Oliv Walker
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Trials and Tribulations are the Life of Warriors.
The Vermilion Flower
The Black Panther
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Status Active
Eye Color Black, Green, Purple
Hair Color Purple
Height -
Blood type O-
Age 27
Weight -
Health Well
Affiliation Azure
Weapons Knifes, Bombs, Katanas, Swords, Darts, Guns
Species Shapeshifter
Base of Operations City of Azure
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) Crimelord's Daughter/Slave, Founder of the Military Academy, A.D.H.S Founder, Squad 2 Leader
Current Occupation De Facto Leader of Azure
Abilities Barrier Creation, Sealing Techniques, Illusions
Fighting Style Silent Assassination, Street Fighting, Law's Pursuit
Partner Jason
Team Squad 2
Relatives Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Marital Status Single

Oliv Walker is a A.D.H.S. Agent of Azure, and is one of the original founding members of the organization. She is a SS Class Shapeshifter.

Appearance and Personality

Oliv is a tall female shapeshifter with violet hair with the back tied into a long ponytail. She has the standard shapeshifter black irises and white pupils, though she prefers the color green. Well built and in excellent condition, she can outrun the majority of her peers with little effort, even with a heavy load on her back. Calm and collected, she is very mature and often has a soldier personality to her, she can be kind but also understands the mission. Like many operatives of Azure she is only one to make a killing blow if no alternatives can be found. She prefers grey clothing, and is not concerned with style or fashion, and may wind up choosing to wear almost anything.


Oliv was born to a crime family in what would one day become the city of Azure, her father was one of the most brutish crimelords in all of the city. From an early age, he abused and cruelly experimented on his own daughter, slowly turning large sections of her brain into a AI software, which allowed him to control everything from her thoughts to her personality, even so far as to be able to mold her into an entirely new person, and fragment her mind into many countless entities, the most prominent of them being Panther, Nightshade, Vermilion, and Flower. She was once suspected of having more than 40 alternate personas, each with a different function.

This was her life, until she met Kado, and would eventually join him and his tight knit group, which eventually would become the organization Azure. Her father however tried to use her to his advantage to dispose of them, which started a gang war between the two groups, with Azure's goal to free Oliv from her manipulative father. After much fighting, they were able to thrown down her father from power and after a life threatening surgery, were able to restore much of her brain from the machinery.

She would go on to help Azure become the new government, and because the founder of the Military Academy, and the Azure Homeland Defense Squads, eventually retiring from commander to be the leader of Squad 2. At the end of the Phoenix Invasion, with no one else in power, Oliv became the de facto leader of Azure, and now works to rebuild the shattered city.


Shapeshifting - Can change into any being or creature, with basic racial ability adaption.

Martial Arts (Streetfighting, Japanese Martial Arts(All))

Sealing - can create and disable various kinds of seals, curses, and barriers.

Battlehardened - Is not intimidated by an enemy's power.

Relentless - Though very strategic in nature, Oliv can fight beyond normal endurance levels.