Shiroi Kiri
A quiet weary soul
Songstress of The North
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Shimo Rirī, Kyōdaina,Jonothan
Status Active
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type None
Age Not Known
Weight 0
Health Excellent
Affiliation Echo
Weapons -
Species Spirit
Base of Operations The North Frontier
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) -
Current Occupation Instrument Maker
Abilities Spirituality
Fighting Style -
Partner Jonothan Waltz
Team -
Relatives Shimo Rirī(Mother), Kyōdaina(Father)
Marital Status Married

Shiroi Kiri, or 'White Mist', is a spirit from Echo, who hails from the far North Frontier, a region where few civilized peoples are known to live, and is the stronghold of the Positive Spirits and their halidom. She is distantly related to Kukyo and is a cousin to Kado. She is married to Jon, also known as 5x5.

Appearance and Personality

Shiroi is, like most of her kind, incredibly inquisitive toward outsiders of the Spirit Realm of Echo, and is prone to asking questions with little to no context. She finds hybrids and Myths from outside Echo curious and will badger them with unending questions, blissfully unaware of their distress.

Shiroi manifests herself as a girl with short white hair and beautiful blue eyes, possessing more golden eyes in moments of bliss and joy. Like most of her kind, she possesses blue spirit brands in a curved fashion on her cheeks and across her whole body. She loves to wear long blue and white dresses, and adores the color blue, favoring blue flowers and shiny blue objects the greatest and will adorn herself with them readily.


Spiritual Link - Tranquil Flow

As a Tranquility Spirit, Shiroi is empowered by times of tranquility and peace, and suffers when violence and conflict are commonplace. She has the ability to channel this flow into others, and is able to tame the darkest of hearts.

Light Manipulation

Shiroi can wield the Light to great effect, as a protect measure.

Spirit Hands

Spirit Blades

Enchanting Music

Her flute playing is legend, and allows her to extend the effectiveness of her Spiritual Link as far as the sound can be heard.