You must choose to fight for what is right or fight to win. Neither one is an easy path.
Nobuyuki The Swordsage
Knight of the Balance
Master of the Dual Nature
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date -
Family Unknown
Status Active
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height -
Blood type None
Age 175
Weight 0
Health Excellent
Affiliation Neutral
Weapons Spirit Blade
Species Spirit
Base of Operations Echo
Quests Training with the Swordsage
Previous Occupation(s) Unknown
Current Occupation Protection of the Balance, Training apprentices
Abilities Spirituality
Fighting Style Knight's Edge, Dull-less Edge, Spirit Flash
Partner None
Team None
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single

Nobuyuki is a mysterious Spirit Knight who is unaffiliated with either Spirit Frontier, North or South. He secretly travels the land, keeping the balance of the world in check. His powers are not fully known, but those who know of this master swordman know his blade is one to be respected.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Nobuyuki is exceptionally wise, and is usually seen as very composed. If drawn to ire, he becomes a being darker than any demon tenfold, if drawn to compassion, he becomes more gentle than a choir of angels, though he is less open to those he is not personally close with. Very secluded and alone, Nobuyuki considers none his friend, and considers it his sole purpose to train those who need strength and guidance.

He is a tall male with light brown hair and eyes, and is often seen wearing a brilliant coat with a white hood, black pants can be seen underneath. Needing armor for only true enemies, and weapons for villains unreproachable, it is rare to see what armors and weapons he prefers or uses.

History Edit

Nobuyuki is the eldest child of Nyusatsu and Hadari, and has had a long standing loathing of his father ever since he became the Black King. Nobuyuki feels it not important to mention his father's name or status in hiding, as all that matters to him is avenging his mother, whom he believes committed suicide because of Hadari's actions.

At some point he has met an illusive being whose name is known vaguely as The Ancient, and has been training as one of the Knights of Balance, a Swordsage. As one of the few Swordsages, any true direct threat to Echo's survival becomes his primary target, and few could pick a worse enemy to face off against than one of the most powerful swordmasters of Echo.

Currently known to disguise himself as a minor spirit in search of worthy pupils to expand the roster of the Swordsages, almost none know his identity save for which he expressly declares it to, much less his ties to the Black King.

Master to Kado, and helped train Kanashimi and Drake to a more minor extent.

Powers Edit

Chi Manipulation Edit

Positive Forces Manipulation Edit

Negative Forces Manipulation Edit

Spiritual Aspect: Balance Edit

Energy Blade Manifestation Edit

Darkness Manipulation Edit

Light Manipulation Edit

Twilight Manipulation Edit

Martial Arts Master Edit

Teleportation Edit

Balance Manipulation Edit

Alternative Shift Edit

Techniques Edit

Army of the Sword Edit

Nobuyuki can animate each of his thousands of blades, each with a unique property to fight autonomously.

Chrono-Split Edit

Nobuyuki slashes his enemy's awareness of time itself, destroying reaction speeds to bare possible minimum.

Spacial-Split Edit

Nobuyuki attacks the perception of his enemy, as well as distorting the world they understand into an eldritch landscape with no rhyme or reason.

Absol Edit

An attack detaching the value of negative powers and darkness itself.

Rulsol Edit

An attack detaching the value of positive powers and light itself.

Knight's Code Edit

His enemy is forced to fight on his terms, and suffers significant consequences for breaking them.

One True Blade Edit

Nobuyuki has no pity for his enemy, and unleashes the might of his true blade. Reserved for those who Nobuyuki feels threatens the world and its balance the most.