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This is where you die.
Shen Gigoku
Overlord of Kyloto
Hakaishin of All Kyloto
Heirarch of the Gikoku Family
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color White
Hair Color None, black facial hair
Height Unknown
Blood type Unknown
Age 1500+
Weight Unknown
Affiliation Social Evil
Species Kylotean
Base of Operations  ???
Weapons Sutashin
Current Occupation Overlord of the Dominion of Kyloto
Fighting Style Multiple
Partner See below
Organisation Dominion of Kyloto
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Unknown

Shen Gikoku is the ruler of the Dominion of Kyloto. He desires to rule over all with his power and will.




As a Kylotean, Shen has red skin that gets darker towards his legs, and has the other common features of Kyloteans; purple wings, a green tail and dual arm-blades. He has five horns on his head, having three on his forehead, one of which is cracked, and two towards the back, one of which has been partially snapped off. Shen has black facial hair, which. Shen has a number of battle scars on his body, namely a massive scar running across his chest, another across his left eye and shoulder and a partially torn up left wing. He has a lizard scale tattoo pattern on his left arm, and a phoenix feather tattoo pattern on the centre points of both of his wings.

Shen wears a cloth around his waist, heavily plated greaves and sabattons, one of which has his foot exposed. He wears a rope, decorated with phoenix feathers, as a belt. Shen wears a pair of fingerless black gloves. He also wears armour on his right shoulder and wrist, and a belt across his waist. He is often seen wearing a black-red scabbard, which has Sutashin sheathed inside. He is also often seen wearing a crown, which fits around his three frontal horns.

Opinions on OthersEdit

Abilities and SkillsEdit




(Lit. "Powers")


(Lit. "Three Powers")


(Lit. "Great Powers")

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Sutashin/"Sun God"

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