Rei Yamamoto
There is no logic found among those who attack recklessly.
Darkaria Military 1st Lieutenant
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date March 26
Family Uknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5
Blood type AB
Age 24
Weight {{{weight}}}
Health Healthy
Affiliation Darkaria Military Force, Darkaria Kingdom
Weapons Knives
Species Human
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
Quests {{{quests}}}
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Darkaria Military Force Lieutenant
Abilities Super Human Speed, Enhanced Eyesight
Fighting Style {{{fighting style}}}
Partner Shiroyuki Hanabi
Team Darkaria Military Force
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

History Edit

At a young age, Rei was born with eyesight that far exceeded any other person in her town. On the down side her eyes always hurt her if she keep them wide opened, but due to her parents of the doctors not knowing what to do for her, she always had to squint her eyes so they won't hurt. Though due to this she got constantly bullied as the "Squinting Girl". One day her village was attacked by fallen angels. Among the ruckus of running people, her mom got carried away by some of the fallen angels. While chasing after her she tripped, when she did one of the fallen angels tried to kill her but in a split second his head suddenly disappeared. The body fell down beside her and the head landed not to soon after. She could barley see the person who cut the fallen angel down, but she was suddenly carried away to a white vehicle tricked out with various scientific and medical equipment. After a few moments she felt something being placed on her face, when the person asked her to open her eyes, she did, and noticed that her didn't hurt, and realized the object were a pair of specialized glasses that regulate the wearers enhanced eyesight so the strain won't hurt. The person beside her said he's seen this type of thing before and knew what to do when he saw her. She asked for the mans name to which he replied Zaraki Inumuta. After the clean up and all the citizens agreeing to move to Darkaria, she went with them and immediately realized her mother and father was missing. Some of the citizens sadly told her that the fallen angels managed to leave the town with her mother and killed her father, though she didn't feel saddened which sort of shocked them. After moving into the orphanage, she went to Zaraki to ask who was the one who saved her, he replied the Captain of the Darkaria Military Force ,and also known as No.3, Shiroyuki Hanabi. Rei went to her and told her thank you, though instead of getting a 'your welcome' in response, Shiroyuki told her if she wants to thank her, become her subordinate so she can make use of those eyes of hers. So Rei agreed and after years of training at the Darkaria Military and Army Academy, she eventually became an officer and rose through the the ranks as Shiroyuki's lieutenant.

Appearance Edit

Rei has green eyes behind red rimmed glasses that regulate her enhanced eye sight to any percentage she wants. She also has long black hair that reaches below her chest tied into a bun and frames her face with bangs. She wears a blue Darkaria Military female uniform with blue tight pants that also function as shoes with high heels.

Personality Edit

She is generally a cool headed and somewhat bossy person. She always act professional in any situation and isn't afraid to talk back at people like Kohaku. She is also never seen far away from Shiroyuki, to whom she is indebted for saving her life and is willing to sacrifice her life for her.

Abilities Edit

Super Human Speed Edit

With her speed she is able to pin opponents against any object with her throwing knives without them knowing what happened.

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability Edit

Rei's physical durability is extremely high, allowing him to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.

Enhanced Endurance Edit

Rei can operate on a low power setting, allowing her to operate for an extended amount of time. She can hold her breath for longer periods of time and remain calm through stressful or painful situations, tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep. 

Enhanced Eyesight Edit

She is able to see great distances in front of her farther than any human. Though this causes great strain to her eyes, so her glasses also act as a limiter so when her eyesight shows large sign of strain they immediately disable her ability.

Optical Camouflage Edit

She is able to cloak herself to match her surroundings, and create duplicates of herself. Only those who have enhanced senses can find her.

Weapons Edit

She carries throwing knives on her person that can cut and pierce into anything.

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