Well then, try to keep me interested for a moment at least.
Dark Aeon
Shadow of Chaos
Abyssal Daemon
Important Information
Gender Considered Male
Birth Date 01/01
Family None
Status Alive
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Black
Height 212 Cm
Blood type Ether
Age Unknown
Weight Variable
Health Perfect
Affiliation Antagonists
Species Inverse
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Hexberyl, Orochi
Current Occupation Wanderer
Fighting Style Disaster Step, Ruin Step, Hex Step
Partner Ryukaze, Marina
Team None
Relatives Antemia, Aeon
Marital Status Single

Obscura is the Inverse or Anti Version of Aeon. He and Aeon are considered to be equals, but that is debatable. Meeting him may bring misfortune or great fortune...



Obscura is harsh and critical, often berating those that he encounters for no reason, though he does appear to have a soft spot for Ryukaze and Marina. Being Aeon's opposite, Obscura loathes Aeon and vice versa. Putting the two in the same room will likely result in mass destruction, but the two know that they cannot kill each other... At least nor for good.

Obscura is moody and irritable, prone to lashing out because of the slightest of provocations, signifying the more volatile side of Chaos and Entropy, whereas Aeon represents the more jovial side and Antemia, the calm and subtly sinister side. He is violent and excessively cruel to his opponents and will ignore any peace efforts his opponents attempt in order to mercilessly slaughter them without exception. Angering him only makes him more cruel and more inclined towards brutality. 


When not clad in armor and robes, Obscura looks identical to Aeon, albeit distinctively male. His eyes are red and his hair black as opposed to her iridescent hair and his complexion has adopted a natural tan as opposed to Aeon's fairer tone. His hair is a mess, similar to Aeon's hair, but shorter cut and curlier. Most often seen in feature obscuring armor and robes, when he chooses to show his actual appearance, he wears his cloak over a set of sleek medium weight armor.



To call Aeon and Obscura enemies, would be to call a hungry bird and a worm the best of friends. The moment these two get close to one another, they begin to fight, growig more ferocious as they get closer to one another. It is thought that the reason is the fact that they are opposites, but that may not be the case. The two occassionally can work together, but said partnership generally sours within minutes of forming or immediately after their shared objective is accomplished.


If Aeon's and Obscura's relationship is terrible, his and Antemia's is the opposite. Like Aeon, he is drawn towards her, but they get along quite well, to the point of them actually aiding the other if actually necessary. Obscura respects her personality and Antemia respects his goals because they often align. Putting the two together is akin to asking for a disaster of great proportions to occur.


It is hard to gauge the relationship between the two, but it is known that Obscura has shown special interest in Astra.


Obscura sees Ryukaze as a parter and nothing more beyond that, ignoring her obvious feelings towards him.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Linked ImmortalEdit

Obscura cannot be killed as long as Aeon still breathes, at least not permanently. Only if Aeon is truly killed will he die.

Inverse: AeonEdit

Obscura is an inverse of Aeon and thus shares many of the deity's abilities and skills.

Ability MirrorEdit

Oscura can copy and absorb techniques used on him. When used against Aeon, it allowed him to mimic her Dark God Form.

Disaster StepEdit

Obscura can move in such a way that the elements around him go berserk and wreak havoc upon all in their path. The more complex the movement, the more fury behind the elements.

Hex StepEdit

Obscura is able to physically manifest curses and hexes as an aura that trails behind him as he moves. Coming in contact with this aura often proves to be deadly or highly detrimental because of the undiluted curses and sheer negative energy. Said negativity is on par with Stigmas.

Ruin StepEdit

Obscura is able to speed up the breakdown process of nature and beings around him as he moves, cripplng the opponent and making the battlefield more suitable for him.

Space StepEdit

Obscura is able to defy the laws of physics while moving, resulting in a set for dance like movements that defy gravity and even the laws of motion.

Planar StepEdit

Obscura can rapidly shift through dimensions and planes of existence as he moves, making him a hard target.

Planar DistortionEdit

The amount of power Obscura holds is enough to distort and warp the universe around him if he doesn't restrain his power.

Presence ErasureEdit

Obscura can completely mitigate his own presence to nothing, making him almost undetectable for the most part.

Negativity Construct GenerationEdit

Obscura can generate and shape negative energy into weapons and tools and even fuel for his Hex Step.

Negativity AbsorptionEdit

Obscura absorbs and feeds on negative energy. Fighting him without having a cleared mind will result in his power infinitely growing.

Malice FeedingEdit

Obscura can specifically choose to feed on Malice and anything associated with evil or vile intentions, greatly empowering himself the more powerful the malice is.

Phantasmal BeingEdit

Obscura's existence is hard to classify as it switches between being corporeal and ethereal. This allows him to phase through objects, yet be unaffected by abilities that harm intangible objects and beings as he is not truly intangible.

Oracle NatureEdit

Obscura can bring a deal of great fortune or misfortune to anyone he meets or comes across because of the fickle nature of his aura. 

Code: EoWEdit


Weapons and EquipmentEdit


Hexberyl is a spear that Obscura created by combining his own essence with what is thought to be Amenonuhoko, creating a spear of corrupt godly power that amplifies misfortune and the power of Hexes, Jinxes and Curses. The blade itself is cursed, inflicting injuries that overflow with Miasma, slowly poisoning and corrupting those who that it pierces while cursing them with misfortune until they succumb to the curse and become his servant.


One of the three swords born from demonic dragons. Unlike Ragnarok, which is a golden sword with a burning countenance, and Annihilation, which appears to be a twisted and demonic greatsword, Orochi appears as an eight bladed sword, with one center blade and seven branching blades, that has both a celestial and water like countenance. While it lacks the sheer versatility of Ragnarok, and pure destructive force of Annihilation, it balances usability with power, versatility and a very set of special abilities that makes it more dangerous when certain conditions are met...


Obscura's cloak, similar to Aeon's Mu and Antemia's Hikari. Yami represents the infinite abyss of darkness and manifests this with the ability to infinity pull things into its own pocket dimension filled with all sorts of grotesque horrors and eldritch abominations beyond comprehension. Similar to Aeon's Mu, it can create its own infinite arsenal of weapons for its owner to wield, but is best suited for defense because of its ability to absorb and "eat" damage. Similar to Hikari, Yami can enter a Berserk state that shifts it from purely defensive to a mixture of offensive and defensive and changes it into a demonic serpentine beast that attacks all that wish to harm its owner with ferocity on par with Obscura's, if not beyond, while serving as a living shield for him.


Dark God ModeEdit

Demon God ModeEdit

Evil God ModeEdit

Eraser God ModeEdit

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