Rhokal New 3
"Everything will be okay, trust me."
He Who Walks All Paths
The Enchanted Arrow
The Mask of Compassion
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family None
Status Alive and Active
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Black
Height 5'8"
Blood type O+
Age 8 Months
Weight Unknown
Health Very Well
Affiliation None
Species Aculi (Mountain)
Base of Operations Various
Weapons Bow, Staff
Current Occupation Wanderer
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Moba
Team None
Relatives None
Marital Status Single
Rhokal is a rather strange Aculi in the fact that he is more magically inclined than others, and is much more intelligent then his fellow Aculi. He often makes attempts to assist those in need, even if it is in vain. Hes rather quick to jump to conclusions however and is very defensive.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Rhokal is a rather tall Aculi, with fairly tanned skin and long black hair. His ears are elongated and his horns curve down and upwards again going backwards. He has a toned build, and not overly muscular. He has dark green eyes and darkgreen markings on his face and a scar on the left side of his mouth, as well as a small beard on his chin. He is lightly furred that starts off a tan color, but as it goes waist down the darker it gets, turning into a near black color. He wears a dark green cloak like scarf and brown leather bracers. On his back he carries a quiver and bow. He wears a dark green tunic around his waist, and his legs are black, medium length furred goat legs. 

He is a rather kind individual, who often goes out of his way to help and assist others despite usually having a bored and unamused look on his face. He finds joy in making others happy and believes the world would be better if people would just try to help each other. He is extremely protective of those close to him, which can show as he tends to act overly defensive around his friends. He tries to take a diplomatic path with his enemies first before resorting to violence, which he is oddly good at due to having such a huge want to keep those close to him safe. He is somewhat of a hopeless romantic, trying to substitute the feeling to fuse with attraction. He is an extremely determined individual, ready to take on any things blocking the way to his goals.

History (Null)Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Aculi PhysiologyEdit

Magic AuraEdit

Rhokal can surround his body in any type of Magic (Magic that he knows) Aura. It increases his deffense and based on the type of magic adds passive abilities, such as resistance or immunity to the element or type of magic used for the aura. 


Rhokal is able to heal and mend wounds to a certain point, needing more energy to heal nigh fatal wounds.

Fire MagicEdit

Rhokal can manipulate aspects of fire itself, and is a very powerful user of fire magic.

Earth MagicEdit

Rhokal can manipulate the aspects of earth itself, and uses it very often for defense. 

Light MagicEdit

Rhokal can manioulate the aspects of light, and uses it very often for distractions.

Sound MagicEdit

Rhokal is a beginner user of sound magic, able to manipulate the basics of sound waves.

Vine Magic (LOCKED)Edit

Rhokal has the ability to manipulate and generate vines that can be used for a number of ways. Currently locked as conditions for use have not been met.

Crystal Magic (LOCKED)Edit

Rhokal can use crystal magic to empower his magic. Currently locked as conditions for use have not been met.

Seismic Sense (LOCKED)Edit

Rhokal is able to sense and feel vibrations through the earth, and can percieve his surroundings much better than if he were to use his sight. Currently locked as conditions for use have not been met.

Status Reading (LOCKED)Edit

Rhokal is able to view the status of anyone and anything, including things such as health, weaknesses, abilities, and more. Currently locked as conditions for use have not been met.

Survival IntuitionEdit

Rhokal has an innate knowledge of how to survive.

Archery MasteryEdit

Rhokal is a master in Archery, able to accurately hit things from a great distance.

Enhanced Staff ProfiencyEdit

Rhokal is extremely proficient in staffs, able to use them well enough to topple foes stronger and larger than him.

Supernatural ConditionEdit

Rhokal's body is in an extremely enhanced state, with things such as speed, agility, strength and intelligence being drastically increased.

Weapons and Equipment Edit