Shio Muoa
The pride of a warrior is everything.
Valiant Aqua
Warrior of the Muoa
Imperial Knight
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Toma (Sister)
Status Active
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Silver
Height -
Blood type B+
Age 30
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Chinmoku Royal Guard, Muoa Knights
Species Nymph - Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Muoa Clan Village
Weapons Water Slayer
Current Occupation Muoa Knight
Fighting Style Pride of the Muoa, Riptide
Partner None
Team Admonition
Relatives Toma
Marital Status Single

Shio Muoa is a Nymph - Shapeshifter hailing from East Flora, and is a proud member of the Chinmoku Guard and the Muoa Knights. He is the brother of Toma.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Shio possesses blue silver hair and amber eyes, and wears a simple combat tunic. He often wears scarves and carries twin daggers used for lightning quick swordplay.

Shio is a dedicated, skilled warrior with a sense of justice like his sister, but unlike his sister, he prefers to avoid crusades, as he deems them easily corruptible, proven true by his sister's fate of late. He looks down on Phoenix as a band of rebels and heretics, traitors in every sense to the empire. He is not beyond words, but will never allow himself to be tricked by them.

History Edit

Shio and Toma grew up together for the early part of their childhood, but when White came looking for recruits, he was one of her first choices. However, he flat out refused, believing even at an early age the power of one's individual justice would always triumph over the blind fury of a crusade and the masses. He clashed with his younger sister Toma over this viewpoint, until she defected from the clan and joined Phoenix of her own accord.

Shio has not looked back since, but if he met her again in her present condition, he would have many words for his foolish sister.

Powers Edit

Esoscentric Water Manipulation Edit

Mist Manipulation Edit

Cloud Manipulation Edit

Liquid Manipulation Edit

Steam Manipulation Edit

Summon Weaponry Edit

Illusions Mastery Edit

Hand to Hand Combat Mastery Edit

Weapon Mastery Edit

Innocence Perception Edit

Techniques Edit

Riptide Edit

Duo Cut Edit

Mistborn Flurry Edit

Skyward Disection Edit

Earthbound Gutter Edit

Butcher's Grace Edit

Visceral Slice Edit

Waxing Slash Edit

Waning Flow Edit

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