You mess with The Party, you mess with me. And trust me, you don't want that.
The Cloud Strife-lookin' Motherfucker
The Angst
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 1945
Family Obi (Adoptive Father),Akami (Adoptive Sister),Torem (Adoptive Sister), Reveryn (Adoptive Brother)
Status Active
Eye Color Forest Green
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 5'7
Blood type A-
Age 143
Weight 180
Health Outstanding
Affiliation The Junkyosha Party
Species Angel-Human
Base of Operations The Slums (formerly)
Weapons Cowslayer
Current Occupation Martyr/Equalist Leader
Fighting Style Traditional Asian Swordplay, Street Fighting
Partner Akami,Torem,Reveryn,Kado
Team The Frontliners
Relatives None
Marital Status Single

Segura is a Nehphilim and Second-in-Comand of The Junkyosha Party right after Akami.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Segura is fit male with brown, shaggy hair and forest green eyes. He wears sleeveless leather zipper shirt, leather arm pants and leather pants. He also bears a dark blue flame tattoo on his left arm.

Segura is a very distrusting individual, especially to strangers. He is also pessimistic and is always quick to the trigger. He is overall belligerent but only acts like this out of his care for The Junkyosha Party and would do anything to make sure it stays the way it has been.


It is unknown what all had happened to him before he met Obi and Akami, but ever since they found him, he's been by their side.

Abilities and SkillsEdit


Obi Edit

Segura doesn't particularly like Obi. He doesn't hate him nor does he like him. Like Kado, he just tolerates him. He typically tries to avoid contact with Obi as much as he can (not that he needs to seeing Obi doesn't like blondes). Segura, like Akami, might hold on to some part of what Obi was before.

Akami Edit

Segura has always had a hard time with Akami, seeing that his behavior rubs off on her the wrong way and they've always qualmed over what was right or wrong. He doesn't really like Akami's tomboyish action, her ebonics linguistics, or her need to punch whoever she sees do trivial wrongs; he'd be lying to himself if he said he didn't look up to Akami.

Torem Edit

Segura doesn't mind Torem much, since often times they can talk about their dislike for Obi and his actions. The work together as a team the most as they waste no time getting things done.

Reveryn Edit

Segura has abit of an indifference towards Reveryn's often cheery mood, often times comparing his behavior to a child's. He still treats him as a respected member of the team, just as a rather odd one.


  • 'Segura' means safe or secure in Spanish.
  • Segura is the only one in the Slums that wields a blade.
  • Segura at one point mistook Akami for a boy due to her having short hair at the time.
  • Segura and Torem are often called "The Grumpy Bears", due to their serious and stern demeanors.

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