Nyūsatsu of the White
Journey with me into the light.
The First White
The Imperial Dragon
Queen of the Sun
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family The Grand Eye (Father) | Hadari (Husband) | Nobuyuki (Son) | Azayakana (Mother)
Status Active
Eye Color Purple, Gold
Hair Color White
Height -
Blood type -
Age 800
Weight -
Health Flawless
Affiliation True Phoenix
Species Dragon, Goddess, Spirit, Shapeshifter
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons True Light Slayer
Current Occupation White Cloak
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner None
Team Phoenix(Organization)
Relatives Hadari, The Grand Eye, Nobuyuki, Azayakana
Marital Status Widowed/Divorced

Nyūsatsu, also known as White I, was the first leader of Phoenix, and founder of the organization. She and Hadari were married and bore children that would give rise to the two shapeshifter clans, the Spiritwood and the Dragonclaw. Nyūsatsu was regarded with almost a deity like status, due to her immense powers. Incredibly benevolent, she was the exemplification of the true goals and dreams of Phoenix, which have become corrupted by the current generations.

History Edit

Nyūsatsu was born many years before the Fantasy Reality war, almost seventy years prior. For many years, she was practically a national icon of the empire of Chinmoku, one of their most beloved members of the royal family. At the age of 75, she would meet Hadari, a man from the far war torn wastelands, who grew up a killing machine and was ignorant of societal norms. They first met when Hadari was being rehabilitated for civil life, while he was still in a cell. The meeting had a massive effect on the long time breserker, who has been raised since he was born a killer, and his improvements were enormous.

Many years later, and when he was released, the reason for this drive was made clear: a deep infatuation with the princess. Bemused, Nyūsatsu accepted the wild man's affections, and a few years later, they were made a couple, becoming husband and wife, much to the shock of the nation at her choice.

Many years later, it was discovered that the Elemental Warlords had discovered Earth, and were now extending their violent war to it. Hadari promptly desired to fight his lifelong enemy, to which Nyūsatsu tried to coax him away from, but to no avail. However, her determination and loyalty to her lover was not to be tested, and she proposed instead of going alone, they form a band of eight swordsmen of their great caliber, and face the Warlords, and finally put an end to their reign. When asked what they would call this group, Nyūsatsu looked upon the rising sun of that day's dawn, and declared: "We shall be Phoenix, the ones that shall make the world born again from the flames of war into the days of peace."

After searching the vast wilds and forest clans of the East Floras, the newly formed organization marched upon the Azure Gate, and entered the world of Earth, and began a massive war effort that would change the course of the entire Fantasy - Reality War.

At the end of the war, the Elemental Warlords were sealed, and Phoenix began to drive the Myths back towards Fantasy. Unexpectedly however, Humanity was not appreciative of the eight's efforts. They were attacked and hounded, and Hadari, co leader of Phoenix, began to desire revenge. Knowing this, Nyūsatsu barely convinced Hadari to withdraw from the world. Years would go by, and they raised their families, Nyūsatsu content with the fact she had finally helped free Echo, and that of another world be free of the tyranny of the Elemental Warlords. But behind it all, was a deception, one that would tear apart the heroes of the organization and lead to a bitter end of Chinmoku's greatest heroes, Nyūsatsu and Hadari.

Nyūsatsu lived on for ten years after the war, leading a second generation to pick up her mantle, before disappearing, presumed to have commited suicide.

If she still lives, she resides in a place beyond even Echo...

Powers Edit

Primordial Light Manipulation Edit

Nyusatsu brims with the light of creation itself, with the potential of a creator god blooming within her soul.

Transcendent Spirit Dragon God Physiology Edit

Omnipresence/Nigh Omnipresence Edit

Nyusatsu isn't normally within one vessel, but rather, is spread across the universe, her consciousness vast enough to be confused for natural energy, so the vast majority of beings will never even notice, and those that do will find a source to be untracable.

Transcendent Strength Edit

Transcendent Will Edit

Anti Magic Force Edit

Nyusatsu's being counters magic, making spellcasting incredibly weak against her. The stronger the will to fight she gains, the most intense it becomes.

Consume Magic Edit

Nyustatsu can consume raw magic and even incredibly advanced spells with little to no harm to her.

Consume Evil Edit

Nyustatsu can consume evil beings and their essence, effectively destroying them forever.

Consume Darkness Edit

Nyusatsu consumes the darkness, eating away at emptiness and cold and replacing it with light and warmth.

Consume Negativity Edit

Nyusatsu consumes negative thoughts, emotions, and powers.

Chaotic Presence Edit

Nyustatsu's presence begins to eat away at the Order of the world, throwing its laws into chaos and dissaray. Abilities cease to work as intended, especially ones bound to the rules of the universe. Bends reality and distorts perception of her, making it difficult to trace her.

Creation Edit

Destruction Edit

Godly Wrath Edit

Nyustatsu enters a divine state of rage, all demonic and evil entities of a weak enough class are purged or destroyed in a wave of holy fire. Her strength, speed, and endurance goes off the charts.

Crushing Presence Edit

Nyusatsu's mere presence crushes most beings with its sheer intensity, able to crush even the most alien of materials with ease. Movement speeds become halved and strength is reduced.

Chrono Rend Edit

Nyusatsu's claws rake the fabric of space-time, causing wounds in the environment or individuals that prove difficult to heal under normal means and understandings.

Chronolock Edit

Nyusatsu is completely independent of the flow of space and time, effectively moving as she pleases and is unaffected by reality manipulations, and cannot be moved through either medium against her will, and may not be observed unless she wills it.

Astrabreath Edit

Nyusatsu breaths forth nebulas and newborn stars that swell and detonate in massive supernovae clusters that causes destruction light years across, giving rise to a new galaxy in time.

Starkiller Edit

Ranging from standard to Sirius level, Starkiller is a trademark ability of Kagayaki. In its most powerful form, Sirius, a swarm of Sirius sized stars are channeled, split apart four times, and all slammed into her opponents, where they all go into novas and unleash untold cosmic destruction.

Chronobreath Edit

Nyusatsu breathes forth a wave of Temporal energy that warps the time and continuum of the target, disassociating and distorting the victim's time until their own time collapses into nothing from lack of structure and form, effectively erasing the foe.

Godly Gaze Edit

Nyusatsu's gaze draws forth judgement upon her enemy befitting their sins in life, from plague to an ironic death, distorting the victim's time and advancing their entropy unto their death and day of judgement is cast unto them.

Dimensional Annihilation Edit

Nyusatsu's blows and raw power can tear the structure of dimensions and realms, leading to Dimensional Collapse and in some cases wide spread calamity and ruin.

Grandnova Edit

The Perfect Starkiller, unleashing an endless hail of stars, as many as in whole galaxies.

True Nova[Locked] Edit

The next Big Bang.

Primordial Wrath Edit

Whole star systems quake and sputter out with her rage, her presence at its greatest strength possible, every moment in her presence is agony from the pressure. A grand light constantly shines from her form, threatening to spill the light of creation upon the universe in full. Her strength is at its peak, but the last of her self control is gone, a primeval force of pure unrestricted light rampaging without remorse or concern for anything in her path.

Trivia Edit

Nyūsatsu means Tender in Japanese.

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