The hunger... never ends...
Consumer of Reality
Heir of the Void
The Newborn
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Shinwa Dragonclaw (Sister) | Kake (Brother)
Status Active
Eye Color Strawberry Red
Hair Color Cream / White
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 0
Weight -
Health Infinite
Affiliation Void God
Species Amalgamate
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons -
Current Occupation Sealed in Negative Space
Fighting Style -
Partner -
Team -
Relatives -
Marital Status Single
Roka is a mysterious being created by Void God to serve as their ultimate Avatar. Her birth issued forth the devastation of the realm of Echo, having absorbed it and its billions of people and souls to form her soul and body. She is a Destined Existence, fated to always be born in some capacity or another. In this reality, the merger of Kado, Kukyo, and the world of Echo itself facilitated her birth into reality.

She served as the final antagonist of the Phoenix Saga, and remains as a contained threat in Heirs of the Void.

Origin & Purpose Edit

Roka exists as an ultimate Eventuality, woven into space-time in such a way that her birth cannot be averted, only the circumstances regarding it may differ. In one timeline, she was born out of the failure to prevent Kukyo from consuming Kado's soul in the beginning of the story, in another she was the child of Kado and either Azula or Akami.

In either case, Roka's intended purpose is to reset Reality by consuming, processing, and redistributing it as Void God sees fit. She has the power to consume all- -logically or illogically, and break down those that she consumes into her being. She is effectively an embryo that can never stop evolving- -all would be redefined to the point her existence would replace the one before it, according to Void God's vision. The only way to prevent this purpose from being fulfilled is to keep her hunger in check- -she must be fed a constant stream of nutrition lest the power of consumption grow out of containable measure.

Containment Edit

As Roka is effectively the Primary Avatar of Void God, she is impervious to even Oblivion, Omega and his own Primary Avatar White are now the only primary counterforces capable of slaying her- -but this is a two way street. White uses Existence Suppression bindings in tandem with the Negative Space- -a realm of No Possibility, preventing the use of reality warping forces and subsequently any means of Roka escaping to repress any development, escape, or attack from her.

So long as other options are available however, Void God will not strong arm escape attempts. Once he is left without alternate escape routes, mainly the Heirs of the Void, he will once again seek to fully possess Roka.

It is White's ultimate goal to not only maintain Roka's quarantine, but to reverse her creation in its entirety- -by restoring her brother Kado to his proper existence. If she can free Roka from Void God's control and free her brother from Nonexistence, her pact with Omega will be concluded and her existence freed.

Power Edit

Unknown, Likely Immeasurable.