New Vince is a independent human civilization residing on Echo ruled by a residing elected monarchy, and strong trade partners with most civilizations in the world. They have a strong defense contract with Azure and benefit greatly from the city state's military and trading routes. They possess moderate technology, largely working off what was taught to them by the rulers of Chinmoku and their neighbor Azure. Unlike humans on Earth, New Vince's population has learned to accept and open trust toward Myths.

 Fallen from Grace Edit

Kuria and 5x5 travel through an open field, Kuria humming a quiet tune. She slowly comes to a stop, turning her head towards the north.

".....Jon.... ....I think we will have company soon. ....Don't attack them, but be careful. I don't know what they want, but they're strong." She says in an undertone.

5x5: Sure thing...

Kuria looks towards where she senses the approaching presences, her wings open a bit, defensive.

It's been a while since I was afraid of a fight... I really don't want to be in this position...

5x5: *puts his hand on Kuria's shoulder to assure her that they'll be fine*

"May I inquire as to who you are," asks an unrecognized voice from above the duo.

"Erde, Never run that fast again," growls another voice, "Huh? I think these are the ones the Spirits mentioned, at least that's what the Souls have been saying." From above the duo jump two figures, one wearing primarily dark colors with three swords and two revolvers visible, the other appearing to be his opposite in terms of dress and lacking visible weapons.

Kuria takes a deep breath. "My name is... Kuria. ...What is it that you want from me?"

5x5:...Or me. *looks at them coldly*

"Kuria is it? I am Endlos Erde, lord of Endlos. I have come seeking information I was told you might have," says the darkly dressed man, meeting the other person's glare with an even gaze. Instead the lightly dressed person returns the glare.

"...Lord of Endlos? I see. If you have something to ask of me, ask, but do not beat around bushes. I know many things, but I cannot read your mind, so speak that of which you have come for."

Lord Endlos notices despite the woman having wings, she is otherwise completely human.

5x5: *just stands and waits to see what happens*

"I seek the whereabouts of two people: An Aoi and a Caess. I was told that a woman here would know something about Caess as least or so the rumor may have gone... If you know anything, please tell me, ma'am."

Kuria closes her eyes. "I see. Indeed I know of them. To the last of my knowledge, Aoi is with the organization Phoenix, and Caess likely imprisoned in one of their fortresses, I believe it is their fortress known as Yosai Fortress. It has been a long time since I knew anything about their current movements, so they may not be at Yosai at the present. I do know it is located within Fantasy, but I again do not know if they are there at the present time."

She closes her eyes. "Charging in full out may not be useful in the event they are not there at the present. I also know of two beings that were engaged in battle, Drake Ryunexo and Kalin. Kalin, I am not very sure of his origins, and Drake-" She pauses as a spirit floats near her.

"...Apparently Drake was one of the last to see her until recently, and is on Echo as of now. The spirit tells me they worked together in Phoenix, though his relationship with the organization was forced. I believe he might tell you more. I would not approach him with hostility, as he tends to resort to the sword if threatened. I would not give him a reason to assume you're an enemy, he might take it."

She sighs. "And if you ever encounter Furīzu and Mikadzukikei, the ones who made Caess like she is.... ....please be merciful to them. I know what you seek is justice, but understand that they already atone for that and more, in their slavery to Phoenix by means of the Slayers. I beg of you to instead seek out Phoenix and mete out your justice there, if that is what you so desire. But do not harm Furīzu and Mikadzukikei, I beg of you."

She bows at Lord Endlos. "I am now responsible for the Seven after the demise of Kukyo, who has left me in charge of what remains of her family and its affairs. If you so desire to move your hand, move it instead against me." She comes down on her knees before him. "I will gladly suffer your wrath in their place if you cannot accept my pleas."

A man appears, out of the snow. He grunts through his scarf and walks over to help Kuria up. He grunts to her in acknolagement before lightly grabbing her arm and pulling her to her feet. After he is finished, he releases her and walks over to the King.

"Oh, that was my intention," Endlos says, nodding in acknowledgement of Pixel, "I planned on at least hearing out their reasons before deciding if and how to punish them, but then I learned of an Organization that both threatened and captured Caess and Aoi. Phoenix was it? I guess that's my target. Could you give me an idea of Drake's location? He may be the last piece of the puzzle."

At this point, Alexian perks up then looks around.

"Erde, I'll catch up, I just sensed someone I haven't in a long time..." The lightly dressed man wastes no time heading in an odd direction, his eyes misty.

Kuria looks back towards the west. "I think...." She pauses as thunder rumbles ominously out of nowhere, and to the far south, a vast black thunderstorm is growing and spreading north, a strong southern cold wind blows on them.

Her eyes have a twinge of fear when she looks at the storm. "......That can't be.... ....the Ninth Wind..... can it....?"

"Is something the matter, Kuria?" The king enters a defensive stance.

"The storms never come from the South directly... it's always a southeast, southwest, or northeast or northwest direction.... there's never storms straight from the South... ....unless it's the work of Sainan... the Ninth Lord of Wind...." The fear in her eyes is more definite.

"....Why is he traveling North? ....this cannot be good..."

"He may be heading to the Twin Valley, Hopefully. Just in case, I'll head that way," offers Endlos.

The southern clouds rumble and suddenly a wind blows in their direction that seems to have the faint outline of a sword slashing straight down at them.

Endlos draws two of his great swords and releases a wave of force to counter the wind blade.

"Now may be a good time for you to retreat..." The lord remains of the defensive.

Suddenly the storm itself seems to leap into the air, and lands among them, taking the form of a writhing column of dark clouds shaped like a fox, with nine twisting tails.

"I have found you!"A dark voice echoes from the form, pointing a clawed finger at 5x5.

Kuria immediately stands in front of 5x5 holding her arms out. "NO!" She roars. "Leave him alone!"

"Kuria, become my subject," Endlos says, his tone icy as he stands in front of her, his swords pointed at Sainan, "That's the only way I can properly defend you and your friend." He addresses Sainan. " For what reason are you here, masterful wind spirit? "

"My reasons concern you not. I serve the most high lord of all darkness and despair. I answer to no one. His will shall be done."

His form shrinks into that of a hooded man in pure black, wielding an absurdly large black greatsword, which crackles with red negative energy. Red glowing eyes gleam from beneath his hood.

"All bow before the might of the eternal dark..."

Kuria looks at Endlos fearfully. "Become your subject...?"

"Just agree to it, it puts you under my protection meaning the seal on my power will be broken while I defend you or fight for you," Endlos says before addressing Sainan, "I'd rather not, thank you. I only bow to those who have earned my allegiance and respect, not those who send underlings and minions to fight their battles and win their wars. This 'eternal dark' can go sod himself with his own chair for all I care." Endlos crosses his blades and levels his gaze with the wind spirit.

"I will be sure to remember that when the Black King decides to rid this world of your pathetic villages that so degenerate his great land. Not a man, woman, or child will be left alive.... ....and one day soon, a darkness shall spread across the worlds that will make the freezing of your precious Aether Realm seem like a mere footnote in the annals of history...."

"Ha! If your master had the stones to do such a thing, he'd bring the fight himself, oh illustrious messenger... The moment he attempts to touch a subject of mine, Tartarus and the Realm of Nonexistence will be a frolic through a field of flowers, babes and ponies compared to the flames of MY wrath upon him and his bootlicking mongrels, like yourself. It shall be remembered that the Black King was crushed underfoot instead of him doing the crushing, that in his final moments he begged for his own life rather than accepting fate as he should." The entire time, Endlos' tone remains equal and balanced despite the frigidity of his gaze. "What say you, putrid breath?"

He looks as though as he's about to swing his sword at Endos again, when he pauses and looks up. "......Greeeaaat...."He looks over at Endlos. "You're lucky thatshe'shere.... .....and that I'm famished."He takes off, as a eight tailed white fox comes after him.

"Time is not an issue for me, foolish lord of Endlos! When time itself has become conveluted, you no longer possess the means to stop us! I'll be back again!"He roars as he flees back to the South.

"Anytime, anyplace, Your Venerableness. Have a nice trip~" Endlos smiles Sarcastically as Sainan flees, sheathing his weapons. "Are you alright, Kuria?"

She sighs heavily. "I'm.... I'm.... ...fine...." She appears to be steeling herself.

"Are you sure?"

Pixel grunts, adjusting the scarf and repositioning himself beside the King. Once he is there, he puts a light hand on her shoulder, attemtping at comfort. Then Pixel pulls over 5x5, making him hug Kuria.

"Pixel, that's nice and all, but I you've made them uncomfortable," remarks the king before addressing Kuria, "I have two questions for you ma'am. Firstly, could you explain why Sainan was after your friend? Secondly, could you tell me where this Drake fellow may be?

"Also, consider what I said earlier. You lose nothing in exchange for becoming my subject, it only puts you under my protection and marks you under my jurisdiction to those who may recognize the oath. Beyond that, your autonomy is your own and you do not have to address me as king in the slightest, heck we could be on a first name basis for all I care. Just think about that, will you?"

She looks at Lord Endlos, and sighs. "....The first question, I am not quite sure. However, if Sainan was sent on behalf of the Black King, the king of the Negative Spirits, it must mean something serious. Though I know not what it is. The second one, I know he is to the west of here, there is a mountain with a lakeside town beneath it. He and his companions are staying at an inn, though the spirits don't know how long they will be there. ...And I will consider your request, Lord Endlos."

"Hmm..." The king looks thoughtful for a moment before stretching his arms. "I see, and thank you, ma'am. I'll be heading there immediately, but just in case..." Endlos digs an opal out of his pocket and tosses it to Kuria. "It'll react if you call upon me. Until we next meet, stay safe." With that, the king seems to glide westward with how fast he moves. He quickly vanishes from sight.

Kuria holds the opal in her hand, before quietly sliding it into her clothing, out of sight. She turns and looks at 5x5. "....Are you ok, Jon?" She asks quietly.

5x5: I should be asking you. I didn't do much but stand and watch

Kuria smiles. "I'm fine. You've been through enough conflict. You shouldn't have to fight anymore. I'll gladly protect you so that you can have a new chance at life. For me, if I can simply help others achieve their happiness, it will be enough for me. Don't worry about me."

She places a hand on his shoulder. "I'm concerned with making that happiness happen for you, no matter what it takes. I'm going to make life give you back all it took from you. That and more. Ok? It's a promise, and I don't intend to break it. You hear?"

5x5: *nods in agreement* Yes.

She then crosses her arms. "When we get to the city, I order you to at least try one apple pie. ....I also hear they have some good pancakes. It's amazing how the humans have managed to create so many amazing foods, while we hardly could produce anything out of the ordinary..." She pauses, then laughs. "I keep forgetting I'm human now, this is so strange for me."

5x5: I bet it is...

She gives him an exasperated look. "Joooooooonnnn?" She says in a slight naggy voice. "Can we try to at least have a more fulfilling conversation than 'Yes'. 'No'. 'Maybe'? Do you not like talking to me?" She asks.

5x5: It's not that I don't like to talk to you. I just feel like there's nothing to talk bout.

"Well, feel free to ask me questions Jon. Who I am, things I like to do... we have all the time in the world you know." They start walking again, Kuria allowing him to walk side by side with her.

"To be honest Jon, I haven't gotten to really talk with anyone, not in a one on one way in so long. Everything feels so new and open now. If I could, I could talk forever."

5x5: *closes his eyes for a moment, then opens them* What do you think about life?

"So jumping straight into philosophy eh? I think it depends. Life has its day and its night. I say a watched pot never boils, though it does, it just takes a lot longer. If you learn to just walk the path, eventually you'll find something other than darkness. If it's just a candlelight, that light can help you through the darkest nights, until the next sunrise. Life isn't consistent with time like the sunrise though, so many countless days can go by without a single night, and sometimes there are endless nights. A storm may cover up the sun, but the skies will eventually clear. It's all how you deal with what you're given. If you get a match and someone else has a candle, you should be grateful for what you already have, and maybe you'll find your own candle on the road to the sunrise."

She looks over at 5x5. "Where do you think you are in life? Have you found a candle to light your way, or do you think you're still looking for it?"

5x5: I had one. My candle was slowly melting away...until it went out completely.

Kuria smiles faintly. "Want to know what I think? I think that was true, before you met me. Your candle may have gone out, but mine burns strong. And you know something? I'm staying by your side, and I will help you walk through the darkness, and even after you find a candle of your own, you'll always have me to return to, because I won't abandon you."

She smiles again, stronger this time. "Ok? Don't ever forget that. We walk together, we share the same candle."

5x5: *looks at Kuria with tender eyes* Thank you, Kuria...

"You're very welcome Jon." They have been walking into a mountain pass for a while, and are slowly coming out of it, to see a decent sized city off in the distance, reminiscent of Earth's cities, but it lacks any sky scrapers, just a large massive community with a few castles, gardens, lakes, farms, and various other things, but mostly various sized buildings. A mix of both fantasy and the real world. The whole city is walled off by thick stone walls, but doesn't carry a overall threatening air.

Kuria smiles faintly at the sight of it. "Welcome to the city state owned by humans, New Vince. They don't mind Mythos and all of that, they justpreferthat if you have any special powers, you avoid using it inside the city. You can probably understand why they wouldn't want a fire elemental juggling fireballs near a gas station for example."

5x5: Yes, I understand.

Kuria approaches the nearest gates along with 5x5, and stops before them to greet the guards.

"Good evening to you all. Are the gates open, or will we have to wait a while before we may enter?" She asks courteously, bowing slightly to show respect.

5x5: *looks at the guards intently*

Guard: What brings you here today?

Guard: And what's up with your friend? He seems rather tense. Awkwardly tense at that too.

"We're just traveling, I heard of New Vince's foods and entertainment, and traveled out from the Western territories to see for myself." She looks at 5x5.

"Jon, please relax."

She looks back at the guards. "I'm sorry, he's been through a lot and isn't trusting of others. ...Mainly because of people on Earth. My name is Kuria Raito, my companion is called Jonothan, sometimes 5x5." She smiles faintly.

Guard: Strange name.

Guard 2: Sounds pretty cool though.

Guard: You can go in.

Opens the doors

Kuria bows again. "Thank you very much gentlemen. Have a good evening." She and 5x5 enter the city. She looks around, observing the various shops for a moment, before seeing a restaurant and begins walking toward it.

"Come on Jon, let's get something to eat." She flashes him a smile.

5x5: Ok. *feels something is messing with his head*

She enters the restaurant, and seats them by a window, and waits for a waiter to show up. She looks at 5x5.

"Are you ok? ....You're not going to flip out on me again, are you? I'd hate to have brought you here if it makes you uncomfortable."

5x5: No..just somthing is bugging me...t feels abit...familir. Hmmm. Might not be anything.

She looks at him with concern, but does not press the issue, and the waiter arrives.

"Hello, can you tell us what's on the menu this evening?" She asks politely.

Waiter: We got Oreo Icecream Cake and we also have Club Side Chicken 'n' Shark Noodle Soup. We also got shrimp with marinara.

5x5: Soul Food?

Waiter: Not sure if I would call it that. More like...expirementing. So what will it be?

Kuria thinks for a moment. "I'll have the shrimp with marinara." She looks at 5x5. "Well? What would you like? I'll pay for you."

5x5: Pie

Waiter: What kind?

5x5: Apple.

Waiter: Sure thing. *writes down on his note pad* Ok. Your order will be up momentarily. *walks toward the back of the counter*

Kuria looks at 5x5 with her head resting on her hand. "So, what will you do when we have completed this journey? I mean, after we've brought you to all of the Lakes. Do you have an idea of what you want to do?" She asks, her eyes alight with a strange curiosity.

5x5: I don't konw...I never expected to be brought back from the darkness...If there is one thing I had to learn the hard way, is that nothing good last forever.

Kuria nods. "But if you think about it, nothing bad does either. Nothing lasts forever. Cherish the good times, and remember them when the bad finally come. It is the only way to live without capsizing on the great ocean that is life."

5x5: Listen when I tell you, I was one of those who could not bear it. I lived life, but I didn't my life.

"I understand. I just hope that I can help you find your way so that you can live your life."

5x5: Help...

Waiter: What's good? got ya'lls order. *puts a bowl of marinara and shrimp hanging around the side of the bowl to Kuria and kives 5x5 a plate with a slice of apple pie* Dig in and Enjoy yourselves. *walks off*

"Thank you for the meal, sir." Kuria digs in, quietly eating for a moment. Occasionally she looks at 5x5 with a quiet expression he doesn't know how to interpret. He could interpret it as pain, loss, regret, hope, affection, compassion, any number of things. She looks back down after a minute and continues eating without a word, the life in her eyes subdued.

5x5: *pokes at his pie with his fork looking abit uncertain*

She notices he's not eating. "....You not hungry?" She asks after a moment.

5x5: Ofcourse not...

Kuria looks at him with a sharper expression. "Why would you order and not eat? What's wrong?"

5x5: You wanted me to eat...despite me saying I wasn't eating.

She gets a dim look in her eyes again. "....I see.... ....I'm sorry I.... ....I didn't think of it... you not have a need to eat or sleep?" She says quietly, an unknown emotion in her voice.

5x5: I don't like to sleep. It only reminds me of how much I hate myself... And because the darkness will take me once I slip off into my memories while I sleep. I haven't slept in 2 years... I intend to keep to keep it that way....

"But you don't eat either?" She's completely stopped eating now.

5x5: *shakes his head* Ever since I was brought back, I stopped carrying for my essential needs...

She quietly sinks for a moment, before an air of ferocity comes over her and she looks up and practically pins him with the force of her gaze. "And tell me something then. How do you think Kukyo would feel about what you're doing to yourself? Did you ever consider.... she would feel about this?"

Her pupils dilate in anger. "Tell me something, who was Jonothan Waltz to Kukyo? Let's hear what you think. Come on. I'm waiting to hear. Who was Jonothan Waltz? Huh?!" She hisses in anger.

5x5: A sad little child wanting attention he could not get, who wanted a life he could not have, and wanted to help those who did not need it...

She grabs his shirt collar and pulls him forward into her face, the anger there but now severe disappointment burns in her eyes, and he can't look away, despite how much he wants to.

"That's not what Kukyo saw. She believed in you, lifted you up above and beyond herself. She was inspired by you. Maybe you still don't realize yet, but you changed her completely. She was inspired to keep searching for her place, even in her times of doubt, of pain, of grief. Would you like to know what she saw in you?" She says tightly. Neither one of them say a word for a moment, and then very quietly she says,

"She saw a man. A man who had gone through so much, that he understood her and showed her compassion, even when he was her enemy. It was his misfortune that allowed him to see the darkness in others, and was driven by faith to help them cast aside that darkness. Sure, he failed many times. But he didn't quit. And because he didn't he finally did save someone. He saved her. And for that, he eternally held a place in her heart. Because of all of that, she was inspired by you. Because of that she loved you.

...and it's because of that love that she left you... with..." She pauses, then avoids saying the name. "...she saw two broken souls, and wanted to give you and the other happiness. ....She gave up her own chance to be happy with you, so she could help another. But that was ok... ...because she believed in you. She believed you would be able to find happiness, and that she would too. ...She was content to watch you from afar, if that was indeed the only happiness she could ever have."

Her eyes are now empty, flat gold orbs. "And this is how you honor her feelings... by treating yourself like a degenerate piece of garbage.... ...and in spite everything she did and believed... ....funny isn't it, what people are willing to believe? ....And what they're willing to forsake and defile just out of their self pity..... It's disgusting.... ...that you would willingly choose to defile and disregard the one thing that gave Kukyo happiness...!"

She ends this statement with a tight snarl. She lets him go, closing her eyes, a tear rolling down her face.

"....If she's watching you right now.... ....I wonder.... ....just how much pain you've caused her soul.... ....her heart is likely shattered like glass. And even now all you do is trample on the pieces...." Her tears now pour down her face, and she bows her head so 5x5 doesn't see her face contort into savage pain and bitter tears, and she silently cries.

5x5: 2 years, Kuria. Two years since I that happened and I can barely remember what all happened that day...2 years since I was taken back to the same place that made my life hell. I may have been strong back then, but back then I was withering away and me being pursued and taken away from there very place I felt like I belonged...It just made longer care, cause I was convinced that that I was doomed. Cursed. All of it. I just finally broke. And I all I had left was my memories to haunt me and wish for something better to have happened...but wishing is for dreamers...You know that the last thing I wanted was to hurt Kukyo in anyway, because she has already been through enough of it. And if anything, I would do absolutely anything for her, even though every part of me hates her for not coming back for me...If I am gonna start anywhere, I guess it's here. *cuts a piec of his pie and puts it in his mouth and eats it*

When she finally speaks, she says very quietly, almost too hard to hear, "....I'll.... I'll... back in a moment." She stands up very quietly, and makes her way to the bathroom, but just as her face completely turns from his view, he sees a brief flash of Kuria's tormented expression, but before his reaction can set into it, the face is obscured by the back of her head and she is already in the bathroom.

5x5: I always end up hurting someone, don't I? *sighs* It's not all that surprising to me anymore...*eats another piece of his pie*

After a while, Kuria finally comes back, her eyes a bit distant, and she sits down, her face slightly wet from crying.

She at first doesn't say anything, but eventually she says, "I'm sorry Jonothan. I just... ....I just don't want to see you treat yourself like that...'re always really distant and you never care about yourself...'s hard for me to do this, as a person. I want to reach you, help you, comfort you, yet I can't help but feel as though I'm just staring at something with no means of entering. .....It's frusterating. How am I supposed to help you if I can't find a way into your heart?"

She looks down at what's left of her food, a miserable look in her eye. "....I.... feel like I've failed as a person.... ...whenever I feel like I've failed you..."

5x5: You didn't fail me...I failed myself....and even worse... I've failed are right...even though I didn't see here, she was always watching me, but as for when i was taken, I'm not sure. It must've been hard for her to see me end up like this...I sound worse than a hypocrite. I want to change that...for her. It' odd how I say I hate her, but I'm so willing to please want make her pain go's because I never did hate her...

Kuria holds herself back from crying, more than ever she wants to tell him the truth, to be with him, to love him.... ...yet the fear of retribution, of what will happen when the web of lies burns down horrifies her. Even still, a tiny grain of hope lurches in her heart, and a faint glimmer to her downcast eyes becomes visible, reflecting that tiny hope, amidst a ocean of doubts, the fear of never being loved by the man she so longs to be united with. United, yet miles apart.

A weak, thin smile crosses her lips, but it is fragile and on verge of just as quickly ceasing to be. "Either way.... I couldn't blame you... ...Jon... ...all alone... ...feeling as though you would never see or be with the one you care about again... must have hurt...." Ironically, those words, though sounding as though she's trying to be empathetic... in a way... her own words reflect her concealed despair.

"I'm here for you. Always." I wish I could be told those words...

5x5: *smirks abit* If only I told Kukyo that...*smirks goes away and he swallows his sadness*

"How is the pie?" She asks weakly.

5x5: Makes miss eating. *slightly smiles as he takes another bite*

She smiles back and begins to finish her meal, in slightly better spirits.

Maybe one day I'll have the courage to face him... but for now.... ...maybe it's enough.

5x5: *finishes his pie* Thanks for the pie, Kuria.

"You're welcome, Jon. ...About what happened to us before, with that giant being that came after you? I think you should know a little bit more about the world of spirits."

5x5: It's been awhile since i've been informed about anything new on the spirit world. What else is there?

"That thing that attacked is one of the Nine Wind Spirits. Half of them are positive spirits, and half are negative. We met the strongest of the nine, Lord Nine Tails Sainan. He is the Wind of Destruction, and the Great South Wind. You only saw half of the spiritual world that exists here. There is a parallel, opposite force. The Negatives. They rule the South, lead by the Black King of the Negative Spirits. His name eludes all who try to utter it. There is also a White Queen, the Queen of the North, the positive leader. For Sainan to have appeared... it would have to have been a direct order to attack from the Black King himself. This alone is troubling, as it means The Black King is willing to step out of the boundaries of his realm to attempt to cause chaos in the land."

5x5: So are we gonna be going on an epic quest or something to stop him?

Kuria sighs. "Unfortunately it's not that simple. Originally our plan was to head South to get that place out of the way as quick as possible, but now I'm worried if we go there, we'll get in a situation we really don't want to get in. I am kind of thinking heading North instead."

5x5: Which ever or is fine with me. Just to let you know I'm willing to do anything.

Kuria sighs. "It might be better to go North first. At least then we can get some helping hands. ....Problem is... ....I do have a strong suspicion, tell me if I'm wrong, but you probably don't like 'White Mist' either, am I correct?" She says, using the translated name of Shiori to divert as much of a reaction as possible from occuring.

5x5: *has a still look on his face for a moment, devoid of all happiness and then slams the table, breaking it entirely*

"Note to self... .....seriously don't bring that name up at all... Jon. Calm down. Please don't break anything else, because I have to pay for it and our food. I won't bring... you know, up again. So.... relax? Please?" She coughs. "Anyway, my point in that is since you don't seem to... well, that's the only issue I see in going North, because I know you don't like...." She sighs.

"And final word on the subject. Do not go looking for her. In fact I'm going to make it a point that we avoid going into... ...that city if at all possible. Alright?"

5x5: *nods slowly with his lips tucked in*

As the manager comes over, Kuria bows her head in apology. "I'm sorry sir, I brought something up I should have, he has a loose control over his temper sometimes. I'll pay for the damages. I'll be more careful next time."

5x5: I'll be waiting outside...*gets up and exits through the front doors*

After she apologies to the manager for a while, and pays the money, she comes out with a sigh.

"So, would you like to stay in town a while more, or should we continue to the next lake, Jon? It's up to you."

5x5: I would rather keep moving...

She sighs. "I'll be buying some supplies for the trip then. Is there anything you'd like to eat while we're traveling? Say so now. I have... interesting tastes. You may not like what I make."

5x5: You may never know. I've eaten my fair share of strange things before. Whatever you choose will be fine with me.

Kuria nods, then enters a nearby shop, and after a while, comes back out with two really large packs, and hands one to 5x5, and he is surprised by how heavy it is.

"Shall we go? It was nice to come here, shame we couldn't stay longer. I've not been to many places in Echo in... ....ever." She says almost wistfully.

5x5: If you wanted to stay, why did you ask me if we should stay or go?

She starts walking toward the city gates, looking back at him with a smile. "Well relationships with other people isn't always your way or the highway. Besides, this is your life. You take the lead."

5x5: It's your life too...

She smiles. "Jon, it may be my life too, but like I said. It isn't always your way or the highway. I am deferring to you. You wish to keep going, so that will be my wish. What you want, I'll want."


Kuria sighs. "You're wonderful at conversations, you know that?" They are walking out of the city gates.

5x5: Ehh. Not as much as I used to be...

Kuria gives him a pointed look. "Familiar with the term, 'sarcasm'?"


Kuria shrugs her shoulders. "Ah whatever. Fortunately for us, the next lake, or should I say in this case, waterfall is close by to New Vince."

5x5: Alright...what's your favorite color?

Kuria blinks for a moment, confused. "....I really don't know... ....I've never thought about that. I've had a... rough life. Never really thought about things like that."

5x5: Not even as a child? We'll I guess I couldn't blame you. When I was young I really didn't care about colors.

Kuria shakes her head. "No, not even as a child. I had to worry about other things." She is guiding them to the nearest mountain range.

5x5: Hm. Then what is your favorite food? Or did you have other things to worry about?

"....Mid Asian and Mediterranean foods. I forget the specific dishes. It's been too long since I visited Earth."

5x5: I meant in general really. But that sounds good.

"It's been a long time, as I've said. I have had other things on my mind since I last ate on Earth." They reach the foothills of the mountains, and Kuria begins to climb, but has trouble climbing up and falls down a few times, the last time she simply looks at the stony walls with frustration.

5x5: *grabs Kuria and puts her under his arm and begins to climb the mountain with little to no problem*

 City of New Vince Edit

Noriko, Kanashimi, and Drake arrive at the end of the mountain pass Noriko had mentioned, and see the sprawling suburban type city sprawling before them, surrounded by strangely medieval style walls, and dotted occasionally with towers or castles.

"We're here, New Vince!" Noriko cheers.

Drake examines the walls, towers and castles. "...Huh, strange, but I guess this is an old city... But why the name New Vince?" He ponders for a moment before looking at Noriko, a slight confused expression on his face. "So, do you know your way around here?"

"No I don't actually. I've never been to New Vince before. I assume it's a play on Venice, Italy. Either that or the guy who named the city is an idiot who can't spell. It was made towards the end of the Fantasy Reality war."

"Oh... Ok then, well I guess we're talking a tour around this place first, get to know the landmarks and shops... If there is any to begin with..." Drake starts to take the lead, walking into the densely packed city, his head and eyes turning at every notable place he sees, making a mental map. "Hmm... How about we look for a restaurant, haven't seen one yet and I'm staving..." He turns to look at Kanashimi, a smile on his face. "Let's see if you can win round two, hehe."

Kanashimi lets out a grin. "You're on!"

With a chuckle slipping out of his mouth, Drake starts walking around New Vince until the three come across a somewhat classy restaurant, opening his HSC and getting any form of currency he has out of it. He enters first and comes out a moment later, making hang gestures to signal the two to come in. "C'mon c'mon, I'm starving!"

Kanashimi widens her eyes. "Oooooooo classy!" She giggles. "Aww, you're going to spoil us silly aren't ya?" She looks over at Noriko and smirks. "And I bet you'll spoil her dead."

Noriko quietly takes off a glove and places her exposed hand on Kanashimi's head, which causes a large shock.

"OW OW OW OW OW OW!" Noriko puts her glove back on and follows Drake, with Kanashimi rubbing her head. "Damn, what is she, a mobile power station?!"

"Yup, pretty much... That would explain the two D batteries on her chest." Drake chuckles to himself and finds a table to sit, glancing at a nearby menu. He grabs it and begins to read through, picking what he wants, a glint in his eye shines when he notices steak on the list. "Well, that's me done. What about you two?"

Kanashimi smirks. "I'll have steak as well." The air becomes competitive quickly.

"Can I have red pepper chili?" Noriko asks, a grumble from her stomach ringing out loudly.

After a moment of talking a waiter arrives at the groups table and asks for their meals. "I would like a T-bone steak cooked medium-rare and a stack of glazed honey ribs with sweet ad sour sauce." The waiter jots everything down on a notepad before turning to look at the two girls. "And what of you two?"

"Oh, the red head will have a stake done to rare and... The blonde will have a red pepper chili, that will be all, thank you." The waiter simply nods and makes a comment before walking off. "I see, well the food should be done shortly."

Noriko after a while of waiting slowly tilts toward Drake, not being noticed until she plops up against him with a smile, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Thank you for the meal Drake." She says, her eyes closed. "If you want, I'll pay for the hotel...."

Drake chuckles and quickly strokes Noriko. "Don't worry, I'll pay for everything, all you need to do is relax and have fun. Any problems, I'll handle it, you just be your crazy fun loving self." A smile appears on Drake as he gives Noriko one more stroke.

Kanashimi doesn't react visibly, but inside her head she's surprised.

Something must have happened... .....he really is going to spoil her dead, ha ha....

Noriko's eyes open slightly. "Pay for everything? That's not necessary, I have money...." She softly protests.

Drake looks at Noriko, a small sigh follows. "I honestly don't mind, I have no use for money anyways, but if you insist on paying for a hotel... Then there isn't much I can do to change your mind, is there?"

She blinks, then shrugs. "Do what you want. It doesn't matter I guess." She pulls him close and hugs him. "Thanks for offering I guess."

To her surprise, Drake wraps his arms around her and hugs back, it feels much softer than she thought. He chuckles and pulls away from the hug, his smile more noticeable now as he plays with Noriko's hair. "Don't you worry about a thing, I'll have everything sorted out, ok? ...But you'll get to chose which hotel we go to, since I have no idea and you seem to know classy and comfortable more than I do."

Noriko sighs contently. "Thanks.... you're awesome.... ....Oh yeah, I do have a place in mind I was going to see if we could get rooms there. We can check it out when we are done though."

"Ok then, after dinner, we'll go see this place."

After a while of banter, general conversations and a couple of laughs, three people in what looks to be chef outfits arrive with three dishes. After placing them on the table, Drake thanks them and they nod and walk back to the kitchen, Drake looks at his dish with almost a childish grin to his face. "This is gonna taste amazing, I know it!" But before he tucks into his food he tilts his head down and mutters something in Cyanican before tilting his head back up, he then begins to start eating his meal.

Noriko eats her chili, eating it slow and steady, while Kanashimi attacks her steak with gusto, causing Noriko to laugh. She pauses to brush the hair out of her face, then starts eating again.

After a while of eating, Drake's eyes glances at Noriko and Kanashimi, his eating coming to a stop as he sighs under his breath. His smile gone for a moment as he whispers something to himself, his eyes briefly filled with anger. 'Here's the telling part. Nori only has a few weeks of her life before.... something happens. You won't be able to stop it. I've seen the future, you won't be able to change it.' Drake whispers once again. "...Like hell I'll let her get harmed... Not until I die fighting to defend her..." Drake shakes his head and continues to eat his food again, but this time a bit more slowly than the others.

"I thought I smelled something foul, and it turns out it was right behind me. It can only be a bad temper." A voice of a woman sounding slightly aristocratic says behind him, and there is a blonde haired girl with electric blue eyes staring at him, her dress is of excessive wealth from the first glance.

"You should be gracing those two with your full attention and your care, not growling like a possessed demon." She says curtly.

Drake looks behind him and glances at the woman, his eyes narrowing down at her before he speaks. "Well, talk about politeness when you interrupt ones dinner... So is that all you're gonna bother me with? Because if you excuse me, I ha-- ...You look just like Noriko..." Drake looks back at Noriko then the woman multiple times, a slight confused expression on his face. "...Uuuh, ok, Noriko... I think I've found future you?"

The woman and Noriko look at each other. ".....Well she certainly looks like a stereotypical girl from the Moonlight Shire Clan. Blonde hair and that particular color of eye, don't doubt it."

"....Moonlight Shire Clan?" Noriko asks with a raised eyebrow.

"....Ughh... another one that was raised outside the clan eh? I see. Hmmm?" She sniffs the air, then to Drake's great annoyance sniffs his shoulder where Noriko laid her hair.

"Hmm... that scent...." She ponders, but doesn't pay the look Drake is giving her any heed. Her head pops up suddenly, looking at the two of them.

"Have you paid for your meal? If not, I shall pay for you. I wish to accompany you for a while." She says quietly.

Drake glances at the almost finished dishes, then looks back at the woman. "Actually... I was paying, so there's no need. Also, are you a dog or something? Don't sniff my shoulder, creep..." Drake dunks his hands into his pockets and turns his attention elsewhere.

The woman looks towards Noriko, quietly looking her over.

She then looks at Drake, and breaks her composure and relaxes a bit. "My apologies if I caused offense to you. May I ask what your name is?" Her tone is not as uptight and is more loose, a lot more pleasant to listen to.

Drake sighs and looks back at the woman. "Drake... It's Drake Ryunexo, sorry for the hostility, I'm kinda stressed at the moment..."

"And I am Michiko, Princess of the Fey, heir to my people's line of succession. Who is the red head?"

"That's Kanashimi, my... Daughter, in a way... It's a long story... Nice to meet you Michiko."

"Oh? I can sort of see the resemblance. It is nice to meet you Drake. I hail from a place farther to the south west known as Moonlight Shire, a place where fairies and shapeshifters live together. I came up north to New Vince in search of something, but I'm afraid I've yet to find it. ...Yet. I have a master suite with multiple additional unused bedrooms, as I said, I am rather interested in joining you for a while, Drake. You can settle in my suite for free, no payments. Consider it an extension of my apologies for my behavior. Besides, as Princess it would be rude of me not to treat one of my kin without any favors or hospitality." She has a faint smile.

Drake has a cautious expression but sighs once more and nods. "Ok, thank you... We'll head off now, let me just pay for this..." Drake opens his HSC and pulls out another golden bar and lays it on the table, he then turns to looks at Michiko. "I'm guessing you'll lead us to your suite?"

"That is correct. If you would kindly follow me?" She places a hand on Drake's shoulder, and he hears her thoughts.

There is something I wish to ask of you, when we arrive. Don't worry. I literally only wish to ask of you some questions. There's something I need to find out. It would be very much helpful to me if you did.

She then removes her hand and gives the waiter a polite bow and begins to walk out. "Follow me now."

Drake nods and begins to follow, taking his hands out of his pockets and storing the HSC away. 'Hmm... Well this will be interesting... Nevertheless...'. "Once more, thank you... So, if I'm allowed to ask, what are you looking for?"

"Something precious to my family. It is worth more than any diamond or riches of the earth to us. I shall speak of it more later. Not now. I do not wish to speak of heavy matters within public. It is most depressing."

Kanashimi and Noriko follow Drake, Noriko walking alongside him.

Michiko doesn't have to turn around to notice.

"You two are very close, are you not? I wouldn't be surprised. Free spirited people like you probably would get along well with those of my people." She says quietly as she leads them down a sidewalk.

"Well... Free spirited isn't exactly what you would describe me as... And let's just say that me and Noriko have each others backs, she's helped me and now I'm returning the favour... At least I hope so." He chuckles, then goes into deep thought again. 'Something precious to your family... Worth more than any riches, damn... Hmm, what could that mean though, could mean a family member, a promise, a secret... It could mean anything, but I guess I'll have my answer soon...'. "Your people? Oh, this is gonna be fun, I can barely handle Noriko's hyperactive nature..."

She leads Drake and the girls to a rather gorgeous hotel and walks in, beckoning them to follow.

Drake takes a look at the hotel and smiles, walking into the main hall, following Michiko. "Woah... Extravagant, well you certainly live in style, don't you..."

She smiles. "It is rather descent, though there are better ones. A fitting match one might say for a princess."

"I see, well regardless... It's still a nice place, so where exactly are we?" Drake questions while exploring the room they're in.

Michiko keeps walking. "We're not in the V.I.P. yet. Keep walking." She says quietly, her footsteps echoing as she walks.

Drake rolls his eyes and follows Michiko, he looks at Noriko and jokingly says. "Do you think this woman is part dog?"

Noriko has a reluctant smile. "All shapeshifters have a heightened sense of smell. It's similar to why most of us have white pupils and black irises. Night vision. We are largely nocturnal hunters, especially those who live out in the East Flora. I guess she isn't as accustomed to dealing with city folks as much. Most shapeshifters from the wilds tend to be more likely to get in your space. Kado and I are different because we are city dwelling. Largely."

"Ah ok, well that would make sense on both ends... I guess I could say the same with the Ferals back on Cyanic... Wait, but she's a... You would think that she wouldn't do that to others... Ah well, hmm... I wonder how long it'll take before we get to this V.I.P place, this indeed has taken a weird turn, hasn't it?"

Michiko stops at a door protected by two men, and she mentions something to them, and they stand aside for them, and Michiko opens the door for them into a large suite with a main hall, which leads off into a hallway.

"The bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, and of course the swimming pool are all down the hall. Yes, I said swimming pool." She says as they are stunned.

"You can choose to share a room or sleep separately. I care not which. There's more than enough for you all. This suite is the private property of the Moonlight Royal Family, so it's meant to accommodate the majority of them."

"I see, well I'll sleep on my own then, y'know you're a very peculiar person Michiko... Considering you literally met us twenty minutes ago and then you invited us to this location, it's intriguing to say the least... But it's nice, really really nice." And on his own accord, Drake starts to walk off, his voice echoing as he leaves the group. "I'm only gonna find a place to train until I'm needed, I promise that everything will stay intact... Probably."

"If you must, use the pool room... I'd rather not have to worry about damages. And you could also say I'm a good judge of character. That being said, I'm coming with you. I wish to discuss something. Girls, please settle in, but do not intrude on my room. You'll know which one." She walks after Drake quietly.

Drake continues to walk until he reaches the pool room, he takes off his jacket and throws it aside. Walking along poolside until he reaches the end of the room, where he gets in a fighting stance and starts training. "So, what is it you want to talk about?"

Michiko sits down at a bench near him. "That girl you travel with. What was her name? Noriko? Anyway.... ....the truth of the matter is I have been looking around for something my family has lost. For years now actually. However, it's not an object I desire to find, but a person. You see, my young sister at the age of five no less was taken by an organization by the name of 'Phoenix'. Not against our will, mind you. It was according to a treaty between us and the organization. It has been a number of years since we heard anything from them, I cannot pronounce the name of the girl, but her name meant 'child of ceremony, law, or order.', according to our fey dialect, though her name in English or Japanese would be very different.

What intrigues me is the girl's scent, you see. I believe you have been informed of the shapeshifter's sense of smell? ...Anyway, I don't know what it is about her, as I've never seen her, but I remember her scent. I just don't know why. It's... frustrating. There has to be a reason, and until I know why, I want to accompany you."

"Well you never know... I mean, Michiko and Noriko both sound similar, you both have blonde hair and blue eyes... And yeah, Phoenix likes to take people away from their family and friends, but... Why was it a treaty? No offence, but your kind aren't smart if you make any kind of deal with Phoenix, their leader is a sick and twisted bitch that deserves to die. Now that I think about it, Noriko was a member of Phoenix, and probably one of my only friends while I was imprisoned there..." He stops training and sits down, recalling past events.

"She asked me if I wanted to join her since she didn't want to be a part of Phoenix anymore, so I accepted, and after a massive fight... Here we are in Echo, if you want to accompany us, then go ahead, I honestly don't mind."

Michiko blinks. "Wait. A member of Phoenix?! ....Show me the Slayer." She says with an emotion Drake can't identify.

Drake stands back up and walks past Michiko, grabbing his jacket and throwing it onto his shoulder, he looks back at her. "Noriko has it, you want to look at it you gotta find her, oh and no trying to grab it, you will get killed... C'mon." Drake starts walking out of the Pool Room, wating for Michiko to follow.

She follows him, a tight aura of tension in her presence than there was before.

Is it actually possible.....? I mean.... appearances like ours are common in the village.... I can't rely on any evidence besides the Slayer itself.

Noriko is laying on the couch, head on a pillow in the main hall. "Oh hey Drake, how's Michi doing?"

Michiko blinks when she hears that. "Michi....?"

Drake chuckles. "She's already given you a nickname of sorts, she does that to a lot of people. It's her little thing, and she's fine Noriko... Hmm, Nori, do you have your Slayer on you?"

Noriko pulls it out from seemingly no where. "Yep! Why?"

Michiko goes pale and begins trembling at the sight of the sword. "So it's true.... you're.... ....Noriko.... .....Where did Phoenix say you come from?"

Noriko looks confused. "Uhhh, White said I was just found somewhere and she brought me with her."

Michiko clenches her fists. "....That's not what happened......."

She looks even more confused. "........Huuuuuuh............?" Michiko suddenly hugs her tightly without warning, crying. "N-Nori....'re my sister.... you're nineteen right? ....Nine years ago, my youngest sister was chosen by Phoenix to become their lightning slayer. They said they would bring you back after she had been trained.... and we waited for many years, but you never came back. Since then I..."

Noriko looks surprised. "Wait, 'you'?"

Michiko hugs her tighter. "Yes... you..."

Noriko coughs a bit. "H-Hey, that's a bit tight don't ya think?"

Michiko starts sobbing. "You.... you're my sister, Noriko.... ....I've been looking so long.... it's been so...."

Noriko looks awed and stunned in one. ".....I have a sister?"

"And a mother, and a father, two brothers and five sisters. We've..... I've.... I've missed you so much!!!" Michikio sobs.

Noriko smiles tearfully. "That's.... the most awesome thing I've heard in my life...." She chokes up, hugging Michiko back happily.

"....So wait, does this mean I'm a princess?" Noriko asks suddenly.

"Yes, Nori, you are." Michiko chuckles while crying.

"....That's even more awesome....." She also laughs, still crying, and the two just hug each other in tears.

Drake smiles and crosses his arms, watching the heart warming reunion before slowly stepping back, wandering off to find his room. As he enters and closes the door, Kurai hisses. "So you're not gonna stay and watch?"

Drake rolls his eyes as he puts his jacket and sword sheath up on a hanger, with Kurai still inside it. "There's no need to, just let the two catch up, I'm just here to make sure she's ok. And now that she's with family, she can handle herself..." The blade hisses again. "Wait, then what are you doing?" Drake stays quiet for a moment before sighing, laying down on his bed and looking up at the ceiling. "I guess I'm going after tonight, she doesn't need my protection anymore." A shadow forms from the blade and it looks at Drake. "And if her Sister can't protect her?"

"...Then that's their problem, I said that I'll be there until she's sa--"

"No, you promised you'd be there until she didn't want you around, right now you're just being selfish as always, looking out for no one but yourself. She sees you as a friend, someone to rely on, right?"

"Friends come and go."

"This isn't the Ryunexo group, Drake. Unlike them, your friends are here to stay, stop thinking you're Drake Ryunexo, if you look back on it, your last name means nothing now. And if it did, all it would mean is 'back-stabbing traitors'. I'm just saying that you need to learn that you're not on Cyanic anymore, you've made friends that you're gonna help, and they'll help too, no more of this lone wolf nonsense... Drake, come to your senses and realise where you're at unless I will--"

Drake sits up and glares at the shadow. "Take a look at yourself, you're trapped inside a blade, and you're still sealed with my soul, so what are you gonna do? Kill me?"

The room stays quiet until the shadow crawls back into the blade and Drake lies back down. "Fine, be like that Drake... You're only hurting yourself... Just take what I said into consideration." Drake just growls, which turns into a sigh afterwards, afterwards, the room just stays quiet.

"You know..... if I didn't know any better, I'd say you forgot a tiny little detail little tankboy......." A voice says from nowhere, yet everywhere.

Drake stands up and grabs Kurai. "And that would be?"

"I told you, didn't I?" A chuckle echoes almost endlessly.

"....But you know... ...they say seeing is better than hearing... ...maybe I should break a rule or two.... let you glimpse a taste of it.... the terror.... of the future....." A laugh echoes again.

Drake growls as his grip tightens on Kurai's handle. "Just fucking show yourself already, I would rather kill you now just to shut you up..."

"I don't think you know how this works yet, you little dragon child you.... ....a kid like you shouldn't bare their teeth so carelessly."

Suddenly from behind Drake a hand grabs the back of his shirt, and starts pulling him through some sort of rift....

Drake swings Kurai down onto the hand, slicing it off, he takes a step back and stares at the rift. "You're just gonna annoy me now, but... If you're in there..." Drake steps into the rift as he enters his Half Dragon form. "Then I'll just bring the party to you, won't I?"

And a mere fifteen minutes, the entire building shakes as a angst filled roar floods the atmosphere, the roar continues for twenty seconds before dying down. Afterwards is pure silence...

Noriko, Michiko, and Kanashimi burst into the room.

"Drake, are you alright?!" Noriko cries out as she enters.

They see Drake on the other side of the room sat against the wall with his hands covering his eyes, shaking as he mutters to himself. As they look at the room, they notice that Kurai is lodged into a wall while there are small splatters of blood everywhere. As they focus on Drake, they notice that his wings have holes and tears in them, they also notice the wounds on Drake, his own claws digging into his skin. He takes a small moment to spread apart his fingers to look at Noriko, his eyes diluted a mix of blood red and pitch black, a red tear falls down on Drake's cheek, only once it falls to the floor. When they notice a shadowy figure form beside Drake, looking at him.

"Well... That's a first, mentally broke..." He looks at Noriko and sighs. "And you're the reason why... Let's just hope that Drake will recover soon enough..."

Noriko starts forward to Drake's side to embrace him. "Why did you do this to yourself?! Kana, come over here and help him!"

"He didn't do this to himself... It was someone, something else that caused Drake to be in the state he's in now, he showed him something terrible... Scarred him, it's best to leave him be, Noriko... It's difficult to tell what he'll do."

She ignores the figure, and props Drake up against her and puts him in her lap as she gives him a soft hug, saying nothing.

Drake moves his hands away from his face and opens his eyes slightly, his wings fold in as another tear drops. He whispers, only loud enough for Noriko to hear... "I'm... Sorry that you have to see me like this... Noriko..." He closes his eyes and accepts Noriko's hug, he tries to smile but continues to have next to no emotion. The figure speaks up as he looks at Michiko and Kanashimi. "Give him until tomorrow, he should be back to normal, that being said... As I said before, you three should leave, but if you ignore my warning, then so be it..." The shadow fades away back into Kurai, meanwhile Drake places his hand over his stab wound and tries to heal himself, but only manages to strain himself even more.

She gives him a faint hush, and she begins to generate energy, slowly starts to leech from her body into his, allowing him access to her surprisingly vast energy stores.

The colouring of Drake's eyes goes back to normal as a small smile appears on Drake's face, he places one of his hands on top of Noriko's and slowly starts healing himself. He starts to speak again, his tone a bit more lively than before. "Thank you... So much..."

She smiles faintly, though she lets out a slight croak in the attempt to say something, her eyes watering and a tear slides down her cheek. She opens her mouth to try again, but decides against it.

"I will always be glad to be by your side... ...if you have something hurting you, you have me. I'll be there as your friend, your ally, and your rock if you need a sure ground to set your feet down." She nuzzles her head against his, still pumping him full of her energy, slowly restoring his reserves and body with a revitalizing amount of energy, but she slowly begins to tire, her breath getting louder, a bead of sweat rolling down her brow.

"You really did get yourself in a tight space... you were dryer than a water well in the Sahara." She remarks dryly, finishing, though exhausted from giving up so much of her energy to him.

"You're the best Noriko, the absolute best... There's no need to worry about me, right now, it's you we have to take care of you now, strange turn of events." He chuckles one more time. "Right now, as it's just starting to get dark, we could have you resting in your room until you restore your energy, and don't worry, I'll carry you there."

Her eyes are widened slightly at his words and his gestures. "Carry me? That's not necessary... I-I'm fine." She has a slightly relieved smile.

"Are you sure? You're breathing heavily, sweating, and you basically transferred all your energy into me... I mean, if you don't want to and you're sure you can walk to your room, then that's fine with me... I'm only trying to repay you, slowly if that is..."

She closes her eyes with a sigh. "Alright alright... be my guest, my little gentleman." She says softly with a smile.

Drake smiles and stands up, helping Noriko up as well before picking her up and letting her rest in his arms. He chuckles and begins to walk to Noriko's room, humming a tune along the way, occasionally looking at Noriko and smiling. When he reaches her room, he opens it and walks in, laying her on the bed. "Here you go Nori, now get some rest, ok? You need it more than any of us." Drake walks back to the door before turning to look at Noriko. "Before I go back to my room, is there anything you need or want to talk about?"

She looks up at Drake, her eyes emotional but as to what is unclear. "....Will you keep me company? Besides, you have blood all over your room and Michiko is probably going to want to clean it up later... ....Drake I.... ....I don't want to see you like that again. I care about you, a lot. As a friend you mean so much more to me than... even know.... .....I don't want to see you hurt anymore...." Her eyes close tightly. ".....Kado.... Naomi.... you.... I don't want any of you to get hurt anymore. It hurts me just to watch you guys tear yourselves apart like this...."

Her head bows. "I have so many things I want to express, it's nauseating... I can't wrap my head around it all..."

Drake steps back into the room and sits on the bed, a small laugh and a smile happens before Drake speaks. "Of course I'll keep you company... And I can't promise the state I can be in, I'm always one to fight for a friend, we can't just stand back and watch you get hurt yourself, so we do it for you." He chuckles. "And besides, I might have an idea of how you see me, but like I said, it's only a guess..." He eventually lies down on her bed, looking up at the ceiling, speaking more softly.

"Y'know... There's a lot you've done for me Noriko, you made Yosai bearable for me, hell, if you were still there, I would of stayed just so I could be around you... Funny enough for how long I've been here, Earth 'n' all, you're the only one who's managed to make me be the way I am around you... I know I may seem hyperactive and care-free, thing is, you don't know what I'd go through just to see that you're safe and happy... Sorta like how you made me feel back at Yosai, what I'm trying to say is that you're one of my closest and greatest people I've met, you're someone who understands me, and that means a hell of a lot... I don't want to lose you Noriko, I hope to any God this world has that you'll be out of harms way..."

She crawls over to him on the bed and gives him a hug, her long hair soft like a pillow against his face as she does so.

"....You took so many of the words I wanted to say out of my mouth..... ....can I add another?"

With her mouth near his ear, she softly whispers, "....I love you....'ve made these past weeks some of my best... and with you by my side, I even learned who I really am... ...that I'm Noriko, who had a family who have missed me all of these years, and a family I just met, but who I cherish just as much, and a best friend who I could never hope to find another like, even in a million years. ....I know for a fact that these next few weeks will be the best ones in my entire life... I wouldn't have anyone else to spend them with." She says all with a smile, fighting off sleep.

A small laugh comes out of Drake's mouth as he strokes Noriko's hair, his expression being as soft as ever as he looks at Noriko and her lightning blue eyes. He doesn't say a single word, letting his actions speak for him, he gives off a small smile before slowly kissing Noriko, the fire in his body heating up the kiss by a small margin, but still noticeable. With his free hand, he holds Noriko's hand delicately, intertwining his fingers with hers, after a moment, he breaks off the kiss and speaks with a quiet tone. "Hehe, I never noticed how cute you look... Cute and beautiful really... I love you too, Noriko..."

Her eyes light up at his words, then slowly begins to fall to sleep, before she does, she mutters, "Can you.... cover me up..... ...sleepy.... see you...... morning...." Her eyes slowly glide to a close as she doses off next to him.

Drake smiles and comes off the bed, grabbing the cover and pulling it over her. For a brief moment he looks around him then back at Noriko, he then holds up one side of the covers and slides under it and letting go. The covers covering him aswell, before he closes his eyes, he holds Noriko's hand as she sleep and slowly doses off too, whispering before fully going to sleep. "Goodnight my little lightning fairy, see you in the morning..."

Later, early in the morning, Michiko peers into Drake's room, and sighs. "I'll have to get an aide in here to clean this blood.... But where is Drake...." She pauses, thinking for a moment. "I have a rather strong hunch I know exactly where I'll find him...."

She quietly opens the door to Noriko's room and peers in, noticing the two sleeping, noting with a smile that Noriko is laying against Drake softly, Drake's arms around her while she sleeps. She quietly takes in the scene, still smiling, then closes the door without a noise and walks back to the living room, and sits on a sofa. She claps her hands, and a werelight appears.

"Yes mistress?"

"Please tell the family I've finally found the lost jewel of our family."

"What really?"

"Yes, really. Please tell them that when Noriko wakes along with her partner, I will speak to them of inviting them to come for a visit, among other things. I'll speak with them soon."

The werelight bobs for a moment, then disappears. "This has been such a eventful week."

Meanwhile, Drake slowly stirs, making out a small yawn before sitting up and stretching his arms. He looks beside him to see Noriko still sound asleep, he delicately strokes her hair one more time before stepping out of bed. Drake wanders off to the bathroom and locks the door, taking him a short while to get himself cleaned up and ready for a new day.

Noriko slowly becomes more aware of the events and noises of the day, quietly hearing the shower and people working in the kitchen, though still in a light but restful sleep.

After a while, Drake exits the bathroom fully clothed, as he puts his HSC away he looks over at Noriko. He chuckles as he adjusts his jacket. "Hmm, usually she would be awake before me... Oh, an idea has popped into my brain." Drake walks over to Noriko's side of the best and smiles deviously, clearing his throat and 'saying' one thing, in a cheerful tone. "GOOOOOOD MOOOORRRIIIIING!"

"AHHHHHHH!" She screams as the sheets and cover flying to the air as she squirms in alarm, her flailing so strong she tumbles out of bed and crashes on her bum.

"OOOoooooowwww....." Disoriented, and rubbing her rear in pain, she looks around wildly and then finally looks up at Drake.

"Meanie. ....should have seen it coming too...." She pouts for a moment, then starts laughing lightly , the cover covering her up so that Drake can only mostly see her face and messy tangled up hair.

She lets out a long yawn. "Good morning...." She then rubs her eyes, and after a minute she looks up at him wide eyed and jumps up and tackles him to the floor, landing on top of him, and the cover billows on top of the two. She smiles down at him, then lays down on top of him, her head resting on his chest just below his chin, sighing contently.

"I see why you do that now, it's really fun." Drake laughs and then wraps one of his arms around her, while using the other one to lean on, he smiles as he kisses Noriko's head. "So then, how'd you sleep? Oh and sorry about the shouting, couldn't resist." He enters his Half Dragon form and lets his tail wrap around the two, his wings slightly stretching out, fully healed, he also sighs with content as he lightly strokes Noriko.

She smiles, a lighthearted twinkle in her eyes. "I slept well, thanks for asking... thank you for staying with me. It means a lot to me." She blushes strongly as he does so and closes her eyes happily.

"I'm so glad you came with me..."

"I'm more than happy that I did, and what would make you think that I wouldn't stay?" Drake chuckles as he takes a look around. "Huh... It's surprisingly comfy under here, but then again that could just because of you... So, do you want to get breakfast? Or relax under here for a little while?"

Noriko creaks her eyes open a bit, looking down at him. "....It would be nice to relax... ....but I need to take a good bath before I start to feel gross. We were traveling for quite a ways yesterday...." She smiles faintly. "Maybe after, though I think I can hear them preparing breakfast now, they probably will be done soon."

Drake smiles and props himself up so that he's sitting, he gives Noriko one more hug before setting her off to go get ready for the day. "Alright, you go do that, I need to go back to my room and de-lodge Kurai from the wall... We'll meet in the living room, ok?"

She nods, and walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. After removing her clothing, she pauses for the moment. Man should have brought more clothes... ...I'm gonna get tired of wearing the same ones... and the smell's gonna get bad... make that a priority shopping item next time you go out, Nori....

She steps into the shower and turns it out, relaxing in the hot water, soaking for a bit before cleaning and then finishing relatively quickly, then dries off.

I'll have to see and as Michi if she has any good clothes to wear. That aren't dresses. Til then, my fairy form still has clothing relatively fresh, so....

Poof! She changes into her fairy form, and quietly slides beneath the crack of the door, then takes off in the air towards the living room.

Drake leaves Noriko's room and walks down to his, opening the door and stepping in. He takes a look around before finding Kurai where he left it, walking up to it and pulling the sword out of the wall, it hisses at him. "Where were you last night? This blade doesn't belong it walls, fool..."

Drake chuckles and grabs and puts on his sheath before sliding Kurai into it, walking back out the room and makes his way into the living room. "I had to talk to Noriko about something, ok? Nothing special." The blade makes a sly remark. "...For all night? Sure... Like I'm gonna believe that..." Drake rolls his eyes and enters the living room, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes before sitting down on a sofa.

He feels a light plop on his head as Noriko lands on top of him. "Heya! I'mmmm back!"

Michiko walks in with a kind smile when she sees the two. "I see you two slept well. You truly are kindred spirits. Was the setup all to your liking? Or should I purchase better mattresses?"

Drake's eyes widen as he hears this. "W-Wait what? You... Saw..." Drake's eyes shift across the room, hoping to find something else to talk about, but once again his blade hisses. "What does she mean, Drak--"

"None of your business!"

"Wait... You weren't just talking to Noriko, were you?"

"Stay out of this Corruption!"

"Haha, who'd of thought you would end up with a partner... Cute"

Drake eventually gives up and looks back at Michiko, a nervous smile on his face. "Eeeh... It was nice, but did you seriously have to look into Noriko's room..." Drake's face has a hint of dread in it as he speaks.

Michiko has a playful smile. One he remembers all too well from Noriko. She's enjoying the moment. "Why but how else would I check up on my dear sister? I wished to see the face of my long lost sister again. Seeing you together snuggling like that...." She says with a sprinkling of joy and glee, "Oh that was priceless, so adorable.... I'll be sure to make a mural of it." Her eyes twinkle with amusement. "Maybe I'll send you two a copy."

"Yeaaaaa murals!" Noriko cheers.

The feeling of dread looms over Drake as he slumps on the sofa, the look of death is the only expression on his face. "...Oh yaaaay... Well... You two are certainly sisters, because you two have something in common... You make my life a pain for the first day or two..."

Noriko's head slides into view. "Awww we're only having a bit of fun! Don't be such a stiff!"

Michiko smiles. "Hmmm.... Anyway. I spoke with the family about finding Noriko, or at least, I sent them a message. I told them I wished to ask of you this, and so I shall. Will you accompany me to our home and visit us? You don't have to stay long, but it would be good of you to come. It would ease our hearts greatly. Will you come with me? We can spend a few days or even a week here if you so please, before we do so."

Noriko looks at Drake with her little eyes. "You're the big man here, what do you say?"

Drake sits up straight and thinks for a moment, his index finger tapping at his leg for a moment before a smile appears on his face. "Let's see, stay here, or meet the rest of Noriko's crazy family... Well, it'll certainly be more interesting meeting the rest of the family, so we'll do that."

Michiko nods. "We'll leave in a few days. I assume you have plans here first."

Noriko nods vigorously. "First of all, joining an awesome band! Second of all...." She looks down at her miniature clothes. "I forgot to bring extra clothes. This is all I've got. Sooo, shopping or.... uggh... borrowing...."

Michiko smiles. "Shopping. And I think we'll make that a priority over your little band. You can't hold a guitar like that."

Noriko puffs her cheeks. "Yes I can! Sheer determination and willpower shall prevail! Mind over matter!!!"

"Let's see it then."

".....Crud. Heh heh, I was just bluffing! Yeah, bluffing....."

Drake stands up and puts his hands in his pockets. "Ok, so first off, we'll get Tinkerbell here a couple sets of new clothes then we find her a band... This shouldn't be hard... Michiko, do you have any idea of where we can find a clothes store that suits Nori's style? Well, it shouldn't be that hard, just casual stuff I think... But I have a feeling finding a band who needs a guitarist and a singer might prove to be a bit difficult..."

"Well I am noblity, so there's no way I would possibly know where a clothes store is, considering my HORRIBLE sense of what good clothes are from my TERRIBLE quality of clothing...." Michiko says, adding on an extra layer of snooty to add to the effect and adding on a serious face.

Drake sighs and starts walking, still managing to keep the Lightning Fairy atop his head. "So I guess we're getting you clothes too, besides, there's bound to be at least one clothes shop in New Vince... Let's go then, sheesh, what is it with you women and clothes?"

Noriko makes a tiny laugh. "Uh I think she was being vaguely sarcastic...."

Michiko makes a small smile. "I do know a place, and no, I'm well off. I already have two walk in closets here full of clothes. Though I could always use a few new dresses..."

"Oh... Right, sarcasm aside, do you want to come along or not? And if not can you just tell us where a shop is... Please?" Drake asks while searching through his HSC for currency to pay for Noriko's clothing. "This is gonna cost a lot, isn't it... In fact, I thought you packed everything from Yosai..."

"I'll pay for it." Michiko says immediately.

Noriko looks guilty. "I DID, until Azula took notice of what I was up to... ....yeah... ....archangel hybrids are scary...."

Drake chuckles. "Apparently so... Ok, then let's go already." Drake stores away his HSC and pats Noriko before walking off, waiting at the entrance of the place for Michiko to lead them to the shop.

Michiko quietly takes the lead, though she does laugh quietly at his gesture, and takes them outside and starts walking down a sidewalk.

"So, how did you two meet, may I ask?" Michiko asks as she walks.

"Oh... That." Drake scratches the back of his head as he chuckles nervously. "Well, I went to Yosai to retrive someone since the person I was fighting with did a stupid move... I got there and was faced with these god-like creatures that beat the ever living hell out of me, so I was put in a tube for a while... That aside, when I was finally released out of that tube I was forced to work with Phoenix so I was stuck at Yosai. Then came along the yellowed hair hell that pestered me for the first couple days I was there, then after a while we just sorta... Became friends, we both had a tendency to prank the others."

Drake holds Noriko in his hand and strokes her back. "Which in turn caused us to be trapped in Noriko's room, she asked if after a battle we were supposed to do, if I were to come with her to Echo. And since I had nowhere else to go and having my trust in Noriko, I said yes. Then we were able to have a break, so we went to pay a visit to an old friend of ours, and we may or may not have got into a small argument but we did forgive each other... And then the battle happened and we ended up in Echo, and I guess that's when we just sorta came together."

"I tried to electrocute him!" She says in a tone a bit too happy about it.

"Yeah... And over something as small as a kiss on the cheek, which was a bit much on your part..." Drake chuckles and tickles Noriko with one finger. "But yeah, that's how we came to be, in a nutshell at least."

"No not again! No tickling! Please! No, stop! Don't make me shock you! Hahaha!" She laughs as he tickles her.

Michiko laughs quietly, and soon comes to a store entrance. "Here we are...."

Drake stops tickling Noriko, letting her flutter up to his shoulder as he walks into the shop, he takes a glance at the clothes before letting Noriko whizz around to pick some of her own clothing. "Thaks for paying for her, Michiko, I appreciate it."

Michiko watches the little fairy buzzing around. "It's not a problem. She is my long lost sister after all. Is there anything you would like to buy in the city?"

"No thanks, all I'm looking for is some mercenary work to pass the time... I don't really go shopping since my Holographic Storage Cube has everything I need, but if I had to be picky... I usually collect weapons, so I'm not sure what Echo uses, preferably melee, so if I can find someplace which sells that, I'll be pleased."

"Hmmm.... ...Well humans here won't have more than the standard fair, but Azure has use of energy weapons. Perhaps in a few days after we leave we can stop by there."

Noriko flies back to Michiko and she begins walking around, picking out various clothes. She also picks up some dresses, well, a lot of dresses. She also buys various socks and boots and gloves.

She then walks up to Drake and holds half of the bags.

"Help me take these back. There's a lot. They're heavy."

Drake rolls his eyes and picks up the bags with easy, a small smirk on his face. "They're not that heavy, you're just... Fragile." He then begins to follow Noriko around.

Noriko lands on his head, and begins playfully pulling some of his hair gently. Michiko leads them back to the apartment, where she looks up at Noriko.

"Now kindly go try on something. You don't want to be small the whole time do you-" Noriko surprisingly takes a bag and flies off with it at high speed, disappearing.

Drake chuckles and ruffles his hair back to normal then looks at Michiko. "She can become a handfull at times, but she's enjoyable to be around. Tell me, is there anyone else in the family that are like her?"

"I don't know what you could possibly be talking about," A small voice says on his shoulder, a blue fairy sitting on it, but no sign of Michiko. He then feels a sharp zap of blue lightning as it giggles.

Drake jolts up a bit as he glances at the small blue fairy, he then pluck her off of his shoulder and dangles her infront of him. "Ah, so even the most regal have a bit of childish in them, besides, my shoulders are reserved for Nori only." He playfully says before letting Michiko float about. "Your family are cetainlly gonna be overwhelming, aren't they?"

"Truly that is what 'regal' means in its finest fashion... a bunch of childish fools who act intentionally serious to the point of the absurd... and yes, that will be an eye opening experience... it is rather common practice to pull a prank in the morning..."

As she says this, a mouse appears and crawls into his shirt, an impish laugh coming from Michiko.

"Rather like that."

Drake squrims then pulls the mouse out of his shirt, he puts it on the floor and gives a cold stare to Michiko. Before chuckling as he clicks his fingers, a dragon made of fire the same size as Michiko starts to circle her. "Meet Sparky, he 'loves' to play games, right now he'd like to play tag, and you're it." A small devious smile grows on Drake's face.

Michiko teleports into his hair after making a chain of lightning around the dragon, causing it to be dragged into Drake's hair as well.

Drake begins to freak out and runs around the room, with the dragon closely following him. "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NOT THE HAIR NOT THE HAIR NOT THE HAIR!" Drake frantically looks around for water before remembering the pool room, he sprints as fast as he can and jumps in... Not realising the mistake he had just made.

He is shocked by Michiko's electricity for a few seconds before she pulls him out and sets him on the floor, having resumed her normal form seconds after hitting the water.

"Well... that was interesting." She says with a hint of amusement.

"Is... My hair ok? I'm sure Nori will freak if I were bald..." Drake then heats himself up hot enough for the water to evaporate off of him, he then sits up and sighs before laughing. "Ok, gotta remind myself not to jump in water while a lightning fairy is in my hair... Thanks for getting me out."

"You're very much welcome. Now all we need is a tuxedo and a bow tie. Then we'll have a true gentleman on our hands..." She says with a teasing smile.

Drake smirks. "I'm far from a gentleman Michiko, I'm basically a killer... But thanks for the compliment, and if anything, I prefer a normal tie to a bow tie... It's nice to be considered someone with high class, but it just wouldn't suit me."

Michiko looks toward the entrance of the pool room. "Noriko should be almost ready. I can practically feel the anticipation in the air."

Drake chuckles and stands up, turning his head towards the entrance. "This is gonna be something, isn't it... I wonder what Noriko has chosen to wear, knowing her personality... Bright, loud and in your face." He says in a jokingly tone.

"Ahem.... ....HELLO EVERYBODY!!!" Noriko booms from behind him, the pool so dangerously close as she hangs upside down behind Drake's head.

"Speaking of loud and in your face..." Drake turns around to look at Noriko, he pecks a small kiss onto her forehead as he smiles. "Hey there Little Miss Noisey, how do you feel in your new clothes?"

She hugs his head playfully, wearing a red jacket with a brown shirt underneath, and also a brown skirt, slightly longer than the one before. She also wears steel lined boots and rubber lined gloves.

"They're nice. ....But why did you buy me dresses Michiko?"

Michiko has an impish grin.

"...I have to wear 'em, don't I?"

"Hahah, the little lightning fairy has to look royal, that's gonna be hilarious to see... Princess Noriko, that's something I can't wait to witness" Drake laughs as he strokes Noriko's hair, before looking back at Michiko. "And now that leaves us with getting Noriko a band..."

Noriko flips and lands on her feet and mysteriously pulls out her guitar and is about to let off a riff, when Michiko swipes the guitar and holds it away from Noriko as she tries to grab it back.

"There will be no practice in the apartment. We have neighbors you know, and the staff rather dislikes that sort of music... ...for the sake of not having an angry mob, I ask you don't do that."

Noriko pouts. "Awwwwww....."

"...Where did that guitar... Nevermind, so is there somewhere Noriko can practice? We also need a place where she can audition for a band, don't we?"

Michiko closes her eyes. "Not in the apartments... but follow me if you're ready. There is a place they hand out tryout posters." She hands Noriko back the guitar and begins walking out.

Drake nods and begins to follow Michiko, before turning his head at Noriko. "C'mon, let's get you a band Nori... Let's hope your stagefright is gone."

She nods, and follows Michiko and Drake as she leads them out into the city, and they eventually reach a plaza with a lot of noticeboards. Michiko indicates one of the boards.

"If there's a band looking for someone, they'll post it here." Michkio says quietly.

Drake takes a look at some of the posters, picking some out for a moment before pulling Noriko over. "Any of these take to your liking?"

Noriko looks at the band name and blinks. "...Epicos? ....I wonder if they're even a professional band.... ....I guess it's a possibility though... ....can't imagine too many opportunities exists...."

Drake sniggers at the name. "Epicos... With a name like that, I doubt they're professional... But nevertheless, it's a shot." Drake looks at the number below and sighs. "Great, of all the things... Do either of you two have a phone?"

Michiko is already calling the number quietly with a slight smirk on her face. "The two of you don't have phones? That's ok, I got this today. They aren't much use outside Azure and New Vince."

"I obviously don't have a phone since... Nevermind, I wonder what the people are like, I've seen singers on Earth... Oh how I'd love to kill them... Uuuh, anyways." He turns to look at Noriko. "Here goes nothing?"

"Hello? Who is it?"

"My name is Michiko of Moonlight Shire. Perhaps you've heard of me? If not, it rather doesn't matter, though I'd question your knowledge base if you don't know of a patron of fine arts such as myself... ...regardless. I'm calling in favor of someone who is rather interested in the position offered at the noticeboards. This is the band 'Epicos' I'm speaking to, correct?" Michiko says in her more regal tone of voice.

"Uggghhm Ok. Can't believe someone actually called. not everyone really pays attention to the posters. But yes, we are in need of of someone with vocal singing talent."

"Good. I rather hate wrong numbers. It is rather awkward. My sister, the one I am calling for, I am told is rather good at singing, as well as the guitar. Though I suppose that is rather left up to you, is it not? If you need to ask questions, she is here with me. If not, is there a place you'd prefer to meet?"

"We got two guitar plays, so I doubt we'll need another. You gotta hear the drums too, ya know? But you can meet us at our house. Ugh we live in the suburban areas. We'll be the ones with an open garage door. Since we're not exactly good with addresses."

Michiko looks over at Drake with annoyed eyes and mouths, She then looks back over at the phone. "....Pardon me asking, but do you happen to be ready for us.... as in now?"

"You wouldn't have called if you weren't ready. We'll see you whenever, during the day." Hangs up

Michiko smiles quietly. "I hope they don't mind surprises.... I managed to trace their call..."

She touches Noriko and Drake, and a spark of electricity goes off before they follow the trail of the call to the house in question, appearing outside the garage in a small bolt of lightning.

"Apologizes for the shocking entrance, but I rather hate guessing games. You do know the odds of another garage door open are very likely, no?" She says in her regal manner.

Three guys are inside a garage filled with custom guitars and various band albums. They are just sitting their with the instruments next to them. Two are sitting in chairs with their guitars by their side and one is behind a drum set twirling a stick, he also 'boos' Michiko for the pun.

"Glad you can drop on by."

"My pleasure. And really? 'Boo?' I could come up with better insults." She shakes her head lightly, before looking at Noriko.

"This is my sister, Noriko. Shocking, I know. She was not raised to the rest of the family standard. Probably explains why she likes the guitar and I rather like the violin. Anyway. She is a good singer and guitarist, so I've heard at least from Drake here." She indicates Drake with a nod of her head.

"Before I leave you to it, there isn't any animosity towards Mythos within any of you, I would hope? I would hate to leave my sister in the hands of 'lesser minded individuals'."

"We don't hate Myths, More like....they're just...really dangerous. You know...some are quite reckless and could end all society if they wanted to, but you know. We're willing to give them a chance."

"Ok. Then ground rules: A. Never, and I mean NEVER let her touch electric equipment without rubber gloves. B. If she is in water, do NOT go in the water with her. You'll get electrocuted. and C.... ....She likes to 'tease' people. ...Mostly men. You'll see eventually. Be prepared for anything, because if she's anything like me she will have a prank ready for you after the first day."

Michiko smiles. "That said, should we go and wait until you're done, or should we stay?"

"I mean we ain't doin' anything. Show us what you got."

Noriko nervously starts to sing, making Michiko have a small smile of amusement as Noriko avoids looking at them as she sings, unsure of herself at the moment.

The three guys begin to slowly play their instruments according to the way she's singing.

Noriko continues to sing, with a bit more confidence now, her eyes still nervous though.

They guys seems to be enjoying the rhythm they're making.

Noriko finishes the song she was singing and looks up at them nervously.

They all applaud Noriko

"Astonishing. Exactly what we need."

She blinks then bows her head. "Thank you.... ....did your really like it?" She asks.

They all nod their head in gleeful agreement

"So... am I in then?"

"Well seeing your singing was astonishing and we all applauded and since we have no other volunteers, I say a definite yes. Yes you are in."

Michiko looks at them for a moment. "Now that that's settled, will you all be practicing for a while? If that is the case I can leave and get her later."

"We can begin practicing whenever she feels ready."

Noriko makes an attempt to smile. "I'm ready now... ...I think..."

"Alright then. Strap up, boys. We gotta piece to play."

The other two get their instruments in hand and ready to play.

While they get ready, Michiko looks over at Drake. "I believe we can let them handle it from here." She looks at the band. "I will be back to pick her up for the evening in a few hours, enjoy yourselves but stay out of trouble. It would be... ...most unfortunate if I had to severely punish you... take care now."

She places a hand on Drake's shoulder, and they disappear in a bolt of lightning.

"And there they go threatning us. See what I mean? I mean, we maybe human, but we ain't like the rest. We're only in our twenties. But besides that, lets get started."

Begin to make a an amazing rift rhythm and begin to jam to their own beat. "Come in whenever you're ready."

She eventually comes in once she feels the mood of the song. Privately she wishes she could be playing an instrument to keep her hands busy....

 To Whom... Edit

Michiko teleports them to a rather different place, as Drake becomes aware of a completely different layout and a massive amount of debris and new construction appears to be underway.

Drake takes a look around before kicking a small stone across the floor, he then turns his head towards Michiko and asks. "Hmm? Where are we?"

"Azure. What's left of it anyway. They've been busy with repairs for a while. I remembered I have business on behalf of my parents. We could see while we're here if you would like to take up a mercenary position here."

Drake's eyes shift across at the construction. "Azure, eh? So this is where Kado used to be, I better not be following in his footsteps... Then again I do need to entertain myself somehow with missions, so I guess this'll do for now, although I wonder who commands Azure... So what happened here?"

"A machine called a CRAzy, controlled by the organization M.C.C.P. completely wiped out the entire city. We have been rebuilding for weeks." A woman's voice says, and Drake's attention is brought to a woman with short violet hair in the front, but long and tied in the back into a ponytail. Her eyes are initially black with white pupils, but they become normal eyes with a green color quickly. She appears to be dressed in combat attire, a slightly tired expression on her face.

"I am the current leader, de facto at the moment, but I've been leading the efforts of reconstruction. Would your name happen to be Drake? My name is Oliv Walker."

"The MCCP... Yeah, I remember seeing those things around their base, don't look so threatening but if they can cause this much damage then I'm impressed..." Pondering on the strength of these CRAzys, he completely forgets about Oliv for a brief moment, but soon remembers and dives his hands into his pockets. "Drake Ryunexo, mercenary for hire, and what the hell just happened to your eyes?"

"I'm a shapeshifter. Things like changing our eye color is effortless. In fact, I did not realize I changed it actually. This world is full of shapeshifters, and spirits and elementals, there are more races than just those three, but they are minority races. We knew about you since you first came into contact with Kado and Azula, but that said, we didn't know much. You more or less match what Azula told us though. So you're a merc then?"

"Azula... Right, her... Uhh, yeah, I'm a merc looking to kill some boredom. But it depends on what missions you're gonna send me on, if it's to take down some thief or some low level work then count me out." Drake rests his hand on Kurai's handle as he awaits a response.

"You wish we had only scum of the earth thieves to deal with... in the wake of the disaster several prison compounds were broken, allowing for escapes in mass. We have a lot of wounded soldiers from the war effort, and these recent gangs have holed up everywhere, with varying degrees of threat levels. Including some of Azure's old time rivals back when we were just a movement on the streets. Some of them are terrorists, some are murderous maniacs... that and the looting that occurs, there's a lot we have to do to keep order, whatever's left of it anyway."

Drake smirks. "So, prisoners, gangs, rivals, terrorists and murderers... Yeah, that'll be easy, just point my in the direction and I'll head off, I'm getting a bit anxious just standing around doing nothing." He unsheathes Kurai and swings and spins it around his hand, impatient.

"There IS a group of gangs out in the mountains we know causes trouble at night, but we've yet to find all of their hideouts. Every time we clean out a cave, they're back in action before you can sneeze."

"Alright, so go to the mountains, seek these gangs out and take care of them... Should I leave a warning if any gangs go around those parts again?"

"Yes, if you could, though you could collapse the caves. I'd hate to destroy them, but if that is what must be done, that is a possibility."

Drake looks towards the mountains, sheathing Kurai then begins making his way towards his destination before turning to look at Oliv and Michiko. "Don't worry about the caves, I'll find a way to keep them away without collapsing them, just make sure if a CRAzy comes around, tell me as soon as you can. I wanna show those MCCP scum how pathetic they really are!" And without another word, he enters his Half Dragon form and flies off.

Michiko looks at Oliv. "A rambunctious one, though he's quite amusing. Probably why dear sister is fond of him so. Shall we discuss the latest order of business?"

Oliv looks at Drake flying off. "Yeah... sure..." The two walk off, heading toward Azure's temporary headquarters.

Closer to the mountains, Drake can see many mini valleys and passes hidden within the seemingly seamless wall of rock he had seen from the city, the mountains are deceptively more complex than he imagined. On occasion, he can pick out a few secluded homesteads in the foothills.

Drake perches himself on one of the lower peaks and scans the area for gang members, after a moment of looking he gives up and flies down to one of the homesteads. "These are probably empty due to the commotion that's been going on... Wait, I need to focus, where the hell could the caves be..." Drake flies up into the sky again and takes a second scan at the area to find any openings to caves but to no avail, he then looks back at the homestead and sighs. "Curiosity killed the cat..." Drake then flies back down and enters the homestead, taking a quick glance at everything.

Eventually, he finds a small girl in one of the rooms, looking at him in alarm. "Ah-ah-ah! Mom! Mom! Mom! There's a strange man in the house! Help! Mommy! Help!" She cries out, starting to run.

Drake simply sighs and finds a chair to sit in as he waits for the family. "I guess I can at least get directions to the caves, the mountain paths are more complex than I thought.."

A gun presses against his head, as ten armed men burst into view, all wielding energy guns. One of them smirks.

"Interesting isn't it, the wolf crying wolf...." He chuckles crudely.

Drake begins to laugh as he glances at the men. "Oh yeah, I forgot that shapeshifters are deceiving... So you must be the gang members..." Drake then looks at the weapon and smirks. "You call that an energy weapon? Wow, Echo is so behind on technology it's embarrassing to see them being used, then again I guess Cyanic was behind a bit as well... But not to the point of using these as 'weapons'"

They look at each other, then crack a dark smile collectively. "Ah screw it, didn't care about the bitch and her micro bitches anyway. Hey Cecil! Come on already!" They oddly run off out of the house, and Drake's confusion is replaced with alarm when he sees a man running towards him, laughing with absolute insanity as he is absolutely covered in explosives, and is rapidly approaching the house even as the explosives are preparing to explode.

"Bitch and micro bit-- ...Oh shit!" Drake quickly gets out of the house to confront the psycho, his smirk gone replaced with anger as he charges towards Cecil. "Bastard bastard bastard bastard BASTARD!" He unsheathes Kurai and decapitates him, grabbing his body and throwing it at the men just as the explosives go off. He then jumps onto the house and looks around for any surviviors from the explosion, growling. "Come on you bastards... Show yourselves..."

One of the men had an energy shield attached to his arm that has shielded the others from the explosion. He points a high powered laser at Drake and smirks. "It looks like you've got a nice toy there buddy." He fires the laser.

Drake springboard jumps off of the roof, dodging the laser only narrowly. He then sprints towards the men, continuing to dodge the lasers until he's up close, where his Shadow Pistol digitizes in his free hand. "Stupid shapeshifters... You don't fuck with a Ryunexo!" In a series of acrobatic, free form and parkour inspired movements, Drake dodges every single attack and returns with bullets and slashes which picks off the men one by one. Until there's only three left, Drake then jumps back and looks at them as his Shadow Pistol digitizes back into his HSC. "So, three versus one... That's too unfair, for you idiots at least."

Suddenly Cecil's head pops into view. "KEEHEHEHHEHEHE!" He cackles insanely as he suddenly bites into Drake's face.

Drake rips Cecil's head off of him, the men can see into Drake's muscles. He growls as he tilts his head down, speaking to himself. "Alright, you can take this..." To the mens surprise, they see the veins in open wounds change to black, same with his eyes which turn the whole eye black.

"So, now you let me control... Ah well, this'll be interesting to prey on pathetic weaklings..." 

'Don't get ahead of yourself Corruption, just y'know... Kill them.' 

Corruption, who now controls Drake's body, tilts his head up to look at the men. A demonic smile grows on his face, the men seeing his draconic fangs. Corruption then looks down at Cecil's head and presses his foot against it, crushing it with no effort, he then walks towards the men. Black slick tendrils forming out of Corruption's back as he laughs, when one of the men fire his laser it just forms a whole in Drake, but regenerates infront of their eyes. "So you're Drake's targets... Easy pickings..." 

The men suddenly look alarmed, though not at Corruption, but he definately doesn't seem to be helping.  

"Oh GOOOOOOOD, that thing is HIDEOUS!!!" They scream, as suddenly a mass of blood, skin, muscle, organs, and bone attacks them and eats them with a monstrous disfigured jaw. Upon doing so, it gurgles and pops with sickening noises until it takes the form of Cecil, who starts laughing his head off. 

Corruption looks at Cecil. "Using others for the gain of yourself... I bet corruption runs through your bloodstream..." Corruption flicks his finger towards Cecil, causing a massive black spike the crash out of the ground and impale his shoulder and abdomen. Corruption then walks up to Cecil and looks in his eyes, narrowing his own as he pokes Cecil's chest. "...Yeah, you do, then this will be easy." Corruption flicks Cecil, causing a barrage of black tendrils to stab and blast Cecil away.

The little bits and pieces still around slither and weave together into a small fleshy ball, and it swiftly begins rolling away into the mountains, a tiny cackling filling the air as it escapes. 

"Calm down Drake, I've passed a little 'present' inside him, I can track him but for now you need to tend to the people inside the homestead..." Corruption stands still as he lets Drake regain control over his body, he then shakes the sensation off and enters the homestead, looking around until he finds the mother and two girls. "Ah, here you are..." Drake then uses Kurai to cut the rope off of the family.

The woman looks at him gratefully. "Thank you very much sir, I was so worried... is there anything I can do to repay you?" 

"Not personally... I suggest getting everyone you can out of this area and to somewhere safe, I have a feeling these gang members will come for innocents like you three. Now pack your valuables and leave as fast as you can, and make sure you have someone to guard your group." 

"We will, thanks again." She and the children hurry off.  

Drake walks out the house and enters his Half Dragon form and follows Corruption's implant in Cecil, which leads him to the caves. Drake lands and takes a glance at the opening. "So it's in here... This mission just got interesting, hasn't it." Drake tightens his grip on Kurai and enters the cave.

As he walks, the stone starts to feel weird, sticky and strangely squishy... 

Drake comes to a standstill and takes a look around, he then places a hand on the wall. "Strange... Feels like flesh - Oh no..." Drake creates a torrent of flames all around the cave, setting the flesh ablaze, he then sprints down the cave as fast as he can. Slicing as much flesh as he can before reaching an end.

A voice echoes through the cave, laughing wickedly. A large open room he comes into, covered by the slimy flesh. As he races into it, the way he came is covered up by a thick wall of muscle. 

"Kehehehehe..... Sssssoooo.... to whom.... do I owe this pleasure of dining upon tonight?" Cecil's deranged voice echoes everywhere. 

"God you're starting to get on my nerves... Drake Ryunexo, you disgusting fuck... And don't count on eating me, I'll just burn you." Drake takes a look around the fleshy room. "So what are you?" 

"Why a shapeshifter of course... with some spider dna... kekehehe... and speaking of 'eat!'" "Nomnomnomnomnom!" A large maw opens up next to Drake and starts biting his leg with razor sharp teeth. 

Drake manages to pull his leg out and begins to fly in the air, creating a black explosive fireball while doing so, he then throws it down the maw, watching it explode as smoke pours out. Drake takes a moment for his leg to regenerate, his eyes glancing at the hideous opening. "Ugh... Great so I'm trapped in here..." 

"Hmmmm.... tasted like C4.... no wait... that was just plain old dark spooky magic and some ash and smoke... awwww.... it was awesome when they tried to blow me up... that was a close one though.... kueheheheueueue.... so what next? More explosives? Not my favorite appetizer, but it works..." 

A large blob of flesh rises up from the ground, slowly bubbling and gurgling into a rough humanoid shape. 

"Haaaaaaaahahahahaha... this prey is eccentric, this, 'Drake Ryunexo'!" 

Drake's expression grows angrier and angrier as he glares at the humanoid, he drops down in front of him and growls. "How DARE you!" Drake slashes the humanoid's chest wide open and puts his hands in the wound pushes outwards, ripping the humanoid in two. "I AM THEE DRAKE RYUNEXO YOU PATHETIC BEING!" 

The two halves wobble for a moment, then grow teeth on both halves and it zips back together, the teeth biting all the way through his arm as they connect together. The shape becomes much more solid, and Cecil regains his previous form, laughing harder than ever. 

Drake smirks as he fades into little specks of fire, confusing Cecil, Drake then appears behind him covered in tribal markings. Chuckling to himself as his wounds regenerate, he then thrusts his hands opened palmed to the ground. Causing a liquid chemical to form and corrode through the flesh, Drake then creates a dome around himself and laughs."This little substance is a special chemical I made back on Cyanic, made to enhance the effects of hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide... I like to call it Venenum's Touch, as it corrodes and dissolves any foreign human materials, as for me I can touch it and be unharmed... Good luck freakshow." Drake's eyes flash white as rune circles appear everywhere but inside the dome, they then open as the corrosive liquid pours out, flooding the room.

The liquid dissolves the flesh block in the cave entrance, causing it to start draining, as Cecil twists his form into a bat like creature. 

Drake looks at Cecil and smirks, unsheathing Kurai as his other hand sets ablaze with black fire. "Oh what's the matter? Was that too much for you?" Drake then flies up at Cecil and grabs hold of him and impales him with Kurai while setting Cecil on fire, dragging him down to the floor where Drake slams him down. "Alright so what will it be? Shall I just incinerate you or be more elaborate and use one of my many spells to dispose of you... Actually, let's make a little test..." Drake kicks Cecil in the face, dazing him for a moment, allowing Drake to take a step back and create an energy cube around the dazed thing. He then takes out his HSC and clicks his fingers, causing the cube Cecil's in to have Cyanic symbols and a symbol of a lock on it. It then shrinks down and goes into the HSC, Drake laughs as he stores the HSC away and makes his way out of the cave. "I say that's mission complete..." 

Drake hears a rapid beeping noise... 

Drake's eyes widen as he realises what the beeping belongs to, and in an instant, he begins to run as fast as he can, but with all the explosives going at once, he's caught right in the center of the blasts, which causes the cave to crumble on him. After the smoke disappears, Drake groans as he tries to make his way out of the rubble. "Ow... Oooow... Ow ow ow... Fuck you bombs... Fuck you..." After he manages to make his way out of the rubble, he makes his way back to the Azure headquarters.

When he arrives at the command tent, Michiko looks up. "Oh look, he's back. You certainly look beaten up. What happened, did you stumble into a mountain bear's den?" 

Drake smirks as he opens the HSC and shows Cecil roaming a white room. "I stumbled upon freakshow's den... But he's smart, sorta, he hid some bombs and tried a last ditch effort... Stupid thing... So where's Oliv?" 

Oliv is sitting across from Michkio in a chair, and blinks in surprise. "You've got to be kidding me. You actually caught Cecil?! He's been running amok for weeks now... and the mere fact you're alive and not mentally scarred for life, well..." She chuckles for a moment. "Here." She tosses a small bag at Drake. "This is your payment." 

Drake catches it and stores it in the HSC. "Not a bad payment, would of preferred better but ah well... So any more missions? Or are we relaxing for a while?" 

Oliv sighs. "You've already done a great service for us by capturing Cecil. He's one of our worst enemies. When we were starting out, he was one of the worst gang lords in the city, and took us many years to finally nail him. For good. For years we'd get close to catching him, yet somehow that son of a bitch just wouldn't keep still and always got away. It's good that you got him. You can look for more criminals, there's plenty of them, or you can relax a bit if you want. It matters not to me. The extra help is always appreciated." 

Drake sits down against a piece of rock and stays quiet for a moment before looking at Oliv and asking her a question. "Say... Kado was in Azure, right? What was he exactly like, I'm guessing he was still all serious, doom and gloom." 

"He lived here ever since he was fifteen. From earliest records he was incredibly unstable, in fact the police force ended up looking for him for a while because of random and uncontrollable rampages. If he wasn't violently killing, he was just roaming the streets, or being almost incapable of movement from his own weakness. 

When he met Azula, and before the attack that destroyed Azure, he became much more collected and it was probably when he started being passionate and fighting for what he believed in. He was much more naive when we started out, but he grew to be a bit more moody as he got older and Azure had to endure tougher times. He believed in himself and what he was fighting for, but now I'm afraid it's anyone's guess if he'll ever find stability again. He is a good person, he's just... ...lost his way." 

Drake chuckles as he stands back up. "Meh, I doubt that he'll go so far off the rails, I mean he can be high strung but he knows what's right and wrong. He fights for what he believes in and surprisingly does have a heart, however if he strays too far from the path he's destined on then I'm gonna have to kick his ass back on that path as many times as it takes." Drake then begins to walk away, laughing once more. "Besides, he's already beaten me in a fight once, and I don't intend on losing the next time our blades clash!" 

Michiko smirks as he leaves. "Going to fight more cave bears? Or perhaps you would like to return to New Vince?" 

Drake turns to look at Michiko and nods. "Yeah, New Vince will be nice. I'd like to see how Nori's holding up with the band thing." 

Michiko has a small smile. "Very well, we shall go. Another time, Oliv. Take care of things while I am gone." She zaps herself and Drake, disappearing. 

Oliv sighs. "That kid is certainly an interesting guy... ...certainly determined though." 

 The (Not So) Epic Week Edit

Monday Edit

Tippy: *backhands his palm repeatedly while alternating between Chaz and Morsel’s faces*

Chaz: Hey man, don’t be backhanding me. Back hand this fool. He was the one snickerin’.

Morsel: *snickers*

Chaz: But you can’t blame us though, that backstory did sound abit too fairy-tale…like. Also if anything, this fool over here should be the one getting pissed at, not me. I was only quoting why he was laughing.

Morsel: *chuckles*

Chaz: Anyway, I’m off to pay the bills. Eat up the pizza and make sure you guys clean up too. *heads out through the garage door*

Tippy: *counts  3-2-1 with his fingers*

Chaz: *comes back in* Forgot. *picks up a wooden police baton that resembles a tanto* Never leave the house unarmed…without a hand-held weapon. *exits out the garage door again*

Tippy and Morsel begin to finish eating up the rest of the pizza.

Chaz is at the Utilities building. He takes out a check and hands it to a lady behind a wide window desk. He walks out and looks at the scenery of New Vince. He then looks at some poor children play ball on the street and some are hurt. He then has a slightly sadden look on his face.

Chaz: I remember when me and my brothers were like them…Atleast we still had our house.

As he continues walking, he sees some older guys around his age if not slightly younger antagonizing a few young children. The younger looks up at Chaz, hoping that he can help them out of their situation, but the older children take notice of him and notions towards him menacingly. Chaz looks at them for a moment and walks off to the children’s great disappointment. The older guys turn back to the children and one of them takes out a switchblade and pulls it back. One of the children closes their eye’s tight and waits, but nothing happens, until the child opens his eyes back up and looks at the other two, whose mouths and eyes are wide open in awe. The boy looks down at the older guy that was about to strike him. He’s on the ground with the switchblade in his neck and blood is sliding down hi neck. The boy looks up and sees Chaz with the sun right behind his head. Chaz then turns to leave.

Chaz comes up on a Men’s Warehouse shop and looks at the slick suits and smirks in delight. He walks through the door and almost immediately, he has a gun pointed at his head by a robber and the robber pushes him on his knees.

Chaz: *sees another robber at the front counter point his gone at the cashier as he is trying to open the register* Want me to put my hands behind my head, robber?

Robber 1: That would be nice.

Chaz: Must admit. You two must have some balls to actually rob a bank in…evening, wow. Never heard of that before.

Robber 1: We all got to make a living. Even if its in the most dirtiest of ways.

Chaz: You just made yourself sound like one kinky bastard.

Rober 1: Hey, keep quite, you!

Chaz: Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to cause any hostility in my words towards you. Umm, names Chaz. *puts his hand forth for a handshake and a tiny silent revolver slides out to where the front is seen and a silent shot can be heard*

Robber 1: *stands there for a moment until he looks down at his chest and sees a bloody hole in it. He looks back up and stumbles back and hits the counter and falls down dead*

Robber 2: *loos down at his partner in horror*

Chaz: *rushes at the other robber and grabs his wrist and twists it, making the robber drop the gun. He then forces the robber on his knees and has him in a one-armed choke hold. He reaches behind him and pulls out a tanto knife and has it against the robbers neck and instantly draws it back and blood splatters over the cashier’s face and on the counter. He lets the robber fall and picks out 3 outfits and lay them on the counter, then opens up his wallet* How much do I owe you?

Cashier: *is still awe-struck*..Uggggh…no…no you don’t, yo-…you can take them….just…take ‘em.

Chaz: Really? Thanks! You might wanna throw those guys in your dumpster and say you don’t know how they got there. Might also wanna clean up the blood too, while you’re at it.

Cashier: Yea….okay…

Chaz walks out the store and comes up to the entrance to the cemetery and enters. He walks through the tombstones and stops at one specific tombstone and looks down on it.

Chaz: *stares at it for a moment before closing his eyes then squeezing them shut. He opens them back up again*…I’m sorry…*walks out of the cemetery and back towards home*

Tippy: *gets a black bowling with two turquoise lines down the sides with the cursive text saying ‘Sexy Chaz” and puts it in-between a vice grip and cranks the lever to hold it into place. He gets an iron mask and puts it on his head for now*

Morsel: *takes a chainsaw and starts it up*

They both look at each other and nods. They both put on their iron mask and Morsel is about to saw into the bowling ball, until Chaz walks in and the three brothers look at each other for a moment awkwardly as the chainsaw hums over the very surface of the bowling ball.

Chaz: Really? This is what you do? I go off off payin’  bills and this is what you think of me?

Tippy and Morsel lift up their iron masks.

Chaz: *nods* Yea. Great to know. *walks through the door to the kitchen*

Tippy: *counts 3-2-1 with his fingers*

Chaz: *walks back in the garage and yanks his bowling ball out the vice grip and walks back into the kitchen*

The three begin to sleep up the house and put a few things back into place aswell of picking up some trash and dumping it out. After awhile it’s nighttime and their all laying on the roof of their house, looking up at the magnificent night sky.

Chaz: always nice, huh guys?

The other two nod with a small smile on their faces.

Chaz: It’s so amazing how bright those stars shine, and it looks like we could just…reach them…There’s so many of them…and there’s so little of us…How their so much…higher than we are…You know, I don’t say this alot, but I love you guys. I really do. We’re all that’s left of our family and there are those who are so, lucky to be looked after…they never have to worry about the problems that we have. People like we were back then…are struggling…even now, they’re still scavenging for food and are homeless on the streets…I seem them…so do everyone else…but they don’t do anything for them, when it’s so apparent that they need it. They walk by only concerned for their own lives when there are people who haven’t lived like others have…those people are forced to do evil things and once their busted, it’s all their fault…like we're what's wrong with this world...People like the upper-class and the mid-class over look people like us…They can provide for themselves and more and don’t even think about those who could use it to get themselves a job or even a plate of pizza…they wave their power around and expect us to fear them, to let them know where our place is in this life…That’s what they have to intimidate us…power…like we’re so…insignificant…like we don’t even matter…that whatever we do, won’t do a single thing…like we’re so weak…I don’t like feeling that way…And I know we don’t like feeling that way, but I know the dangers maybe way worst than we have faced before…dangers that could scare us to death or be out of hand….that could mean the end of all things…but there’s no doubt in my mind that we can take it. Right guys? *looks over at Tippy and Morsel fast asleep.* *sighs and looks back up at the stars*Thanks for listening, Chaz. Your welcome, Chaz.

Tuesday Edit

Chaz: *is looking through newspaper, clipping out coupons*

Morsel: *is in the living room area watching America’s Top Model*

Chaz: *clips out one coupon* Huh, what’s this now? Message, huh? At the hotel too. Hm. Hey guys ‘Im off to ma’ first massage. Don’t wait up and Morsel no jacking in the living room.

Morsel: *zips up his pants and folds his arms*

Chaz: *is at the front lobby* I am here for a massage in Room 306.

Secretary: Oh sure thing, just go right up.

Chaz: Thanks. *heads into the elevator and presses the 2nd floor button and waits* I wonder if anyone ever feel asleep in an elevator before? *Steps out once the elevator stops on the 2nd floor and knocks on a door labeled ‘206’ and knocks*

A guy opens the door. The guy is pudgy and is only wearing a man-kini, a French-hat, furred tassel, and is drinking a bottle of root beer. He gives Chaz a light smirk.

Chaz: *looks at him awkwardly, then checks back in his coupon* Ooooohhhh, 306.

Chaz makes it to the 3rd floor and and knocks on the door 306. A man wearing white opens the door.

Chaz: Yea, I’m here for the $2.00 off massage.

Man: Come on in, please.

Chaz: *walks in and looks at in* sure like the color khaki.

Man: Well you’re face is gonna be in a face-rest pillow, so hopefully you don’t have to look at it for too long. *gets a towel and gives it to Chaz* Remove your clothes except whatever you got under your pants and come out in here when you’re ready.

Chaz comes out shirtless and pants less and lays down on the massage bed.

Man: *puts some moisturizer on his hands* now I must tell you that some weird things happen when first having a massage.

Chaz Oh?

Man: Like gas.

Chaz: *is confused* Ugh…ok?

Man: and erections.

Chaz: Hm…

Man: Ok. Let’s begin.

Chaz: *lays his head in the face-rest pillow*

Man: *slaps his hands on Chaz’s back and couple seconds later, farts*

Chaz: *lifts his head up in confusion* Well atleast you didn’t get a…*feels something poke his waist* Ump, there it is…Now that I think of it *gets up and begins to walk out* I’m running late for a meeting with an imaginary friend I never had up until right now at the park, so I’m going to half to skip the the massage. Thanks anyway, though. *walks out and closes the door and as he turns around, he bows his head in shame. Turns back around and knocks on the door*

Chaz’s clothes are tossed at him through the door. Chaz enters the open elevator and as he looks to his right, sees the guy from Room 206 still making that smirk at him as the elevator door closes. Chaz walks off through the lobby and outside, still wearing his towel. As he walks some people stare at him weird, some ladies marvel at his build and other laugh while recording him walking down the street.

Chaz: *enters the house and looks into the living room and sees the T.V. gone. He opens the door to one of the rooms and sees the T.V. on with America's Top Model running and Morsel is sitting in a chair in front of the T.V.*

Morsel: *slowly turns arounds slowly with an expression that shows that he knows he's busted*

Chaz: Ok....Ok I see how this is now...You just go on and do this behind ma'  back, huh? Ok that's....sure nice to know....

Morsel: *attempts to get up*

Chaz: Nah, you go one's stoppin' ya'. *closes the door and heads up to the attic, there he sees Tippy writing on a massive calk board with alot of mathmatics and equations* Tips...

Tippy: *turns toward him and he wearing glasses and already has stubble on his face*

Chaz: Dude, It's only been an 1/4 of the day. How did you grow stubble that fast? I mean, you're 14.

Tippy: *continues to write on the board while drinking a Monster enrgy drink*

Chaz: Hey! *slaps the Monster out of Tippy's hand* What'd I say about drinking Monster.

Tippy: *is twitching abit*

Chaz: *takes the chalk out of Tippy's hand and snaps it in two* Dude, stop finding the Concept Equation . Things like that can't be explained.

Tippy: *pokes at his head*

Chaz: I know you've witnessed it, but it's cutting away at you slowly, ok? You need to go downthere and shave and drink two cups of water.

Tippy: *shakily nods his head*

Chaz: Good. *slaps his shoulder* Go on ahead. *points to the bathroom behind Tippy*

Tippy: *goes into the bathroom and closes the door*

Chaz: *goes downstairs and sits at the table looking at more coupons, then thinks for a moment* know...I haven't tried this one thing...*gets up, puts his clothes on and heads back out into the city*

Chaz makes it to a spa and enter

Counter-Top Lady: Is there something I can help you with, sir?

Chaz: Yes, I am here to get my ass waxed.

Counter-Top Lady: Alright, take a seat and I'll be right with you. *heads into the back*

Chaz: *sits down and begins to read the news. One particular headline catches his attention, 'Criminals take advantage of the Damage'* Hmmm....*reads a little bit more on the article on how many renounced criminals, gang leaders, hustlers, terrorists, and so forth escaped due to the damage to Azure* Holy hell...So that means...*facepalms himself* Ichabeezer...*sighs* Well it's a good thing I'm getting my ass waxed today.

The lady comes back. "Right this way, sir." The lady leads Chaz to a room with a single massage table. "You stay right here and I will be right with you." She leaves out the room.

Chaz: Uuuummmm...*looks at the table* What am I supposed to do?.......Hmmmmm. If I'm going to have my ass waxed, what is the best position I should be in?

10 minutes later

The lady returns to see Chaz on his hands and knees,pants-less, on the table.

Chaz: *looks over his shoulder and sees the lady with an awkward look*

Counter-Top Lady: Oh no, silly. You're supposed to lay on your back and your legs up and opened.

Chaz: Well your cheerful ass should told me that before you left the room!

Counter-Top Lady: Hold these. *lifts his testicles up so that Chaz can hold them*

Chaz: Really chick? Did you just hand me my own balls? Did you hand own balls? Well hell, lady! Might as well blow me while you're at it! *after awhile gets nervous*

Counter-Top Lady: It's ok, it's ok.

Chaz: You ain't the one gettin' your ass waxed.

The lady begins to put the hot wax all on his rear-end and in the crack.

Chaz: You better not prod my butthole with that stick, chick! I swear man, I never smacked a chick in my life. First thing imma tell the authorities 'It was sexual harassment, had rights to defense.'

5 minutes later

Chaz: *is shivering in nervousness*.....S-so w-we count ta' fi- *the lady tugs on the hardened wax* OH OK! OK OK! HOLD UP MAN! *breathes slightly* C-can we do a countdown, l-like 5 to 1 perhaps? U-umm...What's the number's in Japanese? Like 1...Futa-tsu...Quatre...I don't know what the Japanese countdown is, chick...It hurts...My pelvic hairs...The pain is unbearable...why is it that male's genitals are more sensitive than females...

Counter-Top Lady: Ok Ok, I'll do a countdown.

Chaz: 1..3-2-1...Penguins...I don't, man. Just get this over with. *the lady tugs harder* AH! OH CRAP! MY HAIRS! *the lady rips of the wax* I almost screamed....I almost screamed...

2 minutes later

Chaz: *is looking at his waxed rear-end in the mirror* Ooooooooo....*is rubbing it while awkwardly laughing* So smooth Lika...Lika Sphinx Cat. Man, I'm like baby-bottom smooth up in hear. *continues to rub his rear-end while awkwardly laughing* Ah! Snap out of it, man! No time for ass fetish. You got one more thing to do on the agenda....

A ripped tattoo artist is in his shop observing his ink tattoo needle, until Chaz comes through the door with light shining behind him.

Chaz: *poiCnhts he slightly shocked tattoo artist* I want you...To tattoo my newly-waxed ass.

Tattoo Artist: *nods his head in proudness and the both clasp hands*


Tippy is at a hot-dog stand. Writes on a note pad and gives the note with sec. finishes Tippy's order and hands him his hot-dog*

Tippy: *hands the man 5 dollars and takes a bite out of his hot-dog, then instantly stops. He spits a Gherkin out and his eyes ominously widen. He then looks at his hot-dog and sees Gherkins all in his hot dog. Tippy looks at the man with his widen glare*

Man: *simply smiles*

Tippy:.............*tosses the hot dog in the trash and instantly pulls out a revolver at the man and head-shots him. After a moment puts his revolver back in his pocket and takes his 5 dollars off the stand table. He takes some pills out of his fanny-pack and puts them into his mouth, then pours himself a shot of water and washes the pill down and puts the water bottle back in his fanny-pack. Tippy walks off*


Morsel and a bearded-trucker are eating Skittles out of a single bowl. They look in the bowl to see 3 green Skittles, 2 blue Skittles, and 1 lemon Skittle is left. They both attempt to reach for the last lemon Skittle but stop and look at each other. Both begin to give each other an ominous glare.

Morsel: *smacks the table, stands up and takes off his shirt, revealing his 8 pack abs and flexes his arms, then beats on his chest, telling the trucker to 'bring it'*

Trucker: *gets up and takes off his vest and reveals to have more muscle mass than Morsel*

Everyone in the area begins to surround them as they both set their elbows on a single pedestal with the lemon Skittle on the side. Morsel and the Trucker are ready to arm wrestle as the grasp each others hand and the crowd counts down from 3-to-1. Once the crowd hits 1, they begin.

Trucker: *instantly tries to to bring Morsel's arm down*

Morsel: *hardly tries and slams the Trucker's arm down*

The crowd cheers and Morsel raises the Skittle in victory. Morsel flicks the Skittle in the air and a crow swoops in and takes it.

Morsel: *grabs the crow and takes his Skittle back, then tears the crow's beak off and swallows it whole. He raises his other arm in victory and everyone continues to cheer as Morsel flicks the Skittle into his mouth and raised both his arms up in victory*

Back at the tattoo shop

Chaz: *is laying face down on a table with his pants down getting his rear-end tattooed* Is there anything on the radio?

Tattoo Artist: *turns on the radio and switches between several channels*

Chaz: No. No. MmMm. No. Nah. Nope. Hold up....Nah. Now hold up.

Exima: Have you ever asked yourself...what is mankind? What are we? We are beings created in God's image. Made to be rulers of all things. Then why doesn't it feel like it?

Chaz: *listens attentively*

Exima: Our lives are short, even more short than usual. Everyday we are either burnt, torn, or wiped out. We find ourselves at the mercy of those 'stronger' than us. Those who think are scum. That we don't deserve this planet. Sure, they may be right, but who gave it to us in the first place? You see, they think we could never understand, never comprehend, never be a match for anything! We are always the monsters. But let me tell you..what a monster is. A monster is one who walks through a city kills millions for one person, a monster is one who could care less on who they'd kill, an monster is one who threatens the very existence of mankind, a monster is one who expects us to kneel in fear of their power!

Chaz: *the word 'power' rings in Chaz's head and his eyes widen then narrow slightly*

Tattoo Artist: *is about to switch the channel*

Chaz: Don't touch it...

Tattoo Artist: Bu-

Chaz: Don't. Touch it...

Exima: That's what they have, right? Power. And they believe they are superior to us cause of their power, because they do no wrong....they forget where they came from...sinful beings. They have powers. Powers that could wipe us away in a flick of a finger. They walk over us because they can do such feats. But for one, don't care who has the power. We have a power that topples all others. The power to transcend our human limitations to be truly like God. Our lives we have been subjected to the mercy of the monsters feet, because we feared for our lives. They are the reason we are in the gutters, forced to do such demeaning tasks so that we may live and survive. Forced to starve and grow sick and give rise to evil men who will abuse them. And they say, they've haven't been through what they have...sure...we haven't.... but that doesn't make you stronger than the other...experience....yes....but it's different from learning from it and taking care of it.No longer will we stand and tend to their needs just so that we can live. Our life is nothing unless we fight! The monsters think we couldn't handle them because they've fought powerful foes! More than we can imagine! Well here this! It doesn't matter how many opponents you fight that are stronger than you! It's how strong you desire to be! Push your limits, embrace your pain and draw forth your power from it! With every moment you find yourself on the loosing end, you get back up and continue to fight until your last breath, and even then continue to fight!

Chaz: *nods*

Exima: God gives us the power that overwhelms every myth in all those lousy planes and dimensions they live in! And that is our will! We can perfect ourselves both physically and spiritually, they do so simply because they have the power to do so or achieve it. They think we can never mount up to them?! Think again...Nothing can bind us, nothing will stop us. We will take back our world and end all those who threaten it in anyway! God gave man this world! He created man to be rulers of all things! Not them! Never them! But yet because they have the power, they think they can keep us under their foot. They forget....they would never have existed if it weren't for's time we took care of that...With God on his children's side...we find every monster and make them pray they had never messed with humanity ever again! THIS I SWEAR!!!

Chaz: *was completely brought back on the speech* ....Whooooaaaa.... *wipes his face and as he does notices that he shed a tear*

The tattoo artist is done and Chaz looks at his rear-end in the mirror. His rear-end has torn looking cursive text that says 'Sexy Bum'.

Chaz: Aw yea! Not only is my sexy ass is waxed, I gotta tattoo that proves it! *begins to dance a little* Thanks man. *pulls out a fifty and and hands it to the tattoo artist, then pulls up his pants and walks back home*

Back at the house

Tippy is stting at the table with a displeased look on his face. Morsel puts 10 corn dogs in the oven and Chaz walks through the garage door.

Chaz: How you guys doin'?

Morsel: *flexes his arm muscles*

Chaz: For a Skittle?

Morsel: *picks up a lemon and nods*

Chaz: Hm. how about you, Tips?

Tippy: *makes a whole bunch of gestures about him at the hot dog stand*

Chaz: Did you right in cursive?

Tippy: *shakes his head and makes a few more gestures*

Chaz: *looks at him seriously* Neat print is cursive...

Tippy: *gestures 'Whatever'*

Chaz: Well, you guys wanna few songs?

Both: *nod gleefully*

Chaz: Then let's go!

Go into the garage and strap up.

Chaz: 2-3-4!

Begin to play

Wendsday Edit

Chaz, Tippy, and Morsel are at the table eating their breakfast.

Chaz: Listen guys, I got some news. *shows them the newspaper he read at the spa about the escaped convicts*

Morsel: *shrugs and drinks some orange juice*

Tippy: *is confused*

Chaz: Think about it. The prison is destroyed, the crimes are free. Who do we know who went to jail?

Tippy and Morsel think for a moment then, realizes what Chaz is getting Ma. Morsel spits his orange juice in Tippy's face while Tippy is chocking on his hash brown. Morsel get's up and preforms the Himelick manuever on Tippy and Tippy coughs up the hash and goes limp.

Chaz: we're gonna need a plan and we gotta be ready for when they come. I have a feeling it might be today.

Tippy and Morsel look at him with widened eyes.

Chaz: It's just a feeling though, so you guys do what needs to be done. Imma go to the store and grab some groceries an other shit. You guys barricade the house and what not. Here. *hands Morsel 120 dollars* This is enough to get all the ammo we'll need. Tippy, you booby trap the house. Inside and out. We gotta keep the house safe. I'll be back in one or two hours. I'll be back soon. *walks out the garage door, then comes back in* Actually I can stop by the ammo shop myself on the way back. *takes the 120 dollars back, then heads out the garage in the red Camaro*

Tippy and Morsel make no waste as they begin setting up traps, and cover-cades explosives as well as planting mines in the front yard.


Chaz: *is at the store picking out groceries, like vegetables, can goods, and meats* Man, Should've listened to Tips about that back-up plan he suggested just in case something like this happened. Man I can be as dumb as Morse some times. *turns down the dairy aisle and get's some milk and cheese singles*

Chaz goes to the check-out aisle and begins placing his groceries on the tread-belt and after all the groceries are bagged, takes out his coupons and takes out nearly 4 dollars in cash. A slip of paper falls to the ground. As he picks up it says 'If you need anything from Nori, call this number.' He looks at it for a moment and takes out his flip-phone and is about to dial, until he remembers what had happened during their first practice.

Chaz: *sighs and puts the slip and the phone back in his pocket* She doesn't need to be involved into any of this...She's probably doing something important anyways. *takes the groceries out to the car and put them in the trunk, then walks five blocks down the nearest ammo store*

He buys 6 boxes of shotgun ammo, 4 boxes both revolver ammo, and 2 boxes of magnum ammo. Once he pays for the boxes, a coupon slips out of his wallet and he picks it up.

Chaz: Ah cool. 2 boxes of Drumsticks for $2.00. Bargain. *heads out to the street with his bag in his hand and puts it in the trunk. Heads back into the store.*

Chaz looks around the dairy aisle for Drumsticks and as he does so theirs a 12-year old boy shaking, moaning, sweating all at the same time.

Chaz: *takes notice of the boy* Hey kid, you alright? Look like you got the case of the flu.

The boy's hand turns into claws and he emerges out from his clothes as a monster with a head of a hairless-grey bulldog with bare steak knife-like teeth. His body immense with fur covering only his abdominal regions. He let's out a ferocious bark at Chaz and everyone begins to run away at the site of it.

Chaz: *eyes filled with shock and terror* No! No! *begins to run away as fast as can* No! No! No! No! No!

The wolf-like monster chases after Chaz on all fours on top of the aisle shelves

Chaz: *looks behind him and sees it catching up to him* NO NO NO NO NO! *runs faster*

The monster jumps down from the shelves and lands behind Chaz as it's getting closer to him.

Chaz: Get thed fuck away fro me! *kicks it in the face and hits the side of a open cooler and falls behind, leaving Chaz to get through the exit along with all the other terrified shoppers. As all the shoppers run off terrified, a burnt-brown skinned man with crimson and red hair and petit goatee, black leather jacket with bandages wrapped around his coat arms and has a masculine build similar to that or Morsel's, walks down the street past the terrified citizens, looking for something, until he spots Chaz and smirks evilly. "Chazy."

Chaz: *puts his hands against his head* Oooohhh Nooooooooo! *tries to high-tail it but the man grabs him by the coat and pins him against the wall*

"Oh not so fast. We've got business to discuss."

Chaz: *is nervous* We do?

"Sure do. I was hoping to catch up on a few things since I'm back in town."

Chaz: That sounds good and all, but we might wanna talk elsewhere cause-

The wolf-like monster comes out from the store. The man looks at the monster without showing any form of fear. He let's go of Chaz and walks up to it. The monster notices him and growls at him. The man mocks the monsters growl. The monster attempts the rush him, but the man tosses a fireball at it and the monster catches on fire and collapses. It slowly gets up and whimpers away. The man turns his attention back towards Chaz with fire surrounding him. He give Chaz another evil smirk. "Now we can talk."

Chaz: Uh Oh! *Runs down the nearest alley* Uh Oh! Uh Oh! Uh Oh! Uh Oh!

The man throws a fireball at Chaz. Chaz get's a trash-can lid and blocks the fireball, but he is consumed by a explosion upon impact. The man walks away down the street.

Night Time

Morsel and Tippy are in a alley playground, their facing each other from opposite ends with a soccer ball in the middle. Morsel get's ready to run for the ball, his eyes blazing with determination. Tippy on the other hand is scared stiff and tries to gesture that it might not be safe. Morsel runs for the ball and Tippy's eyes are wide in fear. Morsel kicks the ball as hard as he can. Tippy hits the floor and the ball bounces of the wall living an imprint and back past Morsel and it crashes into the generator box and all the lights in the city go out. Morsel is in complete shock as his eyes are completely dialated and his mouth wide open. Tippy looks at Morsel also shocked. All they can hear next is cars screeching and crashing, glass breaking and people screaming for their lives.

"Who done broke the generator again?"

Morsel instantly high-tails it much to Tippy's terror and follows him as more cars crash.


Chaz: *slowly begins to wake up. He feels a burning pain and feels himself; and sees half his entire body has been scorched. He hears the mayhem in the streets and can sees glints of orange light as he sees silhouettes of people run by. He get's up and heads to his car. He takes everything out and begins to jog out unto the streets. As he does he sees crashed cars and trash cans on fire as well as some rogues stealing out of some local business stores. He starts to jog faster.*

Back at the house

Morsel and Tippy are just simply waiting as they can sees fires coming from the city. Chaz comes in through the garage door and sets everything down on the table.

Chaz: Damn...Run into a werewolf at the store. Run into Monera with fire powers, get knocked out. Wake up and blackout and shit is going down....this is it, guys. This is their time. Get the ammo and re-load your guns.

Chaz heads up into the bathroom and washes his face with cold water. He heads back down to the kitchen and sits in a chair. Tippy takes some tweezers and begins to remove the aluminum shards out of his face and neck. They simply wait after awhile

10 minutes later

Chaz and Tippy are playing chess while Morsel watches, until they see lights coming from outside their windows. They look outside and see three trucks have pulled up onto their lawn. Several figures come out of those trucks and from the trunk too; all of them armed.

Chaz: There they are. Tips, you guard the back room. Me and Morse will stay up front.

Tippy: *thumbs up. He takes his double-barreled pistol and heads into the other back room*

Chaz: Alright Morse. Let's Go.

They both head outside through the garage door and walk up to their adversaries

"So...the Epicos, huh,?"

Chaz: Hey man, it's an improv. name. We couldn't think of a band name ourselves, so...

Chaz types ‘Band Name Generator’ into the Google search bar and clicks the 2nd link and clicks one of the buttons.

Chaz: Hmmm…Northernmost Extinction?

Tippy: *gestures his hand saying ‘So-So’*

Morsel: *slowly shakes his head in disapproval*

Chaz: Ok. *clicks the button again* How ‘bout….Pineapple Prisoners?

Both: *both look at the each other with ‘WTF’ expressions’

Chaz: Same here, pretty abstract name though. Sounds lika flippin’ YouTuber *clicks the button again* Um Subtle Confined Mutiny?

Both: *raise and eyebrow in confusion*

Chaz: Hmmm…What kind of name who be great for our band? Hmm…..I need some cereal. Hey Tips, fetch me a bowl of cereal would ya’?

Tippy: *gets a box of Cheerio’s and pours some into a bowl. As he make his way over to Chaz he sees Beowulf on the television and is instantly mesmerized. He then looks at the cereal box, then back at the T.V. He taps Chaz and shows him the T.V.*

Chaz: Holy Crap, due. This is pretty epic.

Tippy: *taps Chaz and shows him the box and points at the ‘O’ and the ‘S’ and covers the apostrophe with his finger*

Chaz: *looks at the T.V.* Epic. *then back at the box* Os. Epic-Os. Epicos. You know what? That’s way better than ‘Pineapple Prisoner’.

Chaz: And that is how we got our band name. Fuck you, Band Name Generator.

“Sounds goodand all, but you know why we’re here.”

Chaz: For stealing from you?

“For stealing from us. Yes. And ratting us out to the militia.”

Chaz: Hey, even the milita has to make some busts sometimes.

“Yea, but it’s the militia! They couldn’t even bust a cat for stealing meat from the deli!

Chaz:  Hey man, that was pretty harsh. True, but still harsh.

“Anyway, any last words before we shoot you up?”

Chaz: Yea.

Chaz and Morsel flicks them off and Tippy flicks them off from behind their window.

“Hm. Thought so.”

Everyone has their guns up. Chaz and Morsel run back into the house and their adversaries begin to shoot up the house. Chaz and Morel grab their guns and begin to shoot back. Morsel gets a grenade and blows an opening to the front lawn through the living room and begins to shoot back. Chaz shoots at them from the door to the garage. As the shooting is going on, Tippy is sitting against the wall with his double-barreled shotgun loaded. Their adversaries have shot up nearly shot up everything from old records, their car, and their living room area.

Chaz: *is averting the gunfire while shooting back* Man Morse, we’re taking on heavy fire! Whoa! *dodges a bullet* Damn, wish I had bought a grenade launcher! Three shots and it would’ve been over and done with!

As Morsel is shooting at the trucks, one of the adversaries aims at Morsel’s head.

Chaz: Oh dude, watch out!

Morsel gets shot in the head and takes a step backwards

Chaz: Oh shit!

Tippy looks from the side just in time to see Morsel get shot in the head again.

Chaz: Oh My God!

Tippy: *covers his mouth in terror*

Morsel takes another step back, until he is shot in the head for the third time. Morsel simply stops and stands.

Chaz: My God…

Morsel: *lowers head and continues to shoot back*

Chaz: Oh…okay…*exchanges looks between Tippy and Morsel* Nice to see that you’re all good…. *jumps into the broken window of the car and quickly starts it up and floors it into few of their adversaries and one of the trucks.*

Chaz jumps out of the car and begins a series of acrobatic takedowns while Morsel shoots them down and manages to blow up a truck.

Chaz: *pins down the last adversary on the hood of the truck* Who sent you?

“You know who.”

The last adversary’s head explodes abruptly and blood splatters all over Chaz’s face. He look over at Morsel, who’s rail shotgun is smoking. Morsel simply blows the smoke away. Chaz is about to makes his way back to the garage, until another set of lights is coming toward him.

Chaz: *groans* Who the hell is it now?

All of a sudden, Chaz gets shot through his right-par of his chest, his shoulder, and his arm.

Chaz: ARRRRGGHGH! *steps back against the truck and slowly slumps down as the car stops into him, breaking his hip* AAAAAARRRGGH! GOD DAMIT, MAN! *the car backs up and Chaz slumps down to the ground, bleeding*

A blonde man, comes out of the car with tears strolling down his face. He points a gun at Chaz.

Chaz: Damn…ok…Jared…look..

Jared: You killed her…

Chaz: I told you I didn’t mean for that to happen…

Jared: It’s all your fault…I sleep alone at night without her…and it’s all because of you…you took her away from me…first you sleep with her, your about to go to college with her, and then your ‘going away fun time’ gets her killed…

Chaz: First off, I didn’t sleep with her intentionally. We stopped by your uncle’s place. YOUR uncle, ok! You know good and well wonky shit happens when we’re there at YOUR uncle’s place!

Jared: You only make excuses to stall your death…tonight….I watch you suffer…

Chaz: Dude…she wasn’t just yours…she was ours too…she was OUR sister…we were blood…we were family…you think you have more rights to kill me, because she was your fiancé and yet I’m her brother…

Jared: Yea…the one who got her killed…

Jared is about to pull the trigger until a much louder shot can be heard and Chaz sees Jared laying on the ground with a gaping hole in his side. Morsel walks over and T-bags Jared’s body and helps Chaz inside. They both see two of their adversaries dead on the kitchen floor with blood spilling everywhere. Tippy looks at the dead bodies and shakes his head in shame.

Chaz: What’s the matter with you?

Tippy: *points at the mop and points at the floor and just flings his hand up*

Chaz: Well just be glad it wasn’t you blood on the floor, otherwise, I would have to mop up the floor instead.

Tippy: *Oh Ha-ha-ha*

Chaz: Tips….is she ok?

Tippy: *nods and heads into the 2nd back room*

Chaz an Morsel follow him into the room. There, laying on the bed, was a woman is hooked up to a breathing treatment device, with long gray, pale, wrinkly skin, a stick-like body, bare teeth, and eyes devoid of any pupil or iris.

Chaz: *sigh* Good…Well…we know what we need to do now.

Morsel begins to toss the bodies into the back of the truck, while Tippy picks up their AK’s and putting them in a box. Morsel sets the bodies on fire and puts a brick on the gas pedal, making the truck zoom off into the fires of the street. Morsel does the same with the second truck.

Chaz: Finished!

Morsel and Tippy head back inside with the box.

Chaz: *is sitting in a chair with Jared who is sitting in another chair in front of him* That should do it.

Jared’s side is all patched with cloth and bandages. Morsel puts his shirt back on him and puts him in his car, puts a brick on the gas pedal, and sends Jared flying into the city and top speed.

Chaz: Ok Tips, see if you can get those bullets out of Morse’s noggin’, then see if you can fix my legs. Tomorrow…we pay him a visit…

Thursday Edit

Tippy is outside shooting free-throws. He shoots the ball, but the ball swirls out the rim of the hoop and hits the window leaving a crack. The ball roll backs to him and Tippy looks at the cracked window and pays no mind to it. He shoots again and the ball swirls out the rim once again; this time the ball hits the window of Chaz's busted-up red Camero, breaking the window. The ball bounces back to him and he begins to get slightly confused. He takes the ball and makes another shot. The ball swirls out the hoop, hits the passing by paper boy, knocking him down and the newspaper is thrown into the air. The newspaper hits a bird flying by and it lands on the ground. Morsel comes out the gaping hole to the living room and he steps on the bird, thus killing it. Morsel takes notice and looks at the bottom of his shoe, which now has bird blood on it. He takes his shoe off and smells the blood, then licks some off. He shrugs and puts his shoe back on.

Chaz is inside watching the news on the Black-Out all bandaged up

News Reporter: Multiple tragedies have transpired through the night as our city has experienced the first Black-Out we had in 30 years. Due the abrupt loss of power, there have been reports of robberies, crashes, shoot-outs, and upstage panics. A total of 450 people have died last night and there will a mass burial for all those who have died right outside the city.

Chaz: *shakes his head* Man, poor devils.

News Reporter: Officials have said they have found the cause of the Black-Out.

Chaz: Hm?

News Reporter: It's no doubt that something happened with the box generator stationed near the hotel of of 34th Street, but evidence has been found near it's playground. A soccer balls has been found, wedged inside the box. There on that soccer ball, has three names on it. The names read 'Property of Chaz, Tippy, and Morsel"

Chaz: *eyes widen, the slightly cloes* Ah fuck.

News Repoter: Wait...I've just report that a armed mob is heading towards the edge of the city. Apparently the whole city is going towards the edge.

Chaz: Ah double fuck!

Tippy makes another shot, then he sees the mob coming towards their house. His eyes dialate in terror as he sees them armed wth pipes, aluminum bats, chains, maltovs



Chaz,Tippy, and Morsel are sitting in the living room.

Chaz: Ok. Tonight is the night. We've waited 3 years for this day. And it.Has.Come.

Tippy and Morsel: *nod in agreement*

Chaz: Got the sniper?

Tippy: *holds a sniper up*

Chaz: Got the 'special' bullet?

Tippy: *points at the sniper barrel*

Chaz: Cool beans. So. Who's sniping?

The brothers look at each other for a moment.

Chaz: Then let's settle this.

The brothers do a round of rock paper scissors with Tippy being the winner.

Tippy: *flings his arms in annoyance*

Chaz: Hey, don't act like you got it tuff. Me and Morse have to actually talk to the guy. Alright right bros. Let's move out.

The brothers leave out through the door, even thought there are still large holes in the front left by the mob still there. The brothers traverse through the streets, still looking at what was left of the blackout's casualities. Broken windows from shops are covered with tapestry, cars are still being moved off the road, some people can be seen looking for something or someone and even calling out to them.

Chaz: ...Well...This sure is getting abit depressing so let's just...stick to the alleyways.

The brothers slip through an alleyway. Once they continue walking down it, it almost seems like they entered another world, with the alleys somewhat being lit by other backdoor establishments and the liveness of the less fortunate who roam about in and out of the stores and the other alleys, even if it isn't alot compared to the outside promenade.

Suddenly the brothers notice that some of the people begin to quickly walk or run by them in the opposite direction of where they're going.

Chaz: What in the world? Where are these people going?

As the bother get closer they can see some sort of light that would come from a fire. They can see this light coming from an ally and there they see a silhouette of a man who looks like he's trying to shield himself from something.

"P-p-please...You don't have ne-need to do this...!"

"Your right. I don't. But I want to."

Suddenly the silhouette if the man is becomes apart of the fiery light


A man runs out of the alley and rolls across the ground screamning.

A young man with red hair, olive skin, and a leather jacket also walks out of the alley and towards the man. He then grabs the man by the collar of his jacket. The red-haired man looks at the brothers and gives them a smile.

"Oh hey, bros. How've you been?"

Chaz: Buroka....

The brothers remains silent as the watch the man continue to burn and scream

Buroka: Don't mind him. I was helpin' the guy out. Said he needed to get warm. Told him I could alot better than 'make him warm'.


Buroka: Not warm enough? Ok. They say if your warm on the inside, you'll feel it on the outside.

Red flames form around the young man's hand and pulls the other man's hair back. He raises his flaming hand in the air and shoves it into the burning man's mouth.

The man chokes out and goes limp. The young man lets the dead man go and his scorching corpes falls on it's face.

The brothers are horrified at the sight.

Chaz: *puts a hand over his mouth* Oh....Goodness....

Buroka: Goodness doesn't go to far, Chazy.You saw where my kidness went.

The young man looks down at the burnt corpse. He then puts his foot on the head and crushes it into chared flesh.

Chaz: *begins to gag*

Tippy: *is slowly loosing his balance*

Morsel: *looks wide-eyed at the corpses but manages to hold Tippy still*

Buroka: I take it you all are off to see the boss.

Chaz: Uhhhhh....Yeaaaaa...

"I hope it's to say your sorry for ratting him out to the milish."

Chaz: Well actually...We were just strollin' by...Talkin' about...Whatever bros. like us talk about, you know...

Buroka: With a sniper on the little man's back?

Chaz: *looks at Tippy* What the hell, Tips?! He was just paranoid about the boss comin' and stuff. I told him it was nothing to worry abou-."

Buroka: It is....But good thing is the boss isn't back just yet, so I decided to give him a 'welcome home' present before then. And that right there is where you three come in.

Chaz: ....You don't mean.

"Oh I mean."

The young man smiles at the brothers.

The three brothers stare off with the young man, the fiery light still luminiated half of the young man's entire body. The fire slowly goes out.

Buroka: So how would you guys like yourselves? Half-cooked? *lights his left hand on fire* or Overcooked? *lights his right hand on fire* I plan on serving you' guys' snitch-asses on a silver plater for the boss.

Chaz: Mmmmmm neither. I think he would like us tender. Because he's gonna be bitin' our snitch-asses from beyond the grave! *pulls out a can of tear gas from his back pocket and throws it at Buroka*

Buroka: *throws a fireball at the can*

The can explodes with the gas and Buroka throws another fireball through the gas. He then gets tackled by Chaz and Morsel. Buroka quickly kicks Morsel in his crotch, which causes him to roll over in pain. Buroka grabs ahold of Chaz and puts him above his head, then slams him ontop of Morsel. The two brothers lay there motionless.

Buroka: *looks around then looks down at the two brothers* 2 out of 3is good enough. *he grabs the both of them and begins to drag the two down the alley he came from*

Few hours later

Chaz can hear a number of people talking amongst each other

'So we keep these losers hear until the boss shows up?'

"That's the idea. Hohooo can't wait to see what the boss has in store for these guys!'

'Hey, isn't there one missing? I thought there was another one?'

"Maybe something happened to 'im. Best two out of three is good. Hehe.'

Chaz slowly begins to awaken

'Oh! Oooooh look! They gettin' up!'

Chaz: Damn dude, keep it down...

Chaz wakes up to see that his wrist and ankles are bound and he and Morself are laying on a table under a hanging lamp. Chaz also sees he's surrounded by several hefty guys.

Chaz: Oh! Oh no! Aaaaaah!

The guys begin to laugh

"Man oh man, aren't we gonna hve some fun with you, heheheh!'

Chaz: Waitwaitwait! Come on guys, we go way back! We honestly don't wanna have to do this!

"No use tryin' to hustle yourself out od this one, Chazy boy! We are gonna ruffle you up goooood!'

Chaz: Ok...Okay...But let you guys know right now...I didn't wipe. So if you don't wanna get infection, I wouldn't recommend it



"Gross dude!'

'Damn it!"

The guys looks back at that one guy.

"What? Don't ha-!'

"No.No.Don't even try it. J-just go...'

The man slowly turns and leeaves while shooting pouting glances from over his shoulder

"No.D-don't look back. Leave the facinity.'

The moment the guys turn their attention back towards Chaz they hear a gun go off and the man from before falls to the ground. They turn and see another man with gun in his hand

'Duuuude! What the hell was that?!'

"W-we put him down.'

"No one told you to shoot him!'

"Really? I thought we were executing him."

"No, we just told him to go outside!"

"Oh...Well damn, my bad guys.'

The guys either facepalm or shake their heads and they turn their attention back towards Chaz

"Ok. First off, gross for you not wiping yourself. Second, gross that you would think about us getting in your pants."

Chaz: Well, when you have a bum like miiiine-

"Shut up! Enough of the immorality! And third, The boss gets first shots. You're just gonna be a left over to us if the boss decided to let you and your bros keep breathin'."

Chaz: Man, you guys are all but immoral! Don't think I didn't know about you guy's yiffing!

"Oh, do not start that!'

Chaz: I don't care how you slice it. No matter how human they look or act, you all have legit fucked an animal!

"Sure, it's not human, but it is not what you think it is!"

Chaz: Then what is it then? What is it? Is it half-and-half? Half straight, half beast, huh? Is that it? 'T-their spirits'?

"...It's not. Fucking.Animals!"

Chaz: Then what is it?


Chaz: It's what?

"I'm trying to find the words!'

Chaz: You saying you can't explain it?

"I can!"

Chaz: But what's the problem?

'You're the problem!"

Chaz: What did I do?

"This! You did! Fucking! This!'

Chaz: I still don't understand!

"You're gonna understand in a few seconds if you keep on!"

Chaz: Understand what? That you all practically fucked dogs,cats,birds, and turtles? Cause I already know that.

A gun suddenly pointed at Chaz' face.

'Keep on! Keep! On! I dare you! I double-d dare you!To! Keep on!'

Chaz: Ok then...Fine. But let mask you all the is one question...Who all hear contracted STDs after yiffing?

Two of the men raise their hands in shame

Chaz: Mmmmmm-hmm.

"I will bust the cap in your face!'

"Come on, man. Don't lett 'em get to you.'

"This dude keeps talkin'! And it's driving me crazy!'

"We're trying to save him for the boss. You can't risk taking your shot before the boss gets his in."

"Well someone get some tape for this guy's face!"

"Oh yea, like we live in a fucking warehouse. There's no tape here man! And none of us have any!'

"Then where did we get the chords from?'

"Buroka brought 'em'

'Speakin' of that, where is he?"

"He want to fuck shit up some more. He's really lovin' those powers.'

"He's going to draw attention to himself.'

"You know that's what he wants."

"But anyway I will blow you fucking face off if you do not shut-u-'

Footsteps can be heard and a another shines several feet away from them. There lies a few small steps leading to a dark brown leather chair and a small table with a shampane glass with a bottle of water and a glass of what appears to be apple cider vinegar.

Everyone pays their attention as the footsteps draw closer and closer.

A bald man steps out of the shadows. The man is wearing penny loafers and quarterroys; the mane is weaing a long white sleeved shirt that's tucked into his pants and is wearing a black shirt vest over it.

Everyone is wide-eyed to see the man

Morsel: *wakes up and sees his bound but his eyes also widen when he sees the man*

The man gives a warmd smile "Gentlemen, I'm home.'

The men stand attently

"Welcome back, Boss!"

The man looks at Chaz and Morsel 'And I see you've all pitched in for my 'Welcome Back' gift."

"Heheh. We sure did."

The other men grabs Chaz and Morsel, and pull them of the table and drag the two brothers near the small steps.

"We thought that since these two dickless losers sent you to the gray-bar hotel, we've figured you want to repay the favor."

The man sits in his chair casually and looks at the two for a moment. Chaz and Morsel are still looking at him in surprise and fear. He give them both a small smile.

"Fetch a couple of chairs, please."

"Sure thing, boss."

They leave and come back with two folding chairs. The pull them out and sit the brothers in them.

"Thank you."

The men stand attently behind the brothers. One of the men stand nexts to the table. They sit there in silence for a moment.

"So. How have you been? No need to be speechless. I just want to catch up with my golden boys."

The man reaches for his bottled water and shampane glass.

"Oh boss, let me get that!"

"No thank you. But I do appreaciate your consideration. I am an adult after all."

The man pours the water in the champane glass.

"All I hear is sileeeeence."

Chaz: W-we've been doing good...

"Good to hear. Still doing that band of yours?"

The man reaches for the apple cider vinegar

Chaz: Yeah...

"Has it gone anywhere?"

Chaz: Well...No not really. We hired a vocalist though.

"Really now? How were they?"

The man pours about a cap-full of apple cider vinegar in the water and holds the glass causually

Chaz: Great...Sadly we never saw her again afterwards...

"Oh, a her! You know you could've practically seen her anytime you wanted."

Chaz: We didn't traffic her...

"Oh I know. Just me making my jokes."

The man sips some of his beverage

"Where's your brother? The littlest one?"

Chaz: We ran into Buroka and he probably had the chicken shit scared out of him and ran for it.

"Hm. Your brother was easily frightened, but he was very intellegent. He brought me a few good ones. He had a plan for almost everything."

The man takes another sip of his beverage

Chaz: Mmmm-hmmm...Ummmm...Why are you here?

"To restore my empire ofcourse. After your betrayel, everything I built fell apart because you took out the root of the growing tree that was my organization. That day, morality and blindness was my downfall that day."

Chaz: *gulps nervously*

"Three years, Chaz. That's how long this city had to live without me. You took away the light that was darkness from the people who needed me the most. Who needed my amnisty. Who needed my power."

The man begins eyeing his glass

"How many lives did you thnik you destroyed by taking me out of the equation and letting my world collect dust? How many people do you think were able to move on without me."

Chaz: I couldn't say...

"No Chaz.You couldn't. Because at the end of the day, you felt bad about what you did. But you got rid of me out of your own selfishness. Not because you thought you were doing the right thing. Cause if that were the case, you would be in a cell right along side me and many others."

Chaz: *looks at the floor*

"Raise your head, Chaz."

Chaz: *slowly raises his head*

"Deep down. I know you waiting for this day, weren't you? The day I would return to my home and see you all still in it.I commend you. Most men who get away with betrayel usually skip town out of fear that same person would come back, but you and your brothers stayed right here and waited for me. What compelled you to do so? Is it because you had no other place to go? You felt like it make up for your 'sins'? Or did you plan on confronting?"

The man turns his sharp eyes to Chaz

Chaz: *eyes are much wider after hearing this*

Morsel: *begins to shake*

The man begins to snicker, which turns into a small,hysterical laughter some which has everyone in the room extremely nervous. The man stands up from his leather chair.

"Alright alright. Enough of that. Gentlemen, feel free to cut these two loose."

"Cut them...loose?"

"Yes. Cut them loose."

One of the other men pulls out a switcblade and begins to gut the restraints of of Chaz and Morsel, who are now equally confused.


Chaz and Morsel stand to their feet. They are then met a hug by the man. Everyone in the rooms is completely dumbfounded at this point.

The man takes a step back and looks at the two for a second.

"My golden boys. You may have destroyed my trust and destroyed my life's work but you've given me some new benefits."

Chaz: *heart sinks* Reall...?

"Yes. Plenty. That much, I can thank you for. And you can thank me aswell for I forgiven you."

Chaz: W-what?


"B-but boss-!"


"Yes,boss..." "You boys don't have to worry about me comin' after you anymore, well, as long as you don't try to take my life that is. All it takes is one mistake before I hound you."

Chaz: Y-yes sir...We'll...Stay out your way. No snitchin' fromus. Well-not from me cause...The other two don't talk.

"I know."

The man clasps his hand together

"We'll I would love to go into detail of my served time, but I have a possession to reclaim, so I'll let you brothers be. Gentlemen, if you may."

Chaz and Morsel are are then put into a choke hold.

"No need to fear. You'll be back in the comforts of your home soon enough. Like me."

Chaz and Morsel soon close their eyes

"Remove them from this place"

Three of the men drag Chaz and Morsel off

"So, what now boss?"

"An introduction."

The man claps his hands together and another row of lights shine from behind him, revealing an entire mansion full of gruff men and women wearing the same outfits and look very unkept.

"Whoa...Aren't these the-?"

"Mmhmm. And since you already now, I can skip the introduction. Since they're here, find them some closes and make them look presentable. Not too presentable though. Don't want them taking my class, heheh.'

"What are you going to use'em for, Boss?'

"If you're going to take back your empire, you best come with an army. Don't you agree?"

The crowd cheer him on

"First order of business: Regroup and Recruit.'


Morsel wakes up to find themeselves layed out on the couch. He then kicks Chaz

Chaz: *wakes up abruptly with his fist up* You ain't wasting me today, pigs! *looks around and sees that they're home* Whoa...That was a turn. Seriously though, where is Tips? Tipp-y!

The two hear some rumbling in the attic until a tud can be heard coming down some steps. Tippy runs in the lving room looking someewhat nervour

Chaz: Dude, where the hell were you last night?

Tippy: *performs a number of gestures*

Chaz: Ooooohh. Find a good sniping position. Why didn't you take the shot?

Tippy: *performs more hand gestures*

Chaz: What do you mean you didn't wanna risk missing? You know what whatever, the real thing is, Ichabeezer's back. And he's not gonna kill us. Which is a relief, but now we ask ourselves, what will he do now.

Dramatic pause

Morsel stomach rumbles. He then gets up and heads into the kitchen area with Tippy heading back into the attic.

Chaz: Meh. I'm goin' back the sleep. Who knew getting choked-out would give you some good sleep? *goes back to sleep*

The (Not So Epic) Week(end)Edit


Dontae is is sitting in his leather chair with one of leg over-lapping the other. One hand is balled up in a fist and the other hand is covering it. He looks vacantly looks at the four men standing before him below the few steps. They stand anxiously.

Dontae: So. Status.

Man 1: Everyone of the inmates have been provided for. Proper clothing. Food and water. Some living space. We had to make them share some.

Man 2: They're very anxious as to what you had plan for them. I'm presuming something violent, sir?

Dontae: Oh most definately. But not yet. We have to work our way up again before we can do anything too drastic. The one thing they need is some discipline and direction. And I know who to go to for that. How was the Lounge?

Man 3: Not all too good. Most of the ladies sort of left after we got busted. We've been using the Lounge as a simple bar ad of light with only a few chicks serving as entertainment.

Dontae: What about Ritzy Lox?

Man 4: She does hair now. She runs a salon named after her.

Dontae: Ah. I always knew she was proud. And my best girl. So that's two assests I'm going to get back today. *stands up from the chair*

Man 4: What do you wan't the inmates to do?

Dontae: Have them tell you guys about any interesting individuals or locations. They'll might prove useful.

Man 4: And after that?

Dontae: Give them a crossword or something. Productivity is key. *walks away into the darkness*

At an Asian restraunt.

A short-statured man with slightly spiked-back, slant eyes, and traditional asian mustache goes around passing around menus to the seated customers. The man goes up to another table of two

Man: Are you two ready to order?

Customer 1: Yes, I'll take your chicken and mushroom noodles with vegetarian beef chucks and two small eggrolls.

Man: And you?

Customrer: Just your stir-fry, please. Oh and may I get some green tea please?

Man: You sure can. Please wait a moment.

The man reatreats into the kitchen for a moment. The Two customers continue to read what all is on the menu.

Excessive Diplomacy Edit

Drake finds her at the entrance to the city, where the Grand Eye appears to be discussing something with her.

He lands not so far away from them, but close enough to be recognized, he crosses his arms and waits for their conversation to finish.

They continue talking and show no sign of stopping.

"...I do not have the patience for this." Drake annoyingly sighs and walks towards them, his arms still crossed, an annoyed expression on his face.

"Diplomats at work," The Grand Eye speaks, then continues on.

"I don't think diplomacy is needed right now." Drake says, slightly raising his voice, he then looks at Michiko. "You are coming back to the Palace, like it or not."

"Hold on a moment dear." The Grand Eye looks at Drake and Drake is blown away by hurricane force winds.

You can have your peace with her after I am done.

"I swear... If you weren't in the place you are right now, my hands could not be wrapped any tighter around your neck."

After a few more minutes he leaves.

"Hmph..." Drake once more walks over at Michiko and looks at her, slowly turning into a glare...

"I don't need your approval to do my job."

He unsheathes Kurai and rests the spine of the blade on his shoulder. "You. Are. Going. Back."

"She's my sister, Drake. I didn't spend years of my life looking for her each and every day just to have her..." Electricity rockets off her violently.

"For God's sake, Michiko, tell me; do you think I don't want to go to Yosai to save her? Right now, I would want nothing more than to destroy that fucking fortress. But I know that I will die even if I tried, you will too. Besides, as I said, I don't want another Moonlight member to perish, so I'll tell you one... More... Time." He tightens his grip on Kurai. "Go. Back."


Drake's eyes faintly glow a more vibrant red as he sighs. "Fine... This is because of you." Drake suddenly flickers like a flame and appears behind Michiko, kneeing her in the back, he then grabs her arm and throws her across the floor.

On contact with her, a shock akin to being struck by ten bolts of lightning courses through him with every contact, she rolls and easily gets to her feet. She swishes her hair in the odd manner she did last time, with a similar sparkle.

"So... I won't be able to make contact to you like that..." A rune circle forms underneath Michiko and a pillar of fire erupts from underneath her, blasting her into the air. Drake then jumps high above her and blasts her back down with a torrent of fire.

Both times she rockets out of the way using strange magic circles that appear and propel her away. She lands and looks back up at him, then snaps her fingers, as an assortment of sparking lights begin surrounding him.

Drake's skin gets coated with rune patterns as he swipes his hand across the air, causing an absolute coat of darkness to consume the lights and a large portion of the area. "Michiko, you know I don't want to do this. But why must you persist this much."

"I've given you my answer. ...And you shouldn't have done that." Michiko snaps her fingers again, and a sharp humming becomes audible.

Michiko can see Drake flinching at the noise but he still manages to keep his composure. "Michiko, I'm telling you, you will die if you try to save her... Especially if you do it now, I've seen what they have, any opposition will die against them. I'm just trying to prevent you dying too, don't you see that?"

He is suddenly blinded by six glaring lights, the lights he presumed he had eradicated, their effect is magnified severely by the sheer amount of darkness, allowing for maximum impact on his retinas. Before he can respond, he is suddenly whaled on by a large barrage of combos of various kicks and punches from Michiko, each hammering in strength with powerful jolts of electricity.

"I am not going alone, and I will not die!"

Drake grabs her fists then headbutts Michiko, ignoring the agonizing lighting pulsing through his body at the moment, he then lets go of one of her fists then punches her in the gut before diving straight down to the floor. Drake jumps back up to his feet as the darkness transforms into constructs of weapons... A lot of them, the lightning around Drake turns to black as the runes glow. "Think, Michiko. Who do you think can stand up to Phoenix as they are right now?"

"Even they are not invincible... the allies of our clan will not fail us."

"As much as it pains me to say this, there is no one who can help Noriko in the status that she's in... I can't, you can't, your allies can't, no one can. So just stop before you perish as well."

"You're wrong!"

Drake thinks he hears a voice in his head momentarily.

"Phoenix has literal GODS on their side! An entire army of Chaos Engines, not to mention the members themselves! Face it, no matter who you have on your side, you will lose!"

Drake, I think you should stop being mean to the nice lady.

He pauses and glares at Michiko for a second. "...I'll get back to you." Drake then closes his eyes... "THE HELL DO YOU WANT? I AM NOT IN THE BEST OF MOODS FOR THIS."

Imagine how bad you felt when Nori went away... ...she's already been through that twice. She's grieving.

Michiko can see the anger on Drake's face just drain, along with some colour in his skin. The darkness and runes all forms back into Drake and disappears, he sheathes Kurai.

"We will talk about this later, Seriah..." Drake opens his eyes and looks at Michiko then sighs. "...I'm sorry." He then turns and walks the other way. "Let's hope that your allies can kill Gods then."

"My sister's spirit is with us."

Drake turns his head towards the Lightning Slayer. "Yeah... I guess so... And before I go back, is there anything you want me to tell the others?"

"That I love them and I'll be back."

"Very well... And Michiko. Don't die." Drake flickers like a flame and flies off, leaving Michiko to her own thing.

Michiko walks into the city quietly.

Returning to Roots Edit

Akami: *slowly gets up and looks around at the sights* Where are we?

"The central valleys of Echo."

Akami: What's supposed to be here?

"Our first objective."

Akami: Which is?

"One of the Slayer wielders. Besides that, there's some people I need to talk to."

Akami: Ok then. Let's go.

Kado shakes his head. "We're taking a break. You'll faint otherwise."

Akami: No more breaks. I can do it.

"We haven't had any breaks yet. Don't make me tie you down to the mountain."

Akami: You haven't had any breaks yet. I have had enough breaks to last me awhile.

"You just got drained of a large amount of your body's natural energy. You haven't even eaten yet. Which reminds me." Kado flickers, then a loud squeal is heard, and Kado returns with a dead boar, and soon Kado is roasting the wild pig over a fire, adding in spices that soon have Akami's stomach growling like a bear.

Akami: Sorry. I dont eat pork. Dad's rules.

Kado's eye twitches, and he quietly holds out what looks like the boar's gentials. "Oh? So you're going to waste food?"

Akami: Wow...So this is how you think of me. Well that's good to know.

"I wasn't raised to waste what was given. Fine, I'll get something else." He silently disappears again.

Akami: I can eat chicken, fish, and turkey!

Before long, a black portal opens over Akami, and she smells a heavy scent of fish...

Akami: *backs up from under the portal*

A ton of fish pour down from it, Kado soon follows. He tosses a knife at her. "Help me make this."

Akami: Sure. *picks up a fish and begins to scrape the scales off of it*

Kado does so as well. "You know how to debone, correct?"

Akami: Yea, I got it. Been doing this for the longest time when I was younger.

"Good." He continues working, the early morning sun still climbing.

Akami: So what have you been thinking about recently?

"How much life sucks knowing how little you have left to live, that your entire childhood was ripped away... that one has made so many mistakes and now it's too late to make up. ...Azula, and sister, basically."

He smiles faintly. "And about what could have been, what can be, possibilities, dreams and fantasies that have no business being uttered."

Akami: Hm...There's not much I can say about that, but we've all been cheated out of our childhood. Me, Dad, Segs, Torem didn't have one, and Rev is catching up on his. You're not too different from us, Kado. And we've all made mistakes we wish we could change. But those mistakes are all for the better, you know? But remember, even if you die, your dreams wont Either way, I think you'll still live as long as you can do that.

"Heh, mine will probably kill me before I get them solved. ...I'm not looking forward to having to deal with... ...her again."

Akami: Your mom or White?


Akami: Oh right! My apologies.

"I just hope I can do something to make that right. I owe it to her."

Akami: Atleast one of us can salvage our wrongs.

Kado finishes all of the fish he is working on, then takes out an earthen pot, and walks off.

Akami: Hm? Where are you going?

"Water. Boiling fish."

Akami: Are you now? Or are you off to think some more?

He doesn't answer, continuing on.

Akami: When you come back, we need to talk some!

"Alright!" His response is distant.

Akami: Kado has too much unnecessary baggage on him. Most of that is emotional too. Well, he is dying after all. When Obi trained us, he made us ready to die anytime, knowing that's how death works. But he's not like us. He has alot to live for and alot of things he wishes he could do over. Atleast there's one thing he can make up for. I'll see to it that he can atleast accomplish that.

After a little while, Kado eventually returns with the pot full of water, at this time, the sun has cleared the mountain tops.

Akami: So, now that you're back. It's time for us to talk. Let me start off with this: What is your favorite color?

Kado's eyebrows raise quizically under his mask before he removes it, and places the pot over the fire, kicking away the half roasted pig. He then sits down and begins deboning the rest of the fish.

"...It used to be white, then it was black, and now I don't know."

Akami: Ok. Mine is green. The color the Earth used to be. And the color the Earth is loosing the most. Hmm. What is your favorite hobby?

"Playing cards. Hiroshi taught me. It was about the only thing he'd ever managed to do that made me socialize early on."

Akami: Cards, huh? Played any particular card game?

"Various. Poker was one. We didn't actually gamble anything though. Maybe aside from who got to wash the floors."

Akami: Poker, huh? Heh, me and Obi played that game. Whoever was in the lead would tell the other take off a piece of their clothing. It felt fun. How much did you have to take off?

Kado's face pales suddenly, then just as it turns red, Kado covers his face with his mask again.

"...That wasn't normal poker...."

Akami: Didn't seem to abnormal to me. I should play you sometime before you go.

"...Akami... ...that's called strip poker. ...That's a... ...very adult game. ....I'd rather... .....not."

Akami: I am an adult.

"..." Kado busies himself with preparing the fish, putting ones he has finished into the pot, which has begun to boil.

Akami: Favorite type of music?


Akami: Can't hear you.

"Never really listened to much of that. I only vaguely remember the drums, flutes, the wild songs of my people."

Akami: Sounds like tribal. My favorite are those songs on those big, black circles. Lovely songs. Your turn to ask me some.

"Do you like gemstones?"

Akami: Yea. Colorful and shiny. Dad said I would try to hoard any I found.

"Hmm, wonder if you share sister's titanic appetite. She could eat a village's worth of food and still be hungry."

Akami: My dad said I could eat a whole camel and still feel hungry. Not sure how that compares though. Obi says a camel could feed up to ten people. Ask me another.

"Why the questions? Is this a get to know you?"

Akami: Yulp. I've been with you for about a month or more and we haven't even gotten to really know each other. And with you about to get busy fighting White and the whole death thing, I figured why not know some more about one another.

Kado sighs. "I wonder what you think of me at times honestly. I wonder about myself at times. Why do I like you, is it because of your own merits, or because I instinctively clung to someone who reminded me of Azula? She was my rock, the thing that kept me sane all this time.

Now I think of you and the others, and I realize how selfish I was. I collapsed in on myself, started hating others and everyone around me, blaming my problems on them. I cursed the world, for having people depend on me, when I wanted to depend on others for once. I was tired of the weight of the problems of others, and it was wrong... so wrong...

You and the Party are a lesson I needed, a lesson about myself. All along I was doing it for myself, not others."

He looks over at Akami. "Before we go to the people I need to meet, I want to take you somewhere. It's a place I hid in when I was starting out in the city. ...It's a place of beauty really. A hidden jewel of the land few people know how to find."

Akami: Alright then. But before we go. *hugs Kado warmly* I'm proud of you.

Kado flushes a bit. "...There isn't much to be proud of. I just never understood what was important. ...What do you think of me, anyway...?"

Akami: All you need to know, Kado. Is that you're my type of guy. And that within itself says alot. If there is one word I can sum you up in, is humble.

Kado has to concentrate on not blushing. "....Thank you Akami." He looks away.

Akami: *releases Kado from the hug and pats him on the shoulder* You wanted to take me somwhere then?

"Later." He points to the finished fish. "First, eat." He sets out two bowls.

Akami: Alright. Do you wanna bless it?

"Do what you will."

Akami: *closes her eyes* Dear God, Thank you for giving us this food and bless us as we are about to eat of it. Grant us both safe travelling mercies as we continue this journey. Please protect my dad, my brothers and sister. Help us all to comply to your will and to recognize your presence among even though might see it. Thank you again for this day and Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

Kado silently begins eating.

Akami: *finishes her food within twenty seconds* Mmmm. That was good.

"I hope you're happy not eating until evening." Kado says, hiding his surprise.

Akami: That food should last. I can go quite awhile without eating much.

"...If you say so." He quietly removes his mask again, then looks off to the southeast, then points to a set of mountain peaks just barely visible in the haze of the horizon.

"First marker for the day."

Akami: *looks towards the peak* Hmmm...Ok then.

"Think you can handle it?"

Akami: If you asked me to lift up a mountain with one hand, I could handle it. Let's go.

Kado leads the way down the slope. "Now be careful, there's wildlife at times, and some are dangerous."

Akami: *scoffs* If anything, they should be more careful of us.

"By wildlife, I mean Dragons, Ogres, stuff like that."

Akami: Again, why should we be worried?

"....Daddy's little tough girl eh?"

Akami: *smiles* Always.

Kado glances at the cliffs above them, when Akami looks in the direction, several armored lizard like creatures can be seen crawling above them, some of them are eyeing Akami and Kado.

"Cliffwalker Basilisks. Be careful not to get close."

Akami: Wha happens if you do?

"What happens when a lion sinks its canine teeth into your jugular?" 

Akami: Don't you mean 'feline' teeth?

Kado turns and looks at her. "Lesson in teeth then. Open your mouth."

Akami: *opens her mouth*

Kado taps her pointed teeth. "Those are what we call canine teeth, Akami. Or simply canines. They are found in mostly all omnivores and predators, this is not a rule of thumb however. So no, I don't mean feline teeth, I mean canines."

Akami: Wait, hold up. I already know my teeth, dude. I just thought you were mistaking a lion for a dog.

"I wasn't born yesterday." He laughs exasperatedly, shaking his head. "Come on, let's go. Don't want to sit under them too long."

Akami: Ok.So do we attack them or leave them.

"Leave them, I'd rather not have to get bit."

Akami: Alright then. I'm following you.

Kado continues to scale down the sides of the mountain.

Akami: *follows closely behind him*

Kado makes it to the valley floor, then begins traveling along the edge, rather than straight out into the grasslands.

Akami: Short-cut?

"No, I don't want to be out in the open."

Akami: A ninja thing?

"Basic survivalist, essentially."

Akami: Oooohh right. Well atleast your world isn't war-struck.

"...You've heard stories and legends of spirits and such, on your world, yes? I believe there were many native peoples in particular who believed in them." A strange wind blows, faint rumbling can be heard far above akin to thunder.

Akami: Yes I have. In China, humans and eastern myths share friendly bonds with one another. Why do you ask?

"Then you've heard of the concept of balance at least. Consider the realm of the spirit to be vast, an interconnected web. Now let's suppose this web is the supporting structure of the world... and whatever happens to the world of mortals can echo in it as well. Just as a bridge will collapse if its structure is damaged enough, so too does this world and Earth suffer mutually. Listen for a moment to the wind, the rumbling of thunder. It's a clear day."

Akami: Okay. Go on.

"...It's better if I just show you." He motions for her to give him her hand.

Akami: *takes Kado's hand and holds it firmly*

When she does, a chaotic maelstrom of red and blue light seems to clash together in the sky, at the same time as the wind increases again and a clap of thunder is heard.

"Do you know what that is?"

Akami: Is that supposed to be balance or inbalance?

"Positive and Negative spirits clashing against each other." Kado pulls on Akami and hides them inside a cave just as a powerful cyclone of wind rips through the area.

"Echo is a world that could be said to be a major representation of balance. However, when things go awry on Earth, the effects will eventually catch up here as well. It was seen when man and myth clashed in your last war, and the tension now echoes here as well. You can feel in the very air you breath the mutual anxiety of the worlds, their fear of what their people are doing to them, and perhaps their inability to cope. It is true, warfare does not engulf our whole world, but we feel the tension here as well."

After a moment, he quietly motions for her to come back out of the cave, letting go of her hand. He quietly steps back out, then looks up at the sky.

"...I honestly am getting the sense that on both worlds, a terrible storm is approaching, and the effects will ripple across both."

Akami: Whatever storm comes, we'll get through it together. Like I said, all it takes is 1% to change everything.

Kado begins continuing toward the next mountain range.

Akami: *follows*

After a long while, they reach the mountain Kado had pointed out. "We rest here for a while." He says, sitting under a tree.

Akami: Ok then. *sits next to him* My turn. Played any sport? Or just anything?


Akami: You know like soccer or frisbee or even just did cart-wheels.

"Not quite sure what any of those are, Akami. I was born in a tribe, not your suburbs and urban places."

Akami: You think I lived anywhere when I was growing up?

"If we had any 'sport', it was the hunt, learning to survive off the land."

Akami: I've done that once. Obi had beaten a deer to death and I had to watch...Poor deer...I do't like it when animals die when they're jst minding their own business.

"A quick arrow to the head, snapping the right vertebrate, quick and simple death, no pain, if done right. No excuse to prolong the suffering."

Akami: Ok so you hunt. Have you caught any game before? Or should I be asking how much game have caught?

"A buck. Few ducks. Didn't get too many opportunities, I was only ten when I was taken away to Phoenix. There I had training, training, and little else."

Akami: Same here. Though I think I was abit younger than that when I started.

"I'm not sure if it's that or just the fact you could benchpress a tank that makes you so good."

Akami: My dad says it's my charming good looks. *flings her hair back and as it shines in the sunlight reaveals an amazing mixture of brown and dark red in her hair. The sight of it almost taking his breath away. But her long her surprisingly complementing her clean facial features. A dragon hair pin falls to the ground.* Dammit, my pin! *begins to try and tie her hair back* But that's just my dad using euphanisms.

Kado disquises his reaction with a light giggle. "You look well that way. You know, if I was born with more of the dragon genes in the family than spirit, I probably could wrestle and win against you all day."

Akami: Pfft please. I don't get tired. *smirks* But thanks for the complement though.

"Only a fool wouldn't acknowledge it. A fool who'd probably get punched to the moon."

Akami: *smiles warmly* They sure would. I guess Dad should really re-think about you.

"...Ah. So, you don't know your parents? Do you know where Obi found you?"

Akami: Obi didn't neccessarily find me...I was given to him by my mom. My father was killed that day though ...I was only 3 weeks old at the time...

"...Oh. He knew her?"

Akami: *shakes her head*

"Why did she entrust you to him?"

Akami: Dad figured she didn't have much of a choice since she was going to die...She just went out on a limb and gave me to him...With smile on her face...

"...I see. I'm sorry that you never got to meet them."

Akami: To be honest, I'm not upset about it. I had Obi in return and believe it or not, I wouldn't have prefered it any other way. Because of him I am who I am.

"I see. It's good to be happy with yourself... ...anyway, it's best we head on."

Akami: Ok. how much further do we have to go?

"We go for the next couple hours then retire for the night."

Akami: Ok then. *stands to her feet* Let's finish out the day.

They continue on for the next couple hours, until finally they reach a small lake, where Kado indicates that they set up camp, tossing supplies for a tent at her.

"I'll hunt for some furs for bedding."

Akami: You do that. I'll have the tent set up when you come back. *begins to assemble the tent parts*

Kado soon arrives with a set of furs cleaned and ready to go, as well as some meat.

Akami: Welcome back. *drives in the last nail to hold down the complete tent* Done.

"Alright, I'll cooK this deer and we'll have supper. Then it's straight to bed. We're getting up early to make it on time."

Akami: Got it.

The deer is soon finished and the two are eating.

Akami: Did you have any other sibilings besides Shinwa?

"...Kake and Kuchi. My older brother and sister."

Akami: Were you any close to them?

"We got along."

Akami: Any friends?

"Lone wolf Kado, Akami. Lone wolf Kado."

Akami: Not true. You have Azula and The Party.

"Back then, I didn't, as a kid at least. Though I suppose Oliv, Azula, early Azure was like friends, closer to a second family. ...I owe them an apology.... leaving them like that."

Akami: They'll understand why you left. Atleast I would.

"I don't know..."

Akami: I'd rather have a leader who went away to become a better leader, that one who left for his own selfish reasons. You're not selfish, Kado. Not anymore.

"That feels too flattering." He finishes his meal.

Akami: You still feel differetly?

"I feel like I'm no different than the fools running around on your world destroying things out of hate. Only I am, or at least was a fool who ran around fighting people without a real understanding of who I am and what wanted. I didn't lose sight, I never had it. I never actually understood what everything I did meant until the Party."

Akami: Kado...Don't make me punch you're teeth in. I don't do all that negative talk and I don't like hearing you talk down to yourself this. I feel honored that we helped you out some but the last thing I need is another Segura and lord knows I don't punch his face enough.

"And like wise, a overly positive attitude is just as great a vice when it becomes condescendingly annoying. There are some positive nuts so up about everything you want to punch them in the teeth. But I get the point."

Akami: The only person I know that's positive is Reveryn, but even I know he can't be like that all the time. Not when he's the one getting himself hurt the most.

Kado makes his way to the tent.

Akami: *continues to fnish up her meal*

He quietly begins wrapping up in fur.

Akami: *finishes her meal* Good food.  *enters the tent and lays down on the far side of the tent*

He soon falls asleep, his mask coming off.

Akami *looks over at Kado and takes the mask. She looks at the mask and back at Kado* I don't know why a handsome guy like you has to be wearing a mask half the time. *sets the mask aside and begins to say her prayers*

The night passes without incident, though Akami begins to have flickering, vague dreams of a white fortress, and the powerful stare of something wrapped in cloth, bearing a hood and wrapped painfully in chains, it eventually is so intense that Akami ends up waking at the crack of dawn, so vivid and intense the stare had become, she had been almost convinced it was standing above her.

Akami: *looks up above her head*

All she sees is the tent cloth, Kado is sleeping silently nearby.

Akami: Haven't had dreams like that since......Yeeaaa dad would beat me like Rev if he knew I still had those dreams. *gets up, heads outside and begins to stretch*

After a while, Kado can be heard rousing.

Akami: *begins to do alternating push-ups*

Kado finally rouses, and steps outside.

Akami: How did you sleep?

"Well enough. I'm no longer being driven insane while asleep by my own soul, so that's a plus."

Akami: Wow, you are just too alike.

"Because I enjoyed having nightmares and being turned into a child for years and years, Akami... ...still not used to solid beds..."

Akami: Does the ground count as a solid bed?


Akami: Then I don't see the problem. The floor and I are good friends, unlike most others who've met the floor under...Other circumstances.

"You didn't sleep in a pure liquid suspension tube for years to keep away nightmares."

Akami: I did sleep in a death room here and there when I was little. I slept under dead bodies. Ate things worse than eating a pig. Saw kids round about my age loose just about everything because the hatred of others. Seen some go insane because of that hatred. Heard those...popping noises...See good people go because they were voicing their beliefs...I lived in a nightmare for decades, nearly a full century. Listen Kado, we can go about this all day. Do you want to point out everything wrong with your life or do you want to fix it?

"You take things seriously a bit too much like your father. You're the only one listing their grievances, I was simply telling you that I slept really bad."

He begins silently walking off before stopping at the edge of the cliff. "The place I wanted to show you is at the very bottom. ...She better appreciate this... " Kado mutters at the end, before jumping off the rather significant drop and begins surfing down the sheer vertical drop with his feet.

Akami: *puts herself on her feet and jumps down after him*

Kado reaches the bottom, and begins to walk to a small hole in a cliffside.

Akami: *lands and follows Kado*

The hole goes quite a ways deep, before a light can be seen.

Akami: *squints her eyes* What's that?

Kado smiles. "You'll see." They step out into a towering cave, greater in scale than a baseball stadium, every square inch covered in crystals of absolute splendor.

Akami: *her eyes widen in surprise*

"I found this when I was sixteen. Just a year after Phoenix and I had our... ...'falling out'. It was one of my hidey holes."

Akami: *her crimson eyes shine as she begins to walk towards the crystals* Pretty, Pretty, Shiniy, Shiny...

"Don't get too carried away there. You may be part dragon, but that's it. You'd never be able to keep em' all."

Akami: *stretches out her hand and slowly begins to walk towards the crystals* Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, Shiny...

"Akami, please focus a bit."

Akami: *punches the wall and a gust of wind and crystal shards fly about. She begins to pile up the broken crystals into a pile*

Kado sighs. "You can keep a few Akami. If you try to take the whole cave, I'll tell dad-err, Obi, on you. Please don't make me regret doing this."

Akami: *goes up to another wall and punches it, making more crystals fly about. She takes them and pile them up too*

"...Sorry, but you asked for it." The crystals whirl up into the air, and begin coming together on Akami's hands, they then pull toward the left and right of Akami toward the crystal walls, as if attempting to rejoin them but Akami's own body keep them in place like an anchor, effectively caught in the middle.

She feels quite stuck.

"Now you can behave yourself or you can answer to Obi in the next five seconds."

Akami: Pretty, Pretty, Shiny, Shiny...

Kado silently takes off his sandal and throws it into Akami's face. "Wake up!"

Akami: What? Whatwhatwhat? What's going on? *looks at her hands* Ooooohhhh, Pretty...

"Akami, we're leaving." He picks up the sandal and puts it back on, before having the restraints lift her along with him out of the cave, he then slashes the cave opening with Earth Slayer and seals off the cave with massive boulders, then takes off the crystals and pockets them.

"Don't know why I thought that was a good idea."

Akami: What was? Sorry I think I...Something.

"I tried to show you something special to me. Evidently I was wrong to trust you could handle it. You need training, but it is not that of the body."

He begins walking off.

"We're going."

Akami: My apoloizes for messing that up, but why was whatever you tried to show me so important?

"The crystal caves where I spent a good portion of my life, my years founding the resistance group Azure. ...The place where I grew to know my first family, Azula, Oliv.... so many. ...You went smashing it, thanks to your dragonic instincts. The worst part about it is that you can't even resist it. Not even a little."

Akami: Wow, I...I didn't really mean to do all that to your cave...

"...Try to hit me."

Akami: *sigh* Ok. *throws a punch aimed at Kado's face*

Before her fist gets halfway, Kado takes a cluster of crystals out of his pocket directly into her line of sight.

Akami: *looks at the light of the crystals* Ooooooohhhh. *reaches for them*

Kado suddenly decks her straight in the nose and sends her flying into a boulder, hiding the crystals.

"Get up, this is training. Prove to me why you have the right to come with me any farther. Come!"

Akami: *rubs her face and her puils ar slanted and scales begin to show up on her skin*

"Angry at me? It's better than being dead or corrupted by my sister. If you can't handle a little thing like these, I will break every bone in your body to keep you from coming with me and suffering at her hand." A strange white metal forms around Kado like armor.

Akami's gauntlets are flaring with green fire as her skin is steaming In sprints towards Kado and closes the gap between them in 3 seconds flat, as she then throws a punch at him

Kado grabs her arm and uses her momentum to sling her over his shoulder and into a ice cold pond.

The pond immediately begins to boil as Akami walks out of the pond

"A while ago, that would have been me. Though giving you credit, that's mainly because of you. Still. Consider this a favor."

Akami: *her scales begin to disappear and the fire on her gauntlets became smaller*

"Do you understand why I'm doing this? It's because I care about you. And the others. Dying on my count, if I could do something to prevent it, I'd be ashamed of myself. Don't lower your guard. Battle is more than the physical, it is the spiritual and the mental. Sister is adept in finding even the smallest cracks and tearing them into mighty chasms."

Akami shakes the green flames off her hands and her eyes rever to normal

"I'm sorry if I am asking too much of you. But please come at me again. I won't accept anything less than a sore jaw at a minimum."

Akami: *exhales calmly and runs at Kado with her fist ready*

Kado begins to quietly and calmly block her, watching her moves carefully.

Akami: *still keeps at a steady pace when executing her attacks*

After a few minutes, Kado flashes a crystal at her.

Akami: *puts his entire hand into her mouth

Kado has a thin smile as he frees his hand from her. "You sure you want to eat that? It might get uncomfortable in the next moment." He jumps back as a involuntary fireball bursts from her mouth.

Akami: *covers her mouth and forcefully swallows the fireball and begins to cough up some smoke*

"A ninja sees the trickery of his enemy. Granted, you're not one, but it's more of a universal idea."

He throws another crystal, this time she can see it is bright yellow, directly at her.

Akami: *slaps it away*

It shortly explodes in a large electric blast.

The electricity around her turns green and she puts her fists out foreward sending back at Kado

He creates a gemstone wall to block it.

Akami: *punches through the wall and punches Kado in the face*

He rubs his chin, then explodes into crystal shards as Kado sneak attacks her from behind, coming out of a hole in the ground.

Akami: *accidentally backs up and steps on Kado's head, forcing him back through the hole*

A number of pillars slam her into the air.

Akami: *repositions herself in mid-air*

Kado bursts from the ground, grapples with her, then shoves her into the ground, holding her down. Silently, he reaches for something in his pocket, she cannot tell what he is planning.

Akami: *grabs Kado's neck with her feet and begins to pull back*

She feels her limbs slip through him, but she also feels him put something around her neck, then he steps off her.

"That's enough for today. I want you to have it." When she looks, there is a necklace with a single large gemstone of every color imaginable.

"They're a rare crystal that is found deep in these mountains. Like you, each one has special properties, one of a kind."

Akami: Oh....Why thanks, but why?

Kado gives her a strange, aloof smirk. "Maybe it's because I wanted to spoil my little dragon," He says with a light tease to his voice. "Oh, and don't worry about losing it. It'll come back to you even if stolen."

Akami: I never have enough time in the day to be spoiled. What does it do?

"Another time. We have somewhere to be." He begins walking off. "And if you eat that, I'll wring your neck Akami."

Akami: Yea, I got it. *looks at for a moment longer and follows Kado*

"Oh, that goes for selling it too. I won't tell you how much it's worth. Just don't." After a while, they finally begin to travel down a set of slopes, and off in the distance is a walled city that appears to resemble the architecture of Earth's.

Akami: What's this place?

"New Vince. It's the place where my current target is."

Akami: It doesn't look like it's in good shape.

"Hmmph." He keeps on heading toward the town. "We may have trouble Akami. I'll need you to back me up."

Akami: Ok. 

Two guards are standing near the etrance point

Guard 1: Stop right there! State your business.

The second one seems to realize something and tries to pull a saber, but is punched square in the face, the second one is soon spin kicked straight into the wall, out like a light.

"Figured that would happen, guess this is being done the hard way." He suddenly bolts into the city. "Don't slow down or stop unless I tell you!"

Akami: *runs behind him, making sure she doesn't run into anyone until she trips over someone's foot and falls*

'Ah frick!'

Akami: My aplogies,sir. *stands up and tries to help the man up, aswell as three other guys*

The man stands up 'Which one of y'all of mother-fuckers-' The man turns and looks at Akami for a moment with surprised look on his face

'Done did that...'

Akami: Again. My apologies.

The man's wide eyes aren't even looking at Akami anymore, but rather looking lower down

Akami: Uhhhhh...Sir?

'This going to most awkwardest and most inappropriate question anyone has ever asked and it's worth a try anyway, but may I touch your boobs?'

The man is instantly answered with a fist to the fast and is sent skidding across the ground, until he hits a lamp post. The lamp post then falls over into the road.

'So worth it...'

The two other guys look at Akami in amazement

Akami: You two wanna start on me?

The short male shalkes his head furiously out of fear. The taller man nods his head out of anticipation.

Akami: *straight punches the man in the gut*

The tall man falls to his knees

Akami: *uppercuts the man*

The taller man falls back pressumably unconsious

The smaller man puts his hands together and gets on his knees, presumably begging

Akami: *ruggles the smaller man's hair and continues to run*

Kado shoots a glare at her. "Did I tell you to stop?"

Akami: My apologies.Tripped.

The hair on Akami's neck stands up.

Akami: What the--. Why is my hair doing that?

Kado suddenly tackles her to the ground as a bolt of lightning nearly hits them.

Akami: What the hell, man! Who's shooting at us?

"Hardly would call it shooting." He stands up, and looks at the offender, a woman with blonde hair and deep blue eyes, dressed like royalty. And she looks very angry as sparks fly from her body, but more importantly, her yellow katana.

"...You... you're with Phoenix! Go on, admit it!" She yells.

Akami: Lady, calm your ovaries! *stands up*

Kado looks at the newcomer. "...She's the one. ...More than that... you're related to Noriko, aren't you?"

The girl turns red with anger. "So you are! You knew her! You're going to let her go right now! Release her from this blade!" She roars, now the people around them have started noticing the ruckus.

"...I don't know how to do that. But she and I were friends. I am no longer with Phoenix. In fact, the only reason you have that blade is because I sent a call for people like you. So that I can tear down White's order. But I can't do that if you're just going to lob lightning at me."

Akami: Just hear him out, please.

She sparks with electricity. "You have one of those swords... they're horrible! How can anyone justify trapping the soul of another within something so cruel?! Don't you feel any guilt for wielding it?! Or have you no concious?"

Kado is quiet for a moment. "...Not going to lie, I'm impartial. The Kanjo commited great crimes on our people. However, cruelty even to the cruel is still cruelty. As for my case, it's different. ...The spirit inside of my sword is part of myself. I'm sort of biased on that front."

The girl seems to dwell on his words.

Akami: We all mess-up sometime in our lives, and very few of us can do something about it. He's one of the few who can. Just give him a chance.

She sparks with lightning. "...You really don't know...?"

Kado shakes his head. "I won't give up on her though. Who is she to you?"

The girl clinches her fists. "...Her sister, Michiko."

Kado closes his eyes. "...Michiko, huh? ...In that case, I just have a question. ...Will you join me to save your sister?"

After a long pause... "...Yes."

Akami: Whew.

Making Peace Edit

Michikio looks at Akami, specifically her clothing and their condition.

Akami: Is something wrong?

Michiko looks up at her face next. "Half dragon?"

Akami: Just by looking at my clothes?

"Your smell, and poor or an orphan gauged by your clothing and demeanor."

Akami: That entire analysis under 10 seconds?

"If a princess cannot discern the station of those she observes, she has not learned well. I mean nothing by it, if you take offense. I will of course seek to get you some cloths of a higher grade."

Akami: My clothes are only like this because this was all I had to wear. So yea, I did wear these out. Thanks though.

"...Quite... ...And who are you?" She asks Kado.

"...Kado. We need to get a move on. Time is short."

She appears to be looking at Kado quizzically.

"Take that childish mask off, it's unbecoming."

Akami: He can't. He's self-conscious about his looks. He thinks he's to sexy for the world to handle.

Obi: Chick, you know damn wellll that is a description of me! What are you talkin' about him "sexy"? He ain't no sexier than a monkey pig!

Kado is silent, completely aghast.

Akami: What's wrong now?

The next thing Akami knows, she is being dragged away by Michiko. "Well, any friend of my sister is a friend of mine, you're getting some nice clothes." For a little fairy, she seems to have some significant pulling power.

Akami: Well...This sure feels slightly embarrassing.

Obi: Haha! You're being dragged by a winged midget.

Michiko soon drags her into a clothing store, with largely a female stock. The clothing looks really expensive. "Take a look around, it's my treat."

Akami: You have anything that looks Chinese?

She looks at Akami blankly.

Akami: My apologies if I'm being picky.

"No, what is that word? I don't know what that means."

Akami: Oh the word? Chinese means something or someone that comes from China. The -ese suffix is usally used to describe anything or  that originate from oriental countries on Earth.anyone

"..." She takes a look at Akami's dress. "....Oh ok, I assume then you want a style like that, huh?"

Akami: Well yes. I guess that would've been alot easier to say.

"I'll look around, come with me."

Akami: Alright. *follows Michiko*

Michiko eventually finds a high quality black dress with a golden dragon that gleams like real gold.

Akami: *eyes gleam* Oooohh-- *quickly backs up and rubs her eyes* Thanks. This'll do fine. *takes the dress*

Michiko points out a large selection of garb reminescent of both chinese and japanese clothing styles. "Point out anything else."

Akami: *begins searching through the different clothings. She finally picks out some black leggings with yellow lining, black martial arts footwear, and black arm sleeves with golden dragons designs coiled around the forearms* Matching. *begins to put them on and finally finishes off with putting her gauntlets back on* Thanks again for the clothes.

Michiko pays for the clothing, and Akami catches a glimpse of the bill, and has never seen so many zeros in her life.

Akami: Uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh what do you guys use for currency here?

"Gold is a common choice. It's not an object of your concern however."

Akami: *look at the receipt again* That's still crazy...

"I'm a princess, it's not really that crazy. You should have seen Haruko's 18th birthday party bill."

Akami: Yor sister? I could only imagine...

"We could have bankrupted an entire country..."

Akami: Heh, almost like that one guy who thought he could lead a super continent.

"I don't have any idea what you're on about."

Akami: My apologies. Back on Earth we try to pick the...lesser asshole to lead the continent.

"I still don't understand any of what that means." She begins to walk out.

Akami: *folds the receit up in her hands and follows her out*

Michiko walks off to one side once they get out, and motions for her to follow.

Akami: *follows Michiko*

"...So... what is your... ...relationship with him?" She gestures to Kado, who is quietly skipping rocks across a pond.

Akami: Friends. Family. Body-guard, I guess. Oh, and travel buddy.Why?

"...So you're... and sister?"

Akami: Not exactly by blood or any given other relation. Every in The Party is family by name.

"...So why... ...did you... call him that... ....rather... 'friendly' term?"

Akami:  Which was?

"...Uggh, 'sexy'..."

Akami: Compliment slash joke.

"...We generally don't use that term for relationships that aren't... ...intimate."

Akami: Man, you guys are too high-maintenance for me.

Michiko just sighs, then begins walking toward Kado.

Akami: We're ready

Kado turns quietly toward them. "...Alright, I have something I have to do before we search for the next wielder."

Akami: And what's that?

He begins walking to the other side of the city.

Akami: High-maintenence and rude. *follows*

Eventually they reach the other side and are walking to the other side of the valley.

Akami: *looks around*

They soon reach a desolate urban landscape full of debris and ruins, Kado's hands clench into fists as they walk into the area.

Akami: Damn...Is this that place you were talking about?

"This is Azure, arguably where my life began."

Akami; I...Really don't know what to say...

A bright green aura surrounds Kado as the ground begins shaking. "This is what the Agencies can do, what the MCCP did to my home. And this is what I can do."

Suddenly an unfathomable amount of debris erupts into the air as countless buildings and structures are being reassembled, surrounded by the green aura Kado bares.

Akami: *is amazed by what she's seeing*

The city is finally brought together whole, and Kado collapses from the strain.

Akami: *makes her way towards Kado*

He is shaking visibly, and is trying to stand back up.

Akami: *grabs his arm and helps up to his feet* Can you move much?

"I have to, more than can... I don't want to... with her right now..." He grunts.

Akami: *puts Kado on her back and holds his arm like straps on a back-pack* Tell or point me where ever you need to go. Don't argue and don't refuse. Which way?

"...The mountains past the east side."

Akami: *begins to walk towards the direction of the mountains*

An energy beam shoots right in front of Akami's feet, stopping her in her tracks. She hears a gun being cocked and reloaded.

Akami: *turns around to face whoever shot the blast*

A white armored soldier is standing in an alleyway just behind them, and more are filing in, lead by a woman with purple hair and dark eyes like Kado.

Akami: Kado, you know these people?

"...Oliv... my... ...replacement."

Akami: Ooooooohhh. So do I put my hands up and tell them "I didn't do it"?

"...No. Oliv, this isn't the time. I've got important things to do. ...I've repaid my debt."

The woman frowns, some of the soldiers lower their weapons.

Akami: So will you let us be on our way?

"..." She silently walks away.

Akami: Thanks? *turns and continues towards the direction of the mountains*

Kado lets out a sigh.

Akami: Why did she try to stop us? And where was she while you were rubilding the city?

"Because she is angry at me for abandoning Azure. Leaving her to pick up the pieces."

Akami: Ah. I guess she wasn't ready for your 'leave of absence', huh?

"...None of them were." Michiko quietly eyes Kado as they walk.

Akami: I honestly thought they would've shot you up just cause.

"My men are not thugs."

Akami: I didn't say they were. I'm saying they would've had ample reasons to do it.

"If they did, it would have made them no better than the men they fight."

Akami: Once you narrow it down, that's only your standard.

"If it's not their standard, then they never were members of Azure."

Akami: *continues to walk*

Eventually Akami notices what looks like a metal structure blended with the side of the cliff, and can vaguely make out a door.

Akami: Is that supposed to be a monolith?

"My old home."

Akami: You live past these mountains?

Kado climbs off of her and opens the door, revealing a dwelling. "No, inside."

Akami: I don't understand why people now a'days insist on living inside mountains and caves and stuff. Aren't they ever afraid of cav-ins or anything like that?

"Says the ones living in sewers."

Akami: My sewers holding a few hundred versus your mountain holding possibly thousands.

"This is a house. As in a place of residence. NOT a city. I don't know what you're talking about, but I am not one of those guys who owns a mansion!"

Akami: You sure look like one. What's here anyway?

"My. House."

Akami: I know that. I meant what is it you're looking for here?

"I was hoping to rest a bit."

Akami: That's it? Ok then.

Kado hobbles into the building, taking a rest on a couch.

Akami: *examines the house*

The place seems like it hasn't been used in a long while, the interior is only a couple of bedrooms, a kitchen, and a main room, all circular structures.

Akami: Cozy. I bet even Obi would like this house.

Obi: Don't speak for me!

Kado just sighs quietly.

Akami: *sits on the floor*

"Those were interesting days..." Kado mutters.

Akami: Which ones?

"The ones before all this happened. When we just did our thing day to day. When I didn't think about myself, only my feverish obsession with my righteous cause..."

Akami: Ah, those day. Ever contemplated about that recently? You know, just look back and think differently about what you've done or haven't done.

"Every day, Akami."

Akami: What does the you now think of the you then?

"A fool." After a few minutes he stands up. "We need to go."

Akami: *stands up* Right behind you, as always.

Shadows wrap around them, and they disappear into blackness, but Akami and Michiko can feel that they are moving, incredibly fast.

Akami: Hey, where is everything? And how are we moving?!

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