The Ancient
I am No Name, and I will always be.
The Finite
Beast of the End
No Name
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Height -
Blood type -
Age Unknown
Weight -
Health Poor
Affiliation Himself
Species Presumed Human, Conceptual Force
Base of Operations Tomb of The Ancient
Weapons Twelve Blades of Balance
Current Occupation Fighting Void God
Fighting Style Path of Dust
Partner Nobuyuki
Team None
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Unknown

A mysterious, powerful being that roams the universe, but at present, much of what it is or what its goals are completely unknown. It is known to be allied with Nobuyuki, and has a rivalry with Void God. The few times its power has been provoked, it has ended badly on the offender's account.

Appearance Edit

In its current form, The Ancient, Omega appears as an incredibly ancient warrior clad in degrading, worn armor. His entire body is covered in this armor, no hint of skin can be seen. Flowing from his being is a wave of Entropy that gives him the appearance of crumbling into dust at all times.

Beneath the armor is an endless sea of Entropy that will burst free and decimate much of all that exists should it be carelessly let loose.



Last Entity Edit

Eldritch Mind Edit

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All End Edit

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Apocalypse Force Edit

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True Slayer Edit

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Void Lord Edit

Withered Presence Edit

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