Shiner is Zane's sister and is a full blooded Dragon. She was thought to be dead by him, but appears later and proves him wrong.



She lived with her brother, Zane, and parents when one day a group of humans broke into their house and kidnapped all of them. She was taken in a different compartment from her brother and parents where they did strenuous test on her to see the limits of a dragon. Soon, Dark Prynce snuck in and began to secretly train Zane, and one day, Shiner asked to be trained as well. He agreed and after a while of training, they began to grow feelings towards each other. Not too long after that Shiner and Zane staged a break out where Shiner was stabbed in the chest and she passed out. She soon awoke and saw Zane explode in blast of dark fire and belived him to be dead. Grief stricken she travelled around the world searching for the men she thought killed him. Apon finding another branch of the organization that captured and contained them, she destroyed their resources and crippled them all for life, since she detested killing.

After this ordeal, she believed her brother to be avenged and went on with her life. She moved to London and established a life there as an accountant. One day, while doing her nightly run, she ran into Raizo, Dark Prynce's brother, and after he threatened to kill her, ran for her life. She ran passed Zane and Lucime without taking notice until they caught up with her. They met up in an alley way, where Prynce joined them, and she was taken captive, along with Lucime, and taken to Hell.

Soon, after being saved, she Prynce began to train together and once again, grew feeling towards each other. They soon bested the efforts of an agency that had angered Prynce and Zane a year earlier and left to train with Aeon outside of reality.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Immortality

Will never grow old and heal from almost any wound, no matter how fatal.

  • Elemental Manipulation

Control all the elements.

  • Quintessent Force

Have an infinite source of energy.

  • Magic Immunity

Be unaffected by any kind of magic

  • Cosmic Awareness

Be aware of anything that threatens the user on a universal scale

  • Supernatural Condition

Have a physical state far beyond others of your race

  • Peak Physical Condition

Remain at the most fit you can be for as long as you live

  • Omnilingualism

Speak any language you come into cantact with

  • Regenerative Healing Factor

Be able to regenerate from almost any damage such as losing an arm or internal organs

  • Omni-Magic

Control all aspects of magic

  • Absolute Condition

Be basically, indestructable, and unkillable

  • Cosmic Manipulation

Control celestial bodies and cosmic energies.

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