Saybra Pryce
[[File: |300px ]]
"King of the Waves"
"Beast of the Seas"
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date April 28th
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Turquoise
Hair Color White, Grey, Black
Blood Type Unknown
Age 27
Health Great
Affiliation Neutral-Good
Species Panterva
Base of Operations Currently None
Weapons Konpekiō͂ (Katana)
Current Occupation Bounty Hunter
Fighting Style TBA
Partner Currently None
Team Currently None
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single




Saybra is laid-back and relatively easygoing, however, he has a deep sense of justice, and doesn't like seeing people in peril, often making it his goal to end chaos. His hobbies include all forms of surfing, as shown with his all-purpose surfboard, Kaiyō͂.


Saybra, as a Panterva, has features that closely resemble a snow-tiger. He has turquoise eyes, with white-grey fur with black stripes, and a pair of large fangs. Saybra wears an opened up tropical shirt and a pair of black shorts. He wears a pair of sandals on his feet. Saybra has a scar running across his chest, and wears a necklace around his neck. He has a scabbard tied around his body.



Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Hydrokinesis
  • Cryokinetic Constructs
  • Cold Resistance

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Konpekiō͂



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