If I must, I will fight. I'll make sure he is always safe...
The Holy Daughter
The Light of Purity
Mother of the Chaos Engines
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unnamed Archangel, Unnamed Mother, Chaos Engines
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type -
Age -
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Drake[Former], Heaven
Weapons Holy Lance, Forbidden Scroll Alamag
Species Archangel (Guardian Angel)
Base of Operations Heaven
Quests Protect Drake[Former]
Previous Occupation(s) Mother of the Chaos Engines, Drake's Guardian
Current Occupation Angel in Heaven
Abilities Evil Purification, Purification, Purification Aura, Smite, Banish Evil, Searing Light, Protection Barrier
Fighting Style Heavenly Shield
Partner Drake Ryunexo, Kanashimi
Team -
Relatives Unnamed Archangel (Father), Unnamed Mother, Chaos Engines (Children)
Marital Status Single

Seriah is a former archangel/human hybrid that was created by Phoenix in order to create more hybrid children, leading the way forward to creating the Chaos Engine Project.

History Edit

Seriah was born of a union of an Archangel and a human woman, by the machinations of Phoenix, and from birth was created for the sole purpose of creating more hybrids, which lead to experimentation to advance her age. It was discovered she had the unique power to purify evil by simply being near it, and absorbed it into her body. However, Phoenix focused on their need for weapons, and decided her not useful for their ultimate warrior project, fating her and her mother to bear birth to the entire Alpha and Beta generation of Chaos Engines.

After some time, White Six decided the Alphas and Betas were no longer needed, and began 'retiring' them. Only Seriah was spared, taken away by Eien to be preserved. After some time, Eien would give her to Drake, who would eventually lead to her rebirth as an Archangel. She has recently been returned to Heaven, where she safeguards the empty shell of Noriko after Drake's becoming a god, abandoning the divine protection of both Seriah and Heaven itself.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Seriah is a woman with long white hair and red eyes, clothed in a white dress. She is a rather fun loving individual, and will not do anything to harm others unless they threaten the innocent.

Relationships Edit

Drake Ryunexo Edit

Drake remains dear to Seriah's heart, though this has been marred with grief after Drake essentially abandoned her on his quest for personal power. She safeguards Noriko's body out of compassion for the fairy and her remaining love for Drake. She wishes for him to see reason, despite knowing his deep routed arrogance and pride, she still believes in his better nature.

Kanashimi Edit

Seriah has a sisterly affection for Kanashimi, and the two have a mutual respect for each other, Kanashimi's recent evolution of the Hi no Hansha is due to Seriah's divine aura reacting with Kanashimi's divine heritage.

Powers Edit

Divine Protection Edit

Those under Seriah's light are protected from harm and cannot be directly targeted.

Conscious Manipulation Edit

Seriah can manipulate the morality of others to some extent, the majority of its use is to provide clarity to those she protects.

Guardianship Edit

Seriah is empowered when protecting her charge and while doing so, experiences a heightened state of power in all respects.

Holy Light Edit

Seriah's light comes from her pure holy nature as an Archangel, she is a source of divine power.

Corruption Negation Edit

Seriah can halt corruption in all forms and prevent the use of curses, stigmas, and assorted negative effects.

Purification Aura Edit

Seriah's presence purifies evil and negative beings in nature, removing all sources of Corruption in her presence.

Weapons Edit

Forbidden Scroll Alamag Edit

A gift to the archangel from Azayakana, it contains a sealed familiar known as Alamag. All of Aza's forbidden scrolls contain vastly powerful creations, though what Alamag contains is unknown, but likely incredibly dangerous, especially for those who believe themselves untouchable.

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