Pixel is the Endlos King's highest guard, having been trained directly by him. Pixel is the strongest of the Gaurd, making him one of the stronger Endlos
The Strongest Guard
Important Information
Gender Male?
Birth Date 12/12
Family None
Status Alive and well
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color White
Height 8"7'
Blood type O-
Age 26
Weight 157 Pounds
Health Surprisingly good
Affiliation Hero / Endlos Safety And Protection
Species Endlos
Base of Operations Twin Valleys
Current Occupation Endlos Guard
Fighting Style Gun Fighting / Street Fighting / Kendo
Partner Aka
Team Endlos Guard
Relatives None Alive
Marital Status Single
Relationships Aka - Girlfriend; King Endlos - Father Figure; Auros - Rival; Alexian - Guard Duty

History Edit

At age nine, his mother and father left for the warfront, never to return. The young Pixel was found by a teenage Skana, who provided shelter and a food source for the orphaned boy. The streets were hard, and during a daily torture session he lost his tongue and lips. After that, Pixel found a good red scarf to wear. Skana taught him how to read and write, and pushed him to go with the wealthy Endlos that offered him to have a home in Echo. Thus ended their friendship. The wealthy man turned out to be The King of Endlos and became a good friend and father figure to Pixel.

Personality Edit

Pixel is a determined man with one goal - to protect the King. He would kill for the King. Although he does not like fighting, he is one of the stronger and smarter Endlos in the art. Pixel has experience in boxing, wrestling, street fighting and Kendo. Pixel does not speak.

Appearance Edit

Pixel has a white T-shirt with a red short-sleeved tailcoat, grey loose belt, and navy blue pants. He wears imported Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star High-Tops that are black with red trim, and has a holster for his guns inside his coat. Wears a maroon scarf to cover his tongue and lipless mouth. Yellow eyes and white hair compliment many scars.

Abilities and Skills Edit

Regeneration - Highest Degree Edit

Can regenerate body parts quickly

Slight Immortality Edit

Cannot die of natural causes

Slight Invulnerability Edit

Cannot be cut or harmed easily

Soul Manipulation Edit

Can manipulate or weaponize souls

Slight Earth Manipulation Edit

Can partially manipulate or weaponize earthen materials

Strength Edit

Has immense streanth, being more powerful than most Endlos

Invisibility Edit

After years of soul manipulation schooling, Pixal learned to become comepletely undetectable

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Twin Knives Edit

Carries twin knives that are 2-feet long. Also has varying pocket and swiss army knives.

Twin Shortswords Edit

Twin shortswords made of fallen Endlos' souls. Hidden in cloak.

Twin Pistols Edit

Twin pistols that shoot Soul Energy. One silver, one gold.The silver is a Glock-12 with black highlights, the gold a revolver with dark brown highlights.

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