Orenii Ryuhifu
My body is my Master Kohaku's living shield.
Kohaku's Living Shield
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date October 16
Family Granny(Adopted Mother)

Numerous Adopted Siblings

Status Alive
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Orange
Height 6'2
Blood type AB
Age 20
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Health Healthy
Affiliation Kohaku's Three Dragons, Darkaria Kingdom, Darkaria's Dragonian Squad
Weapons None
Species Dragonian(Ryuhifu)
Base of Operations Darkaria Kingdom
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Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Kohaku's Three Dragon's
Abilities Super Human Strength, Earth Magic, Enhanced Senses, Dragon Skin, Transformation
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Partner Kohaku Ryuga, Kimahara Ryuga, Akamaru Ryuzetsu, Hisui Ryusukeru
Team Kohaku's Three Dragons
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

History Edit

At a young age he was usually bullied due to his large size since he outgrew other kids his age, but he always ignored them as he always thought that they we're just ignoring the pain of being orphaned and having no family. When his village was being attacked by a small legion of fallen angels, he tried to protect his fellow orphans, but the fallen angels overpowered him. The orphans that bullied him told him to run and despite him protesting, they insisted that he get stronger to protect other people he cares about and that they wanted to do this for him as a way of apology. He was able to get away and took their advice to heart, and after meeting Akamaru and Hisui, he decided to get stronger and protect them both. After running from their village, they traveled to a town where they would pickpocket and occasionally fight against gangs, which from the experience is how they learned to fight. After noticing the towns cathedral being over run by fallen angels and women being kidnapped they decided to take matters into their own hands. They began getting the upper hand, but they suddenly got taken out. Before they where finished off, a pink flash appeared in front of their eyes and within that flash all the fallen angels were killed. The man approached them asking if they were alright and asked the woman beside them to heal the three. Feeling discouraged about not being able to protect those close to them, the women assured that no one can get strong right away as it takes time, and in due time he'll be able to protect everyone flawlessly which made him feel better. After the man searches the cathedral for surviving women, he comes back with two survivors who had only human babies. The three we're grateful and asked to be the mans subordinates to which he agreed. He asked for their names to which they've given their names, and due to seaing their abilities he was able to deduce their family names. They asked for the man and womans name to which they replied Kohaku Ryuga and Kimahara Ryuga respectively.

Appearance Edit

He has spiky orange hair and purple eyes. He wears a long sleeve white shirt with black lining, white pants and black boots. Over it he wears silver shoulder plating, arm guards, and leg guards

Personality Edit

He is generally a quite and soft spoken individual who's willing to help anyone in need. Whenever Kohaku is attacked by an enemy without Kohaku somewhat noticing, he immediately protects Kohaku and notes on the attackers cowardess. His protection also extends to the weak and powerless. Whenever Akamaru and Hisui fight, he does his best to calm them down as he stats that friends should never fight.

Abilities Edit

Super Human Strength Edit

His strength allows him to create huge craters, and destroy medium sized hills. He also utilizes this to withstand attacks.

Super Speed Edit

Not as fast as his other two comrades, but he's capable to suddenly appear in front of anyone who tries to strike his comrades like Kohaku.

Enhanced Durability/Invulnerability Edit

Orenii's physical durability is extremely high, allowing him to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects.

Enhanced Endurance Edit

Orenii can operate on a low power setting, allowing him to operate for an extended amount of time. He can hold his breath for longer periods of time, remain calm through stressful or painful situations, tolerate extreme hunger, unbearable thirst, and strong urges to sleep. 

Earth Magic Edit

He utilizes this magic with his fighting style to create stone spears rising from the ground, large fissures and earthquakes.

Enhanced Sense Edit

His hearing, smell and eyesight far exceeds any human. His hearing is advanced so he hear someone underground.

Dragon Skin Edit

This ability is unique to his clan of Dragonians. His skin is as strong as a sword, to the point where no one can cut him. It also works against magic attacks as it reduces damage and prevents any side affects. The only ones who can really damage him are those who are stronger than him

Transformation Edit

He is able to transform into his True Form: Shell Dragon. His abilities and powers get a huge boost.

Weapons Edit