Phazorus Rezfarda is the ruler of the Legion of Phazon, a massive army of multiple extraterrestrial beings. Phazorus is a master combatant, knowing all basic fighting styles known to man, he is also a master swordsman.

Phazorus Aythmus Rezfarda
I have no equal. I am closer to perfection than all others.
Emperor and Champion
Master of the Great Legions
Azure Demon
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Eye Color Azure
Hair Color Zaffre
Height Unknown
Blood type Phazon Ω
Age 106
Weight Unknown
Health Healthy
Affiliation Legion of Phazon
Weapons Lumine Ignis (Bishamon-Yari), Tenebrosi (Longsword)
Species Phazon
Base of Operations Great Phazon Fortress, Northern Phazon Headquarters, Onslaught
Quests Domination of all Realms
Previous Occupation(s) Prince of Phazon
Current Occupation Emperor of Phazon
Abilities Source Manipulation, Soul Copying, Black Magic, Ancient Power, Power of Onyx, Primordial Power, Ressurccion, Mimicry, Flight
Fighting Style Various
Partner Cato Legolias, Dracorex
Team Legion of Phazon
Relatives Rourke Rezfarda - Son
Marital Status Unknown

As the current Emperor of Phazon, Phazorus possesses a powerful energy known as the Source, and is the only person to have been able to manipulate it into solid matter. Phazorus also possesses an ancient power source known as the Primordial Core, which has a large amount of power, and can be used as a weapon. He weilds a Bishamon-Yari and a Longsword, the latter is almost always sheathed. Both weapons inhabit unknown power.


Primordial Mantra

Phazorus gains bone-like structures over his lower arms and legs, shoulders, lower jaw, shoulder blades and arms, with the latter giving him a pair of small horns. His raw power increases drastically, and his sense of sight, hearing and smell are sharply. His eyes glow in this form.

Malus Pravion

Phazorus' skin becomes entirely bone-like and darkens in colour, his hair elongates and his lower jaw overlaps his upper jaw. He gains a second set of horns, these ones being upright, and his body merges with his armour. His lower jaw gains two sharp fangs. His eyes become black, minus the azure pupils. Phazorus also grows sharp claws. He also grows a tail. His power is increased greatly.

Finalis Enerccion

Phazorus reverts back to his Primordial Mantra form, however his entire body is completely glowing with blue energy, with a pair of glowing white eyes. Phazorus' powers increase humongously in this form, his sense of sight enables him to see anything around him, meaning he has no blind spots in this form. When Phazorus enters this form, he can sometimes absorb his Bishamon-Yari and Longsword.


Phazorus is a master swordsman and a master with hand-to-hand combat, knowing all fighting styles as well as well as all sword skills.

All Known Abilities

  • Mimicry - Phazorus has the ability to copy an attack used by another person just by watching them do it.
    • Flame Charge - A technique Phazorus learned from Yaridovich while he demonstrated his own abilities to join the Legion's ranks. Phazorus cloaks himself in fire and charges at a foe with this technique.
    • Gale Force - A wind technique Phazorus learned from an unknown person. With this technique, Phazorus can create a powerful downburst.
  • Crack Bomb - Phazorus can create small explosions by clicking his fingers.
  • Sphere Doomer - Phazorus creates one or more spheres that explode at will or on contact.
  • Sonido - Phazorus can move from place to place in a flash.
  • Barrier
  • Teleportation
  • Shield Killer - An orange energy wave capable of cutting apart any barrier or energy shield.


As an Emperor of Phazon, Phazorus had control over the Source, an artifactual energy substance that is considered sacred. The Source is hereditary, passing from one to his eldest active offspring instantaneously after the user has died out, however, the Source can be stripped from its user with the Sword of Phade, a sword of legend holding the Source's counterpart, the Counter-Source. The Source uses the body's heart as its container. The Source's link to its user is metaphysical and mental, which is what allows them to bring out its power, and the energy possesses the bizarre and complex ability to detect if its current host has died or not. Only those with pure Phazon blood can contain it in their bodies. Half-breeds or other races, or simply those who have integrated Phazon DNA inside themselves, will explode instantly, while their core essence is assimilated into its power.

  • Source Blast - A basic energy blast fired from Phazorus' hand.
  • Source Eruptor - A strengthened energy blast fired from both hands.
  • Source Hurricane - Phazorus can create a small hurricane of Source energy.
    • Source Blizzard - A stronger variant of the Source Hurricane. The Source Blizzard is filled with shards that can cut flesh.
  • Source Blades - A pair of large blades that form on Phazorus' arms.
  • Executioner Cannon - A powerful cannon used to execute people. This technique is used to fry the heart and brain of the victim.
  • Source Surge - Phazorus forces Source energy into enemies. Those who are weak will die due to the corruptive mass of the Source, while others with end up rejecting the Source from their bodies.
  • Source Bow - Phazorus creates a large bow made of Source energy, which can fire large Source arrows.
  • Source Army - Phazorus creates walking Source figures that can be directed to attack foes. Can be used post-Primordial Mantra form.
  • Source Recharge - Phazorus can recharge his Source powers after they have been depleted. This technique does not need to be used in his Malus Pravion form onwards.
  • Energy Siphon - Phazorus sucks energy out of an opponent. No matter how deadly the energy is, it will be converted into Source Energy.
  • Source Sword - Phazorus creates a large blade made entirely of solidified Source energy.
  • Source Shield - A barrier made of Source Energy. Absorbs any energies that hit it.
  • Soul Purge

Other Abilities

  • Flamberge - Phazorus emits a red steam or red fire that can burn anything.
  • Equator Divider - Phazorus slams the palm of his hand onto the ground, which opens up a fissure.
  • Off-Waves - Phazorus gains a giant pair of wings made of energy. These wings allow Phazorus to create a painful wave that blasts opponents away.
  • Chain of Light - Phazorus creates a long chain of light energy that stabs into an opponent. After an opponent has been caught, Phazorus can swing them around. Can also be used as a whip.
    • Chain of Nine Tails - Phazorus creates nine Chains of Lights to use as a whip.
  • Hyper Cutter - Phazorus' hand gains a yellow glow and allows him to make a clean cut on things without using a blade.
  • Azure Flames - Phazorus creates blue fire is hotter than even stars.


  • Shadow Meld - Phazorus can vanish within shadows, dark places or at night.
  • Weapon Transfigurement - Phazorus can temporarily transform his Bishamon-Yari into another weapon.
  • Dark Arts: Respira - Dark, purple breath spews out of Phazorus' mouth, creating some form of dark haze. The haze will begin to burn the insides of those who inhales it, but it eventually wears off without causing any fatalities.
  • Dark Arts: Cloak - Phazorus can become completely invisible.
  • Dark Arts: Dreamweaver - Phazorus creates a large dark dreamcatcher that sends his victim to sleep and gives them constant dark nightmares.
  • Dark Arts: Puppeteer - Phazorus can control the body of his enemies as if they were a puppet.
  • Dark Arts: Illusion - Phazorus can make objects or people appear as something or someone else.
  • Dark Arts: Shadow Blade - Phazorus creates a large sword made of shadow and pierces the floor with it. The blade comes up in front of the victim and stabs them.
  • Dark Arts: Sombra - Phazorus can make his very own shadow act on it's own, allowing it to move around, grow in size or even attack enemies for him.
  • Dark Arts: Decay - Phazorus touches a solid object, such as a wall, and sends dark energy into it. The solid object will then decay. Does not work on flesh, meaning it cannot be used to kill.
  • Dark Arts: Burning Chain - Phazorus creates a chain that endlessly burns, and can use it as a whip.
  • Dark Arts: Maelstrom - Phazorus sends dark energy into a large body of water. This large body of water soon becomes a deadly maelstrom with waterspouts.
  • Dark Arts: Frost - Phazorus can fire ice blasts that create large crystal-like ice.
  • Dark Arts: Torrent - Phazorus can fire blasts of corruptive water out of his hand.

Onyx Abilities

  • Void Burst - An energy blast made of photonegative energy.
    • Onyx Cannon - A powerful variant of the Void Burst.
    • Dual Void Burst - A pair of Void Bursts fired at once.
  • Void Swallow - Phazorus creates a photonegative sphere and fires it at an opponent. Once it touches the opponent, it will suck them inside and explodes with them inside it.
  • Onyx Eruption - Phazorus fires a gigantic blast of photonegative energy at an opponent.
  • Onyx Rain - Phazorus fires a blast into the air. Thousands of small blasts rain from the sky afterwards. Each blast explodes on contact.

Other Abilities

  • Soul Steal - An ability that allows Phazorus to copy powers from enemies and allies, as well as copy memories.
    • Volcanic Burst - A technique Phazorus copied from an unknown person. This technique allows Phazorus to fire a massive blast of fire into the skies, which crashes down on the landscape.
    • Corona - A technique copied from Ryloth. Phazorus can fire a sphere of electricity at opponents.
    • Exuro Tail - A technique Phazorus copied from Cato. Phazorus absorbs sunlight into his leg, due to the lack of a tail, and can create a powerful kick.
    • Sonic Roar - A technique taken from Ryloth. This technique allows Phazorus to make an amplified roar, which can damage one's hearing and the landscape.
    • Frosticide - A technique copied from an unknown person. This technique allows Phazorus to freeze his arms and fire ice blasts from them.
    • Flux Beam - A technique copied from an unknown person. This technique allows Phazorus to fire beams from his eyes.
    • Los Lobos - A technique copied from an unknown person. Phazorus manifests into a wolf made of energy and charges at a foe. The foe gains cuts and scratches all over their bodies.
    • Impriscion - A technique taken from an unknown person. This technique allows Phazorus to create a purple energy spear. When this spear is impaled into an opponent's back, they are imprisoned inside a pocket dimension for an hour.
    • Razor Cyclone - A technique copied from an unknown user. Phazorus spins at a high speed, creating a cyclone that cuts and scratches anyone caught inside it.
    • Omnious Fog - A technique taken from an unknown user. This technique allows Phazorus to create a deep fog that contains various illusory images.
    • Raptor Winds - A technique copied from an unknown user. Phazorus can create a strong wind current that can blast back enemies.
    • Perishing Melody - A technique copied from an unknown user, Phazorus creates a conductor's wand and moves it around. As he does this, a sad, haunting melody is heard. Everyone who hears this melody is constantly plagued by dark and painful thoughts for some time. Can drive weak enemies to suicide.
    • Zero Soul Steal - A variant of the Soul Copy technique. This variant allows Phazorus to completely steal and strip the powers of enemies. Can be used in all forms post-Primordial Mantra. Despite being able to use this technique, Phazorus does not like to use it.
    • Absolute Soul Steal - The ultimate variant of the Soul Steal technique. This technique sucks out the entire soul of an opponent, killing them. As a result, Phazorus gains their energy, powers, knowledge and memories. Can only be used in his Murcielago form.
  • Zero Blast - An energy blast Phazorus can fire from his hands, feet, chest or mouth. Will not work in his base form.
    • Ultra Zero Blast - A supercharged Zero Blast.
    • Great Zero Blast - A hypercharged, powerful variant of Zero Blast.
    • Ultimate Zero Blast - A special form of Zero Blast created by Phazorus in his Finalis Enerccion and Murcielago forms.
  • Ancientpower - Phazorus uses ancient telekinetic power to lift projectiles from the ground.
    • Ancient Suppression - Phazorus suppresses his ancient telekinetic power and uses it to lift people from the ground.
    • Ancient Pressure - Phazorus converts his ancient telekinetic power into force and fires it forwards.