The Twin Forces of Stagnation
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Beast of the End and the Child of Possibility.
Concept of Possibility and Destiny
Important Information
Gender Based on Primary Avatar
Birth Date Prehistory
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood type
Affiliation Themselves
Species Fundamental Forces
Base of Operations
Current Occupation
Fighting Style
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The two forces symbolizing the Infinite and the Finite, Alpha and Omega are ancient conceptual beings who shape the course of events of the world from the shadows, largely forgotten by even beings of their own storied age.

Perfect Avatar Battle (Roka Bad Route) Theme

Alpha Edit

Alpha is a fundamental force combining many aspects, the Yang of the duo, but in essence represents Infinity. Other aspects it commands include Possibility and the Many Worlds version of time. If it could be imagined, it must exist. Alpha is considered the true antagonist behind the Phoenix Saga and Heirs of the Void storyline.

Role and History Edit

Alpha is understood to be the true master of Void God, which is understood to be the corrupted 'dark side' of the universe's will, born from the misery and anguish of life, and thus is behind many of the events leading up to and during the Phoenix Saga and Heirs of the Void. Using Void God as a means to whisper into the Universe, it turned Kal'ull, the son of The Ancient after humans began attacking him and other early Myths in the early days of man.

With its pawn secured, Alpha instructed Kal'ull to wage war against Humanity and lead the Myths in war against their creators, desiring a world of possibility unrestricted by weak, meager men. Its intentions were to slowly create more and more possibility to the point life would no longer be bound by its own fleeting existence and would flourish without limit. However, its counterpart Omega resisted, and at this point, fear of Omega's power crept into Alpha, which caused it to instead seek humanity's downfall.

Realizing Alpha's intent, Omega tasked The Ancient as its first Avatar to defeat his own son. This battle would lay the groundwork for Alpha's master plan to defeat and destroy Omega, and forever cleansing the world of the possibility of an 'End'.

Alpha lay silent and dormant after Kal'ull's death, waiting. It found its chance upon discovering a world named Echo, unformed and unshaped, ripe for manipulation. Once again using Void God, Alpha had the being twist a spell performed on a young Kukyo into transforming her into the first Kanjō God, a being who absorbed negativity from across the universe, and manipulated her life into producing seven children at the hands of the Babylonians, later filling her mind with suicidal thoughts, the act of which turned her into an eternal spirit, and its unwitting servant.

Manipulating the newborn Pantheon as they created Echo, Void God ensured their existences would never stop swelling with power with their seals, and later gave Phoenix the idea to seal the pantheon in the Slayers, to transform them into living batteries, absorbing even greater amounts of power with every use of the Slayer. With the Kanjo ripening into the ultimate energy source, its first phase of the plan was complete. It bid its time, manipulating countless figures across history, until a being descended from Kukyo, molded carefully over countless generations to be an exact compatible soul which would merge with her own at the slightest prompt was born. This young Shapeshifter would attempt to live a life of justice, but in the end, they merely existed to become Alpha's ultimate weapon. At a final fatal battle, Kado finally was infected with Alpha's will, and met his perfect other half, Kukyo. Their souls easily shed aside their differences, and Roka was born of their combined souls. Now Alpha schemes to use its ultimate Avatar to destroy Omega and create its paradise.

Omega Edit