An offshoot of the Wilderness with smaller, less populated areas that are mostly out in the country or in nature. It's counterpart is Urban.

Way of Time Part IIEdit

  • Demgel walks out of the portal and takes a deep breath

"I forget how beautiful this part of the world can be."

  • Ashley walked out of the portal and looked around

"I don't remember this place, where are we?"

"Back on Earth...Somewhere....and it's dark.Hmm..."

  • Demgel gathers some twigs,sticks,and leaves
  • makes a hole in the ground and puts the stuff in the hole
  • lights a match and sets he stuff on fire

"Did it."


  • Ashley checks her watch to make sure this darkness was simply the cause of night

"Well it is currently 8 PM. I didn't realize we had been gone for so long."

"Me neither. Time flies when your givin' something to do."

  • Demgel sits near the fire


  • Ashley sits next to it, though she did not require it's heat because of her Frost Dragon Ancestry
  • Demgel looks into the skies and see stars

"Hmm. Do you like the stars?"

"They are alright I suppose. I never really took the time to gaze at them."

  • She looked up briefly

"The stars are like a path. They show knowledges of good and truth. Something we all search for."

  • Ashley sighed and laid back on the ground and looked up

"I never really had the time to discern this about the stars, my life hasn't exactly been the most leisurely. My mother loved to watch the sky though, she said that all good things come up from above."

"Your glad you have one. I don't know mine. I don't know what she's like. Or I if I'll ever know. My life so far wasn't all that great neither."

"Tell me about it..?"

"Hm sure. I don't know who my parents are. All I know is that my mother is a angel and my father is the Son of Archfiend Kaiser Asmodeus. I don't know if they ever took care of me during my child hood, but i do know that I that I was found in a destroyed city by a M.C.C.P super weapon named Jonas. He took me in and trained me well. Taught me martial arts armed combat. And trained me in every "End of the World" scenario he could think off. I lead a team and we succeeded in the hardest of missions. One day a giant Earth mass attacked the facility and took me away. I wake up afterwards and find myself completely older than I was before and met a nice man, Father Divine. He had told me the man who hold the answers I seek. I went on a hunt to find him. But on the way I have killed innocent lives. I can't help myself every time I'm around people. My demon side takes over and i loose myself. All I can see are faint images of people trying to flee from me. After I gain control of myself I find my hands soaked in blood. Just knowing I have the potential to do something like that angers me. It is still plagued in my mind, as if it were tree sap. I've longed the day to find my father and mother. Maybe they can help me stop myself before more harm can be done...before there harm can be done to the people I love. I try my best not to be around people and I often force myself into seclusion. But even then, guilt fill my soul. I have not only killed people but I also killed an angel and nearly killed Gabriel, that's why he hates me and I have killed an entire army of demons myself. It's as if no matter where I go, I can seem to control my angel side nor my demon side and I am left to wallow in the guilt of their outcomes."

  • Demgel then looks at the fire and can hear the screams of all the people he had killed
  • Demgel sighs
  • Demgel looks at his hands and he sees the blood of the people and hits the ground

"Why must I be doomed to live a life where I cannot choose to do right or wrong on my own accord?! WHY CAN'T I BE FREE?!"

  • Ashley touches Demgel's shoulder

"Hey now, don't think like that. Sometimes fate deals us a bad hand sure. But everyone has hard times and maybe God has a plan for you in the future. I mean he told Gabriel to spare your life didn't he? He even stated that you were a force of Good and not of Evil, so obviously someone thinks highly of you. I know I do."

  • Ashley looks at the fire and can see her own past

"Knowing of your parents is great and all but it isn't always worth knowing them, especially if they could be evil or just, disappear on you. Like my mother..."

  • She sits and pulls her knees up against her chest, while wrapping her arms around her legs and looking into the fire as she told her story

"My parents met a long time ago. I mean during the Ancient times of Earth's history. My father was apparently a Dragon, he use to rule the skies over Britain and was a terrible force of Evil. Until he met my mother and fell in love with her. The two had a private marriage and soon she gave birth to me but my father had disappeared, my grandfather who was the king found out about what my mother had done and banished us to the sea because he couldn't bare to kill us both. For all those years we were at sea until we landed on the otherside of the British channel in France. There me and my mother lived as peasants up until her death. From then on, this ageless form is just a tale of heartbreak after heartbreak, as apparently no one can live as long as a Dovah. I was trained in the ways of magic by the Blue Mage, it is where I get my last name from. He taught me well, and he helped me craft Soulcaster. For about 10 years I studied under him and learned. I even became a powerful mage in my own wright. But like all humans, he died after a while, I was alone again for about a hundred years until I met William. He was a marvelous man, and we were supposed to be married but politics and perhaps his own lust kept us from ever becoming anything special, though he did take me to England again, the land of my birth. Look, I know you didn't ask me this, but I said all of this to say that your fate isn't yours to decide, but no matter what happens in life you have to be able to keep moving forward no matter what, and sometimes you have to learn to forgive yourself for your wrongs. I couldn't protect those I loved, and their memory will be there with me forever more. Hell, my heart has been broken into so many pieces I don't know where they all are, but I'm learning to move on with my life and let life happen, even if I am fated to outlive every man, woman, and child of this world."

  • She patted Demgel on the shoulder

"If it means anything to you, I don't think anything less of you because of who you are... You have been one of my closest friends Demgel, and you're always there for me. I want to be there for you too."

  • She smiled brightly as the light of the fire shined on her face, illuminating her smile further
  • Demgel is touched by what she said

"Your right. Life is life. It wasn't supposed to be like the way it is now, but it is. And in every way it will get to you. I'm sorry about your mother, lovers, and your ageless...ness. And you have always been there or me too. You saved my life about 3 times or 4. I don't know i totally forgot, but it was more than once."

  • Demgel smiles at Ashley


  • She nods and lays back looking up at the sky again


  • Demgel lays back and looks at the sky

"I bet that William guy never knew how lucky of a guy he was when he met you."

"To be fair I was only a peasant and he was a Lord, times were different back then and to top it all off I was also only a woman. The feudal system was even less glorious for a stranger girl from another country, even if she did meet her "dashing prince Charming". But it worked out in the end."

"I guess I'm glad to hear that. But I am still content with finding my parents. It's the one thing I want to find out before..."

"Find out before what?"


  • Demgel kisses Ashley on the forehead


  • Demgel goes to sleep

3 hours later

  • Demgel wakes up from an abstract nightmare
  • Demgel gets the picture out of his pocket and is shocked to see the picture has changed.
  • The picture now shows Demgel and Ashley being married.

"What da fuuck?"

  • Demgel looks at Ashley then back to the picture
  • Kaos appears
  • Demgel looks up at Kaos

"Again. What is this"

  • Kaos looks at the picture

"Yes, I see. Your feelings changed."


" I said. Your fate depends on action and reaction, which is morally based of feelings. your feelings have changed from Lucime to Ashley."

  • Demgel looks at Ashley again

"I believe now, that you are ready."

"Ready for what?'

"To take the Knowledge Leap"

  • Kaos opens a blue portal beneath them and goes through it
  • Demgel jumps down and is falling through and is now falling into what seems like an apocalyptic-looking city


  • Kaos is floating next to the falling Demgel



"You can fly, dumbass!"


"*sigh* Geez"

  • Kaos teleports them both to the ground a few miles away from the city.

"What's happening Kaos? That city it's..."

"Being under-attacked I know. This is something I'd like to call, "Possible Futures or Fates" or you can simply call them "PFs". Here is the first one. This is what was originally supposed to happen. Here the Sedition is disbanded and all Mytho containing agencies are no more leaving the Mythos to run amok but sadly they migrated somewhere away from this beyond fallen world. They headed back to the Realm of Fantasy."

"Who would do this to the world?"

"Three people. A economic dictator. A social terrorist. And a public menace. They are what happened to the world."

"My gosh. unbelievable."

  • Demgel sees a teen with black angel wings carrying Death's Scythe along his shoulders walking toward the burning city



"That's my scythe. Why does that kid have my scythe?"

"He's the one...woes gonna fix everything."

  • Demgel sees an shadow overcast and looks up and it looks like 3 giant claws

"Oh God."

  • The giant claws come down on Demgel and continues to move forward
  • Demgel has his arms over his head and his eyes closed
  • Demgel opens one eye, then the other, then put his arms down and sees a mechanical chrome beast with hind legs and an M.C.C.P Drone on its back moving two long poles back and forth walking toward the boy

"Da fuck is that?"

"Mytho sited. Species: Dark Angel. Command: Incinerate."

  • The mechanical beast puts his hands forward and the bottom of its wrist opens a hatch showing a nozzle it then starts to fire flames from them
  • the boy pulls out his scythe dodges and he scales his way up its body until it reaches it's back
  • The boy attempts to slice the Drone
  • The Drone immediately grabs the scythe away and grabs the boy by the throat
  • The boy kicks the drone in the face and grabs his scythe back and slices the drone in half and hooks his scythe into the mechanical beast's forehead

"New master acquired. Awaiting command."

  • the boy points toward the city
  • the mechanical beast starts moving toward the burning city

"Wow...what was that?"

"That was a machine made by the M.C.C.P. They served as a temporary solution to the Mytho problem. they nearly wiped out twice as many Mythos than Hitler slew Jews. So probably 12,000,00,000 or more."

"You said temporary."

"Well, because of this."

"Hmm. I see. Sooo is that all you wanted to show me?"

"No, there's still more."

  • opens another blue portal beneath them and goes through it

"I better not be falling to my death this time"

  • Demgel jumps through through the portal

Wherever they were now, Tao was yawning right next to them as she somehow made it to them.

  • Demgel falls into tree and falls out of it
  • Kaos slowly falls down

"I fucking hate you right now, Kaos"

"I know"

  • Demgel sees and adult him and an adult Ashley holding a baby

"Is that me? I don't look very different except i have stubble. I don't look half-bad in it."

"In this future you and Ashley are married and have just given birth to a baby daughter."

"Apparently she exist in this PF."

"Why though?"

"Let's ask you."


"Yea, you. Hey Demgel!"

  • Adult Demgel sees them and walks over where they are

"Hey Kaos, whazz up?"

"So Demgel, tell yourself about your life in this future."

"Anyway, here me and Ashley got married. We've been married for 7 years. The best 7 years of our lives now..."

  • Adult Demgel looks at Ashley holding their baby daughter

"I have a daughter to share it with."

"What do you do for a living?"

"I work as a Cop/Detective/Sheriff, while Ashley works at the hospital as a nurse. We get paid quiet fairly."

"My life here sounds blissful."

"It is for me here. Im not saying this the life you should choose, Im saying this could be the life that you can have. Watch over my friends for me. It was nice seeing you again Kaos."

  • Adult Demgel walks back to Ashley and their child
  • Demgel wakes up and looks at Ashley, then he looks back at the picture of them being married
  • Hears a stomping sound

"Ashley, wake up."

  • Ashley groans softly as she sits up

"Hmm... What's wrong?"

  • She paused as she felt the stomping and didn't say a word

"Something is here and guessing by the stomping it is huge, not to mention it maybe a machine."

Zane and LilliahnieEdit

Zane is sitting on the ground looking at the clear sky

Lilliahnie just happens to be walking by when she sees a boy laying on the ground.She ignores his pres sense and leaves him alone and walks straight past him.When she does she feels a familiar power about him.

Zane notices the girl "Hey what are you doing way out here."

"I should ask you the same." She says softly."I am hunting,and you?"

"I'm relaxing." Zane sighs. "You should try it."

Lilliahnie looks at the boy and sighs also."Thats too boring." She says smiling."I'd rather do something more exciting."

"Just for a little while? Besides I'm here so your not alone."

Lilliahnie looks at Zane for a little bit and squints her eyes."I know you from somewhere." She says walking closer to him and getting on her knee's.

Zane looks at her kinda surprised.

She looks at him and and touches his face with her middle and index finger.She then places her whole hand on his face."You him"

"Can't be who?" Zane asked

She looks closer at him wide eyed."Zane Shade."

"Yeah, Why?" Zane asked confused

Her eyes widened and she hugged him closely."ZANE! I've missed you." Then she realizes something and pulls away slapping him across the face."WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THESE YEARS??"

"Kidnapped" Zane looks down. "Sorry I worried you"

"You dont remember me do you?" She says standing up and backing away from him,ready to leave

"No.......Sorry I can't say that i do" Zane Looks at her.

"I.." She suddenly feels the urge."Lilliahnie...Monroe." She hold backs tears but her eyes water at the realization that he doesnt remember her.She continues to walk away from him.

"Really!? You Look different. I guess I forgot what you looked like, But i always missed you." Zane smiles.

"Yeah." She says a little uneasy now,she is still backing away.

"Wait why are you backing away?" Zane takes a few steps in her direction.

"I um...." She pauses."I dont know." She says,still walking backward.

"Why don't you come Stay with me again. So we can catch up." Zane still walking closer

She sighs and walks closer to Zane,until she is closely next to him."So what do you want to talk about?"

"I want to talk about you" Zane smiles

She laughs at him."Same old Zane. Allaborate,what about me?" She says smiling back at him.

Zane laughs. "Trust me my life turned to hell after i was kidnapped. And i always missed my best friend. That girl that passed out in my arms" Zane smiles at her

She laughs "Oh come on we were like 10! And I was really tired." She says."Well after you left..." She pauses and looks at him. "I was crowned princess."

"Really? So did you ever get married?" Zane looks at her and smiles.

She laughs."Nononono No way." She says laughing."I never married and I never will she said to him."

Zane laughs too. "not your thing. I get it. So uh.....what else happened?"

"You know same old same old,Realm and world menacing threat I had to rise up to the challenge,fight,almost die,and then rise above the odds defeating the villian becoming a hero." She says in a nutshell

"Ha sounds like my life except a lot more hell was involved" Zane laughs

"Ha yeah." She says still feeling a little awkward around him.She then used her middle figure and point to wrap her hair behind her ear.

"Do you remember my sister?"

Liliahnie looks at Zane."You had a sister?"

Zane Looks surprised. "Yeah and she actually getting married soon"

Lilliahnie realizes now that she doesnt really know him anymore."Wow.I never knew."

"Would you want to go to her wedding with me?" Zane asked

"Uh yeah sure.....but like a date is it?" She says to him

"Do you want it to be?" Zane blushes slightly

She laughs."No way man that would be weird." She says pushing him

Zane laughs "Will you go as a friend then?" meet may sister."

"Sure" she says as she looks to the sky.Suddenly a bird flew down from the sky and landed in front of Lilliahnie. Lilliahnie then turns to Zane."I gotta go,sorry." She says kissing his cheek."It was nice seeing you again."

"Well it was nice to see you too...." Zane says as he smiles. ".....and have this" Hands her a piece of paper with the address of the complex. "this is where I live"

Sic est Natura Edit

Daikeim appears in a field with massive mountain ranges behind him, he takes a minute to gaze at the scenery. He then focuses on what's infront of him.

Daikeim: Ok doctor... Where are you.

A whisper can be heard in the wind.'Change'.Dark clouds come from from behind Daikeim and the sky turns hectic as red lighting flahses rapidly. One strike of lightning hits the ground several feet away from Daikeim and a shadow can be seen behind the dust. The dust clears and shows a man with black and red hair coming over his forehead with the eyes of that of Daikeim. He wears a black, high-collared, leather coat that has a red interior and red lining. The coat has an X-shaped strap across the top and has red techno-lining designs on the back. He also wears black pants with red geometrical patterns which glow. And finally is wearing button-strap combat gloves with red lining.

Daikeim: I'll give you one warning, stay away from her... *Daikeim goes into his Half Dragon form and glares at Drekavas*

Drekavas: Fine by me. But it's more like you I am interested in. You desire a better world. A world of peace. A world without war or hatred or monstrous deeds. You want a world without no pain, just unity and equality for all.

Daikeim: Even if I do, it'll never happen. You don't understand, but a world without pain, war, hated and more is impossible, the world will never accomplish this through any means. Humans and Mythos are at war with eachother because of hatred, there needs to be a balance to good and evil. One good event will always have it's counterpart. Figuratively speaking, you can try to snuff out the flame by taking away all the negativity in this world, but there will always be someone or something to relight that candle. And you want change... That I can understand, but decide right now. I'm trying to make a change that makes Mythos and humans equal, is your idea of change the same?

Drekavas: Yes, it is. We share the same mind you know. That's why Unsung exist. To bring forth a Neo Age. An age where we can change this wretched cycle, by changing their inner most being.

Daikeim: Changing their inner most being... By what? Operating on them? Thanks to your "change", the woman I love can barely see, think, she's a nervous wreck, tearing up almost all of the time. You have no idea what's it like to see that... Ironically, it's causing me pain aswell. And yes, I do regret taking her to London... For the most part. Also, no matter how much you put people through, you're not gonna change who they are. Their soul will remain the same as it was before, this goes for Elaonore aswell... *Daikeim smirks* I know there's gonna be a war between the Mythos and humans, and we won't be able to stop that. Let me tell you something, when this war happens... As of now, I won't know who will win. *Daikeim loses this smirk and speaks in a more determined voice* But tell me, doctor. What would the Mythos gain if they won, what would the humans gain if they won? ...My opinion is that it doesn't matter who wins, because both sides will lose.

Drekavas: That's why I want to keep that from happening. You see, when you have 2 separate species, they tend to...get to each others neck. But what if...they were the same species?

Daikeim: *Summons the Draconia* But that won't happen... Mythos don't want to be human and humans don't want to be Mythos, it'll just cause too many problems...

Drekavas: you've seen the Mythos. They are far different from humans. If humans become Mythos then they too will be like them and their would be no war and no pain. I am already making a specialized pathogen made out of Mytho DNA and genes. Once humans receive this pathogen, they will be like the Mythos and will seek the aid of other Mythos to help them cope with their new selves. The humans will then see the error of their ways and the Earth can be without violence once more.

Daikeim: *Chuckles* You're foolish, doctor... We may have the same mind, but we think differently. Your views on peace is chaotic and impossible, you would just create another war... *He aims the Draconia at Drekavas* But I didn't come for a conversation... One more thing, your name... What is it.

Drekavas: I am Drekavas, The Neo Seeker. And maybe your right. I'm only in this for the change of man, not equality. Those were my past views. Now I am only content with making man a stronger species. Through the Mythos, man kind will be a stronger race. Stronger than any other and we can accomplish much more.

Daikeim: The Neo Seeker, hmph. May the best species win... *He charges the Draconia with energy*

Drekavas: *stetches forth his hand out and a streak of red light comes across it. He grabs the streak of light and it turns into a combination of Draconia and Dragon Shadow* Draconia Shadow. *is ready for Daikeim*

Daikeim sprints at Drekavas and slashes the blade upwards across his chest, Daikeim then sweepkicks Drekavas and grabs his legs and throws him away. Daikeim gets into a stance.

Drekavas: *appears right infront of Daikeim with his blade and stabs him the chest with it and throws him into the ground. He then summons red lightning to strike Daikeim*

Daikeim points the Draconia towards the lightning, absorbing it. Daikeim then recovers and starts swinging slashes the sword at Drekavas, causing a blue lightning to blast out of it and strike Drekavas multiple times.

Drekavas: *deflects the blasts with his sword. He rushes right at Daikeim and some how ends up behind him. A streak of light slahses Daikeim's abdominal area and a gush of blood comes out*

Daikeim spins around and slashes the sword across Drekavas' chest, giving him a similar cut. Daikeim then jumps back and spits out some blood.

Drekavas: Quite amusing.*his cut instantly heals* But I know you can do better. *everything turns to pitch-black darkness*

Daikeim: Hmph... *Daikeim's cut heals* What trick is up that sleeve of yours...

A red streak of light cuts through Daikeim's heart.

Daikeim: *Coughs up blood* Ok... *His eyes glow gold, they gain a golden trail and Darikeim gets a golden aura* No more playing around... *The wounds heal up*

More and more streaks of red light strikes through Daikeim's heart

The wounds heal after they strike, he swipes his hand down and the darkness fades away. Allowing Daikeim to get a clear look at Drekavas, he walks towards him and aims his sword at Drekavas. Causing him to get pulled into the Draconia and impale himself, Daikeim kicks Drekavas off of the sword.

Drekavas: *stands up and his wound heals* Now this is where I'm getting at. See what you did there. You changed. Why? Because you want to end me. Your trying to survive and win. That is the same thing I am going to bring to humanity.

Daikeim creates multiple phantom copies of the Draconia, he aims them at Drekavas. The swords all impale him then dissipate, Daikeim then appears behind Drekavas and hits him across the head with the Draconia's hilt and charges a blast and fires it onto Drekavas' back, sending him flying across the land.

Drekavas: *appears infront of Daikeim and everything turns pitch-black dark again. 2 red streaks of lighing strike Daikeim's heart and huge red explosion ensues. After the explosion is over and all is but dust, Drekavas is holding an unconscious Daikeim* You will see it my way soon enough.*puts Daikeim down and disappears*

Hours later, Daikeim awakens and stands up. Still a bit shaky from the battle, as he adjusts his clothes, he notices the multiple wounds on his body and makes a sigh of annoyance. He clenches his fists and slams them both into the ground, causing a small crater around them.

Daikeim: Damn that bastard... *Daikeim grabs his sword and coughs up blood, after wiping the blood away from his mouth. Daikeim tries to go into his Half Dragon form, but instantly feels pain and collapses to his knees* The hell... *He tries to go into his Half Dragon form again but goes into more pain, after a while. Daikeim gets up and starts walking*

The dark figure appears behind Daikeim

Voice: Come. Your lover needs you. *puts out his hand*

Daikeim grabs hold of his wrist.

Daikeim: I'm guessing she's not ok...

Voice: More than you think. *both disappears*

Scottsbridge Edit

Kid had been walking to Scottsbridge,getting ready to restock for his next trip to the Dragon realm,when smelling a familiar scent." wrong here." He said before increasing his walking speed."Dragons..." He says seeing the faint sight of a Draconic Figure before sighing."Why is there always trouble when I'm around." He says

5 dragons are seen flying above the town breathing fire and burning down buildings, streets filled with mas panic. The M.C.C.P arrive in jeeps and helicopters and are firing all they have at the dragons.

Soldier: Evacuate all civilians!Take down those lizards! *Starts shooting at the dragons*

One of the dragons attacks the M.C.C.P

Kid sees them shooting at the Dragon's and speeds towards one of the Soldiers."Don't shoot leave them to me!" He says before leaping 60 feet into the air like a rocket towards one of the Dragon's and encasing his hands with Dragon Talons." Soul Art! Tamashī āto tokubetsu!: Spirit Breaker!" He says slamming the Talons into the Dragon multiple times before spinning and creating a whirlwind of Draconic Energy."Crimson Storm!" He says slamming it into another Dragon.

2 of the dragons fall dead on the ground. Another dragon takes notice of this and breathes fire at Kid. A helicopter fires numerous shot at the dragon.

Pilot: Die, you sonofabicth! *continues to fire*

The dragon whacks the helicopter down with its tail and turns and tail wacks Kid into the nearest building. The helicopter crashes and explodes. The dragons roar.

Kid slams into the building and through its interconnected floors before,slamming into the basement.He gets up and smiles."Looks like they are gonna put up a fight." He says as he lets out a howling war cry as he releases his massive Dragon Spirit,that destroys the building from the inside because of its sheer size.The Dragon Spirit then begins to open its mouth."Dragon Art! Doragonfaiyāāto! Carnage Crusher!" He says as his Spirit shoots a massive beam of Fire towards the Dragon that hit him that's temperature reached 1,900 degrees.

The dragon appears to be unaffected and bites Kid and swings him around into the air. Another dragon tail smacks Kid down to the grown. One of the soldiers shoots a needle into a weak spot on the dragon's neck. The dragon motions toward the soldier and bites his arm. The soldier pulls a grenade and puts it into the dragons mouth and it explodes. The dragon falls unconscious. The soldier lost his hand.

Kid then gets up,ignoring the bite on his hand before leaping towards the dragon that smacked him with his tail."Dragon Art! Doragonfaiyāāto!:Dragon's Deliverance!" He says collecting Flame into his Fist and let out a barrage of attacks to the Dragon's Mid section,and crushing its rib cage before grabbing the dragons finger and running up its own body and slamming it on the Dragon that was out cold and summoning a Giant Dragons Fist and Slamming it on the two.

The last dragon launches Kid in the air and into his mouth and gulps him down.

Soldier: Holy crap!

soldier 2: Well, it's a good thing we didn't know him.

Suddenly,the Dragons stomach began to glow within about 2 minutes after Kid was eaten.The Dragons glow began to grow brighter until the stomach of the beast began to grow and grow and grow until the Dragon was a balloon.As the Dragon cried out in pain the glow intensified before causing the Dragon to explode from the inside.

Soldiers 1& 2: *Are covered in dragon blood*

Soldier 1: I think I preferred that green-colored water at the Nick hotels.

Soldier 2: What do we do about the kid?

Soldier 1: I think he might be a mytho. Let's see. *pulls out a scanner and scans Kid* No, he's human.

Soldier 2: Superhuman.

Solider 1: No...possibly Hyperhuman.

Kid struggles to get up,after almost being drowned and digested.He manages to get up."What.....did you call me?" He said pushing up from his hands,coughing up dragon gunk before struggling to his feet.

Soldier 1: Uhhhhhhh...A Hyperhuman. It's not an insult. There are stronger than Superhumans and alot more ecstatic. Give off a lot of energy sigs.

Kid smiles."That's what I thought.But-" Kid says, exploding his aura so that all of the Dragon Slime if off of him and he is dry."I wouldn't consider myself exactly Human,no matter what kind."

Soldier 2: Sooo..what hybrid are you now?

Zane lands to look at the groups and Kid. "Whats going on here?"

"I am Human." Kid says sighing to the guard.He then turns to smell something."Smells like.." When Zane arrives the scent gets stronger."Royal Dragon Blood." He says smirking."What up ye highness?" Kid joked, making fun of Zane's lineage before walking over to grab his messenger bag(with his base ball bats in it) and skateboard."Anyway I think I'll be get going."

Zane looks at him. "Why the rush?"

Kid looks at him."I guess you haven't heard." Kid says pausing."I didn't earn the title of Blaze The Dragon Slayer for nothin'. But that was then this is now.Anyway I tend to always end up in a fight when I am around Royal Dragons."

Zane laughs. "I'll spare you. i bet you wouldn't be much of a challenge." Zane smirks. "Do you have any idea on who I am"

"Do you have any idea WHO I AM."(he isn't yelling so just saying it with more feeling) He says looking back at Zane in the side of his eye.

"I'll take that as a no. And i may have heard your name once. I'll killed stronger dragons than you" Zane laughs.

"Same." Kid says to Zane,saying he has killed Dragons more Powerful than Zane.

"Oh.......You think there are dragons stronger than me!?" Zane laughs at that one. "I really doubt that."

"Well" Kid says smirking."There is always me.But apparently I don't count as a Dragon just a Hyper Human."

Zane appears behind him. "I wouldn't be so sure about it"

"I am-" Kid says disappearing and re appearing behind Zane."Pretty sure."

Zane smiles. "Are you trying to push me into proving i'm better. I really don't feel like killing you."

Kid smiles."You don't feel like? Or you cant." He says as he hops on his skateboard and begins to roll off,before turning his head and grinning at Zane

Zane Kicks the skateboard from under him and catches it. "Don't feel like it"

When Zane kicks the board from up under him,Kid flips and lands in a handstand before noticing that Zane has his board.He then became consumed with rage."Give.It.Back." He says an aura begging to form around his body.

"Chill man" Tosses him the board. "You have some nice moves. but you have a long ways to go"

He grabs the board."Thanks... Then how about you show me what I still have to learn oh wise one." He said pushing his board away.

"Are you ready to learn?" He smiles. "I'm Zane. Whats your name?"

He grins.He doesn't trust Zane completely so he decides not to tell him his real name and use one of his alias's that he is famously known for."Kaio,They call me The Kaio-Ken Kid." He says smirking."I am ready for anything you can dish out."

"I like you...But i doubt you can keep up.

"I'll have to prove you wrong then." He says to him."Come on lets just get this started?"

"Bring it man" Zane smiles

Soldier 1: Should we call back-up?

Soldier 2: Not sure about you. *gets out his iPhone* But I'm postin' this on YouTube.

Kid smiles as he drops his bag before he begins to talk."So a Dragon vs A Dragon Soul huh?" He says smirking at Zane's possible confusion "don't worry you will find out soon enough." He said before speeding towards Zane,but not before he creates a sonic boom and letting his arms flail out behind him.Kid runs so fast that Wind displacement can't keep up with him before leaping into the air about 6 feet high and Superman punching Zane so hard that the Laws of physics and gravity are displaced 60 feet around them for about 59 seconds.

Zane takes the punch and slides a few feet. "Hm, nice try. My turn...." Zane rushes at Kid also creating a Sonic boom and disappears right before he reaches Kid. Zane then appears in front of him holding his sword and slashes him horizontally. Now standing behind kid he turns and Slashes him vertically and diagonally. Then Zane fires a weak blast at point blank range. "You should survive that"

Soldier 1: Holy shit, these guys are going at it.

Kid smiled as the attacks didn't even phase him."Dude you have be packing some more fire power than that or all of this would be for nothin'. I know I still have some Fire left in me." He says as he flips and counters Zane's remaining attacks.He then began to speed towards him again,evading blasts and everything else the Prince shot at him before flipping over him and while and mid air performing an attack of his own."Fire Dragon Roar!" He said shooting immensely powerful flames at Zane at point blank range causing a massive explosion.He lands about 15 feet away in a kind of loosened version of a Martial arts stance.

Not far from there, Some person who looked like wearing a cat hoodie was apparently taking a nap, though not easy to spot.

Zane stands there smiling. "I really don't want to kill you right now. I could easily end this."

"Oh really now Tough guy?" Kid says smirking."So how about you quit with the Side Show and get on with the Main Event." He says egging Zane on to go to Full Power.

A black lightning bolt strikes around Zane. "Lets see what you got first."

Soldier 2: I bet you 10 bucks the skater is gonna win.

Soldier 1: Nah, fuck that. That humanoid-lookin' version of Shadow the Hedgehog is Zane the frick frackin' Shade.

Soldier 2: Holy shit, that's...

Soldier 1: Weapon Draconis. *nods his head for a little while* So I bet 20 on the Shadow the Hedgehog lookin' mother fucker.

Kid smiles."Usually I like to see what I am dealing with before I go all out.But I guess I could make an exception." A enormous amount of energy begins to flow off of KB's body,so strong it is invisible but powerful enough to instantly create a crater around where Kid is standing.It doesn't take long for widens and deepens and gale force winds to appear from the sheer force of the power coming from Kid as his aura become's visible.Kid has a serious look on his face."This is just the beginning." He says as the power coming off of him increases in bursts of abrupt power.Then Suddenly the Power becomes so intense that pressure coming off of it increases gravity by 150 times.A spire of light then shoots up from the creator around where Kid is standing and an even more intense one emits where he is standing that can be seen from Neptune.A Spirit of a Dragon begins to form inside of the spire."RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" He begins to yell as the light increases its size before he lets out a howling cry,causing an explosion that shakes the planet and even causes his aura to show right through the center of the earth to the other side,even outshining the sun.The Spirit of a Dragon Wraps around Kid as he floats,the pressure around him so intense that Gravity is non existent around him and his Spirit.

Zane standing in the windstorm unaffected. "Quite a show. But Does it really pack a punch." Zane Smiles as he feels the need to show him the power of a dragon god. As the ground begins to shake violently a black and red lightning aura forms around Zane. Zane still looking normal his hair begins to spike up and become less tangible. The ground shakes more and cracks appear and look like canyons. Zane's eyes begin to turn read as he still standing unaffected by this power. As the lightning aura gets thicker the crater Kid had formed deepens. Zane now floating his hair becomes pure darkness and fire. As Zane exhales the power causes the crater to deepen and a few trees fall over. "This is my Dragon God Form. But still no where near the full extent of my power. If you want a fight i would advise against it. Notice that transformation took almost no effort." Zane laughs "Trust me Kaio you have no idea what you are up against or who I am."

Kid's rage is suddenly triggered when Zane unexpectedly speaks his father's name.He zooms across the landscape almost instantaneously before slamming his fist into Zane's face with the force of 20 Atom Bombs before launching a Fire Dragon's Roar,a Burning Rasengan, and finally a Dragon's Fist before leaping backward's.

Soldier 2: Man dude. This is like 64% DBZ, plus 19% Hellsing Ultimate, plus 17% AoT.

Soldier 1: I can see 5% of SAO and anther 5% of Asura's Wrath.

Soldier 2: dude, that game was awesome!

soldier 1: I know right!

Soldier 2: Goku got nothin' on freakin' Asura.

Soldier 1: Neither does Naruto. Suck on that, Uzumaki!

Zane Stands there unaffected "Whats with you?"

Kid stands across from Zane,his anger fading away."You said my fathers name.No mystical beast should say my fathers name and live to say it again!" He yells to him

"Hey. I'm sorry but that's the level of power it's at. I mean no disrespect, But you are not the only one who lost your parents. I watched them get killed. I know how you feel but...." Zane pauses. "Hey i got to go deal with something. See you around."

Kid felt something,kinda like a distress signal."The Dragon Realm......Hey! You ain't leavin' without me are ya?" He said before running up to Zane.

Zane smiles. "Guess not. This should be fun" Zane goes back to base form

Shadow Over EarthEdit

Ever so suddenly, a beam of blue light shot into the skies above Mount Elbrus. It stopped high in the sky, and began expanding outward. Another beam shot out elsewhere, followed by another. The beams were accompanied by a fourth, and began to seem as if they were creating something. These forming energy waves began to connect to each other, and began to expand around the Earth. It travelled slowly, and, within hours, Earth was completely trapped inside a shell of energy.

A ship was launched into the skies, tearing towards the newly formed bubble. It collided with the barrier, and exploded on impact. The creators of this bubble knew that they had now trapped Earth within their grasp.

The Two Shadows Edit

A lone figure slowly appears on the vast plains of ice of the south, the cold a mere sensation, after all... how many times was it that she felt herself dying to hypothermia before? She can't even remember now. She stares off towards the north, already feeling the negativity flowing from battle.

"So it really is proceeding as bad as I detected..." She says to herself quietly, out of habit. The long white hair she has had since death stretches down an inch past her feet, not cut once. She prefers it untamed, unbound. The weight simply a reminder of the many countless years lived. She looks up to the sun.

"I wish it would all stop... but wishing won't do anything... only those with the will and the power can end the violence... perhaps once humanity has recovered from this, I'll put a stop to it myself... wouldn't that be a interesting fantasy..." She muses.

She pauses after a moment. "...So he's here too... I guess he wasn't kidding, must be preparing that welcome party for his little friend."



Van Valeric: *is watching the life of the sun unfold* It is almost time, my ally. Freedom is almost yours.

Yeeeesssss...Almost miiinee...

Valeric feels a strange tingling as though the presence of a great eye is bearing down on him, at first a mere buzzing, but eventually grows more persistent and now much stronger in his mind. He almost misses it, but he thinks for a moment he picks up a faintly familiar presence along with the gaze, and then it begins to recede until the gaze feels almost like the faintest pinprick.

Van Valeric: I never thought you would want to venture this far. Sorry for the scenery, but your children are playing War against humanity. Which is all fine by me. What does bring you here though?

No response comes to him, though he figures out that the presence is coming from the far south, in the polar icecaps.

Van Valeric: *looks back at the Sun* I'll be back later. *disappears*

Valeric's New Acolyte Edit

Skana drops out of the sky, falling towards the spot where Valeric stands.

Van Valeric: What is your reasoning of coming here, pawn?

Skana: Why does anyone come here? To find strength. My friend's dead body was stolen by a man who seemed shrouded in darkness, and a war threatens my home. I must find strength. You seemed to fastest and best way to do that. I have little time and much to learn.

Van Valeric: so you wish to increase you abilities and its usage? I see. My training mostly takes more than a month or two to complete, meaning you must add in the extra effort to get there.

Skana: Don't worry about that. I will survive this. I have endured worse.

Van Valeric: First lesson.

Three stalagmites come from under Skana.

Skana: *Flies above the stalagmites.* What the hell?!

Skana gets stabbed in the chest by an ice shard and falls to the ground

Skana: What. Was. That. *Pulls the shard out as his leg heals, then deflects another with a quickly pulled Cronos*

Four stalagmite pierce at Skana's neck

Van Valeric: Overconfidence gets you killed quicker. Do not say, what you not know. Always treat you opponent as a threat, whether big smal, strong or weak. Your enemy is your enemy and an enemy's purpose to to get killed by his enemy. Understand? Also, you must move quicker and more proned to suspect what is to come next.

Skana: Yessir. *Stands up*

Van Valeric: Good. We'll be continuing your second lesson. *stalagmites go back into the ground*

Skana: *Gets into a meditative state*

Van Valeric: Clear your mind of all thing. Only think of your surroundings. Be one with the air you breathe, with the ground you touch, with the lands you see. and with it, may you triumph over your opponent, for your mind is clear and a clear mind equals to no burden on your back. As light as a feather. Maybe even lighter than that.

Skana: *closes eyes and feels his surroundings, as he is on his toes, lighter than a feather* GAH! *Looses concentration and falls to the ground* Damnit!

Cronos: Weakling! Get off your ass and keep at it! If you don't, then you're just a wimp who'll never become the strongest. You'll never SAVE ANYONE. Especially Ameno. You couldn't challenge that shadow dick's TOE! So get up and keep at it.

Skana: Damn you, Cronos. *Gets up and tries agin, fails, and repeats for over an hour* I can't do it...

Van Valeric: One who seeks excellence, will reach excellence. One who doubts, will be run over by all who oppose him. Not everyone can master everything during the first turn. Continue. Breath and think of the beauty the Earth still has left. Think of the way you are alive and living.

Skana: How am I supposed to fight a god anyway... I mean, how am I supposed to fight that shadowy guy? How? I'd die. That's how. Then he'd steal my body too. *Gets up and succeeds*

Van Valeric: foolish. It is not strngth that wins battles. It's smarts. You can obtain all the power you want and one day, an opponent who has no form of training can appear out of nowhere and somehow defeat you. no matter how many times you attack him, you miss and finally, you have given up. He avoided the battle and wore out his opponent, without even raising a finger. Stop worrying about staying alive and worry about living.

Skana: True... *Practices the task*

Van Valeric: *opens a portal to darkness* Come with me.*steps in and disappears*

Skana: *Follows Valeric* What is this place?

Van Valeric: *shows skana the rising sun from the horizon of one of Fantasy's many landscapes.* See how vast this lnadscape is? Your abilities are almost as vast like your home. Boundless. The only limit you have to you powers, is that sun before you. and it is a great distance away. Realize that you have much to learn and as long as you have nearly no limit, your productivity will get you to your limit. You have a long way to go, but you will getthere, if you are willing. and if you are willing, you can do anything. This land is your boundary and that sun is your limit.

Skana: How do I reach that sun? How do I fight something so patient, so unbreakable?

Van Valeric: Let the wind guide you beyond your boundary and let the sunlight give you its warmth. This signifies that you are close to reaching your limit. You hold one of the most powerful hybrid blood known to my own knowledge. The extent of your abilities that you do not know are like i said 'boundless'. You have the power, now I must teach you how to use your mind and how to use those powers properly. Patience is a virtue. Learn it fast.

Skana: Yes, teacher. Thank you. *Sheaths Cronos*

Van Valeric: *opens a portal* Come now. There is much to be done and not much time to do it in. *goes through*

Skana: *Walks through portal* How do you know my species? Are there other Endlos out there?

Van Valeric:......No.....not anymore...

Skana: Well, I guess it isn't important. Lets continue training?

Van Valeric: Ofcourse. *two stalagmites pop up from the ground next to Skana* Pick those up. Lift them to shoulder height and hold them there.

Skana: *Does the task* Okay

Van Valeric: you have to hold them out. One on each hand and stand on one foot.

Skana: *Does the task* Alright... What now?

Cronos: Show off.

Van Valeric: Now. *a stalagmite come up from under Skana and has him in the clouds, but still on one foot and still holding the other stalagmites*

Skana: *Cotinues to hold the stalagmights.* Now... ?

Van Valeric: Keep your balance. easier said than done, right?

Skana: Yea. *Continues to complete the task

Van Valeric: Now. *puts a stalagmite on Skana's head* Shift your feet whenever you need to.

Skana: May I ask what happened to the Endlos? *Shifts his feet*

Van Valeric: And my ask why?

Skana: 17 years ago my mother and father left for the Endlos encampment and never returned.

Van Valeric: Hm. Sad for for them.

Skana: I do not like games. What happened to them? Their names were Nick ad Lauranda if that's anything.

Van Valeric: I don't care. You are here to train, not here to seek answers.

Skana: Fine. *Swiches feet*

Van Valeric: Now close your eyes and listen.

Skana: *Closes eyes* Alright.

Van Valeric: How are you feeling right now?

Skana: Calm. Like I have the world's weight on my shoulders.

Van Valeric: That's never a good thing.The world is too heavy to have on anyone's shoulders. Meaning you are not calm.

Skana: *Clears his mind* Alright. I am calm. I am calm... *Switches feet*

Van Valeric: There is power in actions as there is power in words. What are you thinking?

Skana: Of the day I kill the man shrouded in darkness. He may evade normal blades... *Looks at the sheathed Cronos* ...But nothing can evade Cronos.

Van Valeric: Wrong. You should be thinking of nothing, but no matter what your weapon is capable of. Nothing can touch The Administrator.

Skana: *A look of disgust is shown on his face* The Admin is like a father to me. He rose me when he saw me eating from a drainage pipe! Adn he helped me get a job. I am talking about a black-clothed man with a crown and shadows bending to his will. I know the Admin is invincible, but I doubt this man is.

Van Valeric: Oh. So you mean Hadari. He is but a peasant boy who is more confident than he is skilled.

Skana: ... Yea, pleasant...

Van Valeric: Peasant, boy. Peasant.

Skana: A mere peasant? I was a peasant when I was young. Trust me, we come back to bite the shitheads who care about class systems. Anyway, do you know why he is collecting dead bodies?

Van Valeric: To raise an army possibly or to raise something much depth than that.

Skana: Then we must get back to training so I can help stop him...

Van valeric: Stop thinking and listen.

Skana: *Shuts up while his eyes close. Shifts feet*

After some hours

Skana: *Shifts feet* So... Are we doing this until I fall? Because I can do this for days... And I don't really have days.... And you left...

Skana drops the stalagmites and turns into Physical Phoenix Form.

Skana: Well, until he gets back... *Flies toward Shanghai* I love Chinese food...

  • When Valeric returns, Skana is meditating'*

Skana: How was your trip? *Valeric smells General Tso's Chicken on his breath*

Van Valeric: Did you move from your place?

Skana: ... How'd you guess? The stalagmites on your way in, or my breath? *Gives a full grin* If you expect me to stay in one place, don't just leave for 5.5 hours! *Picks up the stalagmites and gets back to practice*

Van Valeric: No forget it. Drop them. Patience is a virtue. Learn it quickly.

Skana: Alright. *drops the stalagmites* What now, Sensei?

Van Valeric: *leads Skana to the water and a stalagmite pops up from the water* Stand on that with one foot.

Skana: *flies atop the structure, landing on one foot* You love stagmite, don't you. *smiles a little*

Van Valeric: It helps to keep balance. How do you feel now? Without the wight of the burden on your arms.

Skana: Better. Lighter. Empty...

Van Valeric: Good. This helps you use your powers in a greater capacity and of a wider range. *a trail of stalagmites lead further out into the water* Run. But slowly. Examine the world around you. *disappears*

Skana: Alright... Run slowly... Alright... *Starts examining the earth around him*

Van Valeric: What can you see?

Skana: A waterfall north... A river east... Mountains in the south...

Van valeric: See? You are one with all that is off the earth while keeping your blance by moving. You do great.

Skana: Thanks. *Continues going farther, as far as Albany.*

The stalagmites go into a step formation

Van Valeric: Always remember that your surroundings will change and you must adapt quickly if you wish to survive.

Skana: *Starts ajusting* Alright...

Van Valeric: Don't focus on how high you are. Focus on how far you go.

Skana: ... *Walks farther up the stalagmite*

Van Valeric: Don't think. Clear your mind on all thought. Look at the stars, how pretty they look and how far you might reach those other stars.

Skana: Alrighty... *looks at the stars*

Van Valeric: Let the beauty of the stars guide you to ascension.

Skana: *floats in the air* I feel... good...

Van Valeric: There is greater definition to how you feel. Express it.

Cronos: *sigh*

Skana: *turns into Physical Phoenix form* Yeaha! *Joyfully flies around the stalagmites*

Van Valeric: Always remember, that all things good come to an end.

  • A large pillar of water splashes Skana upward, then he falls back down into the cold water*

Skana: Alright. *flies out of the water, then lands in front if Valeric in human form* Whats next, sensei?

Van Valeric: Now. *a strong cold wind blows by*

Skana: Alright... *Gets in a ready stance, grabbing Cronos' hilt* What are you planning...

Van Valeric: Nothing. Walk against the force of the wind. *the wind blows harder*

Skana: Alright... *Walks*

Van Valeric: You should not let the wind blow you away. Fight against it.

Skana: *Sighs* Okay then. *Doesn't seem to slow down*

Small ice shards begin to cut Skana

Skana: *Shows no sign of slowing or pain* Ugg...

More shards stick him in the face and cuts his clothes

Cronos: Okay. That was his ONLY OUTFIT you peice of shit!

Skana: *Does not slow down*

the ice shards begin to actually swarm around Skana and repeatedly cut him

Skana: *Does not flinch, and speeds up*

The ice shards form into ice spikes and begin to spear themselves into Skana's body

Skana: *Does not slow down*

Cronos: Holy mother of shit, you fucking retarded bastard....

Skana: Cronos... Shuttup.……

Van Valeric: Surpress the pain and progress forward.

Skana: Have been. *Keeps up speed*

Van Valeric: Getting done quicker doesn't make the pain go way

Cronos: Hey, shuttap won't you? He is enduring more than my fucked-up children did when you killed them, so can it dick!

Skana: Sorry for Cronos, Sensei. He doesn't know some boundaries.

Van Valeric The Kronos I knew actually had some.

Cronos: *Goes into physical form* Wanna say that to mu face, scum? * Spits in Valeric's face* the spitwad turns into ice and falls to the ground before it touches Valeric's face

Van Valeric: You wanna try that again?

Skana: STOP. *Makes Cronos turn back into a sword* Next person who speaks badly of each other, I kill. Got it?!

Cronos: Yessir...

Van Valeric: That is enough for tonight.

Skana: Okay.

Cronos: The hell? Where do we fucking sleep?! *A portal opens* Nrvermind... *Walks through as it closes*

A while later, Skana is meditating as the sun comes up.

Cronos: *Walks through the portal* Back...

Skana: Good. Training starts in 10 minutes.

Cronos: If your instuctor lives...

Skana: ... What happened?

Cronos: I visited Kukyo...

Skana: Hm... Not the smartest thing you've done.

Cronos: Being mortal has weighed on her... And she has a man now... I waited too long to resurface...

Skana: Ah. Well, I'll see her when we go to Echo. Do not go there until then, though. And I will go alone. You do not seem to not be able to keep calm around her, am I wrong?

Cronos: No...

Skana: Ten minutes are up. *Stands* Hello, Valeric.

Van Valeric: Quite eager, are we?

Skana: Merely on time. And I wish to be done today, for Cronos says you have... Plans tomarrow.

Kronos: You did that to h-

Skana: Choose your battles, Cronos.

Kronos: Fine.

Van Valeric: Alright then. To make use of your power, concentrate and feel the power that you have and unleash it. Feel it course through your veins. Revel in who you are.

Skana: ... Okay...

Kronos: Sti-

Skana: Shut. Up. Already.

Kronos: Fine. *Opens a portal*

Van Valeric: Let both of your halves combine and work as one. Just feel. Do not think. Just...feel.

Skana: My.. Halves?

Van: you know. 1 half, then another. Combine them to make a whole.

Skana: I still am cunfused as to what you mean. I know the definition of Half, but what halves?

Van Valeric: One part is Endlos, other part is Phoenix.

Skana: Alright... Do I go into Phoenix Form?

Van Valeric: *facepalms* No Skana. You can feel the power of both the Endlos and the Phoenix, right?

Skana: I feel the normal Phoenix and an unknown, yea...

Van Valeric: Then feel both of those powers flow through your body at the same time and unleash the full extent of your capabilities.

  • The entire place goes white, Valeric's ears pop under pressure as Skana releases an imense blast that could've wiped the desert clean, was concealed by Kronos.*

Skana: Agh! *His body shows burns that don't look livable*

Kronos: *Turns to Valeric* You godamned idiot! You could've killed him!

Van Valeric: I'm abit trifle deaf in this ear. Speak a little louder please.

Kronos: Just shut the fuck up you goddamned man.

Skana: Kronos - Don't get mad... *Passes out from pain*

Kronos: Great. And the onlynperson I know who can heal this sort of wound is mad as shit at me. And you took THEIR POWERS. So, know any nearby hospitals?

Van Valeric: I am the hospital. *takes Skana's body and makes a makes an ice orb and encases him in it and the orb begins to glow*

Kronos: Famous last words...

Van Valeric: *looks up at the Sun* It is time. Do hold out until I come back. *disappears into the darkness*

Kronos: Fine. *Follows him a millisecond delayed, watching where he goes and what he does*


Skana: *Wakes up* Where... What... *Passes out in his icy shell*

Atlas: Kronos has definatly been here... Sleep little one... Be calm... *Sits, ajusting the Celestial Globes on his back*

Kronos:*Pops his hand through the soil* ATLAS!!!

Atlas: *Pulls Kronos up* Took you long enough... Where should we hide... Him? *Points to the orb of ice*

Kronos: Send him to Echo. Second Dimension, Fith Realm, x 2346 y 5667 z 8953.

Atlas: Alright. *Pulls down a Celestial Globe* Mmhm... Alright. *Puts the icy orb onto the Globe, transferring him to that point* Done...

Kronos: Now... Get the rest that arn't in Hell.

Atlas: Okay... *Looks at the Celestial Globe* I'll get them... *Picks up the Globe, and starts walking*

Kronos: And give this to Skana! *Throws the Hades Helm* He needs it more...

Atlas the Rescuer Edit

Atlas appears on a broken shrine.

Atlas: Thea, come out. I know you are here.

Thea: *Has tears in her eyes* You... Shouldn't have come here... The... It's...

Atlas: *Sighs* Okay. Get to safety... Monster, show yourself!

Giant monster hands stetch out from the ground and nto the sky as far as the eye can see and it omes back down and it lifts up a body of a gigantic man who's height nearly touches the clouds surfaces from the ground.

Typon: What is it, Atlas? Why is it you summon me when I slumber.

Atlas: Your assistance is needed. We are getting our forces together. We will raid Tartarus. Nobody will be left in that is related to the Titans. Please, join us Typhon. If not, you shall die here for the enslavement of my dear family.

Typhon: I have not enslaved my family. My family intermingles with the numerous bloodlines of there fellow kind. I have no coil with anyone. I just wish to slumber again.

Atlas: Then where is the rest of my family? Were you not the one who put these globes on my back? Who put my family into Tartarus? Yes, you were, and for that, you shall die here.

Typon: The Gods entrapped you, not I. For I ended up in the Tundra as you did, besides, the Gods were the ones who made you hold the heavens upon your back. There is no need to kill me. If this is why you called I would have resisted to urge to come up here

Atlas: I will leave you be then, as you have showed me the error of my anger. I appologize and thank you for your time. If you interfere with my plans, however, you will die.

Typhon: You do not have to worry about that. In the event your plans go south, do feel free to summon me then. *retreats back into the earth*

Atlas: Have a nice slumber... Thea, let us go. You are in charge of him.

Thea: Okay... I'll... Do that...

Strange New WorldEdit

Earth, a strange land inhabited by odd people. In this place Chika and the mercenary arrive, in a great wildland.

"We're here. Now for my pay."

Chika hands him the twelve gold. Later, about an hour after he left, he'd find out it was really copper.

"Alright... Now to get to Echo," she says to herself.

"That's not going to be easy, lady," says the mercenary, appearing before the angel with an annoyed look on his face. He tosses the copper back to her, "You know, had you met my price, you would've saved money. Most others in my line would have charged you one hundred times the amount I asked for, plus 'a night on the town.' It isn't polite to lie to one such as I, especially if I know your destination and of your heritage among things." The mercenary levels an eye with Chika. "Pay the proper amount or I'll pester you until you go mad... Oh and no funny business. Your sword and touch won't do a thing to little ol' me."

"Oh you gotta be kidding..." She starts to walk away.

The mercenary follows Chika silently, occasionally poking one of her wings or asking her about their location.

"As long as you're here, might as well make you shut up," she says to him. Her wing flaps and slaps him in the face the next time he pokes it. "Don't."

"Then pay me properly."

"I'm not that well off. Twelve gold is a lot of money."

"Twelve gold is less than the one and five grand I could have charged. Since you agreed to my price and didn't say anything about the price being too steep initially, I'm not lowering it," says the mercenary.

"Then you're not getting any gold."

"And you won't get any peace until I do."

"And you will die here if you stay."

"Nah. you could try, but you'd fail miserably. Be my guest though."

"I'm saying I'm going somewhere there is a man who'd gladly kill you - and he could - to have a half-Death God on his side." Chika gets an irritated look. "So, if you want to wait somewhere for me come get you when we can go where I'm actually going, then that's fine."

"Oh Hiro? He could try too, but that would be a mistake on his part... Besides, getting to Echo ain't easy, especially from this world. Give it a few decades and maybe, but not now." The mercenary matches Chika's look with a dull look of his own. "And no, I'm not letting you have any peace of mind until I get my fee... On another note, I could get us to Echo, just saying."

"Are you attempting to make me pull a tab? And if you ever come into a shower we'll have a civil rights problem, got it?"

"Tab? No, that implies I trust you to actually pay me if I give you leeway. That ain't happening... You aren't gonna find many showers in the wilderness, lady."

Chika sighs. She starts to fly toward a portal.

"You're going to fly towards a portal, which is about as likely to take you to Echo as I am to stop hounding you before you pay me," comments the mercenary drily, lazily following the angel into the air, "You're practically begging to be captured and experimented on or killed by groups like the M.C.C.P. Getting to Echo isn't just simply entering a portal, you have to find a functioning gate, get the proper power source and hope that you aren't deposited into a place like Antiva if you don't have anything from Echo to lock the destination."

She sighs again and starts to meditate in mid-air.

"Good, maybe that'll cool you off enough to actually think and listen."

Her wings fold up and her eyes scrunch up. "Kado is coming back soon. Let us wait, then..."

"If he's your boss, ask him to pay up."

"Here..." She punches the dirt, making it into solid gold. "Your payment. Now I have found Kado, so please leave me alone."

"...Why didn't you do that in the first place? Your priorities are skewed. Also, too much gold. I only take what I asked for, no more and no less."

"I'll take the rest then." At that, she turns it into peices and takes all but his pay. Chika then flies off toward the place of which Kado is. The Party.

"Very skewed priorities... Ah well, at least she couldn't see through the disguise."

The Pursuit of AlchemyEdit

A man walks up to a spirit in the wild and bows. "What is my next task, Muliet?"

"A certain place must be visited... A tool of great importance lies in wait... You have been there before..."

"Hm? I do not understand, my'lady.... Are you saying that there is a man who knows where to go?"

"A location... A person may be there... Remember the poor state..."

"Ah... Obi's place, correct? Last time I saw him, he was still leading a small place... This outta be fun. Arigato." At this, he bows and starts to walk off, kissing her cheek even though neither could feel the other.

As he leaves the spirit whispers. "Beware... The trickster is near..."

Inner MindEdit

"So, you will speak with my Lady then?" Eien's voice echoes from nowhere yet everywhere.

"Why not? I've nothing to do other than make sure three acquaintances do not destroy a city."

"Ah, then hold still, she doesn't like people moving when she pulls people in..."

Volmond feels a strange tug on his gut, and he momentarily sees what looks like a collection of stars, and then flies into one, and arrives within a strange place.

Eien stands nearby when he enters. The place seems to be a vast complex of halls and walkways. Far above is a platform that spirals high into a starry sky.

"Oh, welcome to the White Control Freak's mind."

A large rumble responds.

"Geez, somebody is grumpy."


"Right then, I'll introduce. She is currently acclimating to her powers, they tend to grow without warning. It makes having a form difficult for her. Plus this place makes it easy to convene without being sensed. Otherwise we would be talking over in Yosai."


Eien guides Volmond through the corridors, eventually reaching the top of the spiral, where a white throne stands. On this throne sits White Cloak, who is evidently strained. She looks up at Volmond.

".... Well met, Doctor. I am pleased to meet you... ...You and Shinwa are well, I presume?"

"Indeed... Hmmm... This will be annoying after all." He closes his eyes and sighs. When he opens his eyes again, they are milky white with unstable looking irises. "I'll have to fix this then."

"I cannot help but notice your involvement, and it has been most bothersome. However I am not seeking the harm to those you may call 'precious to you'. Our goal is simply to create a better world. You may find it childish, but I believe those with power should either use it for the betterment of others or be removed from power. We have chosen the former as our way."

"Volmond. What is it that drives you?"

"My drive is my own. My drive is not, however, the name of my final goal."

"And that is? Destroy the one who took Kokua? Is revenge your ultimate goal?"

"Partially, but not completely. My ultimate goal will likely shatter all structure, reason and cycles within this universe as a byproduct. That's all I will say."

"....So what seperates the hunter from the hunted? Perhaps it could be said that you will become no better or are already to that point, yet you do not aknowledge thus.

Regardless.... The new order that shall be born soon will rise from this one's ashes, it matters not.

I would encourage you to consider your actions wisely. I will forgive your interference only this last time. Also... As for the decision of the Yama... I have already found her again. If need be I will undo their actions and return her to Eien.

It is well within my power... ...for my will has no limit or place it cannot reach. It is peculiar though... That you deny aide. We could be benefactors."

"I'd not do that if I were you, while it does benefit Eien to do so, it will result in... recoil between the realms if you do so. Recoil of that type being my specialty, I can predict several possible outcomes related to such an action, one of which would be multi-dimensional collapse and compaction or the destruction of one or more dimension of movement and form. On that note, I act as I deem fit, as do you. If our interests intersect at a certain point, there is bound to be interference of some sort regardless of what you or anyone else wants, myself included," notes the doctor. "As for my business, it is best that you simply avoid it. Not to be condescending, but you lack the power to do anything that would be of use, power as in a specific ability. Think of it like this: There is a specific way of getting something done, so specific that the slightest of changes will reset the process back to the initial step. After that phase the process becomes more intricate, complex and trap ladden, to the point where progression is nigh impossible without the right component. Then comes the final challenge, which is more of a test of sanity and endurance than of power and strength in the best case scenario, while in the worst case, it's a conflict that will, without fail, annihilate two driving forces within this universe. I'd rather one not intervene, lest they understand that failure results in far worse than death."

"What she actually implied was that she could in fact alter the event of Naki being reincarnated to the point the Yama would never have done so in the first place, so great is my mistress. We would not actually modify that universe. Truth be told though, that is a hassle of its own kind though.

However, the Death God and Yama have not bested me, for I shall make her again."

"And as I said, that will likely come with unwanted recoil. Reincarnation is one of the things that... The best way to put it is that undoing it when someone isn't simply reincarnating on their own, it pulls a cosmic string, which in turn can cause any sort of thing. That's mainly because Reincarnation is effectively a systematic overwrite of information on a person. If you were a gamer, the term New Game Plus would be appropriate: you start anew in a way, but not necessarily as you originally were when you first started playing. Some things would be retained in the second, third, fourth and onward cycles, but somethings would be different as well. Needless to say, since the information has effectively replaced the previous information and what led up to the current event, trying to revert the 'saved' informat without starting a whole new game, essentially completely erasing everything but your experiences, would result in a slew of issues on a cosmic scale. You could undo the decision, but the action would remain otherwise. It would be an entirely different story if you 'exported' her from that universe back into this one, but there are often restrictions on that and guardians that prevent extraction before certain conditions are met on both ends," further explains the doctor. "Will you really be making her again, or will you be making an identical being that isn't quite the same, a doppelganger or clone of sorts? Even if you have the wavelength and structure of her soul down to the nanoparticle, there will be something that differentiates this Naki from that Naki."

Eien closes his eyes. "It would be akin to what happened to Shinwa. But doubtless you can't just say this doesn't bother you, can you? Did you not care about her? And have you considered how her friends and her brother will feel? Or are they simply gonna forget? Either way, this doesn't sit with me well."

"Either way, I'm not a monster, like your mark. I'm trying to right the wrongs this world has been scarred with. When I was done... ...I would've let her go. The Yamas gave her something she didn't want. ...That's injustice I won't stand for. The mighty exerting their whims on those who cannot speak for themselves. ....Those who cannot protect themselves."

"It could be argued that you and I did the same. The Yama did no wrong, they merely followed a sanctioned order- One with consequences, but nonetheless it was allowed to go through. On another note, while I am indeed bothered by such a thing, there's no point in me getting worked up. Her friends will indeed react, but that's of little importance because of the nature of a World Type Reincarnation. Similarly, if we are to speak of injustices, can you really say that you or anyone else affiliated with you have caused no injustices at all with the power you have? This is not the pot calling the kettle black, this is me asking from an unbiased perspective. I know I've caused a great deal of injustices myself, however an injustice done for the concept of the greater good is still an injustice done.

"Are you absolutely certain that your grand scheme is not simply a massive injustice done in order to support your beliefs? Are you sure you aren't looking at things from a skewed perspective that lines up with your morals and values? Can you ensure that your crusade against injustice will be truly just and without oversight?"

"I am not one to hide behind lies. ...In some circles, at least. Since before I joined the Cloaks, Doctor, I have already been responsible for injustice. I killed my comrades and took their blades, for the sake of my personal vendetta against the Witch of Casuality. It was after I failed to defeat her that my mistress made me the offer to put an end to the reign of those like her.

You and Shinwa, I 'helped' you out of my own guilt. I knew there existed an escape, from my own cruelty. I know in my heart the plan and the road I must take is cruel and long. Some injustices I will not be able to correct.

The perfect world cannot come about without loss and sacrifice. You insisted on interrupting me when I was going to explain everything. But basically... I possess half of the key to absolute control over the Lambdas. As well as their to come evolutions. They don't need splicing, they can achive perfection already. In fact, if one removed Azula's limiters forever... ...The sheer power her soul would absorb and obtain would force her into a nigh transcendent state of being. A mere modification of the other Lambdas by absorbing her DNA would result in them similarly evolving.

....Like I was going to tell you, Naki was the key, the other half to achieve total control. Without her soul fused with her body, Zero is incomplete. She would be able to instantly dominate any Chaos Engine, even Nanashi, once completed.

All I can say at this point, is that Zero, Gurīn, and Azula are important to this Utopia. That's not what it is, but the term is close enough."

The doctor sighs. "No Utopia is without its Child of Omelas... The tiniest of rebellions from a controlled non-variable can make the perfect world into a world of ruin."

"Well, I DID say utopia was a close enough term, I didn't say it was the right.

But long story short, I rather doubt I can avoid injustice altogether. No one is perfect. I try to make up for it, but I will undoubtedly have to commit more atrocities before this all ends. I don't even know if I will win."

White Cloak tiredly looks at Volmond, and speaks.

"We see all of time. We can anticipate, but victory is always uncertain. The righteous don't always win."

"Then you get it," he says in response. "Someone will always go against you, even if you are of like mind and share the same experiences. You should already know this, but betrayal is a bittering experience on par with any loss. The world you wish to create, should your efforts culminate, could be shattered by one such thing." He returns White Cloak's look. "For your sake, try not to change the past. I'll just leave it at that."

"Were it not for the past, we could not have learned from our mistakes. It brings both pain and knowledge."

She stands, meekly.

"I wonder what you will learn from yours?"

"Oh, I've learned several things, most of which are private."

"Before you go, what do you plan to do with Shinwa? You undoubtedly have some quality time to catch up on."

"I really doubt you need to know every detail of my personal life..."

"Is it so wrong for a great grandmother to care of her grandchildren's wellbeing?"

White Cloak's reply carries a hint of amusement.


"Advise I will give you: be the better man with the Annoying One. Ignoring a fool is better than giving him attention. Also, this is a big one: if she naps, never wake her. I should not have to utter the phrase they speak of sleeping dragons.

Oh, and feel free to punch the Yellow One into a star anytime."

"HEY!" Eien protests. "I have a name, you know!"

"I may take that last bit of advice very soon..." The doctor seems to be considering something. "The Annoying One will be his own demise from what I can see so far. He'll bring himself to ruin long before I need to lift a finger in his direction."

"...Now for a piece of serious advice... Those of my lineage possess great power. But also know that we naturally oppose those align with the dark. Volmond, this can tear apart the most passionate of lovers. I should know... I, Nyūsastu, can personally tell you that painful truth. Our love is both gentle and warm, yet treacherous and dangerous. I pray that you both can escape the past and look past your ideology... ...unlike my dearest... ....I look back even now and still hold regrets. Don't share in mine mistakes. Choose happiness over ambition."

"My decision for that was long made. The outcome will not be known until the day it is."

She walks over to him and siezes him as hard as she can.

"For your sake, you had better do the right thing. My descendants have all suffered because of their past and my mistakes. Do not let it happen again."

She lets go, too frail to hold him.

" are dismissed.... ....Dread Lord." She says coldly, with a hidden undertone of pain.

The doctor nods then vanishes in a swarm of black, white and grey particles.

"...So what shall you do?" She addresses Eien.

"Well, I got to talk with some people before I go get my replacement made. The Aculi are spreading across the worlds nicely as well, might deal with that demon lady later if she is still around.

As for your new vessel, it's growing right on schedule. You'll have it right before our party."

"...Good. How long before the Key is ready?"

"Shouldn't take long. Got some people to talk to, study her Imprint. Fortunately that will last long enough for me to study it closely enough.

If they're willing, I'll let em' hold onto the Key. I won't need her until The Second Coming is ready."

The Jokes Begin Here (HAHAHA!)Edit

The lights flood the room with light. None of the mythos know where they are or how the got there. All they know is a face of another assumed mythos is in front of each one, along with a mirror. All of them look at the mirror, and see the face next to it is their own. Suddenly, a loud bang is sounded. A mythos slumps in their seat. Soon, loud bangs sound everywhere and all the mythos die. When the cops arrive later no trace of Joker will be there. Although his work will be. Joker stands in the shadows of a rooftop, eying a female mythos.

"H-huh, looks like Ark ran off again," Lucia mutter to herself, taking slow measured steps. "We did get a new case thanks to Patrikolos' leads, but it seems off..." She brings a hand to her temple, and winces for a moment. "I... I need to find Ark." 

A raspy voice comes from the shadows that conceal Joker's face, letting his green hair, eyes, and wide toothy grin be shown. His lips seem seperated from the muscle. Staples around his face are gleamimg light. "Hello, My Pretty..." it starts. "What Are You? Human, or demon?" A razor is seen in his left hand, it's flip-blade out.

Lucia cringes visibly.

"N-none of your business!" She clutches her head again and begins to back away. "S-stay away... I-I'm dangerous!"

"A demon! AHA! AHAHAHA!" Joker runs at her, flipping the razor and slicing at her belly. "Demons Die Miserable Deaths. Double D M-D."

"Stay back!" As Lucia speaks flames erupt from the ground in front of her, forming a makeshift barrier as she rties to escape, both of her hands on her head now. "No! Nonononononono.... Stop it!"

The Joker's shrill laugh comes from nowhere, his back arched so his face looks at the sky. As he returns to his stance, Lucia can see his face more clearly. The face istself looks deattached, only held on by staples. Beyond that he is putting eyedrops in the unblinkable eyes. His hair is dark green, teeth yellowed and broken, skin as pale as the moon, and lips blood red. The muscule can be seen below the face in some areas. Joker jumps over the fire, a good five feet, and lands directly in front of Lucia. He wears a purple suit and khakis with green vest and purple gloves. One gloved hand reaches to Lucia's cheek, angling her face so she stares into his eyes, the dead eyes that seem to have nothing behind them. "Do You Wish To Die? I Can Do That, You Know." The razor comes up to her cheek, grazing her skin. "Let's See That Pretty Face... Off! HAHAHAHA!"

"No, STAY AWA-" Lucia suddenly goes limp, her eyes glazing over a dull red as she seems to fall upwards, towards the moon. The cut to her face heals and her hair whitens. "A...... rk....."

As she gets around his waist's height, Joker spin kicks her back down. She lands a few feet away, and Joker approaches quickly, placing his foot on her stomach, pinning her down. "I've killed bigger, and badder, Mythos than you. You are evil. You are hilariously stupid, too! HAHAHA! You're going to die now, okay?" A knife appears in his hand and he stabs down towards her heart.

Dark tendrils erupt from the ground around Lucia and restrain Joker's arm and knife, a wicked smile forming on her face.

"Aw, too slow, mister killer~ I almost got scared there," Lucia scatters into burning embers, reappearing in the sky with wings spread and a sword akin to a large needle in her hand, her attire shifting into that of a sultry maroon and black night dress. Her eyes are a brilliant vermilion and the expression on her face is purely sadistic. "Now it's time for me to have some fun~."

Joker archs his back again, the hand with the razor holding his belly. Then he look serious and returns to a slightly slouched stance. "Yea, definitely killed worse than you. You're only a runt of a Mythos. Please, tell me your name and I'll tell me yours!" He laughs again, then takes a step closer into the light. His jaw looks like a malformed smile, his bottem and top row of teeth arching to make one. One eye is glosed over, blue in colour, his right being a green. He licks the rusted razor. "I am Joker, Jokes to my friends, and I will be the death of you." he says in a serious tone.

"And I'm none of your business, mister killer- Rather, should I say prey," she responds, raising a hand to the night sky then snapping. The moon shifts from its normal pale glow to a rosy warm glow, bathing the area in crimson light. Shrieks begin to sound from every direction as the light touches people, followed by countless droplets of blood rising into the air. "Ah, that's better, I did need a snack."

"Why don't you be a good demon and let me cut off your face?" Joker looks unsurprised, the knife and razor being thrown with his arms while he speaks. "It would just be reasonable, you know?"

"Why don't you become one with the filth of the earth and rot away- Oh wait, that's already happened," she says, deflecting the weapons in opposite directions across the city with a simple flick each. She draws the blood into herself, absorbing all of it without staining her clothes. "Ark's is still the very best, the rest barely has any taste to it, how dull. Hm, maybe I should raze this place to the ground... No, Ark wouldn't like that, even if it is mildly entertaining. Hm, if killing everyone here is out of the picture, I'll just kill all of the scum and low lifes off, yes that would be very much entertaining..."

Joker backs up a little, as he pulls a semi-automayic machine gun, only the dimze of a pistol. "These bullets are anti-regen, Demon. No magic or socery of yours could fix these wounds, only time." He fires. Bullets spray everywhere around him and even some bounce and graze him. "HAHAHAHA! DIE DEMON!"

"Oh, but I think you're wrong," she returns as the in the surrounding area drops in temperature. The bullets fall to the ground in mid air and the electronics in the area flicker on and off before the city's power grid shuts down. Colors begin to fade and movement becomes exceedingly difficult for all within the area, the energy having been sapped from them and all of the structures. "My turn. Blood Bastion." Crystallized blood begins to rise towards Lucia, only becoming liquid within a short distance from her and flowing into her, cleansed of any impurities. A crimson aura surrounds her and her hair begins to darken to black.

Joker sprints at the edge of the roof, jumping off and disapearing. His voice comes from everywhere. "Come and find me, Little Rabbit! HAHAHAHA!"

Joker has less luck than he anticipated, his own movements slowed considerably because of the reduction of energy and the immediate loss of kinetic energy upon jumping, resulting in him plummeting rather than leaping to an undisclosed location.

"What did you think would happen," sneers Lucia, "If bullets fell to the ground without getting very far and color fades, what makes you think that you would be an exception? Without energy even the slightest of movements becomes difficult, in fact you would have been better off having remained in place!" Her hair darkens further and ice begins to spread across damp surfaces while dry surfaces begin to crack and drop to far below the freezing point. Clouds descend and an icy mist lazily spreads through the city, freexing what it comes into contact with. Soon, all color has fades from buildings and structures and clothing, leaving only the rosy light from the moon as the remaining color.

A knife lodges itself into the back of her skull, the Joker holding onto it as he stands on her shoulders, continually stabbing her in the brain. "Die! Die! Die demon DIE! Do you know these people?! To get that blood you killed a man named Murrey, he had a wife and two children in Canada. But you KILLED HIM. I just saw his body. He froze to death like most other people in the city! You have killed more than me! HAHAHAHA! YOU are SCUM as well!!!" He jumps back down, disappearing into the night.

The moment Joker makes contact with Lucia, he finds himself impaled by countless tendrils of blood.

"Was that truly your best," she asks, her tone becoming imperious. "As if I should care for the lives of those who did not take shelter or flee. As for you, join them." Lucia has the tendrils of blood liquify within Joker, spreading through out his body quickly, before forcefully bursting all of his blood vessels and veins, then freezing the blood within him and wrenching his torso in half with her hands.

Omega Nowhere - Omega vs. Demgel Edit

Omega is meditating in the sand, he is in the middle of the deasert. No cuvilization in sight.

"I hate meditating..." Omega comments on his situation. "I want a fight..."

There in the heat wave, he sees a figure.

"Hmmm..." Omega pulls out a jagged knife and appoaches the figure, making his movement known. "Hello there, friend...?"

The figure looks up from where he's sitting His face is stricken with tiredness and he has stubble. Huh...? Who are you? I thought I had the wilds all to myself?

"Yeah... So did I. Are you friend or foe?"

"At this moment, I'm just a loner reminesing over a few things...Mainly this life..."

"Ah. I hate meditation."

"Then you seek a fight..."

"If you need some space bro, you got it."

"Thanks...*gets up* but at this point it really doesn't matter, so let's get this over with.*

"Your funeral." Omega takes a ready stance.

Demgel: *gets into his stance as the winds blows*

"Well, guess we'll get started?" Omega jumps high into the air, coming down for Demgel's head to test his speed and maybe his strength.

Demgel: *ducks and dashes back*

A thirty-foot radius immediately drops twenty feet upon impact, as well as cracks going in every directions for miles. Omega is already sprinting through the dust at Demgel. "What, only a dodge? Alpha is better than that!"

Demgel: *stands for a moment and runs straight at Omega*

"That's more like it!" Omega front flips and lands with his feet on the back of Demgel's knees, kicking into them, breaking the kneecaps if it were successful.

Demgel: *his kneecap is intact and he kicks Omeg's leg and punches him in his chest nocking him a few feet back*

"Heh. You don't even put up a fight. This'll be too easy to have any fun... Here." His armour folds up and flies away. "That should even the odds." He gets up and calmly walks to Demgel. "Okay. Punch me. As hard as you can. Right... here." Omega taps the red 'X' on his chest.

Demgel: *punches him in the face*

Before Omega knows it, he wakes up and seThe escapEs Demgel sitting next to him. He feels soething stingly cold on his cheek

Omega stands up without a bruise on him, the swelling in his cheek gone. "Alright. Alright. You win. Thank you for your time." The suit flys back down and he steps into it. "So, what's your name anyways?"

Demgel: Demgel. Yours?

"Test Subject Number 01, Codename: Omega." He smirks as his helmet snaps on. "My real name, though, is classified. You couldn't beat it out of me if you tried."

Demgel: Didn't intend to.

"HAH! I like you. Pretty funny. Nice. Good man. Would rather not piss you off though." Omega sits across from Demgel and offers him a cold beer.

Demgel: *reaches for the can* What's this?

"A delacacy named beer. My favorite drink. Less than two dollars a can when you bring your own persuasion."

Demgel: *opens it and takes a sip. He looks at it and sips some more*

"Heh, like it?" Omega's helmet opens for the scarred lips to drink from his own can of beer.

Demgel: Pretty tasty. *takes another sip*

"Yeah, it is... Hey, I need to go. Do you happen to know where the M-P-D headquarters is? My dumb-ass brother was supposed turn in my application." Omega slowly gets to his feet.

Demgel: Never heard of it. Must be new.

"Guess I'll use the tracker on his helmet then... Alright. Thank you, and may our paths cross again, my friend." At this, the armoured brute jumps into the air, high enough not to be seen.

Demgel: I feel lonely again...*looks at the beer and takes another gulp*


Demgel is sleeping in the sand, holding a beer can

"Hey," a stange, hooded man sits by him.

Demgel: *slowly wakes up* Huh...

"What's up, friend?" the stranger asks/

Demgel: Do I know you?


Demgel: Then why are you out here?

"Cause. Lonely. Depressed. Seems you're the same way..."

Demgel: *sigh* Yea... *sits up* But ending up in the middle of nowhere?

"The probability of finding you here was fifty-two percent."

Demgel: Why me?

"You seem bored. I seem bored. Thought we could be bored together."

Demgel: Weird mentality...

"You could say that. But I'd say it's a weird mentality that lead you to a desert with a beer can" Kana says as he chuckles. "Ah. Life has a weird way of doing things. To tell you the truth, my sword is almost finished. I'm just waiting now."

Demgel: Just...Things happened and it led me hear...

"Keep your chin up, kid. I don't know my age, but I still remember your birth. You still have that amount of potential, but you just have to keep your head up and keep trying."

Demgel: My birth...What would you know about that?

"Now, now, don't go changing the future. Get over the past and face tomorrow by getting ready today." He stands up. "You should come with me to get my sword. It might be a while longer, but we have a long walk to enjoy." Kana stretches.

Demgel: Nothing else to do...I think I wallowed long enough...

Kanashīdesu helps him up.

Demgel: *puts his coat on and picks up his Scythe*

They start walking into the distance, talking about life and what's happened to them recently.

Empty DemptyEdit

A helicopter hovers over a open road in the desert.

Agent Juam: Alright Larkin, here it is. We're setting you 2 miles outside the city. Your targets trail should be very easy to find.

Reveryn: Ok. So I hop off here then?

Agent Juam: Yea.

Reveyn: Huh...You mind dropping me off a little lower.

The helicopter lowers a little bit

Reveryn: A little more.

The helicopter lowers some more

Reveryn: A liiitle more.

The helicopter lowers some more

Reveryn: Ok, that's good. *hops out of the helicopter on his good foot followed by his bad foot*

Agent Juam: Good luck to you, Larkin!

Reveryn: I don't belive in luck! I believe in miracles! Hey Juam, What am I fighting?

Agent Juam: A Genome-a!

Reveryn: Wha'ts that?

Agent Juam: A Homouculous-Variante hybrid!

Reveryn: How the hell do you expect me to beat that thing?!

Agent Juam: The Admin. ordered it! He didn't say you could beat it!

The helicopter elvates and takes off

Reveryn: *sigh* I swear these guys are trying to get me killed...*turns and makes his way towards the small town of Eloy*

He hears a phone ring.

Reveryn: *presses the button on his bluetooth* Hello, Crippled Archer speaking.

"It's me." He hears Naomi speak.

Reveryn: I know. *smiles* How are you doing

"...Ok... someone new showed up. Segura has been really upset about it."

Reveryn: *scoffs* Please, Segura's upset about everything. Who is said person?

"I think she calls herself Nerai."

Reveryn: I believe that is the fifth person to have a Japanese name. What's she like?

"Well, serious. With a hint of devious. Not quite sure what to think of her. She tricked Segura into getting in trouble with Obi by pulling him into the girl's cabin."

Reveryn: Really?! Please tell me someone was there recording that?

"...No? I think? What's record? I tried taking a picture of Segura getting creamed by Obi, but somehow instead had this moving image with audio..."

Reveryn: That's called a video. A recording can be capturing a series of events with a camera or just using and empty mix tape to record what you say. A video is capable of doing both. So in otherwords: YOU GOT IIIITTT! WHOHOOOO! YEA! LET'S SEE WHO'S GONNA BE LAUGHED AT NOW, YOU CLOUD STRIFE LOOKING MOTHER-FUCKEEER! VEBGAAAANCE IS MIIIIIINE! HAHAHAHAHA! Evil. But aside from Segura's greatest fuck-up in The Party's histroy, everything else going ok?

He hears Naomi laugh a bit. "Oh, it's ok. Kado and Akami are still gone."

Reveryn: I never knew they left. Where they go?

"Me and Kado's homeworld, Echo."

Reveryn: Oh. He's there to fix his multiple-person problem, isn't he? And I Akami is there cause, Obi doesn't like us going out by ourselves.

"I would imagine that about sums it up..."

Reveryn: I am that good. Screw you, Holmes. What are you doing now?

"Just... sitting. Ow! Don't pull me tail! Yes it's real!"

Reveryn: *chuckles* Those grubby lil' munchkins tugging at your tails again?

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiie! That hurt!"

Reveryn: That's a yes. Anyway, After this mission, they'll let me take a break so I can come back and replenish...Hopefully. I haven't quite recovered just yet.

"That's a relief, you need it."

Reveryn: Yea well the thing is...I'm supposed to take down a threat that destroy an entire penitentiary....and with me in my current condition, which is limping.

"Oh... tell me you have some sort of backup...?"

Reveryn: *sigh* No. None at all.

"You're kidding..."

Reveryn: No...Not this time.

"...Please be safe..."

Reveryn: I wil.. For you and my family.

"Ok... .....OW!"

Reveryn *chuckles* Bye Naomi.

"Bye... OW OW OW! Don't make me bite you!"

Reveryn: *presses the button and finally makes it passed the welcoming sign* Well that was quick. *walks into the small town and sees that it is deserted* I wonder if there were any inhabitants to begin with here. It looks more like a small settlement for a large family more than anything. *searches around a little bit more until he makes it to some sort of rubble ruin that used to be the penitentary* I might getting close to the trail. I wonder where it went? I mean it is a ginormous frickin' monster of sorts, so where could it have gone? *stumbles a upon a massive whole in the ground* Huh...Something tells me that the monster has gone down there. Well, it's back to the sewer. Please don't kill me fall. *jumps down the whole*


Reveryn: *is limping very awkwardly through the sewage tunnels* Forgot I haven't fully recovered...Damn fall...I did they expect me to do this with no equipment to really track this thing down! Well not that it's a problem due to my super hearing! Still would've been neat if they could give me something that could me out of the dark. Speaking of dark, why didn't I get a flashlight? It's as dark as The Admin. down here! Wait hold up. *presses some kind of button on his sunglasses and two pin lights shine from it* Oh looky there. Lights. How about that. If only this thing came with like some sort of night vision.

Reveryn continues walking through the sewers until hears a rush of water. He follows the noise until he sees light shining on some kind of black mass. He enters is now walking on a grated platforms and the black mass seems to be attatched to the walls. Water falls down from the sides and down below.

Reveryn: You must be the sewer rat I've been told about.

A narrow skeletal face appears from the bottom of the mass. 'Who has come for me..?'

Reveryn: The exterminator. *smirks*

The mass sprouts two monstrous arms and it's attachments become legs. His face becomes more visible staring directly at Reveryn in his face. 'You? You are like me..."

Reveryn: Minus the ugly

'Yet you've come to "kill" me...Why?"

Reveryn: Well killing people comes to mind.

'I only killed my enemies! They captured me and while I was imprisoned, I starved for weeks. My hunger could not be silenced as he broke free and devoured my aggressors. Man has does not show mercy, nor do they deserve it.'

Reveryn: I see it more like a punishment for them, but we can change that in a different way.

'There is no other way. Man must die.'

Reveryn: Then I'm sorry guy. Im gonna have to put ya' down. *draws an arrow*

'You can't stop me! I've been around for decades on end! My life is immeasurable!'

Reveryn: Sorry, I can't hear you over all that shit coming out of your mouth.


The monster swings ar giant fist at Reveryn, who jumps on the platform and ziplines to the next one.

Reveryn: *lands on his foot which causes him to feel a sharp pinch of pain* AGH! Forgot..Crippled...How could I have forgotten that? I said it all the way over here!

The myth turns around and begins to throw more punches and swipes at Reveryn.

Reveryn: *zips from platform to platorm firing explosive, freezing, and shock arrows all while dodging the myth's attacks as fast as he can*

'AAAAAHHH! You would hunt down your own kind just for the sake of another telling you to do so? You are scum...'

Reveryn: Says the one that actually lives down here. I think your the one makin' up all the stench down here. *snickers*


The myth's body erect spikes out of it's body and they all hit the platforms, destroying them

Reveryn: *gets impaled through the leg by one of the spikes* AGGGHHHH FRICK! My leg! Argh!

The spikes retract as the myth raises his fist, ready to smash Reveryn

Reveryn: Oooohhh my God.

"See you in hell, Traitor...'

The myth brings down his fist and destroys the last remaining platform.Reveryn jumps and does a back flip over the and them fires an explosive arrow at the myth's leg attachments, causing the myth to loose it's footing and falls to the depths below with Reveryn falling right behind him.


The myth falls into the water below while Reveryn ziplines to a grated walkway just above the water

Reveryn: ZIPLIIIIINE! *rolls over on the walkway* Ow! Frick! *slowly stands up*

The Genome-a is thrashing and yelling across the water. The water hole they fell into is a flush hole and the water begins to turn into a wormpool.


Reveryn: *jumps in the air ziplines over to the side of that wall*

The Genome-a destroyes the grated walkways as he is slowly being sucked into the wormhole

Reveryn: *jumps from the side of the wall, then fires shock arrows*


The Genome-a stretches its enormous hand out at Reveryn

Reveryn: *jumps over the hand and slides down its arm*

Large spikes come out of the arm. Reveryn manages to slide past them and draws an explosive arrow out. Reveryn jumps up and fires his arrow at the Genom-a's face.

"RAAAWWWWR KILL 'EM!" The Genome-a whips its tongue out and it smacks Reveryn against the wall

Reveryn: AAAAAAHH! My already broken back!

'Why don't you just die?!" The Genome-a throws a punch at Reveryn

Reveryn: *moves out of the way and fires and explosive arrow into it's mouth*

The Genome-A roars in pain

Reveryn: *lands at the end of of the grated walkway* Too sexy for it!

The Genome-a gets sucked into the flush hole and disappears

Reveryn: Heh. Loser.

Reveryn makes his way to the surface and by the time he exits a helicopter is descending

Agent Juam: Good job, Larkin! You sure did pass The Admin's expectations! *helps Reveryn up into the helicopter and they ascend*

Reveryn: Was there any doubt?

Agent Juam: Weeellll

Reveryn: Well that's messed up!

Agent Juam: Yea we know! But you definitely have deserved some time off! Just so your wounds can heal abit more! You didn't hurt yourself too much did you?

Reveryn: Hurt leg and hurt back! Nothing some good ol' rest and relaxation can fix!

Agent Juam: Alright then! Mission Complete!

The EscapeEdit

Erin gets out of the city, running from the fight.

She gets the feeling, after a while, that she's being watched.

Erin draws her katana and turns to face her predators.

There is nothing there, save for a few clouds of dust in the distance.

"Who's there?" a shy voice says, coming from her mouth.

Suddenly she is tackled from behind by something with very sharp claws, and a strange growl is heard as she lies on the ground.

"Subject Identified:

Species: Aetherborn-Netherborn Hybrid.

Gender: Female.

Priority: Detain."

A robotic voice speaks from above her, as what seems like a large metal dog appears out of thin air, standing on her in such a way it is difficult to move.

She melts into the ground, appearing beside the mechanical dog. "What...?" Erin draws her Katana.

"Subject marked for public safety violation, subject marked for resisting arrest, subject marked for assualting a public officer. Action: Takedown and Detain, bring in for questioning."

It suddenly lunges at her again, but not in any way she's ever seen an animal attack. The dust clouds get closer.

She leaps into the air, dodging the attack

Another robot jumps her from nowhere, biting her hand and pulling her down to the ground.

Erin slashes at the robot with her sword. "Just leave me ALONE!!"

Another one appears, biting her spare hand, she manages to make a decent gash in the the first layer of armor of the first one, but now both of them are pulling her down by the hand with their jagged teeth.

The lass spins, throwing them off, ripping her skin off in order to do so. She pulls out her sword and stabs, this time to break her fall. She then runs fast enough to get out of the fight area.

She suddenly feels off balance as she runs, her head swims and her vision becomes disoriented as a massive headache begins.

Erin tumble rolls, tripping and falling, unable to move.

A whole pack of them descend on her and several bite into her legs and begin dragging her with them, the others grab her by the hands, pointedly biting in the same locations as before. They appear to be trying to take her somewhere.

Erin just gives up to the wolves, letting them take her.

She begins to notice they are approaching the same city she had fled from.

"greaaaat..." she mumbles.

The ProwlEdit

Five figures march into a small village, each of them bearing the same insignia on their clothing, the word "INSURGENCE" written beneath. They look ferociously at the buildings in the area. The oldest-looking figure steps onto a statue stand and looks at it.

Ponche M.: What a ghastly sight.

He jumps up and swings both of his fists into the side of it. He lets out a strange burst from his fists that warps the statue's shape and blasts it away in pieces. He lands back on the now-empty stand. One of the other figures steps up and looks at the civilians around the area.

Eleven: Ok. Lets get straight to the point. Citizens, we are not here to cause trouble. We are merely looking for somebody.

He pulls out a sheet of paper from his clothing.

Eleven: Have you seen this man?!

The sheet of paper is a poster bearing the mugshot of Dracorex. The puzzled civilians look at each other, confused, as the other three figures begin handing out copies.

Civilian: Who is this?

Abraxon: This is a man named Dracorex. He is an enemy to our cause, and we are tasked with hunting him down.

Civilian: Then why did you destroy the statue of our famous hero?!

Abraxon: Don't question our motives, human. We have a job to do.

Civilian: I don't care about no job! You destroyed our honourable statue, our pride and joy!

The civilian lunges at Abraxon with a broom. Abraxon flashes behind him. The broom appears to have been sliced, and the end falls to the floor. Abraxon is seen sheathing one of his swords.

Abraxon: How foolish of you. We'll have to kill you now.

Civilian: H-Huh?

One of the other figures shoots the civilain in the back of the neck with a pistol.

Civilians: They killed an innocent man! Arrest them! Somebody, do something!

Policemen attempt to apprehend Abraxon. Ponche M. jumps forwards and lands before them. He throws a series of punches against the air, before launching forwards. All but one of the officers suddenly collapse, as if they were hit by a fatal punch to the chest. The last one tries to flee, but Ponche M. strikes him in the back with his fists. A burst fires out of his fist and blows through the officer's chest.

Eleven: You have chosen the drastic route. Burn the village down. If Dracorex is here, he'll come out.

The others launch forwards and begin attacking the streets.

Eleven: How can humans be this foolish?

Eleven observes the others as they set buildings on fire and kill civilians at random. Abraxon intercepts a group of escaping civilians and butchers them with his swords. Ponche M. blasts an elderly man's head clean off. Selinge launches at and impales a couple in the back with his horns, before violently driving his hands inside them, pulling some of their ribs out, bearing a savage grin on his face. Sinbad continues to torch helpless civilians. Eventually, Selinge drags a man over to Eleven.

Selinge: This is their mayor.

Mayor: P-please! Stop this assault! We've done nothing wro--

Eleven splits the mayor's head vertically in two.

Eleven: Yes. You've done nothing to give us even a smidge of a hint towards Dracorex's whereabouts. That is why we will destroy your village. Finish up, we're moving out in one minute.

The four Insurgents begin violently destroying the remaining buidings, while killing the last civilians, not even one of them fleeing. The four approach Eleven and the five subsequently depart.

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