Razeth Ryunexo
Oh yay, babysitting.
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark brown with blonde streak
Height 207 cm (6'4)
Blood type A+
Age 20
Weight 81 kg (180 lbs)
Health Alright
Affiliation Ryunexos
Weapons Unknown
Species Cyanican (Culted)
Base of Operations Unknown
Quests Unknown
Previous Occupation(s) N/A
Current Occupation Mercenary
Abilities Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Nihil, Drake
Team Nihil, Drake
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

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Abilities and Skills Edit

Variable Barrier Generation and Transference Edit

Razeth is able to employ an overshield over himself and allies which can completely block types of attacks. The type of attack the overshields can block are decided by Razeth but is limited since they can only block one type at a time.

Augmentation Edit

The ability to enhance himself or allies (or even enemies in some cases) with buffs and debuffs, each person can have a maximum of four buffs/debuffs at a time.

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