This is the ruler over all of Hell and can see all actions here, as well as be everywhere in this realm. He also has complete control over the demonic army.

Appearance and Personality


Lucifer was the most perfect amongst the angels and was third highest ranking being in the Heavens. Over time, he grew proud of himself and arrogant. Lucifer coveted the seat that Christ had aswell as the Holy Fathers. He was denied what he thought should rightfully belong to him, so he began to uprise against God. He spoke lies and allacies of the father to the other angels. Some believed his word, for he was the holiest amongst them and a trusted friend. Truly he wou;dn't lie to them; not that they new what it was at the time. Others knew these lies about there father wasn't right. Time came and Lucifer and one-third of Heaven came up to God and declared war for his throne. Thus, the Angel Wars began. No one knows how long this war lasted, but it's aftermath was clear. Lucifer and his followers were cast out of Heaven and sent wandering into the universe.

Lucifer tried to decieve other of God's creations but was fruitless in that endeavor. Soon, he had heard God had created a new world called Earth. Lucifer was furious that he was left out of creation and made it his mission to destroy his new-found creations and make it his own. Lucifer, now Satan, succeeded. He decieved man with the seeds of disobedience. The Earth was now his and  with his control over the Earth, he ushured an era of wickedness and within that time, he created a dwelling place so he would not only enjoy the suffering of man in life, but also in death. Thus, Hell was created.

Abilities and Powers