Patrikolos is the second-in-command of Riot and a former chief of police in the city of Lumina. He makes sure that Ark doesn't go over board in his quest for revenge and has the group do more than simply help Ark pursue Charade. His true nature is unknown to most.

Patrikolos Gallant
The Legendary Figure
The Boss
The Hand of Justice
The Undying Legend
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date 2/29
Family Unnamed Daughter
Status Alive
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Caramel
Height 198 Cm
Blood type Unknown, not recorded
Age 40+
Weight 47.3 Kg
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Neutral
Species Human(?)
Base of Operations Riot HQ
Weapons Dual M-ECHC v. 1.0.7a, Dual EMS Blades v. 3.0.2, Quad HF-IP Blades v. 3.1.3, Execution Order
Current Occupation Riot PR Specialist, Riot Second-in-Command, Riot Objective Manager
Fighting Style HAOS, The Tyrant
Partner None
Team Riot
Relatives Unnamed Daughter
Marital Status Widowed


The many details regarding Patrikolos' past are largely unknown due to his work in making the information highly classified. What is known and backed up by testimonies and reports from others is that he participated in a large scale war on his home world, [Information Redacted], as one of the few remaining humans. During the war, Patrikolos was known for his level headed, impossible to anger, personality and his abilities that surpassed the definition of Human(Ref. Incident C7a, in which Patrikolos survived and repelled an attack from the [Data Expunged], which killed all other combatants). It should be noted that Patrikolos' classification as Human is under review and is the topic of much research.

At some point after the war, Patrikolos left his home world and started a family on Earth with [File Deleted], eventually having a daughter with his then wife. What happened during this marriage is unknown, minus that of the fatal accident that claimed the life of [File Deleted] and Patrikolos' joining of a local police force shortly before that. Beyond this, little is known about what to him other than his role in the founding of Riot and his search for a criminal referred to as Charade.

If anyone has more information than this, please contact the Universal Investigation Unit (UIU) at your earliest convenience.


Patrikolos is stoic and calm, hardened by his many years as a law enforcement agent. He speaks very little, often resorting to body language and demeanor to get his point across. Honorable, courageous, heroic, he fits many of the categories befitting a hero, but works for justice and not good. Aloof when serious and to the point when needed, Patrikolos doesn't mince words more than he has to. 


Patrikolos has greying dirty blonde hair and slate colored eyes. His height, while not extraordinary, is above average and his weight balances this height. He has a fair complexion and small wrinkles that crease his smiles and eyes, but otherwise looks younger than he is.

He often wears cargo pants made from a bullet, slash and magic resistant fabric, a cardigan of the same fabric, but with a woolly texture, a harness with holsters for his guns, loops for his swords and a simple wedding band with a sapphire embedded within. On his shoulder, in the form of shoulder plate armor, is a piece of equipment referred to as a Cross Field Generator, several bands are located on his wrists and above his ankles. Over everything, he wears a tawny detective's coat and carries a notepad and pen set within its many pockets and folds.



Ark and Patrikolos have a father-son sort of relationship, Patrikolos having mentored Ark for several years. He understands what drives Ark and allows him to make his own decisions unless they are self-destructive or will lead him down the wrong path.


Patrikolos sees Lucia as a second daughter of sorts and looks after her when Ark is away. Seemingly distant, the two understand the other well. Lucia is the only member of Riot to recognize his true nature and, thus, carries his secret.


Patrikolos sees Leone as reckless and too much of a risk taker, but sees the goodness within his heart. He often cleans up after Leone causes a mess.


Sol is instinctively terrified of Patrikolos, but the reason for which is speculative at best.


Little is known about the relationship between Patrikolos and Charade other than the fact that he is searching for her.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Superhuman ReflexesEdit

Patrikolos has reflexes and reaction time that far surpasses that of a regular human, allowing him to literally dodge bullets and return fire within a hundredth of a second, often doing so unconsciously. 

Supernatural EnduranceEdit

Patrikolos appears to have endurance and stamina that outstrips even the grestest of human athletes and soldiers. He is able to run for well over five hours at his top speed without being winded, often without breaking a sweat. Additionally, his body is massively durable, having taken attacks strong enough to completely level battlefields without much damage to himself on a regular basis while he was a soldier.

Titanic StrengthEdit

The full extent of Patrikolos' strength is unknown, but it requires him to limit himself with a tool meant to increase his power. He could possibly sink ships or crush buildings, but it is unknown if this is an accurate representation of his strength.


One of Patrikolos' signature and wholly unique abilities. Depending on the tier used, what happens changes.


A bizarre form of light, possibly energy of an unknown source, that seeks out those targeted. Its full effects are unknown, but it seems to consume- or at least instantaneously annihilate- anything that comes in contact with it.


Patrikolos can very easily predict extreme weather and other events that could potentially lead to large loss of life, almost as if he can see the future. The full range of this ability has yet to be visibly explored.

Chaos BladeEdit

A potent technique that can only be utilized by a wielder of the Tyrant Weapons. It's effect varies from weapon to weapon, but a constant that remains is the incantation required and the cost of a great deal of vitality per successful invocation. It is known that each version of this technique is dreadfully powerful.

Isolated AnnihilationEdit

Chaos Blade form of Tyrant 01: Eon's Lamentation. Creates a colossal blade comprised of some sort of energy that, upon the slightest contact with the target, utterly obliterates them, leaving no trace of them. Aside from the target, nothing else is directly harmed by the technique, however it causes ripples across the cosmos that may become tears or points of disturbance if influenced by any stimulus too strongly.





Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Dual M-ECHC v. 1.0.7aEdit

Guns wielded by Patrikolos which convert mass from an external source into energy to be fired from the barrels. Being designed in the likeness of Hand Cannons of old, the M-ECHCs have massive stopping and piercing power, but lose out on ranged accuracy. To correct this, versions 0.9.7 and above have been fitted with a Spread and Burst firing mechanism, at the cost of increased weight, and a tracking laser sight to help correct the shooter's aim.  

Dual EMS Blades v. 3.0.2Edit

Dual stun blades that utilize a strong eletromagnetic shock to knock out rowdy folk or combatants without permamently harming them. Because of their metallic base blade, this model of the EMS Blade is considered inferior to their successors the Pulse Augmented Sleeper (PAS) Blades, which use energy vibrating at a frequency proven to instantaneously incapacitate a subject with the prowess of a trained, augmented human, up to a small dragon with a well placed strike. Patrikolos' preferred weapons.

Quad HF-IP Blades v. 3.1.3Edit

Customized PAS Blades that lack a proper nonleathal setting. Used primarily to cut through armor and thick metal, these high frequency swords are nothing to laugh at because of their ability to slice through the densest, most solid of structures with little to no resistance. As weapons, wielding one is considered dangerous, but Patrikolos is able to wield four at once with no struggle or danger to himself despite his added customization to the weapons: rounded grips. As they are blades comprised solely of energy, they are often compared to similar black market weapons. Interestingly, while most PAS Blades, modified or no, have red, gold or blue energy blades, Patrikolos' glow violet and spark with energy.

X749 "Cross Field" GeneratorEdit

More of a piece of equipment than a weapon, the X749 "Cross Field" Generator is a mobile limit releasing unit that allows the carrier to release three hundred percent or greater of their body's power while the unit itself reduces the strain on the wearer's body. Additionally it can be used to create a Miniature Personalized Pocket Dimension or Bounded Domain, in which the wearer has complete control of the environment and surroundings, should their opponent not be able to call upon their own Bounded Domain while within. The most well known function, however, is the barrier the unit is able to create at the cost of quickly draining its energy reserves. Said barrier, the eponymous "Cross Field", halts all incoming attacks by working as an Absolute Damage Barrier until the unit's energy reserve is depleted. 

Execution OrderEdit

A customized Magnum from a set of four Magnums known as the Executioner's Will. It appears to be a seven chambered, long barrel revolver with symbols engraved in and on the barrel and chambers. Why it is so special, very few know and fewer have lived after seeing why.

Tyrant 01: Eon's LamentationEdit

A greatsword that is seemingly made of bronze, but is actually comprised of an ancient alloy lost to the modern universe in all but the furthest reaches. A clock face with stilled hands rest in the guard, giving it a time related motif, fitting the fact that the sword does manipulate time. The chosen wielder may stop, slow, accelerate or skip through time, for either themselves or the world around them. The effects of the blade are more powerful when used on a smaller scale, especially the skip ability which allows the chosen wielder to switch with different iterations of themselves across time and consolidate memories and/or abilities for a limited duration, so long as the iteration they shift to can wield the blade.

Tyrant 02: Cosmos ReginaEdit

A pair of violet crystalline blades.

Tyrant 03: Oblivio SoldatEdit

A halberd seemingly made of ebon metal.

Tyrant 04: Gaea AureoEdit

A ruby like stone orbited by a golden ring.

Tyrant 05: Rex CustosEdit

A chest plate with a sapphire gem in the center accompanied by two similar gauntlets.

Tyrant 06: Argent AlgiaEdit

A needle-like blade seemingly made of silver.

Tyrant 07: Pneuma MagnesEdit

A coppery ring of sorts.

Tyrant 08: Soma ExquyEdit

A brooch with an opal decorating its centerpiece.

Tyrant 09: Mortis OmicronEdit

A metal bound book that floats on its own.

Tyrant 10: Via CaduceusEdit

An ivory Khakkhara that floats on its own accord.

Tyrant 11: Logos PhageEdit

A basic crown of sorts.

Tyrant 12: Tyranos MagiaEdit

A strange raiment composed of symbols.


Super ModeEdit

Patrikolos partially releases his inhibitors, drastically boosting his strength and speed. This form is denoted by Patrikolos' hair and clothing drifting in a gentle breeze.

Released ModeEdit

Patrikolos is allowed to use half of his inhibited power, making his known power grow even stronger. This form is denoted by a gold and blue aura around him. Note that his limiters are still in place, but the portion that isn't restricted is less inhibited.

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