Nihil Ryunexo
"Care to add to the collection?"
The Wraith Marauder
The Phantom Marksman
The Cthonic Vessel
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Unknown
Status Alive and Active
Eye Color Greenish Teal
Hair Color Black with Greenish Teal tips
Height 5'11"
Blood type N+
Age 19
Weight Unknown
Health Perfect
Affiliation Ryunexos
Species Cyanican (Culted)
Base of Operations Unknown
Weapons Z801 Fallen-Angel, Y-Series Predator Sidearm
Current Occupation Ryunexo Mercenary
Fighting Style Unknown
Partner Razeth Ryunexo, Drake Ryunexo
Team Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Marital Status Single
Nihil is a Cyanican who was born under the name Sykou, but taking on the name Nihil after joining the Ryunexo Mercenaries. He is good friends with razeth and Drake, and has recently traveled to earth as a part of the Ryunexo's current mission to supervise refugess from the Cyanican-Kinaran war.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Nihil is a tall, somewhat muscular lighter skinned Cyanican with black hair that has greenish teal tips, and is styled into a ponytail. He has a small goatee, and has greenish teal eyes. He has greenish teal markings covering his arms, back, chest, legs and face that have symmetrical designs. He looks fairly young however due to only being nineteen. He wears a dark gray sleevless shirt with a short black sleeveless vest on top. He wears gray pants that are tucked into heavy boots, and wears a belt that has a large greenish teal buckle. He wears black fingerless gloves and has a gray earpiece to communicate with.

Nihil is a somewhat open person, and tries to not brood. He tends to be very protective and defensive of himself and those close to him, often acting like a big brother of sorts to people around him, even if people around him are older than him. Hes very intelligent and often tends to wait and sit by in dangerous situations, often not liking to be the agressor. However if he needs to, he will happily make the first hit. He isn't too judgemental of others, as he can never really know what others could have been through. Nihil however does have a large ego that he tends to keep a reign on, but occasionally he isn't able to and acts cocky when this happens. 


Sykou Yradex was born to a family of Necromancers that had decided to use him as a vessel for what have could been the largest culimination of souls, spirits, and ghosts in Necromancy history. Sykou was supposed to be their tool for taking control of all of Cyanic, attempting to make the most powerful Necromancer possible. However, during the rtitual the spirits had lashed out on the Necromancers, slaughtering all of them but one, Sykou's aunt. The spirits however were still trapped in Sykou's body, forming seals that appear to be tattooes on his body. He was raised by his aunt while the spirits inside of him layed dormant. He was brought up as a normal child, however his aunt was often questioned due to the nature of his seals, often ending up in some sort of medical condition. He made friends with an older child who later be known as Razeth. At the age of fifteen, the city he lived in was absolutely obliterated by a younger Drake who was on a furious rampage. His aunt was killed in the mayhem, but Sykou was able to seal the building he and Razeth were hiding in into the void, and hours later broke the seal, causing the building to suddenly warp back into reality unharmed and in the middle of the wreckage. Doing this along with the immense fear Sykou was in, awakened a vast majority of spirits inside of him, causing the whole building to be haunted, absolutely tormenting Ryunexo Mercenaries that investigated. They found Sykou and Razeth hours after the spirits were done, and decided to take in the both of them. Sykou became part of the highest tier squad in the Ryunexo Mercenaries, along with his friends Razeth and Drake, whom he eventually warmed up to despite past events. He became the silent marksman of the group, known for getting missions done quickly and without chaos. He took upon the name Nihil Ryunexo when he joined them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Soul CarrierEdit

Nihil holds millions of souls within his body, all sealed and able to be controlled by him and only him. When he uses and abilities that take power from his Soul Carrier ability, his markings glow and give off whispy light. If he overuses hi Soul Carrier or if under extreme stress, his body will go through rapid decay. After Soul Carrier is no longer in use, his body will heal and revert all of the damage done from decaying. Even when is body becomes decayed, he is still able to function normally. It is assumed that if his body decays too much however that if causes an unknown transformation to occur.


Nihil can either fully possess people himself, or cause his ghosts to possess others for him. Those he can possess depends on their will and sense of self. Through his possesion, he can either make himself known and take full control of the body, or simply reside in a body without anyone knowing. He can also cause internal damage while possessing someone, being literally able to tear them apart from the inside, bursting from their very being.

Invisiblity Edit

Nihil is able to turn completely invisilbe to the naked eye and any forms of visual technology.

Intangibility Edit

Nihil is able to enter a state where he can pass through physical matter.


Nihil is completely unable to be sensed and or tracked, and cannot be detected by any means of technology. He leaves no footprint at all and has no prescense if he doesn't want to have one.

Puppet MasteryEdit

Nihil is able to control humanoid forms with ease, and if he needs to, plus they have a lack of will he is able to control people with ethereal strings.

Ghost ClonesEdit

Nihil can release ghosts to be complete clones of himself, equipped with all of his abilities.


Nihil has a large understanding over the magic that involes the dead, and can summon spirits and the undead at will. 


Nihil is capable of flight. 

Phantasm ManipulationEdit

Nihil has complete control and mastery over anything regarding the undead and its energies, able to control spirits and ghosts of any kind to do his will, as well as controlling the energy ectoplasm.

Spirit MagicEdit

Much like Phantasm Manipulation, Nihil is able to use any form of magic that rvovles around spirits of some kind. 

Dream WalkingEdit

Nihil is able to enter the dreams of other people, and can plant ideas and or manipulate their mind inside of them.

Spiritual SymbiosisEdit

Nihil has complete control and unity over the ghosts sealed inside of him, being the only one possible of controlling them. 

Soul EmpowermentEdit

Nihil is empowered by the souls of the dead.

Death EmpowermentEdit

Nihil is empowered by death itself.

Polearm MasteryEdit

Nihil is a near perfect warrior when it comes to polearms, able to fight his way through nearly anything while using one. 

Arm-Blade Profieciency Edit

Nihil is extremely profficient when wielding Arm blades.

Gun KataEdit

Nihil is a perfect marksman and is a master of gun kata, able to combine martial arts with guns to completely wipe out his opponents. 

Supernatural TrackingEdit

Nihil is unnatural great when it comes to tracking down and hunting people.

Ballistic ScreamEdit

Nihil is able to unleash a roar so powerful it can absolutely destroy the surrounding area, as well as rupturing peoples organs.


Nihil is able to cause beings to devovle into lower forms, whether the effect is temporary or permanent depends on the person.


Nihil can read minds and transmit information to others, making communication exponentially easier.

Selective EliminationEdit

Nihil is able to to make certain objects unable to be percieved by certain people. He could make a chair seem like it doesn't exist to certain people, while in reality the chair still exists and can still be percieved by others. Any memory of said object will be erased from the targets mind until Nihil stops the effect.

Void MagicEdit

Nihil is able to use magic revolving around the Void itself, and can use nothingness for a variety of effects.

Void SealingEdit

Nihil is able to seal objects and people into nothingness itself, effectively removing them from reality for a limited time.

Psychic Element Manipulation Edit

Nihil can use elements to attack peoples mental psyche, for example he could use Psychic Darkness to cloud thoughts and enemies minds, or Psychic Light to brighten certain memories or ideas, or even blind minds to certain things.

Magic NegationEdit

Nihil can negate magic and all of its effects.

Supernatural Condition Edit

Technology IntuitionEdit

Nihil has a vast understanding of technology, especially when it comes to computers and information, often using his knowledge to hack into certain things,

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Y-Series Predator SidearmEdit

Nihil's custom pistol. Less powerful than his sniper rifle, but much more effective in close quarters. It fires the same exact type of energy as his sniper rifle does. It has an option for single fire and auto, for choosing between accuracy and full on fire rate. The appearence is somewhat unorthodox for a pistol, resembling a compact P90 that is teal and black in color.

Z801 Fallen-AngelEdit

Nihil's custom sniper rifle. It automatically imbues any bullet useed with a special energy that allows it to penetrate thick armor. Not only this, but the energy can be set to have different elemental effects, such as fire, ice, and other non elemental effects such as corrosive and explosive. It has a setting to be completely silent and can be fired in rapid succesion. Combined with Nihil's expertise markmanship, it is a force to be wreckoned with. It is a rather long and large sniper rifle, with various designs in teal that resemble the seals on Nihil's body.

Raider Strike MK. IIEdit

Nihil's custom spear. Its shape for travel is just a simple black baton with a teal line going across the middle, and a silver button in the center. if the button is pressed it transforms into a very long spear that keeps the black, silver, and teal color scheme. It is rather simple in design, with the only ornate bit being two floating half circles right underneath the blade part of the spear. 

Prototype - Chromium I [LOCKED]Edit

Infinity TreaderEdit

A hoverboard Nihil aqquired and has tinkered on throughout the years. Allows him to easily maneuver the area and can self pilot itself, as well as able to be controlled with a mental link from Nihil's mind. Often uses it out of laziness so he doesn't ahve to fly, or when he has to divert his attention to other things.

Holographic Utility BraceEdit

Nihil's Holographic Utility Brace, or H.U.B for short, is a tool Nihil uses for almost everything. It allows him to store items in a digital pocket space, act as a communication interface, scan entire buildings and areas, as well as hack nearly anything that Nihil wants for a few examples. Nihil can simply press a button on his glove that creates projects the H.U.B onto his arm, acting like a bracer that is teal in color. He can also use it to turn it into a physical weapon, often choosing an arm blade. 



When Nihil overuses his Soul Carrier abilities to such an extent that he himself is extremely exhausted, and he has decayed a rather large amount, all of his soul power converts itself into pure physical power, dramatically increasing his damage, defense, speed, health, and other abilities. He becomes a force nearly unstoppable until his Soul power is fully rejuvinated. With these abilities comes a drastic appearence change. He takes on a completely skeletal form, wearing black armor and teal cloth drapped around him. His eyes glow a teal fire, and his attacks have trails of teal fire that follow them. Pure physical power emminates from him in this form, and he is able to create shockwaves of this power through minor feats alone, such as clenching a fist. This pure physical force makes any non physical attack almost useless, forcing them to take him on through close combat. he can use this physical force as a form of energy, bending to his every whim. Personality wise, he becames rather emotionally distant, even forgetting basic things as speech. He can forget who people are in this form, and often becomes an unreadable monster, with its own agenda.