History Edit


Sayuri (Pronounced SAW-Yuri) was born a mob-boss’ daughter. When her father was murdered at her birth, Sayuri’s mother dropped her off at a monastery for protection. The headmaster adopted her and said she would not marry, like all the men there. Being the only girl, she learned to fight in a world full of sweaty men who hadn't seen a woman in years. She also found her calling as a swordsman, thanks to her adoptive father pushing the bo staff. When she turned 20, a man joined the monastery that had no weapons and little experience. Sayuri was assigned his teacher and the two fell in love. When they decided to let this be known, the man was banished and she was thrown into jail. Sayuri was fed by the man and was taught meditations. When she got out, the man was not there. Sayuri then continued on as a teacher, vowing to never love again.

Species: Water and Ice Dragon Edit

Powers Edit

Matial Arts Mastery Edit

Mastery of all known human martial arts

Dragon Transformation/Physiology Edit

Transforms into a large light-blue dragon with stars following her.

  • Flight

Flies at high speeds, reaching up to Mach 6 (6 times speed of sound)

  • Dragon Smash

Smashes ground, causing small flooding and tsunamis at the target. (can be used ouside of Dragon Form)

  • Immunity

Immune to water and can counter any fire-based attacks.

  • Rain Dance

Can make it rain, snow or hail. (Depending on where you are and natural weather conditions at the time)

  • Foresight

Can see the future. Normally does not use this power because she has not mastered it.

  • Invisibility

Can make herself clear ice form (Not perfect and unless dark does not work well, leaves her as a solid)

  • Blood Manipulation

Can control victims' blood.

  • Water Manipulation

Can control water (Frozen, steam, ect.)

  • Supernatural Condition

-Supernatural Speed

-Supernatural Senses

-Supernatural Durability

-Supernatural Endurance

Gear Edit

  1. Bo staff
  2. Hand guns
  3. Bullet-proof armour
  4. Sniper Rifle
  5. Sword Of Distraught

Sword of the Grand Master, can control water and wind.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Has fair skin and light blue dresses most of the time. Her clothing is normally tight to her skin and shows her figure. Sayuri is 5"5' and 120 lbs. in human form. Her dragon form is a 40-yard long, 12"1' blue water-clear dragon that has sparkles following it when flying.

Personality Edit

Sayuri has always been a control freak, wanting to be in charge at all times. This sprouts from being a teacher since she was 13. Other that that, Sayuri likes to keep to herself. She doesn't talk unless she knows she is correct. At times, when her power is challenged, she will be a loudmouth with fewer responsible decisions. She'll talk when Skana is around a bit more, and walk with more of a spring in her step.

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