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The Second Redemption
Lambda of Redemption
Important Information
Gender Female
Birth Date -
Family Kanashimi ('Sister') Drake ('Father') Kagerou ('Brother')
Status Active
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White with Red Tips
Height -
Blood type Ether
Age 17
Weight -
Health Impeccable
Affiliation Phoenix, White
Weapons Missile Launchers, Energy Swords, Archon's Rite
Species Lambda (Archangel, Endlos, Spirit, Machine, Aetherborn, Dragon, Endless, Cyanican, Nephelam)
Base of Operations Yosai Fortress
Quests -
Previous Occupation(s) None
Current Occupation Lambda Knight
Abilities Aether Manipulation, Ether Manipulation, Resurrection
Fighting Style -
Partner Vzark, Kagerou, Azula, Abeni, Silent Angel, Kordua
Team Lambda Knights, Eta Knights
Relatives Drake, Kagerou, Kanashimi
Marital Status Single


Nezumi is one of the fighters within Eta Knights, despite her station as a Lambda. She is the biological twin of Kanashimi created through cloning.



Hi no Hansha

Appearance and Personality

Nezumi in her normal form is unassuming and non threatening, with white hair with red tips. She possesses red draconian eyes, and wears a white and black dress.

Nezumi is largely apathic and is not very expressive. She is indifferent to generally everything, and is slow to express what little passion may exist in her. It is suggested she was once like Kanashimi prior to her severe modification, and the only individuals who have had lasting impact are Volmond and Vzark.


Nezumi was created as a perfect genetic clone of Kanashimi, and once possessed a nearly identical personality. White wished to have a more obedient servant, stripping her of her emotions and individual will, causing her to become very dependent on White.

She was some time later given the Temporal Distortion Unit, as well as the basic server hub of the entire fortress, giving her vast computer based augmentations. It is not known what the extent of the arsenal she possesses is, but it is assumed to be incredibly dangerous.

After run ins with Volmond and Vzark's constant presence, it is unknown if her budding sense of self can survive, or if their efforts will amount to nothing.



Nezumi was initially selected as a temporary aide to Volmond for a critical mission to stabilize the Aether Realm and Nether, though the Doctor soon expressed a manner of discomfort with the way Chaos Engines were treated by Phoenix, their following interactions made Nezumi feel a faint sensation of emotion again for a time.

It is unknown if she has held on to those emotions caused by Volmond as of yet.


As Nezumi's creator, White has shaped much of her being for her whole life. After disapproving of Nezumi's original nature, White took away her personality and emotions, reducing her to her current base state.

Nezumi is currently apathetic to White, and merely obeys, neither obedient nor possessing self interests. If Nezumi gained a strong sense of self again, it might be possible to turn her against White.


A subject of many unknowns for Nezumi, Vzark confounds and deeply confuses her. Used to simple logic and instructions, she is not equipped to handle him well, and is often confused, indicated by the tilting of her head.

Despite these countless confusions, Nezumi has begun to faintly get used to his presence, but more importantly, it has began to shape her into a new person after the loss of her original persona. The beginnings of a person have been seeded by him, and it is a matter of time before she fully becomes a new person, or shakes off her growing emotions in preference of emptiness.

Unknown to Vzark, Nezumi has begun to long for him, his mere presence causes her heart most recently to begin fluttering. She does not understand nor is aware of the implications of this sensation, mistaking it for illness or malfunction.

Silent Angel

Silent Angel and Nezumi's relationship is awkward, particularly because Silent Angel viewed Kanashimi above all as a sister. Initially hating her, Silent Angel was furious at her creation and would have loved to destroy her, which changed once White destroyed her personality and emotions. He now pities the emotionless CE, now wishing that she finds a new identity, and that the void White created can be filled again.


Aura Manipulation

Aether Manipulation

Ether Manipulation

Nether Manipulation


Flawless Restoration

Energy Blades

Gravity Manipulation



Spacial Barrier

Spacial Rending

Primal Shield

Soul Fire

Flickering Movement

Light Manipulation

Fire Manipulation

Gran Flux Storage

The Gran Flux is a massive computer like system stored in multiple locations including Yosai Fortress and Echo, but its primary housing is the Nezumi Lambda 310 Draken Unit, designated as the primary operating system. The Gran Flux serves as a gargantuan database and control mechanism for all Phoenix related technology. While previously limited to a degree, the Gran Flux is now capable of Seither and Ether encryptions and storages, with the ability to interface into multiple Nezumi units.

Disabling the Gran Flux would deal a catastrophic blow to Phoenix's operations, as would merely freeing Nezumi from the organization's control, making her an extremely valuable target, dead or alive.

Nezumi is able to use the Gran Flux to store information in such a way that it dwarfs the storage of some Ether Networks and recall it in mere moments.

Gran Flux Digitization

Nezumi can use her Ether in such a way unique to her and digitalize objects inside the Gran Flux and may be able to use it like her own personal domain.

Gran Flux Hacking

The Gran Flux allows Nezumi to bypass some of the most advanced security systems invented, and to infiltrate systems outside of technology in rare cases.


Hi no Hansha 

Nezumi's Divine Instrument Form, meaning 'Reflection of Fire'. It has three parts.

Imperial Shield 

Nezumi wields a powerful shield, which at full power serves as a spacial shield, making physical attacks worthless.

Archon's Rite 

A powerful sword composed of Aether and Fire, the blade is designed especially to damage enemies with armor, its damage increasing with the power and effectiveness of armors, effectively nullifying them. Undead type enemies such as vampires will be made mortal and smited by the fury of its flames. Unholy beings receive more damage than normal enemies. Possibly composed of fire from Heaven itself.

Hansha no Tsūka 

The main part of her form, Nezumi becomes a burning symbol of divine power, coupled with her heritage as an Endlos and Aetherborn, it is the strongest form of protection in her arsenal. Meaning Reflection's Passing, it deflects energy attacks, and will automatically smite evil beings who physically touch her. This form also counters corruptive energy, making her a dangerous enemy to contend with for unholy beings.

Hi no Hansha II [Locked]

Nezumi's second stage of the Hi no Hansha. Previously described abilities are augmented.

Hi no Hansha III [Locked]

Second to last stage of the Hi no Hansha. Combines the awakening requirements for both previous stages for almost godly defenses.

Full Bloom Hi no Hansha [Locked]

True Form of Hi no Hansha.


Shadow Matrix [Unknown]

Gran Flux Subsystems

Nezumi freely controls various other copies of herself known as Gran Flux Subsystems, allowing her to switch her consciousness with them if her normal body falls under threat, making defeating her difficult. In the presence of these subsystems, Nezumi gains incredible awareness and until the Subsystems are eliminated, will make fighting her with surprise attacks useless as she can see out of them and sense what they sense.

Total Number: 6