The lone Ryukaze
The World Eater Wyrm
The Primeval One
Dream Eater
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date Unknown
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Red, Gold, Black
Hair Color Black
Height Varies
Blood type Undefined
Age Unknown
Weight Varies
Health Perfect
Affiliation Obscura, Neutral
Species Inverse
Base of Operations None- Wanderer
Weapons Nihilo, Zeroth Notion
Current Occupation Wanderer
Fighting Style Primeval Destroyer, Thousand Swords' Dance
Partner Obscura
Team None
Relatives None
Marital Status Single?

Ryukaze is the Inverse of both Astra and Anira and a companion of Obscura even if she and him are not completely aligned in their goals. She seems to know more about Astra than the Great Wyrm knows about herself.



It is hard to define Ryukaze's personality, mainly because of how stoic and reserved she is around all but a select few. It is hard to read her emotions as they rarely surface, but she often comes across as uncaring and aloof. In truth, she is a gentle and calm person, but believes that nothing is worth growing attached to if it will eventually fade and become lost or perish.


Ryukaze has been described by many as beautiful, but hardly cares for her appearance. Her hair is naturally straight and black and is always cut before it passes her shoulders to prevent it from becoming an irritation to her. Her eyes shift colors, but not according to her mood as most would think, instead shifting in accordance with the state of the world around her. Her complexion is fair, if not lightly tanned, and her figure is slim. As she does not care for her appearance beyond her own hygiene and comfort, most of her clothes suffer from various levels of deterioration and wear, but strangely enough are never dirty.



Ryukaze is head over heels for Obscura, to the point of actually changing the state of her attire when he is around. Obscura sees her as a consort and does not return her feelings.


Ryukaze is especially stoic around Astra and very cryptic. She is able to make the Great Wyrm doubt herself with a few words and constantly makes her opposite question what her true purpose is and whether or not she is ready to accept such a role.


To Ryukaze, Anira is a strange being. As his direct counterpart, she understands his duty as her own, but questions why he chooses to spend his time with fleeting existences rather than with eternal ones. She also questions why he can smile and laugh genuinely despite what he's been through and why she cannot do the same.

Abilities and Skills

Immortal Force

As long as the universe exists in one way or another, Ryukaze can never truly perish, similar to Anira.

Inverse: Astra

As the Inverse of Astra, Ryukaze is able to utilize effectively all of Astra's abilities to either a greater or lesser extent.

Inverse: Anira

As the Inverse of Anira, Ryukaze is able to use all of his abilities, but to an equal level of mastery and control.

Primal Energy Manipulation

Ryukaze is able to manipulate the primal and ancient essence that flows through the universe and all of nature.

Empty Field

Ryukaze is able to negate and dampen the power of Earth over a massive area, to the point of invalidating the existence of it within the area around her.

Vacant Sky

Ryukaze is able to negate the power of Wind and Air as well as invalidate their existence over a large area.

Barren Sea

Ryukaze is able to invalidate the existence of Water and negate any powers associated with the element despite the element still remaining in the area. The range of this ability is vast.

Dying Sun

Ryukaze is able to negate and invalidate Fire and any powers linked to the element over a large area, plasma included.

White Out

Ryukaze is able to disable all powers and attributes related to the ice element over a large area without erasing the element's presence in said area.

Lost Charge

All power, attribute and abilities related to electricity and Lightning are nullified completely around Ryukaze and for a great distance around her.

Dimming Light

Ryukaze is able to disable and negate the power and existence of Light despite the element remaining within a particularly large area.

Shrinking Shadow

Ryukaze is able to negate the existence of Darkness as well as any and all powers associated with it over an extremely large area.

Voided World

Should Ryukaze end up voiding all of the basic elements within an area, this realm engulfs and replaces said area, rendering all within it devoid of all combat capabilities and magic until the realm is dispelled. As this is a subconsciously activated ability, it is hard to predict when it will appear and how to counter once within it.

Wings of Nothing

Ryukaze is able to manifest transparent "wings" that erase all things that come into contact with them. She is able to fly with said wings, but uses them for defense instead of mobility.

Time Eradication

Ryukaze is able to negate and cease the flow of time around her unconsciously. This makes her perceive many things as dull or pointless, but excited when she encounters beings unaffected by this ability.

Lost World

Ryukaze is able to utilize the power of negated elements to create a world like mass of energy that may have the power to destroy even the stars.

Fallen God

Ryukaze parts the heavens to allow a twinkling sphere of energy fall from the sky, releasing a great deal of godly power upon it touching the ground.

Last Realm

Ryukaze is able to negate the existence of all but a single realm and channel the power of the negated realms into a complex spell with a currently unseen effect and powers.

Weapons and Equipment


Zeroth Notion

Void Gear


Great  Wyrm

World Eater Wyrm

Kaiser Kaiju

Nihil Mode

Empty Mode



A massive Salamanderesque being comprised of both flesh and stone. Thought to be a mindless weapon of destruction, Salamandrite is actually quite keen of intellect and is very agile. The flames it emits surpass the heat of Hellfire, Starfire and Felfire when angry, but can also release simply warming flames. Salamandite has the ability to heal with both Earth and Fire and even utilize both Water and Wind when necessary. Gentle by nature, Salamandrite is generally only used to frighten away would be opponents because of its monstrous size and fearsome appearance.


A celestial colossal being clad in oriental garbs and armor. Majestic and galiant, it only appears when Ryukaze is in need and vanishes when it is sure that she is safe. It commands all eight basic elements as well as Ether, Miasma and Seithr. It wields a great and powerful spear beside a fearsome sword and magic that can both curse and bless. One of the few beings capable of utilizing Stigmas and Brands. Thought to be the remnants of a long forgotten deity...