Shadoukurōn OrichimaruEdit


Test Orichimaru, also known as Shadow-Clone Orichimaru, is a perfect counter to Tadashi Orichimaru’s powers and personality. He was created when Tadashi was six, by the Higher Angel that gave birth to Tadashi. The Shadow Angel was made for one purpose, to wipe out Tadashi. And he won’t let anyone else do it.


Supernatural ConditionEdit

  • Supernatural Strength
  • Supernatural Endurance
  • Supernatural Durability
  • Supernatural Intelligence


-Cannot be mind read, muscle memorized, or otherwise predicted

  • Combat Perception
  • Attack Prediction

Weapon DestructionEdit

Superior AdaptationEdit

  • Superior Regeneration
  • Regeneration

Reality PerceptionEdit

-Can see through illusions and lies, but cannot read minds

  • 4th Wall Awareness
  • Empathy


  • Enin

Golem, large rock golem that can level skyscrapers in one punch

  • Serin

Snake, 50-foot long snake that can spit / bite venom or crush you

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