Shadow Lord is a Nephalem of unknown origins. He has no recollection of his parents or what he is and is on the hunt for Chaos, who he belives hold the truth to what he is and what he was ment to do. His afflitiations with any of the agencies are unknown.


Shadow Lord was found and housed unconscious by Father Divine, who unbeknownst to Shadow Lord has stolen some God's power. He is housed in Aehter Realm and was unsure of who he was. He doesn't know what he is or what ever happend to him, all he can recall is his name, Shadow Lord (which is an easier-childish kind of term for a Nephalem). He was told by Father Divine that the God of Destruction, Chaos knows who he is and he will only tell him if he defeats him. Shadow Lord reluctantly accepts Father Divine's lie and heads out to find Chaos.

Dead Game

This is the first month of Shadow Lord's quest to find Chaos. He has made it to The Devil's Cavern and was writing in his journal. That was when 3 troll thugs came in

End Game

Shadow Lord is sent by Father Divine to destroy the Sect of Satan: A satanic cult group who kidnap anything and sacrifes them to Satan. Shadow Lord is to detroy the ever-dependently loyal servant of Satan: Father Wretched.

Phantom Game

Shadow Lord with the aid of Dark Prynce storm the Circles of Hell to retrieve an unknown artifact.

Twilight Game


Shadow Lord is steadfast and some times stubborn. He sometimes he feels a deep sense of depression that he might not belong anywhere and finds everything hard to do, but is very determind. He can be very agressive and unstable at some points with his 22 calibur pistols and if at anypoint he is angrey or feeling a deep sense of hate, he lets off a large black-red explosion. At some points he can be very thoughtful and rather shy (coincidental, because he often times complains and hates being alone). Duo to his Demon-Angel nature, he often struggles to do right or wrong. He had woken up and found himself in a church he felt a certain hate and pleaure (The hate is duo to his demon nature, while his pleasure is duo to his Angel nature). His two nature have constantley tuggedback and forth on his mind and heart and it makes him feel weary. Also, another time 2 angels (one of them being Gabriel) were sent to bring Shadow Lord to God, so God can bestow upon: him peace of mind. But duo to his Demon nature, he attacked the two angels killing one and leaving Gabriel severeally injured. So, Shadow Lord's personality is based upon both his Demon nature and his Angel nature, but that doesn't mean he doens't think for himself. Shadow Lord is still oblivious to his abilities and till this day still vetures on battling the strongest of armies and indures in great pain in search of Chaos. Shadow Lord also desplays a serious, but gentlemanly nature. Shadow Lord is overall serious and determind and will show mercy to nyone he feels deserve it.


The Emblem of Good and Evil

This emblem was forged from netherstone, earth rock, and holy metals. The emblem is the combination of the Pentagram and The Cross. This give Shadow Lord the ability to either bless or curse dead souls. The emblem serves as a neckalace for Shadow Lord.


Shadow Lord can spawn an infinite supply of blades (wielding 1 on each hand). (the same way that Alexander Anderson does. The baldes are them same aswell) Shadow Lord can also use the [2] blades as magnet/ tuning fork that can postivley magentize any metal within range and can be used to be thrown at enemies or used to uphold damaged structures. The tune allows Shadow Lord to either call or scare any earth creature.(Sometimes demons)


Shadow Lord owns 2 22. calibur pistols. He tends to go a little what some people call "Trigger Happy". He apears to be a great shot and likes to make heads, seeing that all the armies he had slaughtered all have been shot in the head.

Death's Scythe

Shadow Lord obtained this after his fight with Death, when he plunged into the Circles of Death to bless a cambion girl he had met had died. Once he had reached Death's House, he found Death in shackled chains that were stuck to the floor. Death had told him he was bound there for weeks. Death asked Shadow Lord to give him his scythe and he would ask God to bless the  Cambion girl's soul. Shadow Lord, believing the words of Death, gave him his sickle. Death used his scythe to cut his chains. Just when Death was about to give Shadow Lord his reward, he was suddenly attacked with Mind-Control and imeditatley attacked Shadow Lord, Shadow Lord responded by coming intact with his Demon form, engaging them in battle. They battle was so intense, it caused earthquakes in both Aether Realm and Nether Realm. They fought through all 9 Circles of Death, until Death looses his scythe and it falls in Shadow Lord's hands. Shadow Lord, just about to end Death, sees the Cambion girl's soul going down a wormhole with a bunch of other souls who have become victims of death. He flew to here and used his Emblem and blessed her. An Angel came and took her renewed soul to Heaven, but before she left, she gave Shadow Lord a kiss and ascended to Heaven. Shadow Lord flies out of the wormhole and was just about to end Death. Death was pleading and begging for mercy at Shadow Lord's feet and told him he was somehow exed to attack him. Shadow Lord, still in his Demon form still didn't believe him. Death came to the final option to save his life: He let Shadow Lord keep his scythe. Demgel felt in a sense honored and spared Death. The scythe can not only tear through human flesh with ease, but can also rip souls out to. The scythe can also extend to various lengths and pierce enemies from the distance.The scythe can also work like a buzzsaw.

The scythe can change into a straight, spear-like form, or collapse into a blade attached to Shadow Lord's arm. It can also grow and shrink at will and expand itself to grab or impale enemies.

Shadow Lord uses souls to upgrade the scythe, and each time Shadow Lord chooses to condemn souls or demons, the scythe grows stronger as well as its unholy powers.


Rank: Knight Level: 66

Health: 21,498,816

Endurance: 12,350,321,400,000,000

Resistance: 12,350,321,400,000,000

Strength: 25,729,836,000,000,000

Intelligence: 14,516,504,400,000,000

Speed: 18,278,475,580,000,000

Gold: 695,250

XP: 165,671,000


Dead Game

Main Objective: Find the Training Complex.

Side Quests:

  • Defeat the trolls.-Done
  • Battle the mini-boss in the Cursed Cemetery.-Done
  • Battle the Guardian of the Complex.-Done

End Game

Main Objective: Stop the Satanist Cult Leader

Side Quests:

  • Locate the Secret Lair and defeat the guards-Done
  • Storm the lair and find the Cult Leaders-Done
  • Battle the Satan Twins-Done
  • Battle Father Wretched-Done
  • Defeat Lord of Ruin-Done

Phantom Game

Main Objective: Storm the Hell out of Hell

Side Quests:

  • Find Dark Prynce-Done
  • Break into Hell-Done
  • Reach the Devil's Palace-Done
  • Defeat the Seven Princes of Hell-Done


Father Divine

Shadow Lord sees Father Divine as more of a "uncle" and "grandpa" figure. He speaks very highly of Father Divine and is not afraid to follow his orders(even if they do nearly get him killed). Shadow Lord has never questioned anything of Father Divine and trust him above all else. Unbeknownst to Shadow Lord that Father Divine has plans of great proportions and possibly knows a secret or two about Shadow Lord.


Shadow Lord considers a Lucime an overall nice girl, who like him, struggles to maintain their abilities. Overtime, Shadow Lord grows romantic feelings toward her and often times puts himself in harms way to protect her.

Dark Prynce

Shadow Lord sees Dark Prynce as a father, friend, big brother, boss, adviser, uncle, and teacher all rolled into one. He enjoys hangout with him and often times asks for his help for major missions.


Shadow Lord sees Ashley as above all, a understanding friend he can relate too. He has developed a bond towards Ashley and is concerned for her well being


No Med

Med is not much of a familiar, but more of a conscientious. He serves as Shadow Lord's demon conscientious. Med promotes violence and wrong doing. He may be a demon but it doesnt mean he wont stick up for Shadow Lord. By doing so, he ridicules the people that do wrong unto Shadow Lord and threaten to beat him up. Med also serves as a rugged father figure for Shadow Lord. He is rude and crude and will screw up anything when he gets the chance to. Med is a manifest of Shadow Lord's father

Leg Na

Leg is not much of a familiar, but more of a conscientious. She serves as Shadow Lord's angel conscientious. Leg promotes good-will, selflessness, and counseling before God. She is very protective of Shadow Lord and is willing to understand those who do wrong unto him. She is one of peaceful results. Leg is very ecstatic always wanting to do nice things for others. She will tend to anyone's sorrows and tend to them as part of her being and angel. Leg is a manifest of Shadow Lord's mother

Abilities and Skills

Transcendent Form

  • As an ethereal being, Nephalem possess a body of divine nature that allows advanced physical abilities.

Absolute Immortality

  • Being linked to Tartarus, Shadow Lord has gained the ability to live forever and revive as long as that realm is even partially intact

Nigh Omnipotence

  • As stated before, Nephalem are beings with the potential to become more powerful than Angels, and Demons.

Ex Exe

  • This ability was unlocked by Father Divine. This ability if far more advanced than timestep and similar to Bullet Time. Since time doesn't apply to Shadow Lord, everything around moves slowly while in real time, he is moving far faster than anyone else. This solely depends upon movement.

Space-Time Manipulation

  • Utilize the forces of time and space to influence certain events. This is the result of the Ex Exe ability.


  • Gain a hybrid ability to control the elements of Light/Darkness to a wider degree.


  • They are immune to to the effects of Time and Space. This is also a result of the Ex Exe ability

Martial Artist

  • Has mastered 37 fighting styles, but due to his amnesia, he only remembers two fighting styles: Judo and Karate.

Scythe Proficiency

  • Demgel can wield a scythe with tremendous dexterity and skill, accurately and precisely slicing through the enemies without being hindered by the scythe's heavy weight.

Intuitive Aptitude

  • Demgel can instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, and even powers without the need of long-term or special education.


Demon Form

  • Demgel's Demon nature can give him a sudden burst of energy solely based off of hate and anger for the righteous. When he obtains this boost, depending on how much hate he is feeling or just despicably just hates the righteous. His canines start to grow, he crosses his arms like a mummy and starts twiddling his fingers, tiny pieces of earth start to float up into midair, black w/ blood red outline matter form into demon wings, and finally he opens his eyes and reveal them to be red, this burst of energy is called, Demon. This form was used to overpower and even kill angels. The full extent of this forms power is unknown, but the for does obtain more power from pain and aggression.

Angel Form

  • If Shadow Lord was to stumble upon something wretched he starts to feel a great distaste and will flip things.(The same way Jesus did in the temple,  when he saw them selling and promoting politics) If he is around anything beyond the scale of unholy he comes intact with his Angel form, in which the skies go gray and waves of lights shine through the clouds and one beam of light will shine on him, he will slowly lifts his hands up and small stem particles descend unto him and start forming angels wings made with bright-white w/ a light blue outline, he stop half way and lowers them back down and the skies slowly go back to normal and reveals his eyes to be blue. He had used this form when the day after he battled the 2 angels, Satan sent an army of 30 demons in hope to get Shadow Lord to join his army, believing that Shadow Lord would be a great asset to his next attempt to overthrow God. When the Demons surrounded Shadow Lord, he immediately went into his Angel form and slaughter the army within 10 seconds. Satan was shocked and unaware that Shadow Lord was also part Angel, but he still attempts to have Shadow Lord on his for conquest. The full extent of this forms power is unknown but it appears to be invulnerable to any form of attack.

True Form (Locked)

  • Shadow Lord has received a new level of being that unlocks his true ever growing potential.


  • Demgel is ambidextrous
  • Demgel occasionally smoke to calm himself down
    • Demgel also smoke because he enjoys the smell of tobacco
  • Demgel despises homosexuality, but somehow he is alright with lesbianism
  • In this current mainstream Demgel and Dark Prynce are brothers, but some how in PF 2 they dont acknowledge themsevles as biological brothers, but rather as close friends.
  • Demgel loves Kingdom Hearts, Asura's Wrath, Legend of Zelda, and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim