Ryoka is one of Abeni's Five Shadows, lieutenant generals created for the purpose of fulfilling her commands.

A beauty under a monster's face.
Squall Lambda
The Lady of the Ash
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family None
Status Active
Eye Color Spring Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Height -
Blood type Ether
Age 2,500
Weight -
Health Outstanding
Affiliation Abeni
Species Chaos Engine
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Weapons Warlock's Mask
Current Occupation Lieutenant General
Fighting Style Dance of the Songstress
Partner Abeni
Team The Five Shadows
Relatives None
Marital Status Single

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ryoka is a petite woman of a that has spring green eyes; long, brown hair that stretches to past her back and sports red and yellow eye-shadow and black eye-liner under both of her eyes. Ryoka wears a red kimono that barely covers her shoulders and keeps a theatrical mask. She also has seemingly metallic horns.

Ryoka is stoic and often mellow. She prefers not to get into a conflict as much as she can and can be very reclusive, but isn't a stranger to communicating as a group. She prefers to keep order as much as possible as when one starts a conflict, there is little guarantee she'll stay out of it. Even thought she might not exactly look like it, she is rather caring, more than her demon side can allow.

History Edit

Not much is know about aside from that she may have possibly been a Majin. She was later converted into a Lambda, choosing to resort to her former body. She know follows Abeni without question.

Relationships Edit

Abeni Edit

Ryoka highly regards Abeni as her leader, thought it is not know whether she is grateful to her for bringing her back. She overall does not serve Abeni because of what she's done for her, but rather that she needs her assistance; and that reason is enough for her to stand by her.

Moegara Edit

Ryoka holds no grudge against Moegara nor detest her actions, thought she might find her provocative nature irritating. She tries to be patient as possible as she can with her, seeing she is the likeliest to start something. She overall doesn't mind her, but still has her indifference towards her.

Sylles Edit

Kanda Edit

Yasei Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Sound Manipulation Edit

Weather Magic Edit

Air Breath Edit

Warlock's Mask Edit

Shadow Camouflage Edit

Blunt Force Immunity Edit

Physiological Combat Edit

Supernatural Speed Edit

Tephraportation Edit

Eye of Death Edit

Weapon Transformation Edit

Snake Tips Edit

Chaos Engine Physiology Edit

Ether Manipulation Edit

Nether Manipulation Edit

Unpredictability Edit

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