Nero Levian
"Water Dragon Spirits, arise."
The Great Leviathan
Kaiser Serpent
Heir of Leviathan
Important Information
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Family Xiao, Children
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height Variable
Blood type S-l
Age Ageless
Weight Unknown
Health Great
Affiliation Neutral
Species Serpent
Base of Operations Kaster
Weapons Monarch's Demise, Abyssal Wrath, Serpent's Coils
Current Occupation None
Fighting Style Art of the Grand Serpent, Swift Sword, Abyssal Tendrils
Partner Xiao
Team None
Relatives Children
Marital Status Married

Nero is an old friend of Aeon and Astra as well as the spouse of Xiao. He was once referred to as the Great Leviathan, but has allowed his power to since decline to watch over his and Xiao's children.


Very little known about Nero other than his power and that he once served as an informant and blade for hire on Kaster before defecting upon learning the truth about his king. It is known that he sided with Noah to protect the peace he had grown accustomed to and defeat the monster of a king.

Not long afterwards, before Aeon disappeared to control his power, Nero began his relationship with Xiao, starting a family two years later. After this, other than his occasional visits to Aeon or trips across the universe, little more is known about Nero other than things about his children. It is thought that he purposely went into obscurity to raise his children in peace, but there is limited evidence to support or deny this.


Nero is always calm, unnervingly so. He rarely reacts without giving time to think and generally comes across as aloof to those who don't understand that he speaks more with his eyes than his body language or voice. To those who do understand this, he is a rather witty, sarcastic person, but by no means cruel or malicious. He is rather emotional when the situation requires it, but he does not allow emotion to rule him, even when others misinterpret his reserved reaction to be apathy or indifference. He does not wear his heart on his sleeve and can be rather hard to understand as he speaks ambiguously far more often than he speaks clearly, but he is rather willing to explain things when the time is right. He enjoys teaching people things and giving gifts, whether that be in the form of knowledge, material goods or sentiments. Additionally, he is naturally inclined to helping others, even at his own detriment, but he will never complete a task anyone can do themselves. Contrarily to his good traits is a naturally strong envy born from his lineage as a Serpent of the Leviathan line, envy that is directed towards the visible emotions of others as he truly cannot express emotion beyond his eyes. While this flaw does not rear its head often, he is ashamed of this trait and is prone to closing himself off from others whenever it does to prevent envy from becoming enmity. Additionally, he deals with powerful urges to destroy everything around him, an impulse ingrained into the depths of his soul as the blood flowing through his veins contains the same fury and outrage at the world that his ancestor once held before his undoing. This impulse greatly increases when he transforms into his serpent form and when around large groups of people. This innate enmity is so great that it conflicts with his personality enough to create what looks like crippling social anxiety when around more than a few dozen people, when in actuality he is desperately holding back the impulse to destroy everything on a planetary scale.


Nero is a fairly tall person, with caramel hair and eyes the color of the sea. He has slightly pointed ears and young, almost impish features. He wears a white overcoat with gold buttons and a cerulean pin over a pale blue cardigan with gold embroidery and beige slacks. He wears simple dress shoes and a plain belt, along with a blue and white scarf hand-knitted by Xiao and a simple wedding band on his left ring finger. Strapped to his right side is a whip with a hooking blade at the end, whereas on his left side there is a tiny box with an amethyst gem in the center. On his right hand he wears another ring on his index finger, this one lacking in decorations as well.

When in his Great Leviathan form, he appears as a cerulean and alabaster serpentine dragon of immeasurable size, with frigid blue eyes, a golden mane and an elongated head with a pointed snout. He has long whiskers that end in barbs and long hooked fangs. He has two small, but muscular arms along with a set of four flexible fins, a large, elegantly curved dorsal fin and a countenance akin to every type of storm surrounding him. The sea rages, even without him being within it and the land is gouged away by his movements.



Nero and Aeon are old friends, almost to the point of being siblings without blood relations. There used to be a friendly rivalry between the two, but that faded as the two matured and parted ways.


Nero's spouse and greatest confident. The two are almost inseparable and can counterbalance the destructive natures of the other. Rosy colored world abound.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Leviathan's AuthorityEdit

As the Great Leviathan among serpents, Nero burns both rules over the serpents and their domain, the sea. While this would initially seem like liquid authority on paper, it also covers wind and storms, lightning and even the air itself. Fire, regardless of property or effect is extinguished in his presence unless he allows it to remain and the sky forever threatens to tear open and unleash horrific storms if he grows even remotely discontent. Animals cower in his wake and most people feel an impending sense of dread when he arrives. When his power is released, the world warps around him, eroding away at land as oceans rise and violent storms rage, all the while striking at the sanity of others around him.

Particle Density and Motion ManipulationEdit

Nero can manipulate the density and movement of free particles, allowing him to control the elements to an extent. More than that, however come the ability to manipulate the elements of the periodic table down to their smallest parts and the ability to interact with particles that normally cannot be influenced such as Tachyons, light "particles" comprising the various waves within the visible and invisible spectrum and even the individual components of magic and auras. Branches into the paths of Creation and Destruction, as he can structure particles in such a way that they create an animate being and deconstruct inanimate objects not attached to animate beings at a subatomic scale and smaller. Also dabbles into the fields of Alchemy, Anti-Magic and the various Concept, Deity and Logic Slaying areas, as it allows the manipulation and (de)construction of elements, individual particles of magic and the various layers of divinity and protection bestowed upon gods, primordials and concepts.

Blue Particle GenerationEdit

Nero, as a descendant of Leviathan, can manipulate his ancestor's "Blue Particle", which reduces the density and integrity of objects that come into contact with them. Capable of destroying molecular bonds as the particles gradually individual molecules away from each other. Not limited to pulling things apart, Blue Particles can also drain the energy from beings exposed to them for a short time and lead to immunodeficiency and degradation of constitution over time. Blue Particles act fast and react with the majority of substances in the universe, barring the other types of "Particle".

Blue Particle CellEdit

A dense sphere of Blue Particles that rapidly eats away at everything caught within it.

Blue Particle BeamEdit

Black Particle GenerationEdit

As a direct descendant of Tarasque, Nero can utilize his ancestor's "Black Particle", which reduces the mobility and bonds of objects that make contact with them. Capable of petrifying objects and dissolving polar substances by acting as a block that keeps molecules apart and and reduces their ability to move as more gather. Black Particles also increase the physical strain on beings exposed to them, culminating in the termination of internal organs and processes with long enough exposure. Heavy concentrations of them leave areas brittle, more so than graphite, and highly fragile. Very slow moving compared to Blue Particles, but more subtle as well, with the same level of reactions overall.

Black Particle WaveEdit

A Highly concentrated wave of Black Particles that leaves all objects and particles that make contact with it in a state akin to a graphite sculpture.

Black Particle CannonEdit

White Particle GenerationEdit

The "Particle" developed by Nero over the course of his life, which replaces other particles with itself and absorbs all potential and kinetic energy they may have had. Capable of "erasing" objects and particles as they are replaced by this particle, which has no other properties aside from replacing other particles, before the particle dissipates. White Particles act like a combination of Blue and Black Particles in the respect that they increase the strain on beings exposed to them heavily and deteriorate their constitution over time. Prolonged exposure results in the total replacement of the being or object in question with White Particles. Both fast acting and subtle, White Particles can react with all but other "Particles".

White Particle EraserEdit

A vortex comprised of highly concentrated White particles that fully replaces anything that come into direct contact with it.

White Particle BreathEdit


A grave sin. Marks those bearing it with the power of Envy, allowing them to mark a person and slowly eat away at their abilities and make them their own.


One who envies others and thus takes from them. Pillages the abilities of the targeted so long as there is compatibility between the ability and the user. Pillaged abilities, from the taker's standpoint, remain at their peak power, so long as the being stolen from lives, after which, each ability taken from them has three uses before vanishing. From the perspective of the one stolen from, their ability is weakened to the point of doing nothing so long as the taker lives, putting them at a disadvantage if the taker can pillage multiple abilities. Pillaging abilities takes time, however. Depending on the power difference between the Taker and the target, abilities that may have been compatible may become incompatible. Similarly, the stronger the target is the harder it is to pillage an ability from them, especially if they are stronger than the Taker.

Energy ConsumptionEdit

Nero can devour energy in both potential and kinetic form, seemingly freezing the world around him as heat dies and movement slows to a standstill. This also extends to Mana, should it be necessary, extinguishing magic as one would a candle.

Complete Omni-ResistanceEdit

Nero highly resists every known and unknown damage source. Elemental, magical, spiritual and mental attributes on attacks are completely negated, even on the conceptual level, and physical attacks do minimal damage to him.

Potential AwakeningEdit

Nero can choose to awaken the potential within others should a valid reason for him doing so be presented.

Ability BestowalEdit

Nero can grant abilities to others, should he so choose. The range of these abilities ranges from mundane to extraordinary, but a valid reason must be given for him to think of doing so.

Titanomachia: Sea Emperor's OutrageEdit

Nero's take on Raging Titanomachia. Weaponizing the seas themselves, Nero's outrage makes tidal waves and tsunamis look like child's play, hurricanes and typhoons look like a mild tantrum and Maelstroms but a bad joke as torrents of pressurized water capable of piercing through thousands of meters worth of steel and titanium in a second howl and rain harder than diamonds falls. Winds that reduce metal and stone to fine dust whip around wit the water, shredding through flesh and bone like disintegrating dry leaves while lightning strikes akin to a farmer's sickle. reaping lives like wheat, regardless of their affinity towards the element. The land is broken down and eaten away at until only sea remains, placid and quiet.

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