Shion Yukikaze
Shion with a Dual Sword Set
Silent Swordsman
Lazy Sword Master
Sword of a Lost Era
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 12/25
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue, Yellow
Hair Color Black
Height 182 Cm
Blood type AB
Age 10,000+
Weight 63.2 Kg
Health Immaculate
Affiliation Neutral
Species Kasterian-Immortal
Base of Operations Aeon's Realm
Weapons Various Sword Sets, Assassin's Tools
Current Occupation Wanderer, Disciple
Fighting Style SSS(Sword Set Style), Assassination Techniques, HAOS, Iaido Ryuu
Partner Lillia(Rival-Love interest)
Team Disciple, Dark Blade
Relatives None
Marital Status Single?


Shion, born Xiawauru Xia, is from Kaster, a planet akin to earth. He was born to a noble family that valued honor and keeping one's word as if it meant one's life. To that end, he was taught to never make promises that were outside of this ability to keep as he grew up. At the same time, he was taught calligraphy, medicine making, spirit cultivation and the way of the sword, each to teach him a different value, starting at the beauty of effort, moving to the power that nature has on man and man's minuscule power when compared to nature, then the importance of knowing one's path and oneself and finally the importance of life. He was instilled with a gentleness of spirit that made him appear as a noble, even to his peers of equal status. Unfortunately, he could not wed, as no one felt as though the would reach his standards and thus besmirch the honor of them both. That is, until he met Astra.

Originally word of a beautiful foreigner did not strike Xia's fancy, but when he encountered Tatsu he was immediately smitten and did his best to win her hand. This lead to Xia displaying expert swordsmanship in a tournament against others who decided they would fight for her hand, but unlike those who would cut down their opponents, Xia showed much compassion and chose to only disarm his opponents until he reached the final round of the tournament, against Astra herself. Initially taken aback, Xia understood that Astra would only accept a man who stood as her equal as her husband, so he faced her as he was expected to. The duel favored neither side, but as it progressed Xia was able to learn more about the mysterious woman's character by way of the questions she asked him and her reactions to his answers.

Eventually the duel reached a perfect stalemate and Xia felt as if he fully understood Astra, thus he prepared to forfeit the match. However, before he could do so, a man jealous of him attempted to run him through, only to face Astra's blade. Surprised at Astra's actions, Xia grew more surprised when the woman accepted his proposal despite their unfinished duel. It wasn't much later that the two were happily married, though neither had any thoughts of having children. Instead the two did their best to teach each other new things, such as the arts, economics, alchemy and even magic to an extent. Yet these happy times would come to an end.

One day Xia and Astra encountered a mysterious man who appeared to recognized Astra, but the young woman had no recollection of him and so Xia rebuked him. What looked like an encounter that would come to blows was quickly halted by Astra's words, and thus the mysterious man vanished from their lives. More peaceful days followed until members of Xia's family and other families began to vanish, then reappear in bloody pieces days later. Thinking that the mysterious man was the culprit, Xia prepared to find him only to be attacked by some manner of fiend as he left his home.

A hard struggle would ensue, with Xia nearly losing his life, until the mysterious man intervened and chose to aid him. The duo's combined efforts, Xia's beautiful swordplay and the mysterious man's blade artes in tandem, lead to victor, but a short-lived one, because when the duo turned away and began to converse, the fiend rose again and attempted to attack them from behind, only for Astra to push them out of the way and take the attack herself. Enraged, the two swordsmen struck down the beast a second time, this time ensuring its death before vainly tending to Astra, who passed on not long after regaining her memories. Xia, taking the loss particularly hard, made a promise to find her again before his life ended, unaware that the mysterious man beside him had the power to make such a thing happen if given enough time.

Offered a chance to fulfill his promise, Xia discarded his name and took on a similar name, Shion, before he left Kaster with the mysterious man, Aeon, with whom he trained for hundreds of years. Each year Xia grew stronger, smarter and faster, but with these bonuses came a sense of emptiness that couldn't be filled, as if he was growing around a void within himself. This void only grew larger and larger, threatening to consume him until Aeon brought back a second disciple one day, a young woman by the name of Lillia.

By this point Xia had performed one of his particularly powerful and as of yet unnamed techniques, but nearly crippled himself in the process, so he had began using the space around himself to move rather than his limbs. This was already stressful on the man, but when Lillia, unimpressed by him, challenged him to a duel, Xia locked up and put too much pressure on his body, emitting an extremely heavy aura as he tried to regain control of his mobility. This had the effect of causing Lillia to rescind her duel invitation, put off by is aura until she later learned that Xia had, in fact, bluffed her unintentionally. This annoyed the young woman, who decided to use him as body pillow from that point on, much to his chagrin. Eventually, this chagrin would turn into tenderness on both ends, albeit neither would actually acknowledge this until after Lillia was possessed by Ragnarok and had to be stopped by the efforts of Xia and their fellow disciple, Dark Prynce. After that, the two grew closer and eventually made the decision to get married, but not before taking care of anything they had not that could get in the way of their time together later.

In Xia's case, this meant returning home and paying respects to his now deceased family, but what happened next he doesn't quite remember, only that there is a strange seal on his being that does little to nothing...


To most people, Shion comes across as lazy or slothlike, but in actuality he is rather quick witted and active... when given the right motivation. Shion is, similar to Aeon, considered rashly impulsive, but in actuality this is a ploy that he uses to size up his possible opponents and get others to vastly underestimate his skill and leathal proficiency. His true mindset is calculating and efficient, though he never appears this way externally because he his also very much compassionate and understanding. Needless to say, however, crossing him may prove to be fatal.


Shion is tall and relatively thin, with toned muscles and varying degrees of a tan based on where he's found. His hair is black and reaches to his lower back, most often let free and allowed to flow rather than being tied up into a ponytail. His eyes are often considered to be a dark greyish color akin to steel, but they have been known to change colors should he desire it or utilize his stronger, sealed and restricted techniques.

Any Information regarding Shion's transformations and whether or not he has them is still unknown, thus any notable changes to his form are undocumented.



Shion sees Aeon as a mentor and great friend, though he used to see her as a rival for Tatsu's love. Brotherly Sister.

Dark Prynce

Fellow Apprentice/Decent Person.


Love Interest/Most Beautiful Person in Existence.


Astralia was Shion's first love, but he now sees her as a good friend. Almost Sister.


Strange Girl/Little Sister(Does not recognize that Yusuke is a male).

Abilities and Skills

Shion holds a great deal of power, far more than he is interested in displaying at any given time.

Sword Mastery

Shion has mastered using all types of swords, knives and daggers, though his preferred weapon appears to be the katana followed by the dao. His proficiency with his favored weapons is so great that he can cut through time, space and even the fabric of reality with any sword and even his hands, though he insists that he isn't a sword master yet and that he has much more to learn. Whether or not he is telling the truth has yet to be revealed, but he believes his own words on this more than any fact.


Shion is a masterful assassin when he is required to be so or wishes to end a skirmish swiftly. He is able to make himself unknown to others, even those with the ability to detect the unseen, life force and physical presence, as well as deliver fatal blows that most would perceive as a failed attack or tiny prick from his weapon, in actuality a a blow that cleanly beheaded the person in question or severed their spinal column, and utilize deadly poisons of his own creation to silently kill his target.


Shion is actually fairly diplomatic and calm, having been able to resolve many a conflict between nations at war and even get them to collaborate with his words alone. Shion would prefer large scale conflicts involving many people not happen and is willing to engage in a conversation with enemies attacking him head on if he can prevent them from carelessly wasting their lives or fighting an unneeded battle.

Potion Creation

Shion can create potions and poisons with ease, so long as he has the proper ingredients. He also has the innate ability to compound the effects of a substance he created, making their effects thousands of times more potent than they could be initially should they be a deadly posion or distilled elixir. It should be noted that all of Shion's poisons easily vaporize in contact with the air, while his potions are almost always some shade of green or blue liquid.

Presence Erasure

Shion can completely nullify his presence and traces of his presence to any and everyone, this includes the knowledge of his existence and anything that he may have caused. Damage dealt and deeds done by him fade away and his name and face become impossible to relate until he makes himself known again. His presence Erasure is far closer to the a Aspect of Self-Nonexistence and Information Falsification, but is not quite to that point.

Aspect Manipulation

Shion is able to manipulate the aspects, properties and qualities of his surroundings and himself, allowing him to literally change the tide of a battlefield. The extent of this ability is his imagination, but is not used to its full potential because he rarely uses it.

Aspect Replication

Shion is able to copy the properties of one object and apply them to different objects, replacing the changed object's properties with those of the object he copied aspects from or creating entirely new properties based on the merging of the two object's aspects.

Phantasmal Movement

Shion is able to move in such a way that he appears to be a spirit or ethereal being rather than physically in a location. He can phase through solid objects, float, fly, glide and disappear on a whim and has free movement in any and every direction. Additionally, Shion's movements, which are already extremely fast when he wants to be fast, become exponentially faster and more streamlined.

Dimensional Step

Shion can cross dimensional boundaries with his movements and bring others with him. This allows for extremely quick movement and disregard for the laws governing distance as Shion is able to move through space in a compressed form. It has combat applications, but none have been seen from him so far. An interesting thing to note is that Shion appears to teleport and mildly damage the space that he once filled when using it.

Blade Dance

Techniques created by Shion that, contrary to belief, work with any sword he uses. Many of these techniques cover a wide radius, but the ones that do not are actually much stronger than their ranged counterparts. Many of the Dances can be combines together or chained in specific sequences to create new effects. Something not very well known is that Shion learns Dances based on what, how, where and when he's fighting, meaning learning Dances is unpredictable and can occur at any moment during a battle.

Restricted: Dimensio Slash

Restricted: Nth Blade

Locked: World Severing Slash

Sealed: Art of the Sword God: Kiba no Kui no Kami

Weapons and Equipment

Sword Sets

Shion uses a variety of swords, classified collectively as sword sets. These swords vary in shape, size, form and abilities, making them highly versatile overall. Most sets range from two to six swords, three however have eight or more swords.

Assasin's Blades

Needle like blades that Shion uses for close range assassinations and skirmishes. Often unseen, they appear to be Shion's shadow moving slightly out of sync with his body when he uses them, if he chooses to.

Assassin's Tools

A variety of weapons and tools, designed to be easy to conceal and used without notice. Includes, but not limited to diamond wire, a three shot compact pistol, a needle shooting mechanism, a poison disseminating device and a regeneration and healing cancellation agent.

Executioner's Blade

An oddly designed sword with a dull, rounded tip and exceedingly sharp edges.  It is compromised of energy rather than metal and leaves afterimage blades when used to cut. Designed specifically for beheading rather than thrusting or stabbing.


Whether or not Shion can transform is unknown.