A sect that worships Satan, a little too well. They are disrupting the balance and seem to revive after every attempt Dark Prynce has made against them. Exclusive for only Demgel.

The GuardsEdit

  • Guards patrol around the Alter of Blood
  • Demgel is right above them

"These glorious people serving my....No, No, None of that.

  • Drops down epicly and spawns out 2 blades
  • Guards spot him


  • Chages at Demgel with a spear
  • Demgel grabs hold of the spear and kills the Guard by stabbing him in the stomach with the spear

Guard 2: Who...Who are you?

Guard 3: Is that? It can't be!

  • Demgels eyes turn red

"Well, I'm sorry to say, that you guys pay with your live to a master who you does not even care for, but rather revels in your down fall. HM,HM. Quite funny really."

Guard 2: You take that back!

  • starts to fire bend and esnds a barrage of fire waves at Demgel
  • Demgel inhales all the fire and breathes it out killing the Guards, except one.

Guard 3: ...........

  • Demgel walks up to the 3rd guard

"Don't worry, you're next."

  • puts on a crooked smile
  • Guard 3 impales himself with is own spear and dies

"Say Hi to Satan for me."

  • Walks on

Cult LeadersEdit

  • Demgel walks into another section of the Sect and sees 5 Cult leaders chanting around a statue of the Incubus

" So, are we all going native or have we all gone completely fucking insane?"

  • Leader turn towards Demgel in disbelief

"You dare inturpt the Ceremony of The Fallen God?"

Leader 1: "Who do you think you are killing my men like that?"

Leader 2: "We must educate you in the ways of Satan."

  • Both begins to send fire waves at Demgel not realizing what happened before.
  • Leader 1 and 2 bends fire and fires waves and attacks him physical fire attacks

"Yep, Im going to assume we all have gone completely insane!"

  • Demgel dodeges with ease and dashes pass Leader 1 and 2
  • Leader 1and 2's head falls off and blood shoots up

"Heads up"

  • Looks at the other Leaders

"Anyone else wants to go head first against me, like the first two guy?"

  • Leaders are a bit frightened

"What will Satan say if knew that he had hired a bunch of cowards as leaders?"

  • Leaders get some burst of courage and start trying to burn Demgel with their bending moves
  • Demgel cuts them all apart in les than a minute and licks the blood off of his blades

"Lord Satan will be pleased. your reward: A place in Hell. No refunds"

  • Walks off over the bloody dead bodies of the leaders

Satanic TwinsEdit

  • The Twins are sitting at a large painting of what is assumed to be Satan and are chanting ancient words.
  • enters a room with bloody dead bdies are hanging

"Hmm, looks like somebody has a weaird taste in decorating."

"You should possibly say "Someone and someone else" right, Sister?

"Sure thing brother"

  • twins with ram horns jump up and turn towards Demgel

"Ugh, don't you guys know Halloween is over? No time to be playing silly games."

"Do you want to play Trick or Treat, Sister?"

"Sure thing, Brother."

  • Both dash at Demgel and does a quardinated and sincranized attack
  • Demgel is in minor pain


"It appears that are little plaything is laughing at us, Sister."

"What might we ask is so funny?"

"Oh, Im sorry. I didn't know we were taking syncranized ballet dance class."

"Hm, It seems he likes to dance, Sister?"

"Let us Tango"

  • Dashes at Demgel at unforeseen speed
  • Demgel barely blocks
  • Twins randomly throw punches an kicks at Demgel
  • Demgel can barely keep up and is getting hit multiple times
  • Twins fire a combined fire ball
  • Demgel tries to hold it back but the fire balls explodes in his face and is rendered unconscious

"Aw, I think we broke him, Sister."

"Aw, What a shame. We were just have some fun."

"Heheheheh, You want some fun kids? Well, LETS HAVE SOME FUN!"

  • His canines start to grow, he crosses his arms like a mummy and starts twidiling his fingers, tiny peices of earth start to float up into midair, black w/ blood red outline matter form into demon wings
  • Pulls out his pistols and put them on fire and starts shooting at them.
  • The Twins dodge with ease

"Your definition of fun, seems more like exerscise."

"Well, I'm sorry you say that, because..."

  • Flies right past the two

"I'm about to have the time of my life!"

  • fires a dark wave of energy at Sister that completely disinagrates her
  • Brother is surprised,yet terrified

"....Sister...How could you do that to Sister?"

"I guess you know how it feels when the people you kidnap ask the same thing."

  • Shoots Brother to death with his Fire pistols and blows the smoke of them

"Happy Halloween"

  • Walks off

Father WretchedEdit

"Oh how nice of you to join me. Would you like some wine?" Father Wretched stretches out his decrepid hand with a glass of mysterious liquid. Behind him is a statue of Satan with blood streaming from his hands.

  • Demgel takes the glass, looks at it for a little while, then breaks the glass over Wretched's head.

"It was poisoned"

"Oh, smart boy. I like it when they're smart. Always makes the battles more fun."

"Nice, Sect you got here. Mind if i turn it into rubble?"

"As I've already seen, you pretty much have." Drinks his glass of poison and smiles.

"You know you just fuckin' killed yourself, right?"

"And your point is?"

  • Dashes at Demgel with unexpected speed and pushes him back a few meters.

"Heh,heh. You push like a girl and your an old man, possibly in his late 30's"

"You smell like a dumpster, maybe you should take a bath."

  • Makes a barrage of tidal waves and sends them at Demgel.
  • pulls out Death's Scythe and cuts the tidal waves.

"Please, give me more of a challenge, old man!"

  • dashes up to Father Wretched an cuts his side with the scythe
  • Grabs Demgel by the neck and smashes him into the ground, then throws him across the room.

"I plan on it, yougnster!"

"So, what do you plan on doing, you old fool?"

"Punish you for your crimes against Satan!"

  • Stabs Demgel in the arm with his hand and jumps back.

"RRRRRR. Ok, lets get things started then."

  • the scythe turns into a buzzsaw and cuts Wretched's body in half

Half of Father Wretched's body says, "Well that was a bit unnecessary don't you think."

Other half replies, "Yes it was. How's about we show him the true power of Satan"

  • Both halves charge Demgel and do a kick to each side of his body and double punch him in the face, before merging together again."

Lord of RuinEdit

  • Demgel gets up and is loosing blood rapidly, but doesn't seem to care.

"Come now.....Let us see this so called power that has so forth Satan is so foolish enough to lend to a mortal man."

  • has trouble keeping his balance and is breathing heavily.
  • Once he's finished reforming, his aura turns dark and he changes. His hands turn into three pronged claws, his back sprouts spikes, and his head sprouts horns. Chains sprout out of his body and bound his arms to his chest, like a mummy.

With a demonic undertone, "Satan is not foolish whelp, and I am no normal mortal man."

"Neither am I."

  • Scythe turns into a spear and extends and stabs Father Wretched in his forehead.
  • the scythe then turns back into a buzzsaw and starts to tear up Wretched's forehead.
  • Grabs the blade of the buzzsaw, and yanks it out of his head.
  • He darts to Demgel and blasts him back with an unseen force.

"Tell me, who do you think I am you insufferable idiot!"

  • struggles to get up

"I think your as fucked up as your lousy excuse for a master."

  • gets up and slices Wretched with his scythe with some fancy reflexes.
  • Takes the slashes and reforms.

"The name's Lord of Ruin. Like what I'm going to do to you."

  • Charges Demgel and uses the chain as a whip to deal a multitude of blows to him.
  • Demgel takes several of the blows, then wraps the chains around his scythe

"Sorry, but I would like to look like myself, not like the Lord Who Ruined his Face."

  • point the scythe at the Lord of Ruin.
  • The scythe turns into a spear and extend though the Lord of Ruin's body.
  • The scythe then turns into  buzzsaw and starts shredding the Lord of Ruin's insides.
  • Quickly dashes back.

"I don't like the damage you're able to do to me. I'll need to ruin that scythe of yours."

  • His chain turns into a whip blade and he attempts to shred Demgel into peices.
  • Demgel jumps over him and rips Lord of Ruin's back in half

"Sorry, if you want one go get one from Death, if you can beat him."

  • grabs hold of Lord of Ruin's horns and swing kicks him in the face
  • His arms extend and pin Demgel to the ground as he bashes him in the face.

"I will show you the true power, that *coughs* Satan *coughs* GAVE ME!"

  • Tosses Demgel into the air and blasts at him with negative energy.
  • is really hurt

"And I will show you *cough,cough* the power your master gave up."

  • the skies go gray and waves of lights shine through the clouds and one beam of light will shine on him, he will slowly lifts his hands up and small stem particles descend unto him and start forming angels wings made with bright-white w/ a light blue outline, he stop half way and lowers them back down and the skies slowly go back to normal and reveals his eyes to be blue.
  • get up and turns toward the Lord of Ruin

" Are you ready to join your "master" in Hell?"

"That's all I ever wanted to do."

  • Dashes at Demgel with his fist pulled back and attempts to punch him in the face.
  • removes Lord of Ruin's fist from his face
  • Demgel delivers a fatal punch to Lrod of Ruin's chest
  • Demgel's fist pops out of Lord of Ruin's back
  • Lord of Ruin tries to remove Demgel's fist, but loses strength in his body and slouches over. He aura begins to dissipate.

"I've never felt death before. I kind of like it. Too bad, I'm not done here yet."

  • Blasts a hole in Demgel's wing and slides off of his arm.
  • is in great pain

"Now you've done it."

  • rips of the Lord of Ruin's arm
  • Tries to regenerate, but can't and starts to cower away. He sends out random blasts of negative to slow Demgel down.

"I don't like this. It hurts too much!"

"It does hurt, doesn't it?"

  • slowly walks toward the Lord of Ruin like a badass
  • Begins to cower some more.

"Please stop, I want to live! I want to serve my master from here!"

  • Demgel kneels down toward the Lord of Ruin

"Don't worry, think of this as a promotion."

  • has his hand infront of the Lord of Ruin's face.

"Be glad, Wretched. You deserve this."

  • blasts the Lord of Ruin's with an energy wave.
  • Demgel cancels out of his Angel form and collapses

"Man, times like this hwre I wonder why I have to handle the tuff shit."

  • limps back all the way to the Complex, severely injured

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