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Only one person can hold the Source, me.
Rourke Rezfarda
Emperor of Phazon
Ichizoku to the Dominion
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Azure
Hair Color Zaffre
Height Unknown
Blood type Phazon Ω
Age 40+
Weight Unknown
Affiliation Rebel Evil
Species Phazon
Base of Operations Vincolo Royal Palace
Weapons Lumine Ignis

Sword of Phade

Arcum Lux

Current Occupation Emperor of Phazon

Ichizoku of the Dominion of Kyloto

Fighting Style Various
Partner Currently None
Organisation Dominion of Kyloto

Legion of Phazon

Relatives Phazorus Rezfarda (Father)
Marital Status Single

Rourke Rezfarda is the current Emperor of Phazon, and is one of the Ichizoku of the Dominion of Kyloto. As Emperor of Phazon, he is the current owner of the Source.




Abilities and SkillsEdit

  • Black Magic
    • Dark Arts: Respira
    • Dark Arts: Umbro Cabo
    • Dark Arts: Puppeteer
    • Dark Arts: Cadenas
  • "Chain of Light"
  • Ancient Energy Manipulation
    • Telekinesis


As an Emperor of Phazon, Rourke has control over the Source, which he currently has in his possession, a blue artifactual energy substance that is considered sacred. The Source is hereditary, passing from one to his eldest active offspring instantaneously after the user has died out. The Source uses the body's heart as its container. The Source's link to its user is metaphysical and mental, which is what allows them to bring out its power, and the energy possesses the bizarre and complex ability to detect if its current host has died or not. Only those with pure Phazon blood can contain it in their bodies. Half-breeds or other races, or simply those who have integrated Phazon DNA inside themselves, will explode instantly, while their core essence is assimilated into its power.

  • "Gewehr" (Lit. Gun)
    • "Bepflastern" (Lit. Bombard)
  • "Schwall" (Lit. Surge)
  • "Eissturm" (Lit. Ice Storm)
  • "Seele Soldat" (Lit. Soul Soldier)
  • "Federbusch" (Lit. Plume)
    • "Bauschen" (Lit. Billows)
  • "Stark Bogen" (Lit. Great Bow)
  • "Gott Klinge" (Lit. God Blade)
  • "Scharfrichter" (Lit. Executioner)
    • "Gottheit Morder" (Lit. God Slayer)
  • "Seele Saubern" (Lit. Soul Purge)


Contained inside the Sword of Phade, the Counter-Source is a grey artifactual energy substance that is able to resist the power of the Source, and vice versa. The Counter-Source has very powerful reflection and containment abilites. Rourke is the only person known to be able to swap the Source and Counter-Source's places.

  • "Auswerfen" (Lit. Eject)
  • "Zuruck Schild" (Lit. Back Shield)
  • "Umleiten" (Lit. Redirect)
  • "Schwerkraft" (Lit. Gravity)
  • "Verstand Junge" (Lit. Mind Jack)
  • "Verhinderung" (Lit. Aversion)
  • "Entzwei Schuss" (Lit. Asunder Shot)


  • Lumine Ignis - A bishamon-yari that belonged to his father. The Lumine Ignis can absorb light to add to its cutting power, and can fire light blasts.
  • Sword of Phade - A sword that contains an energy known as the Counter-Source. Rouke has the ability to switch the Source and Counter-Source around. While the Source is infused into it, it can cut through any material regardless of density. While the Counter-Source is infused into it, the sword has a very powerful aversion field.
  • Arcum Lux - A special bow that, when its bowstring is pulled, it will fire a bow made entirely of either the Source or Counter-Source.

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