Reincarnation Awakened Attributes(RAA) are skills awakened when a person goes through the World Reincarnation or several reincarnations carried out in the Realm of the Dead. Such skills are either rare boons granted by the Yama or a hereditary skill awakened by the process. Such skills are exceedingly rare and without equal in someway or another. Most Skills seem to be named after creatures and legends of old.

Known HoldersEdit


Tatsu- <<TIAMAT>>

Naki- <???> -> <<???>>

Akua- <<???>>

???- <<???>> <<???>>

???- <<???>> -> <<???>>

Active Ability CategoryEdit


The most common of the RAAs. Skills of this category are intended to harm or cripple the opposition in such a way that they stand no longer. Known for extremely high power, but limited use. Peerless Skills can potentially destroy everything if left unchecked.


The next most common type of RAA. Denoted by powerful support and healing effects over a great range. Are called as such because of their ability to break expectations for situations. Known for great effectiveness and range, but heavy strain. Peerless skills can deny and defy fate.


One of the rarer RAA types. Skills that increase the user's performance in one way or another. Said enhancement lasts as long as the user can sustain it and endure whatever drawback that comes with it. Mixes the effects of Destruction and Miracle RAAs to generate a massive boost, but for a period of time with various side effects. Peerless skills lack side effects in exchange for having a time limit and better enhance attributes.

Passive Ability CategoryEdit


A very common RAA that permanently modifies attributes of the holder. The modification of these attributes is variable and up to the holder if this option is given, however the greater the modification is, the greater the repercussion is. In exchange for being granted the requested modifications, the holder's Inverse is strengthened or created and sent to the same place as them to act as a counterbalance. Peerless Skills can grant additional, rare abilities and greater modifications at a reduced cost.


An uncommon RAA that modifies the external factors around the holder to an extent, changing the attributes out of there control. The power of this can vary greatly, but the greater the external shift is, the greater the backlash will be at a latter time. In exchange for the causality effect on certain variables, the holder accrues negative karma that, once enough has been gathered, causes a massive return for all of the variables shifted and to how far they were changed. Peerless Skills can modify multiple factors at once, with lower backlash and greater effectiveness.


Exceedingly rare RAAs that can distort the world as it is known. Very little is known about them presently, but several individuals throughout the universe have been thought to have this type of RAA.

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