could say I thought you two were... A thing?"

Drake's eyes widen as his expression changes into a slight shock. "Noriko and I are a what now?!"

Noriko giggles. "That's right! We've been making it good if ya know what I mean!" She laughs, then rapidly orbits Daikeim's head while still giggling.

Drake's expression and skin colour has drained from his face, the look of death in his eyes as he's unable to make a response to what Noriko just said. Daikeim looks at Drake and says in a rather dismissive voice. "You did what!?"

"Hey! I didn't mea-- NO! I MEAN THAT... It never... NORIKO!" Drake looks at Noriko with a worried look on his face. "Please don't joke about things like that..."

"Awwwwww.... ....joke about what?" She lets that one sink in before abruptly cutting off Daikeim. "*Sigh*.... yes.... I was kidding.... too bad you denied it though, that would have been so much fun!" She giggles again.

Kado sighs. "Noriko....'re scary."

Drake looks at Kado and sighs as well. "I'm going to Echo with her, how do you think I feel?" Drake walks over to Noriko and plucks her out of the air and places her on his shoulder.

As his hand moves away from her, he feels a small zap, then he feels her sit down. "Hmmph. You didn't have to grab me so hard.... that hurt..."

Drake softly pats Noriko and apologises. "Like I said, you can get me back someday, alright?" Drake puts on a smile and lightly chuckles before turning to look at Daikeim. "Do I really look like I would want to settle down? I mean, I'm basically in my prime! I want to have fun and cause chaos, not relax and be orderly."

"Payback's a bitch..." She mutters under her breath.

Daikeim looks at Kado. "Was she always like that during your time at Phoenix?"

"Sorta, but I don't believe she's pulled that sort of thing on someone before, to that degree at least."

"Hmm... Then what makes this different... Unless she wasn't joking, or at least hoping Drake went along with it." Daikeim slightly chuckles before looking back at the two.

Daikeim notices the orb has faded revealing Noriko's tiny frame clad in a very simple dress, leaflike in design. Her wings are easily larger than her whole body, the four wings about as long as Drake's forearm. She has what Daikeim believes to either be an annoyed, disappointed, or bored look on her face, though he's not sure.

"Umm... Is there a problem?"

"No. Just bored." She flies off from Drake's shoulder and lands on Kado's, and begins saying something to him, and they seem to start having a conversation, though they keep it to a point none of them can tell what they're talking about.

Daikeim simply shrugs and turns to look at Drake who's admiring Kurai once again, Daikeim sighs and smiles as he summons the Draconia and spars with Drake.

After everyone takes a break,they head to the first airship taking the first 50 passengers and lifts off

Elaonore: *looks over board and sees nearly all of the beautiful landscape of Midnation* So beautiful up here....*rest her arms and head on the side of the airship*

Kado sighs, staying in the center of the ship as much as possible. Noriko however gleefully flies around the ship, observing the landscape with great interest. A few times Noriko comes close to trying to air tackle him, but Kado goes intangible each time.

Daikeim and Drake are in their Half Dragon forms, racing around the ship, causing some passengers to cheer and even place bets on winners. Pleased with the audience, the two coat themselves in fire and blaze around. Causing shapes and trails of fire to appear in the sky, finally their 'show' ends off with them flying back towards the ship, narrowly missing everyone and landing on the deck. Causing a massive cheer from both crowds, Daikeim and Drake laugh as they bump fists and go find something to eat.

Kado just shakes his head with a small smile. The kid from earlier shows up, and Kado sighs.

"Ninja! Please teach me how to be a ninja like you!"

Kado silently looks at the kid. ".....Sorry. I'm not much of a teacher. ....Besides. A warrior's life isn't for you little guy." He looks away from the kid, silently looking off into the landscape.

After flying past some high mounts they reach a huge connection of cities in the skies.

Capatain: This is the Sky Con. Region. Most airborne Myths live here. Most of them are modern scholars and philosophers.

Everyone looks down in astonishment.

Daikeim jumps off the ship and dives down, Drake soon following. Being the show-offs they are, they fly around the residents, manipulating their energies to create more unique stunt but managing to not harm anybody. The people on the ship can hear cheers and laughter, while others think that their antics have gone to their heads...

Elaonore: *shakes her head* Those two...couldn't stop showing-off for the world...*slightly smiles*

Kado sighs, while Noriko decides to take pot shots at Drake for fun with small lightning bolts for entertainment.

Drake dodges the incoming bolts and smirks. "Oh, you're gonna be like that? Hehe, Daikeim, let's go!" Daikeim smirks to and turns towards Noriko. "Got it!" Both Daikeim and Drake fly at high speeds towards Noriko, managing to dodge the bolts with ease. Daikeim flies past Noriko while Drake stays a couple of meters away, both create a wall of arrow like objects made of pure fire. "Better start dodging little fairy!" Drake shouts with a playful tone to his voice.

She suddenly disappears in a bolt of lightning, and appears about a mile to one side of the ship.

"Better start aiming, little dragon!" She taunts, firing a bolt of lightning square on Drake's face.

Drake flinches, causing the wall of arrows to completely miss Noriko. But while she giggles, she's unaware about Daikeim, who by now has charged the arrows with lightning and are now speeding towards Noriko. "You're not the only one who controls lightning here! Have fun!"

Kado smiles, and looks over at Elaonore. "He really shouldn't have done that." He says with a smile.

Elaonore: *her smile grows wider*

After a few more hours, they make it over water, but the water itself goes over a fall and near those falls are Victorian-styled buildings

Captain: This here is New Victoria. A couple more hours and we'll be there.

Elaonore: *marvels at the sight of the city*

After multiple lightning arrows, Noriko suddenly starts raining more than ten times the lightning arrows straight at him and Drake, laughing gleefully.

Kado shakes his head. "Told you. Noriko is the Lightning Slayer. Using lightning elements is useless against her. She'll just make you eat your own medicine."

After a moment, Drake and Daikeim hover side by side. "Heh... She has us pinned, any ideas Drake?" Drake examines Noriko and a grins appears on his face. "Uh huh, I have an idea. Just be ready when I give the call, ok?" Daikeim nods as he watches Drake twist and turn, dodging the arrows.

Just as he gets in range of Noriko, he playfully smile and flies past her, kissing her cheek and speaking in a much softer tone. "Hehe, did I just surprise you?" She gets a tingly feeling on her cheek as she stands puzzled, Drake smirks and gives the call. Daikeim gains the golden trail in his eyes as he summons four energy dragons that fly at Noriko and wrap around her wrists and ankles, restraining her. Drake and Daikeim hover infront of Noriko and fist bump each other one more time. "I think we pulled that off pretty easily, ok Daikeim, you can release her now." Daikeim chuckles as the dragons fade away, but then he turns to looks at Drake. "Do you think you went a bit far?"

Noriko puts a hand on her cheek quietly. She silently flies off out of sight before they can notice she left, flying inside of clouds and sparking with various colors of lightning, her tiny form hidden well within the clouds.

Daikeim punches Drake's arm. "Yeah, you took it too far." Drake angrily sighs. "Oh come on, don't give me tha--" Daikeim points to the clouds, obviously not pleased with Drake's action. "Go and apologise!" Drake looks to where Daikeim is pointing and sighs, slowly flying up and looking around to find Noriko. "Hello...? Noriko, where are you?"

Suddenly the cloud explosively erupts in a massive burst of light and sound that shatters his eardrums and blinds him, the force slamming him down onto the deck of the ship in a matter of seconds, and Daikeim looks up at the cloud to see it violently thundering and sparking lightning bolts.

"Well... She's obviously not happy..." Daikeim looks at Drake, who is currently crashed onto a broken table and chair. "REALLY EINSTEIN? YOU DON'T SAY!" Daikeim sighs and flies over to Drake and helps him up. "I told you that you went too far."

"I was only playing around, it was to throw her off guard and it worked, didn't it?"

"Yeah, it did. But now look at her... Go up again."

"What? Hell no! Not a chanc--"

"Drake, go up. Anything you get from her is what you deserve..."

Drake looks up and growls at Daikeim. "Fine... You owe me big time." Drake gains tribal markings once more as he carefully and slowly flies up towards the raging cloud, knowing it's a stupid idea but goes along with it. "Umm... Noriko?"

"I have a lovely nick name for you."

"...And that would be?"


"And why would that be my nickname?" Drake finally gets at arms length with the cloud, he sighs and goes into it, fully knowing the dangers he's putting himself through.

He has to dodge a series of bolts of electricity which force him to maneuver back out.

"Because that's what they're going to write as your cause of death if you don't leave me alone...."

Daikeim lands next to Kado and watches. "Wow, he managed to piss off the care-free girl... Well done Drake, well done..."

"Oh come on Nori, you can't be serious..." Drake takes a second attempt at getting into the cloud.

He feels a pressure land on his shoulder just before he does, and he looks over to see her covered in a blue aura of electricity. Her face doesn't look as pissed as he imagined. It looks more annoyed, her arms are crossed as she stares at him.

"Don't ever kiss me again." She promptly kicks him in the face with her little foot, which hurts a hell lot worse than he imagined it would, then she zooms down to the ship and goes out of sight.

Kado sighs.

Daikeim also sighs and places a palm to his face. "Ugh... God dammit Drake, always one to take it too far, aren't you..."

Drake angrily sighs and punches the air, causing a small wave of fire to blast out. "Ow... That fucking hurt..." Drake glances down and looks at the water, he sets himself ablaze and flies down into the water to calm himself down for the time being. "Hmph... I'll catch up with them later..."

Kado gets up and silently follows where he senses Noriko hiding, and goes below deck and finds a pile of barrels, prying it open to see her curled up and glaring at him.

"What Kado?"

"You never act that way. Mind explaining?"

"....None of your business."

Kado taps her little head. "Hey. You're supposed to be my 'big sister' ehh? Looks like I'm the big one now.

"Hilarious. A short joke. I just LOVE short jokes." She says with annoyance.

"Look. What's the deal, you made me confide in you, how about some mutual respect here Nori?"

"He kissed me. There."

Kado sighs. "Seriously Nori. Come on now. That never bothers you. You'd probably love attention like that."

"Yes, I probably would, except the guy did it just to mock me. At least I'm genuinely curious about people when I tease them... ....but he blatently said to everyone he has no interest. Fine. But don't come back later and f*cking kiss me! Either hands off or hands on. They don't get to choose both."

Kado sighs. "Yeeep. High strung... listen. He doesn't know how you tend to feel, or react to things. You want to enjoy your time together back in Echo, well you need to work this shit out."

"He can go fuck himself.... .....I can go alone."

"*Sigh* You're just saying that cause you're pissed. When he comes back, I'm going to tell him where you are and you two will sort your shit out." Kado gets up and leaves without another word, and walks back up above deck, and stands by Daikeim again.

"Well, that was something else."

Daikeim sighs and folds his arms. "Sucks to be the mature one, doesn't it... You'd think considering some of the stuff they get put through, they would have a little more maturity in them... I guess Drake has still got some unwanted surprises for others, but for once. I have no idea how these two are gonna resolve this problem, Drake usually holds grudges and I'm guessing Noriko does to?"

"Actually, no. Like the element she controls, she is a brief violent flash of light, and then it is gone as soon as it has come. Big, dramatic, and over with quick."

"Hmm, I should of guessed that... In that sense, Drake is defiantly fire hands down... Let's just hope that Drake actually holds back and will care for what Noriko has to say..."

Kado shakes his head. "A thing about some faeries though, they have this all too sharp intuition to avoid people who are angry or bitter at them. She'll probably hide in there until he's calmed his attitude down. And with Noriko, let's just say she can find a lot of ways to entertain herself. It's more of a matter of how long can he keep the fire going than anything else. Even if he does try and talk to her with that attitude, she'll not likely let him close and avoid him until he's level headed."

"Hmmm... Do you want me to get him over here? Once I calm him down of course..."

"If you can calm him down, yes."

Daikeim closes his eyes and senses Drake's energy signature, he then flies down to him. Located on a rock at the surface of the water, Daikeim lands beside him and looks at him.

"What do you want Daikeim?"

"I think you know what I want..."

"I am not apologising to her, it's her fault she overreacted!"

"She didn't overreact... She had every right to act how she did, I mean... Wouldn't you be a bit mad if someone just came up and kissed you?"

"Viewpoints are different Daikeim, so take a guess genius..."

Daikeim sighs. "You obviously don't know what a kiss means to a woman, do you? Because think about it, what you did probably changed how she looks at you now, for the worse." Daikeim places two fingers on Drake's head and stays quiet, after a moment he takes them off."You made a blood promise to her, if you go back on that, you're no less pathetic than the dirt you walked on..."

Drake says nothing and looks at his left hand, which has small scars on the tips. He sighs and a wave of fire erupts from Drake, causing the nearby water to evaporate in an instant, he then stands up and looks at the ship. He sighs and punches Daikeim's shoulder as he flies up and lands infront of Kado, with Daikeim landing soon after.

Kado looks at Drake with suppressed surprise. "Hmm. You actually got him here faster than I believed possible. You calm enough to talk?"

Drake puts his hands in his pockets and nods silently. "Yes, just tell me where Nori is..."

"She's below deck hiding under a big pile of barrels. I made a hole in it so I could see her, so you should be able to tell which pile she's in. Assuming she hasn't grown bored of hide and seek."

Drake goes below deck and takes a look around, seeing the barrels with a hole through one. He walks up to it and looks through the hole.

Noriko looks up at him, her small eyes trying to see what emotional state he's in.


"Hey... Can I come in? If that's alright with you..." Drake says in the soft tone again, slightly surprising Noriko.

"Sure, I suppose you could. You wouldn't happen to be smaller than about two inches would ya?"

Drake turns into a small flame and shifts it's way inside, it then forms back into Drake with tribal markings over him again. He's slightly taller than Noriko, he tries to force a smile but sighs instead. Opting to stay on the opposite side from Noriko.

At this size he can see she looks more fey in nature, with slightly pointed ears and generally looks more cute than beautiful or pretty. Her wings glimmer with a yellowish light that flickers on and off.

She blinks silently at his spell, and then shrugs. "I guess you can. ...I'm.... errrrgghh... sorry." She looks up at an opening in the 'ceiling', idly watching crew members passing by.

"You don't need to be, I'm the idiot who thought it was a good idea to do that... I guess I'm not used to having a female friend so I kinda got carried away. I'm sorry..." Drake take his hands out of his pockets and places them behind his back, grasping them together as he looks at Noriko. A small smile appears on his face although Noriko can't notice it.

She sighs, then irritably pulls at her dress. "Ugghh.... I hate dresses.She pulls her legs up and holds them up close to herself with her arms.

"It's fine if we're friends, but... said all I needed to hear about your stance with me. We're just friends, and you have no intention to settle down. I respect and understand that, I feel.... sort of the same way. Just.... ...don't send me mixed messages. I don't really consider kisses to be the realm of 'just friends', it just doesn't feel right to me. ...and I am genuinely sorry. I overreacted. I guess you could say I didn't think either."

Drake walks up to Noriko and examines her quickly before opening his HSC and spellbook... He makes some mental calculations before pointing towards Noriko, tribal and lightning patterns appear on her dress as it forms into a smaller version of her usual outfit. "These spells are handy, aren't they."

Drake then looks through his HSC before pulling out an object and passing it to Noriko. "It's to put on your outfit." To her, it just looks like any other symbol, Drake closes the spellbook and puts it in the HSC and stores it away. "It's the Cyanican rune for lightning, put that on and your lightning skills should amplify ten fold..." Drake briefly laughs. "Don't send you mixed messages, got it. Also, what do you mean sort of the same way?"

She looks at it curiously for a moment, before looking up at him. "You know... ...I like a good adventure, I'm always looking for something to get involved in. You know full well I like causing havoc whenever possible. Though I do like to relax once in a while....." She shakes her head for a moment. "You get the idea."

She looks over the outfit for a moment, and smiles faintly. "....thanks Drake."

"It's no problem, the least I could do for being a dick to you." Drake looks at the hole he went through before looking back at Noriko with a smile on his face. "C'mon Nori, let's head back to the others" Drake starts walking towards the hole, slowing down so Noriko can catch up.

Noriko simply flies past him up and out of the hole, standing on one of the top barrels of the pile.

Drake chuckles and goes into his Aura Dragon form and follows Noriko. "Oh, and I'm not trying to be mean. But when you said 'We're just friends, and you have no intention to settle down.', what made you think that you'd be the person I would settle down with?" Drake laughs again. "Trust me, you'd try to kill me if that was the case, I'm really incompatible when it comes to stuff like that... Anyways, do you want to race to top deck?"

She lightly zaps him then races off. "Sure!"

Drake smirks and flies after Noriko, despite her being the Lightning Slayer, Drake manages to catch up and eventually overtake her. He looks back at her and sticks his tongue out at her before blazing off almost out of her sight.

She lazily flies out of the lower deck and appears in full form, and slowly walks off to one side of the ship, and watches the scenery roll by.

Daikeim notices Noriko and sighs, looking at Kado. "Do you think those two are ok now?" As he says that, Drake resizes back to normal and land next to him. "Talking about me again Daikeim?"

Kado looks over towards Noriko and silently observes her for a moment. "...Yeah, she's fine."

Daikeim takes a sigh of relief. "That's good to hear... Drake, don't be a dick to her again."

"It's in my nature to be a dick to people, but for once I'll try." Drake chuckles before playing with a fireball.

Kado silently walks over to Noriko, and they start talking again, though once again they can't really tell what they're saying.

"Hmm, I wonder what those two talk about..." Daikeim ponders.

"Meh, probably just catching up on old times... They haven't seen each other in seven years Daikeim, so I guess they'll be talking about that. And why are you wondering that?"

"I don't know, just a random thought really... Oh, that reminds me, you said there was a problem?"

Drake sighs. "Yeah, Phoenix are gonna be in a battle against two people... Someone named Jibaku and Valeric, I guess his evil intentions are showing now..."

"Valeric... Then, why would he help me? Why did I help him..."

"Because you're a dumbass at times Daikeim, he probably doesn't know either... But he probably wanted to do it for some reason, that you have to find out yourself..."

Daikeim looks out at the scenery and sighs. "I wish I could, but I just need to relax right now Drake... Elaonore is on a damn time limit, I might as well make it worth while..."

They notice Noriko hugging Kado, but it's more of a gentle hug, and Kado gently hugs her back after a moment, his embrace seems almost reassuring in nature. After a moment they break apart and Noriko heads off toward a different part of the ship, and Kado just looks at the scenery, putting his mask back on.

Drake laughs."Well shit, he does have emotions beside angry and depressed... Hmm..." An glint appears in Drake's eyes as he examines the mask. "...I need to get a hold of that mask..."

"Drake, what are you planning?"

"Oh nothing, just a little something to make me laugh."

They land in the central part of New Victoria as they get off they marvel the amazing structure of the city. The continue to venture on into what is now the border of Upnation.

Captain: See those mountains? Those used to be temples atop those mountains. They we're built in honor of a magnificent scholar named Feng Zhu. Who was the original founder of Upnation's culture and way of living.

Kado chuckles. "As impressive as these lands are, they're nothing to the grace of Chinmoku."

Captain: They're not there to impress. Remember that.

Kado shakes his head. "Regardless of intent, that is what they do. But regardless, this is a fair land." An air of curiosity comes over him. "Do you know of a world named Echo by chance?"

Captain: No, but I am sure of the scholars maybe have heard of such a place.

"I see. I heard rumors once that our people once had contact with Fantasy, but if they had, little acknowledgement of it exists I guess."

Captain: Hmm.

They continue to walk until they make it to water and several Junk ships are waiting for them.

Captain: Ok. 50 on each boat. Come on now. We're a few miles away.

Everyone gets aboard their boats. 50 on each ship.

Captain: Let's sail.

The ships begin to sail away from the shore

Elaonore: *is excited* We're almost there! I can't wait!

Noriko yawns. "Can't be that interesting can it?"

Elaonore: I don't know. Never been to this part of Fantasy before. That's why I'm so excited!

Kado fiddles with some things hidden in his sleeves, Elaonore can hear occasional clicks of some sort of metal as he does. He looks at her for a moment. "I'm just adjusting my weaponry."

Elaonore: Why bring weapons on vacation?

"A vacation, yes. But that doesn't excuse the world from attempting to screw with you. Just because you decide the rest, does not mean the enemy rests. Constant vigilance, is one of the many things my master taught me."

Elaonore: Oh my....It's beautiful...more beautiful than I ever imagined....

Their before them lies a magnificent Asian-styled city. Everyone looks upon it in awe and are eagerly excited.

Arrival at Upnation Edit

Captain: We've made it.

Kado and Noriko look at the city with some interest. "Hmmm.... pretty nice. Reminds me of the old compound's style, what do you think, Noriko?"

Noriko nods a bit. "Yeah, the old compound had some Japanese and Chinese style to it for sure."

The ships docks and everyone gets off and are so eager to look around.

Captain: This is the Imperial Harbor. The Supreme Lord has made this as a bases of meetings to discuss economical improvements and such.

Kado looks at Elaonore. "So, what should we do since we're here?" He subtly scans the area with his shadow senses to sense if anyone might be lurking waiting to attack or otherwise pose a threat.

Elaonore: I'm going to try some oriental noodles! Oh! I maybe even try sushi! *finds the nearest catering stand*

Daikeim looks over at the now fleeing Elaonore and happily sighs. "Guess I'm following her then, see you three soon." He catches up with Elaonore, holding her hand while they both go to a catering stand.

Drake laughs and pulls out the pink spraycan and sprays Kado's mask. "Much like Torrent, pink really suits you!" Drake goes into his Aura Dragon form and flies off, they can still hear his childish laughter.

Kado sighs, and pulls out Fire Slayer. "Be back after I roast him into roasted turkey." He says to Daikeim, then launches up into the air and is enveloped by a bird made of fire of every color, then soars off after Drake, able to catch up to him rather quickly.

"Hey, got something for you!" *Blasts Drake with green fire.*

Drake counters the green fire with a black fireball, he then unsheathes Kurai and starts clashing swords with Kado. "You have three Slayers, put 'em to use!" Drake says in his cocky attitude again.

Kado teleports in a burst of darkness, and appears further away, Dark Slayer drawn. Suddenly several large shadow hands come out of his back, Drake counts his total number of arms to be now eight. Kado draws Fire Slayer with his other normal hand, but Earth Slayer is drawn by one of the new shadow hands. The rest of them form swords made of pure darkness, each resembling Dark Slayer in appearance.

Before Drake can raise his sword, Kado closes the distance incredibly fast and begins slashing and stabbing at him with a blinding speed, and when Drake attempts to attack, he easily blocks with one of the shadow swords.

"You shouldn't tempt me."

Drake smirks as the tribal markings on Kurai begin to glow, Drake flies back and takes one almighty swing, causing a wave of black fire to disperse from the blade and slice through some of the shadow hands. Kado sees Drake's aura morph off of Drake and become a separate entity, with it having an aura variation of Kuria. The two speed towards Kado and unleashes a barrage of slices, slashes and stabs.

Kado effortlessly ducks under Drake and the clone's strikes, and then grabs Drake's sword arm and begins twisting until Drake feels his shoulder get dislocated, and then Kado kicks him hard in the stomach, impaling the aura version of Drake with both Dark Slayer and Fire Slayer, before pulling back, and Drake notices a metal forming around Kado much like the metal he had seen the earth creature use that was virtually indestructible. It takes the shape of a full set of armor, including a helm as well.

"Ok... No more playing around..." Drake grabs his arm and pops it back into place, he sheathes Kurai and glares at Kado, growling his aura forms back onto Drake. Once more, tribal markings appear on both the aura and Drake's eyes glow white. He fades away in fire and appears high above Kado, summoning multiple phantom swords, he points at Kado and the blade speed toward him. They pierce his arms and legs without damaging the armor, Drake then flies down and slams both his fists against Kado's chest. Blasting him down to the floor, before Kado can react, he is pushed back up by a column of rock. Drake appears beside Kado and slams his arm against his back, sending him flying into the water. Drake flies over and lands ontop of the water, with steam coming the the water around him.

A strange fish pops out of the water and bites Drake on the leg with sharp teeth, before turning into a snake and slithering across the water and into tall grass and out of sight.

"...Ow? Hmph, anyways, show yourself Kado... I doubt you can breathe underwater."

Drake feels a painful burning sensation on one of his shoulders, and sees a blob of lava burning his skin.

Drake looks up and sees that Kado has shapeshifted into Hitomara, Drake jumps away and pours water on the lava, cooling it instantly."So... You're gonna be like that? Heh, fine by me..." Drake gets consumed by fire and emerges as a fire dragon the same size as Hitomara, Drake is in the center. The dragon roars and flies towards Kado and tackles him to the ground and claws at him

Kado sighs, the voice coming out as Hitomara's. "You really must be a class A student from the moron academy." He says, as the fire dragon's attacks do nothing to him. The sharp tip of the metal and molten lava dragon pierces right through the fire dragon, and embeds itself in Drake's left side, and rips him out of the fire dragon and smashes him against the ground strong enough to crack it.

"Grr... Fuck it, I'm ending this!" Drake pulls himself out of the ground, dark energy emits from Drake's hands as he flies towards Kado and presses his hands against him. "Shadow Cast: OBLIVION!" Kado and Drake get covered in a pitch black energy which causes them ungodly amounts of pain, forcing Kado to shapeshift back to normal and quickly lose eyesight for a moment. When his sight returns, he sees a bloody and battered Drake knocked out cold.

Kado sighs. "Great. Daikeim is gonna have both our heads I'd imagine." He walks over to Drake and holds out a hand to Drake's side, and slivers of metal form from the ground and begin stitching Drake's wound closed. After that is done, Kado summons his shadow arms, and picks him up with four of them, which hold him up and Kado begins looking for Elaonore and Daikeim.

"Might as well get you back to Elaonore, I imagine she'll patch you up." When he finally finds Daikeim and Elaonore, Kado sighs. "Hey, we got a bit carried away, he kinda needs some healing, I don't know any healing so I brought him back here. ....Sorry, should have been more careful."

Daikeim looks at Drake and sighs. "Don't be, he wasn't gonna let that thing from Downation simple go by unnoticed. Thanks for bringing him here Kado, he just has to learn to not get into fights this easily... As you've probably seen, he isn't the smartest when it comes to exploiting weaknesses." Daikeim looks at Elaonore who's eating. "I'd hate to bother her with Drake's idiocy, I'll deal with him..." Daikeim takes Drake and lays him on the floor, placing his hand on Drake's chest, a blue aura covers Drake and slowly heals him. "So, what were you two doing?"

"Fighting, I didn't think he'd get that aggressive that fast."

"Yup, Drake will get aggressive very quickly... It's in his nature to be aggressive towards people stronger than him, he strives to be the best and even beat gods..." Daikeim chuckles. "Too bad he has a long way to go before he manages that, so expect him to challenge people who could easily kill him... That was also explain some of the reasons of why he went to Yosai in the first place..."

Kado sits down, hiding Dark Slayer back inside his sleeve. "He has a death wish I swear."

Daikeim smirks and stands up, indicating that the healing is done. "Yup, ironic how he's Cyanic's Soul of Revival..."

Kado sighs. "So what are you planning on doing here Daikeim?"

"What do you mean? With Drake?"

"No, I mean, you're here now, so what are you going to do now that you're here?"

"Oh, well... I was hoping to have a vacation with Elaonore..." Daikeim looks at Drake and sighs. "But with what Drake's said, I have a feeling that Elaonore will be relaxing by herself sadly... Oh, I wanted to ask, what do you and Noriko talk about? It's hard to ease drop at times... Hehe" Daikeim smiles nervously and scratches the back of his head.

Kado takes metal from the ground, and forms it into a new mask, and breaks the old one. "I really wish people would stop screwing with my mask..."

He puts the mask on then looks back at Daikeim. "Well, she was telling me earlier things she thought I needed to know about Phoenix since I left." He glances at Drake, then back at Daikeim. "Just lots of things. Personal stuff, catching up, reminiscing, that sort of thing."

"Knew it... So what about you? Are you gonna stay or do you have some important things to attend to?"

"I may stay for a time, but I fully intend to fight Jibaku and Valeric. After that, who knows. I will not be returning to Azure though. I'm tired of serving others, while my life pays the price. A life without fulfillment is not worth living. I want to live my own life, not be struck down every time I long for something more."

"Hmm... Seems like the sensible choice to make, well, I wish you luck on your further travels. I feel like you'll need it, hell, anyone who's going against them two will need it..." He looks down at Drake once more. "Yeah, you have a damn death wish... Speaking of your friend, where is she?"

"Uuugh... You dare bring her here and your head is on a spike..." Drake groans, slowly opening his eyes and sitting up. "The hell happened?"

Daikeim chuckles. "You got your ass handed to you by Kado."

Noriko appears on Kado's shoulder. "Hi Drake! You ok?"

Kado sighs. "Well to be fair he did beat me around a fair deal. I wasn't going for killer moves though."

Drake blankly stares at Kado before a moment before looking at Noriko, sighing before laying on his back again. "Long story short, me and Kado got into a fight, nothing really surprising... Got my ass kicked and you missed out on it" Drake laughs before looking at Daikeim. "And where the hell were you during all this?! I could of died!"

"Well, for starters, it was your decision to fight Kado. And I was eating food with Elaonore, and Kado wasn't aiming to kill you..." Daikeim shakes his head.

"Oh yeah, Shadow Cast... Yup, stupid idea..." Drake takes a moment of silence before standing up and looking around, he smirks and then walks off.

"Drake, where do you think you're going?"


Daikeim has a puzzled look on his face. "You don't do shopping..."

"And demi-gods don't get banished from their home and have casual conversations with the evil bastards... I'll be back soon, maybe."Drake says with a confident and proud tone to his voice despite the fight beforehand.

Kado leans against the nearest wall, and sighs. "How do you you two put up with him....?"

Noriko laughs. "Simple, I simply piss him off more than he can do to me! It's really simple really..."

Kado shakes his head. "The food here any good, Daikeim?"

Elaonore: *is eating on imitation crab sushi* It tastes good to me. Tastes amazing. Why don't they ever make stuff like this back at home?

Kado sits down at the vendor stand. "Might try something then."

"Grrrrrrr.... how long do you insist on keeping me in this f*cking pocket?!" A voice growls from Kado's pocket.

Daikeim looks at Kado. "...Did your pocket just speak?"

Kado digs in his pocket and pulls out a crystal with obsidian black and snow white coloration about the size of his palm.

Finally, you insufferable brat! Do you realize how damn hot it is down there?!

"No and I don't care. Oh yeah, this is Dimrune, he's a light and dark elemental. He's kinda got a.... explosive temper."

Daikeim chuckles. "So you have a Drake in your pocket... Well at least with that you can just bury it or throw it away..." Daikeim looks at the crystal with slight curiosity. "Strange... An elemental reduced to a gem..."

The crystal suddenly levitates and flies off a bit, then crackles as a strange void takes form in the light shaped like a humanoid, with faint red eyes.

And even think about treating me like that or I'll bury YOU. IN THE DARKEST ABYSS-

Kado yawns. "Yeah yeah, darkest Abyss. Will you stop being a drama queen?"

"Hmm... So what's your story then, Dimrune? I'm interested to hear, you see entertaining enough you might as well give us a story."

Well my passion is devouring mortal souls, cause I'm a Incubus you see, and I also like to ruin everyone's fun. By the way, fuck you.

"You're welcome, so Kado, how long have you had this buzzkill in your pocket for?"

"Oh a little bit before I came to Fantasy. A friend and I had to fight him cause he was being controlled by Phoenix."

Dimrune silently moves to choke Daikeim, but Kado draws Dark Slayer and Dimrune flinches and pulls back.

You're luck you got that sword of yours......

Captain: Everyone! The Supreme Lord wishes the presence of the new comers! Everyone gather around!

Everyone within the area gather around the golden balcony. The balcony turn into stairs.

Elaonore: Ooooh. We must meet him or her. Surely anyone who went through all this hassle just to get us over her must be greeted and thanked. *joins the rest of the big crowd*

Daikeim notices a subtle change in Kado's form, now slightly transparent.

"Expecting something bad?" Daikeim walks past Kado, joining the crowd.

"Like I said.... constant vigilance. I can't really trust anyone. Particularly government officials."

Near the stairs a throne can be seen and it has someone sitting in to but the figures upper torso is shadowed. It shows that the figure is wearing pants-leggings with red geometrical lines.

"Wishes the presence of the newcomers..." Daikeim looks at Kado and nods. "Yeah, I see why now... This doesn't seem like it's gonna end well..." Daikeim looks back at the figure, now more cautious and observant towards them.

Announcer: Introducing the beaer of our fortune and the great teacher of our lands. The one true son Fantasy himself who descended from the heavens to aid our magnifecent realm to greatness and beyond.

The figure stands up from the throne. He is wearing a brightish-red leather sweater with a line down the middle. He also has a symbol of a broken musical note on his right chest. He also has a chain made of of the same symbols hanging from one of his pants loops. His face is still shrouded, but his lips can be seen.

Unknown to any of the majority of the observers, Kado's shoulder shifts as he silently reaches for his sword hilt, nervous.

Daikeim examines the symbol. "Hmm... I wonder why that is their logo, but for now I need to focus..." Daikeim's eyes scans the area for security measures and routes.

Announcer; Let's welcome our leader...

The figure comes to where everyone can see him.

Announcer: Drekavas!

Everyone cheers and claps

Drekavas: *bows*

Without a second thought Daikeim instantly roars and enters Primitive Stage One and confronts Drekavas, before the guards can try to intervene, Daikeim sends out a shockwave that ruptures their hearts, killing them instantly. He simply glares at Drekavas and growls once more, before unsheathing the Draconia and charging it in Exeon energy. "Don't you think you're getting away this time... Not a chance in hell!" By now, Kado and Noriko are shocked by Daikeim's sudden outburst. But when they focus on Daikeim, they notice his expression on his face... Pure anger and bloodlust, with the obvious intent to kill. "How dare you... HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE IN FANTASY ONCE MORE! You... I warned you what would happen, didn't I..."

Captain: *rams himself into Daikeim forcing him off the stairs and into the crowd*

The crowd catch Daikeim and throws him off unto a small clearing on the ground

Captain: No one threatens the Supreme Lord!

Everyone surround him are staring down at him. Some are ready to attack him.

Elaonore: Daikeim! *makes her way through the crowd and makes it next to Daikeim* What's gotten in to you?

Drekavas: Brothers, stand down.

Everyone backs up afoot or two

Daikeim stands up and wipes the dust off of him, he looks at Drekavas and growls again but before anything else happens. A gunshot is heard and the Captain drops dead, as everyone looks up, Drake drops down and lands behind the crowd, loading Ember bullets into his Shadow Pistol then aims at them. "Ok shitheads, listen up! Any of you touch Daikeim or Elaonore, you're turning into dust, got it?" Drake walks towards the crowd, a gap opens up as Drake nods towards the two. Daikeim walks towards Drake, holding Elaonore's hand while he moves. "Thanks Drake..."

"I go off for five minutes and you guys get into a fight, nice one." He laughs then looks at Drakavas and smirks. "Oh, so you're Drekavas, am I right? What's with that stupid outfit..."

Elaonore: What is you guy's problem!?

Everyone begins to look upon them in hatred, then look back at Drekavas

Drekavas: It is ok,my brothers. I did warn you that some of the residence form Downation were a bit too war-mongering. But I am shocked that you have killed three honorable men who were only doing their duty to protect their lord.

Drake laughs, almost mockingly. "You!? Yeah, a false prophet..." Drake turns towards the crowd, opening his HSC and turns it into a screen. "So, to all who are foolish, what do you expect a leader to be... Daring, brave, honest, strategic and powerful... But from I've seen, your leader is nothing but a coward." He points towards Daikeim and Elaonore while still facing the crowd. "So, you have no idea why my friend reacted the way he did to Drekavas... Well..." Drake presses and pad on the screen, showing a video, Daikeim growls at the video."Your leader kidnapped my friend and his lover and operated on them... Now while Daikeim and I are from another planet, ELAONORE IS A MYTHO! JUST LIKE EVERYONE HERE!"

The crowd see CCTV footage of Elaonore and Daikeim getting operated on, and eventually cuts to blank after a while. "Inhumane if you ask me, I know this because I went to this location... And I have more..." The pictures and files Drake took while he was at the labs are shown on the screen.

The crowd gasp and cringe and cover their eyes.

Drekavas: I already told them. They are aware of my sins and that I have come to repent for them. They looked past that old shell of a man I was before. Back then I only wanted what was best for mankind, know I only seek what is best for the one true race that deserves to be on this planet! The Myths!

The crowd cheers and appluade

Drekavas: *looks back at Drake* So, if you done making yourself look like a neanderthal, don't you have a weakling friend to attend to?

Kado silently watches this whole thing. His eyes slowly open, and a dark wave of negative energy rushes through the crowd, though no one except Daikeim realizes the source.

"You did that to Elaonore....? ....bastard......" He growls softly, his vision begins getting coated with red.

"That's not all..." Two pictures come up on screen. "Say hello to Van Valeric and his son, Evoh... Your leader is associated with Van Valeric, and the reason for Evoh to be up on screen..." Drake sighs and turns his head away, the video going back on to an unfortunate segment. "Your leader allowed this to happen... After leaving Elaonore in a broken state, he ALLOWED THIS FILTH TO HAPPEN! And Daikeim was forced to watch it all..."

Daikeim glares at Drake before sighing and holding Elaonore's hand, trying to reassure her.

Drake points to the two once more, but to show that them two are holding hands. "People of Upnation, the main reason Daikeim attempted to attack Drekavas was to protect Elaonore... And even if that was an 'old shell' of himself, these moments are in the mind of my fellow friends, the false prophet and now you... Tell me, would you forgive Drekavas if these events happened to you? To your loved one? To anyone who you care about? And look at you... You're praising nothing but a demon... A sick, fucking demon..."

Drekavas: I have no dealings with the Valeric family, if he has one. I had not known they had come to violate my subject. Also, it does not matter what I am. Who all in the crowd are demons or have demon blood?

A few hundred raise their hand.

Drekavas: I count too. So what makes me so different from them? We have all made mistakes. Have we not. Those who bear demon blood are bound to do so, but look at them now. They have found peace with themselves. They found a home they could come to. So have I. Look at what I have contributed to this great nation. Demons can work miracles. But I'm doing it for the right reason. *walks down the stares* And if I truly am I coward, why am I walking toward the same people who killed three of our own? It's either because they're not worth fearing or it's because I forgive them.

Some in the crowd whisper to themselves

Drekavas: I was a scientist. The reason I did what I did, was to discover something beneficial to my race. But I knew mankind all to well. So this is why I have made it hear. To redeem myself and contribute much to great society.

Everyone begins to cheer

Drekvas: But if I am truly a monster like they say I am, what would you have me do to show you that I have changed?

Some converse among themselves

Drekavas: I have one...*walks up to Elaonore* My apologies for what I have to you. You must understand, that I only did it to help my kind. So they did not have to live in fear for the rest of their lives. I am oh so sorry for what happened to you afterwards

Elaonore: *wipes a tear from her eye* I-it's alright. I know how that's like....trying to show not the monster everyone else thinks you are. *manages to smile*

Drekavas: You are a truly outstanding young lady. *takes her hand and gently kisses it*

Elaonore: *giggles*

Drekavas: I apologize I had frightened you aswell. Brothers! *raises Elaonore's hand in the air* If it were not for this beautiful young lady, I would not be here! She had blew me into the heavens and down here. I may be a blessing to you, but she above everyone else deserves the greater blessing!

Everyone roars with thanks

A giant electric bird swoops down and grabs Elaonore and flies her away from the city, just as a massive skeletonal hand blasts through the crowd and smashes Drevakas into a far building.

Everyone turns to see a towering skeletal demon of pure darkness rising from from ground where Kado stood, piercing glowing red eyes emitting from his mask, which has cracked from the change in energy levels.

"I don't care what he's done for you. But you are no different from humanity. You're just as sick, and cowardly. You cheer for blood, and praise those who would bring you right back into a second slaughter! If you so desire to drink in blood and slaughter, then you should have no problem with being the subject of slaughter now."

Daikeim and Drake can feel the full unleashed energy of Neo present now, and suddenly the skeleton begins to grow flesh and muscle, growing even taller than the buildings, and looking as if it was a living thing, not a mere construct of energy. It grows eight arms, and manifests eight massive energy swords about as long as the various buildings are tall.

"For now on... Mythos... ....Humans.... I will kill anyone who stands in the way of peace. If you desire to live, then abandon this man's arrogance. Else I shall wipe out the lot of you."

Neo swings his sword, and brings down one of the buildings down towards the crowd.


Drake looks up at Neo and smirks. "No wonder I got my ass kicked..." He unsheathes Kurai and talks to it. "Corruption, Stage Two. Now."The blade hisses back. "Why should I--" Drake shouts towards Corruption. "DO IT NOW YOU BASTARD!" A sigh can be heard as Drake gets coated in a black aura and reemerges in Primitive Stage Two. "You should do the same Daikeim..."

Daikeim nods and taps into his Exeon energy, causing a blue aura dome around Daikeim. Emerging out in Primitive Stage Two. "Drekavas doesn't deserve to live Drake... Not after what he's done, and no amount of apologies will ever fix that scar..." Daikeim and Drake fly up to Neo and go either side of him, Drake smirks once more. "Well then... This is new, but impressive as all hell..."

Everyone backs up from them and look in horror

Drekavas: We' appears that these people don't know the value of forgiveness, nor due they know the value of family...their willing to slaughter you all because of my mistakes. I am given a second chance and they just want to kill me anyway. Ask yourselves. who is the monster here? Me or you? Look at these people. They cower because they see you as one of them and your wiling to take arms against them? What have they done wrong? Appoint me as their leader? How messed up is that?

Neo takes the building and catches it in mid air before it falls on the crowd. "I cannot forgive those who commit atrocity. There is a point, a line you never cross, Drekavas. Once you crossed that line. You cannot go back. By your hand the girl was tortured and experimented on. Because of what you did, an innocent life was shattered. Even if she forgave you, she may likely carry that burden for the rest of her days. You once crossed the line before. You will do so again."

He throws the building at Drekavas. "And I care not of them. Innocence... ...ha."

He steps forward, not even caring for the shrieks below as he steps dangerously close to stepping on them.

"The simple truth of things is Drekavas.... ....I don't care about anyone else. Not anymore. People look up to people they see with power and ambitions, and use them for their own gain. They don't care about the person anymore, not as long as their savior will protect them. Like I said, Drekavas. I will no longer stand for anyone who is a threat to peace. That includes you. You and all of the hatred of humanity, hatred of Mythos, have no place. I'm done fighting for justice. It doesn't exist. But I shall crush hatred underfoot and destroy anyone who speaks against peace! This is your only warning. If any of Upnation, Midnation, or even Downation, or that of Neo Pangea threaten the peace, I shall smite them. With. This. Sword."

He raises his sword skyward, and a blast of pure darkness descends upon the city, and not a light can be seen, save for the glowing red eyes of the Dark Phoenix.

"I am the Dark Phoenix, Kado. Farewell." The Dark Phoenix collapses, and Kado summons a portal and looks back at Daikeim and Drake, and looks toward Elaonore and Noriko, then steps into it and disappears, the darkness fading with it.

I'm sorry.... ....but I don't belong anywhere.

Drekavas: What he doesn't realize, is that these people don't care if I had the power or the ambitions. I did this because they were on the road of desertion. I brought them up from that because i had the means to and I was obligated to help them become great, so they wouldn't have struggle any longer. He thinks that destroying everything will bring peace. It will only see darkness. These people accepted you with open arms and just because they looked past my past mistakes he thinks I am still evil and these people are gutless. I can see why he doesn't belong anywhere. He throws everything away the moment he receives it.

Daikeim simply growls and walks towards Drekavas, clenching his fists and fixing his gaze at him. Drake follows, smiling evilly as he tightens his grip on Kuria. Daikeim speaks in a demonic tone to his voice as he approaches Drekavas, his aura creating shockwaves that prevent anyone getting at arms length to him. "Face it Drekavas... You're not getting out of here without a couple of scars of your own, and we'll be more than happy to arrange that for you..."

The two are now at spitting length of Drekavas, both creating a destructive aura. Drake laughs and walks right up to Drekavas. "Let's do a public humiliation... You think you deserve the title of a lord?!" Drake grabs hold of Drekavas and throws him towards Daikeim, who slams his fist against Drekavas' skull. Slamming him to the ground and causing blood to spill. "Fuck what the people think about us! If they're foolish enough to follow someone like you, then they don't realise that sooner or later... That past is coming back to haunt you, let me show you a simple thing we did back at Cyanic."

Daikeim grabs Drekavas' by the back of his neck and holds him up in the air, pressing his fingers on two pressure points that restrict any movement. Drake steps in front of Drekavas and grabs a knife, he then grabs hold of Drekavas' arm and etches a symbol into it. He then sets his hand on fire and pressed down on the symbol, causing more pain to Drekavas. "The Draconia, please..." With his spare hand, Daikeim passes the Draconia to Drake, who the proceeds to stab Drekavas in the stomach. "This is what happens to monarchies during Cyanic's ancient times. They would get Vitae Gods to punish them, but luckily for us, we have Daikeim..."

Daikeim smirks as he places his spare hand on Drekavas' back and speaks in Heroa dialect, the crowd can see what seems to be thorned spikes growing out of Drekavas. Drake then turns to look at the horrified crowd, speaking up. "THIS IS YOUR LEADER, THIS IS THE 'ALMIGHTY' BEING THAT YOU PUT YOUR TRUST INTO!" Daikeim lets go of Drekavas, he falls to his knees and becomes too weak to stand up. "Now forced two his knees by two people... Ha, well done Upnation... Let's go Daikeim, we're done here..." Drake walks away, leaving Daikeim to look at Drekavas.

"Hmph, maybe we do share the same mind... We punish the people who deserve nothing but pain..." Daikeim knees Drekavas in the face and follows Drake.

Elaonore: *looks at Daikeim with horror and disappointment, her eye flowing with tears*

Noriko has her in her arms, and looks at Drake and Daikeim with a blank expression, then stands up and pats Elaonore on the head, before silently turning her back on Drake and Daikeim and begins walking away.

Daikeim looks at Elaonore and just sighs before looking away, but still retaining his angered expression. The two fly up in the air and just wonder for a while, before Daikeim finally speaks. "What happens now?"

"I'm going back to Yosai, all of this is just noise to me... You?"

"No idea, just gonna do what I usually do... I'll probably stay here just incase, seems like a good idea."

"But if it is a good idea, that's up to you... Until next time, stay safe Daikeim." Drake flies high up in the air and then flies towards Yosai, quickly becoming a dot as he speeds off.

"Yeah... You too Drake..." Daikeim exits his Primitive Stage and flies to a nearby shore and just sits near the water, watching out to sea.

Noriko stops and looks back at Elaonore, then sighs and walks back to her, and sits down next to her.

"...You ok?" She asks softly.

Elaonore: *is curled up and is crying in her folded arms* No.....I feel just so dreadful...

Noriko puts an arm around Elaonore. "And why's that?" She asks. "You didn't do anything wrong."

Elaonore: It's just that...why? Why did this all happen? Did we just spent 3 days traveling over here just so we can instill fear and hatred for one another? I wanted to rest and find peace with the man I love...but I guess I was foolish to think that something like that would happen. It just seemed too perfect.

Noriko looks sad a bit. "I'm sorry things didn't go like you wanted... rarely is so kind, ya know?" She gives Elaonore a hug. "Hey, you know, even though things just went to the hot oven, and things look pretty bad, they'll get better. Don't they? I mean, sure this part of the whole trip ended pretty bad, but do you have to let the whole experience get ruined just because you bit into a sour apple? I know it's hard, but hey, I don't doubt for a second he was only thinking of you. ....He still needs a swift kick to the balls for his temper, but you can't let all of the rain wash away the sunshine, right?"

Elaonore:...a real good kick to the balls...

Noriko laughs. "Yes, a real good kick to the balls. But in all seriousness Elaonore, go and talk to him, sort shit out right. You love each other right? Don't let today taint that. You have your entire lives to spend to make up for today. Don't forget that. Today might be crap, tomorrow might be shit, but maybe the day after will smell of roses." She pats Elaonore on the back. "Okay?"

Elaonore: *looks at the setting sun* Yea. *gently smiles* Okay. But I would prefer if he would talk to me first.


Van Valeric: *is standing next to Daikeim* Quite a show you stirred up. I have to say I'm quite disappointed aswell.

"Shut up Valeric, this is none of your concern... Why are you here this time?"

Van Valeric: I did come here to educate you on your foe, but now I am here to educate you on how you acted.

"Educate me on my foe? Really?!" Daikeim stands up and looks at Valeric with anger in his eyes. "In any case, you're a foe as well! I've heard of your plans Valeric... Just like Drekavas, I won't let you..."

Van Valeric: Not sure if you have a choice, but like you said. It's none of your concern.

"...Fine then, tell me what I did wrong!"

Van Valeriv: Your emotions. Your hatred for one man led everyone to fear. All because of what he did to her. In all honesty, Drekavas didn't do nothing to you, but to her. And if she forgave him, why is it so hard for you to do the same?

Daikeim punches Valeric in the chest, winding him somewhat. "DO YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA WHAT THAT FELT TO ME!? DO YOU? TO STAND BY HELPLESS TO WATCH SOMEONE YOU LOVE BE USED LIKE A FUCKING TOY! So no Valeric, Drekavas has done something to me... The scars run deep, and they will not heal..."

Van Valeric: *stands* Because, you hold to the past. He do not believe like she does. Everyone deserves a another chance, no matter how much bad they have done. You keeping yourself back from healing. Is it so hard to believe people can change?

"What about Evoh, does he deserve a second chance..."

Van Valeric: Even someone like him, yes. You may not like to hear that, but there is such thing as repentence. Look at Drekavas. He was once a scientist who did internal cross-morphing experiments on Mythos to discover evolutionary change for mankind. Now he seeks to redeem himself by contributing to Upnation and the myths. upnation never thrived like this in years. It was slowly collapsing, until Drekavas had came and shared his knowledge to Upnation. Look at it now. If someone like Drekavas can do something like this for a nation, why should we hold him back for what he did before?

Daikeim roars and kicks Valeric to the ground. "I don't care! You, Drakavas and Evoh... Monsters all of you, you don't deserve no happiness! YOU DESERVE TO ROT! Redemption is useless, I won't allow you three to live for the remainder of my life... Drekavas tortured her, Evoh violated her... I blame Drekavas for doing this, but I realise that it's you who's to blame... You stood by and watched, without even thinking about the after effects of this... Despite your true goals, I fucking trusted you... I TRUSTED YOU!" Daikeim grabs Valeric and punches him, crashing him into some nearby rocks. As Valeric recovers, he sees a tear falling from Daikeim's face as he walks up to Valeric and strangles him. "DEATH! YOU DON'T DESERVE NOTHING BUT DEATH!" Daikeim picks Valeric up and throws him across the floor, the sound of despair can be heard in Daikeim's tone. "Help... That's what I considered it, you helped me... But now I see that you stabbed me in the back..."

Van Valeric: No. i have not. You only perceive it that way. Sort of how Elaonore perceived you today. Everyday she sees you as a hero, someone she felt like was missing from her life. Some who would always do what was right and help anyone who needed it. Today she saw monster beating a criminal who was willing to change his ways and right his wrongs. In other words, you back-stabbed her too. Not only that, you back-stabbed me. Why do you think I lied to you? Is it because wicked people deserve life? No. They don't, but these myths are willing to give it to them, because they deserved nothing too. Like you didn't deserve to have Elaonore back. But I gave her to you. Death will only make you happy, but it wont make her happy, because the man she loved only wants to kill those make mistakes. Even now, I still help you, but your intolerance is clouded your eyes.

"Don't... Mention her, do me a favour Valeric... Never 'help' me again, I don't need it, I don't need your fucking advice... JUST GO AWAY!"A shockwave of fire blasts out of Daikeim, sending Valeric flying into more rocks. More tears drop from Daikeim as he continues to roar and growl, he summons the Draconia and aims it towards Valeric's neck, slightly pressing on it. "This will be your only warning... Leave... And never return, otherwise your death will be guaranteed."

Van Valeric: If I didn't know any better, I thought the boy I saw as an honorable man was acting like my son.

"I said... Leave..." Daikeim places his foot on Valeric and presses down, slowly cracking his ribs.

Van Valeric: *phases through Daikeim's foot and is now standing next to Daikeim* I was wrong.You are more of a monster than my son... *disappears into darkness*

I hope you're satisfied...

Daikeim roars one more time, causing the area around his to shake, before he just sits down. Motionless, like he's frozen in time, unable to think straight. Conflicting feels of rage and despair, along with confusing thoughts clouds his mind as he's unsure of what to do. He just sits there with his head tilted down and with no expression to show, even his soul is at war with itself, as it's corruption and darkness shrouds it but it continues to fight back. He finally says something, but he sounds exhausted and filled with sorrow, forcing the words to be quietly spoken to himself ."I just wanted her to be safe..." A continuous stream of tears fall from Daikeim's eyes, the only thing that seems to be showing some form of emotion.

A hand touches Daikeim's

Elaonore: I Know...but that wasn't protection, Daikeim....I was in no danger...You just hated him for what he did to me...but I didn't want to see you do that to him...not like that...Not in front of those people who look up to him and confide their hope in I confide my hope in you...I wouldn't want that to be taken away from me...

"Do you expect me to forgive him just like that? Without punishment for what he did to you, I never meant to hurt you... I just don't trust him, I never can, I don't believe his goal for redemption. To me, he doesn't deserve it..."

Elaonore: No one deserves anything, Daikeim. We cannot determine who deserves or doesn't deserve, for we are guilty of many things. Like the time I turned into that thing and caused a tornado that destroyed Outpit Vursia Town and everyone in them. I killed my brothers. I didn't deserve forgiveness, but you told me that those whom I had killed would even thought I didn't deserve it. And if they can forgive me for taking their lives away,then you can forgive that man for what he did to me. Because I forgave him, even though he didn't deserve it. I was given a chance to prove to myself I was not a monster. I rebuilt Outpit Village and Vursia Town and even though that wouldn't bring those people back, I know they would be proud of me for trying. Sort of like that man over there.He has a chance to help others by finding redemption, by assisting the myths he used to torment when he was human. As for the trust thing, When you planned on taking me to London, did I immediately take your hand?

Daikeim stays in silence for a moment before speaking. "No, you didn't... But look what happened after we went there..."

Elaonore: And even after that happened, I still trust you, because you didn't know. Even if you did know, I still would trust you.

Daikeim sighs and closes his eyes, the stream of tears finally ending. He reaches into his pocket and pulls something out, he places the item in Elaonore's hand and closes her hand before softly kissing her head. He stands up and walks away, speaking again in the same sorrow filled tone. "I need time to think Elaonore, I'll come find you once I find the answers I'm looking for..."

Elaonore: *looks in her hands ang is breathless and and surpised to see a golden ring with a single diamond. She smiles and lets out a small laugh, while her eyes are filled with tears of joy. She holds her hand with the ring close to her chest. She slowly puts the the ring on and marvels at it and continues to hold it close to her* Please come back soon...

Daikeim expands his wings and springs up into the air and takes flight, he stays up there for a moment before choosing his location and flying towards it. After a while, Daikeim lands back in the location where the public humiliation took place, he sighs and takes a quick look around.

Reconcile Edit

Drekavas is sitting on his throne having a nurse stitch up his arm.

Daikeim sees Drekavas and groans before slowly walking up to him, not saying a single word as he stops a couple of feet infront of Drekavas. He creates a blue energy sphere and fires it at Drekavas, but instead of doing damage, a blue aura surrounds Drekavas, healing his wounds.

The blue aura turns red and shrinks into the size of a marble. Drekvas flicks it and it hits Daikeim in the chest only causing a a little burn.

Daikeim just glances at Drekavas. "Do you really think a nurse is gonna heal everything?" Daikeim says in an irritated tone, before creating another blue sphere.

Drekavas: I've already healed. She's only stitching up that brand you carved unto my arm.

"Drake did that, not me... You should be thankful that you're not dead yet, because I don't see anyone but me, you and the nurse..." The blue sphere turns into an orb of fire, the heat of it intensifying as Daikeim clenches his other fist.

Drekavas: You and I both know that I can't die. *the aura disperse into thin air*

"Then it would be more fun to make you suffer for your sins... But, you're lucky..." Daikeim angrily sighs. "Listen to me now because I'm only saying this once, I hate you and your guts and I'll never forgive what you did to Elaonore... But, thanks to her, I won't be hostile to you unless you go against us, essentially... The girl you tortured has saved your life, so for now, it's a mutual understanding, between both of us."

Drekavas: That was weeks ago, Daikeim. Do you even heat yourself? You acting like a little brother wanting to get back at his older brother all because he took away his favorite toy and tore it up. Think of this. Why would I send for 300 men to travel across the land and sea for 3 days, just to bring you all here? Hm. If I am the person you portray me as, why did I do that? Would a wicked person do that? Why?

Daikiem ignores what Drekavas' said, instead just gritting his teeth in anger. "Do I make myself clear, Drekavas... I will stop the hostility, but if you go against us, I will end you. Got it?"

Drekavas: Us? Apparently there was no us today, Daikeim. It was all you and your allies doing today. I did simply nothing to anger you. You raised your hand against those who thought of you as a brother. Why? They only wanted to protect their Lord, just as I have protected them and yet you go and kill three men because of it. Do I get under your skin so much that you are willing to kill anyone who prevents you from getting your revenge upon me?

"Not to get revenge, I will kill anyone who hurts Elaonore. Simple as, and as much as I would love to kill you where you stand, I will not. And I don't mean us as in mean and you, I mean us as in people I actually care about..."

Drekavas: So you don't care about these people, who were ever so kind to accept you into their family?

"They haven't done anything to Elaonore... This is why you're lucky, now if you excuse me..." Daikeim turns and walks away.

Drekavas: Yet you killed three of them? They've done nothing to her and yet you killed three of them.

"Last chance, Drekavas... For now, we're at a mutual standpoint. So as I said, I won't be hostile to you unless you turn against the people I care about. This time, I want an answer!"

Drekavas: I understand. But that would be hypocrisy, wouldn't it?

Daikeim says nothing and walks off back into the city of Upnation.

Drekavas: *yells after Daikeim* I know their names! *hears something* Do you here that...

Nurse: Hear what?

Drekavas: It sounds like...*eyes widen* Get down! *pushes the nurse out the way and ducks down unto the floor and an explosion comes from the side of the wall. Gets up and looks out the gaping whole down unto the city*

Everyone is n panic as fires are ensuing and numerous explosions are happening. Gun shots can be hear and people are saying things like, 'What's going on?' and 'We can't see!' People are falling over dead or trying to hide. Some try to fight off something but wound up dying.

Drekavas: Hmmmm. Poachers. *Summons Draconia Shadow and jumps down into the city*

"Great... More trouble..." Daikeim summons the Draconia and enters his Half Dragon form, chasing down and killing any poachers that get in his way.

Daikeim gets hit by a rocket from behind

"Hmph..." Daikeim turns around and looks at the one who fired the rocket, pointing the Draconia at him. "You made a poor choice my friend..."

Shrugs and hits Daikeim with another rocket.

Daikeim growls and catches the rocket with both his hands, somehow so delicately that it doesn't explode. He then slices it in half and looks at the poacher, sprinting towards and slamming his arm against his throat, making it near impossible for the poacher to breathe."Pathetic..." Daikeim stabs the Draconia through the poacher's neck, killing him instantly. He then pulls the Draconia out and looks around at the damage and sighs. "These people..."

A wooden stake pierces through Daikeim's kneecap.

"Grr..." Daikeim pulls the stake out and crushes it before glaring at the one who fired it. "I swear to God..."

The poacher is standing next to a catapult. He waves at Daikeim and flicks him off, then fires the catapult, which launches a boulder with lit sticks of dynamite stick out of it into a tower. The tower falls over and is about to land on Daikeim, but just as soon as it is about to crash untop of him, it is levitating in midair inches above Daikeim's head.

"Hmm..." Daikeim hovers out of the way and looks at the tower.

The tower drops once Daikeim moves out the way

Daikeim flies high into the air and glares down at the poacher, charging a massive fireball and throws it towards the catapult, destroying it and killing the poacher. "...Elaonore... Oh no..." Daikeim turns towards the direction he came from and flies towards there, in hopes of seeing Elaonore in one piece.

Someone grabs Daikeim's arm. "I'm right here."

Daikeim turns around and sees Elaonore softly holding his arm, he smiles and hugs her. "Are you ok? These people haven't hurt you, have they?"

Elaonore: No. I just got here. I must get the other city-dwellers out of here as soon as I can. You do your thing. *heads back into the fires and some of the city*

"Ok... Stay safe." Daikeim flies back into the city and starts dealing with the poachers while helping some Mythos' escape the city unharmed.

Drekavas: *is defending a few people from falling debris from the the towers, while guiding them out near the shore* It's this way! Keep on!

Elaonore: *leads more people out toward the shore* Is there anymore?

Drekavas: We might have to go back and make sure.

Elaonore: No. You stay here and protect them, just in case more poachers make their way out too. *goes back into the fire*

Daikeim hovers over a group of poachers and lands infront of them, glancing at their weapons and armour, he smirks. "So, answers would be nice. Like, who sent you? Or, why you thought it would be a good idea to do it... Or why shouldn't I slam your faces into the ground with a force of fifteen megatons. Answer wisely and quickly, you haven't got long." Daikeim coats the Draconia in fire and spins it in his hand.

One poacher sees a women with two children trying to find their way out the blaze. He smacks him in the face with the nozzle of his launcher and quickly raises his launcher and fires it at the the woman and children. Elaonore comes in, puts her arms in a X formation in front of her and gets directly hit.

Poacher: *points the launcher at Daikeim* That's my answer, bitch. Got a second response too. *fires the second rocket and it explodes once it hits Daikeim*

Daikeim walks out of the smoke with slightly torn clothes, a dark glare meeting the poacher's eyes as Daikeim sprints towards him and grabs his left arm and twists it, snapping it out of it's socket and breaking it. Daikeim then slams his foot against the poacher's kneecap, shattering it to pieces. "Let me tell you where wrong... First you came here, two you fired a rocket at an innocent family..." Daikeim grabs the poacher by the neck and picks him up with ease, easily squeezing enough for difficult breathing. "So before I break your other leg and arm, are you gonna tell me who sent you?"

Poacher: The same man whoes gonna pown your smug ass. *spits in Daikeim's eye*

Daikeim rips off a cloth of his clothes and wipes his eye before crushing the poacher's windpipes then incinerating him until he turned to dust. Daikeim lets go and turns towards Elaonore, walking up to her and holding her hand as he looks at the woman and two children. "Are you three ok?"

The woman nods her head and runs off toward the shore. Elaonore is unconscious with most of her hair burnt off and now looks short and sort of stubby and the right side of her face is shadowed by what little hair she has left.

Daikeim picks up Elaonore and flies towards the shore, seeing Drekavas. He sighs and walks up to him. "Make sure she is ok, if I come back and she's missing, God help you..."

Drekavas: *takes Elaonore with him and moves the hair out the right side of her face* Wow, that's a...mmmmm....that's pretty nasty burn right there.

"Heal her as best as you can... Ok? For once I trust you with her... Don't disappoint me, I'm going back into the city and dealing with the poachers and escorting overs..." Daikeim flies back into the city.

Drekavas: *looks at the right side of face again* Poor thing...*turns toward* Come forth anyone with medical proficiency, we must tend this injured lady. *slowly puts her on the ground and several medics surround her*

Daikeim looks back at the shore and a small frown appears on his face, but soon turns to look at a group of poachers. "Ok scumbags... Judgement day has started..." Daikeim's eyes glow gold as he speeds towards the poachers, seemingly teleporting around his prey.

Poacher: Everyone. Stay on high alert.

Everyone starts to slowly move about in caution

In flashes of light shaped like Daikeim, he appears in front of one poacher at a time, absolutely destroying their bodies in an instant. The poachers can see dents in their allies' bodies as Daikeim continues to teleport around, after a mere moment. All but one poacher is standing, he steps back but bumps into Daikeim who merely looks at the poacher. "Boo..."

Poacher: *smirks* Surprise, motha' fucka'.

Daikeim is smashed into the ground with a sledge hammer lodged against his cerrebral cortex. Rendering him unconsiouc.

Poacher: God job.

Poacher: Man dude, it was hot up on that building. Hope I didn't kill 'em.

Poacher 2: nah. Ya' sure didn't. One tough son 'f bitch. The competitors will love to have him. Give me the collar.

Poacher 2: *takes a collar out of his pocket and hands it over*

Poacher: *puts it around Daikeim's neck and the collar locks-up* Let's go ahead and load 'em. *carries Daikeim and put him in the back of a four wheeler and drives off*

The Stranger Place Edit

Some time later Daikeim wakes up and finds himself in a cell with a slit of light in front of him.

"The hell... Ugh, my head hurts... The last thing--" Daikeim stands up and looks around, before punching the wall next to him, creating cracks in the wall. "Where... Am I?"

Man: Uggghhh, your in a cell. *is looking through the slit* Not surprising really. Every myth who comes here ask the same thing. Anyway, do you have a name or nickname? If you do not have name or a nickname, one will be given to you.

"Daikeim... My name is Daikeim..."

Man: *writes it down on a clipboard* Alright, let me register your name and cell number and then we'll wait a few. So in the mean time enjoy the last bit of life you had, cause this is gonna be your new one now. *disappears*

"Yeah... I doubt that." Daikeim reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ring and puts it on his finger, before sighing and looking around his cell. In the meantime, he decides to train in the confined room until further notice.

Rumbling can be heard from above as well as cheering. They can hear some sort of a monstrous hissing sound.

Kado lets out a small breath. "What a nuisance...."

Daikeim looks to the cell next to him and speaks in a curious tone. "Kado? Is that you?"

"So what if it is? Doubtless this is a- an arena where most likely we'll slice each other to pieces."

Kado falls silent for a moment, then growls, "Neo, don't interrupt me again."

"Yeah, that's Kado alright. So then, how did you get sent here?" Daikeim says while slamming his fist against a wall.

"Some masked guy thought it would be funny to hit me over the head. Woke up here. I could care less what they decide to do with me. If we did fight I'd rather you kill me and find your way out of here. I have nothing to live for anyway."

"Yeah, some thug slammed a sledgehammer over my head too... And you obviously have something to live for, there's Azula, isn't there? I mean... Yeah, she's in a pretty bad position, but trust me, you'll rescue her. And you said nothing was going to stop you from true peace, right?"

"No... I can't save her. And I'm just a fool, same as ever. If I can't even deal with a few humans... ....then I will never defeat White. I'll never stop Phoenix. This fate is fitting for a failure like me."

Man: Sure hope you're not like that out there. So far some peeps out there have already given random bids on ya', so you get out there and give 'em their money's worth.

"Just shut up you money whore! You do realise these collars won't hold us for long, and when that does happen... These walls will have a nice shade of red painted on them."

Man: They all say that. You guys maybe up soon. You guys look like some good competition. *disappears*

Kado says nothing, deep in thought. After a few minutes, he sighs.

"So much I don't understand....."

"What do you mean?"

"Some of my memories... don't make sense. They feel chopped in pieces. I feel like in my childhood, there are so many blank spots in my memory... I don't understand it."

"Oh... Is your life that scarred that your memory is becoming patchy?"

"No. I know there's something there. I just can't remember it. Everything else in my memories is normal except.... it feels off. Like something was ripped out and someone planted in something to replace it. I can't remember if I had a brother or sister.... I can't even remember my mother's face. But I really feel.... like I should. It feels more like they were ripped out.... ....not forgotten."

"Could this be the effect of the others? Y'know, the other souls? Maybe your memories are getting swapped, but I doubt that's the case..."

"No... Neo is a terrible liar and the girl.... ....She doesn't have anything. It's like looking at a blank wall. She's there but.... how do I explain it? She's as though she has no definition or form to her existence, and whatever thoughts she has are more like brief flickers of sensation than actual mental activity."

"Oh ok... Umm, can I ask something, if you remember it of course... How did the other souls get into you? Or were you born with extra souls?"

"When Phoenix tried to have me killed.... they technically succeeded. Just before I could escape, they all impaled me in the heart. My sheer terror and countless other emotions tore me apart. Literally. As a spirit hybrid, I never knew I even had those powers. ...I wanted to escape the pain and the rage. The fear and the hate. I split myself apart. My hatred and wrath became Neo, and the girl.... ....she represents everything I came to despise about myself. My flaws, my weakness, my fear. My inability to do anything. My sadness. ...They are the two halves of my original being. As for me... well, I'm just a shell. An empty vessel with nothing to fill it. And now the Original Will is dead. We can no longer become one, so we're stuck like this."

Both of them are being alleviated and a light above them begins to shine brighter and brighter.

I already know where this is going... predictable.

"Sorry to hear... I hope your problems fix themselves soon, but for now..." Daikeim sighs and gets in a stance.

Kado simply closes his eyes.

They are completely in the light of day as everyone jeers from all around them

Announcer: Next two are recently been added to the new addition of our collection of myths. This is a bidders fight. Brought to you by popular demand from our loving supporters. These two have also been brought to you by our ever so kind providers. From the an unknown plane of Fantasy, lies many unknowns, but the recent invasion tells it all. Our people suffer now from their kind wanting to annihilate us. For shame...This man here is the first of any species of Mytho this world has ever seen. We know him as the Destroyer of London, let us welcome the first man who preluded this entire event to begin with. We give you, Dark Phoenix!

Everyone boos while saying hateful things such 'As this is all your fault!' and 'My family's dead because of you!' and 'I hope they mop the floor with your ass, creep!'

A slow, dark grin crosses Kado's face, one that alarms even Daikeim, and he begins to laugh harshly, then insanely, then it finally fades, the laugh silencing their cries, but he makes no other response for a few minutes.

"Perhaps the Second Coming really is your only salvation after all." He says coldly.

"Ugh, ignorant pathetic people..." He looks at Kado and notices the grin. "Just try and stay in focus Kado... You can't let them get to you."

Announcer: Oooohhh. Do you hear the people? He has no remorse for his doings. And who do we call myths like that?

Everyone yells in unison 'Monsters!'

Announcer: Thank you for portraying the perfect image of your kind. Next one was brought to you from Upnation, the Unknowns of the True Fatherland. He has killed some of our dear providers. Oh what tragedy, but I hope it was worth it! We have here is an unknown being whom none of us recognize as a myth. But he might as well put up one heck of a fight. We bring you, Daikeim!

Everyone cheers

Daikeim just sighs and folds his arms. "Hmph..."

Announcer: Now since this is a bidders fight, if these two survive the required fight given to them. The bidders well get paid handsomely. So let begin to spin the Battle Wheel.

Kado simply closes his eyes. "So many things you don't understand..... ...People never change. No matter if you tell them a lie or the truth. They only see their own suffering." He says to himself.

Announcer: Now here we go. *spins the wheel*. Now, we all know we have about four options on the wheel. Flogging, Man vs Myth, Myth vs Myth, and the Great challenge. So you all might want to get your bids on ready. I have a feeling it's going to be an exciting day for all. *the wheel begins to slow down*

Daikeim looks at the wheel as his Soul Stone faintly glows red. "Fine... If they're gonna be like this, then let judgement day serve..."

Announcer: Aaaaaanndddd it iiiisss...*the wheel stops* Ladies....and Gentlemen...We....have got ourselves a CHALLEEEEENNGE! HAHAHA!

Everyone roars excitedly.

Announcer: Shshshshshshsh. Now, this means that these two 'lucky' will be fighting the Unstoppables! Legends of the Zonian! And her they are! *gestures up to a balcony with a throne ontop*

A hooded-armored figure appears from the shadows

Announcer: Let us welcome our beloved Inhibit. Slayer of a thousand myths and the Claymore of All.

Everyone cheers his name

Kado places a hand on Earth Slayer's hilt silently.

"They came here for entertainment... Hmph, let's see how entertaining we can make his defeat be." A blade of fire forms in Daikeim's hand, as the fire fades away, the Draconia is shown. "He'll pay for his mindless slaughter..."

Announcer: O. they're all ready to fight. Let's get started with the first opponent.

Something comes up from under Kado and Daikeim and it blows them away.

Kado lands on his two feet effortlessly. He looks up at the crowd for a moment, then back at the source of the blast.

"Amazing how everyone thinks I'm the one who destroyed London. But then again, everyone needs their scapegoat. You should be blaming Phoenix. Hell, you should be preparing for their next attack. The one to end all wars on Earth. But go ahead, waste the little time you have to prepare on your mindless games while your world comes to an end."

He chuckles. "Not that you have the capacity to understand anything I say... nor would you care.... Daikeim, let's not waste our energy."

Daikeim smirks and chuckles back, looking at Kado. "Not like we would need to waste it on these fools, but still... Yeah, I agree, let's not."

Announcer: You here that, folks? They think they have a choice. Oh well. Introducing the pet of our dear Exima. I present to you the devourer of the arena.

Sand clears out the way and a demonic looking serpent towers over them.

Announcer: Pythonicus

Pythonicus: *hisses monstrously, while his frills pop out and in those frills are many smaller serpents hissing*

Announcer: It's been awhile since our dear Pythonicus had a proper lunch. I hope he likes defiance.

"I swear if he doesn't shut up, I'm going to stab Earth Slayer into the ground and show them what would have really happened at London if I didn't intervene." He growls to Daikeim.

"I know, his voice is getting irritating... But, I would love to see these fool's reactions to us putting their little pet down..."

Pythonicus: *drills back under ground send them flowing away again*

Kado suddenly unsheathes Earth Slayer in the direction of Pythonicus, sending a violent ripple through the arena floor and even shaking the arena in general, the grains of sand being repulsed by the blast act like millions of razor sharp blades which cut the serpent countless times, lacerating it with thousands and thousands of microscopic cuts that reach into its blood vessels, as well as pushing the serpent back significantly.

"Impressive, Kado. Should I? ...Yeah, might as well entertain myself too." Daikeim sprints after the serpent, charging the Draconia with Exeon energy, Daikeim then leaps into the air and lands on Pythonicus, stabbing the Draconia down to it's hilt. Daikeim then smirks and tightens his grip on the handle as he runs down the top of the creature, forcefully dragging the blade along. With the Exeon energy, the resulting slash is massive, even scraping the bones, finally Daikeim pulls the Draconia out and jumps in the air, watching the aftereffects of the energy to rapture Pythonicus' organs. "Child's play, really..."

Pythonicus: *tail whips Daikeim away and breaks free of the blades. It's wounds just mound back together. Heads back underground*

Kado sighs. "Demons. Not worth it at all."

Daikeim lands next to Kado, with an obviously annoyed look to his face. He looks at Kado as his Soul Stone glows gold, he smirks. "Kado, I'm only going to give you a small amount ok? Just trust me with this."

Kado looks over at him. "Whatever it'll take to deal with this crap."

"Ok... Just don't let this get to your head." Daikeim closes his eyes then gains a golden aura, he grabs Kado's arm and speaks in Heroa dialect. Causing a small portion of Exeon energy to transfer to Kado, upon doing this. Kado's eyes glow gold and he gains a sudden burst of power that rivals one of a god. As Kado looks at his Slayer, he notices it's changed slightly, with it pulsing. Daikeim opens his eyes as they glow gold too, he looks at Pythonicus. "So Kado, how do you feel now?"

"Oh, you know, like I just had fifty energy drinks."

"You can also punch with a force of twenty supernovas and move faster than light itself, not to mention that with your reflexes, you can practically see the enemies movements before they even do it. So multiply fifty with around... Eight hundred thousand, and that's roughly the amount."

Kado surges forth after the serpent, and jumps into the air and brings Earth Slayer down straight into the ground, the ground moving away in a violent surge which crushes the serpent's entire body with bone shattering force and flattening its head and upperhalf, as the sand moves down and away from the blade's malicious devouring edge.

Pythonicus: *his tail turns into his new head and is about to devour Kado*

Inhibit: STOP!

Pythonicus: *halts*

Inhibit: I believe it's my turn.

Everyone begin to be silently excited, taken back.

Pythonicus: *returns under the sand*

Inhibit: *jumps 100 feet in the air and lands only several feet away from Kado and Daikeim* Quite impressive. At first I thought you guys where just going to depend on your swords and not the strength of you mind. Which you sort of did, but I was still impressed. Most who face Pythonicus just disappear as soon as they take the first step. So odd, right?

Kado silently draws Dark Slayer as well as already holding Earth Slayer. A tinge of red is in his otherwise black pupils.

Daikeim just glances at Inhibit and sighs. "Uh huh... So then." Daikeim examines the 'opponent' then focuses back on his face. "So you just kill innocent Mythos for fun?"

Inhibit: And to strengthen the people. Am I right?

everyone yells in agreement

Kado coldly stares at him, his swords seemingly in a lax grip.

"You give them the sensation of empowerment. Power is false strength. The source of all strength is not only power, but the will to control and wield it. Anyone can have power. But few can use it. Strengthen? No. You just make them blind to their weakness."

Inhibit: If your implying that weakness is cowrdice, then plase spare me. People come down to fight these myths all the time. Some do hand-to-hand. No pwers. Others want to test their strength and try to fight one without it's collar. Me personally, I just want to see abit a swordplay. your swords practically interest me.

Kado sheathes Dark Slayer and steps back a bit, though Earth Slayer remains unsheathed. His hand remains on the hilt however.

Kado's right eye appears to be growing slowly redder and redder.

Inhibit: Ah. It's a 'mine only' sort of deal, eh? Don't worry. I'll show that i'm qualified. *sheathes his katana*

Kado begins to take more steps back, and he sheathes Earth Slayer. Unarmed, he walks a fair amount away, still facing him, but now his eyes are closed and relaxed. He now stands in the shadow of the arena's wall.

Inhibit: Come now. Let's give these people a good show.

"It is not my policy to charge my enemy. Come at me." He says almost distantly, his eyes still closed.

Inhibit: Fine by me. *runs at Kado with his katana dragging across the ground causing sparks to fly*

When Inhibit gets to the point of slashing Kado, Kado suddenly moves with lightning speed and strikes Inhibit's katana out of his hand, where it goes flying and embeds in the nearby wall. Before he can counter attack, Kado's movement continues in a violent strike to Inhibt's head, and then spin kicks Inhibit's stomach armor so hard it buckles and then cracks, before Inhibit is sent flying and crashes into the sand heads first, and Kado silently resumes his idle stance, letting out a breath, and inhaling again.

Everyone is silent even the announcer

Announcer: Well...that

"Even the youngest child in the villages of my people learn the various techniques of martial arts. In a land where steel is scarce, our only sword is our bare hands. Many of us are skilled enough to rival the most adept samurai in combat. Of course, it doesn't help anyone that I am a former Phoenix member. The art of swordplay and martial arts themselves is made as important as learning to read."

Kado opens his eyes, observing Inhibit.

So you expect me to be intimidated by your raggedy ass? You can learn as much shit as you want, but you could never amount to the power of mankind.

Announcer: Last opponent. Lies the survivor and legend of the Great War between Earth and Fantasy, who has seen the worst of it. Let us welcome our beloved, Exima!

Everyone roars

"'Power' this, 'Power' that.... .....fools." Kado crosses his arms, and leans against the arena wall. "Power itself is weakness. Power gets you only so far... I haven't survived this long because of power.... own two hands ensured that." He mutters.

What did you think I mean? Power doesn't lie in money or corporal authority, much less in politics. Power is now in bear strength or in the recesses of your mind, but it lies in the will of your heart, something you monsters are not capable of.

He closes his eyes, and his only response is, "To seek answers in the darkness, to drown in eternal night... but the twilight is the only respite. Yearning yet never fulfilled.... the forgotten sacrifice, the abandoned promise. To remain when all time fades, until all that remains is dark......"

Whatever you are doing, it does not matter to me. You think your victory of Inhibit proves anything, it only shows us why we must protect ourselves. To keep something like that from happening to us and to keep from what happened to London happen to the rest of our families. You say it wasn't you, but you are just as responsible for the death's of many people. But you don't care. Monsters do not feel nor do they show pity among those who work and thrive to live as normally as possible, no matter how futile it is.

Kado simply sighs. "I would explain why you're terribly misinformed, but I have a feeling you are so stuck up you couldn't piss if you wanted. Fortunately, like you said, I don't care. About what you think at least. What happened was tragic, and I feel bad about what happened. But I stand by this: had I not fought that foe, not only would there have been no survivors in London, but that entire section of Neo Pangea would be destroyed. Not even a little floating island would be left. My efforts saved millions if not billions of human lives, in the grand scheme of things, you owe me more than I owe you. In addition, I went and hunted the man who actually destroyed London, and stopped him from destroying Japan in Okasa. This Earth Slayer is that very sword he wielded."

"But you don't care, because you're a monster who closed their heart to the possibility of Mythos having a heart. And you know, we try. But it's hell a lot hard when people like you attack us in our own realms and destroy our homes and turn our children into killing machines. Some of us just want to be left alone. And you wonder why we still fight after all these years...."

He stands up, and irritably looks around. "Are you just going to keep calling me a monster? Because I'm pretty sure your fan girls want to see action. I'd rather not fight, but I don't have a choice anymore. And that's your fault."

I recall such a man was only minding his own business, until you showed up. He was training a few students and you thought it was a good idea to fight him a a highly populated area. You have jeappordized those people, not saved. Heck, you didn't even stick around to fix what you've done. All that destruction and all those dead and injured, because of one man. How pitiful. We humans have feared you all ni our sleep for centuries. Our children, families, and friends are constantly slaughtered on a daily basis by you.

"I'm not going to say it again. Are you going to keep talking, or do you just like to hear yourself talk to death? What I did was wrong. Fine. But do you really think the people would accept my help? No. They would report me to the M.C.C.P. or some other agency or try to kill me. They would not give me a chance. And neither would you. I'm resigned to the fact that humans will never change. This arena and what it stands for is a testament to that. I also believe that Mythos must try to coexist, rather than take revenge.

But that won't happen. No one is willing to change, or fight for what's right. Those who do are beat down and treated like scum. I fought for change, but in the end I have nothing left to live for, and my final moments may be spent hearing these people's uncaring mockeries. The world isn't kind to those who fight for justice, and makes those who practice cruelty prosper."

The shades over the area begin to cover up more shade and i appears a bit shaded

If you want to speak of 'coexistence' than go to The Party for that. Here you fight or...

Pillars of sparks fly and reveals a tan-skinned man with spiky-swept back hair and a spiky beardstahce. He is shirtless and lanky but muscular in build, has lots of battle scars on him ranging from claw marks to tooth marks aswell as burns. His legs however are exactely like that of a CRAzy. *he rides down a ramp and launches himself into the ray of the sunlight and lands in front of Kado face-to-face.

Exima: You die...Which is it gonna be?

Kado's eyes glare blood red, and a strange blast of energy knocks Exima back several feet as Kado screams in Neo's voice, "I DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! I'VE NEVER HAD A CHOICE!"

He launches himself after Exima and begins whaling on him in rage straight to the face, before jumping back before Exima can kick him with his strange legs. He draws Earth Slayer and Dark Slayer, a small stream of tears rolls down his face, though they are Kado's, not Neo's, and Neo now commands him. A ragged, almost sobbing breath continuously comes from his mouth as Neo watches Exima, Kado's pain and agony reflected in his eyes, though slightly veiled by Neo's anger.

Daikeim just stands back and examines, keeping mental notes on Neo and Exima. Folding his arms, he takes a look around the arena before making more notes and thoughts. "Hmm... So this must be Neo taking control now, this will be interesting."

Exima: *dodges his attacks and maneuvers in front of Neo, takes Kado's wrist twists them both, disarming him of boths slayers, turns around and forces and pins him to the ground* I think you have the best life out of any myth on this planet.

Neo smirks, then violently bites Exima's face with sharp teeth, and rips into his face until he literally bitse the entirety of Exima's eye right out of its socket.

Exima: *grabs hold of Neo's jaws and opens it up to where he can move out of his jaws grasp and begins to violently snap open his, while he maneuvers around abit to get a better grip. Finally he is able tor break his joints in his jaws and pins Neo down by the head presses down on his skull and severely fractures it* You see....One thing is...that these myths tend to over look, I am the pinnacle of human perfect. I know it may just be human perfection. But oh how this perfection works in my favor. I had to live 30 years of countless slaughter from them. I had to learn quick, one wrong move was punished with death. I have been sratched up, biten, and stomped on and I came back from all of it. I don't intend to let another myth, have me in that position again. *rips out his eye out and eats it and the announcer tosses him another eye, only this one is cyber netic and he places it in his eye socket. Turns to Daikeim* You gonna start on me too, hardhead?

Daikeim glances at Exima. "Coming from the brute... Good for you, you can kill a couple of Mythos, do you think that's a good thing? Just murdering innocent beings because they're on this planet, if I was looking at this bluntly... I say that people who resent Mythos because of that are nothing but racists, now tell me, Exima... Do you like being called a racist? And even if they're are evil Mythos out there, I know they are far beyond your capability. So, racist brute, wanna tackle with another 'Mytho'?"

Exima: I can't be racist to a creature that doesn't exist. Myths are all in our heads, what we make up in our minds to believe. So tell me, how can I be racist to a myth, when a myth does not exist?

Neo silently gets up, the damage to his head gone as if Exima didn't even dent him, to the surprise of the crowd. "Is that all you have?"

Exima: Nah. In a matter of fact, I have something cool to show you. Wanna see it.

Neo narrows his eyes, and a ring of red symbols form on his chest, looking like some manner of runes, and blaze brightly against the dimness of the arena.

"And what might that be?" His voice rings out as though copied many times.

Daikeim looks at Neo and smirks before looking back at Exima. "Well, if Mythos don't exist, explain what my friend is then..."

Exima: A mistake. God gave us this green earth, not to the myths, but to man. We gave birth to the myths through our imagination. But little do you know that the myths came from evil nature. You do not belong here! We belong here! You only belong in our minds! The good agencies try their best to contain you, but we all truly know that the problem will never go away unless the myths permanently disappear. What do we say!?

Everyone chants in unison 'No Mythos' repeatedly

So...that brings me back to that thing I wanted to show you. *stretches forth both of his hands and both Earth Slayer and Draconia disappear from their graps and into Exima's. Looks at the sword* Quite astonishing. I can feel the power with such magnificent weapons. Though swords aren't really my thing. *does some fancy tricks with the swords* I don't mind making an exception.

Neo simply stretches out his hand and says quietly, "Hyōdo, come to me." Earth Slayer immediately rips out of Exima's hand, the whole arm that had grabbed the blade turns to glass and stone and shatters as Neo takes hold of its hilt.

"I'm afraid that isn't quite how controlling these weapons work. First off, you have to be a shapeshifter. Second of all, if the current master is alive, it will not accept another. Even if you did kill me, Earth Slayer and all of my Slayers for that matter would disappear and seek out their next master. You can force as much willpower as you'd like, but they have a will of their own. They choose their masters, and punish the foolish who are not worthy of their power."

And his eyes narrow, and suddenly all the shadows in the room wrap around him into a form of black cloak writhing with energy, and Exima as well as the whole arena feels a mysterious power draining their negativity, and some of them can almost see it drain into Neo's red symbols.

"You're wrong about us. Mythos were created by man, but they were created the same as man. We are both equally capable of good and evil. As proof of that, you all stand in this arena cheering for death."

Neo looks over towards Inhibit and pulls him out of the sand, and puts a hand on him, as energy flows into Inhibit's body, preventing him from dying.

"We are capable of many things, as are humans. Ironically, we only reflect your own nature. When you commit crimes against us, we feel wrath. When we feel wrath, we feel the need to avenge those we've lost. And when we exact our revenge in the name of justice, you grow to hate us more, and in your so called justice, you attack us yet again. And so the cycle of pain and hatred is born. A cycle we started together. You cannot even comprehend your arrogance." Neo says coldly.

Exima: But let me ask you. Who did God make in his image with his bare hands?

"You. But let me conjecture here. If God is what you could call your race's father, then.... you should follow his example. God could have annihilated mankind right at the first sin. But like a true Father should, he forgave you, and even to this day hasn't give up on humanity. Perhaps in your arrogance, you did not concede the possibility that this all was a lesson. To put you in his shoes, so that you might understand what it means to be a creator. A father. It is true that Mythos have been a unruly child of Man. But let's think on that. A bunch of sinners punishing a bunch of sinners. Don't you think that's the least bit hypocritical if not ironic?"

Exima:I admit. You make a good point. But you forget that God wanted to kill mankind. But he saved all but one. Why is that?

"And do you also forget the promise of the rainbow after that event? It is true that God has the option of punishing mankind, and likely many Myths as well. But you fail to understand he made a promise to never flood the world again, to never wreck such destruction upon the world, and he shall save his wrath for the judgement day. All on that day will be judged equally for their sins and their faith. But you... you do not give us such kindness, nor understanding. Nor compassion. You have failed your responsibilities as the parent of a race. Not to control, but to guide. To love, not hate. ....Ironic coming from a being born of hate and fear, isn't it? That much I know. But at least I'm capable of thinking, rather unlike you."

Neo points Dark Slayer at Exima. "I can see your memories and your pain. Pretty rough stuff. But I gotta tell you. Can't live in the past. If you do that, you don't have a future, because you're still in the past, and you don't even realize it. That's.... heh, 'Dark Phoenix's' problem too. He can't let go of his mistakes and the pain they caused him. Kinda like you. Me? I just go with things these days. Sure I am a representation of his negative or dark side, but I've learned a few things from him."

Exima: Still didnt answer my question. Why did he destroy everyone else, except that one man?

"Why did he create a realm for us Mythos to escape the flood? Did you think that was just an honest coincidence?" He counters.

Exima: One reasons why he did that. He sees them as one day to take our place as the dominant race. I'm not going to let that happen. He wiped them out, because they were children of myths. Those who did not belong on his world, because they did evil. Mankind was infected by the Nephilim spirit. All but one man was pure of that blood line. Thus, he and his family was spared. But the Nephilim spirit did not die. It roamed the earth in search to be put in a position to be worshiped again. You all may posses the power like that of a 'god', but we are like God. True Father of All in Existence. You myths are those people and we are like God. And like God, we will wipe you out.

Kado suddenly resumes control, and the black cloak and symbols disappear. His eyes are a dark bronze color as he glares at Exima, but he notices it isn't a gaze of hatred, rather determination of some kind.

"...I will shoulder all of it...." He mutters to himself.

Exima: I know you will, because right here...

The announcer brings forth the boy that follows Kado and gives him to Exima

Exima: Here lies a little myth child. Children are considered innocent cause they cannot make their own choices yet,thus they know sin. But what will stop this boy from becoming a monster just like the rest of his brethren?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing will stop him from being that. Even if he doesn't...I cannot risk that. So in a matter of fact, kid. I think you should thank me. *snaps the kids neck upward making his neck bone stick out and let his body drop to the floor* I just saved you from making that choice.

Kado closes his eyes. "To seek answers in the darkness,

to drown in eternal night,

The twilight the only respite.

Yearning yet never fulfilled, 

The forgotten sacrifice, 

The abandoned promise.

To remain when all time fades,

Until all that remains is dark.

The beginning, the end,

To house the Fire,

To devour the Ashes,

And to reap all who stand,

Til the Soverign Light returns.

By rite of Fire, I hearld the Second Coming, and the Second Birth."

As the crowd listens in confusion, Kado speaks again, this time uttering a phrase that all who survived the war remember well:

"To seek answers in the darkness,

To expose the truth in light,

Finding foundation in the earth,

Diving into the calm waters,

To strike lightning upon the world and give it life,

To subdue violence with numbing frost,

Bring about a changing wind,

And burn the world with eternal fire, and rekindle hope,

Together we thrive, together we burn.

To be consumed by the flame, burned to a cinder,

And revel in the Second Birth."

Kado opens his eyes, a cold glare meeting Exima's eyes.

"And I shall herald its coming."

The crowd is asking each other 'What is this dude doing?' and 'When are these guys gonna throw down? and 'Is he doing some voodoo shit on us or something?'

Exima: Mankind will live. Even if I go against against God's will. *gestures Kado to come at him*

"Yes, mankind will live.... that is the original purpose of the Second Birth.... ....for its symbol is '8'. We shall begin the Second Coming, the Second Birth of man. There is no point to this world. But you.... have no place in The Second World."

Exima: Which ever or. Man will be saved but as all the others don't belong anywhere. Jesus didn't die for the myths, he died for the sins of mankind so that we can be saved. Do what you want with us, but you and the rest of those monsters are all going to die.

Kado says nothing, but impales Earth Slayer into the ground, violently rocking the stadium as the blade begins to absorb all of the sand.

Exima: Hm. Not a sand person I see. Well, since we're about to get dirty...

The sand turns to mud and they all fall into a 30 foot deep pit that is 45 feet wide

Kado silently lands on the ground without injury, and quietly looks at Exima with unreadable eyes. Pity? Scorn? ....Disappointment? He can't be sure.

"Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe to stumble, it would be better for him if, with a heavy millstone hung around his neck, he had been cast into the sea. If your hand causes you to stumble, cut it off; it is better for you to enter life crippled, than, having your two hands, to go into hell, into the unquenchable fire." He says without any depth of emotion.

Exima: Sadly, I have seen too much and have done unbearable things. The least I can do is take it out on you. *dashes around the two and spin elbows Kado in the back of the neck making him fall on his face. Pins him down with his foot. Turns to Daikeim* Come on, you've been standing idly all day. Don't you want to return home?

"Ugh, fine... I'll make this quick, mind you." Daikeim places his hands in his pockets and walks towards Exima, slowly speeding up until he's full on sprinting at Exima. Before Exima makes a move, Daikeim suddenly vanishes for a split second, for the moment that it takes Exima to scan the area, Daikeim appears behind him and slams his foot into the back of Exima's neck, pushing him off of Kado. When Exima turns to look at Daikeim once more, he sees Daikeim speeding towards him, sliding between his legs and kicking him into the air. Daikeim jumps off of the walls to get higher than Exima and then divekicks him down into the floor, with Daikeim landing like a feather next to Kado. He reaches his hand out and helps Kado up. "So then, what was all that about?"

Daikeim notices there is a black emblem of Phoenix's symbol on Kado's chest.

"White is not the true leader of Phoenix. Or at least, she isn't supposed to be."

Daikeim examines the symbol before widening his eyes. "Wait... Are you, supposed to be the leader?!"

"Yes. From the moment I first grasped Dark Slayer. I am the Leader."

"But White is still in control, you don't mean you're gonna try to over-throne her... I mean, I think you can do it, but I'm just saying."

"I am going to take over the organization.... .....and continue our original goals." Kado's eyes focus on Exima.

Daikeim sighs and looks at Kado. "You can't be serious... Kado, if you do... I will gather whoever it will take and we will bring you down, you do realise that..."

"As long as the fire of hate continues to burn Daikeim.... ....You can never destroy Phoenix. The Slayers will continue our will for all of time, as long as Man and Mythos continue this pointless cycle. We are bound to it, to destroy it."

Kado charges Exima, a cloak of darkness covering him once more. Exima attempts to strike him, but Kado slices and destroys one of his Crazy legs, and Exima watches in alarm as the two halves slowly melt away, leaving him off balance and without one leg. The arm bounces off the darkness harmlessly.

Exima: Hm. Interesting. *dashes around them, slides on his back and sweep kicks the both of them and hand stand on their heads in the mud* Assistance!

Announcer: *tosses him a spare leg*

Exima: *catches it with his foot and it attaches the leg to the damaged one* It's repairing. *jumps up above the pit and land on the both of them causing to mud to fly and they are still pinned down* how much longer 'til I come for your brothers. And slaughter them all. No myth will stand on this planet or realm again. Even if I have to do it with my bare hands. *grabs both of them by the back of their necks and lift them up to where everyone in the crowd can see them* What should we do to these to...rather enternaining fighters?

Escape Edit

The crowd yells in unison 'No Mythos!' repeatedly

Exima: Well, you heard them. No Mythos. *begins to sink his fingers inside their neck, their blood begins to trickle down his fingers. He sinks them further into their necks*

Pythonicus comes up from under them, separating Daikeim and Kado from Exima's grasp. Pythonicus is flailing around

Exima: *lands on his feet* Pythonicus! What's wrong?

Their is a figure untop of Pythonicus. "Sur-priiiise, Muda Fucka!" shoots an arrow at Exima and it hits him directly in the heart

Exima: *takes the arrow out his heart and breaks it*

Figure: Daaaaaammnn...*looks at Daikeim and Kado* You two! Get on!

Kado silently jumps onto Pythonicus without a word.

Daikeim smirks and gains an Exeon aura, ripping off the collar and the wounds healing. He turns to look at Exima before jumping onto Pythonicus. "By the way, I'm not a Mytho, get it right!" Daikeim fires a pure beam of Exeon straight through Exima's chest, leaving a hole."Ok, we can go now."

Exima: Any ally to the monsters, is a monster too.

Pythonicus dives back under the mud with all of them on board

Exima: Just remember, I will find you and your brethren and you all will die at my hands. None will be left alive...

In the middle of nowhere, but it is obviously a desert and there is a road not far

Figure: Everyone off! *leaps of Pythonicus*

Pythonicus: *spreads his flaps and him and the serpents let out a monstrous hiss*

Figure: *shoots 6 arrows at one time into the six flaps and some kind of vibration blows the flaps up*

Pythonicus' head blows up and it body goes limp and the figure lands on his feet

Figure: See if Hawkeye can top that

Kado silently scratches the collar with Earth Slayer, and it slowly is absorbed into the blade, and Kado's form shapeshifts into his usual attire, only a pure black cloak and a black mask with no features at all. He silently turns towards the figure. "Who are you?" He asks. "I'm grateful for the help, but I'm curious to know who you are." He sheathes his swords.

Figure: *tuns toward Kado* Who me? Ok. My name is Reveryn, greatest elf archer you'll find in any plane of existence. What about you two sirs?

Daikeim loses his aura and looks at Reveryn. "Oh, I'm Daikeim, and this is Kado. Thanks for getting us out of that mess back there... So where are we?"

Reveryn: This here is the Rideout. The arena is back that way. *points to the south* I'm here to take you guys somewhere safe and whatnot. Part of my job. So without further a do, let's get a walkin'.

Kado looks at Daikeim. "Don't you have to be getting back to Elaonore? She needs you more than you know."

Daikeim sighs and speaks in a quieter tone. "If I knew where Upnation was, I would already be there... We don't exactly know our location as of now so sadly, I have no way of getting to her... I wish for the best, Kado, I honestly do... But please don't bring this up again."Daikeim starts walking.

Kado sighs irritably. "Reveryn, I'd like for you not to address me by name when we get to wherever we're going. Don't ask why. I'd just rather keep my name quiet right now."

Reveryn: Yea sure. *yells back to Daikeim* If you wanna get back to upnation, just take this road down that way. *points west* There will be a a field of wheat there and and in those fields lies the Gate.

Kado turns towards Daikeim. A small red sphere appears next to him, radiating Neo's energy. It coughs up a strange emblem, which Kado holds out and a portal appears to Daikeim. "The portal will take you straight to Elaonore. But do not attempt to interfere with me Daikeim. That is your only warning. I could have used someone like you by my side. I am disappointed you do not see as I see."

Daikeim looks at the portal before looking back at Kado. "Likewise... It's a shame to see you walk this path, and if you like it or not, we will come in contact in the future someday... But until then." Daikeim holds his hand out, for a simple handshake. "I hope you find what you're looking for, but I doubt it'll lead you to your true goals... Thank you Kado." Daikeim then chuckles and smirks. "It'll be interesting when our paths cross once more, I'm sure of it, just be ready Kado." Daikeim's eyes flash gold. "Because I'll be prepared."

"Goodbye. The time we meet again may be closer than you know." He turns and follows Reveryn.

Reveryn: So your name is Kado, like Avo-Kado.

"....Funny. But yes. My name is Kado."

Daikeim takes one last look at the two before sighing and going into the portal. "Let's hope so..."

Reveryn: We take the west way. That is where civilization will lie. Hope you can bear the heat. There's no water here in miles.

"Heat won't be a problem. I've endured far worse things than the heat of a desert." His form changes to a man with long shaggy blonde hair with dark brown eyes and a long sleeved coat with a red undershirt and an 'A' with a line crossing it out as a tattoo on his hand.

"Well I'm ready to go... so who do you work for? You said bringing us was your job. Also, nice shot with the bow. I haven't met that many elves before." His voice is more relaxed, if not a bit a bit more lighthearted.

Reveryn: I'm bringing you to the one and only Party. Shelter for all those who have lost their place in this cruel world. My job was to help you, because it was the right thing to do, not because ma' boss told me to.

"Hmmm. So you work for something called The Party? Can't say it's the most unique name in the world, but what the heck, might as well roll with it. The Party reminds me of people I used to work for.... ....heh. I'd prefer to be called Wildcard when in the presence of others, so you know, Reveryn. The less people who know what my actual name is, the better off."

Reveryn: Actually...once you meet my boss, you might wanna not tell him that. He'll that's a nickname and he'll....sort of test you whether you actually deserve any title given name....Soooo. Tell him your actual name and no one else can know, alright? And its full name is The Junkyosha Party.

He sighs. "Fair enough. As long as he isn't a loose lips kinda guy. Last thing I need is someone sinking my ship if you know what I mean."

Reveryn: Nah. He's rather secluded for...special reasons. He's a really.....kind.....almost.....occasionally....he's not mean.....when he doesn't want to know its hard to actually tell you exactly what my boss is like. but he is fatherly....just in a ....special way.

".......He's off his damn rocker isn't he?"

Reveryn: *scoffs* Man dude, he DESTROYED his rocker. No joke. but some how he's still sane enough to keep him sealed inside his own room. He comes out occasionally to get food and take a piss. He's even said he knows, there's a place outside this universe. a place where someone is depicting our actions. i don't know what he means by that,but its probably him being him.

"....Great. Can't wait."

Reveryn: Your gonna have to. Your in a desert and we're 800 miles away from where we need to be.

"Hmmmm....." He takes out Earth Slayer, and smiles. "Why not speed that 800 up a bit?"

Reveryn: Hm. Already I like the way you think, Mister Kado. Or is that your father?

An aura of energy surrounds them. "That'll let us go much faster. Don't know how long it will take, but it should cut plenty of time. Ready to go?"

Reveryn: Yulp. Everythang's good.

"Well let's get going then." *Races off*

Reveryn: *runs past Kado without even trying* Man, If only walking on the moon was like this.

They both race off towards their destination.

An Unexpected Return Edit

Off the coast of Downation, Drake can be seen flying across the coast, seemingly talking to his blade. "You went too far with the stages, Corruption..."

"Bah, it's what you wanted to do... Besides, you enjoyed humiliating him infront of those people. Does it bring up memories?" The blade mocks Drake, but is shortly cut off by Drake's loud arragont voice.

"Shut up! Listen to me, I'm the one in control, not you!"

"Sure you are... So, I thought we were going to Yosai, why are we here?"

"I was told that a 'friend' of Daikeim got killed, and since she was part of Phoenix, I might aswell do her a favor... You're helping me with this."

"Wait, the girl? You must be joking, I will not help you in your task one bit."

"You haven't got a choice, now stop bitching and keep quiet until we arrive."

Drake lands on the shore and starts walking into Forest City, he sheathes Kuria and takes a moment to think. "Hmm... She has my DNA, but should there be a tracing spell?" Drake opens his spellbook and scans through the multiple pages before placing his finger on a page and examining the contents, a smirk growing on his face. "Ok... That's easy." Drake bits his thumb and spills a drop of blood into the page, causing the runes to glow and change. "Yeah, that was easy... Honestly, I need a new book..."

Drake places his hand on the page and his eyes faintly glow as he turns to look at the sky, he stores the spellbook in the HSC and flies back up into the air. Scanning the area before noticing a small floating island with a sort of dome on it, without a second thought, Drake flies towards it and lands on the grass. "Hmm... Yeah, Daikeim's work..." Drake gains a rune on his palm as he presses against the dome, causing it to shatter like glass, he see tampered dirt in a grave-like way. "Ok Corruption, here you come to help..."

Drake sits infront of the grave, crossing his legs as he unsheathes Kuria and stabs it into the ground next to him. A dark aura coating both the blade and Drake as he starts chanting. "You know what you're doing Drake?" Drake gains tribal markings and a dome of his own surrounds the grave. "Yes, now help me transfer..." Drake reaches out to the grave, a red and black energy coming from Drake's hand and Kuria. The island starts to shake and Drake is suddenly blasted back, crashing into a tree. He reaches out and Kuria flies into his hand, his eyesight hazy. "That... Fucking hurt, but did it work?"

A patch of earth shifts as a head and shoulders pushes up slightly out of the ground, though only the red hair shows.

Drake takes a second to see the results, unssure of what to make of it... Before bursting out laughing, to the point where his sides hurt."IT'S LIKE A FUCKING TURNIP! HAHAH! CAN'T BREATHE, THIS TO TOO FUNNY! Turnipshini! That's your new name!" He continues to laugh.

She emerges from the grave, though only her upper torso is exposed, the rest of her body lies below, her clothes tattered and worn from decay. She shakes her head to free her hair of the dirt, and looks at him, her dark red eyes unfocused.

"D-drake.....? .....What am I....?" She stutters, confused.

Drake finally calms down and sits up, looking at Kanashimi. "Hey there Kanashimi, I just revived you... Surprised it worked. From what I heard, you and Daikeim got in a fight and he killed you... So I thought it would be nice to bring you back from the dead. How about we get you out of the floor, yeah?"

She brings an arm to her head. "....Why do I have a headache.....? Urggh.... .....Daikeim killed me? ....I don't remember anything. All I remember is.... nothing."

Drake stands up and grabs hold of Kanashimi's arm and pulls her out of the floor. "Memory loss... Hmm, then again, I wouldn't be surprised the dying resets your memory somewhat... Hmm... I would tell you about your past, but I think you would rather get it from White. Hmm, can you fly?"

She shakes her head. "I remember everything else, but.... I don't remember dying. ....and.... I don't want to go back to White."

He sighs. "...Thanks for proving me that I'm the dumbass. Anyways, so if you don't want to head back to Yosai, then what do you want to do?"

She looks at her ruined clothes. "....First off get a change of clothes. I'm as filthy as a rat...."

Her eyes close. "....I don't know where, but I don't want to be around White.... ....not again. She'll take the first opportunity and enslave me again.... ....I won't have my will taken.... not again."

"Heh, you sound just like Noriko." Drake smirks and he takes a look around. "There must be a clothes shop somewhere... I doubt they give away clothes though, but maybe a simple sword can change that."

She holds a hand to her stomach. "....Ow. My stomach is empty...." She laughs bitterly. "Remind me to punch Daikeim later...."

"Oh I won't forget, you can punch him as many times as you want. Hmm, so clothes and food... Alright then." Drake walks to the edge of the island and looks down, his wings stretching out in preparation for flight. "What do you want to do first? Grab a snack or get into the clothing trend?"

"I really can't stand the smell of these clothes. Let's go get something at least passable. I don't care, as long as it's not something stupid."

"Ok ok, clothes it is... I'll ask again, you do know how to fly, right? Because I don't want to revive you a second time, ok?"

She looks as though she's concentrating very hard, but lets out a grunt of irritation. "Not anymore at least."

Drake sighs, walking back to Kanashimi. "Sonovabitch... Fine, give me your hand, I'll fly both of us to a shop." Drake puts his hand out.

She takes his hand. "The sooner the better."

The moment she takes Drake's hand, he springs up in the air and flies deeper into Downation. With Kanashimi hanging loosely onto his hand, Drake explores and scouts out for a town that has clothing shops within it. After a while, he spots a shop and lands just infront of it, he lets go of Kanashimi and looks at the shop. "Here we go."

The shopkeeper looks up and notices Kanashimi and Drake, then the smell of her clothes. "Dear lord, where in heaven's name did she go to smell like that? Forgive me for my manners, but that is an absolutely horrid smell!"

Kanashimi purses her lips together in irritation, as she looks at the clothing.

Drake looks over at the shopkeeper. "Y'know, I could easily make you smell like a decaying corpse... So." Drake does the gesture of zipping someone's mouth shut as he walks away and looks at some clothing, not that he needs any.

Kanashimi checks out several plain t-shirts and some various jackets, as well as some jeans, then looks at the shopkeeper. "Mind if I try these?"

"Mind as long as you don't try stealing anything." He says shortly.

"Not like anything here is worth stealing, but whatever..." Drake's eyes shift across the selection of colothing before sighing, obviously bored out of his mind.

Kanashimi comes out of the dressing room in a brown leather jacket with a light red t shirt and black pants and rather simple black shoes. "I think this works out."

"Yaaay... Now we can grab some food." Drake turns to look at the shopkeeper, taking out his HSC and scrolling through it. "Ok, how much for her clothes?"

"Two gold ounces."

Drake's HSC turns into a screen and he scrolls though until he comes across his treasures, he sighs as he taps a icon and a solid gold bar materializes on the shopkeeper's desk, Drake closes the HSC and walks towards the door and opens it, waiting for Kanashimi. "Keep the change... C'mon Kanashimi, I'm starving..."

She follows him. "Thanks, I am so glad to be out of those clothes... thought I was gonna barf."

"The least I could do, I just wanted to get out of that shop..." Drake takes a look around, his stomach rumbling as he groans. "Honestly... I will eat that shopkeeper..." Drake starts walking around town trying to find somewhere to eat. "So Kana, what's it like to be dead?"

"Hmmm.... .....couldn't be sure. I think I experienced.... something, but it's fuzzy now. Faces, lights. I don't understand it. But it was.... very serene. The only thing I remember is the end of it, when I felt a sharp tug, not before something bade me farewell. Then I woke up buried alive with stinky ass clothes."

"That's... Interesting... Hmm.." Drake goes into thought for a moment. "...'I don't want to be around White, not again. She'll take the first opportunity and enslave me again, I won't have my will taken.... not again.' Yeah, White's quite the bitch, ain't she? Doesn't seem much of a threat, but then again I went against mythical beasts so my opinion isn't the best. But that wouldn't phase me from defending you if White did try, I don't care if I die. Everyone needs a will and a freedom, and if White begs to differ, then by all means she can go fuck herself with that Slayer of hers." Drake laughs in his cocky tone, but then groans as he still searches for something to eat.

Kanashimi looks over at a food stand. "How about there?"

A hungry smile instantly shines on Drake's face as he speeds towards the stand, he looks at the shopkeeper and speaks fast enough to confuse some people. "Whatdoyouhaveandpleasetellmeyouhaveribs!"

".....Yes, yes we have ribs. And plenty more. You sound hungry."

"Oh you have no idea... Five stacks of ribs seasoned and with sweet and sour sauce, twelve steaks cooked to medium rare aaaaand a simple burger. That will be a--" Drake looks over to Kanashimi. "What do you want?"

"What he ordered, but double."

"I see someone has a bottomless pit for a stomach. Haha..."

Drake places his hand on the stall owner. "Triple my original order."

"Bring it on, ol' man."

The shopkeeper smiles. "I detect a challenge."

Drake smirks. "That's no way to talk to your dad now, and who gave you your white tips?" He points to Kanashimi's hair.

"At least MINE'S improved." She taunts.

"Improved? HA! Yeah, sure it is carrot top." Drake playfully taunts back.

"Alright chiefs, bring on the stoves and grills, we got some feisty ones!" He calls to the back. He turns towards Drake and Kanashimi. "We love a good challenge, consider the food on us."

"Awesome! This is gonna be great, sorry to break it to you Kanashimi, but you're gonna lose. Let's see if you're a sore loser when this finishes."

When the food hits the plates, she attacks it with great glee before he can even get started.

"H-Hey! You sonovabitch!" Drake instantly ravishes in the food, easily matching Kanashimi. Not leaving the smallest of bites, he soon overtakes Kanashimi with a smug grin on his face while doing so.

The two compete for a while, but Kanashimi eventually stops when her stomach finally is stuffed, a slight bulge to it.

'Damn it, I got the little white hair but only half of the bottomless pit... you win this round....."

"Heh, nothing beats the original! But I'll hand it to you, you were the toughest competition I had, so there's that. So what do you want to do now?" Drake finishes the last stake and takes a look around. "Anything you want to get?"

"I don't know. I don't have a backpack or anything to carry things in, so it would rather be a moot point... Perhaps you could help me figure out how to access my powers, I don't know."

"Hmm, let's access your powers... Granted it will be difficult, but it'll be fun." Drake takes a look around. "Although, we'll have to do it in a place where you won't kill everyone." Drake chuckles and gets up, leaving a small gold tablet on the table as payment. He then turns and walks in a direction. "C'mon, let's get started."

She follows him. "More worried about you, old man dad."

"Aww, that's sweet of you." Drake smirks in a teasing way before walking out of the town. And after an hour or so of wondering out of Downation, they finally come across a forest secluded far away from any civilization. In just a blink of the eye, Drake enters his Aura Dragon form with ease as he turns to look at Kanashimi. "First, let's see if you have your own Aura Dragon."

"Well I did use one before when I first met Daikeim, but I don't know how to use anything now. I know it's all there but.... just really far away. I don't know how to explain it."

"That's because the Aura that you use for the form is sentient, so being recently alive once more. It will take a while before your Aura gets used to it, but it also requires a bond between the host and the Aura otherwise the form will be... Unstable in a sense of the word, it also needs a strong will power, something that is probably the main cause for it 'being really far away'. Just like everything else, so firsts thing's first, seeing if you and your Aura have a bond. Everything afterwards should be a lot easier getting unlocked, per say."

Drake comes to a stop and sits down while crossing his legs, making some sort of hang gesture. To Kanashimi's surprise, she can see Drake's aura stand up and move to the left of him and sits down, still in perfect shape. "Sit the opposite side to the aura, since you have my DNA, your and my aura can synchronize. But this would work with a full blooded Cyanican, let's hope this works..." Drake slightly chuckles.

She does so nervously, looking at it with curiosity, then exhales slightly. "Ok..."

The aura tilts it's head at Kanashimi before holding both her hands, when this happen, Kanashimi can feel a strange surge rushing from her hands all the way to her body. A couple of moments pass, all silent before the aura flashes grey. Indicating that it's found the aura but in a fragile state. "Ok, I need you to convince yourself of two things. One is that you and your aura have a bond, and two is as I said, a strong will. Do you think you can do that? My aura will still hold on incase your aura retaliates... Good luck."

She closes her eyes and silently begins concentrating on what he said to do.

An hour passes before Kanashimi feels different, like she had an overall upgrade. When she opens her eyes she sees a faint aura that forms around her, coloured a very dark red, almost black. Resembling to be more dragon-like than Drake's aura, his aura lets go of Kanashimi and forms back onto Drake. "Ok, now to maintain that form, think of one thing and focus on it. A need for something, destruction or protection or a will, anything like that will do. The aura will soon synchronize with your soul, and once that happens, you got your form back."

Kanashimi begins thinking of White's manipulations that lead to her death, a fear of her taking hold. I don't want to lose myself again....

Her aura starts to take shape and stabilize, Drake smiles and chuckles. "You're getting the hang of it, but finally and this is to solidify that the aura is yours. You need to erase any doubt that you have, as it will lead to the form being weaker than it should, can you manage that?"

She looks at him for a moment, then laughs softly. "Oh sure I can. Next time, I'm gonna kick your ass at the next competition, ya hear?"

Kanashimi feels a pulse surging throughout her body as her aura fully connects with her soul, the aura's colour and shape perfects itself as it lets out a roar. Drake is knocked back slightly by the roar, he starts laughing as he stands back up and claps. "There you go, your Aura Dragon form... I'm surprised Kanashimi, either that or your aura went easy on you... But regardless, congratulations!"

She experimentally tries to flap the wings of the dragon, yelping as it easily lifts her up in the air. "Arrghh! Too high! Too high!" She hastily retreats to the ground, sighing.

"Well that will take getting used to..... ....Say Drake.... what do you think is gonna happen to the others?"

Drake sighs. "Sadly, I don't know... There's something coming up and after that happens, I'm going to Echo with someone, as for your Brother, Silent Angel... I have no idea what White has planned for him, or the other CEs, sorry."

She thinks quietly. "Drake, can you please tell no one I'm alive? And when you're done, can I come with you? If White finds out I'm alive, she'll likely come after me. It's better she doesn't learn. I can hide here, or somewhere else."

"Don't worry, your secret is safe with me, and yeah, you can come along." Drake hugs Kanashimi then scuffles her hair slightly. "Just promise not to die again, it's a pain in the ass to revive people." He lightly laughs.

"Awwww the old man is getting soft!" She teases, then smiles. "Don't worry, I won't be dying again. I'm too stubborn to fail twice."

"Just like your old man haha... So, what should we do now?"

"So who's your friend? got a girlfriend don't ya?" She says with a teasing smile.

Drake's eyes open wide as he gives Kanashimi a puzzled look. "...You're not talking about Noriko, are you? ...You are! We're not a couple, I'm there to help her and that's all... It's nothing special like that, ok?"

"What's the matter old man? All I was asking is if you had a girl that was a friend. Interesting you deny it so readily though..." She holds her smile for a moment, before shaking her head. "Just messing with you. In any case, I'm probably going to ask around to see if I can find someone who will take some assistance in exchange for a place to sleep, you can do whatever you wish to I guess. Unless you had something specific in mind...?"

"I haven't got anything planned, probably gonna punch some people who try to fight me. It'll be easy to find me since I'm causing chaos to some scale, just try to not get into trouble, ok?" Drake smiles and starts walking back to Downation. "I'll see you soon!"

Assemble Edit

As Drake flies closer to Yosai, he feels a presence enter his mind, Azula.

I was just about to call you in. Noriko is also en route, so I guess I don't have to look for you two then. Based on new calculations, you're just in time. In a few hours, our targets are expected to appear. When we have all gathered, White will inform us of the plan. We will see you at the courtyard.

"Ok... See you soon." Drake looks directly at the little blip in the distance over the waters, until Kuria's blade glows. "Worried Drake?"Drake hesitates to answer but then manages to speak."Sorta, I promised I'd be there to help them two, it would suck if I'm to die now..."The blade mockingly laughs. "Never thought you would be the type to care." Drake stays quiet before angrily sighing, speeding towards the floating fortress. "Just shut up Corruption."

Noriko appears next to him not long after the fortress becomes much more visible, laying on her back as she flies. "'Sup Drakey?" She says with a playful grin.

"Oh, hey Noriko, glad to see you caught up quickly." Drake instead smiles instead of his usual smirk or grin. "How are you then?"

"I'm fine. Though there were these weird seagulls that kept dropping raw fish- NO NOT THAT AGAIN!" She dodges a falling fish, then zaps the offending seagull, then regains her balance, and looks at a laughing Drake.

"Ah shut up."

"Haha, it's like they offering you like you're royalty!" Drake manages to control his laughter, and after a moment of quietness, Drake looks at Noriko and speaks in a more... Unique tone. "Hey Noriko, y'know what we're doing after this fight is over, right? ...Well, there's someone who wants to come along, she's worried that White will get her again, is it ok if she comes too?"

Noriko shrugs. "I don't see why not. " She looks over at the fortress. "Hmm, seems White's brought a few more out than usual."

Drake flies closer to Noriko and hugs her for a brief moment before retaining him balance as he flies back into his original position."Thanks." Drake then looks over to the fortress, seeing the CEs, Drake's eyes widen slightly. "Well shit Grandma Whitey, you're certainly packing heat, aren't you..." Drake begins to chuckles slightly.

Noriko looks down at them. "I wonder if she's bringing them out for use in the battle as well...?"

"Why would she haven them out otherwise? We are fighting two gods, so we'll need all the help we can get really... Not like we need them anyways, but I guess better safe than sorry."

Noriko lands to the side of Toma, who along side Torrent and Azula stand in a line facing White, the CE's are behind them, Silent Angel included.

Drake lands and exits his Aura Dragon form, looking behind him to examine all of the CE's. He quietly sighs and focus on White muttering under his breath. "So nearly free... Let's just get this fight over with."

Her dragon eyes coldly look at him. "It is good that you are all here. Our plan is to wait for the resistance of Earth to begin to falter, then Phoenix will unleash its attack in waves, I shall go alone and provide for the initial assault. The rest of the major members, you come in after my signal. Chaos Engines are to wait in reserve." She looks at Drake.

"You are permitted to join in battle along with the main members or wait to be called on alongside the CE's. Your choice."

Drake looks at the remaining members of Phoenix then the CE's, he glances at White and shakes his head. "I'll go whenever..."

"Very well then. Go with whoever you please. Out of curiosity, what were you two doing?"

Drake gives White a puzzled look. "Excuse me? You two? Who are you talking about?"

"You know what I'm talking about. You. And Noriko. Off for a romantic dinner for two? Shared a kiss perhaps?" She has a faint smile at that last one.

Torrent and Toma laugh.

Drake steps forwards without saying a word, unsheathing Kuria and tightening his grip on the hilt as he glares at White. "Is that so? Heh, then I could say the same about you and Kado? Afterall, his room was surprisingly tidy after he left seven years ago, so what's up with that Whitey? Missing your masked man, or is there something I'm just not getting..."

He barely has time to dodge as she breathes pure white flames at him, the flames hotter than any fire he had ever encountered, in fact a burn forms on his arm, even though the flames are no where close.

Drake places a hand on his arm and glances at White, as his hand glows, trying to heal himself. "Oh, did I strike a nerve? Next time White, watch your mouth, because trust me. There's more to say, but for once, I'm gonna shut up. Watching you snap would be funny, but it wouldn't make a good impression for 'the strongest incarnation of Phoenix', wouldn't it?" Drake sheathes Kuria and takes a step back.

He feels a massive pain in his chest as she suddenly kicks him into a tower. "Never. Ever. Say that again. Do you hear me? I will not have you insult my family line again." She walks off silently.

"You all are to remain within the boundaries of the fortress at all times, until my order is given! No exceptions!" She yells as she walks out of sight.

Lodging himself out of the tower, a small treacle of blood flows out of Drake's mouth as he growls. "Fucking... Bitch... Honestly, I will rip out her damn throat." Drake angrily sighs and enters his Half Dragon form and flies up to a flat roof and lands hard enough to cause cracks, he looks at the burn on his arm and growls once more. "Great..."

Noriko lands next to him, and inspects the burn, before placing her hand on his head, and he can feel a strong tingling running through his body.

"Noriko, what are you doing... I'm not exactly the safest person to be standing next to right now, you know that, right?"

"Hardwiring your brain to fall in love with me and to make you serve me." She pauses long enough to see his reaction start, before she smiles. "I'm telling your cells to heal themselves over ten times faster than normal. Watch."

He feels a sharp burning as though someone poured peroxide on his arm, and the burn begins to heal at an astonishing rate until it disappears. He also feels the damage done to his chest heal, though more slowly.

"And now for the mind modification!" She giggles, then playfully dodges as he swipes at her. "I'm kidding!" She laughs.

"Hmph... Thanks once again, it hurt like hell... But thanks, remind me not to piss you off." Drake smiles and chuckles before sitting down and yawning, looking up at the sky and the clouds, and for once. Noriko sees a more quiet and peaceful side of Drake, no brash comments, no jokes after what he said, just a small smile and a delicate look to himself despite what just happened. After a couple of moments, he finally speaks in a surprisingly soft tone, something that's near unnatural for Drake. "I needed that off my chest, it was worth the pain, I don't care what anyone thinks, but sooner or later. Reality is gonna hit White and it's gonna hit hard for her to realise soon enough."

"Do you think White is out of touch with reality?" Noriko smiles a bit. "You're right, there is something you don't see. I can understand why you don't see it yet. Were you paying attention to what she said, Drake?"

"Not really, most of what White usually says just goes over my head. But then again, I'm not one to listen to 'authority'." Drake chuckles."Ok Noriko the all knowing, what am I not seeing here?"

Noriko sighs. "Well, I'll not beat around bushes. White and Hadari, the founders of the organization, they were both lovers, do you remember that?"

"I heard things here and there, like a fight and death and Slayers... But yes, I remember being told that."

"Well, they weren't just any lovers. Kado is the descendant of Hadari. White is the descendant of White I. If Hadari and White had children, and Kado and our White are descended from them, what does that tell you?"

"...Kado and White are brother and sister, or at least related closely. So that why White gets mad or annoyed when someone comments on the two, but that doesn't seem to make them two close per say. I'm sure I heard that Phoenix went after Kado for having a choice to leave, although... Nevermind"

"There you go,I knew you had a spark of a brain in there somewhere!" She playfully teases. "Anyway, White has been spending more time below than usual. She's been talking with Azula a lot lately as well. I think White's getting ready to turn it on, in any case."

"It? What do you mean by it?"

"Charging phase completed." A artificial voice rings in the air.

Noriko blinks. "It's done charging. It's White's ace in the hole, she's going to be giving a.... demonstration... soon." She smiles. "I can't tell you until you see it for yourself."

Drake smiles and lightly pinches Noriko's cheek, chuckling while doing so. "Awww, please tell me. I can't be bothered to wait!"

There is a slight rumbling, and a tear in the sky starts to appear over Yosai Fortress.

"...Nevermind, I guess she's giving the demonstration now." Drake stands up and looks at the tear, his eyes widen. "Hooooly shit... Are they planning to use that against Jibaku and Valeric?!"

The tear suddenly completely rips open, revealing a massive translucent structure on the other side of what seems to be a rift in reality itself, composed of many countless spinning rings and a single long cannon shaft. He cannot tell how big the structure is, but when compared to objects around it, including a few blue stars, he realizes it has to be absolutely gargantuan in size. As he stares at it, eight large towers erupt from around Yosai, and he can sense massive energy stored in them, what looks like energy channeling devices on the tops of them.

"That is the plan.... .....White calls it the Spear of God. No one knows who designed the thing, but it's scary. Azula is the only CE that can fully charge it. In order to power it this time, she had to sacrifice fifty CE's just to get it to fifty percent, the minimum power level needed to possibly destroy Jibaku and Valeric."

"That was fifty percent!? That's strong enough to destroy a planet, then I wonder what one hundred percent would be like... The Spear of God, yeah sounds scary enough. I'm glad we're getting the fuck out of here after the battle."

Noriko takes his hair and roughs it up. "Yeah. I want to get out while I still can. Besides, I'm rather bored of staying here. It's time I flew from the nest."

Drake chuckles as he does runs his hand through her hair and ruffles it up, before sitting back down and opening his HSC and turning it into a screen. He plucks an item how and it slowly materializes into Drake's hands, to Noriko's surprise it's a guitar, he starts to play but is completely opposite to his attitude. Since what he plays seem to be more tame and peaceful. He smiles. "I saw this back in Upnation and bought it, I used to play back on Cyanic. I'm a bit rusty but I was hoping you could teach me, after all you did get me back into music."

She smiles. "I'd be glad to teach you. Looks like a nice one."

"The amount of times I've said thanks to you today keeps on rising and rising, thanks. And let's just hope this is durable enough for our travels, mind you I won't join any bands, this'll just to pass the time... So what do we do now? Because I just wanna relax until the fight begins..." The guitar digitizes into the HSC as Drake puts it away and lies down on his back looking up to the sky once more.

Noriko lays down next to Drake, laying her head down on her arms. "I guess we just wait for something to happen. Or make something happen."

Drake quietly laughs. "If you have an idea on what to do then I'm all ears. I would say prank some people, but they need to be at the top of their game, so we can't really do anything that lowers their chances... So I have no clue what to do."

Noriko peeks over the roof at Silent Angel. "Hmmmm....."

Drake closes his eyes and speaks in a relaxed tone. "What's going on in that brain of yours?"

A seagull dives at her and she grabs it, and looks down at it menacingly. "Oooooh sir, you are in so much trouble.... now...." She taps its head, an electric current zapping it, she then places a very large rock in the bird's feet, and she swats it, and it goes flying straight over Silent Angel, and then proceeds to drop it on his head, and Silent Angel angrily looks up at the bird, but then continues reading a book he had pulled out. The bird flies back to Noriko, and looks at her expectantly. Noriko smiles. "Oh how fun it is to have my own pet bird...."

Drake opens one of his eyes and glances at the bird, chuckling. "I told you, so are you gonna name it?"

"Ehh, not gonna keep it. Want a turn?"

"Sure, why not?" Drake scuttles over to the bird and places a large rock in it's feet. He takes a look down at Silent Angel and points to his book. "Hit his head then snatch his book." Drake giggles.

The bird flies down again, and merrily drops the rock on Silent Angel's head, who angrily looks up again, with a scowl on his face this time. The bird swoops down and snatches the book, but makes the mistake of heading straight at Drake and Noriko, and Silent Angel follows it with his eyes and sees them, and a strange purple cloud comes from his feet and chases after the bird, which panics and drops the book on the roof.

"Stupid bird... Hmm, well at least we have the book... But I have a feeling we got more pressing matters." Drake looks at Silent Angel with a childish yet slightly worried smile on his face, regardless, he grabs the book and opens it.

It appears to be some sort of graphic novel, which Silent Angel quickly swipes back with an irritated look. "Very funny." He says shortly, then flies back down.

Drake looks up a bit, and notices the white dragon he had fought against when he first came here roosting on top of a high tower. Looking around, he sees the others all on their own towers, and then he notices one of the towers lacks an occupant.

"Hmm... That must of been Kado's Warlord... Wait, I'm counting seven, but Hiroshi is dead and Aoi escaped... How is this possible then?"Drake glances at the others and growls at them. "...I guess I'm lucky I'm not against them this time."

Noriko laughs. "Well, the truth is as long as a Slayer keeps them sealed, their avatar remains, regardless of wielder. Even though we have three members gone, those three remain because the Slayer is still empowered. The one within Kado's sword, the Goddess Kukyo, was released from her seal some time ago. I don't know how Kado's sword is powered now."

She looks at the eagle of pure lightning. "Do you know anything about them?"

"...They hit hard, really really fucking hard. Then again, if they're Gods, then what am I expecting? But now that I think about it, not really. So am I gonna bet getting another history lesson from teacher Noriko?" Drake laughs.

Noriko shrugs. "More like speculation. Few people actually know much about the Eight. We don't really know anything about what they really are, or where they come from. We control their power, but they're very defiant about us probing their minds. We basically know their names, but we don't have any actual facts about them. Just a bunch of myths, and no real basis. I can tell you some of the stories, if you wanted."

Drake tilts his head slightly before smiling childishly and nodding. "Sure, I don't mind. We need something to pass the time anyways."

"Well, first off, we know their names, so I'll start with that. The first of them, Kukyo, the Dark Demon of the Void, is said to be the mother of the seven. She has always been depicted to have arrived on Echo first. The second, Kagayaki, is the Ethereal White Dragon of Light. He's over there." She points to the white dragon, which seems to have shifted its gaze towards them at the mention of its name.

Drake looks at Kagayaki and growls once more, before looking back at Noriko. "I guess you could of said we've met before, but continue..."

"There is also the third, Hyōdo, the Eternal Titan of Earth, the fourth, Mikadzukikei, the Empress Lion of the Sea, the fifth, Saisei, the Phoenix of Wrath, the sixth,  Kitakaze, the Wolf of Four Winds, the seventh Kaminari, the Wings of Thunder, and my respective Warlord, and the eighth, Furīzu, the Queen of Glaciers.

A common theory is that they are simply the beings used to create Echo, nothing more, and then decided to try to take control. Another, less accepted theory, is that they were sent by God to be the guardians of the world. ....Which didn't exactly happen, so most people find the first more believable. Who knows... and you can stop scowling. They were just doing what White told them to."

Drake pouts and then sighs with annoyance. "Fine... And I think there must be more purpose to them than simply creating Echo, but I guess I'm gonna stick to the first theory, because honestly... What kind of god just makes a thing then does fuck all? I haven't met one god that does that..."

Noriko is about to say something, when all seven begin to roar, one long tone that they hold for several minutes, then they eventually cease.

Noriko blinks. "Oh wow."

The CE's below appear restless for some reason.

Drake looks down at the CE's. "I wonder what's got them in a pissy now... It could be the roar but I doubt it, wanna take a look?"

White appears in a flash of light. "The targets have arrived. I shall oversee the battle, and at the right time, I shall begin our plan. Until then, you are to wait for my command."

She disappears in another burst of light.

Torrent chuckles. "And so the game begins."

Drake looks towards out to sea before taking a look at the fortress he calls a prison around him, he goes into thought for a moment before speaking out. "Heh... I guess I gotta thank Phoenix for some things, even if I was trapped here like a rat." He chuckles. "Hell, I'm gonna miss pranking Mr. Emotions over there... Actually, the more I think about it, the more I'm gonna miss... Haha, what kind of stupid logic is that, ah well..." He turns to look at Torrent with a smirk on his face. "I bet I can land more hits on the two bastards than you."

Torrent scoffs. "You wish."

Noriko jumps on Drake, giving him a fierce bear hug. "Stockholm Syndrome! Yeeaaaa!"

Drake almost tips over but manages to regain his balance, he laughs and pats Noriko's head. "Yes yes, Stockholm Syndrome has caused me to sorta like you maniacs, 'you wish'? So, are you saying you want to take that bet Miss. Mask?"

".....You remind me of Kado. ....How infuriating..... fine whatever, if that's what you want. A bet it is."

"Heh, so you're saying that I remind you of someone who could win against you? Thanks, don't worry, I'll tell everyone that you won so you can keep your dark and broody ego."

"Kado? He could never beat me."

"That was seven years ago Torrent, are you sure you want to keep to that statement of yours?"

"And in those seven years, only now does his power show potential. He will never amount to anything before the end."

"Probably..." Drake sighs and opens his HSC and casually scrolls through all of his stuff.

Five portals appear in the courtyard.

Noriko sighs. "It's time then."

"Apparently so... Let's just get this over with." Drake drops off of the roof and lands, he enters his Aura Dragon form and walks towards the portal, hesitating at first as he looks out at the ocean one more time but this time he notices someone flying towards the fortress. His eyes narrow down the person to make identification of who it is, as he does, a smile comes to his face as he walks past the portal, taking only a couple of steps before stopping. "So you actually arrived?"

Daikeim lands infront of Drake with a smirk on his face, him and Drake bump fists before exchanging a couple of words. "I wouldn't want to miss this, even if I'm 'helping' Phoenix..."

Drake laughs and lightly punches Daikeim's arm. "You're just gonna miss me you soft bastard!"

Daikeim points at Noriko. "I'm the soft one? I'm pretty sure tha--"

"Don't even say it." Drake chuckles before walking back infront of the portal alongside Daikeim, the two then walk into their own portals.

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